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I tried something different with this story, very much inspired by a certain writer on here known for squishy and crunchy stories, and another known for stories with delicious, horny little meatgirls.

Let me know what you think! Btw, the whole story is posted in one go now, so I haven't got more parts planned. Never say never though…


For the rich and privileged in society, life would always come with a lot of benefits. The world in which girl meat had become a common occurrence was no exception, and the classification of girls as meat opened a plethora of legal loopholes the rich could abuse to fulfill both their culinary and sexual desires. Two such men were Dave and Greg, business partners and longtime friends who after a long, busy day of negotiations and meetings enjoyed taking a trip to their local, premium but shady supplier of girl meat. The restaurant catered to an exclusive clientele, which allowed them to pay many times the price for “volunteers” than normal, which again made their parents care significantly less about what exactly they were signing their daughters up for.

The two men were sitting in a dimly lit room, ready to receive the girls they had ordered for the night. They had asked for willing and eager girls, and had requested that they be given medication that would make their blood coagulate much faster than normal, and some that would dampen any eventual pain. Lots of men enjoyed “playing” with their food, but these two were a bit more extreme than most.

After a knock on the door, two adorable blonde teens were led into the room by a waiter clad in an elegant smoking. They appeared to be about 14 and 16, and were wearing nothing but underwear. The older one had a matching set of white, lacy bra and panties, while the younger one wore a white training bra and cotton panties with cute little pink hearts on it. Her breast buds poked at the fabric, and the outline of her nipples were visible through it. Dave could feel his mouth watering already.

“What are your names?” Dave asked.

“Umm, I’m Ashley and this is Helen,” the older one said on behalf of them both.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ladies. I’m Dave and this is my friend Greg,” the gentleman said. Do you know why you’re here this lovely evening?”

The girls nodded slowly, their eyes briefly meeting before they both smiled shyly. Dave had the impression that the girls had a naughtier side to them than what they had so far presented.

“And you are informed of the fact that we may ask for some services from you that may be considered inappropriate or unusual by others?”

Helen bit her lower lip seductively, looking directly at Dave. She nodded confidently. From experience, the two men could tell that this little minx was a horny one. She was going to be a lot of fun. Ashely merely nodded again and looked directly at the floor.

“Good. Now as far as I know, meat doesn’t usually wear clothes,” Dave said while Greg smiled contently.

The girls were shy but knew what they had to do, and soon their nubile bodies were completely revealed to the two hungry men. The girls were slim, but had some fat in the right places. Helen’s small breast buds were almost impossibly round, her nipples very puffy and swollen. Ashley’s pair were bigger and more closely resembled the breasts of a grown woman, but they still had the delightful perkiness one could only find in younger girls. They both had delightful rear ends, small but shapely and pert. Their slits were neat and tidy, their whole bodies free of any hair below the neck. Dave could resist them no longer.

“Let’s get to it then. There’s two of you and two of us, that makes one for each, does it not, Greg?”

“I believe you are correct, Dave,” he said.

“Right, since I’m in a good mood today, you can choose first.”

“Helen, come here please,” Greg said. She almost bounced over and presented her body to his groping hands. Soon, soft moans were coming from their end of the room.

Dave called Ashley to her and started to explore her body with his fingers. She didn’t respond in the same, eager fashion as Helen, though Dave thought it might be because of shyness. He hoped the girl would reveal her horny side to him soon, but he was mistaken. No matter where he prodded and explored the girl merely stood there, giving no response at all. Not even poking at her openings gave any kind of response. He glanced over towards Greg, who has two fingers deep in Helens pussy already, the girl seemingly enjoying it very much. Dave decided it was probably best to just move on to something else.

He grabbed the girl’s shoulder and made her crouch down, before motioning towards his erect cock with his hand.

“Please,” he said. The girl didn’t take the hint, and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Suck my dick, go on, I haven’t got all day!” Dave was getting annoyed. “This blowjob better be good,” he thought, or else he would have to do something else to satisfy his lust. Unfortunately she didn’t satisfy him at all. There was no trace of eagerness in her whole body. She merely held her head in place and the poor man had to do the work by himself. Again he glanced over to Greg, Helen’s head enthusiastically bobbing up and down on his cock while one of her hands was caressing his balls and the other rubbing her pussy, now slick with her juices.

Dave had had enough, and decided to do something about it.

“Waiter!” he called out. A waiter came to them a few seconds later, having stood post right outside the door ready to satisfy the men’s urges on a moment’s notice.

“What can I do for you, sir?” he politely responded.

“Bring me this one’s head. And get started on cooking her ass and pussy as soon as you can. Cook it in the rendered fat from her tits of course, and bring me her nipples as well. I want them nice and crispy on the outside!”

“Of course sir. Can I get you something to drink in the mean time?”

“Get me a nice Chardonnay, please.”

The waiter nodded affirmatively at Dave and immediately grabbed the girl, who didn’t seem to realize what was about to happen until that very moment. A shocked expression appeared on her pretty face.

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything! I didn’t think it was going to end this quick!” she pleaded.

“Sorry, miss, but I can do it better myself. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. Off you go!” Dave responded coldly.

The waiter dragged the screaming girl off to the kitchen, her protests meeting deaf ears. The glass of Chardonnay was brought to Dave’s table not long after the girl was taken out of the room. While he was waiting for Ashley’s head to be delivered to him he softly stroked his still erect member to the sight of Helen’s virginity being taken by Greg, while he sipped his wine. Greg was lucky with his girl, he barely had to anything but lean back and enjoy the sensation of the young nymph slowly but surely easing herself down on his dick, uttering delightful, breathy moans in the process.

After a brief minute had passed Dave heard an ear-piercing scream from the kitchen that was abruptly broken off. He knew why it had stopped, and thus he also knew that Ashley’s head would soon be in his hands. A couple of minutes later the waiter entered, carrying a covered platter. He sat it down on the table and removed the cover, revealing Ashely’s freshly decapitated head.

“I’m sorry for the delay, sir, we had to reapply her makeup because of all that crying. Her meat is coming along nicely and should be ready in about ten minutes. Enjoy!” he said with a smile before swiftly leaving the room.

Dave grabbed the head and inspected it. The makeup was applied beautifully, bringing some sense of life to the girl’s pale flesh. Her eyes were still opened, her gaze unfocused and distant. He kissed her pink lips before lowering her towards his crotch. She wouldn’t be able to resist much, so Dave wasted no time and rammed his cock as far into her mouth and throat as it would go. This was how it was supposed to feel like, there was nothing quite like being balls deep in a cute teenagers mouth. He started fucking her throat while enjoying the sight of Helen now bouncing on Greg’s dick. The girl’s smooth back curved down into an amazingly pert little ass, and watching it bounce up and down was truly a magnificent sight to behold. Not long after, Dave climaxed and deposited his load directly into the dead girl’s throat, some of it dripping off the end where her head had been severed from her body. He put it aside and watched the couple at the other end of the room. Greg was nearly there, and he motioned for the girl to climb off him and to suck him off again. She did as she was told and swallowed the gooey, warm substance he shot into her mouth. She didn’t seem to like the taste but was obviously eager to please the man, which wasn’t surprising considering she had just witnessed what would happen if she didn’t. Helen had higher ambitions for her death than to be unceremoniously executed and then chopped up into parts.

After the trio had rested for a minute, it was time for another round.

“Hey Greg, it’s my turn with the girl, don’t you agree?” Dave said.

“Well, I guess you’re right, but what am I supposed to do in the mean time?”

“You’re free to use the head!”

“I’m not a fan of those, you know that!”

“Alright, we’ll have to take one hole each then. Which one do you want?”

“Her ass would be nice, I’ve already had her pussy.”

“I’ll take her pussy then,” Dave concluded.

“Are you both going to play with me at the same time?” Helen asked, the thought making her tummy tingle.

“You’re a small girl, so if we did you at the same time our dicks might touch, and that’s just gross. Besides, we like sitting at opposite ends of the room, like we’re doing now. At the same time, we’re both impatient men and would like to satisfy our urges as fast as possible. A difficult situation, is it not?” Dave asked the girl.

“Mhm, I mean, I can’t really be in two places at once…” Helen said, trying and failing to think of the solution she felt Dave hinted towards.

“We don’t really want all of you, we just want certain parts. So, the logical thing to do is to remove the part of you that the other wants, and pass it over. Do you agree?”

“Umm, yeah, I think. But won’t it, you know, hurt and bleed a lot?” Helen asked.

“They gave you the medication, didn’t they?”

“Oh, yeah they did.”

“Good. It should dampen the pain and stop any bleeding that might occur.”

“So, which one should we remove?” Greg shot in.

“What do you mean?” Helen replied, yet to wrap her head completely around what was going to happen.

“I’ll be direct with you, should we cut out your little cunny or your bum? You’ll have to decide for yourself. If you take too long to decide we might as well just cut out both and send you straight to the chopping block. We’re impatient men after all,” Dave reminded the girl.

“No, I don’t want to just be chopped up! Just cut out my bottom” the blonde girl answered.

“Your what? You’ll have to be more precise.

“Umm… My butt,” she said quietly. Clearly, she was not used to talking in detail about her private parts.

“Your whole butt? Or just the hole?”

“The - I mean my butthole.”

“And don’t forget your manners, girl,” Dave said sternly. “What do you want us to cut out?” Helen hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Please cut out my butthole, sir.”

“Certainly miss, It’ll be my pleasure. Just hop onto the table over there and we can get started.” Dave pointed to a metal table that stood against one of the walls. Helen had not noticed it until then, neither had she noticed the knives lined up on a smaller table next to it. The bigger table was made out of metal and was connected to a drain via a pipe at one end. It seemed like they were prepared to handle a large amount of blood should her medication fail to work. Helen climbed onto the table and presented her butt to the men. Dave pressed her back down so that it curved more and thus exposed her entire groin to his sight and touch. He admired it for a second; in the center her puckered little butthole winked at him, sitting above her glistening, freshly fucked pussy, all framed by a beautiful, shapely ass and smooth, slender legs.

The sight made him eager to continue, and he picked up a small pairing knife to do the first cut with. He put the tip of the blade at the top of her hole and thrust it directly inwards. The girl gasped, though more in surprise than pain. It didn’t hurt all that much, so the medication must have been doing its job. Still, it felt surreal to experience a body part getting carved out from ones own, living body, and especially one as private as her asshole.

Dave continued with the cut, moving the knife clockwise around the wrinkly orifice, the blade leaving a trail of crimson droplets in its track. Soon he had completed the cut all the way around, and was ready for the next step. Carefully, he grabbed the little morsel by his fingers and pulled it out slowly. It came out in one piece, followed by the end of her colon. Her flesh resisted for a second, but after a stronger pull and the sound of flesh snapping it came loose, allowing Dave to pull out about eight inches of the girl’s guts. He then made a cut and tucked the rest of her innards back into the now gaping hole of gore between her legs. Though there wasn’t much blood coming from her wound, some drops still found their way out and ran down her inner thigh.

The two men inspected the piece of flesh and were satisfied with the result. Attached to the opening itself were her sphincter, and a substantial piece of her outer colon. It was impeccably clean, the girl having been washed thoroughly inside and out during the preparations.

“Enjoy,” Dave said as he handed the piece of meat to Greg, who thanked him and then found his place in the same chair as before. He applied some lube to the puckered opening, and before long he was using the flesh to jerk himself off. Helen watched curiously, finding the perverted act quite arousing. She reached down between her buttcheeks and prodded the new hole Dave had created for her. It was quite big and open, and she could feel her own squishy, wet organs inside. The girl wondered if Dave would fuck her there as well, as he had stated that is prime interest was her pussy.

Dave was thinking amongst the same lines, but decided to warm up with her cunt. He leaned back in his chair, and the girl straddled him willingly, grinding her tight pussy up and down his shaft. Dave reached around her butt and poked the girl’s new orifice. The girl yelped when he touched the outer line of the cut, where his knife had severed her tissue and exposed many sensitive nerves. He shifted his focus to the center of the hole, and carefully stuck one finger inside. It was indeed wet and squishy, not unlike the texture inside her vagina, only not as tight and more slimy. He would have to try that hole as well, but first he wanted to enjoy her pussy a little more. They fucked passionately for a minute or so, before being interrupted by the waiter wheeling a cart of freshly cooked girl-meat into the room.

“I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but you asked for the meat to be delivered as soon as possible. The meal has been prepared as per your instructions,” he said.

“Thank you,” Dave said, Helen still impaled on his dick. The waiter gave a polite nod and walked out of the room again.

“Let’s eat, Greg. Bring that table over here,” Dave said. Greg was still panting after cumming buckets into Helen’s severed butthole, but soon got on his feet and did as Dave asked. Helen was unsure of what to do, but as she shifted her weight as if to get off, Dave held her in place.

“No no, girl, you stay here,” he said. “Have you tried girl-meat before?”

“Yes, two times. It’s so delicious!” she replied, smiling. As Greg lifted the covers off the dishes on the table, the delicious aroma of cooked girl filled the room. “Mmh, that smells so good!” Helen exclaimed.

“It really does!” Dave said while reaching for a slice of Ashely’s ass with his hands, and taking a generous bite out of it. It was cooked to perfection in her own fat, leaving a crispy, delicious sear on the outside while the inside was tender, juicy and almost bloody, just the way Dave liked it. The two men quickly devoured a large part of the rump steak, while Helen was in Dave’s lap, slowly fucking him.

“Have you ever tasted a pussy, Helen?” Dave asked the girl.

“No, I’ve always wanted to but dad always said they’re too expensive.”

“Well, we’re not supposed to give you anything to eat, but I guess a little bite won’t hurt.”

“Wow, I’d love to, are you sure it’s okay?”

“Sure, after all we’ve still got one more to enjoy later!” Dave said and pinched Helen’s clit, making her squeal in both pleasure and pain. He carved out a piece of Ashley’s steaming pussy, and brought it to Helen’s mouth. She smelled it, drawing in the mouthwatering aromas before putting it into her mouth. The outer lips and skin had crisped up nicely while cooking, and the caramelized, nutty flavor was the first to hit Helen’s tongue. She chewed, breaking into the middle of the cut. The inner flesh was delightfully juicy and full of the characteristic taste of girl-meat. The girl relished every chew of the tender cut, until it all disappeared down her throat.

“Oh my god, that was delicious! Do you think I’ll taste like that when I’m cooked too?”

“I’m sure you’ll be even tastier!” Dave answered. “Is there anything else you’d like to try?”

“I’d love to try a nipple, but it’s too late now ‘cause it seems like you’ve already eaten them,” Helen said, her voice filled with disappointment.

“Oh I wouldn’t call it too late, I’ve got two fine nipples right in front of me!”, Dave said, and without further warning he sliced off her puffy, pink treats with a pairing knife.

“Ouchie!” Helen exclaimed, though she also found it very arousing, and her hand went straight to her throbbing clit. Dave noticed and started gently fucking her again. In the few minutes it took for the nipples to be fried to deliciousness they both orgasmed, and Dave filled the young girl’s pulsing pussy with plenty of hot, sticky cum.

Soon after a tray with two nipples were carried to them, and a golden brown had replaced their previously fleshy pink color.

“Wow, I can’t believe those are actually mine!” Helen admired the morsels while she traced her fingers around where they had been attached just a few minutes ago, recalling how it felt to touch them. “Is one of them really for me?” she asked.

“Of course, whichever you want! Greg and I will split the other,” Dave answered.

Helen studied them for a second before choosing the right one. She brought it to her nose, savoring the smell before putting her into her mouth. She didn’t chew it right away, but ran her tongue over it instead. She could feel the little bumps of her areolae and the nipple in the center. Although it had a slightly different texture when cooked, she could still give the nipple a playful little flick with her tongue, and before it bounced back into place some of the juices within escaped and hit Helen’s taste buds. It was so delicious that she couldn’t resist finally biting into it. The piece of nipple almost exploded when she did so, releasing a stream of juices into her mouth. The taste was incredibly rich, almost creamy, and set against the generously seasoned skin it was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.

Dave could clearly see the expression of delight on Helen’s face as he chewed on one half of her other nipple. Seeing a girl devouring her own flesh with such enjoyment was an arousing sight, and Dave was hard again in no time at all. Helen had just swallowed her own nipple when Dave gave her another command.

“Hey girl,” he said, “bend over and show us that new hole of yours again.”

Helen turned around, spread her legs a little and reached for her toes, giving the two men an unobstructed view of her crotch. Between her perky, round asscheeks her orifice gaped grotesquely, doing nothing to hide the slimy, squishy organs inside. The wound of cut flesh around the hole was constantly letting out droplets of blood, which mixed with the cum from her freshly fucked pussy and turned into a pink goo oozing down her inner thighs, eventually leaving little drops of the liquid on the floor.

“Mmm, I wanna fuck that,” Dave said, licking his lips.

“Hey, me too!” Greg shot in.

“It’ll probably only be good for one real fuck though, what a shame!”

“If only you hadn’t killed off the first one so quickly, we could both have had a nice, fresh hole to fuck!”

“Don’t blame me, I was hungry and the girl was no more fun than a sack of potatoes. Listen, we’ll toss a coin for it, all right?”

“Fine,” Greg said. As in business, finding good compromises was a necessary skill in perverted sex gatherings as well.

Dave went over to his jacket and fished out a penny from a pocket.

“Heads or tails?” Dave asked. Greg simply pointed to Ashley’s decapitated head still sitting on the table, eyes gazing out into the distant beyond. Dave flipped the coin. “Tails!” Dave exclaimed with a smile. Greg didn’t look too disappointed, as he had put two and two together as soon as he saw Ashley’s head and Helen’s waiting mouth. He grabbed the head and approached the girl who had positioned herself on all fours on a futon on the floor, ready for penetration from both ends.

“You happy, Dave?” Greg asked his friend, who was eyeing his prize with lust, stroking the girl’s inner thighs and tender rump.

“You bet,” he replied.

“At least I got to break in your actual ass,” Dave said, looking into Helen’s nutty brown eyes.

“Did you enjoy it, sir?” she asked.

“Oh it was exemplary, I definitely have to try that with other girls. I’ll always remember that you were the first though, of course!” Helen smiled, satisfied that these very important men would remember her after she would leave this world. She had a feeling that the moment of her death was drawing close, and it was making her horny again.

Dave’d had enough of the foreplay, and without any further preparation he grabbed Helen’s hips and thrust his entire length into her guts. He heard a sound that could only have been some of her tissue tearing, before he felt her intestines shifting around to make room for the intruder.

“Ugh!” Helen grunted gutturally, though she soon met Dave’s thrusts with her own. The man was utterly delighted that such a perverted action would turn on a cute little girl like her, and he pounded her ass with increased ardor. The intrusion seemed to have triggered some kind of cramping in her intestines. From her grunts and moans Dave could tell she felt pain, though the feeling of her guts massaging his dick was too incredible for him to even consider slowing down.

Meanwhile, Greg had his dick through Ashleys throat, and with each thrust the tip poked out from her cold, slightly blue lips and met Helen’s, still warm, pink and wet. She eagerly kissed and sucked on Dave’s cock each time it exited the other girl’s mouth, while she reached down with one hand at time to rub her pussy while she used the other to support herself. She was beginning to really feel the cramping from Dave’s eager thrusting, and it felt like her whole stomach was churning and moving around. She was determined to not let him down though, and from the sound of it it seemed to work. Dave was grunting more and more with each thrust, getting closer and closer to cumming. Various gross sounds was coming from the girl; entrails, air and fluids being forced through openings it wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, normally go. The sounds might have disgusted a normal person, but for Dave it only added to the experience. He was doing something forbidden, truly perverted and utterly taboo, and it turned him on to no end. Not only was it sexually abhorrent, he was irreversibly hurting the girl, destroying her body only for his fleeting pleasure.

The stream of fluids from the orifice turned a darker shade of red for each thrust, and it was forming a pool on the floor, staining everything it came into contact with. The girl was crying by that point, but Dave kept chasing the orgasm he so desperately craved. As he was nearing his climax he could feel some kind of resistance building up inside the girl, until it suddenly released. With a sickening tearing of flesh Helen’s crotch split open, her pussy and ruined asshole joining into one horrible, gory mess. Dave instantly came into her guts, and quickly gave Greg the signal to put the girl out of her misery. She shrieked in pure agony until it was brutally cut short by Dave’s skilled hands, which wielded a knife that swiftly cut open her lower throat, puncturing her carotid artery. Helen collapsed unto her side on the bloodied floor, and the last thing she saw in her short life was thick strands of white cum erupting from Ashley’s mouth and landing in her beautiful face and long, blonde hair.

Dave looked at the dead girl in front of him, who was now nothing more that a horrid mess of blood and gore. The inside of her legs were stained bright red, and her intestines were poking out between the unified hole in her crotch.

“Goddamn it, I ruined her filet!” Dave said when his adrenaline levels had decreased a little and he was able to speak again.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll just order another. They all basically taste the same anyway,” Greg replied.

“That’s true. There’s nothing we can do about it now anyway. It’s a shame though, you don’t get meat like that every day. I would’ve loved to have her filet, but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

“Was it worth it?” Greg asked.

“Definitely, you should try it some time. It was a hell of a kick, alright.”

“Next time we get a girl like that it’s my turn, remember that!”

“I will, my friend, don’t you doubt it. Anyway, should we get cleaned up and meet up again for the meal? I kind of made a mess here, they’ll want to get that taken care of before it leaves too much of a stain.”

Greg accepted the offer, and the men retreated to their suites, before enjoying the freshly prepared girl meat Helen had left them with. She was truly delicious, and would surely live on in the men’s memories, at least until they got themselves a new girl that tasted even better and entertained them even more.


Wow that was hot and Helen was sooo sweet, especially when she was eating the tasty treats!


Ha, Very nice Loke! As you know, not really my cup of cha, but it did pass the boner test all the same.


>>18401 Thanks! I had an inkling you'd enjoy that part ;)

>>18402 That's all I wanted to hear! Hope to see more of your writings soon.


I'll be back in my natural habitat soon, once again purveying delicitude to my 3 fans.


That's an example for you how to write really perverted and fast going stories :)

You did not convey emotions as good as your inspirer, but it was really intense ;)
To say that it passed the boner test is inadequate. It almost caused explosion :)

Considering how much you put into that story I think it will fit everyone's tastes :)


Indeed, I loved the emotion and thought put into this one. The girl screwed up the blowjob, but in death he makes her get right where she failed, that could have bought her more time. Well done.

I think more on the finality of the meal itself and more on the girl's hopes and dreams cut short to just become an entree next to sides dished would have knocked it out of the park. You were close.


>>18404 Then the trinity shall rejoice, we are not worthy of such unholy scriptures!

>>18405 Thank you, Onix! Squunch is definitely great at including emotions in his stories, and I admire him for it.

>>18406 Thanks a lot for both the praise and critique. I'll definitely think more about that in future stories. The hardest aspect of writing, at least in my experience, is conveying emotions, so I might tend to shy away from it too much. Emotions are definitely a big part of what makes a story great though, so I'll work on it!


But you know, those guys are sooo homophobic that they rather cut out girls ass just not to be close to each other LOL


Yeah that bit made me laugh! But I guess guys who would happily treat young teens that way are not exactly intended to be role-models ;-P


Since you mentioned that
I wonder if you consider that they were more cruel with the first girl who just got properly cooked or second who got mutilated before getting dead :)


>>18415 Maybe they were just looking for an excuse to have some fun!

>>18417 They were both going to die anyway, Helen got cut up a bit but at least she had some fun before she went. I'll leave it up to the readers to decide though…

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