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The previous thread had gotten too long, I think (and hope) that was why it got so few comments, so I am starting a new one, we shall see.

Previous stories thread


Kicking off this new thread with a request from the last one. I don't actually know these characters, I never had more than a passing exposure to Sonic. so I decided to wing it with something silly :)

Gotta Go Fast

To the residents of Sonic Town, it was a Tuesday morning like any other. They wandered the streets, popping in and out of shops, going about their normal lives, never imagining the show that was about to take place. A few minutes before noon, they heard a rumbling, which quickly turned into a dull roar, growing louder still. Sonic and his friend Tails had been having a friendly competition to see who was faster. They had gone from feet to skates to bikes, and by the time they had gone to Mario and borrowed Karts, it had become decidedly less friendly, both wanted to win, engaging in an arms race, doing more and more ridiculous things to go ever faster.

Today, Tails was taking a test run with his new Nuclear Engine, powered by flames of Olympus supplied by Kratos. It was so fast, Tails was sure Sonic would NEVER be able to beat this. And to be fair, he wasn’t wrong. This had not been cheap, he was scraping together every gold ring he could go to keep his apartment, but it would be worth it to see the look on Sonic’s face when….

As Tails was celebrating his new speed, yelling “Gotta go fast? How’s THIS for fast? You slow moving blue freaEEKKK!!!” The steering wheel broke off in his hands, just as his craft came to the last hill before town. Tails screamed as his Kart shot up, jumping from the hill. 100 meter, 200, 300 meters, and then plummeted back to the surface, pointing directly at the town.

The crash was enormous, the blast even more. Tails HAD done one thing right, and that was the safety harness. He was not thrown from the kart, he wasn’t even shattered. That harness was a miracle of modern engineering. Tails was safe in his seat, and if the buckle hadn’t been bent in the crash, he would have walked away with a valuable lesson. Unfortunately for him, the buckle HAD bent, and he was stuck. Much worse, the Flames of Olympus containment unit by the engine had rupture, and the fire spilled out. It spread across the Kart, so instead of being killed in any of the hundred ways physics should have dictated on impact if Tails hadn’t set his machine to video game physics, Tails got to burn alive.

The furry little monster screamed and struggled to get free as the flames approached. Then they jumped across the floorboard and touched Tails, igniting his fur. His screams turned to shrieks as it raced across him, the magical fire not responding to his attempts to slap it out. His fur went up it a quick flash, accompanied by that stench of burning hair. Then it hit his flesh, burning through meat and scorching bone. It was awful, truly Hell to endure, and gruesome to watch, but it didn’t last long. It filled his lungs, then flame shot out his eyes, the unrecognizable corpse of Tails slumped in his seat, watched by the townsfolk who were just glad this obnoxious contest was over.

Nobody seemed to notice or care about the only other casualty. Chris Thorndyke had been standing to close to the impact zone, and now the young boy had a foot long shard of road sticking out of his belly. He pulled it out, then screamed in horror as his insides spilled out with it. He blubbered and begged for help, trying to get everything back where it belonged, until the cold hand of Death came for him. One of the residents of the town walked over and claimed the boy’s body for whatever unspeakable purposes he had. Nobody cared, everybody hated Chris.

Off in a side alley, Sonic watched with satisfaction. He had questioned Doctor Eggman when the mad genius had only taken one bolt out of the steering wheel, but as Sonic payed up, Eggman had assured him that it would do the trick. Well, Soic figured, if you are going to pay someone to kill your rival, you should trust them to get the job done. Sonic was the fastest thing in town again, everything was back to the way it should be.


Hehe that was fun! Makes me want to see you write some Family Guy fanfic - I bet Quagmire has some "interesting" hobbies we don't get to hear about on the show!


Also, love the new sig-pic! It's SO you! :-D


ikr? I love that pic!! <3

a couple other things in the works first probably, but I have been wanting to use Meg :)


Can't wait to see what you come up with :-D


I guess since this is a video game Tails should have more lives left :)



That was awesome


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Part 1, hoping to have the rest later today, no promises.

Ellie and the Eagles:Part 1- Someone Save Me?

Lily Everett curled herself into a corner, covering her head as her father rained blows down on her with his belt. She cried, she screamed when he struck a particularly vulnerable spot, usually an open wound from a previous beating, but she did not beg. She knew begging would make it worse, that the best thing to do was cower until he wore himself out. She knew from experience that after the beating, he would fall asleep before long. She had hoped that he would unlock the pantry and give her something to eat before falling into his daily blind rage, but today was apparently not going to a day where she ate. But he hadn’t raped her before the beating either, Lily would gladly choose going hungry over being raped, both happened a few times a week.

Eventually Gabe Everett did indeed wear himself out. He kicked his daughter a few times, they staggered to the couch and his whiskey, cursing her, blaming her for things that had happened before she was born, or things she couldn’t possibly be to blame for. He slumped down, took another swig, and was snoring in 5 minutes. Only when she was sure he was out cold did Lily dare uncurl and slink out of the room. She made her way to the closet she slept in. She had a cot in the corner of the den, but Lily had learned a long time ago not to sleep in the same room as her father. There was a closet situated as far from the couch as possible, at the other side of the house, that suited her much better.

Lily got to her closet and made sure the door was locked behind her, pushing a trunk in front of it before she turned on her small lamp. She had a sleeping bag, a small pile of clothes, her lamp, a clock, and her two most treasured things in this world. A well loved copy of The Hobbit, and Mommy. Lily read from The Hobbit each night, she knew every word. The well fed and kindly Bilbo, with friends who cared about him and defended him, a real home and food to go back to, and a magic ring that let him him from danger, Lily would have traded her soul for any of those things. Lily wished she could go into the story, she wouldn’t mind the danger, or the monsters, she already had those. She wanted giant eagles to take her away from here, she wanted friends by her side, to talk to and keep her safe, to chase away her monster. She would read about the arrival of the Dwarves tonight, she loved the singing and the pranks and even just the descriptions of the food.

Then there was Mommy. Lily did all of the shopping, it was the only time she was allowed out of the house, and she had a tracking anklet to keep her from running. During her trips to the mall, she would keep whatever change she could from the money Gabe gave her, and she bought things. First had come a mannequin, the shop owner was going to throw it out because the finish was chipping, when the timid little girl had visibly worked up the courage to ask if she could buy it, the shop owner had just smiled and given her the mannequin and a cookie, which made her entire week. She had gotten odds and ends, strips of a heated blanket, the fabric damaged but the heating element intact, breast implants that she slipped inside a padded bra, an 3XL T-shirt, and she had made Mommy. The mannequin limbs could be positioned, and Lily had fashioned herself a hugging robot. She would prop it up against the wall, lower the arm around herself, put her head to the breast insert, and that was the closest she’d ever had to a hug. It was warm and soft and tight, and Lily was pretty sure it felt like the real thing.

Lily sat carefully against the pillow on the wall, wincing as her left side flared in pain. She had broken the broom the day before, and Gabe had beaten her with the handle. It wasn’t her worst beating, that was probably the time she had scratched his car taking out the trash and the tire iron had been handy when she told him, or the time he had been sharpening his knives and decided to test them on her, or the time she had begged him not to brand her and he had beaten her with the branding iron (the ointment he got at the hospital had removed the worst of the burn scars, but she was still permanently blind in one eye) but it still hurt. She had black hair and very pale skin, the bits not bruised or cut, but the broom handle had left a good portion of the right side of her ribs bruised darker than her hair. Her fingers were bent and shaped wrong, Gabe would regularly break one or two fingers not even because he was angry, but just because he could. Broken fingers did not rank among the pains Lily had endured, but they bothered her more than any other injuries except her blind eye, for the same reason. Reading was her only escape, and her blind eye and crooked fingers made it more difficult.

Lily retrieved her book and settled in to read, when she felt something wet on her neck. She quickly determined that she had a new cut on her cheek and it was bleeding pretty good. Lily didn’t really cry much anymore. She still felt all of the emotions as strongly as ever, and she could fake it to keep from further angering Gabe, but she had seemingly lost the ability to shed genuine tears long ago. She sighed, pulling off her shirt, leaving her flat chest bare, every rib easily counted from years of only having a combined few proper meals a week for years, and she held the shirt to the cut, the belt buckle must have gotten her worse than she thought. Lily hated it, it felt like part of her was dying, and the pain made her dizzy, but this was not even a particularly bad day for her. She held the shirt until the bleeding stopped, and read her book for a bit.

Lily read a few chapters. She was very tired, but she wanted to stay up, just a little longer. Eventually, midnight rolled around and her clock beeped. Lily pulled out a lighter she hid very carefully, she had gotten it just for this. She flicked on the flame and whispered to herself “Happy birthday Lily” before blowing it out. She was now 12. Lily made the same wish she did every year, and before she turned out her light and tried to sleep, she knelt and offered up that wish as her nightly prayer. She prayed for an angel or an elf or some other kindly fantasy creature to come and take her from this place. Lily wanted a few things in life, adequate food, as well as affection among them, but to be taken from this place was the only thing she ever prayed for. Lily didn’t know if she believed in any of it, but she still prayed, it hurt nothing, and SOMEONE might be listening. She fell asleep and dreamed of the giant eagles carrying her to a better place.


fml, title is 'Lily and the Eagles*


Awww I desperately want to save her but I've read enough of your stories to know a happy ending is unlikely! Maybe a merciful death at least?


Whelp… I'm depressed now :(


Onix- he has infinite more lives, tortured and killed in hell every day forever ;)

Executioner- yay, glad you liked it!

Anonymous- that's definitely the goal, this is supposed to be one of my more emotional stories <3

Edward- we keep chatting, you know. lol


I try to use this stuff as way to cope with man-hating women but I just couldn't fully succeed on this one, she is too young and innocent :(


Well with that story I even don't know if I have to cry or laugh this way too much to process properly. Looks like the girl also ended in the same situation

I am not very good with that kind of situations because by my nature the response to anyone hurting me is REVENGE! and she is not even thinking about that.


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It went longer than I thought, part 3 coming shortly :)

Part 2- the Raid

Lily was woken by shouting and banging. Her blood froze for a moment, thinking that her father had come to her closet to beat her. Then as her brain started to wake, she realized that it was multiple voices, as least one female. Then there was a crash, it sounded like the door had been broken down. She heard a shocked noise from her father, then a thump and grunt, then a woman again. “Gabriel Everett, you have been found guilty thousands of counts each of child abuse, torture, assault and battery, child neglect, rape of a child and endangerment of a child, and you have been sentenced to death. May you burn in Hell”. There was an odd pop. It wasn’t gunfire, Lily had heard gunfire, Gabe had actually shot her on more than one occasion, but it was the closest to the sound. Lily didn’t know if she should investigate or run, she settled for holding Mommy more tightly and she waited, hearing the woman giving orders downstairs.

Lily clung tightly to the doll for what seemed like both a long time and almost none at all, until there were footsteps outside of her closet. The door opened, and two uniformed SWAT team members stared in at the small, trembling child clinging to what looked like a crude sex doll. One called into the hall “ Ma’am, we found her”. The voice Lily had heard speaking to Gabe responded “Good work, go wait outside” and the woman stepped into view. She bore a strong resemblance to Gina Carano from Deadpool, although the tag on her vest said Jody Swan. She had more scars, she was in tactical gear, and she had the eyes of someone who had seen and done awful things, but when she looked at Lily, those eyes softened and filled with warmth, and Lily thought she might be an angel.

Jody looked at Lily, cataloging every scrape and bruise, her experienced eye getting a pretty good guess even at the injuries she couldn’t physically see. Each one broke her heart, and increased her rage, she wished she could kill Gabe again. But even as she thought that, something must have showed on her face, because the girl shrank back, with fear in her eyes, and whispered “Please don’t beat me” and that upset Jody more than any of the rest, the kid had psychological scars deeper than anything physical.

Jody got down on her knees and held out a hand “Oh honey, I’m not going to beat you. I’m the government, one of the good guys.” She touched the eagle pin on her jacket, showing Lily, seeing hope and awe. Jody had no way of knowing that the government meant less than nothing to Jody, that she just saw the eagle pin and thought of her book, sure that they had been summoned by her prayer. But the girl seemed to trust her a bit more, that was all that mattered. Jody nodded, putting her tiny, misshapen hand in Jody’s large, strong hand. A hand that had taken down child abusers of every stripe. They had different orders with Lily, but those hands had killed dozens of abusers and been the salvation of over 100 children. Jody knew The Hobbit, and she would have loved the thoughts Lily had. Saving kids and raining fire and brimstone on their predators was more than a job to Jody, it was her calling.

Lily looked at her with big, uncertain eyes “Does this mean I’m safe now? Are the beatings over?” and Jody nodded “Lily, I promise you, nobody in this world is EVER going to hit you again, ever” the girl had a look of hope in her eyes “No more rape?” If Jody could have raised Gabe from the dead and skinned him slowly, she would have. Her heart and mind were briefly a mushroom cloud of hatred, but she didn’t let it show, Lily needed to see kindness and love “No more rape honey. The people who do that are monsters. Me and my team? We go after the monsters”. The next thing Jody knew, Lily was hugging her, latched right on. Jody hugged her back, and for a moment, Lily was not in pain, she was not scared, she was not the little girl who wondered each day if this was the day Gabe would kick her to death. She was a vulnerable little kid who was safe for the first time, and deciding that hugging this real woman was MUCH better than her doll. Jody felt the change in body language and made a snap call. She pulled herself from the hug for a moment, much to the distress of the kid, then pulled her vest off, leaving only a white tank top and sports bra, which followed her vest to the ground exposing her torso completely before hugging Lily again.

Neither was wearing a shirt, Lily felt Jody’s large breasts against her own flat chest, those strong arms around her. All her barriers came down, all the years of survival instincts melted, and her emotions burst forth. She cried, expressing feelings that she had been too afraid of retribution to ever let out before. She wept, tears running down her cheeks, clinging to Jody. Her powerful protector stroked Lily’s hair and just let it happen. Eventually Lily made herself stop, mostly because her ribs and lungs burned so badly, and just hugged.

After a while, Jody whispered “Lily, do you want to come with me?” Lily nodded. She was drained in every possible way, she was confused and fragile and she didn’t have a clue what she wanted out of the future, but if Jody was going somewhere, it would take an act of God to keep Lily from going as well. They stood, Lily asked “Should I get my shirt?” Jody smirked “ I’m not going to” and that suited Lily just fine. She never went topless around the house, worried that it might increase the chance of rape, but with Gina, she wasn’t even a little afraid.

They went outside, passing the dead body that had been Gabe. That made this whole thing more real for Lily. She had tried to kill him once, come at him with a kitchen knife. He had taken it, beaten her senseless, starved her for a week, and raped her every day for a month for that stunt. And there he was, dead in the kitchen, with an odd hole in his skull. Lily had come to love Jody almost immediately, but seeing this proof that they had fought and destroyed her demon, it was a religious moment. the Eagles had come, and everything was going to be okay.

They walked out the front door, Jody standing on the side where Lily could see her out of her one working eye, holding her hand. The rest of the team was just out front. None of them reacted to the toplessness of the two, Jody had walked into fire more than once for her team, they would never question an odd choice by her, not for a moment. Not noticed by Lily, Jody nodded to her second in command. As they stepped outside, he took three quick steps, coming up on her blind side. He produced a bolt gun, and before Lily had any idea that something was wrong, he put it to her head and pulled the trigger, creating the same odd pop that Lily had heard kill Gabe.


Wow… what is going on?! Jody seemed genuinely upset at how Lily was treated… is it euthenasia because they know how badly damaged she is and there's no fascilities to care for her properly? I guess we'll find out in part 3!


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This is the last of it, I hoe you all enjoy! less of a dick move than the previous.

Part 3- What comes next

In the physical world, to Jody and her team, Lily dropped without a sound or reaction, just pitched forward, dead before the sound of the discharge even reached their ears. To Lily, it was a little different. She didn’t feel the device or hear the sound, she didn’t experience falling. She had been in mid-step, and when her foot touched the ground, that ground was a cloud. Startled, she looked around. Everything was clouds, clouds and a soft golden light. The air was cool on her skin. She didn’t see the sun, but she had that feeling of warm sunlight and a cool breeze. That cool breeze made Lily aware that she was naked, she noticed that first. Then she realized she was staring down at her own naked body with both eyes, not just the one she’d had left since she was 9.

Lily started to put it together. She saw that all of her bruises were gone. Her cuts, burns, whip marks, scars, bullet wounds, her limp from a poorly set broken femur, all of it. And her hands, her fingers were straight and unmarked, like they had never been broken. Part of Lily accepted that there would always be mysteries. She had some idea where she was, but no idea how she got there. And then she heard a voice, familiar because she had heard it moments ago “Hey honey”.

Lily turned, and there was Jody. Her scars were gone, but it was Jody, as naked as Lily, and smiling. “Jody? What happened?” Lily asked. Sadness touched the face of the woman “Lily, you are dead, and this is Heaven. I am so sorry baby. One of your cuts bled at the mall, we tested it and you had a virus, it would have hurt a lot of people. So we were ordered to kill Gabe…and then kill you. We didn’t want to, we looked for another way, but we couldn’t take the chance. I arranged your funeral myself, it was one of the hardest days of my life”.

Jody seemed to be bracing for anger, but Lily didn’t feel it, she was mostly still confused. “But…..I just got here, if I died first, how are you here?” Jody nodded “You did, I lived about 50 years after that day, I lived a long life and died in my sleep. I saved a lot of kids after what we did to you Lily, but every day, for all those years, I remembered you, I thought of you, I punished myself for betraying you, but it was the only way. If you hate me, I understand. But when I died, I came here. And the angels let me move in time, to come back in Heaven time so I could be here when you arrived. I know you never really had anyone in life, I thought that even I might be better than nobody waiting to meet you”.

Lily nodded slowly, understanding more. An awful thought touched her “Is Gabe….” she looked around, as though he might jump from behind a cloud and beat her again. Gina shook her head “No, Gabe is in Hell. The folks who decide where you go are nice, they will forgive almost anything,t they eve forgave me, and Dante was basically right about the rings, but Gabe is in Hell. He is being raped by a demon forever. He can’t ever touch you. I know I lied on Earth, but I mean it now, nothing will EVER hurt you again”.

Jody was still waiting for Lily to hate her, ready for it. She was not ready for the munchkin to hug her. “You didn’t lie” Lily stated quietly “Not once. You said nobody would beat me. You said nobody would hurt me. One second, I am on Earth, happy, but in a lot of pain. Then i blink and i am here, in no pain. I didn’t feel a thing when I died, not a thing, you didn’t lie. You took me out of there, and you waited for me here. Will you stay with me?” Jody felt relief and love “I will never leave you baby. I want you to meet some people. My friends and family, and the SWAT team is here, Joey wants to apologize for actually pulling the trigger. You will like it here, every day is a party”. Lily nodded, more excited for her afterlife than she had ever been for her life. Jody wrapped an arm around her little friend, and they walked into the golden clouds.

Jody hadn’t mentioned because Lily was just a kid, but Heaven orgasms are MUCH better than Earth ones. Lily figured that out after a year or so, she joined in the Wednesday sex parties, she grew closer to Jody and learned to love many others, it was a VERY happy eternity.


Okay I forgive you for part 2 now <3 Is Lily's mum in Heaven too?


I can actually see potential for a sub-genre that's kibd of up your street - similar to what you've written before but instead of executions, children carrying some plague (potential zomhie virus?) or monster gene that would trigger when they hit puberty and make them into something dangerous (werewolf?) having to be tracked down and euthenised but without malice?


This was something different to be sure, but I liked it! At the end of chapter 2 I wondered what on earth was going on, but it resolved nicely in the last chapter. It's fun to read an uplifting story on here once in a while!


Agreed! I found it very much in the style of Hans Christian Anderson and, to an extent, Charles Dickens :-)


I read chapter 2 and 3 in one go so I had no time to wonder what happened,
but looks like not only I can make strange stories where characters die for no reason LOL

anyway that's a big turn in the story after the first chapter I expected that she will be suffering for all eternity with that guy but it ended in a totally unimaginable way.

Although I even don't know what to think about Jody and "the government" who actually did not even care about Lily or tried to save her but just killed them both because of some strange virus.
Ow well, at least she did repent so it is fine

p.s. the moral of the story: the only time when the government cares about is when they want to kill you LOL


Think about times when the police or an animap charity rescue an abused animal but its in such a bad state it has to be put down immedediately to prevent further suffering - this was that kind of situation :-)


Well, this kind of saving is stupid because if she wanted to die she could just kill herself or just make that rapist kill her.
Euthanasia is for people who can't do it themselves.

But more importantly, the government knew about her being kept there, and only when they found out she has a virus entire family was killed.


File: 1570118962909.png (692.48 KB, 778x735, justice.PNG)

This story takes place towards the end of the first season of Young Justice. If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should. Artemis (apprentice to Green Arrow) is about 15, almost 16, Robin/Dick Grayson, apprentice to Batman just turned 13. Idk if the ages are show-accurate, and I don’t care, those are the ages i want them :)

The bell rang, and most of the students of Gotham Academy hurried to the exits, eager to get home and enjoy the beautiful weather over the weekend. They had thoughts of spending time with their friends, of getting outside, running on the beach. Artemis Crock and Dick Grayson had other plans. They saw their friends most days, and aside from Mount Justice being on the beach, League missions took them to far more exciting places. For the two of them, what they really craved was privacy. Between school and training and missions and Team activities, the junior superheroes had to use their imaginations to secure a little time for themselves. So today, the same skills that allowed them to stalk the likes of Lex Luthor and Joker without being seen allowed them to avoid being noticed by teachers, custodians, and a vandal spray painting obscene things on lockers as the school was closed up.

The headmaster of the academy left last, pulling closed the barriers keeping civilians out of the academy courtyard over the weekend. Those barriers were no obstacle to the young heroes, they would just climb free when they were done. But the parents of academy students were very private, so there were no cameras in the courtyard. Meaning that Artemis and Robin weren’t due back at the cave for almost two hours and had this wide open space all to themselves and they had plans.

They went out onto the grass, and Dick spread a blanket for them to sit on. “Take your shirt off” Artemis commanded. As Robin, Dick feared nobody, he took orders only from Batman. As Dick Grayson, he obeyed whatever Artemis told him to do. The older girl was kind, but forceful, she knew what she wanted and how to take it. Grayson fondly remembered the time Harley Quinn had let the pair borrow her sex dungeon. Artemis had tied him to everything in there, doing things to him that would have made Joker and Harley blush, although maybe not Harley and Poison Ivy. Those two had an infinitely healthier relationship than Harley and Joker, but the rumors were that every time those two had the night alone, Ivy would do things with her vines that even the perviest of Redditors had never dreamed of, Rule 34 didn’t even apply to some of their most creative activities.

Still, the children didn’t have access to a COMICALLY well stocked sex dungeon right now. They sat on the blanket, and Grayson pulled his shirt off. Artemis loved his body. She wasn’t interested in an actual relationship with him, he was just a kid, but his body was what she liked. Just hitting puberty, it was clear to anyone who saw him that he still qualified as a shota. But having been trained by Batman, he had the stamina and flexibility and creativity to give her a real good time, while still being more or less adorable when she made him squirm. She put her hand on his bare chest and smiled as he blushed, illustrating her point. No matter how many times they did this, he always blushed the first time she touched him, and it never failed to make her smile.

The kids moved on to soft kissing, exploring each other’s mouths. Artemis undid her tie and buttons before slipping off her shirt, with no bra underneath. Her breasts were not large, but they displayed a firmness and perkiness to a degree that could only hope to be found in a teenager in beyond peak physical condition, the kind of boobs that hardly changed shape in the frequent cases where a villain hung her upside down over a death trap. Her nipples were ‘ant bites’, and right now they could cut glass. Grayson gave them a bit of attention with his thumbs, Artemis mumbled into their kiss, enjoying the sensation.

About an hour later, the sidekicks got dressed again and climbed out of the courtyard, crossing the street to a small church. Despite their upbringings in a very secular world, both had turned to religion. They didn’t weaponize any of the old laws against people, they didn’t use it for spreading hate, their faith was sincere. They led dangerous lives and saw the worst the world had to offer, they just wanted to believe in a higher power, it gave them comfort. Neither of them saw their weekly hookups as a sin, but they always prayed afterwards, it left them feeling refreshed somehow.

They sat in on the mass, took communion and prayed quietly in the back. When they left, both youngsters felt lighter, rejuvenated, happy with their place in a larger plan. Grayson felt like he was growing lighter with each step, like there wasn’t even ground under his feet….wait, huh? He looked down, and they were in fact off the ground, floating upward, along with a couple dozen other worshippers who had been the first out of the church. They were confused for a moment, then one of the other members cried out “Praise the Lord! This is the Rapture, we are being taken to Heaven!”

Artemis and Dick looked at each other “Could it be?…” ….”Yeah, I think so, it sure feels like it” expressions of bliss crossed their young faces as they rose up into the sky.They closed their eyes and embraced each other, ready to enter Paradise. They seemed to be picking up speed, moving faster and faster. Were they…falling? Artemis recognized that they had changed direction about a quarter second before they hit the ground. They had been over 200 meters in the air when they started the trip back down, both were destroyed on impact. The other churchgoers rained down as well, creating the worst (but best dressed) mess Gotham City had seen in many years.

From a nearby rooftop, Toyman watched and laughed, his new toy worked! About half of the League wouldn’t be vulnerable to an anti-gravity ray, but even just having the means to take out the Bat Family marked the start of a new era in super villainy!


Oh wow that was fun AND super-cruel! Mind you, they did get to go to Heaven, just not as painlessly as they'd been thinking! lol.

LOVE the comments about what Harley and Ivy get up to and how it was beyond most Redditor's dreams! Hehehe



Love it. Any chance that you might write some other Young Justice stories using the characters as they were in the first season? Some ideas to get the ball rolling…

* Artemis gets her wish and convinces Superboy to bed her instead of hooking up with M'gann. It's good for Artemis until Superboy's hornyness really kicks in and he forgets his own strength. Being less than a year old he doesn't have the experience to recognize when her cries of pleasure turn to cries of pain and he simply fucks her to death on his super dick.

* Zatanna is depressed after her dad becomes Dr. Fate. Looking to forget with some no strings attached sex she casts a lust spell on her teammates. But it keeps building and there's no way to turn it off so their urges become more perverse until they're torturing and snuffing each other for kicks. Zatanna is the only one unaffected but she's so depressed that she accepts her fate as Robin hangs her in a noose and jacks off over her dying breaths.

* M'gann obsessively watched Hello Megan and tried to base her life on earth on it. In a panel the show's creator revealed she also watched porn in a similar manner. What if the porn she watched was some illegal underground stuff taken from the Justice Leagues computers which she then acts out with the members of her team, some semi-willing and others not. For example using sexual bribes and promises fo more to make Wally do progressively more extreme things to a tied up and in truth unwilling Artemis.


thanks Anonymous! I wasn't sure how this story would land…..*realizes awful pun, groan* but I definitely intend to do more with the characters, I love that show! I don't really do graphic hetero sex scenes, I know it is a really silly line to draw on here, but I'm just not comfortable with them. i DO intend to do some things closer to that than people usually guess. maybe not the next thing, because I do try for a variety of settings, but definitely stay tuned! <3



Same anon as >>18474 but with a name now. I'd still love to see whatever you come up with but I was motivated enough to try writing something myself. It has some vivid violence but if you're willing to give it a read I'd appreciate any critical feedback you have. I've never written anything like this so I'm not sure how it came out.


Wonderful! I always love when someone new gives it a spin, I will read as soon as I get a little time :)


just a couple hundred words of brain vomit between long stories

Tegan mooed into her ball gag as the rough hands mauled and tugged at her enormous hanging breasts. Her breasts had the size of her head before, the envy of her friends, before she was arrested with those drugs. Now, after a year of a rich diet and almost no exercise, a year of the hormones and supplements they crammed into her to induce lactation and keep the milk flowing, to keep her producing upwards of a gallon of milk a day, they were comical, like something straight out of the lowest of sexploitation comic books. She was milked every four hours, gagged, and strapped into this barbaric milking frame, and sometimes, that wasn’t enough. Her tits swelled with milk in between those sessions, getting harder, and painful. Not sore, painful, like balloons inflated too far. They frequently leaked, leaving valuable milk on the floor, and earning her a beating after the next milking. Tegan remembered that day in court, before the judge. She thought to herself, ten years is a long time, but how bad can the life of a dairy cow really be? It had to beat the other option the judge had given her, right? Now, with one year down and nine to go, Tegan would give anything to have chosen the gas chamber. But it was too late. And Tegan knew, she was a bad person, although you never would have guessed looking at her twenty year old baby face and big blue eyes. Tegan was going to Hell when she died. And when she did, Tegan knew now what awaited her, she would leave here, live her life, die in this world, and wake right back up at the dairy farm, forever.


File: 1570422077931.jpg (26.95 KB, 540x405, c0be2c9458c7f626cda4973573….jpg)

This story is set in the Nobles and Clones universe (see previous thread, right near the top) WOW it has been a long time since I have done anything explicitly set there! If you have read those, you’re all caught up!

Justine Rowling stood on the ramparts of her castle, watching the new ‘class’ arriving. The great X16 granddaughter of the legendary author JK Rowling, Justine had been born into a family that had mostly gotten sick of being asked ‘Harry Potter this’ and ‘Harry Potter that’ and being expected to embrace to pop culture phenomenon. Most of her family hated talking about it, they were just so tired of it being all-consuming. Justine actually had to download the books, there were no copies of the series in her home. As a child, she had read all 7, watched all of the movies…..and unlike the rest of her family, Justine became a Potterhead to rival any of the other nerds.

She loved the stories. She cheered when the students won, wept when they suffered. She loved the stories, but she couldn’t figure out why her famous ancestor had made the characters endure so much, lose so much along the way, it made no sense to her. To try to understand it, she had acquired a sweet little 10yo Clone of Emma Watson. She had dressed the munchkin up in Hogwarts robes identical to what was worn in the movies, then locked her in a bathroom with a robotic troll, which promptly beat the little girl to death. And Justine understood, it all made sense. She had never been like a lot of the other Nobles, never really got the point of snuffing Clones, but she got it. It was the power, she was a god over the Clones, with as much power as JKR had over Hermione. She finally understood the decadent Noble urge to do wicked things just because she could.

Now, Nicole was a writer at heart, she didn’t want to build a theme park and just recreate what had already been done. She didn’t want to remake the movies with more gore and no survivors. Nicole wanted to bring it to life. So she had a castle built, on a smaller scale but faithful to the descriptions of Hogwarts. All of the classes in the books were taught, with shiny objects and funny words, and death. Clones were more disposable than any resource at all had been in the 21st century, there was no reason that each and every class couldn’t or shouldn’t have a death toll. Nicole got like-minded Noble nerds to teach the classes and devise on-theme deaths. Transfiguration was about turning them from a living girl into an endless variety of non-living bits. Charms involved a mess of sci-fi toys that would do amusing and terminal things, Quidditch was played with Bludgers that would punch a hole clean through a girl, it was all what Clones considered wholesome, almost childish fun. And Justine was very proud of her school, but of no feature so much as the Houses.

When the couple hundred new students were brought in to supplant those already present and replace those killed (twice a year, spring and fall semesters) they were Sorted. All Clones were conditioned to accept their deaths, 31st Century Hogwarts only accepted students who had learned to embrace it. They might borrow a less willing Clone to satisfy an urge, but Hogwarts only ‘graduated’ a couple a year, and they didn’t care to have students complaining about a 99.9% mortality rate. The students were sorted into four Houses, based on how they felt about their demise and how they wanted to approach it. They were ‘Sorted’ by a hat that was just scanners that read what they had been conditioned with.

Ravenclaw- the nerds, the brains, these girls read up on exotic snuff methods and tried to design better ones. More efficient, more showy, more painful. They were always tinkering or brewing. An unexpected bonus from what had just been a game for Justine, her Ravenclaws had over the years actually come up with a handful of devices or methods that had caught on and were considered trendy OUTSIDE of the school.

Slythering- The BDSM House. These girls were all sadists or masochists or both. Not every Slytherin enjoyed hurting, or being hurt, but every single one enjoyed one or the other. A Slytherin orgy could be identified by it sounding like a cheap horror movie with orgasms, usually right down to the chainsaw.

Gryffindor- they were not usually the brightest bulbs, kids who would have needed to fuck the teacher back in the days when they were expected to pass classes, not always, but usually. These kids were wild and reckless, more interested in putting on a show and being remembered than anything else, they had the highest mortality rate of any House. Their pranks and stunts and dares were the reason the entire castle was re-fireproofed at the start of each semester

Hufflepuff- the submissives, the cuddle bunnies, the pets. These were the genuine sweethearts, the pleasers. They liked baked goods more than exercise and tended to be on the soft side. They liked hugs, they needed attention to be happy (but in a lonely, insecure way, not the Gryffindor trend of showing off. Hufflepuffs wanted to have one or two people who cared about them, a crowd watching usually scared them. They were often seen on leashes, and they had almost as high a mortality rate as Gryffindor, sometimes higher. They would volunteer for any experiment or demonstration, they wouldn’t always be happy to die, but they would gladly offer their lives to make others smile. Justine loved them the best.

Each House had a common room in their respective towers, and even with the high death toll of the classes, most of the dying was done in these common rooms or other non-class environments

(that is the introduction! The other parts I have planned follow the adventures in the different Houses. If anyone is showing interest at that point, I may tackle classes. If you have on-theme ideas, feel free to share! I have at least the first installment for each House roughed out, but there is a LOT of room to play with this idea, and no reason it can’t be a running thing if people like it. As with everything else I write, if you want to use the worlds or any ideas in my story, go for it! <3 )


How about some lethal accidents involving brooms while playing Quidditch? Say, a poorly timed pass leading to a broom impaling another student, or colliding with a structure and breaking their neck?


This is a lot of fun! I love the humerous descriptions of the houses :-D


fml, there were two different drafts. Justine Rowling is the correct name.

Anonymous, if people are liking this story after the Houses, there will DEFINITELY be a Quidditch chapter that I think you will like. but less 'accidents' and more 'deliberate ultraviolent blood sport' ;)


fml, there were two different drafts. Justine Rowling is the correct name.

Anonymous, if people are liking this story after the Houses, there will DEFINITELY be a Quidditch chapter that I think you will like. but less 'accidents' and more 'deliberate ultraviolent blood sport' ;)


Haha don't worry - I've often had to go back and check what names I've given to background characters!

Looking forward to hearing how Quiddich is played in this version :-D



I kind of feel like we missed out a bit not hearing about how people recreated the movies with clones. Special effects would be neat, such as if they wanted to create a CGI dragons for the Goblet of Fire. For the practical portion the scenes would be shot with a flamethrower mounted on a crane that provides the dragon's breath to light the many cloned actors playing the students on fire.

For what you've outlined Ravenclaw sounds the most interesting to me; perhaps they study reactions to pain through live vivisection? I'd also love to read about Gryffindor and see what kind of fatal stunts, dares and deadly pranks they pull (are there clones of Fred and George?). I'll admit that Slytherin doesn't seem to stand out as much and I'd be mostly interested in Hufflepuff for how they interact with the first two houses.

I'm also posting up my fill for your second YJ prompt in a moment. If you have a moment I'd loved to hear what you think and if you have any critical feedback to offer for either of them (not sure when I'll get to the last one as I might be doing continuations of the first two before then)


I haven't been waiting for next Potter story since 5th book. Until now.


Quidditch is definitely coming! I wrote a lot, then decided on a different order, I think I have one almost done, and then Quidditch :)

I may go back at some point and do a thing on the remaking of the movies, i just really wanted to get to the hogwarts stuff

that breakdown of the houses sounds about right. I have a more 'light and fluffy' (lol) tone, so not so much for vivisection, but they will definitely be on theme. Slytherin is the one I have struggled with, they may be less important, although I will definitely use them

I will read it today if i get a minute! yay!! <3

thanks anonymous! I'm hoping to post tonight if i get time!


File: 1571417125642.jpg (857.64 KB, 850x918, a31286565d07499b3e341c6deb….jpg)

Okay, it took a while because stuff was happening and life got in the way. Quidditch game next! I don't get super messy very often, but the fans of violence and gore should definitely keep an eye out for that one ;)

I hope you enjoy!

Ravenclaw Tower

It was another beautiful day at Hogwarts. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Ravenclaw House was getting ready for war.

Okay, not war, they were getting ready for a Quidditch game. But their preparations were just as brutal, and war would actually have a lower fatality rate. This match was against Gryffindor this week, Ravenclaw knew that they were the underdogs, so they were going all out. There were puffs of smoke and loud bangs, and so many other noises. The entire Ravenclaw Tower looked like some unholy cross between a laboratory, a factory, and a brutal crime scene.

There were Ravenclaws all over, wearing lab coats if they bothered with clothes (skimpy Halloween type ones, with significant skin showing), goggles and gloves, playing with test tubes and lasers, and modifying broomsticks to give them an edge. Some had guns packed into the front, nets, even explosives for kamikaze runs, as well as a few more exotic toys.

One little Ravenclaw messing with different chemicals was engulfed in a blue cloud of smoke and started to scream as it ate through her surface, dissolving clothes and outer layers of skin, blinding her, and when she fell to her knees shrieking, she inhaled it and died in silent agony as it ate her lungs. A tall girl in a special suit, holding a vacuum walked over and sucked up the remaining gas. The other two girls who had been working on it looked at each other and grinned “Well THAT will do the trick!” one exclaimed. They made more of the mixture and carefully cooled and stored it in liquid form to drop on the other team. Gryffindor would fly in with swords and spears, Ravenclaw athletes were not as fast or brawny, they had to fight smart.

Maureen was sitting over in the corner with her girlfriend in her lap. The captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, Maureen was just beautiful. She was athletic, but not on the level of some of the other Quidditch players, even in her own house. She was tall, fit, but slender, with modest breasts and the clearest green eyes. What people noticed most was her smile, warm and welcoming, and she acted as a counselor for a lot of the girls who hadn’t been quite ready to come on a big adventure like this school, or had nightmares, or had just lost a girlfriend, or anything else. She just had that was presence that people trusted. She was not the captain because she was the best player, she was the captain because she understood what her players needed, and they would follow her into Hell.

Maureen was in her 7th year, which was virtually unheard of. Girls technically COULD graduate from Hogwarts, but the school had been open for 40 years and had two graduates. She had been team captain for 3 years, and rumor had it that the Gryffindor team was gunning for her. She had caused the death of their captain in the final game of the previous season, and they wanted revenge. Maureen didn’t mind, she had been like most girls to come here, she was excited, she loved the quirky classes and the sense of family with her House, but the idea of survival had never been one she took seriously. She had been surprised to live this long, then had just started to think she might live to graduation. Then the rumor floated around, and Maureen was back to being pretty sure that this was her last game. Truth be told, she liked it better this way. Graduation and a life ahead of her were ideas that brought too many possibilities, too many choices. Maureen didn’t especially WANT to be an adult, that seemed more daunting than death. To that end, she had decided to take out another captain and requested an exploding broom for the game. No matter what Gryffindor did, it would be her last.

When she had announced this decision, it had been greeted with much sadness. Maureen was technically as disposable as any of them, but she would actually be missed by more than her closest friends. When she had brought it up, her girlfriend, a 15 year old Hufflepuff named Helga had been inconsolable. Helga was not really a loli anymore, but her heart was very young. She was adorable, blonde with big blue eyes and pigtails. She was chubby and even though she had the face and spirit of a child and most people just wanted to hug her, she had some of the best tits and ass in the school. She wore sweatpants and hoodies whenever possible, because like all Hufflepuffs, she prioritized comfort over showing off. That did NOT make her a prude, some of these towers were just a little chilly after the warm, cookie-sented Hufflepuff Tower. She was on a couch with Maureen, the two of them making out, with Maureen’s hand up Helga’s hoodie, squeezing her large breast.

Helga had been so sad when Maureen decided not to survive the game. She cried and tried to talk Maureen out of it, and wondered what her own future would be like. Their relationship was very open, and Helga couldn’t stand the idea of another student taking her as a pet, especially one of those awful Gryffindors, looking to have her as a prize! Helga thought just for a moment that she would rather die than be paraded back to Gryffindor Tower as the spoils of war, the lover of a vanquished opponent.

Once she had that thought, Helga had pondered it for another minute and it all fell into place. If Maureen was not going to survive past this game, neither would Helga, problem solved! She went over to the group of Ravenclaws who were always creating new culinary toys, she said she wanted to volunteer to be the feast the night before the game and asked if they had anything they had been wanting to try out? Maureen had objected at first, to the death of her girlfriend and to her being the test subject for something that might really hurt, but Helga had talked to her. The way Helga saw it, Hufflepuff wasn’t really a house, just a collection of pets and playthings and living pillows. They had a long tradition of being unwitting test subjects of devices whipped out by other Houses during class, her volunteering was just the Hufflepuff thing to do. She told Maureen about her fears of being taken by Gryffindor and said that it was this or Helga would jump from the top of the tower.

Maureen had obviously relented, she couldn’t say no to that face, and Helga’s concerns were very valid. Maureen remembered the day after the Slytherin head of House had been killed in a ‘wizards duel’, basically two girls with vaguely magical looking staffs using them as quarterstaffs. No sooner had the Gryffindor fighter shoved their stave so far up the ass of the Slytherin champion that it came out her mouth than the Hufflepuff the loser had been fond of had been grabbed and dragged to Gryffindor Tower, her screams had been heard for a full day, and when they had disposed of her remains, it looked like they had carved off slices of meat from the living girl. Nope, Helga was NOT going to outlive her lover and guardian.

And so it went that Helga had made her offer three days prior, and the culinary nerds had been DELIGHTED! They hadn’t told her what all they wanted to use, but there was one thing in particular that they and the chemists had worked together on and wanted to try, They had given Helga a pill and she had taken it without question. Because really, she was going to be dead in a couple days, what was the WORST thing that could happen? They had been giggling as she took it, but helga was happy to play their game. Within an hour, her boobs had started to feel very sensitive, then right at the cusp of being actively sore an hour after that. She had found a mirror to check, and her areolas, which had previously almost blended with the pale globes on her chest and definitely been ‘ghosts’ were now much darker. Helga couldn’t be sure at first, she had always been generously endowed, but they seemed larger. Three hours after the pill, they were definitely bigger, and then Helga started lactating, milk droplets forming almost constantly on her nipples and staining her hoodie, much to her confusion and then amusement.

The little Ravenclaw chefs didn’t actually know if the effects of the pill would wear off or were permanent, they had been looking for a test subject who knew the day of their death in advance so they would have time to observe, but not so long that it would bother them. So Helga had been leaking for three days and thinking it was pretty funny the entire time. Her tits were sore, and they bruised VERY easily, but everybody wanted to suck on them, get a taste of her sweet, creamy milk, and that was nice. Soon enough, every girl in Ravenclaw found herself with bigger tits, actively lactating. They all laughed it off for now, but the culinary nerds were told on no uncertain terms that if it didn’t stop in a week, they would be punished, it would ruin their shirts if they kept leaking like this! Helga thought it was all hilarious, and the wannabe mad scientists assured her that the milk cooking into her would make her meat the sweetest any girl had ever produced. She didn’t care if it lasted forever, that was like two days.

Another side effect (as the pill and now the milk Helga produced seemed to have strong hormonal components) was that Ravenclaw, once the least sex obsessed House (meaning most of them only got laid 4-5 times a week) devolved into basically just a running orgy. They sucked and fucked and the whole House was a pile of happy flesh for two solid days. There were a few fatalities, a few mid-orgasm mishaps with gas and lasers and such, but it was so much fun! But a few of them kept their wits about them enough to remember that it couldn’t last forever.

At the end of the second day, the culinary nerds knew they needed to move on. It took a lot of prompting to get everyone back on track, everyone was pleasantly exhausted, one younger girl did curl up for a nap in the corner and not wake because her heart gave out. But the rest helped usher a flushed and sweating and HAPPY Helga into the kitchen. There were lots of hugs and kisses, and milk from quite a few leaking teats clung to her skin. Helga felt so incredibly loved which was all the sweetheart Hufflepuff could ever really remember wanting.

They started off pretty traditional, laying her out in a large baking pan designed specifically to hold a girl, and they trussed her like a turkey, her arms pressed in to enhance her already phenomenal breasts, and all holes exposed. Nothing too Ravenclaw about it yet, this was just the poster for every lighthearted family holiday movie, including the Potter Christmas special, in which Luna had lost her job and her friends had been kind enough to roast her. They were such good friends to help her figure out her next (and last) move like that, Helga adored that movie.. Then the nerds rolled in some large machines and they got more on theme.

The first machine extended robotic arms and took a knife, slicing vegetables and letting them rain down on the girl as they rolled up what looked like a vacuum cleaner. Helga cried out in shock as the end was shoved into her pussy. She and it were both well lubricated, hut it was still fast and sudden and hurt like a witch! And that was nothing compared to when it started pumping stuffing in her. Helga was not a masochist, she was a teddy bear, and she started to cry as her body was pumped full of stuffing and her belly expanded painfully. The nerds seemed to realize that they and their machines had been too rough and moved on to a butter rub, which helped Helga stop crying and enjoy the intimacy. One girl squeezed Helga’s aching boobs and they all laughed as they squirted milk in the air.

One nerd got an odd device with large suction cups and tubes, placing them over Helga’s nipples. They started pumping and Helga watched with wide eyes as the comical amounts of milk flowed through the tubes and pooled around her body for her to cook in. Then came a liberal sprinkling of spices, which made her sneeze, and the prep was basically done. One of the nerds pushed a button which made the pan vibrate pleasantly, and after a juicy apple was placed in her mouth, four girls helped get Helga into the oven.

Helga shivered as the door closed. Not in cold, the oven was already warmer than the room outside, but out of a fear she hadn’t expected to feel. This was really it. Helga hadn’t changed her mind, she didn’t want to back out, but it was all feeling more real. She had gotten her last hug, her last kiss, her last human contact in this lifetime. She wasn’t afraid to die, but she was a Hufflepuff, her entire life had been spent being super affection, and receiving affection in turn. To be suddenly cut off from that, with no hand to hold, it was intimidating. But the oven was heating up now, Helga could feel her heart beating more slowly, she struggled to breathe, and her thoughts slowed to a crawl. She didn’t have the last thought she had expected, hoping that they would enjoy her meat. She thought of Maureen, of the wonderful nights with her lover. She hoped that the Ravenclaw girl would die painlessly, and she hoped to wait for her on the other side. Helga closed her eyes, drifting away dreaming of a hug.

Hours later, Helga was pulled out of the oven and served. Her meat was obscenely sweet and juicy. The nerds had documented every step, their methods were going to be the talk of the school. They were congratulated on their success as Helga’s bones were picked clean, each bite sweeter and more tender than the last. There were some final warnings about how they would be flayed with lasers if the lactation didn’t stop in a few days, but they also had their pick of bedmates for that last night before the game. Maureen took one for the last night of her life, and as she gently snuggled the biologically 13 year old, Maureen fell asleep and dreamt of Helga.


Wow that was brilliant - so cute and funny too! I love how fatal accidents are treated as casually as a dropped mug! lol

Maureen's descision to "go out with a bang" put me in mind of a story I read ages ago about a school with a fairly high mortality rate for it's female students where a goth girl, having survived to the age where she can no longer be "executed", volunteers to be snuffed at a pep rally as a "fuck you" to her parents who want her to go on and be a high achiever!


File: 1572324700829.jpg (462.09 KB, 910x1200, 471350949edb17ae5f8a2dc7fd….jpg)

Okay, this is going out of chronological order just so I can get the first bit of this posted before Halloween. This takes place a year or so after the Ravenclaw portion, and it's gotten really long. i have a lot more written, Halloween will be 2-3 posts and go well into November, which feels like an epic fail, lol.

when i am finished with the series, i will post it in a new thread i correct chronological order
All ‘older’ Slytherins are assumed to be 5th years, survivors of the excitement surrounding the Quidditch game)

Halloween at Hogwarts

The Slytherin girls were all scurrying around inside and outside of the tower, adjusting lights, checking fog machines, making sure each room had a candy bowl or a deadly surprise. Halloween was the BEST day of the entire year, and their House always made it memorable. Halloween at Hogwarts had been a very quiet affair the previous year because of the drama surrounding that Quidditch game, that just meant that the students, ESPECIALLY the Slytherins, the House that most embraced lived in a spooky castle with a magic theme, wanted to make it special.

Their maze through the tower was deadlier than anything JK Rowling had ever come up with, Tiffany yelped, then giggled as the crossbow with the black and orange fletched quarrel she was loading mii=sfired. “Look out!” she called. There was a pained cry and Jessica slumped to her knees, looking at the quarrel sticking out of her belly “Sorry!” called Tiffany, then the small blonde tomboy went back to work, rigging a generator to a doorbell for an electric shock that SHOULD stop a heart, whistling ‘This is Halloween’ like nothing had happened. Jessica cried out “Someone help me!” and to her surprise, Liz did wander over.

The tall muscular girl had been using a large hammer to drive spikes and hang cages from the ceiling. The cages had skeletons in them. What they had done in previous years was have live girls just playing the part of tortured prisoners, but after they had lost the key the previous year, they had just packed the cages in the attic with the pleading girls still inside. Come back a year later and do just a little work on them, presto, skeletons! Liz had been working to hang them, securing the chains with heavy spikes driven into the mortar when she heard the ‘accident’. Jessica and Tiffany had broken up a few weeks earlier, so Liz didn’t actually think it was an accident, but she also didn’t actually care.

Liz went over to Jessica and got the pretty brown girl up against the wall…..then took her large hammer and started pounding on the crossbow bolt. Jessica cried out in pain and protest, but that all stopped when it severed her spine and nailed her to the wall, mostly paralyzed. She was still alive, with her eyes moving, just as Liz had hoped, it made for a very creepy effect. Slytherin was more than just the sadomasochist house, they embraced the magical trappings to this whole game more than anyone else. They made their punch in cauldrons, the TV remote looked like a wand, every picture had eyes that followed you, and everyone was like 90% sure their tower was haunted. They had the owls and the pet rats, an apparent corpse ‘killed’ by an antique weapon was very much in keeping with their vibe

Liz went back to setting up the cages until the large bell in the top of the tower started clanging “Aubrey, your Hufflepuffs are here!” Up in her room, the Clone of Aubrey Plaza (April from Parks and Rec) checked one last time to make sure her vampire dominatrix outfit was all correct, and allowed herself of enormous private smile. Halloween week was her favorite week of the year, specifically because the munchkins came to play with her. Hufflepuff would send a handful of volunteers and she would kill them or set their deaths in motion for the decor. They were all happy to come (or about to be punished and using this to escape a worse fate) but they loved how on theme she was and they always had fun. Aubrey carefully resumed her ‘simmering anger’ expression before heading downstairs. It was an open secret among Slytherins that she really loved this event and counted down the days each year, but she had a reputation to maintain.

Aubrey was almost skipping down the hall, stopping and assuming a menacing stride as soon as people could see her. She walked down the stone staircase and opened the door, putting on her best Dracula voice and as she opened the doors, the speakers sent an evil cackle through the room, and at the thunderclap at the end, end said “Good evening, my honored guests” all in that goofy accent. She was greeted with the sight of a dozen girls, appearing to be biologically 10-19, but all first and second year students, chronologically no more than four or five years old. They were all dressed up, princesses and superheroes and witches, and two little wise-asses up front, one dressed as a pirate with a noose already tied around her neck, and one dressed as a French noble with a dotted line drawn on her neck in marker, ‘cut here’ scrawled on her windpipe. They all had big smiles and in unison yelled “Trick or treat!” and Aubrey ushered them all inside.

“I love your costumes” Aubrey said in her regular trademark expressionless tone. The girls were all smiling and giggly. Not all of them were lolis, but it didn’t matter. Aubrey hated Gryffindor, Slytherin and even Ravenclaw lolis as much as she hated anyone else, they knew she just had a soft spot for HUFFLEPUFFS. Hufflepuffs were sweet and goofy and just pure, they wanted to have a good time and make people happy. Aubrey didn’t like people because she didn’t trust people, but Hufflepuffs had no secrets. What they were thinking, what they wanted, it was written all over their faces. Aubrey also had confidence issues and anxiety. A number of her Hufflepuff lovers had died over the years, but she had never been dumped or cheated on by the little rays of Hogwarts sunshine. Aubrey ushered them all into her room to see what she was working with.


This seems like lots of fun! I audibly snorted reading how they made the hanging skeleton props and Mmmmmm… Aubrey Plaza…. *Homer drool*



I like it. The concept of having other (non-HP connected) celebrity clones attending is interesting. Is there any chance of clones of the HP actors as well, like a limit of one Emma Watson clone at a time attending but when she dies there could be another (leading to many mashups of the 'main' character's ages, like an older Ginny cuddling a younger Hermione).

I'm trying to finish one of my own full length stories but you've tempted me to think about some kind of halloween drabble if I could do it in time.


Oh there will DEFINITELY be Clones of the cast! I have plans to use one in this portion, and then I have plans for at least two more in later installments. that Ginny/Hermione idea sounds super cute, I may have to do age swapping. there's only one of them that I feel played a Hufflepuff they way I want to show them, but Hermione making an appearance was one of the first things i wanted to do with this world, it's just been delayed :) <3

you should definitely do that! I bet you could come u with something fun for it!

I love Halloween on Gurochan, the themes just fit so well, haha.


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Life has been a bitch and it slowed me down, but i'm still writing! next (and probably final Halloween) installment will be quicker

“Alright girls, Happy Day Before Halloween!” Aubrey dropped her mean act as soon as the door was closed, earning laughter from the girls. She pulled out a (very real) skull full of candy “Dig in!” She looked over the girls, smiling at their delight at the impending sugar rush, and looked them over, running a mental checklist of what she needed. She was Head of House, and it came with a pretty sweet room, more of an apartment. “Okay, so the TV is over here, voice activated, popcorn in the cupboard, help yourselves to whatever. I’ve got the pile of scary DVDs. I want to give each of you the time and attention you deserve, so some of you may be here a while, I hope you didn’t make plans for the rest of the day” she winked

Aubrey looked over her group, her demeanor cool and fairly emotionless, like a scientist, but not unkind “ Let’s see, let’s see…..ooh, definitely Luna, come on honey.” The Clone of Evanna Lynch/Luna Lovegood beamed. She had been feeling inadequate in this group, she considered many of these girls to be prettier than her, it felt really good to be picked first. The rest of the girls got snacks and set up a movie. Evanna hesitated for just a moment to savor this, prompting Aubrey to unclip a large paddle from her belt and give the lovable airhead a firm smack on the ass and bark “MOVE IT!” Evanna worried that she had upset Aubrey and might not be allowed to participate in the party, but Aubrey winked at her. Evanna sighed in relief and scurried to keep up.

They went to Aubrey’s bedroom, where the older girl locked the door and barked “Strip!” grabbing a small whip from the bed and cracking it. Evanna’s stunning blue eyes sparkled mischeivously and she started to rock her hips. She was dressed in a movie-accurate Hogwarts student costume. You wouldn’t have thought that it would count as a costume here, but the school didn’t require or distribute them, and most students wore sweatpants or gym outfits or nothing at all, so it was as noteworthy as any superhero. Evanna continued to sway, never breaking eye contact. The pieces of the outfit fell away, revealing more and more of her ‘seriously, has this girl ever been NEAR sunlight?’ pale skin. When her ‘ghost’ nipples were finally exposed, Aubrey couldn’t help it, she had to touch the soft Hufflepuff.

She wanted to caress Evanna, kiss her slowly make her shiver and sigh and slowly work her way to simultaneous orgasms. But that wasn’t what was expected of her as a Slytherin, and they didn’t have long enough until the festivities for Aubrey to take that kind of time with each girl. So she did the next best thing. Aubrey pushed Evanna down, and started finger fucking her. Two fingers, then three inside the girl, hooking to tug on her inner walls, causing the Irish-girl-modeled Clone to cry out in pain and shock, then screaming in time with the rough motions “Oh Aubrey, oh Aubrey, April…. AAAAHHHH!!!!” she screamed loud enough for the girls on the other side of the heavy wooden door and down the hall to hear her over the screams of the girl in their movie.

Aubrey smirked as Evanna squirted warm juices all over her hand, her pussy spasming wildly, then loosening and relaxing around her hand as her plaything tried to catch her breath. Evanna normally hated that kind of sex, but between Aubrey being so much better and Evanna being in a headspace where she knew she wasn’t going to live, it worked for her. Aubrey was glad the girl was happy, but it WAS more about that post-orgasmic relaxing, loosening of the muscles. She retrieved a toy from under the bed.

Evanna saw Aubrey reach under the bed and heard a heavy scraping. Propping herself up on one elbow, she got a look “Wait, WHAT??” she exclaimed. Aubrey smirked “more Vlad than Donner Party Catering, do you like it?” Evanna looked at the spit…no, this wasn’t a spit, this was a SKEWER! 3 meters of blood-darkened steel, with a jagged tip. Evanna looked at Aubrey “I don’t get it?” Aubrey pulled a book about Vlad the impaler from her shelf and flipped to a page with pictures “See, like this. It’s a kids book so it’s not all accurate, but you get the idea. Remember that silly Cannibal Holocuast movie? Same idea. It’s for display, not cooking”. Seeing the look of horror on Evanna’s already pale face, Aubrey hurriedly assured her “Don’t worry, we would obviously cook you later” and the Clone did relax.

“Okay, what do I do?” Evanna asked “Just lie back, I’ll take care of everything” the blonde did as she was told and Aubrey lined up the point using a special setup to help with the weight, placing the tip at the still wet pussy she had been wrist deep in moments earlier. Evanna giggled, seeming to have a funny thought “I wonder if they will do this to me in Hell?” Aubrey gave her a look “Why would you go to Hell?” “Because I’m a witch!” the idea amused Evanna so much, Aubrey didn’t get it, but she humored the girl with a laugh. Then she eased the skewer inside her decoration to be.

Evanna gasped, not in pain, she was still loosened up enough to not be suffering “It’s cold” she said, seemingly surprised that this crude length of iron didn’t provide the perks of the self-warming spits in the kitchens. Aubrey decided to play with her fantasies “Don’t worry, hell is nice and warm!” which gave Evanna a case of the giggles….which were cut off when Aubrey got a two step start and shoved the skewer up. Evanna didn’t get to scream, there were a number of ugly squishes and crunches, and blood immediately started to flow from her pussy and along the metal….and onto the bed, Aubrey REALLY wished she hadn’t done this on her bed. Evanna touched her crotch with a shaking hand, already in shock. She looked at her bloody fingertips and tried to make a joke, probably about the menstrual cycle Clones didn’t have, but her teeth were chattering too badly, and her chest was shuddering so hard that Aubrey was pretty sure she couldn’t breathe.

Another push, and the skewer ruptured a lung and her heart. Evanna locked up for a moment, then coughed. It didn’t sound like much, but the effects were dramatic. She coughed up blood, blood came out of every orifice. Eyes, ears, nose, Aubrey didn’t see how there could be ANY blood inside of the girl and not on her alabaster skin or on the comically ruined bed. Her whole face and chest were soaked in it. Aubrey had been at this school for several years and never seen a mess half this bad, not even after the Quidditch game the previous year. Still, her job wasn’t done. Evanna was a corpse for sure, hut not fully impaled. One more push and instead of coming out her mouth like it would with a proper guided spit, it emerged from her neck.

Aubrey loaded the display onto a cart and enlisted a couple other girls to help her get it displayed. She would need to find a bedmate to share with, but it was worth it. There was a lot left to do, but Evanna would definitely be the best decoration in the castle.


Well dayum! ;-)


I heard there was a court case because too many people believed "Cannibal Holocaust" was real so the makers had to demonstrate how the impaling was faked! Apparently it involved the "victim" sitting on a bicycle saddle on the end of a pole then holding another pole in her mouth! lol


Hmm, it is all nice scenery but I am having problems in understanding the plot of this story and what is going on.

I think characters should talk a bit more about what they are doing and why.


Onix, they are decorating for Halloween. think of it like the Dolcett palace Splyf wrote, it's all the scary, gory trappings of a haunted house, but it's all real. next update is the last Halloween one, should hopefull make it all clear, have it come together


also i have no idea if it's an actual thing that happens, but if any artists like my stuff and would like to talk about a customized story in trade for illustrations, that would definitely be cool :)


What's confusing you? The class are decorating their part of the school for Halloween using VERY realistic decorations! Hehe


well, I finally understood it in the end but it would be better if girls had some more talking about their goal and maybe later some discussion about that new decoration

If that is a hint that you want me to make some pictures for your stories, yes, that's possible but as I mentioned on another thread there are some rules for that.

Mostly that you must tell me what you want to see, and there are some technical preferences and limitations.
I like discussing stories and characters. Although it may get too psychological ;)
I do not really have requests for custom stories it is more fun to work on one story together.


no moral, no lesson, my politics don't have any role. I've just been sicker than Hell, bored of the Harry Potter stuff (probably coming back, just a break from it) and I had this idea for something real short. a few one-shots will hopefully get me active again. now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to lying in bed with a virus that makes me envy Amber :P

One of the boys

Amber just wanted to be one of the boys. She wasn’t unhappy being a girl, there were certain advantages, ways to get HER way, but most of the time, she wanted to be like the boys. She kept her hair short, even as a little kid. She ran around with the boys, playing in the dirt, kicking a ball, getting into spitting contests and telling dirty jokes. She pulled pranks with them and got detention with them.

At first, the boys didn’t like ‘one of the girls’ getting in on all of their stuff, they thought they had to act differently around her, or go easy on her, and they resented her for that. But after a little practice, Amber started to beat them at video games, at sports, at spitting. Not in a Mary Sue way, she wasn’t MUCH better, she wasn’t ALWAYS better, but she heard the laughter, she played twice as hard, she stayed in the yard all night pitching, she drove those video game cars until her fingers bled, and she learned to hold her own. When this happened, they started to respect her, treat her as one of the gang.

As they got older, Amber was still one of the boys. Her hips widened more, and her breasts grew large and heavy and mouthwatering (and she had no shyness or reservations about letting her friends see them, nor was she above whipping her shirt off when a distraction was a competitive advantage), but she was still one of the boys in all the ways she cared about. She was the first girl on many of the sports teams, and when her school won the big game and the cheerleaders were fawning all over the boys, she took a cheerleader upstairs and put a sock on the door, just like the boys.

Eventually, it was time for university. Amber had gotten an athletic scholarship just like many of her friends, and the group stayed together, partying and competing, and taking that one political philosophy class that made them feel like badass anarchists. When the government corruption was too much to bear and it was overthrown, they cheered it and debated it in class. When the government cracked down and took away many liberties, she protested in the streets, just like the boys. She had a weapon, just like the boys, and when the protest turned into a riot and then a massacre, she was arrested with the boys.

She had her head shaved, just like the other boys, and she stood trial with them. She was convicted, just like the rest of the boys, and they were all raped repeatedly in prison. Amber and the boys were athletic in the outside world, but they were all prison bitches in here.

Then one day, the appeals ran out, and they were all taken outside, Amber and the other boys. She dug a mass grave with them, she knelt with them, and a moment after she felt the cold gun against her head, her body with half her skull blown away tumbled into the hole, no different from the boys.


Short but sweet. I've always had a thing for tomboys with short hair too.


Nice to see you again.
Or I started to worry that you are going to leave too ;)

That was the most straightforward story ever LOL
I suppose Amber is Transgender ?


thanks anonymous! I married one, so yeah, I am pretty fond of them <3

lol Onix, I'm not going anywhere.

yeah, I wanted to see if I could do something short and to the point, while not feeling like just one installment of something bigger. I took a break because i have been REALLY burned out on the long running stories, gonna do a couple short one-shots :)

Amber isn't meant to be transgender, she is based more on my tomboy wife. happy in her body, just more….not butch exactly, that's not the right word, but tomboy.

but if anyone wants to read her as transgender, go nuts, I just put it out there, how you read into it is up to you <3 although i DO have one story with an explicitly trans character done in rough draft, might post it later if I finish

thanks for a positive view of this! quick and simple might be something for me to explore :)


Don't take everything I say too literally. it is just one of the theories as usual ;) because mentioned that "she wanted to be like the boys" and taking a bit too much effort top to prove that.

Although after all of that, It looks like you just write the biography of famous Nadia Savchenko from Ukraine. Russians labeled her "biological weapon". LOL

It will be interesting to see your story with a real transgender character


haha, I had never heard of her before, but there is something to that!

I don't take offense to much of anything, i just think maybe a bit too much about this stuff, figuring out the details, lol

and that is coming next, because this got me in the mood to finish it! :)


please go easy. I had an idea and did it in 15 minutes at 1's not good, just on theme. anyway, happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! it won't be as good as a loli, but may the food and fun be plentiful!


Little Sasha wiggled against the twine holding her in place, to no avail. The oven was dark and warming up, and her belly hurt so much from having her insides removed and the gap packed with stuffing. There was a cucumber that stretched her anus mercilessly, and the carrot in her cute preteen pussy had broken her hymen just a few minutes earlier. The apple in her mouth pushed her jaw far enough to hurt.

Sasha wasn’t old enough to have a firm grasp on the limits of the human body, it didn’t occur to her that she shouldn’t be alive, that when she had been woken that morning to her parents slicing her open, that should have been lights out. If she understood that, she’d have wished it to be so. But the drug in her dinner last night made her functionally immortal until it wore off, she had easily an hour of misery left, and it had not been that great of a day already.

Sasha didn’t hate her parents, didn’t hate them for cutting her open, defiling her in so many ways, for inflicting all of this pain, she was too confused, she couldn’t process. She just wanted to be rescued, pulled out of here and hugged. She wanted Mommy, who had Sasha’s liver in hand the last the girl had noticed. As it was, all Sasha could do was lie there and cry, breathing in the air that steadily heated until every breath seared her lungs. All of this in the pitch black of the cast iron oven, for the girl who slept with a nightlight.

Eventually the drug wore off and Sasha was allowed to find peace, not before being able to smell her own flesh and experience blindness and deafness when the heat killed nerves. Unaware and indifferent to the suffering of their daughter, the Mables had a delicious meal and were thankful for their many blessings. Right near the top was, with Frozen 2 out, they would be able to have the one thing they had asked their daughter for. One single goddamn waking hour without hearing ‘Let it Go’. Mr. Mable was glad that cannibalism was legal now and they could kill Sasha without being arrested and even get meat out of it, but even if neither of those had been true, he was 3 performances of that song from killing her regardless. One thing was certain as they ate Sasha and looked at the blizzard outside, the cold certainly didn’t bother her today.


Ha! Dark but it sounds like she had it coming!


Harsh but fair I'd say!


Oh, so cannibalism is legal again LOL
But I guess this time you are aiming for the record of cruelty :)


lol, I was feeling mean when I wrote it, and I'm glad it seemed to work for people :) the shorter ones are a lot of fun, and easier on my attention span than the long stuff

but Onix, cannibalism was only ever banned in the stuff Edward did? I have never tried to have continuity beyond a single story


I think anyone who has or has met a child can relate to the final paragraph!

Major holidays are not a good time to be a kid in your stories huh?


haha, it's true! I actually noticed that while i was writing, i think i might have to do an actual holiday series!


Maybe a series based on Saints days where kids and teens are killed in the style of that saint's martyrdom?


Globally on the gurochan, you are the first person writing cannibalism themed story after that event ;)

I did not notice that holidays are some different from regular days.


btw I actually follow holidays only for new hentai art/stories ^^


The Hogwarts stuff seemed moderately popular. I gave up on the timeline I was building, but I did get this done. I just wanted to write SOMETHING. Hopefully I never posted a draft of it before?

The clone of Miley Cyrus looked around the Gryffindor common room, smiling at the laughter and screams and sounds of power tools. They had just won the Quidditch game against Ravenclaw (leaving only half of their team dead, as opposed to three quarters of the other team, which was really used to determine the winner more than the score was) and Gryffindor House was celebrating. Most of the small amount of clothing on display was their trademark gold and scarlet of their House, but there was a bit of Ravenclaw blue and silver.

As was school tradition, Gryffindor had taken the cheerleaders of their rivals at the end of the game. The girls were being fucked mercilessly, a revolving line of girls took advantage of them with a dizzying array of toys. They would be beaten and broken, and they would all be cute little corpses by the morning, but none of it was meanspirited. There were plenty of friendships between the houses, it was just the nature of the game. The victors had the right to their spoils, and when you signed up to be a cheerleader, you agreed to be those spoils. No team had ever gone undefeated all semester, at least the first round cheerleading squad knew that their deaths were just a fact. Most of the squad was being taken by at least 3 girls at once, half of them were being whipped or beaten, and there were no hard feelings.

Darla, the Gryffindor team captain, a tall girl with an 8-pack, thighs that HAD been used to snap the neck of more than one girl eating her out, and enormous breasts came up, holding a brand, with a Gryffindor lion glowing red hot at the end. Four of her teammates restrained one of the cheerleaders, each holding a limb. The girl had a ball gag in her mouth, she was struggling and mumbling her protests. She and Darla were friends, there was no malice, and this was all fair game, but this was happening. She wasn’t mad at Darla, but she really wished that they could have just impaled her or something, almost every girl who didn’t fear branding was in Slytherin.

Darla pressed the brand into the cheerleaders toned belly, there was a sizzling sound, accompanied by the muffled screams of the cheerleader and the laughter of the athletes. They hauled the girl to her feet, pointing at the roaring lion with charred outlines in her skin, chanting “ONE OF US, ONE OF US ''. There was a round of applause, and the cheerleader, sweating from the pain, took an unsteady, playful bow. Miley was grinning ear to ear. She was biologically (Hannah Montana first season) and she loved bacon, which was the smell branded belly made and sent wafting across the room. She was younger and smaller than most of her classmates, more of a mascot or a pet, but after only a few weeks, she had a reputation for proper Gryffindor reckless enthusiasm, whether it was eating out anyone who wanted the use of her skilled little tongue, or running a three legged race across a minefield. She had been programmed with a ticking time bio-bomb that would cause a fatal stroke before graduation, but she had no idea when, so Miley lived each day like she might die in her sleep, she had no interest in doing that. She was a Gryffindor, she was gonna die doing something fun!

She wandered over to watch Tina and Tammy, who were twins. Someone had brought out a couple swords, which had led to the sisters both joking around about their skills, and how if there were a dragon, they would be the brave student able to slay it. Then there had been some playful trash talk, and now they were dueling. One of them would be the skilled champion of Gryffindor House, the other would be meat. They laughed and teased each other as they ran around, swinging the long, deadly sharp blades at each other “Too slow! You’ll never kill a dragon like that!” and “What kind of parry is that?” They fought to the edge of the crowd, most of whom were smart and quick enough to back away. Tammy lunged and swung hard and wide, a move she must have seen in some anime, it looked pretty silly. Tina dove under the blade and rolled, coming back up several feet away. A cute chubby Hufflepuff who had been coming over to get a drink for a girl she had a crush on was not so lucky. Her body fell to its knees, with her pigtailed head falling off her shoulders a moment later. The sudden, clean decapitation stunned most of the group, who burst into laughter and applause again. Tammy did hesitate, Tina did not.

As she came up from dodging the blow that should have taken HER head, Tina rounded on her sister again, and before the fate of the Hufflepuff had fully registered, she had driven her own blade completely through her sister. Tammy looked down, seeing the blade sticking a foot out of her chest. Tina pulled it out with a wet sound, and circled to stand in front of her sister, blade dripping blood. Miley was masturbating eagerly, gladiator fights were SO hot. Tammy looked up at her sister, on her knees and bleeding heavily, already going into shock “You cheated!” Tina shrugged, did a little spin and blew her sister a kiss “Well, most heroes don’t beat the dragon in a FAIR fight!” Tammy considered that for a moment, and grinned with blood rising and coming from the corner of her mouth “Yeah, you’re probably right” and chuckled before coughing up blood. Tina didn’t want to let her sister longer than she needed to, so she lined up and drove the sword between Tammy’s perfect tits, Tammy exhaled once and slumped dead.

At the moment the sword pierced Tammy for the second time, Miley went over the edge, crying out LOUDLY as her orgasm hit. She sank to her knees, rubbing furiously, reveling in the intensity, moaning the whole time, momentarily oblivious to the other students all around her. Miley squirted, and her eyes rolled into her head as she shuddered from repeated waves of bliss, her pussy spasming around the fingers buried inside. When she finally came down, she was aware that all of Gryffindor House was cheering her on, cheering and laughing and whistling, amused and delighted at the antics and pleasure of their mascot, who most viewed as more of a pet than a classmate.

Miley blushed crimson as she came back, she curled up into a ball, biting her lip and trying not to cry from the humiliation. But after a moment, she realized something. There was no name calling, no shaming, they all seemed happy for her, the laughter felt like it was supposed to be WITH her, not at her. This wasn’t Ravenclaw where they were supposed to be more composed, this was Gryffindor, and her ecstasy had been a great show, exactly what they were all about!

Miley decided to go with it. She uncurled and stood, prompting new cheers. She pumped her fists in the air, then lowered one, spreading her pussy for the crowd. She went over to Tammy and grabbed a fistful of the corpse’s hair, raising her up and pushing the face of the dead girl to her crotch. There was obviously no tongue movement and it didn’t do anything for Miley, but it drove the crowd wild and made her feel so ALIVE!! She worried for a moment that Tina might be offended, but the twin of the corpse she was molesting was doubled over, laughing harder than anyone.

Darla, the Quidditch captain with the body that seemed like it belonged on the cover of a sexploitation comic book, with the washboard abs and mammoth tits, laughed and pointed “ I’ll have what she’s having!” the girl joked. Miley was feeling pretty fearless, she figured, what was the worst that could happen? She dropped Tammy and crossed the room to Darla in a few determined strides. Her peers went absolutely nuts as the tiny child pushed the Amazon down on the nearest couch, a real push, like she was in charge. Darla had a quarter second where she was going to rise and BEAT Miley to death, but it faded almost immediately to amusement. Her reputation was secure, there was no harm in playing along.

Miley dropped to her knees and everyone laughed again as she forcefully spread Darla’s legs and they realized that she planned to follow those joking instructions and give the older girl what she had been having! It was not the first time Miley had eaten Darla out (although the first time outside of a bedroom or closet) and Darla thought she knew what to expect, an effective, but mostly playful job by a girl who was just eager to please, and hoped to be rewarded with a cuddle, maybe even a kiss. That was not what she got, Miley was like some tiny dominatrix, she was going to TAKE what she wanted. She started off wanting pussy, so she buried herself in there, tongue and lips and fingers, leaving Darla soaked in moments, aroused as much by the novel experience as the actions of the moderately skilled and experienced loli.

She brought Darla to a loud, dramatic orgasm, which was what Miley wanted. She clambered up and straddled the older girl, right in her lap and she raised her fist to the crowd again. Then Miley wanted boobies. Her own chest was very nearly flat, just starting to bud, and she knew from pictures of the original that they would never be large. But Darla had plenty for both of them, and Miley took advantage of what she saw in the moment as her own property. Weighing, squeezing, pinching and pulling and licking and sucking and mauling, they would be bruised all over in the morning.

Miley still wanted one more thing, a big finish. But what she wanted specifically, Miley couldn’t just take. She leaned to Darla’s ear and whispered. The older girl had lost count of her orgsms, they were unrelenting, and she was a little cum drunk, but she listened intently and nodded eagerly. Miley returned back between Darla’s legs and got back to work, until Darla wrapped her legs around the small girl. Miley hesitated only for a moment, then raised her fist again and started fist pumping. Darla grinned, the enthusiasm was adorable. She started pumping her own fist and chanting “Miley, Miley, Miley!” motioning for the crowd to join her. They were basically feral at this point, there was too much adrenaline, too many hormones, the Gryffindor common room resembled something in between an orgy and a riot. They started pumping their fists and chanting as well.

With her face buried in the crotch of the most popular and (in her opinion) beautiful girl in the school, Miley couldn’t speak or see her friends, but she could hear them, chanting her name and cheering wildly, Miley LOVED this school! Her little heart was racing, pounding harder than it ever had before, she kept her fist pumping, and if anyone in the room hadn’t been basically drugged by the chaotic atmosphere, they might have noticed how badly her fist and really her entire skinny body were shaking. It wasn’t fear, it was pure adrenaline, Miley wanted to go run at top speed through the entire school, all night long. She never wanted this moment to end, the power, the friendship, the sense of community, the entire group screaming her name. But really, right now the end was all that mattered.

As she felt another orgasm bubbling over, Darla did as Miley had asked. She twisted her body to the side, squeezing her thighs so tightly that it felt like Miley’s skull might crack. Her skull didn’t crack, but her neck did. There was a pop as Darla rolled over, Miley felt it as her head twisted almost entirely around. To an observer, she died instantly, but Miley was aware for a few seconds, feeling those beautiful thighs wrapped around the only part of her body she could still feel, and hearing her friends chanting her name as her senses went fuzzy and then stopped.

Miley didn’t get to see it, but what followed was recorded by the few survivors and was backed up by any numbers they could think to measure by, as perhaps the greatest party Gryffindor had ever thrown. They had screamed and jumped and drank blood and rampaged through the castle, kicking in the doors of the other common rooms, raping and killing and smashing. They couldn’t burn the building, but the contents (including students too slow to escape) of Ravenclaw tower were indeed consumed in an inferno. The staff, who slept in apartments just outside of the castle for this reason, locked it down and let events play out. There were survivors, including Darla, but no more than 5 or 5 per house, hundreds died that night. It was so intense that they had to call in and sort a new crop of students a couple days later. Gryffindor hired a couple artists and had them make a statue of Miley, the girl who had started the real party, the most famous, ridiculous Gryffindor ever. Darla didn’t have or want her face on the statue, but Miley knelt forever in the Gryffindor common room, with thighs of actual steel around her neck.


Nice! Great to see this story continued :-D



Nice, it's good to see you back.

Readng that makes me want to proof read the bundle of HP guro stories I've scribbled over the last while and put them up, a few are m/f but a lot are no-sex with one aggressive f/f story that's incomplete.

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