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Melody is currently doing a live-stream, showing off her latest cosplay outfit. Emphasis on "off".

She wears a white T-shirt with dark sleeves and brightly colorful markings. The shirt is cut short above her waist, exposing her pale belly and cute belly button.

She has colorful marks painted on her cheeks, and wears a futuristic-looking headset with antennae sticking out both sides - all with matching colors to her shirt.

Her legs are clad with white leggings also with matching colored markings, ending at her upper thighs.

And she wears nothing else. Her upper thighs, hips, tight ass, and clean-shaven pussy are all exposed.

She stands in front of her webcam, eyeing it seductively. Her very long, straight, auburn-dyed hair hangs down her back - almost down to her crack, right below the small of her back. She wears bright, colored contacts, a brighter shade of the colors on her few articles of clothing.

She starts spinning back and forth in front of the camera, feet planted at first. She then starts flaunting her ass - turning around and bending one knee forward. She looks over her shoulder into the webcam.

She turns back forward to face the webcam. She stands up straight, and puts her arms down to her side. She holds this pose for a moment. Then, her hands start to roam. Her fingers trace the curves of her hips, across her belly, and then over her shirt, landing right on their target - her breasts. She gives them a small squeeze, fingers squishing the flesh with her the fabric of her shirt still between.

She then grabs hold of the bottom of her short shirt, and lifts. She exposes her pale, C-cup size breasts, generous for her small frame.

She starts to fondle them - placing her fingers sideways across them - the tips of her middle fingers landing on their respective nipples. She starts rubbing them back and forth, side to side.

She continues looking bewitchingly at the camera. Her fondling becomes more aggressive.

After a particularly hard squeeze, her whole body twitches at the sensation. She leans her head to one side, bites her lip, and sways her hips.

Her hands continue their aggressive squeezing, as if they're the hands of a hungry lover.

She continues rotating her hips every so often, and leans her head from one side to the other.

She starts breathing heavier.

She blinks tantalizingly at the webcam.

One hand starts to roam down her belly, while the other takes over double-duty on her tits.

Her hand is on approach for the sensitive target between her legs - fingers readying themselves for insertion.

She bites her lips once again in anticipation, even harder than before.

And then, very suddenly, there is a flash of light, whiting out the image of the stream. It is accompanied by a loud sound of unknown origin that severely distorts the audio til it cuts out momentarily.

The white starts to fade. And it reveals Melody.

Frozen in place.

Her entire body takes on a blue tinge.

And is also transparent. Bones, organs, muscles, tendons - all see-thru and at least partially visible in some capacity.

Melody has turned completely into ice.

A blue mist emanates off the ice statue.

Her short shirt and leggings start to get damp and shrink.

Her expression, a look of heavy anticipation for an orgasmic release, is completely still.

One hand fondling across both her tits - the squishing frozen in place.

The other hand's frozen fingertips touching but not yet inside her frozen pussy.

And then, off camera, a voice speaks up.

“Holy fuck doc that was a close one… they really almost did us in,” a voice wheezes with a thick almost stereotypical Boston accent.

"Yes indeed. The device appears to have worked flawlessly," another voice speaks in more formal posh accent. "An interesting destination I should say. And it seems we are not alone."

“Hey doc… ya know… I thought that device of yours was supposed to take us out of the danger, not right into our enemies' lap,” says the man with the Boston accent while stepping into frame with his fists raised. The man appearing to be the brawler, Hugo Clark, from the same video game that Melody's cosplay draws its inspiration.

"Hmm yes. It appears we have the pesky Miss Byte frozen before us…" says the other man as he also steps into frame. An older man in a long lab coat, he appears to be the evil scientist Dr. Disarray from the same game as the other two.

He leans in for a closer look at the face of the ice statue that was once Melody and then furrows his brow. "Or do we?" he asked with an inquisitive tone.

“Huh, did your device do this?” asks Hugo, dropping his guard and joining his companion at taking a closer look at the statue. “Looks like we caught her at a pretty inopportune moment wouldn’t you say doc,” he says with a chuckle after seeing Melody’s very sensual pose a bit closer.

"Quite." The doc pulls out a high-tech hand-held device and scans the ice statue and the room surrounding them. "It appears that our warp produced an additional freezing effect on any organic matter in the vicinity." He looked back at Melody. "It appears Miss Byte - or her doppelganger - happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

“So is there any way to tell if she’s the real deal?” Hugo asks as he reaches up and snaps off one of the antennae. Below, a puddle begins to form around the statue on the floor.

"Well, the nanites implanted in Miss Byte's body aid in her regeneration and deflection abilities."

The doc then pulls out his ray-gun and aims it at Melody's face - frozen while fiercely biting her lip in pre-orgasm anticipation. "Therefore, the real Miss Byte should be able to automatically deflect a low-power shot," he states coldly - clearly without any regard for the life of any doppelganger. In this case, Melody.

The brawler takes a step back, grinning in anticipation.

And without any added hesitation, the doc fires.

A sphere of orange energy surrounds Melody's frozen head.

And then, very quickly, her head melts. Like the head of snowman on a warm day, in fast-forward. Her once pretty face and all its beautiful features immediately lose their form and pour down over her tits. Her frozen hair and the back of her head pours down her back over her frozen ass, then splashing and dripping to the floor. Her shirt gets soaked in the process.

“Haha, good show doc. So just one of Miss Byte’s lackeys then.” Hugo cheers, as he walks up to the statue and reels his fist back. He delivers a blow to the statue's right shoulder. As a result, Melody’s arm detaches and comes crashing to the ground, shattering on impact. Her body now melts even faster due to the heat from the doctors ray.

The doc taps at his handheld device. "Perhaps she was. Although my scans show that we may have crossed into another universe altogether during the warp. In which case this facsimile that looking like the apparently still-living Miss Byte might have just be a total coincidence." The doc looked up at the melting ice statue of Melody's body - now missing both her head and her right arm. "In any case, this poor soul is far beyond caring at this point. Do with her as you please while I prepare our trip home."

“My pleasure…” Hugo responds, reeling up for another punch. He delivers it to the statue's upper back. With this, Melody’s tits explode towards the webcam in pieces, clattering against the device on impact and leaving some drips on the lens behind. Her left arm falls to the ground - her shirt still attached. Pieces of broken torso follow, all shattering and melting onto the floor, with Melody’s shirt soaking up as much as it possibly could.

Melody's lower half, including her legs still donning their leggings, topples over and falls to the floor. Upon impact, her ass, pussy, hips and legs all crack and shatter into different sizes of ice chunks and pebbles. Her leggings contains most of the shattered ice that was her legs.

Then there is suddenly another bright light whiting out the webcam along with the same loud sound as before. When the image returns, Hugo and Dr. Disarray are gone.

Yet the remains of Melody remain visible at the very bottom of the webcam's view - partially cropped by the bottom of the frame. Her soaked shirt and leggings along with a large puddle of water and chunks of melting ice.

The live viewer count has since tripled since the steam began. The chat is now unanimously commenting on Melody's sudden use of visual effects during her stream. "LOOKS SO FAKE!" writes one viewer.

The chat then starts to bitch and moan when Melody doesn't respond to them. Not that she was in any position to…


Haha that was really funny! The dangers of cosplay they just don't warn you about, huh?

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