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The tech looked up upon hearing the sound of a voice calling out the name "Olivia!" just in time to see the young receptionist enter the break room. He was smitten with her beauty.

Olivia had been a receptionist at NanoTek for just a couple of months. She worked at the entrance to the building that housed the lab that Kyle worked in. She had an adorable "girl next door" look with brown hair in a bob hanging down around her neck, draped over her cute ears, and a few bangs covering her forehead down to her eyebrows. Blue eyes were bisected by a prominent but charming nose with a pointy tip. The tech loved when she would smile, displaying a slightly gap tooth that he found absolutely irresistible.

She wore a red short-sleeve top that hugged her torso and exposed her thin, supple arms. Her breasts pushed out against the red fabric in front of her chest. Below that she wore a very cute black-and-white checkered pencil skirt that cut mid-thigh, displaying her toned legs down to her feet clad in black heels. The straps of her black purse hung over her shoulder as she starting mingling with the friend that called her.

They were all at a small after-work party that one of their work colleagues put together. The small group of about a dozen young NanoTek employees occupied one of the larger break rooms in the building, equipped with a small lounge area with a couple of sofas, a few arcade machines, and both air hockey and foosball tables.

After a few minutes of admiring her from across the room, the tech finally built up the courage to walk over to Olivia and ask her to a game of air hockey. Much to his delight, she gave him that irresistible smile and accepted the offer.

Thinking he would be able to impress her by beating her, instead he proceeded to get creamed by her, almost being entirely shut out.

His face flushed red with embarrassment as she let out a lighthearted chuckle. "Wow, beginner's luck!" she said playfully.

The tech excused himself to use the restroom, much to Olivia's disappointment that he did not seem to notice.

However instead of going to the restroom, he headed back up to his workplace.

Earlier in the day, he was labeling batches of nanobots from the Behavioral Intelligence department that came in small, cylindrical vessels. He remembered a few samples he labeled that were designed to lower a subject's eye-hand coordination. He paused for a moment in thought, then said "Fuck it," as he grabbed one of the samples that lie on his work table.

He returned to the party, still in full swing, and prepared a couple of drinks. Stealthily he pulled opened the container of nanobots and poured them into one of the drinks. Making sure to keep track of which cup was which, he spotted Olivia and head back over to her.

"Looks like you could use another drink!" he offered the special cup to Olivia.

She lit up at his return, again displaying that sexy gap-tooth smile. "Thanks! I'm glad to see you back!" She then arched her eyebrows in an adorable puppy-dog expression and added "Hope you weren't upset I beat you…"

The tech laughed, "No not at at all! In fact, I was hoping for a rematch…"

She smirked, "You're on!"

They toasted each others drinks and each took a hearty chug. Then they started another round.

Again, Olivia started to take a lead. "I can't believe my luck tonight!" she said with absolute sincerity.

Finally deciding it was time, the tech activated the nanobots using a small remote he had concealed in his hand.

"Are you just letting me win-" she started with a grin before suddenly halting. "Oh… F-F-FUCK!" she shouted.

Immediately she started moaning and breathing heavily. Seemingly focused on just one thing, she grabbed her red top and pulled it over her brunette-topped head. The light skin of her torso was fully exposed, save for the black push-up bra she still wore over her breasts.

She did not hesitate in continuing her strip show in front of the whole party as everyone now watched in shock.

She unzipped and pulled her checkered pencil skirt down her limber legs, quickly followed by her black panties which had a cute white polka dot pattern. She stepped out of them along with her heels.

She opened the front clasp of her bra and slipped it off, letting her perky tits with small but hardened nipples hang free.

The crowd gasped as Olivia started fondling and pleasuring her naked self right there. Her friend called out her name to no avail.

The tech approached and asked if she was okay.

In response, the impassioned Olivia looked up at the tech, narrowed her blue eyes looking directly into his like a predator staring down its prey, and lunged at him, knocking him back down onto the air hockey table.

With adrenaline-powered force, she tugged the tech's pants down around his knees, and then mounted him in cowgirl position.

The warm and wet lips of her pussy embraced the outline of his hard cock through his underwear as she rocked her hips back and forth and moaned heavily.

The tech, stunned by this very sudden and public fuck session with his crush, finally said "Fuck it," (once again) and leaned forward. He grabbed one hand around her supple side and the other around her tight ass that he used to drool over for weeks. He planted his face in her between her supple tits and started kissing her tender breasts with closed eyes.

Olivia grabbed both of the tech's shoulders and continued her gyrating motion against his hard member, rubbing her pussy hard against the dampening cotton between the two sex organs.

Suddenly, Olivia froze.

The tech did seem to notice, lost in his exploration of her body with his hands and her tits with his face and mouth.

Nor did he notice when the crowd started gasping and retching.

But he did notice when a cold liquid started pouring down on top of his head, along with many strands of brunette hair.

He looked up. And was greeted with the sight of the half of Olivia's head. Turning into gasoline.

Blue eyes already gone, her cute, prominent nose was now in the process of being converted, down to its pointy tip.

The tech was in shock, lying back on the table below her. He froze in terror as the horror continued above.

Her mouth, still open in a moan and showing the rows of teeth that the tech so admired, wss quickly consumed and fell down onto the tech in its new form of petrol. Her jaw followed suit.

The tech's spontaneous lover was now headless.

However, in reaction to the loss of motor function, his headless lover's body begins to convulse. The grip of her hands on the tech's shoulders tightened as she convulses. Her neck began to convert as her tits bounced up and down erratically. Her pussy restarted its sliding motion over the tech's cock once again, this time much more aggressively. Finally, with enough friction, his cock sprung free from its bounds and helplessly entered into the warmth of her wet pussy. He unconsciously bucked his hips in rhythm with the throes of his headless lover.

The conversion process now reached her bare shoulders. Her arms then detached, falling down to the tech's sides as her hands still held tight on his shoulders laying back on the table.

No longer having arms to support it, her diminishing torso fell forward. It landed tits-first on the tech's face. The tech can't help but cum as his face is reintroduced to her tits, spewing the white liquid into her still gyrating pussy.

Her once-supple, detached arms continued to liquefy - elbows, forearms, then hands all converting to gasoline.

The process now reached her bosom, the tits that the tech sucked on just moments earlier now smothering him as they changed to fuel product. He started suffocating, and in response grabbed at her waist, pushing her vanishing torso back up off him. Despite this, her hips still rocked her cum-soaked pussy against his spent cock.

As he tried to catch his breath, the effect continued spreading down her lower chest like a marching army advancing forward. It approached her cute belly button and erased it in a wash of gasoline.

The effect continued down her waist and hips, still gyrating against the tech's poor member.

And then, finally, the tech was spared as her throbbing pussy and voluptuous ass were transformed into the valuable resource.

Legs that were bent at the knee from being in cowgirl position moments earlier now fall over to their sides. Her thighs caused two smacking splashes into the gasoline that pooled on the table. They too were quickly converted and added to the pool below, along with he knees, calves, shins, ankles, and cute petite feet. Finally each toe went thru the process.

And then all of Olivia was gone.

Or rather transformed. Into a very valuable fuel in the current economy.

The tech screamed, as did several other party-goers. A few fainted and some others puked.


Within minutes, the area was being contained by a NanoTek cleanup team that was dispatched.

The tech is taken to be showered as they collected his Olivia-soaked clothes and gave him a new outfit. After discovery of his actions, he is reprimanded, but eventually allowed to proceed to back to work. The clothes are wrung out and then disposed of.

It is discovered that human error led to a batch of nanobots from the Resource Reclamation department being mislabeled. The sample the tech grabbed happened to be from that batch. The nanobots must have congregated in the arousal centers of Olivia's brain before beginning their conversion of her body to gasoline. An interesting side effect and more research would be needed.

The rest of the party-goers were brought to a large meeting room to be interviewed one by one. The techs and research assistants there above a certain security level were released after their respective interviews. Those that remained below the security level, a group of 5 female secretaries and receptionists (including Olivia's friend), were saved for last and asked to stay for a little longer. They were all still too shook up to object as they were left in the room by themselves.

Suddenly swarms of nanobots poured out of vents in the ceiling. The poor girls screamed in terror as the nanobots swarmed around each of them. The screams turned to moans as the nanobots reached their target destination in the pleasure centers of their brains. The moans turned to gurgles as the girls were then quickly consumed and converted, their bodies twitching and jerking. A couple girls managed to start caressing each other before they collapsed into each other as gasoline.

Back in the break room, the pool of gasoline that was once Olivia was collected. Anything that couldn't be collected was burned and destroyed, forcing the closure of the break room for the time being until it could be reconstructed.

The gasoline that was Olivia, along with that of her 5 unfortunate colleagues, were each tested for quality and then rated. A couple of batches were deemed unsuitable and were then burned away. Thankfully, Olivia and the remaining girls received a high octane rating, and were all poured into a couple of NanoTek transportation vehicles.

No sense wasting company resources after all.


That's what I call date rape going wrong

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