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Brooke strolled out into the ring, a large white smile on her pretty face. She held a Round 3 sign high above her head. Her nubile form covered only by a branded black bikini top, matching black micro-shorts, and white sneakers. She smiled as she flaunted both her body and the Round 3 sign.

The Gorgon currently losing was not in the mood for this show biz bullshit and Brooke's enthusiasm - as contrived as it may be but required by her job.

Suddenly, the limber brunette freezes in place - her contractually-obligated pretty smile still adorning her face.

A green light travels quickly down her head and neck, leaving behind slightly cracked stone replacing her flesh in its wake - her stone face still donning the smile. The green light quickly travels down the rest of her torso and up her lithe arms still holding the sign above.

Her breasts turn to stone under her bikini top (which remains unchanged), while the green light travels down her belly, her hips, her sex, and her long, sculpted legs, including her feet inside her white sneakers.

The Gorgon quickly jumps over to the newly stoned ring girl statue, grabs both arms below her shoulders, and rips them off the socket with a loud CRACK.

He raises her arms, still tightly gripping the sign above, winds up swinging them fully behind his back, and with all his strength SMASHES the sign directly into her head and pretty, smiling face. The head does not fly off - it simply shatters into hundreds of pieces by the brute force.

He continues smashing the former ring girl's stone torso, quickly breaking apart her stone boobs and cute belly. Finally smashing apart her hips and pussy covered by her intact but flattened short shorts, the Gorgon stops as he seems to have blown off all his steam.

Brooke's stone legs fall almost apologetically to both sides - smashing part in several pieces upon landing on the ring floor.

The crowd cheers at the spectacle.

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