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Sally shivered as the wind blew over her tanned skin, making her dark nipples point out. Her curvy, 5’4 body getting goosebumps, as she clenched her fists at her sides. She was getting cold, and scared about what was going to happen.

She should had been so happy that her younger sister, Trisha, was getting married! Being the third daughter, she was going to be culled at birth. However, their mother allowed herself to be made into meat to allow her to live until she was 16, which she would be culled then. Their older sister, Ursula, who was 19 at the time, allowed herself to be culled so Trisha can keep living.

Now, Sally found herself making such a big sacrifice for Trisha.

Despite the fact that Trisha was now 23, a mere two years younger than Sally, and the fact that two women sacrificed themselves to keep her alive, she was still not approved of being a breeder. Oh, she can fall in love, and get married, but she’ll either have to get sterilized or risk getting pregnant. The latter would automatically send her to a butcher if it turns out she is having a little girl.

Yeah, the system sucks so damn hard.

Sally found a loophole, though. If she is the ONLY living heir to her family, Trisha can have at most two girls and as many boys as she wants.

Which means that Sally was going to allow herself to be culled.

Since she was volunteering, she got to decide how she was going to die. She wanted it quick and painless, just…as gone as quickly as possible. No suffering. So, she found that they could rent a guillotine, for surprisingly cheap.

The idea was that before the ceremony, she would be executed, and then served up as dinner at the wedding. The caterers wanted time to stuff and cook her body, so she was ready when it was time to eat. Of course, this meant that she would miss the wedding, but she was already dying for her sister, she might as well have missed the ceremony as well.

“I cannot believe you’re doing this.” Trisha went, wearing a slip and a white bra. The two sisters were outside, watching the caterers get the coals ready, and the blade in place. “First mom, then Ursula, now you…” She gave a soft sob, and dapped at her pretty blue eyes they got from their mom with a napkin. “I don’t deserve this.”

Sally sighed, and shoved aside her fear as she wrapped her arms around the bride. “Yes you do! Out of all of us, you deserve this! Even though grandpa paid for mom to stay alive and for you to be culled, she knew you deserved to live. Sissy knew that you deserved to be loved, so she made sure you lived. Now, You deserve to have everything you want, and not let the law stop you.”

Trish leaned against her, taking in as much comfort as she could, while she could. “Still, it’s not fair. You’re the one who went to college, you’re the one that got that great job! You worked so hard, and you’re thr-”

“I am NOT backing down!” Sally said firmly, hugging her tightly. “You are my sister, and I love you. And As your sister who loves you, I will do whatever it takes to keep you alive and happy!”

“Sissy said that too.”

Sally sighed. “Yeah, and I mean it as well.”

Trish sighed. “Sally…am I going to be happy?”

“Of course you are! You are going to get married today! You’re going to go on your honeymoon, move in with your hubby, have children, and love every damn day.” Sally kissed her temple. She saw the Executioner waving to her. “Why don't you go and finish getting ready?”

Trisha didn’t miss how Sally tensed up. “…it’s time, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

Trisha hugged Sally tightly. “I’m going to miss you! I love you so much! I don’t know how I can repay you.”

“Well, since i’m not going to use it, ever, you can take the name I wanted to name my son, and give it to your firstborn son.” Sally said with a grin.

Trisha smiled. “Alright, and I still think that Drake is a great name.”

“Yeah, I never could understand why Ursula hated it.”

The sisters hugged each other again so tightly, that they would feel it for the rest of their lives. Or, at least, Sally was.

“Have fun.” Sally whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Sally watched her sister walk to the house. “…oh she better not cry and ruin her makeup.”

Sally then walked to the Executioner, a nice guy named Buddy, who was waiting for her. He was a chubby man, with muscular arms. He was darker skinned, and since he was only wearing black pants, he had his bare, hairy chest. Per his job, he was wearing an executioner's hood as she approached him. She could still see his brown eyes, though.

“Everything is set up, and the caterers are ready.” Buddy went. “Now, did you clean yourself inside and out?”

“Yes, I did.” Sally went.

“Said your good-byes?”


“Are you ready?”

Sally sighed. “Not really, but I don’t think I will be.”

“No one ever really is.” Buddy took her over to the blade. “Now, it’s nice and sharp. It’s going to go clean through. Now, there will be a little discomfort, however, since you are volunteering for this, we are allowed to administer a pain blocker.”

“Um, won’t that poison the meat?”

“Not this kind, no.” Buddy told her.

“Then I want that.” She gave a sigh. Sally knew she was going to regret this, but she wanted to know. “What…what’s going to happen after my head is cut off?”

Buddy motioned to the basket. “We’ll catch your head, and make sure it’s nice and clean. Sometimes, a person might live for another few seconds, but you’ll drift off like you’re about to fall asleep. We gather your hair, and we put it on a pike, allowing the blood to flow out. We’ll place drugs in your skin, and neck, to preserve your head. Your sister requested that we mount your head so you can be with your mother and sister.”

Yeah, Sally was always creeped out by that practice, but seeing their mom and sister’s head together, was also very comforting.

“Your body will be hung over a bucket, so the blood will drain out.” Buddy continued. “We’ll cut you open, and take your organs out. They will be handed to the chiefs, so they can use the organ meat for some of the recipes. The blood will be made into blood pudding. Then, the caterers will cut you up, and use the cuts that cannot normally be made into meals, and make more meat for the stuffing. They will fill you up with it, sew you up, and stuff you in an oven. After you’re done cooking, you’ll be served to the guests and the bride and groom.”

….Yeah, she regretted asking that.

Buddy looked between Sally’s legs. “You must be scared.”

“How can you tell?” She asked, flatly.

“Well, normally when someone asks what happens afterwards, they get really wet. You look bone dry.”

“I am.” Sally went flatly. “The system sucks.”

“Yeah, I hear that a lot too.” Buddy went. “Look, it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll give you the injection, and you will feel no pain. However, it does have the fun side effect of making you feel pleasure a great deal more. So, you can play with yourself, or with a toy, to have a partner to get you off before the blade comes down.”

“I don’t think I can cum while I’m looking up at a blade.”

“We have blindfolds. And earplugs if you don't’ want to hear it coming either.”

Sally sighed. “Is it bad that I’m having second thoughts?”

Buddy patted her shoulder. “Of course not. Unlike other meat girls, you actually have a choice. You can do this, or back out.”

Sally was so tempted to back out. She didn’t want to die, she had so much to live for! She wanted to get married, have kids, keep her great job! She wanted to die to a ripe old age, god willing.

However, she thought about how that would doom her sister. Either she would never have children, or be killed for having a girl.

Shit, she can’t back out.

“No, I can do this.” Sally looked up at him, shaking. “Just give me the drug, and lets get this over with.”

“You’ll feel the side effects. Do you want a vibrator, your hands freed, or a partner?”

She thought it over. She never liked vibrators, they were either too powerful for her, or too weak. Sally knew she wouldn’t be comfortable with one, so she decided not that.

Well, she could get off using her hands. However, Sally knew herself too well. If she panicked at all, she would try to get loose, and probably hurt herself trying to get freed. So that was out.

Well, a partner…

“What kind of partner?

“Anyone you want. Male, female, someone in between, or hell, I had someone who wanted to be fucked by their dog before they died.”

Sally gave an ick face.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Glad I was wearing a hood and they didn’t see my look.” Buddy thought for a moment. “I could do it. Some people find it rather hot to be fucked by the guy that is about to kill them.”

Sally studied him a bit. Well, she never really had a type of guy she liked. If they treated her well, and listened to her needs, she was fine with their looks. Usually, though, she would want them to work for it.

Well, technically, Buddy would be, since he was hired to kill her.

“Um…sure.” Sally went, looking away, and blushing a bit. “Just…um…be gentle, please?”

Buddy put an arm around her and pulled her close. “As Gentle as you want me to be. I’ll make sure you have the time of your life.”

He leads her to the board she was going to be strapped down into. Buddy did her hair up, and off of her neck, and then injected something into the back of her neck.

“It’ll start working quickly.” He told her, as he got her up against the standing board. “You’ll feel the full effects in a moment.”

Sally was too scared to speak, so she just nodded. She was strapped down, over her arms, chest, and the board separated her legs, so Buddy can have an easy access to her pussy.

“Do you want a blindfold and earplugs?” Buddy asked.

She thought about it, and nodded.


Her eyes were covered with a blindfold, and bright orange ear plugs were put into her ears, pushed in so there was no sound at all. She tensed as the board was tipped back, and her neck rested into the slot. She felt the wood being locked in place, and she was truely trapped.

Ok. NOW she was having third thoughts, and her heart started to beat rapidly. She started to pull on the straps, on the verge of a full blown panic attack! She didn’t want to die! She wanted to live! She didn’t care about anything else, she just-

She felt something run along the entrance of her pussy, and it made everything freeze. A second later, that thing, which she realized was a tongue, came back, and ran along her pussy. It kept going, going at a gentle and slow pace. She felt the heat start to pool down there, felt her clit swell at the feeling.

OK, yeah, that’s a good tongue. It was nice, and wide, and covered her so damn well. He teased her nub a bit, making her nice and wet down there. When Buddy plunged it into her hole, it made her nice and juicy, and caused her to groan loudly. When that tongue worked on her clit, she was rapidly working towards an orgasm.

Ok, she understood why they didn’t offer her a gag. They wanted to hear her make those sounds clearly, and she was giving them what they wanted, Loudly. Buddy sucked on her clit, sending her right over the edge. She gave a loud cry of passion, splashing her juices over his face. She would apologize if her head wasn’t spinning and her body wasn’t humming.

However, Buddy was not done with her yet.

He started to lick her again, before she fully came down. And he kept going, even after she orgasmed again. When he got her warmed up yet again, that’s when he stood up.

“Yeah, I’m going to shoot my load into you.” He purred, before shoving his dick into her.

Sally arched her back, and keened at the feeling of being full. Buddy started to fuck her, hard and fast, knowing that even if this would normally hurt her, she would find it pleasuable. He fucked her tight hole, made him wonder if she was a virgin? He loved fucking Virgins, they were so hot, and so tight!

He reached over to the level next to her head. He fucked her long and hard, making her cry out in pleasure and lust! They both rapidly approached their orgasms, but she was going to get there First.

He gripped the lever, waiting…wanting…

Sally gave one hell of an orgasm. It was so powerful, it knocked out every coherent thought that reached her pretty head. Not that it mattered.

The lever was pulled.

The blade came down, and sliced right through her neck.

Oddly enough, she came one more time. In her mind, there was no word, in any language, living or dead, that could describe how fantastic it felt! She didn’t even notice how her head fell into the hands of a caterer, and she drifted away on the sea of pleasure.

Meanwhile, her body had clamped down as the blade sliced through her. Her pussy became a vice over Buddy’s dick, twisting, spasming, milking him harder than any living woman could! He came, hard, almost with a roar! He flooded her insides, filling her with all of his seed! If she had been a breeder, she was surely pregnant from that force.

Buddy felt like jelly, in a good way, as he came down. He pulled out of her, allowing his seed to spill out of her. He jerked his dick a few times, getting the last of his spunk out of him, and onto the body of Sally.

“God damn, that was great!” Buddy groaned. “Damn it, I love it when they squeeze you like that!”

Buddy got her off of the board, and allowed the caters to take her. He cleaned up the blade, got ready to take it down, when he noticed there were some women there, watching him.

“May I help you ladies?”

“Uhh …was that only for the bride’s sister, or can anyone do it?”

Buddy grinned. Oh how he loved his job…

The wedding had been beautiful. The bride looked beautiful, the groom was handsome. Everyone had a lot of fun, and the food was to die for. Repeatedly, since they lost a good chunk of the female guests to Buddy. Well, there was plenty of food, and some were sold to butchers to help the bride and groom save up money for when they want children.

Sally was delicious. Her head was put on a pike, with her hair and make up done, and had such a peaceful look on her face. Her body and breasts had been stuffed, her fingers and toes deboned so people could eat them with toothpicks, and there were plenty of leftovers for everyone to take a container home.

Trish pulled Sally’s head out of the box that was delivered to her when she got back from her Honeymoon. She smiled at her sisters face, and then mounted it next to their mother’s head in the living room.

“You three are the greatest.” Trish told her mother and sisters. “I promise, I won’t waste this life.”


Kinda sad but very sweet and very nicely written :-)


I agree.


Nice story!

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