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This story stars M'gann (Miss Martian) and Conner (Superboy) and takes place somewhere in the second half of the first season of Young Justice.

M'gann is 48 years old chronologically but as a Martian she's biologically 16. Conner is a half Kryptonian clone made from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor who is less than a year old but physiologically he's 16 too.

This is my first attempt at writing the kind of story that would be posted on his board, so please tell me how I did (be critical if you have to) and say if you'd like me to write any more Young Justice bits or maybe continue this one. Others will likely be a lot more sex focused than this one but I'm getting warmed up.


When M'gann let herself into Conner's room she wasn't wearing her blue caped hero costume or the pink skirt with the short-sleeved crop top sweater that she looked so adorable in. Instead she was barefoot and dressed in a purple satin robe tied loosely at the waist. The alluring nightwear was reserved for Conner's eyes only which wasn't a problem since at this late hour they were the only ones left in the cave, the team's secret headquarters.

"I was just watching a few more of those adult DVDs I 'borrowed' from Wally, I thought you might like to help me try out a few more of the things I saw in them" she suggested with a flirtatious grin before tugging on her belt. The robe fell past her shoulders and puddled at her feet to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath it.

Leaving aside her unique green skin tone she was a perfect example of the young feminine form, her flawless skin flowed over gentle curves and soft nubile breasts. And framed by a mane of red hair was the cutest face in the solar system, a face whose innocence was perhaps a bit at odds right now with the lewd pose she was making to invite her boyfriend into trying some kinky sex.

But despite the offer that would've had most teenage boys already on top of her Conner wasn't moved. His expression was tense and his focus obviously wasn't on the pretty girl standing naked in his room. "Not tonight, I've got other things on my mind" he grunted.

Worry replaced lust and she reached forward intending to touch his cheek reassuringly. "I can probably guess what it is" she said softly.

Seeing what she was trying to do Conner abruptly turned away and crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't want to talk about it!" he yelled and then seemed intent on staring at the floor, his body stiff and rigid with the energy he was keeping bottled up.

Seeing how it was going to be M'gann held in a sigh and instead smoothly shifted her form, her body quickly morphing into that of a bald man in an expensive tailored suit. "Perhaps you'd like to talk to me. After all, a father always has time for his son" said the polished voice of Lex Luthor putting a galling emphasis on the word son.

"I AM NOT YOUR SON" exploded Conner as he whipped around swinging with a punch that sent Luthor staggering back and clutching his now loosely hanging arm.

Squeezing his jaw tightly the still calmly collected villain managed to grin despite how much his shoulder must be hurting. "Tsk-tsk, a sadly predictable response. But they do say that the truth hurts" he joked in a manner that made it sound like he was still the most powerful man in the room.

This time Conner didn't use any words when he shouted his rage, roaring forward and slamming the older man against one of the cave walls formed from stone and concrete. Slamming his fists into Luthor's chest he ignored the man's pained grunts and instead delivered a series of shocking blows before grabbing Luthor by the neck and throwing him face first into the ground.

Already Luthor seemed to be in no condition to trade more barbs and was struggling to get up with only one weakened arm. But rather than let him have that chance Conner kicked him in the side with Kryptonian strength, sending the man flying clear across the room with enough force to shatter the bookcase he collided with.

Not pausing Conner marched over and with one hand lifted the source of his ire out of the pile of splinted wood and with the other smashed his fist right into Luthor's face just as he was looking up. "I. AM. NOTHING. LIKE. YOU." Conner swore as he emphasized each word with a solid hit.

With his ears still ringing with rage he hurled Luthor to the floor again and brought his boot down with a heavy crunch followed by several more before he dropped to his knees and frantically used his fists to finish the job. Finally his well of anger went dry and he knelt there panting before standing up and letting his heart rate return to normal.

Looking down he watched while in stops and starts Luthor's form began to shift, slowly and awkwardly returning to the shape of a small teenaged girl. Lying naked and exposed her injuries were far more apparent now that he could see her green skin which was almost entirely covered in dark bruises accented by blood. A tiny wail accompanied the little twitches her mangled limbs were making and it was obvious that she was in sheer agony but could do nothing about it. The damage he'd done to M'gann's body in only a few minutes was almost unbelievable.

Her one eye seemed to dimly make contact with his but there were no words to follow, only a small gurgled from the place where her lower jaw had been snapped apart in two places and most of her front teeth had been knocked out leaving only bleeding gums.

Not seeing any reason for conversation he examined his blood soaked hands and remarked calmly "I'm going to wash up and then I'm getting some air." But as he reached the door he paused briefly and looked back, "And M'gann… thanks for being so supportive, I'm feeling a lot better now."

After about 20 minutes alone M'gann was finally able to have a thought that didn't involve screaming internally at the sensation of one of her throbbing injuries. She arduously pushed out with one hand and with painful determination tried to get some purchase with her broken fingers so that she could move her body into a less awkward position.

But even flat on her back there was little difference to the amount of suffering she was experiencing. Both of her legs were broken and left at odd angles and her left kneecap was nothing but ground up powder now. A lot of blood had flowed out of her vagina and ass and there seemed to be little chance that her kidneys and other nearby organs were still functional under the black and purple tarp of bruises that covered her now oddly caved in midsection above her shattered pelvis.

Breathing was a torture of its own and she was certain that more than one of her broken ribs had punctured her lungs, which was why each breath felt like a blowtorch was being applied to her chest. With such pain beauty seemed like an unnecessary concern which was fortunate since her once proud breasts had been smashed into something like burger meat and her pretty face was virtually unidentifiable.

Staring upwards the ceiling seemed oddly fuzzy to her. She wasn't sure if something was wrong with her left eye but knew with resignation that the right eye was gone, the whole socket had been caved in and anything there had been pulverized. Part of her skull was cracked open too and she was probably pressing some of her grey matter directly into the dirty floor but it would take a while before she would know of any brain damage.

With a groan she concentrated and after several moments of extra misery a broken bone in her pinky finger snapped back together accompanied by a tortured cry. With her shape shifting powers she could repair her entire body one piece at a time in the same way that a dislocated arm could be fixed, by accepting the pain and popping it back into place.

Of course there was a lot to mend from countless broken bones and damaged organs to an entire eye that would have to be regenerated so she was going to be at this all night. No human could understand the living hell that still awaited her as she healed herself; their bodies would have already failed from the damage and their minds would shut down from the pain involved in fixing it. But the important thing was that she would be whole by morning and physically she'd look good as new when the rest of the team saw her.

Hopefully tomorrow would at last be one of Conner's good days and she could try that thing the blonde had done with her tongue; she was excited to see if he would cum as hard as the man in the video had. And if he was in the same mood he'd been in tonight then without question she'd help him deal with his anger issues again by providing him with whatever outlet he needed for as long as he needed it. She'd readily accept any amount of pain he inflicted on her body if it would help ease the pain he felt in his mind.


Well your writing technique is definitely better than a lot of the people around here, and I do love having someone else who appreciates how adorable M'gann is <3

it's definitely not my taste, and you made me hate Superboy on a level that is going to make it hard to watch his scenes again, but it's definitely an interesting take



Much obliged for taking the time to read and give feedback.

Regardless of what I wrote here I do find season 1 M'gann to be absolutely adorkable and I really miss that version of her character. I wasn't trying to be mean to her which is why I tried to write her as bravely self-sacrificing rather than as a simple victim. What I really wanted to look at was Conner's disturbing rage and lack of a developed personality to balance it out in the first season.

I also appreciate your compliment on my writing technique. I know this story wasn't to your taste (was it the heavy violence, the characters it was directed at, or both?) but if you have a prompt (Young Justice S1, no feet/pegging/scat/male-on-male) I'd love to give it a try and see if I can write something that you'll enjoy reading.

If I continue with this story it will still have some similarly dark themes but won't need the same excessive gore and violence. That was there to compensate for the lack of any sexual content which I'd lean toward but didn't have a place for in this scene. I have ideas for 2 scenes to complete it. The next one would still follow the idea of M'gann helping Conner control his rage by letting him hurt her, but this time in a more rape centered incident. The last scene would wrap things up by following the unexpected way that this leads to them breaking up prior to season 2.


For me, what I didn't like was Conner's callous treatment of M'gann after it was over. This was like a bdsm session but with no after care and made me hate Conner as a person. Even more so because I was quite fond of M'gann in the series.

I concur with Ellen though, you have a good writing style and this was easy to read.


Anonymous nailed part of it for sure, I don't really care about accuracy, there's no reason to stick to canon, but even then, I don't like M'gann getting hurt like that by someone who doesn't show affection, doesn't feel bad, and at least offer love afterwards.

asidefrom that, it's just more personal taste, I'm not super into graphic messy beatings, or tbh hetero sex, lol. it is your story, i am not trying to say do or don't do anything, we all write what we like :)

as far as your ideas to follow up, the idea of M'gann being hate-fucked still makes me very sad, but it would be less unsettling than her being beat half to death by someone she loves.


1) M'gann isn't familiar with Earth customs, so when the team wants to roast her for a holiday, she knows it will kill her, but it's an earth tradition!

2) M'gann (perhaps coming off of one of the abusive stories) has left Conner for a female companion. if you don't want snuff, they could just play. if you want snuff, most of the female members of the team are human, and M'gann IS a Martian and super strong, accidents happen ;)

3) M'gann is with another female member of the team and they are captured. fight to the death or choose one to be snuffed, or one is forced to execute the other, or a double cross, but some form of 'only one gets to live'.

not sure if any of those tickle your fancy at all. tbh I will keep reading regardless, my reservations weren't particularly strong. just keep sharing the love of an excellent, underappreciated show! <3


Honestly, I love this story. Really brutal beatings isn't something you see enough of around here. I'm super into misogynistic women who see themselves as nothing but tools and outlets for abuse, and who embrace it. M'gann offering herself up to get the piss beat out of her is fucking hot. I don't even see this as Conner being mean to her, I see this as M'gann being mean to herself. I really hope to see more of it!

Since you mentioned prompts, I'll throw my hat in the ring. Have you ever considered doing anything where one of the girls helps abuse another girl? Off the top of my head, something like Miss Martian using her psychic power to push Artemis toward being a self-destructive rape toy so that M'gann can get off on it.


Usually, I don't like fan fiction. because typically things go way out of character and I actually never seen those series anyway
But since this story got so much response I had to check it.

Considering the age of superboy I think his behavior is pretty reasonable LOL
but I actually would not consider it an erotic guro story but more like serious psychological drama.
So you failed the "boner test" lol

In some way, it reminds new "Mai chan daily life" which also shifted from erotic guro to serious story.

I agree with you about Megan, but the author either deliberately or accidentally failed to portray her insanity in this way and presented it mostly like unreasonably strong love and dumb sacrifice instead of actually her doing what she wants herself.

I actually also love insane women like that and if the story clearly makes it evident that she is manipulating him into raping her it would be pretty hot. ;)



I read these prompts earlier and I started with the idea that I might do one but I quickly got ideas for all three.

The first one is close to being done and I think it's what you asked for. Upon rereading the second I realize that I missed it by a mile but hopefully you like what I came up with. The third one I made some deliberate changes, mainly I thought the concept worked better with Artemis and Zatanna because they're especially close and I have a specific scenario that only works for them.


It's a lot more obvious to me now that it's pointed out. Normally I wouldn't recon something but since it was my first try on this type of thing and I want to continue it I'm going to put up a 'redux' version to hopefully fix it.

Apart from barely held in violent rage my biggest take away from Conner's character during season 1 was that he was robotic; he didn't know how to be a person yet so he would literally stare at static while still covered in cake dough. However I can see now that he needs to have some humanity to be useful for further story telling.


I can think of a few ways M'gann might abuse her powers like this, I'll see once I'm done with the others.


File: 1570488291348.jpg (77.01 KB, 612x753, Cooking.jpg)


This for the first prompt, I couldn't help tacking on something for myself at the end. I hope this is what you wanted so tell me if you liked it (or what you didn't like)


Happily humming to herself M'gann grabbed a wooden spoon and began stirring the contents of a bowl cradled in her arms while walking the length of the countertop inspecting all of the things she'd laid out and comparing some of them to the cookbook floating beside her. Coming to the end where a turkey sat in a roasting pan ready to be prepared she gave herself a nod and smiled. The team was going to love the meal she had planned for them.

"Wow what's all this? It looks like you've got enough here to feed an army" said Zatanna as she and Artemis wandered in the kitchen together.

Putting the bowl down M'gann went over to hugged them both, she was so glad that everyone on the team had agreed to come over today even though she hadn't told them exactly what it was for. Artemis and Zatanna were the first to arrive and since they were here it didn't seem like there was any need to keep it a secret anymore.

"I'm making Thanksgiving dinner!" she said with a big smile, "I've got mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato casserole and of course the turkey."

Both of the girl's expressions changed to one of puzzlement when M'gann listed the last item but it was Artemis who voiced her confusion first. "I don't want to be a downer but why a turkey?"

"Because that's what everyone eats on Thanksgiving, a roast turkey. Right?" said M'gann as her tone made a rapid transition from confident to questioning and finally to mildly distressed. "They showed it very clearly in the TV special, I watched it five times."

"Um, M'gann. Just how old was that TV show?" asked Artemis pointedly.

Not wanting to drag this out Zatanna jumped in to explain. "What Artemis is trying to say is that turkey has been out of style for, ah, several decades. Nowadays it's traditional to celebrate Thanksgiving with roast girl meat."

"Oh" said M'gann dejectedly, "I… I didn't know that." She'd put so much effort into making a holiday meal she hoped her friends would enjoy and somehow she'd messed up the most important part.

Of course she knew they wouldn't blame her, on Mars they didn't eat girls at all. But at the same time she didn't feel like she should be able to hide behind ignorance - she passed the shops selling girl meat everyday in Happy Harbor and she'd even tasted it during Spirit Week when the school picked a cheerleader and they all watched her being skewered alive and then slowly cooked over an open fire. Her friend Wendy had tasted pretty good.

Seeing how crestfallen she looked Zatanna wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulder, "It's not a disaster M'gann. You still made all this great food for us. Why don't we just forget the turkey and call it a nice team meal."

M'gann sighed as the other girl gently embraced her from the side. "But I really wanted to show everyone the perfect Thanksgiving, I was even preparing this great five herb seasoning for the roast" she said gesturing at the bowl on the counter.

"Well what's stopping you from using it?" asked Artemis, "I mean if we gave you some help couldn't you roast yourself?"

"That's a great idea!" Zatanna exclaimed, "I bet nobody's had the privilege of trying Martian-girl meat before, it could be the best Thanksgiving ever. What do you think M'gann?"

M'gann was justifiably surprised, "You'd really want to eat me?" Their enthusiastic nods left no room for interpretation but she knew that the real issue lay in the fact that being eaten would at some point involve her quite definitively dying. But at the same time her two friends looked so hopeful and excited at the idea. And she'd already invited everyone else on the team; she would feel really bad if she let them down. "Alright, how do we start?"


The girl sized roasting pan was just over six feet long, too big for many kitchen counters and so it came with its own cart that allowed it to be wheeled up to and then rolled into the kind of oven they needed.

Standing beside it M'gann nervously removed her crop top sweater and handed it to Zatanna and then started unbuttoning her shirt. As she handed over each article of clothing the idea that she was going to die became more and more real. Slipping off her pink cotton panties she realized there was nothing left to take off which meant that it was time to get on the roasting pan.

Studying M'gann's clothing as she folded it up neatly Zatanna absently asked "Hey, do you think this outfit would look cute on me too? Do you think I should take it?"

For a second the question seemed odd before she tapped the side of her head for being so short sighted. "Hello Megan! Of course you should take it; I won't be wearing it ever again."

Once she was on the pan Artemis helped position her hands over her stomach and tied her wrists together with twine while Zatanna was doing the same with her ankles. With small brushes they set about coating her body with the final recipe that she'd been working on earlier. It wasn't cold like she thought it would be and she could smell the small bits of herbs and spices as it settled on her skin.

As Artemis got to her breasts M'gann drew in a sharp breath. The sensation as the soft bristles danced across her nipples was certainly not something she had been expecting to feel while being prepared for cooking. Artemis smirked and repeated the action, clearly aware of what effect it had on her.

"Already enjoying being a meat girl?" she said with a smile as she paid extra attention to the way she coated M'gann's bust, caressing her tits until M'gann finally gave in to the pleasure and groaned appreciatively. "Hey Z, are you just about ready to give M'gann some extra flavor down there?"

M'gann didn't know what she meant but Zatanna did. The other girl began to slide her brush along M'gann's pussy far more than was necessary to prepare it for cooking, teasing around M'gann clit until the Martian girl was moaning obscenely and all but begging to be touched there.

Captivated by the scene Artemis bit her lip and watched her soon to be dead friend withered in pleasure as Zatanna finally granted her wish and tweaked the little numb letting M'gann cry out in ecstasy. Flipping the brush over and working with the awkward placement of her legs Zatanna got the handle to M'gann's entrance and pressed it confidently into her moist tunnel.

M'gann was breathing fast now and not caring about the lewd sounds she was making as Zatanna fucked her with the improvised dildo, her thoughts about dying and being eaten mixing freely with the pleasure she was experiencing. Would Conner get this kind of enjoyment when he was devouring her flesh she thought? Would she have offered herself up as meat sooner if she'd known it would be this good?

Feeling herself reach a crescendo M'gann shuddered and squirted clear fluid all over Zatanna's hand. Raising it to her mouth the female magician stuck out her tongue and licked at the girl juice, messily lapping it up and getting it all over her face. "Mmm that's good stuff" she murmured and offered her hand to Artemis who sensually sucked each finger clean.

Wanting a little more Artemis pulled Zatanna closer and kissed her with an open mouth, both girls sucking each others faces trying to get every last drop. Parting lips Artemis looked hungrily at Zatanna for a moment but then remembered they were still in the middle of something. "It is good; she's going to taste perfect once we roast her" she agreed.

M'gann idly wondered who would be eating her pussy after it had gotten so much attention. She could probably ask but she wasn't sure if it was bad etiquette, since the one thing she did know was that once she was meat she didn't have any say in what happened to her. Making it seem like she was dictating who ate each part of her might be rude and she didn't want to ruin the holiday.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Artemis snapped her head to the side and shouted "Wally!" and "Get out of here you pervert."

Looking over the edge of the tray M'gann could see that Wally had snuck into the kitchen and was coming over to join them. Her smile became one of awkward embarrassment since there was nothing she could do to prevent him from seeing her naked and her cheeks went even redder when she realized he'd probably seen her performance a few moments ago. However it shouldn't bother her if he did she thought, in a few hours he would probably be chowing down on one of her breasts anyway.

Zatanna seemed to have similar thoughts as she pushed aside Artemis's objection. "He's going to see it later so why not let him look while she's still alive, I mean she's already on the tray so she's meat anyway. Come over and enjoy the view Wally" she said and waved her hand over M'gann's shiny naked skin.

M'gann was intently aware as Wally approached and made a leering examination of her body. She'd brushed off his many lustful advances but now that she was officially meat he'd be within his rights to do whatever he wanted to her.

"Oh yeah, she looks like she'll be real tasty. But then you always looked tasty to me babe" he said still flirting shamelessly. Looking back up at the others he added "You know I'd be happy to give you two an extra hand to finish preparing her, maybe give the cooking a man's touch."

In response Artemis threw out an arm to block him and firmly stared him down. "You'll be keeping that baster of yours in your pants if you know what's good for you. We're all going to be eating M'gann and some of us don't want to taste your special sauce inside of her."

Having gotten over her embarrassment M'gann giggled at their antics. She was really going to miss the way those two argued with each other. "Thanks for offering to help Wally but I guess Artemis is right. I hope you enjoy me once I'm done cooking."

Wally followed his cue to get lost but at the last moment Zatanna's had a devilish idea. "Hey, how would you like to be in charge of cooking Artemis for Christmas?" she called out as he disappeared around the corner.

"Shut up" the blonde hissed and M'gann could see her face turning beat red. Obviously the suggestion of giving Wally free reign over her body had given Artemis a lot of embarrassing thoughts to consider.

With the kitchen back to being the girl's domain they added garnish and vegetables around her and finally it was time to go in the oven. Zatanna opened the big door and Artemis rolled the tray up and unfastened it from the cart. "Well it was nice knowing you" she said as she gave the tray a push so that it slid in smoothly on the well oiled rollers.

"It was nice knowing both of you too" M'gann called back as her head entered the warm oven followed by the rest of her body. She could hear the door close and the outside latch lock into place cutting her off from her last human contact. The heat was already starting to feel oppressive and without the outside light the small coffin like space seemed even more claustrophobic.

M'gann tampered down on the dread that filled her by reminding herself that she'd be dead soon anyway. It was certainly an interesting way to go, humans had such fascinating customs and they'd made the whole six months she'd spent on Earth feel incredibly special.


"So…" Zatanna started awkwardly, "How is everyone liking it?"

"It is certainly… unique" answered Kaldur stiffly.

"It's kind of, err, gamey" added Dick.

Seeing the others agree Wally's shoulders slumped, "Yeah, let's just admit that it looked a lot better than it tastes."

Silently a plate was passed around and everyone transferred their remaining portions of M'gann onto it. When it reached the end of the table Conner bent down and placed it on the floor where Wolf sniffed the alien meat inquisitively and then began gobbling it up.

Seeing how dour he and the rest of them looked Zatanna leaned forward and got Wally's attention. "Hey, it's not like today was a complete loss" she reminded him.

The speedster's face lit up as he remembered what they'd worked out while M'gann was busy cooking in the oven. "That's right! We've still got a whole month to prepare Christmas dinner" he exclaimed excitedly.

Sitting between them in the nude Artemis let out a mortified groan as she felt Zatanna lean into her and boldly reach between her legs while Wally happily snuggled against her other side and squeezed one of her breasts. The rest of the team chuckled in good spirits as they glanced at the shiny new meat tag attached to her ear bearing the initials W.W. and Z.Z.


I always love cann and especially consensual cann. Thank you YJ_Anon. M'gann and friends were perfect in this and I loved how sweet she was. It was a nice little twist that her meat ended up being terrible lol! A follow up with Artemis would be awesome!



Thanks. I do have a follow up thought out so if everyone wants to see it I'll get to work on it. It focuses on Artemis who has a tsundere like reaction both to being eaten (trying to pretend it doesn't excite her as much as it really does) and to Wally as she claims she's only into girls. It will have a mix of both lesbian and hetro content but with her denial of being turned on by dick just as much as pussy being a focal point during her month long preparation and eventual cooking.

If you have any prompts for Young Justice I'd love to hear them.


File: 1570976349457.jpg (53.93 KB, 767x800, Dunking.jpg)


I only had a vague memory of the second prompt when I came up with this, that's why it's so different but I think I checked off at least one of your wishes. Please tell me what you think.

FUN AT THE FAIR (prologue)

M'gann walked along with Artemis and Zatanna as the three girls made their way through Happy Harbor's High School charity fair. There was candy and performers and all kinds of games to try. Passing an attraction with an impressively large water tank M'gann took an interest and read the sign.


Drawn above it in marker was a student's rendition of a stick figure girl with blonde hair landing into the water. M'gann turned to her own blonde friend and pointed at the likeness. "This looks like fun, would you like to go up there and try it with me Artemis?"

"What, are you still mad that I was flirting with Conner?" Artemis snorted.

M'gann smiled at her friend's gentle ribbing. "Maybe a little" she joked and they eyed each other mischievously.

"Well?" prompted Zatanna, "Are you going to get up there so M'gann can take a shot at it or are we going to stand around all day?"

Artemis sighed, "If she really wants me to do it then I'll do it." Seeing M'gann nod her head she turned to Zatanna and, seemingly on an impulse, gave the surprised magician a kiss on the lips before blurting out "Wish me luck" and then scurrying up the wooden staircase. An attendant at the top helped secure her in the seat that would drop away if someone hit the bullseye hard enough.

Meanwhile M'gann was paying the student in the target area who in return handed her 3 balls to throw. "For an extra $5 we'll take a special overhead photo for you if she goes in" he offered.

M'gann was starting to turn him down but Artemis interrupted from her perch over the water "Hey! If you're going to try and dunk me you should at least get a picture." M'gann shrugged and paid the extra $5 before stepping back to the line she was supposed to throw from.

Her first attempt missed, the ball was quite heavy and passed well below the target that would trigger the mechanism to get Artemis wet. Putting more strength into her second throw simply made her aim wild and the ball whizzed several feet to the side of where she had intended. "You throw like a girl" laughed Artemis who now seemed certain that she'd be leaving the chair by the dry route. "Sorry that I made you pay that extra money for nothing" she said mockingly.

Lifting the last ball M'gann considered Artemis's boastful confidence and had a wicked thought. Winding up she threw another hard one but this time gave it a subtle assist with her telekinesis to help the ball stay on course. As planned it struck the middle of the target with a loud clang. Artemis had only a split second to be surprised before the chair fell away and she shrieked while being plunged into the water making a big splash.

Chuckling at her cleverness M'gann stepped around to the front of the tank where several other onlookers were already watching Artemis hold her breath underwater. Embarrassingly for the archer her white t-shirt now clung to her chest and the nearly transparent soaked fibers make it clear to everyone that she hadn't worn a bra today.

M'gann was just about to say something about the titillating show Artemis was giving when she noticed a chain leading to a set of heavy weights now resting on the bottom of the tank. "I don't think the she can get back out with those attached to her ankle" she remarked to Zatanna with growing concern.

"It's supposed to work that way" replied Zatanna matter-of-factly, "Otherwise most girls wouldn't remain underwater long enough to drown. I'm sure they have a hook or a winch to pull her body out once they're ready for next girl to try it."

It was only then that M'gann realized the consequences of what she'd done. This wasn't the first time she'd been caught off guard by the way things were different on Earth and many of those times had been because of the same thing, the seemingly trivial manner in which a girl's life was regarded by both herself and her fellow humans.

After some embarrassing incidents she'd endeavored to try and respect and assimilate into Earth's culture despite her initial apprehension. Knowing now that drowning was a normal feature of this game M'gann had to firmly remind herself that neither her friends nor Artemis would appreciate it if she made a scene over nothing. She'd only draw attention to herself with such strangeness and that could compromise her secret identity as a Martian and as a superhero which would be bad for the team and Justice League.

Of course even though Artemis seemed calm and indifferent to her fate that didn't mean she was going to stay that way forever. Zatanna's explanation was correct and once Artemis's body realized her oxygen was getting low it caused her more primitive reflexes to kick in. In class M'gann had learned that this was called the 'fight or flight' response and humans retained this evolutionary baggage despite it no longer serving any purpose in girls.

Filled with the fear of her ape ancestors Artemis began to pull against the chain to get her leg loose, twisting and jerking her body in an attempt wiggle the manacle off her ankle. When that didn't work she tried to reach the surface anyway, kicking and paddling with her arms in a futile attempt to overcome the weight holding her down.

All around M'gann people were watching Artemis's life and death struggle with great interest, some of them had even gotten out their phones to capture a video of the pretty young girl drowning for their amusement.

"She's certainly got a lot of spunk" one woman remarked favorably.

"Look at how her tits are bouncing around when she tries to shake free, that's so hot" said a young man in a group who was watching with one hand moving inside his pants.

Swimming toward them Artemis pounded her fists against the window. Maybe in her panic she thought she could break the glass thought M'gann. She certainly couldn't be appealing to anyone for help since watching girls die was one of Earth's most popular forms of entertainment.

"She looks so desperate to get out before she dies. Her lungs must be burning for air, I wonder if I'll get to go out like that" speculated a preteen girl with obvious admiration.

M'gann watched as Artemis made a last attempt to swim back up, her arms managing to break the surface with desperate splashes but her head always remaining frustratingly short of her goal. Eventually though she slowed and then finally went still, her arms going limp as her corpse slowly rotated in place on the end of the chain.

"Well that was exciting" remarked Zatanna as she retracted a hand from her waistband and licked her fingers clean. She'd clearly been one of the people making the most of Artemis's final moments. "And that was an amazing shot M'gann, they make it really hard to hit that target but you nailed it" she noted with little envy.

"Yeah, I guess I did" M'gann replied.

Zatanna didn't seem to notice any lack of enthusiasm on M'gann's part as something else had already captured her interest. "Oh hey, there are the boys! Let's go see what they've found" she said and ran off to catch up with them.

M'gann was still feeling a slightly stunned when the attendant handed her an instant photo. As advertised it was taken from above showing a close up of Artemis's face with her eyes wide and bubbles coming from her mouth as she tried to claw her way back to the surface, the last seconds of her life captured on film. It would forever serve as a reminder to M'gann that she had snuffed one of her friends on a whim.

With her goal of fitting in on Earth she wasn't sure if that would eventually be a good memory or a bad one. However looking down the concourse she observed how the boys were talking to Zatanna and gesturing with excitement toward an attraction featuring bows and arrows. She realized that being one of the two girls left on the team meant that forever might not be a very long time anyway.


Originally this was conceived as only a short but along the way I thought up a lot of ideas for how it could be completed as a full story. If you'd like me to write the rest let me know. Since the initial twist is over it'll be more direct and less teasing, following M'gann, Zatanna and the boys as they explore the school's fair where the games and attractions mostly involve girls being casually snuffed. Like I said, leave a comment if you think I should continue this idea.


this is really good!


please write the rest with M'gann eventually picking the most *fun* attraction to try on the fair…


I'm really enjoying these stories so far.



18506 here, both of those stories were awesome. I'd love to see a follow up to the fair, casual snuff festivals are fucking *great*. I also really like how you write Artemis as a lesbian. Girls who are actually into other girls are way hotter than the ones who just do it for show. Also, the fact that M'gann's meat was bad and she mostly got thrown out was the perfect dose of mean-spirited disregard for a woman's life. I can't wait to read more, dude.


okay, that third one was my favorite so far! a little gay stuff, and you really get across that M'gann didn't know and kinda feels bad. if you keep going, it would be interesting to see how this lesson shapes her. will she become cruel, or (hopefully! but you are the writer) keep her innocent quirky lovability but just embrace how disposable she and other females are, maybe kill one during sex or something? regardless of where it goes, it seems like you have hit a really fun stride <3


Thanks, I'm a big fan of your work especially the Evangelion stuff but also the "rule 34" style of guro in general which I guess I'm sort of emulating.

I've just started writing the sequel to the Thanksgiving story first but I also intend to complete the fair too.


I'm glad to hear it. With regards to gay stuff I'm still experimenting with it to find the right tone. Hetro is my main thing and I've already got the main plot points for the fair sequel but there's no reason it can't share space with some lesbian content. Character wise these two stories both have the same set of identifies for the girls:

M'gann is pretty straight but as an alien everything about Earth is a little new to her and that leaves her bi-curious enough to enjoy some female attention, although she'd never be the one to initiate it. Romantically she's interested in Conner and although she doesn't mind Wally's flirting she doesn't have any true feelings for him beyond close friendship.

Artemis is technically bi-sexual but thinks that admitting that she likes guys too makes her less of a strong woman, so she chooses to identify as a lesbian. This internal conflict may also contribute to the fact that she can be slightly bashful when it comes to openly admitting that she desires sex and intimacy as much as anyone else. She has an open interest in Zatanna and in the Thanksgiving-verse they've had sex on multiple occasions but aren't in a committed relationship (yet?)

Zatanna is unabashedly bi-sexual with none of the hang ups Artemis has. She's free with her feelings and desires and doesn't mind casually hooking up. In the Thanksgiving-verse she's probably managed to fool around with everyone on the team at one point or another. She's also observant enough to have seen that Artemis does have eyes for men and that's why she likes to tease her about boys and try to hook her up with them, especially Wally since Zatanna can tell his interest goes beyond cheeky flirting.

As a note I still haven't started on your last prompt and I'm not sure when I will. Onix's comment about the 'boner test' applies as that one has only has the barest hints of smut and is mainly a serious and angsty short story so I'm not sure about investing time in it.


File: 1572557411958.jpg (178.1 KB, 1080x1130, Secrets Screencaps.jpg)

Ellen's Halloween themed entry for her ongoing story made me want to write something to celebrate the holiday too. Hopefully you've watched a few 80s direct to video horror movies because I've borrowed a few tropes from them.

The story itself is a divergent take on the first season episode "Secrets", the episode that takes place on Halloween. Since the first few lines of dialog are taken verbatim (until Artemis tries to walk out) I don't take credit for them. See the screen grab for what everyone looks like in costume.


"So… you going as my favorite Martian?" asked Wally who was still oblivious to the looks M'gann and Conner were giving each other as he tried to flirt with her. He was already dressed for the dance as a Thriller inspired wolf man with a letterman jacket (though the cast on his arm was real) and M'gann had been helping Conner put on his mummy wrappings.

"Not exactly" replied M'gann and stepped back so that both of the boys would get a good look at her. Starting at her feet her clothes and skin began to quickly transform, her comfy looking purple sweater and skirt being replaced with a tattered wedding dress and her green skin becoming the pale flesh of a zombie bride. "Raaaauuuughhhh" she growled while striking a classic horror movie pose.

"Whoa. Babe, eat my brains anytime" commented Wally. Even if she wasn't showing a lot of skin it still counted as a 'sexy zombie bride' costume for him, at least as long as M'gann was the one wearing it.

Zombies were apparently in style this year as Captain Marvel arrived by Zeta-beam in the cave's large central chamber with his face done like M'gann's, or at least that seemed to be the attempt. A minute later Artemis and Zatanna entered too wearing very flattering vampire and witch costumes respectively.

"Oh hey Zatanna, you look great" remarked Artemis as she saw who had arrived in the other Zeta-tube.

"Oh thanks, you too" replied the magician closing her eyes with a faint blush.

Meanwhile the reason for Captain Marvel being dressed up seemed to have caused a little drama and in a huff he strode past the girls to make a hasty departure. Looking over at the rest of group Zatanna leaned in close to Artemis. "So how long have Connor and Megan been a couple?" she asked quietly.

"Ha! Couple? No" replied Artemis but looking at them herself she finally recognized how touchy-feely they were behaving toward each other as M'gann giggled trying to adjust Conner's mummy bandages and he flirted about her 'owing' him for it later.

"I.. I'm sorry. It just seemed so obvious" said Zatanna as Artemis turned around and started walking right back out like Captain Marvel had. "Wait, please don't go" she pleaded and caught the blonde's arm. "Just watch" she whispered furtively.

"Nommus emos yracs sretsnom!"

With the spell cast a roaring pack of supernatural creatures suddenly emerged from the ceiling and spilled down the surface of the walls coming toward the other three teenagers. Wally emitted a high pitched shriek, Conner's eyes went wide as saucers as he readied a desperate punch and M'gann seemed to somehow turn even whiter than she already was.

The assorted nightmarish ghouls were nearly on them when another word from Zatanna caused them all to dissolve into a shower of harmless sparkles. Artemis and Zatanna burst out laughing and as soon as Wally opened his eyes and realized what had happened he did too.

Only Conner and M'gann seemed to miss the humor in the situation. "What the hell was that?" Conner demanded angrily, still tense and ready for a fight.

"Just a Halloween trick" replied Zatanna as she pushed down her last few chuckles, "It's nothing to get upset about."

"But, but… it was terrifying" M'gann said shaking.

"That's why it's so fun babe" answered Wally, "I mean you've seen some horror movies with us, the best parts are usually the ones that really scare people to death."

"And that's a good thing?" M'gann asked doubtfully. While they'd calmed down she and Conner still seemed to be out of their depth despite it being a pretty basic concept for everyone else.

"Oh yeah" Artemis piped in seriously. "It's a really important Halloween tradition. Everyone loves it" she said and all three of the humans present nodded in agreement.

"Ok" M'gann conceded slowly, "Well Robin and Kaldur left with Batman saying they had something important to go to, but we still don't need to leave for the dance yet. I guess… I guess we can all just do what they want until then."

"Yeah that sounds fine" agreed Zatanna.

"I'm gonna get some snacks before we go, need the fuel so I can show you all my best moves later" Wally said trying to make a cool guy smile at M'gann and then dashed off. Artemis found herself being subtly led by Zatanna to one of the more secluded studies containing a few couches surrounded by bookshelves.

"So, are you alright?" asked Zatanna as she set down her witch's hat.

Artemis gave it a moment's consideration and then sighed. "Yeah, I guess I am" she admitted. Conner had been something of a planned crush, his drool worthy physique made it seem like he was the kind of guy she should just expect herself to chase after. "But it kind of sucks that I've got no romantic hopes for the dance now" she added sorely.

"Well… Conner isn't the only one on the team who's going tonight" said Zatanna.

Artemis snorted. "Wally? I guarantee he's only thinking about one thing when it comes to girls and besides, he's got his poor heart of his set on M'gann" she said and realized how it wasn't totally unlike the situation she'd been in until five minutes ago.

"Maybe there's someone other than Conner or Wally you might like?" Zatanna said like she was strongly hinting at something.

"Other than Wally?" asked Artemis, "Who… oh." Artemis knew she had a few feelings for Zatanna but until now she'd been too focused on Conner to really examine them, much less consider if Zatanna would be interested in returning them. Staring at each other neither one of them seemed to know how to react to the unspoken revelation.

"Well this is awkward" said Zatanna dryly.

Biting her lip Artemis thought about it for a moment and then stepped forward leaving them only a few inches apart. "It doesn't have to be" she whispered and then leaned and gave Zatanna a light kiss. For a second nothing happened but then Zatanna gave her a kiss back followed by second one and a third one until they were both pressing in and actively exploring the angles that their lips could fit together.

Maybe it was because she wanted to absolve herself for all the times she must have looked like a fool with Conner but at the moment it just felt right what she was doing with Zatanna. The girl in the witch costume certainly didn't seem to be complaining about how fast they were going as their kisses became heavy and heated. With her arms around Zatanna's waist Artemis began to press her tongue forward and test the waters but the reaction was more than she was expecting.

Breaking off Zatanna slid Artemis's cape off her shoulders and then pushed her steadily backwards until her knees hit one of the couches and she was forced to sit down. Without wasting any time Zatanna straddled her and with her arms wrapped around Artemis's neck she resumed their make out session, her mouth opening up to let Artemis in as she eagerly involved herself in the steamy French kiss.

Moaning into Zatanna's mouth Artemis's hands slid appreciatively along the younger girl's exposed thighs. The press of Zatanna's chest against hers had excited her nipples into sharp little peaks that now chafed against the thin material of the cheap costume crop top she was wearing. Stopping for just a moment Artemis looked into Zatanna's dark bedroom eyes and was about to say something when the room abruptly went dark.

"I think the power went out" said Zatanna stating the obvious.

Letting out a breath Artemis considered just how hot and ready her body had just been and rested her forehead against Zatanna's. "Terrible timing too" she muttered.

"Who says we need to stop" giggled Zatanna and playfully nipped at Artemis's ear.

Returning Zatanna's affection for moment with string of kisses along her jaw Artemis then stopped again with a resigned huff. "No, this place is supposed to have its own generator and everything. If the power is out it might be something serious, I better go check it out just to be safe"

Reluctantly Zatanna disengaged herself from Artemis's lap and let her get up, their eyes adjusting to the near total darkness as the faint glow of some battery operated lights seeped in from the hallway. "If you change your mind I'll still be here" pointed out Zatanna, "And who knows… its dark in here so I might even get a little naked, you'll just have to feel your way around if you want to find out."

With reluctance Artemis made her way out into the hall, Zatanna's last offer more than a little tempting but she had to make sure everything was ok. Knowing these back corridors could be a maze she made her way toward the central chamber. Normally the huge open room would be filled with light illuminating the Zeta-tubes, the moon pool, the holographic computer and the training ring. But now it was just a wide sea of pitch black with only faint light visible around the edges.

Not wanting to go back looking for a flashlight and figuring that she had her bearings right Artemis set off across the room keeping her eyes focused on the small point of light that she believed marked the passageway which would eventually lead her to the electrical room. She was about half way across when it felt like something brushed her shoulder. Spinning around she could see nothing in the darkness and cursed as she realized she'd just lost her orientation.

Turning around she picked a light that she hoped was right and began walking toward it again. She'd only taken a few steps when something definitely tugged her pant leg and she swung around with a kick but hit nothing. "Who's out there?" she shouted, "Wally? If you think this is a good joke you better be prepared to get another broken arm."

There was no answer but her breathing picked up and she strained to listen for any sounds around her. Suddenly something grabbed the back of her shirt and nearly dragged her off her feet. Twisting in confusion Artemis swung wildly and managed to get some purchase on the ground but the phantom attacker was unaffected even by the full weight of her body. Desperate to reach one of the dimly lit corridors where she'd at least have a fighting chance she yanked hard enough that the bargain store fabric ripped apart leaving most of it in her attackers grasp while she stumbled away.

Breaking into a run she only got about fifteen feet before her wrist was encircled by a vice like grip that immediately began pulling her back in another direction. Growling in anger she punched with her free hand repeatedly but it had no effect against whatever immovable creature had her.

Suddenly it grabbed the back of her neck and her face was shoved down into some shockingly cold water. Realizing that she was at the edge of the moon pool Artemis struggled but whatever was holding her couldn't be budged and continued to press most of her body from the waist up into the frigid water while her legs kicked helplessly against the concrete rim.

In her panic she'd already swallowed some water. Since joining the team drowning had been her number one fear and now she was not only trapped underwater but in total darkness with nobody around to rescue her. Giving in to sheer terror she screamed wildly but it only generated a stream of bubbles as she kept squirming for any hope of salvation.

As her lungs burned and she could feel her life fading away Artemis could only think about what she'd left behind mere minutes ago. In her mind a vision of a naked Zatanna sitting with nothing but that witch's hat in her lap beckoned with one finger and Artemis cursed herself for not choosing that option when it was offered to her. Finally going still her limp body was let go and the rest of it toppled into the pool with a splash.

Ten minutes later Wally exited the electrical room and almost ran straight into M'gann and Conner. Wally and M'gann awkwardly lowered their flashlights so they were no longer blinding one another and exchanged puzzled greetings.

"We were in the kitchen when the lights went out. We lit some candles and thought things might come back on their own but after a while we got worried and so we came here" explained M'gann.

"Yeah um, I already checked the circuits. I can't find anything wrong with them so it must be something else. Who knows, maybe an EMP went off but I guess we just have to see if it fixes itself or wait for morning, whichever comes first" said Wally rubbing the back of neck sheepishly.

Conner grunted in disapproval but then they heard another voice calling out. "We're over here" shouted M'gann and soon Zatanna appeared with a small orb of light floating above her outstretched palm.

"Hey guys, have you seen Artemis?" she asked hopefully but the others all shook their head. "She went looking for why the power went out but she didn't have a flashlight. I got worried when she didn't come back. I think she must have gotten lost."

"Maybe we should split up and find her then" suggested Conner who seemed anxious to be doing something instead of just standing around.

"Split up? Don't you know that's exactly how horror movies get started? Then the demonic creature gets to pick us off one by one" Wally objected jokingly.

"Be serious" Zatanna ordered in exasperation, "Artemis might've gotten hurt and we need to make sure she's ok."

"Zatanna's right, if we split up it shouldn't take too long to search the whole cave. She probably just got lost like you said" agreed M'gann which managed to calm Zatanna down. Quickly assigning directions to go the four of them split up to find Artemis.

Wally grumbled but made his way down his assigned route. He'd finished checking the first corridor when something touched his hand and he jumped. Turning his flashlight he almost screamed before letting out a sigh of relief upon realizing that the frightening apparition was just M'gann still wearing her zombie bride appearance.

"Sorry about before but Zatanna seemed really concerned" M'gann explained,
"Besides, I thought it would be a good way to send everyone else away." Holding his hand she pulled Wally along into a nearby cleaning closet and shut the door.

"I like the way you think babe. Skipping straight to that alone time we needed" Wally commented with a leering smile as his eyes unmistakably ran up and down her body.

"Mmm" M'gann hummed appreciatively and took both their flashlights and placed them on a shelf so they illuminated her clearly. "I knew you'd be a lot more interested in finding these instead" she purred as she slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and peeled the material down to her waist to eagerly present him with her firm alabaster breasts.

"Best. Halloween. Ever" he remarked as M'gann drew the hand that wasn't hindered by a cast up to her boob and encouraged him to grope it shamelessly, moaning and cooing in delight as he squeezed her gorgeous flesh. Showing no concern that this person wasn't acting anything like M'gann normally would Wally latched his mouth onto her neck to greedily start making a hickey while his other hand more awkwardly grabbed her butt. M'gann responded by arching her chest up into his touch and passionately calling on him to ravish her as much as he could.

Meanwhile Zatanna had reached the central chamber with no sign of her friend yet. "Come on Artemis, where are you" she muttered to herself. Noticing movement out of the corner of her eye she approached the moon pool and saw a dark object resting in the water. Holding her glowing orb over the edge as far as she could to get a clear look at it she let out an ear shattering scream. Floating in the water barechested was Artemis with her mouth open and her lifeless eyes staring up blankly into space.

"Did you hear something" mumbled Wally as M'gann ran her fingers through his hair and held him to her chest where he'd been sucking wetly at one of her nipples.

"I'm sure it was nothing" she remarked but he didn't immediately resume his lecherous actions so she let go and pulled away to look at him. "You know it seems like you've been having all the fun so far" she remarked and with ideas of her own she immediately sank down onto her knees in front of him.

After the sound of a zipper coming down Wally threw his head back with a deep groan. "Oh babe you're the best" he said as his hands found the top of her head and his lip quivered from x-rated pleasure he was receiving. The look on his face was one of pure euphoria as he moaned out his appreciation, his eyes suddenly popping wide as she must have something especially note worthy. "Oh god more like that" he begged as her head continued to move below his waist.

Wally's heavy breathing seemed to be building to a crescendo until it was broken by a small wince. "Ah, careful with the teeth there babe. You were doing great, just keep going like before" he whispered. "Yeah like that, try to take it a little deeper now, I'm almost- Ahhhhhh" he cried painfully and looked down in shock.

The thing he saw was definitely not M'gann. Red orbs stared back at him above a menacingly reptilian jaw dripping with fresh blood. He only had a second more to take in its strange pointed skull and hunchbacked appearance before it opened its mouth and lunged forward. Wally's tortured yells reverberated inside the tiny room as the walls and shelves were splattered with blood and guts. In the silent aftermath a hand with only two long fingers lifted up one of the flashlights.

Hearing screams in the distance Zatanna kept running. She'd already lost her magic light and had been stumbling through the hallways without any clear plan or destination in mind. Feeling her way around another corner she smacked into something large and immovable.

"Zatanna? Are you alright?" asked Conner in the dim emergency lighting.

Zatanna threw her arms around him in a hug as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Oh thank god! It's Artemis- she was dead, in the water, and her clothes, and-"

"Wait, just slow down" Conner said trying to calm her, "Are you saying Artemis fell in the water?"

"Yes. No. I think someone pushed her in. They killed her and they're probably still here and I heard screaming just now. What are we going to do?" she cried.

"We need to find the others first" he said resolutely and Zatanna nodded tensely and stuck close to his side as they continued down the corridor. Soon they saw light leaking out from one of the rooms and they approached it cautiously calling out to see if anyone was there. Getting no response Conner gave the door a push.

Seeing what was inside Zatanna covered her month in horror. Illuminated by a flashlight Wally's mutilated body was resting against the back wall surrounded by an explosion of gore. There were no stab wounds at all; instead it was like everything below his shoulders had somehow been torn open like a book and the insides ripped out. "This wasn't anything human" whispered Zatanna and then in a nearly silent voice whimpered "Oh no, my spell…"

"We need to get moving" Conner repeated and tugged her wrist which finally jolted Zatanna from her frozen state. Still in shock she struggled to keep up with him although with the vice like grip he had on her it wasn't like she could fall behind. Now that the threat seemed clear he was moving with fast determination and they quickly arrived in the kitchen which was lit up with dozens of candles.

"Oh thank goodness you're here" came M'gann's voice and Zatanna turned toward it only to receive her third shock of the night. Standing behind the counter M'gann seemed to be nude, at least from the waist up, but that was a minor detail compared to all the blood dripping down her chin and splashed across her breasts.

"What, what happened?" Zatanna asked still trying to comprehend what she was seeing.

"Oh it was so cool, you should have seen it Zatanna" M'gann said in her usual cute excited tone, "Wally and I got to have fun doing that thing in the closet that those horny teenagers at the party were doing in Deadly Haunting 3."

"Wait- it was you?! Oh my god, Conner she killed Wally!" Zatanna cried and tried to run knowing that the Martian's powers gave her a distinct advantage at close range only Conner's hold on her wrist didn't budge. "What's wrong with you?" she demanded.

"Nothing's wrong, I just can't let you leave until we've finished celebrating" replied Conner calmly.

Turning back Zatanna saw that M'gann was now approaching with a butcher's knife in her hand, her tongue snaking out to taste some of the blood on her once again green lips. "Eit pu-" Zatanna started reciting but Conner threw a hand over her mouth and pulled her back against his chest with his other arm going over her mid section to keep her held in place.

Struggling against his Kryptonian strength she fearfully pressed herself back against him as soon as the knife came close. M'gann grabbed the front of Zatanna's witch costume and swiped at it several times, slashing the fabric apart to leave her chest exposed and decidedly vulnerable.

For a moment M'gann looked like she was thinking hard but then began talking while gesturing at her with the knife. "I offer this soul to you our lord Satan, so that you may walk amongst us again. Take the sacrifice of this maiden's life as proof of our eternal devotion" she said with a booming voice and then added more conversationally "Well I think that's how it went."

Filled with terror Zatanna could only scream into Conner's palm as M'gann placed a hand against her breast to steady her aim and then stabbed the knife into a precise point right near the center of her chest, twisting and pulling to open up a gaping wound that Zatanna knew she wouldn't survive. In excruciating agony she felt her former friend push her hand into the bloody crevice and moments later pull out a still beating heart.

"Happy Halloween" Conner and M'gann happily chanted as the last ounce of life drained from Zatanna's eyes.

"So, do you think we did a good enough job of scaring them to death?" asked M'gann as she floated the knife over to the sink and Conner set down Zatanna's corpse beside them.

"Nobody knows how to scare them better than you do" replied Conner warmly and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

M'gann affectionately nuzzled his chin making a pleased sound. "I think you did a pretty good job too. You know if you remember where you left her body you could go get Artemis and we could setup all three of them as a surprise when Robin and Kaldur come back."

"You want me to do even more work for this Halloween stuff" complained Conner half-heartedly, "I think you still owe me from earlier."

"I guess I do, don't I" M'gann said with a naughty glint in her eye and started undoing his belt while Conner slipped off his shirt to reveal his broad chest. Soon he was lying on the kitchen floor with M'gann astride his waist rolling her hips erotically as they playfully splashed Zatanna's blood on one another. Neither one of them quite understood how Halloween tricks were supposed to work but they were definitely enjoying some treats with one another.


So yeah, I wanted to do a drabble but instead spilled out 4000 words. I know it's probably got mistakes in it from the rushed schedule but I'd REALLY appreciate hearing what you think of the story and the way I told it. Don't be afraid to give constructive criticism, unlike M'gann I don't bite.

It wasn't as explicit (especially sex wise) as I might normally do it because I wanted to keep it framed like an R rated 80s horror movie - lots of gratuitous boobs but no genitals. Originally I envisioned a scene of Zatanna running from a Jason like killer who was secretly M'gann phasing through walls to get ahead of her and using telekinesis but it didn't fit with the sequence of events I wanted where M'gann and Conner contributed more equally.


well that was interesting! this new version of M'gann you are going with is a menace to society, while being completely innocent….I kinda love it! I don't mean to pressure you at all, you write whatever you want, but it could be funny if one of the homicidal misunderstandings ends in her being VERY confused about why she is being executed, lol.

regardless, this one showed a really solid grasp of the thoughts of your characters, more consistent than i can usually be. keep up the good stuff!


File: 1572890519823.jpg (95.53 KB, 600x800, Contract.jpg)

This is a picture drabble. So click the picture and then read the drabble.


"And you're sure this is all I'll be able to wear?" M'gann asked with obvious embarrassment. The green Martian girl wrapped her arms around herself since although she had on the cute little crop top sweater she liked so much it was doing little to actually cover her nudity.

"That's right" said Artemis, "The only clothes you'll be allowed to put on are the ones he picks for you."

M'gann had never been exposed like this in front of Artemis and Wally and so she continued to avert her eyes self-consciously rather than acknowledge the way that one of them was already ogling her. "And he can touch me whenever he wants, or make me touch him, even when we're in public?" she timidly confirmed.

"Oh you know it's much more than that M'gann" urged Artemis with a hint of glee.

"I, I know that. He can order me to use my mouth to suck his penis, or put it inside me… including in my ass" she admitted, "I have to have sex with him however he wants and as often as he wants, I can't say no to anything."

"I'm sure a guy like Wally will want to focus on sex but that's only part of it" said Artemis, "He can spit on you and call you names; he can spank you or whip you until you're welted and bleeding. He can beat you with a cane to see how loud you can scream or tie you up for days with nothing to eat or drink but his own fresh piss and cum."

M'gann's breath hitched in her throat but Artemis continued to describe even more of the alarming things she might be giving Wally permission to do.

"Since your body will be his property he can tattoo or brand it if he likes. He can have your nipples pierced or spear long needles through your boobs just for fun. If your teeth get in the way of his dick he can have them pulled out or he could even cut off your arms and legs so you're just a limbless sex doll. And if he gets bored you'll probably be thrown out in the dumpster where the rats and roaches get to have you, at least until the trash collector comes and then you'll be crushed to death in the garbage compactor."

A sound of fear escaped from M'gann's lips however she made no move to back away. "But most of that's probably not going to happen… right? You said that lots of young guys and girls are starting to do this and it's a really great way to get other people to like you. And even Megan Wheeler's actress did it" M'gann said, the name carrying a lot of hope and expectation.

It was a stroke of luck that the former "Hello, Megan!" star who M'gann absolutely idolized and based so much of her human identity on had unexpectedly signed one of the new unconditional slave contracts. For some reason she'd chosen to make herself the property of the super powered enthraller Queen Bee.

"She did and she's probably having the time of her life right now; and so could you" asserted Artemis. "All you need to do is agree to be Wally's slave and it can all be yours" she promised although it was clear that M'gann was still wavering, "If you don't agree now he might ask someone else, he might even ask me and even though we're friends I don't think I could pass up the chance to steal your place."

"Ok" she mumbled begrudgingly. Stepping up to the kitchen counter M'gann picked up the pen and with shaky hands began signing her name on the dotted line.

Smiling with smug satisfaction at the acceptance Artemis leaned over so that her mouth was right next to Wally's ear. "Don't think about fucking her just yet horndog, you still have to help me trick Conner into signing one too."

Longer stories are still coming but tell me what you think of this format.

*For the majority who don't follow every detail Megan Wheeler's actress, Marie Logan, was an in-universe former TV star that M'gann based her appearance and early mannerisms on and was also the mother of Beast Boy. The comics bridging season 1 and 2 show that she was killed by Queen Bee who used her powers to enthrall and then convince her to drive off a cliff to her death.

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