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This is relatively lightcore for my typical shit. The following is fiction and not intended to condone violence against children nor sexual offenses, and is intended to be enjoyed from any angel (I know what I said).

Be wary, I make no promise to be good at his and construction (I know what I said) is welcome!

Part 1 _____________________________

I grew up with just my mom and 2 sisters, one older and one younger.

One night both my sisters wanted to have a sleepover. I didn't exactly get along with their friends, but some were very nice to me and even the least attractive were frankly gorgeous on a good day and on a bad day well, one shorter chubbier girl, seemed particularly nice to me after I was extra nice to her when she sleptover a month prior and got sick… Her face has been swollen and she cried to her friend but to me later insisted she was fine. The rest were mostly lean, a few scrawny- tho not as scrawny as me- with heavy boobs. It was a smorgasbord of favorite types. An eccentric emo girl and a punk las and some preppy chick who were all known to not get along sat in the same circle snacking with my older sister as my younger sister and her friends were all asleep.
I went off to bed seeing one of my younger sister's friends pass me. I heard her talking with the older girls as I slept.
I then had a strange dream.


I was in dream dimension of the various places I had frequented all mashed together, like my school right by a coffee shop.. and my sisters and their friends were going around telling everyone embarrassing things about me.

My sister we would be having conversations in public places loudly about how they saw me get spanked and about my penis and butt. I remember feeling so embarrassed by them talking this eay in front of so many people like I wasn't even there, like they were just pointing at me like I was a graph in a comedy sketch. Sometimes they'd poke my penis.
"Just touch it watch" my older sister and put her thumb and pointer finger on my penis and I stared into a million different eyes that all gleamed in shadows.. everywhere I had ever been. My older sister's 3 friends and my younger sister's friend all took turns.. and then it was quiet and I was walking naked through a street. It was like the whole world had vanished and I was walking around covered in chains and thick gloves and boots designed to hurt me. And everything was shadow. Sometimes bright lights bursting and I'd get a strange message. But mostly like I had spent years in Hell where everything was very dark and cold and I had a million variations on how I got there just haunting me. Then a swarm was summoned, and the or original trio and their mascot stood atop them. It turned into a press conference as my sisters and some of their closer friends answered a Q and A.


It was like I was standing in the middle of all existence bare bottom, covered in demon ropes and spells, and even when my special area wasn't being touched it was pointed at and talked about.. it felt weird like a sort of ache.
And I don't remember most of what they said but it was like "Yeah the last time he got spanked blablablab we all yubyuba bwa"
"Oh didn't he yaaha"
"Yeah! And…"
Ans it was humiliating. Like they were looking at my memory and it was all happening simultaneously in the present. They could see my penis as they yapped in front of everyone about having seen me get spanked and how small my penis is, and like so many other things.
Then I heard a snake and everything was silent for a moment, then the journalists and schools and just everywhere, was filled with laughter and circling my sisters and their friends as a sort of pantheon surrounded by dimensions they rule.
I was overwhelmed by the entire world and more laughing at me this impossible and infinitely sadistic wat, and felt a weird demon ghost growing around my privates where these witches eere shooting spells at me, and everything started spinning and going in and out of focus until I was hanging upside down with my penis in the air being shot by some dark green plasma and the rest of my body mostly covered in spiderweb. I looked up and saw my older sister with a snake on her shoulder shooting plasma. She was still poiting and laughing at my me, casting deep red magic shards on me from her fingers, and threw a demon cloud over me and I was entombed.

Then I woke.
It was horrible, somehow even worse. I instinctively knew everything is bad. My senses were all out of walk.


Fuck that typo damn


I could hear laughter echoing outside of the thick cloth on my face and torso but my penis I could tell was in the open air and I was still peeing. I covered my penis with my right and heard the laughter tinted with a flavor of "eew" after my frigid shriveled penis splashed like a fountain on my belly and then my palm.
With my left hand I struggled to toss away the bulky blanket that had become a net doubled over my face. I instantly realized my tighty whities had been lowered to my knees, so I
looked at my penis, seconds after frantically waking from one nightmare to a real one, and realized I had peed all over myself, registering in my peripheral vision a pretty blur as I gaped in horror at my expesed and tainted truth. My briefs were soaked along with my thighs and belly. Then I heard heavy marching footsteps and my door burst open as my mom bursed in and flip a switch.
Light slammed into my eyes, previously shut under thick layers, now blinded for the opposite reason. I covered my face reflexively, getting pee in face from my palm and screaming. I heard footsteps and looked- my eyes stinging in pain from between my fingers- and saw my mom march up to me surrounded by outrageously attractive girls, grab my ankles and yank them in the air.

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