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The security bot zones in on Yvonne.

"Stop! You have not been identified in the employee catalog! Please provide proper identification or you will face punishment!"

The bot seems to prepare two rays, definitely not standard model. Whoever created and programmed this bot, it wasn't up to code.

Yvonne stares wide-eyed at the imposing bot in terror. She finds the strength to speak.

"P-p-please don't h-hurt me!! I'm n-new here! H-here's my ID b-badge!"

She presents her official NanoTek ID badge, a photo of Yvonne's pretty face smiling demurely, proving that she is indeed an employee.

An eye-stalk like device pops out of the bot, and begins to scan the ID Badge.

"Error! Error! Subject does not match image! Error! You have 3 seconds to comply! Please provide proper identification!"

The bot prepares one of the ray guns.

"N-no! It's real! Security just gave it to me this morning!"

She trembles in her place, her quivering heels making soft clicks into the metal floor.

"It's all I have! You have to believe me! PLEASE!-"

"Failure to comply! Failure to comply!"

The bot proceeds to zap poor Yvonne, the ray freezes her on the spot, time-stopped in terror, mid protest, mouth open in an attempt to plea

"Must correct mistake!"

The bot holds onto Yvonne's ID card with a small clamp on an extending rod, and moves over to her with a pair of robotic hands that pop out of a hatch on its side. The bot… proceeds to "manipulate" Yvonne's face, forcing her to match the pretty smile and demeanor she presented on her ID card.

"Course Correcting; In Process"

Yvonne is still in mid-protest, but cannot continue her plea. Every neuron firing in her brain - many in response to the terror she was failing - was frozen in time. All brain activity frozen.

The thoughts of her boyfriend pleading her to stay home and not work for that crazy company that very morning after they made love was included as one of the thoughts her brain was currently frozen from processing.

If time were not currently frozen, she certainly would feel pain at the bot's reckless processing of face manipulation - brutally mutating her terrified expression in a horrific way until it matched the exact same pretty smile on her ID card. Surely Yvonne's current emotions did not match her forced expression.

The bot forced her into a perfect replica of her expression shown on the ID. Would be cute were it not for the shocking circumstances. However, something was still off.

"Error; No Mental Capacity Identified. Please respond to confirm identity!"

It seemed that the error went further than just not recognizing ID, when the bot time-stopped Yvonne it only made things worse, as it now detected an error with her brain put on hold. Essentially there is "nothing there" for the bot to sense anymore.

"Please confirm sentience in five seconds, or disintegration will occur."

The bot prepares to fire the disintegrating ray it held on to… and Yvonne wasn't technically around to stop it.

Yvonne does not react to the bot's very serious threat. She just keeps smiling, body frozen in terror.

With time stopped, by the bot's very doing, she could not possibly process and confirm her identity at the very same bot's request.

A bug the programmers obviously overlooked.

Yvonne's frozen form stood in front of the imposing security bot. One hand still raised up to the bot showing her ID in futility. The other hand raised up half-way, as if in a pathetic attempt to defend herself from the bot's ray guns. Both knees bent, in mid knock of each other in terror. Her heeled feet turned awkwardly inward. Her pose a direct contrast to the pretty demure smile on her face.

Dressed in a pretty short-sleeve blue dress that hung above her knees, her heels blonde, matching her hair, with a blue trim matching her dress. The blonde in the blue summer dress would be pretty indeed if not for the terrifying situation she was in.

"Lack of engagement; confirmed. Commencing disposal procedure."

With that, the bot zaps Yvonne with the disintegration ray… and the strangest thing happens. Due to still being frozen in time at the moment of disintegration, instead of blasting into an innumerable amount of particles that spread apart into nothingness, the particles instead all remained in the form of Yvonne.

It looked as if someone poked trillions of holes in her as every subatomic particle of her was now disconnected from each other, but unable to spread apart due to the frozen temporal state. The only thing that did move was her ID, which dropped to the ground and went through her foot, displacing it into many different directions all at once… Seems she can be "rearranged" in this state.

In a room nearby, a group of nervous techs and scientists scramble as the proceedings flash by on multiple monitors, all with different angles of the incident.

"God DAMMIT!" yells a senior scientist as he slams a desk with a clenched fist. "Why did all the safeguards fail?!"

One of the programmers stammered, "I-I-I'm not sure. We-we'll have to analyze the data…"

"Is there any way to save her?!" the senior yelled at the group.

After a pause, a scientist solemnly answers, "It seems that would be… impossible. There is a total structural collapse of every one of the subject's molecules, including all her articles of clothing. Every atom is exactly where it was - but there are no bonds between them. She is bound to collapse upon temporal resume."

The senior processes this news. "Dammit…" he softly utters. After a few moments, he adds, "Well let's at least try. Work on getting a force field set up around-"

A tech urgently interrupts "Sir, time is resuming!"

"SHIT! Stop it!"

"I can't - I'm locked out!"

Back in the hallway, the mass of particles that was formerly Yvonne stood there still in the same pose as before - except for her destroyed foot which was scattered across the hallway.

The bot, still towering over the shape of Yvonne, states, "Returning to standard patrol." And upon that, it resumes time for Yvonne.

The moment time is unfrozen, the consciousness of Yvonne has only a nano-second to process all that had just happened. The sheer confusion and terror that her unconnected brain atoms try to fire… fail doing so in futility.

The form of particles that make up Yvonne instantly shoot out in countless directions, leaving nothing of what used to be the beautiful Yvonne. All that remains is her ID card on the ground. The lovely secretary-to-be gone in a technical instant.

The senior coldly addresses the programming team, "I want an explanation for this…"

A few days later, a young junior administrator watches back the footage. She rewinds to when the now-terminated secretary was still in one piece.

The disintegration beam strikes Yvonne square in her center waist - at the precise center of her mass.

Even in slow-motion, quickly the effects of the beam spreads, up and down her blue dress and on the organic matter underneath.

It seemed trillions of little holes appeared as the effect spread across the secretary's body - past her perky tits, past her lithe knees and ankles, past her pretty face with the demure smile.

"Oh you poor thing…" quips the junior admin.

She fast forwards to the moment the bot unfroze time to watch the particle spread take place in slow motion.

What wasn't apparent in real-time is now apparent in slow-motion - the particle spread temporally followed the previous disintegration effect, so the particles that were struck first were the first to randomly shoot out in different direction (this included going thru parts of the secretary's ultra Swiss-cheese body).

This meant that her blue dress was the first to go - so for a moment the secretary's nubile young body underneath was revealed, albeit very holey, before the chain reaction of particle collision completely tore through her once-attractive form.

Her pretty face with the demure smile matching the ID on the floor, broke apart into a millions directions until every particle exploded into literal nothingness. All that remained was her ID with a past version of the pretty secretary wearing the same smile as she just did during her destruction.

The junior admin suddenly feels very damp in her crotch.

"Mon dieu…" gasps Colette, the junior admin. Eventually she gets around to writing the incident report on poor Yvonne.

Unfortunately Yvonne, the beautiful new secretary, was completely and utterly destroyed with total efficiency by NanoTek technology run amok. All for simply walking through an area that took her to her office to start her new assignment - an area determined by random selection as a test area, albeit for a dry run with weapons that should have been disabled.

She never even got to sit down at her desk once.


This reminds me of the Doctor Who episode where they get shrunk down and go inside human-shaped "space ships" - the antibody droids come to eliminate them.


For me it reminds first episode of "Bee and PuppyCat" youtube cartoon

I wonder if any of your stories involve real transformations where girls sort of stay alive?

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