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There was a lot of art with rei, and sakura the cardcaptor guro. Anyone know what happened to it?


This is the literature section, not art. If you're looking for stories, you're probably looking for my thread:


I can honestly say that I never expected you of all people to reply to my question. Thank you. And you write some very good literature.

But, I actually meant the thread with pictures. I saw it a long time ago, and am no longer sure if it was in the art, 3dcg or g section. I just wasn't sure where to make the post


I already wanted to say how if by Rei you mean the same Rei as me, you made me curious too, because I don't remember such a thread and would love to see it…

…but then I realized, don't you mean another thread of mine - the Alteration thread? Well, not exclusively mine, but a lot of alterations there are made and posted by me.
Old one
New one


Yes, these are the one's that I meant. I actually liked these ones the most, but could not find them agian.
Thank you

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