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Consensual penectomy and castration, lesbianism, cannibalism, non-violent

This story is inspired by Walk-ins by htabdoolb and the stories by Byron from

Pink Lemons
by ShamefulDesire (30/10/2019)

Brian and his friends decided to get chastity devices as a dare. They had to convince some girls to become their keyholders. Brian had the idea to aproach his english teacher.

"Do you know what a keyholder is?" Brian asked her.

"Yes I do." She replied with confidence and authority, while peering over her glasses.

"Would you like to be mine?" Brian said coyley.

"Are you wearing it now?" She said calmly.


"Give me the key."

Brian handed over the key, thanked her and then walked away. She would make him read poetry to her while she masturbated in front of him. She was very strict and would routinely punish him with some public humiliation. It was a common sight to see him chained to the bike rack at the end of school, while she got her things ready. On his 18th birthday, she took him to The Clinic to have a partial penectomy. She asked them to leave a two inch stump, and to make a lateral hole through the end so that she could put a padlock through the hole. His school's prom was a week after his birthday. He graduated with full marks and a scholarship, and asked his keyholder to permit him to lose his virginity as was traditional. She contemplated his request, and came up with a suitable compromise.

She made him strip naked and then she padlocked him to the railings outside the venue on prom night. She then invited some of the girls to don a large strap-on and peg him. At first, they were shy, but later she put a blindfold on Brian and handcuffed him. After that, the girls were actually rather in to it.

I met Brian at a bondage club some years after that. His keyholder had given him his key as he was too old for her. I recounted the story of when I took my husband to The Clinc for Doctor Cutter to remove his enormous penis. I had elected to not leave a stump. I later regretted cutting him, so I started picking up guys in clubs. I met Brian, and I became his keyholder. I had never been a keyholder before. It was very novel. At first I found it a bit of a hassel and Brian would complain that I wasn't doing things correctly. I soon got into the swing of things, and drew great pleasure from Brian. My husband would regularly get jealous and they would get into petty meaningless fights.

The Clinic had closed about a year ago after being involved in a scandal. A lesbian couple had registered there for their wedding. They wanted a full twelve place cutlery set with all the handles made of little boys' penises. Three knives, three forks and three spoons per place setting meant 108 little boys had to be found to make this set. The media caught wind of this, and it became a media frenzy. I bumped into Dr Cutter in the street. She remembered me.

"You know, I still haven't removed a larger one." She said with a smile. "How's the patient?"

"He's fine." I retorted. "He gets into squabbles with my new lover, Brian. He wears a padlock through the end of his penis and also still has his testicles."

"Oh Brian! Yes! I remember him with the padlock. His keyholder was austere! She came up with the padlock trick. I thought it was a rather original idea. The small stump and the heavy padlock make for a unique setup. How is he?"

We remenised about the scandal. I offered my sympathy. She told me that in order to save the buisness, she had to transfere ownership of the buisness to her son, and withdraw from practice. Her son had moved the buisness to a cheaper and more discreet location. Also, nurse Handler had completed a course and was now techniscian Handler. The modern trend is to use a programmable machine that performs the proceedures. She also said that it was very difficult to keep two men in my life would be difficult. She said that new technology existed today, and that castration did not mean a complete absence of libido any more. She told me about silicone beads originally developed to help eunuchs fill out their swimsuits. Beads can also be infused with testosterone in order to keep a steady flow over the course of a year. I decided to take the boys in to see what The "new" Clinic can do for them.

When we entered, we were met by a slightly overweight thirty something man behind the desk. He spoke with a high pitched voice, and introduced himself as Mr Handler.

"The technician will see you now." Said Mr Handler.

We entered and she did a double take. She smiled and stood up strightening her impossibly tight white uniform. She flung her arms around me and asked me how I was. I told her I was fine, and she then turned to my husband whom she patted on the groin.

"Boy do I remember you guys! Biggest one yet, for sure!"

My husband nodded and gave an awkward smile, unsure of what he should convey in the circumstance.

Durring the consultation, I kept eyeing her up. Her uniform was just ever so slightly transparent. I wasn't sure if it was or not. There was just a hint that I could see a black thong through the stretched fabric. While she talked, she would touch me on the wrist or on the thigh at every oportunity. She told us about bean shaped silicone beads that had been made to keep the scrotum filled after an orchidectomy. They came in vaqrious sizes, and four colours.

"The clear ones are just silicone. They are there to make a eunuch look like a man. The red ones have a normal level of testosterone in them, which will need replacing every year. The pink ones have half the amount, and will maintain a healthy sexual appetite, but will be low enough so that the eunuchs will no longer fight when in close quarters. I think this is what you are looking for. They only need replacing every two years, and the larger sizes can last three." She explaioned.

"What are those black ones?" I asked.

"Those have a lot of juice in them, and will basically turn your eunuch savage. They are used to cause maximum frustration, and need replacing every three months." She said dismissively, as I raised an eyebrow.

"What happens to the testicles?" Asked Brian.

"Well, that depends on the reason for their removal. Some patients are castrated as a reward, and are allowed to eat their own testicles. Some times, the testicles are removed to assert dominance. What is normally called gelding, and in those instances, the dominant partner will eat them in front of the patient to show who is boss. If neither case applies, then they go in the medical waste bucket out back and they are incinerated at the end of the month."

"Just like my cock." Snorted my husband under his breath.

"Actually, we now have a contract with Authenticock, and removed penises are converted into preserved real dildos. Part of our profits come from this line of buisness, and it was actually part of the scandal we had a while back." She said, as she opened a drawer of her desk and pulled out a rather large erect penis on a strap-on harness.

It looked absolutely real. It was smaller than my husband's, but still glorious. I caught her looking at me suggestively when she held it. I thought about her using it on me, and knew at that moment that she too was thinking about that very same thing. I noticed that her nipples were now clearly visible through her uniform. I felt myself getting wet, and awkwardly looked away hoping nobody noticed me staring at her breasts.

The boys looked at the sample beads. They both wanted the biggest size that would fit in their scrotum. They stripped and the Handler exampined them. She said that both scrotums were of ample size, and that they could take the largest size, but that they might be a little uncomfortable when sitting. Brian asked if he could have the black ones. I shut him down quickly and told him he would get the clear ones if he didn't behave himself.

"They have to be ordered. The large size and their limited shelf life means that I don't stock them on site. Make an appointment with the… I mean with Mr Cutter outside for next week."

The boys shuffled out the door and Handler grabbed my wrist when they wern't looking. *Call me* she mouthed and put a small folded piece of paper into the palm of my hand. It was her personal phone number. I had never been with a woman, but for her I would definetly make an exception. She was very sexy.

I did call her, and we went out. After dinner and drinks, we went back to her place. She invited me in and told me that she wanted to show me something. She beconed me into her bedroom where she pulled out a large strap-on.

"Do you recognise it?" She asked.

I looked at it, and was amazed. It was my husband's penis! Giant, erect, and gorgeous just as it had been the day that Dr Cutter had removed it.

"That day you came in" she said "and dropped this into my lap, was the most memorable day of my life! It was that day that I learned about Authenticock, and had sent them your husband's penis to be preserved and mounted. It was that day that started the ball rolling, that would lead to the scandal. That fateful, amazing day."

I was lost for words, I bearly managed to whisper in her ear that I wanted her to fuck me with it. We tore our clothes off and had a wild passionate night. It was great to feel that thing inside me again. It was as if there had been something missing, and whatever I used to fill the hole, didn't quite fit correctly. That is until now. She stretched me out the way I was supposed to be stretched out. In all the right places, in just the right amount. It was perfect. I was in love.

The day finally came, when the beads were delivered. I brought the boys in for their proceedure. The beads looked like pink lemons. I wondered by men always wanted to have large testicles. They look so silly and implractical. The boys walked in, and even managed to squable one last time as to who would undergo the proceedure first. Brian pushed my husband to one side.

"I still have a cock and therefore I am more of a man! I should be first dickless!"

I took his padlock off. His stump was firm and protruding. He was obviously very excited to be having his testicles removed. Handler ushered us into a room with a machine in the corner. It had a large cavernous opening like a giant wide open vagina. It was white and had buttons. The opening even came to a point that looked like a clitoris at the top. Handler opened a drawer in the side and placed all four beads in there. She closed to drawer and pressed some buttons.

"The machine is ready when you are, simple press your body against the machine with your genitals in the opening when you are ready." She beconed to the boys as she stepped away.

I noticed one of the buttons said "Random" on it. As Brian was pushing his body against the machine, I asked her about that button.

"Yeah well the machine can perform almost anything you might want. It was originally designed to be placed in locker rooms. There are various variants of this machine as far as coin operation and method of disposal."

The machine whirred into action. There was a sound like a flatbead scanner doing its thing. Brian winced a little. There was a beep and Brian stepped back. He examined himself and found a couple of tiny stiches behind each testicle. He made a expression that indicated that he was impressed and walked away.

"Your turn big boy!" He said sarcasticly to my husband, who grimaced back at him.

"The machine retains its previous settings, please step up and repeat what Brian did." She said to my husband who obliged.

"So if the machine was set to random?" I asked.

"Then the boys could queue up, push their genitals into the machine and get anything from a circumcision, to a complete nullification. It's really quite handy!" She explained. "It automatically detects the current condition and acts acordingly."

The machine did its thing and my husband stepped back. He cupped his genitals in a proud manner as if to say he was now more of a man when in fact he was now not a man at all, but a eunuch. Male vanity.

"A lot of guys castrate themselves with a machine like this, just to increase the size of their package." Piped Handler.

She opened another drawer in the machine and lifted out a plastic tray with four testicles in.

"Eunuchs" I said, addressing the boys by their new deignation "I would like to introduce you to my new lover. You will address her as Mistress Handler, and she will eat two of your testicles while I will eat the other two. You should obey her every command from now on as if I had given it myself!"

We both picked the testicles out of the tray and ate them one at a time. Afterwards we kissed in front of them passionately. I think they were a little shocked and a little turned on.

-The End-

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