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MARIA’S DEMISE (A belly button story)

I’ve met Maria at the gym about a month ago, she’s a good looking brunette, average tall with bright green eyes. I’ve been spying on her since then, too shy to go and talk to her but too attracted to her body to not follow her every movement.
Maria’s life is apparently a normal one, she works as a barista, she goes to the gym she hangs out with her friends and she dates various guys.

One day I’ve managed to enter her apartment by disguising myself as a gas technician and install a remote camera in her bedroom.
Thanks to this little trick, a week ago I found out Maria’s little secret. This girl sure loves to masturbate, but every time she does, her free hand rubs her own belly and her index fingers swirls in her navel, the closer she gets to the orgasm the rougher becomes the fingering. It’s almost like her navel acts as a secret trigger. Even during sex, when a man is fucking her, Maria’s index finger always finds her navel and few minutes later she explodes in a wild orgasm.

Yesterday I followed Maria to the gym and I finally took the courage to go and talk to her. She was wearing a pair of leggins and a sport bra, I couldn't stop looking at her bare belly and sweet oval navel, imagining her masturbating for me while I finger her little innie.
I managed to get back to my senses and after a little chat I’ve also managed to ask her out. Her reaction really pissed me off, she laughed at me, she thought I was joking, that someone like me could never hope to go on a date with her.

I came back home angry as hell, I waited for her to come back from work and to have the usual “pleasure session”, this will be the last one she will ever have.

I’ve prepared a bag with a special set of tools, some long and sharp pins, a thin knife, a gun and a very special vibrator. It’s clear that I’m up to no good.

Breaking into her apartment was the easy part, I waited and surprised her with a cloth full of chloroform and before I knew it, Maria was lying unconscious in front of me.

Now I’m here in front of her bed, my victim securely tied wrist and ankles to the top and bottom of it. She’s wearing only a silk dressing gown which I slowly open on the front.
The scent of Maria’s naked body is a major turn on, her white creamy belly slowly rise with her breathing, her sexy innie navel is staring at me, inviting me. I start to caress her sides enjoying the scent that comes from her belly skin.
I get closer to have a better view, Maria’s navel is an oval innie with a prominent upper rim. The inside is full of intricate bumps and folds but I can clearly see the exact center of it.

With my phone I take some pictures of Maria’ sexy innie, I want to remember it as in short time it won’t be that sexy anymore.

I insert an exploratory finger in the recess of Maria’s sensitive navel and even if she’s unconscious she starts to moan, I wonder what kind of nerves lies behind her belly button to be such a pleasure spot.

The exploration of her navel wakes Maria up and she is looking at me with a mixture of fear and surprise “who are you? what are you doing here? why am i tied ?”
“Don’t worry my dear we are going to have a lot of fun together, but first I need to make sure that nobody hears you” I say as I place a piece of tape on her mouth. “mmmmmmm mmmmm” she is trying to scream.
“I’ve been spying on you from sometime” I slowly caress her breasts pinching her pink nipples “I know how to turn you on” my hand moves to her stomach “I know your little secret” Maria’s eyes widen as she watch me pointing my finger to the center of her belly and slowly circle her sexy belly dimple. “mmmmm” even with the tape on her mouth I can tell that she is begging me to invade her navel with my finger, but I have something else in mind for her.

“I will show you now a couple of toys we are going to use together… this one will give you a lot of pleasure” I say as I show her the vibrator “and this will give you pain” I show her a long needle “and these two will send you to hell” the gun and knife shines as I remove it from my bag. Maria’s body start to trash wild against the bindings, tears runs down her face, now she’s scared for real!

“First we need to get you wet” once again my finger traces circles around Maria’s navel “your little sexy button will help us with that” my index is now swirling inside the recess of it, feeling all the folds, testing the umbilical skin at the bottom.
Waves of pleasure are making Maria relax a little bit, the mixture of lust and fear is turning her on like never in her life.
Without removing my finger from her navel, I slowly insert the vibrator in her now wet pussy and turn it on.
Maria’s now invaded with lust and pleasure, she’s forgetting why she lies naked on her bed, she’s lost in the orgasm that is growing inside her.
Her magnificent belly undulates, as my finger is still firmly pressed in her navel, the pleasure makes her back arch and it’s almost like she’s impaling herself on my finger.

“Now that’s too much pleasure for you… we must add a little bit of pain to it don’t you think?” I say as I approach her belly with the sharp needle. Still moaning in pleasure Maria is staring at me as fear starts to grow again. Very carefully I position the tip of the needle at the very center of Maria’s innie “this will hurt” I slowly apply pressure and the needle pierces the knotty flesh. Maria is arching her back like she never did but this only helps the needle to disappear in her guts.
Taking a step back I admire Maria’s body trashing side to side, up and down, trying to find a relief from the pain, the round tip of the needle shines in her navel, It almost looks like she got it pierced… well actually it really is.
The sharp piercing sensation from her navel mixed to the pleasure from the vibrator makes Maria trash and moan in a delightful way, she can’t believe how painful this is but also how many times she imagined to push her fingering “deeper”

Satisfied I approach her once again and proceed to remove the needle with a quick motion, Maria’s belly follows it arching in the air. She’s breathing heavily trying to recover but she knows that this is just the beginning.
The needle was so thin that very little blood came out of the wound in her navel which I proceed to carefully clean.
Savoring what would come next I take a bullet from the gun I’ve brought “have you ever seen one of these?” I say as I show the shiny piece of metal to her. Maria’s eyes widen and she tries to protest from behind the tape on her mouth.
“This little one would drill through your belly like butter” I point the bullet to her navel and give a little push “even the harder skin of your umbilical knot would be no match for it”.
Maria feels the point of the bullet pressing against her skin and she can’t avoid to imagine it drilling through her button and hitting the sweet spot that lies beneath it.

I load the gun with the bullet and I press the barrel hard against her navel, slowly massaging it. The vibrator in her pussy let’s Maria moan in pleasure as she’s wondering if I will really shoot her now.

“Unfortunately for you I prefer a more personal touch” removing the gun from her belly hole I quickly replace it with my sharp knife “I want to enjoy driving this blade through your precious sweet spot inch by inch”
Maria tries to move her soft sensitive navel away from the blade, causing it to scratch the bottom of it, she cries and screams but deep down she is also curious to know how it will feels like, to have her belly button “poked” like never before.

Very slowly I start to apply pressure, the sharp point of the knife bites into Maria’s flesh as the base of her navel try to resist.
In a moment that feels like slow motion, the little scar gives way and the knife invades her belly, slicing through the abdominal muscles and into her guts. Maria’s piercing screams are suffocated by the tape on her mouth, she could clearly feel the knife slicing her navel base and perforating the pleasure spot right beneath.

Removing my hands from the knife I allow Maria’s belly to arch in the air as blood is starting to flow down her sides. Her sexy naked belly is now dancing in agony as she screams loudly from behind the tape.

I place my hand flat on her stomach as my other one grabs hold of the knife once again.
I slowly start to remove it but before the tip is fully out of Maria’s belly I trust it back in again. Now speeding up the process I trust the knife in and out very fast, fucking Maria’s navel with the knife, drawing more blood and pain from her pierced guts. Every trust sends waves of pain to her body, she can’t believe that her once secret sweet spot has been violated in such a painful way.

After a minute I swiftly remove the knife from Maria’s ruined navel, her back arches once again and blood sprouts out of the wound and splashed back on her white skin. Maria rises her head and looks at the bloody hole that once was her perfect belly button and almost faints. No more little pleasure session for her.

She’s not screaming anymore, blood loss have caused her to loose most of her strength, but she’s still alive, she can take more.

I remove the vibrator from her wet pussy, and I prepare to finish her off.

I load the gun as I admire Maria’s naked belly trembling in agony and her once sexy button leaking blood with every heartbeat
I place the barrel in what is left of her belly button, savor the moment for a second and pull the trigger. Maria,s belly shakes violently as the bullet drills through the remains of her umbelical tissues and rests itself inside her guts.

The knife had only bisected Maria’s navel through the center, but the bullet now destroyed it completely. The intricates bumps and folds that used to make Maria’s belly button so sexy are now gone, obliterated by the burning steel piece. All that’s left of her precious sweet spot is it’s round shape and the upper rim.

The poor girl is now very close to death, her breathing becoming weaker by the minute, her mind remembering all the times she fingered her navel wondering how it would be to be pierced there, and how now she experienced a knife and a bullet through it.

She can barely feel the barrel of the gun inserted in her wet pussy, the bullet perforating her uterus her bleeding guts and finaly her heart.

I stop to admire Maria’s dead body. Even with all the blood that covers her belly and pussy she is still sexy as hell.
I remove her dressing gown and use it to clean the blood. As her heart is not beating anymore also the blood loss have stopped.

Now that I’ve finished Maria have once again an invitingly creamy belly which I take my time to caress… stomach, lower belly, sides.
Her navel, that once was Maria’s sexiest body part is now only a dark hole that centers her flat midsection. I can’t hold myself from digging a finger inside. In life Maria would’ve moaned in pleasure but now her sexy body remains still, as my finger explores her now deeper umbelical canal. With my other hand I fondle her dead body, squeezing her small breast and caressing her flat stomach , all while my finger pumps in and out of her belly hole.

Satisfied, I roll the blankets all around her body and I take the corpse to a nearby dump and trash it there.
As I’m driving back home I know that a large family of rats will take care of her sexy naked skin, biting her nipples off, eating her flesh up to the bones.
Little I know that the first rat that reached the corpse, is now digging it’s head in the recess of what once was Maria’s navel and is now chewing on the knotty skin inside to reach her guts.


Good story anon

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