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Trying to reduce the federal spendings, during the last year of the Trump administration, the congress passed a law to cut the fundings of the Child Protective Services in all the country and instead try to earn some money on the process.

The first stage of implementation consisted in selling the girls, aged 4 to 17 on public auctions. They were sold to individual, but soon, businessmen realized the potential, from waterparks to use them as live human bait for their shows, to medical research corps.

The girls were implanted with a chip to kill them within 5 months if not been killed earlier, mainly to prevent their reproduction, but also for humanistic reasons, preventing long agonies and isolation periods.

This was considered by some as a measure to reduce the population of inmigrants and the low classes.


Intriguing premise! Do go on… :D


Lily's Story

All her classmates and teachers loved staring at her 34b breasts an her nice legs, specially while going upstairs. The blonde was a foster child going to the local middle school now. She never met her father and her mother died from an overdose.

She loved feeling all the eyes over her. Felt like the most beautiful and desired girl at school. But things weren't going to be so well for her anymore.

That day, when she arrived back at her foster home after school, men from the social services were by the door.

"What is happening?"
"Do you live here? May i know your name?"
"Yes, I'm Lily, what's going on?"
"She's on the list. Take her."

Lily was surprisingly taken by other of the men who handcuffed her and put her on the van, where other girls were too.

"What is happening?"
"It's the new law, we are getting sold."

When arriving at the detention center, the girls were made to undress completely, then got a chip implanted on their right hands.

"You are going to be taken to your cell now. We have some overcrowding here so you will have to live temporary with a few more girls. But don't worry, you will be auctioned soon."

A guard takes Lily to her cell. Looks like a dog pound with lots of cages, all filled up with naked girls. He opens the door of one of the cages and the two younger girls inside try to come out. He stops them soon.

"Easy there, you have a new cage-mate." He pushes Lily fit inside with the other naked girls and locks the door. "Have a nice week."

The space is so small, but Lily is the biggest one. Gets uncomfortable feeling the other girls bodies against hers. Their ages are 11 and 6.

"I'm Sara, eleven. They say the state won't pay our foster parents anymore and that selling us will bring them more money. You don't look latin or asian like most. Are you american born?"


I suppose you forgot to mention that those are immigrant girls not all girs ;)

Oh well, not that much diffrent from reality LOL


There's nothing that suggests they're immigrants, just children in care.


Well it was said here but not very clearly ;)

>This was considered by some as a measure to reduce the population of inmigrants and the low classes.

Something similar was happening in Nazi Germany at the time of WW2


The youngest is definitely younger than I am totally comfortable with, but I like the premise for sure!


Careful if a republican reads this they might get ideas.
Jokes side good story so far.




Please! wright more!

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