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Minsekk gasped as the eleven-year-old girl's lips wrapped around his cock and slid back and forth. His attention, however, was not focused on her. He did not look down at her long white hair or her light blue eyes which were filled with affection. He didn't notice his best friends growing affection, but even if he did, he wouldn't have carried. He was not in the present, he was lost in his mind, he was reliving the events from three days ago.
Minsekk stood amongst the crowd, one of the closest to the gallows. Men and women cheered in excitement for the upcoming execution, and the cheers broking into an approving roar as the naked woman was lead to the noose. She had tan skin and long fiery orange hair. Her figure was curvy with large mature breasts, a firm butt, and purple lines forming a symmetric pattern across her body. The woman did her best to cross her legs, and hide her orange bush, but due to the handcuffs keeping her hands behind her back, she could do nothing to cover her breasts. Her purple eyes surveyed the crowd, but she failed to notice her son who was awaiting her execution not with fear or sadness but confused excitement. It had been thirteen years since Minsekk had came into this world kicking and screaming, and he had discovered his urges a year prior. But why they felt so powerful while he was waiting for his own mother to be hung confused him. In fact, the only two things going through his mind at the time was excitement, yes it wasn't anticipation it was excitement, for his mother's hanging, and curiosity about where his older sister was. That question was answered immediately as the second teary-eyed naked woman was drug onto the gallow by the soldiers. Minsekks mother's eyes went wide as she noticed her daughter. Airdya was three years older than her brother, and despite her immense beauty she had yet to fill out. Her body was thin, her purple patterns more sporadic than her mother's. Her tits were small and perky, and her ass was tiny yet firm. Her hair was neck short, a popular trend amongst girls as of late.
"No!" the mother screamed. "This wasn't the deal you bastards! I surrender, and you leave my family alone! That was the deal!" She exclaimed.
"Mommy help me!" The teen cried, tears streaking down her cheeks. A surprising rush of joy filled Minsekks body. He felt so lucky, he'd get to watch both his mother and sister hang naked! His little prick was stiff, and viable through his trousers to those with a trained eye.
"I'm so sorry sweetheart," his mother said, tears now flowing freely. The executioner, a tall muscular woman, fitted the nooses around her two victims' necks. One of the soldiers unrolled a brown piece of parchment
"Belin, and Airdya Merrindin. You have been found guilty of illegal use of magic. You have been sentenced to be hung by the neck until death" he read.
"Please let my daughter go, I'll do anything" Belin begged.
"Don't let her go. Kill them both" Minsekk said under his breath. It wasn't that he did not love his family, in fact, he loved them very much. Despite this love, or perhaps because of it, he wanted them to both die a terrible death. The executioner lifted Airdays leg by her ankle and ran her tongue across the sole of her foot. It was common knowledge that the soles of those who could use magic all had a unique taste, and if they were molested moments before death, the soul of the woman would be tarnished, and they wouldn't reach the eternal peace after death. They would simply fade into nothingness. Because of this, magicians who were executed had their soles licked as a demonstration.
"Please just let her go" Belin begged as her soul was tarnished. Minsekk felt oddly jealous. The executioner walked over to the lever and pulled it. The trap doors under Minsekks last family fell open, and the two women fell. As Airdyas body came to a sudden stop there was a satisfying snap and her body gave a jump. She spasmed for a second making a few gargling sounds, her tiny feet twitching. Her movements stopped in a few moments, however, and a hot stream of urine ran down her legs. His mother, however, was less lucky. She gagged as the rope caught her, and she kicked her powerful legs out. She spread her toes and gripped at the rope to no avail. She fought for around fifteen minutes before finally losing consensus. Piss squirted from her pussy, and milk leaked from her erect nipples. Five minutes later Belin finally stopped twitching.
Minsekk filled the little girl's mouth with his seed, as the image of his mother and sister hanging naked with glazed-over eyes filled his head. His friend Minni stood with a smile, whipping off the cum that dribbled down from her lips to her chin. A warm feeling rushed through Minsekks body. A feeling of energy and power that was new to him, but deeply enticing. Was this what sex with someone felt like? No. He knew it was something more


First post of a long term story I'm working on. It's been a hot minute since I've written pornography so my descriptions may be a little lackluster, but I hope to improve swiftly. I happily accept questions, comments, and constructive criticism.


Seems promising, excited to see what happens!


Minsekk and Minni walked down the crowded city street, the hot sun baking the skin on the back of their necks.
"So are you staying with me and my family tonight," she asked, stepping closer and nuzzling into him.
"I have nowhere else to go," he said coldly, putting his arm around her. "You can't let your family know what we're doing," he added. She smiled up at him.
"I know I know. They think they know best for me. Adults are stupid" she said. "I love you Minsekk".
"Mhm," he replied with a nod. She gave him a sad glance but said nothing else about it.
"I feel weak," she said.
"You had a long day" he replied emotionlessly.
"But really weak. I just wanna lay down"
"Well you worked really hard for me," he said, still not looking at her.
"I guess I did," she said, nuzzling him into him closer. "It's worth it then. I'll feel like this my entire life if it makes you feel that good". The two children reached a small house. Minni and her mother's house like the rest of the homes in the city was packed tightly into a seemingly endless row of homes. Unlike most of the other houses, however, it was well kept, and clean. A fresh coat of yellow paint covered its walls, and though the roof coat was older, the purple was still vibrant and pleasing. While the other homes smelled of filth, sickness, and death, the pleasant smell of sweet herbs emanated from the windows. Minni pushed the door open and held it for Minsekk with a loving smile. He walked in, finding himself in the house kitchen.
"Welcome home dears," a comforting female voice said. Minsekk turned to the woman. Minnis's mom was a beautiful woman who had only seen her thirtieth summer. Like her daughter, she had ashy grey hair which had let grown to her waist. A complex, almost flowery blue design decorated her fair skin. Though the baggy clothes she wore hid it, she had a pleasant figure which could only be glanced when she wore her much smaller nightgown. She gave him a pitying smile, her blue eyes full of a mother's empathy.
"I was just boiling some Gnocks. Would you two like a cup?" She asked, her breathy accent far stronger than her daughters. On the table next to her lay a bowl filled with a cup of ground-up brown leaves. When boiled, gnock leaves made a bitter-sweet brown liquid which with its watery consistency was unpleasant, but when mixed with a sufficient amount of milk produced a popular treat.
"Yes please," Minni said happily. Minsekk nodded.
"Yes, thank you Mrs. Alwrith," he said, the foreign name still sounding peculiar on his tongue.
"Oh Minsekk please," she said. "Sawin will do just fine, we might as well be family," she said. In all actuality, she was hoping that he'd eventually call her mother, but those hopes filled her with a sense of guilt. The boy nodded, her first was easier to pronounce after all. She smiled sweetly, dumping the leaves in a pan of boiling water, before walking over to the two, her bare feet patting against the stone floor. Minsekk had grown fond of her aversion to shoes. She placed her hands on the heads, ruffling their hair. "Well run along you two, it el be done soon enough," she said with a loving smile.
That night Minsekk laid on the top bunk of he and Minnis now shared bed. On the bunk beneath him, Minni lay curled up fast asleep. He, however, lay restlessly starting at the ceiling. His belly was filled with warm meat, and two cups of Gnock which was a new record for him. Minni however completely, and causally demolished his accomplishment, downing a staggering five cups. Her love of sweets amazed him even then. In his mind, he wondered if this is what his life was meant to be. He still hadn't felt even a smidgen of grief. He'd heard that people often were in shock when they lost a loved one and didn't even comprehend what had happened till days later, but he didn't feel in shock. He wondered if this was his lot in life. It wouldn't be a bad lot for sure, his adopted family was poor now doubt, but they still managed to provide in abundance. Here he had plenty of food, an adorable young girl ready to please him, and who would happily let him take her as his wife. He knew he could end up loving her too. The poverty would prove to be a problem he might very well be able to solve. Before his family's death, he was training himself to be a merchant and even had taught himself how to read some. But something inside him told him that was too little, that he needed so much more. He held his hand to his stomach. The feeling had faded, but part of him felt, no, knew that it would be back.

Gilda was a wonderfully skilled magician. She quickly learned a vast assortment of spells during her youth and used them along with her beautiful looks to get far in life. Her gorgeous soft skin was decorated with an intricate pink pattern, and her matching pink eyes had the cutest sparkle. Her blonde hair was neck length, a popular trend which she had a hand in starting, and her white dress just revealing enough. Her skill and beauty guaranteed her a spot amongst the Magicians Council. Yet Gilda Levensdean stumbled through the Councils marble halls, clenching the wound on her stomach which was slowly dying her dress red. How, she wondered, could she have been defeated by someone who was lower than her not only in age and rank but in race! The magician collapsed on the cold marble floor, her heels slipping off, revealing her smooth feet.
"Didn't get very far Gilda dear?" her pursuer said, her boots clicking against the floor. The younger girl emerged into the hall, it's magic flames illuminating her purple skin, and short curly white hair, two boney numbs peeking out of it. A long, spade tipped tail swished behind her excitedly, her abnormally large dark green eyes filled with an almost innocent excitement. Gilda glared at the girl. She had always hated her. She hated that she wore that tacky ranger outfit to the Council meetings, she hated that a Delhdrin like her could enter the Councils hall, even if she was just one of its member's bodyguards, and she hated the smug look she wore.
"Fuck off you purple-skinned, boneheaded, sklur!" She screamed before groaning in pain. The Delhdrin faked a frown and kneeled down so her face was almost even with the older woman's.
"Why Gilda, those are some very rude slurs, the Council values equality and respect. I don't believe they would want one of their members saying such things. I think I'll have to report you" she said.
"Report me? I'm not the fucking bad guy! I'm not the monster working for the woman who wants to murder a damn a child!" She screamed. The horned girl tilted her head with fake sympathy.
"But Gilda dear, that child could uproot our entire culture," she said. "And besides" she pouted. "I'm a child am I not?". Gilda snarled at her.
"You are no child Belizub, You're a monster" she hissed, thrusting her hand out, preparing to cast a spell but before she could.
"Bain!" Belizub shouted. Gilda felt her magic sealed off as if her soul was squeezed and bounded by rope. She gasped in pain, and shock before puking blood all over her dress.
"Oh did you really think you could kill me?" The Delhdrin said, her smirk returning as she lifted her preys leg up by her ankle.
"You'll never get away with this" Gilda managed to grunt. Her skin was deathly pale, and the life was leaving her purple eyes. Belizub ran her tongue across the magicians' sole. The girl's foot tasted of sweat and skin, of course, but of cream and citrus fruit as well.
"Don't worry about me, I won't have to. I'll be hailed as a hero for killing you" she said. A yellow wet spot soaked Gildas's dress at the crotch. Belizub held her hand out, her tail swishing excitedly.
"Zaim," she said. Suddenly Gildas's body spasmed as she went wide-eyed. Blood drizzled from her nose, and piss leaked out from under her dress onto the floor.
"Well, it has been fun Gilda," Belizub said standing and turning away from the dying magician. "But I'm busy girl" she finished, leaving with some extra pep in her step. It took eighteen minutes for Gilda to die, and she felt every minute of it. Later that night Belizubs companions came to retrieve her blood and pissed soaked body


Updates to the story will probably be slim or even non-existence during November as my attention will be focused on NaNoWriMo. Chapter Two is currently in the writing process however, and I have so much planned for not only this story, but it's sequels. Hope you're as excited as I am, and enjoy the story


Post should start up again soon

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