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Benjamin sat glum in the hospital bed from what had happened to him. The slim boy slumped just a week before his 13th birthday and had felt as if he lost the world lost everything in the world. Naked under his bed sheets, his big brown eyes were reddened with tears above his heavily freckled cheeks and button nose, all behind his fringe of curly, brown hair. Outside his hospital room he could see his mother and her wife through the window in the door thanking the doctor for her work in curing her son of his malady, the source of which was floating in a clear, sealed jar of formaldehyde held by his 17 year old step sister.

Just less than a year ago was when Ben learned of joys of masturbation. As all boys at that age, he noticed that his willy would get hard from time to time and that it felt could to rub it when it was in such a state. His large, brown eyes widened in fascination as he explored all four inches of his boyhood, from the emerging peach fuzz at its base up the veiny shaft, to half way up of which was the scar, to the tip crowned by a purple mushroom head. He became resourceful, slathering it in shampoo, lotion, butter or even his own spit at any opportunity to enjoy his own body.

This was also the time that Ben’s mother married a shapely brunet named Rebecca. Rebecca had a daughter, Stacy, who was 4 years his senior and was conceived amidst a brutal sexual assault. This rape in Rebecca’s past understandably traumatised her and lead her to distrust and hate all males. Unlike Rebecca, Stacey was bisexual rather than lesbian but had adopted many of her mother’s prejudices and though had some interest in male anatomy, hated the men that it was attached to.

Rebecca and her new wife were not subtle with there affections for each other, kissing and groping was a common occurrence in the household. While Benjamin’s mother was preoccupied with her new lover, Rebecca and Stacey gave poor Ben Hell. They would verbally abuse him, give him an unfair amount of chores, under feed him and isolate him from his mother. One of the tortures that he endured was were he to be caught masturbating, he was often punished profusely, being reminded of how filthy his habit was and even his mother was talked into taking punitive action, saying that if he was to misuse his willy that he did not deserve it.

However, due to his developing libido and his exposure to this lesbian behaviour fuelled his need for masturbate. Moreover, he found it a means of stress relief from the constant bullying. Whenever she could, Stacey would watch him stroke himself. She would watch his hand grip the four inches of ridged boyhood - the slick surface of the cleanly circumcised meat, the redness of his cheeks making his freckles more apparent, his lithe chest and flat belly rising and falling with the quickening pants: she watched the youth in shame for though she found him beautiful, he was a disgusting male.

The extra stress the three women gave him at home lead to behavioural problems at school has his paranoid state lead to him becoming disruptive while his grades continued to fall. Moreover, due to the prohibition of masturbation laid upon him at home, he took any opportunity he could get to play with himself, including several instances where he was caught at school and his misandristic parents had to be informed.A special meeting was held between Ben’s mothers and the principle after this incident. They discussed that, with his dropping class performance and disruptive behaviour, some serious steps may have to be made to curb this masturbation habit.

Once back home, Benjamin’s mother scolded the boy,
“We told you that you can’t do this all the time everywhere at home, why would you do it at school?”
“But why not?” the boy responded, “It’s my willy, why can’t I play with it when and how I want?”. To this, Ben’s mother dragged him by the wrist to the kitchen where she shoved her hand down Ben’s shorts, pulled out his penis and threatened it with a knife,
“This willy of yours is a detriment to you at school and Rebecca is concerned about how uncomfortable it makes Stacey feel. I am your mother, I gave you everything you have, what is yours is mine and I can take it away. You have one last chance”.

One evening, Rebecca and Benjamin’s mother had left the door open while making love as he walked past. The door open a smidge, he was able to see everything from a hidden vantage point. His cock hardened in his shorts and it wasn’t long before he was turgid to the view to , thighs and arse sweatily in rhythm, his strokes in synch with the two sumptuous women. Unbeknownst to him, Stacey was down the hall, watching the lad and his swollen cock in ravenous envy. Benjamin responded to a movement out of the corner of his eye with a yelp, alerting the two lovers who hastily donned dressing gowns and came out to the hallway to find out what was going on.

“He just had his dick out when I walked out here” Stacey yelled, pre-emptively on the defensive. Before Ben could muster a defence, Rebecca picked the boy up and pinned him against the wall,
“I don’t know what’s more disgusting about you, boy, that you were peaking at us or that you showed that disgusting thing to my daughter!”. She then turned to Ben’s mother,
“This has to be the last straw, make the call, I will not stay in this house while he still has it!”. Rebecca through Ben into his bedroom and barricaded the door, barring his escape. Frightened and scared of what was to come, he paced all that sleepless night between failed attempts of escape. Eventually exhaustion lead to his collapse.

As the morning light pierced his bedroom window and stirred him awake, he could here his mother’s voice form the other side of his door.
“…no, I would like to have a granddaughter one day so leave his testes, just the basics, doctor.”
“Very well,” Ben heard a stranger’s voice, “well with no urethral reposition, a basic penectomy is a quick procedure. He could have it done under epidural anaesthetic for a faster recovery. I will provide a medical certificate for a fortnight, he’ll need some time off school to recover.” Ben’s heart was in his mouth. No, they can’t take his willy! Before he knew it, a pair of paramedics had burst through his door. Ben thrashed and flailed against them but the fight was lost the moment they wrestled him to the ground and injected something into his arm. The room began to spin and grow dark.

Ben woke up in a hospital bed, his arms strapped down so that he was unable to escape. Something feeding into his drip made him weak and dizzy. A familiar voice came around, preceding a team of medical professionals,
“…and here we have a master Benjamin Steinberg, a healthy young man with pathologically problematic behavioural patterns concerning masturbation. The school to which he attends proports that this behaviour has made him dysfunctional at school. His parents say that his habitual masturbation has even put his stepsister in danger. For this reason, he has his arms restrained and is lightly sedated, as to prevent reach to his penis. With the recent change of laws, medical intervention for this degree of pathology can be okayed with less hoops to jump through. To speed up recovery, an epidural has been put in in lieu of a general anaesthetic. Any questions?” the senior doctor asked to the rest of her team

“Don’t, please, I’ll stop, I promise…” Ben managed to croak out which got the doctor’s attention. She bent down and smiled kindly,
“I’m sorry, Benny. Your willy is doing you more harm than good. You’ll be better without it, you’ll see.”. Too drugged to plead his case further, he only quietly sobbed as the doctor turned her back on him towards the chatter behind a curtain from behind which he recognized the voice of Stacey, as well as Rebecca and her mother.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” asked Stacey with a malicious hope in her eye.
“It will be disposed as clinical waste, I suppose.” The doctor responded, matter of fact.
“Hmmm, so I guess we can’t keep it? Like all preserved, I mean”
“Well, I don’t see why not. It won’t be of much use after it’s amputated but I suppose if you want to keep it, he can seal it with some formaldehyde, if you wish”
“Stacey!” Rebecca remarked, “Why would you want that thing? Leave it with the trash it is.”
“Now honey,” Ben’s mother reassured her wife, “just because my son can’t haven’t, it doesn’t mean no one can. Everything he has I gave him, after all, and I can give it to somebody else if I so choose.”
“It’s settled then?” the doctor concluded, “I’ll just have you fill out come forms and we can keep the specimen for you all to take home.”

Ben’s grip upon reality was tenuous at best, he was incredibly disoriented as they wheeled his hospital bed through the corridors of the hospital and checked him into the operating theatres. Once in the room, they topped up his epidural, transferred him onto the operating table, fastening his arm restraints onto the new surface where he lied before they lifted his legs into stirrups. They shaved and cleaned his groin thoroughly with an antiseptic wash was talking about their plan for the procedure,
“Luckily, he is still in early stages of pubescence and he doesn’t have much girth. He’s tightly circumcised but he should have enough excess skin to form a new urethral opening form the stump”.

The same doctor from before came into the room with a procedural gown, surgical mask and sterile gloves on. A nurse handed her a scalpel blade as Ben looked on in horror as she brought it to his most precious possession. She scratched the corona of his glans with it,
“Did that hurt Ben?” she asked, look from over her mask. From a mix of shock and sedation, he didn’t react to the blade caressing his flesh,
“Good, we can begin.”

She started by circumnavigating a little above the base of his penis with the scalpel blade. She then used some electrosurgical tool to burn away at his flesh, cauterising as it severed tissue. She would take care to ligate any major vessels she should encounter as she dissected through his penis. Finally, when she got to it, she excised Ben’s urethra which was cut with a pair of tissue scissors. That last strand of flesh severed was the final fate for Ben’s life forever, his favourite toy taken away in a kidney dish by the assisting nurse. He watched has his boyhood was placed in a jar of blue preserving liquid, tears steaming down his face as his chest spasmed with sobs, the specimen’s fate sealed as the chemicals killed and preserved the tissues upon contact. Finally, the doctor blocked the nerves and sutured the skin onto the new end of the urethra. A catheter was inserted to allow the new opening to heal.

What was left of the once proud monument to dawning pubescence was left an indentation the same circumference of Ben’s once treasured willy. In the middle of which a simple hole through which he would have to sit like a girl to pee through. His aching balls hung exposed underneath almost grieving the tool that occupied the space above. Never again would he feel the sweet release of orgasm again, nor would he ever know another in the most carnal and interment sense. Never again would he stand at the urinal, comparing his size with the other boys.

In a week he would be turning 13, he would becoming a man, but all that was taken away from him. His family came into the room so see him. The three women looked down at him, perhaps with some feign glimpse of pity. Still naked under his bed sheets, Rebecca stepped forward giddy to see the improvement to the child,
“May I have a look?” she asked, pulling the bed sheets off him before he could react. “Now, look at that, much better now that silly little thing isn’t attached to you.” Ben was about to break down again before his mother roused on him to snap out of it.
“Benjamin Aaron Steinberg, you stop that this instance. If you were to misuse any of your other toys I would have confiscated those off you as well. Why is this any different?”

While Ben was being humiliated by his mother and Rebecca, Stacey was in the cover of the room, looking in fascination at the piece of her stepbrother that floated in the clear chemical preservative.
“I should take this to school and show it around. People will be wondering why you were obsessed with something so small.”
“Shut up, Stacey!” Ben yelled, still bubbling over his loss, “You can’t do that,” she said, then turning to his parents, “she can’t do that!”. His mother only condemned him with his own words,
“Ben, I took your willy off you and gave it to Stacey. Now it’s her willy, why can’t she play with it when and how she wants?”

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