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Cassandra, the red-haired witch, idly flew through the neighborhood one sunny afternoon in a rather devilish mood. She used an invisibility spell so no one below would catch on.

She looked down on the yards below, and suddenly saw something that made her stop in mid flight.

A young girl was all alone in a backyard, standing under a small overhang. And she was stripping down to her bare skin.

Cassandra was intrigued and flew in for a closer look.

The girl couldn't have been more than 19 - more likely 18. And as she fully stepped out of her clothes, Cassandra took in the sight of the girl's nubile body.

The girl was a pale-skinned brunette with a thin, supple frame. She wore black-rimmed glasses that gave her a bit of a "sexy nerd" look, and she wore her hair back in a ponytail with a blue hair-tie.

Cassandra then noticed a laptop with a webcam that was set up as the girl started gyrating around in front of it.

Cassandra, a couple of decades older, got a bit jealous of the girl's limber and youthful body. And seeing as she was still in a devilish mood, she thought it would be fun to play a small "prank" on this girl as she performed in front of the camera.

The girl was showing off the front of her body and her perky B-cup breasts, twisting her hips back and forth. Then she spun her whole body around while raising her hands up high.

She stopped turning as her ass and back faced the camera. She grabbed a support column from up top and raised her the heels of her feet high, standing on her tiptoes.

Cassandra couldn't believe the show she was witnessing. With half her mind on the girl's performance, she starting conjuring a spell…

The girl leaned forward, bending her torso forward at the hips, and tensed up her muscles in order to spread her ass cheeks wide. Her clean-shaven pussy presented directly to camera, visible thru her ass cheeks and her tensed-up thighs.

The girl looked back over her shoulder towards the camera and gave it a smirk.

And then she froze in place.

And her whole naked body was instantly turned to stone.

Cassandra started giggling as the effects of her spell took effect, turning the poor girl into a statue, frozen in her bent over pose. Spread ass and tight pussy still on display to the camera - tensed muscles frozen solid.

But as Cassandra stopped giggling, she starting hearing some sounds coming from the girl.

The sounds of cracking.

It became apparent that the girl was starting to crack along the waist. Most likely due to the weight of her upper half putting a large strain on a particularly thin weak spot. And maybe also because Cassandra's distracted spell casting led to a weaker stone than intended…

"Shit!" Cassandra shouted as she rushed towards the girl - losing her concentration at the turn of events and thus her invisibility spell in the process.

She had no intention of harming the poor girl. Only to play a prank! So she had to try and stop her cracking before it was too late.

But it was too late…

The cracking process accelerated very quickly across the girl's thin waist until, finally, she snapped in half.

Her torso started to drop as her stone arms held the post tight. Her upper half then swung forward.

Her stone head, still wearing the smirk on her stone face, smashed into the post in front of it. Her head snapped off at the neck and started falling towards concrete floor.

The strain on her shoulders was too much and they too broke away. The sudden disconnection let her torso fall straight down, alongside her head already in free-fall.

Upon impact, both her torso and head broke into dozens and dozens of, if not over a hundred pieces.

Stone arms still hung tight to the top of the post.

The girl's lower half, with her frozen, spread ass and tensed-up leg muscles, started tipping backwards towards the camera with her tiptoes as the pivot point.

The pussy got closer and closer to the camera, until Cassandra arrived and blocked the view.

Cassandra stepped behind the girl's lower half to stop her fall. Cassandra caught it, the girl's stone ass landing right on Cassandra's crotch.

"Dammit…" Cassandra said with sorrow as she looks at the rubble of stone pieces that was once the girl's head and torso - broken glasses and blue hair-tie mixed in. There were a lot of pieces, but maybe she could restore her with some significant effort…

Then Cassandra started to really feel a connection down below… She looked down at the poor girl's perfect ass, frozen in mid-jiggle and spread wide, resting against her crotch.

And Cassandra started feeling a wetness in her panties.

"Mmm…" she moaned at the feeling - mind drifting away from the sorrow of the poor girl's destruction - and away from any thoughts she had to attempt to restore her.

Cassandra then got a different idea.

She used a spell to quickly and thoughtlessly shift the rubble aside - the remaining pieces of her head and torso harshly getting dragged across the concrete. This wore down the pieces into into even finer stone - some pieces like her nipples and eyeballs being ground down into powder. Surely restoration would be quite difficult if not impossible now.

She then lean the girl's lower half towards the post, setting her broken waist against it, below the disembodied stone arms that still hung above.

She ran a hand up the gap between the statue's thighs.

She ran a finger over the grooves of the girl's once tender pussy - and realized that the stone sex organ still has moisture soaked into it. It was even dripping a little.

This tipped Cassandra over the edge. Desperate to suddenly be naked, she decided to put on a strip show of her own.

She slipped down her now soaked panties behind her flowing, black dress. She then grabbed the hem of the dress around her knees and raised it up over her head, revealing her own sexy body.

Though a few a decades older, Cassandra was quite beautiful in her own way.

She showed off her curvy ass to the camera, giving each cheek a firm grasp and release.

She turned to the webcam and stated to take off her DD bra. It slipped off her top, revealing Cassandra's gloriously large tits. She bent over to give the webcam a nice closeup of her tits, mushing them together in front of it, then she gave the camera a wink and blew it a kiss.

With her curly cherry-red hair draping over her shoulder, the nude Cassandra turned back to the half-statue, running her hands down the curves of the girl's stone ass. She felt faint residual body heat radiating off the stone, which resulted in a heat building up inside Cassandra as well…

She ran her hand back down the statue's pussy to feel the moisture once more. The only remaining sign that this was once a living teenage girl…

Cassandra then used her other hand and ran it down her own waist and hips, finally meeting her own sex, and she started fingering her clit.

She spent a moment or two in bliss, fingering both herself and the broken statue.

Cassandra started to lose herself. She moaned like crazy.

And then she made an extremely rash decision.

Very quickly, Cassandra cast a spell that restored only the girl's ass and pussy to flesh…

She quickly grabbed the girl's stone hips, and pushed the girl's restored ass and pussy very hard into her own hips and pussy…

And simultaneously, swiftly and recklessly, Cassandra started to freeze both herself and the girl's remaining half, into one connected statue…

Cassandra's lower half was frozen mid-thrust into the girl's ass, which was frozen yielding to the thrust. Cassandra's ass-jiggle frozen in almost the same fashion the girl's was earlier - and her large tits were frozen mid-bounce with all the action as well.

And right before Cassandra's head turned to stone, she had a moment of clarity. And started to think, "Maybe this wasn't a good id-" but was unable to finish the though.

And then Cassandra and the girl's lower half become one frozen statue.

The beautiful new sculpture stood there for a moment - Cassandra's sexy and curvy form in mid-hump with the broken hips, ass, crotch and legs that once belonged to a nimble young girl. Cassandra's face in ecstasy, betrayed only by a hint of distraction on her frozen brow.

And then the erotic statue started to tip backwards. Right towards the webcam.

The statue fell HARD into the laptop, which brought them both crashing down towards the ground. The laptop was both smashed and crushed beyond recognition. And the statue of Cassandra and the girl shattered into thousands of pieces on impact.

Cassandra's distracted mind must have lead to some especially weak stone this time around…

The pile of stone - mainly dust and pebbles - finally came to a rest on the concrete floor. Cassandra's stripped clothing laid in a pile alongside.

There was no chance of restoration without Cassandra (in a more useful form at least) - and it was doubtful any other witches would be anywhere near that region that could even try to undo the hopeless amount of damage.

After only a moment of stillness in the rubble below, the girl's two stone arms up above finally dropped. They hit the ground hard and shattered apart on impact, ending up indistinguishable from the rest of the rubble.

The wind eventually blew most of the rubble away - and the dust that was once Cassandra and the dust that was once the girl danced in the breeze together, if but for only a brief time…


And that is why certain witches never get older. Lovely story, thank you so much for posting it. I love petrifictions.


Hehe, you really make extra effort to make sure that it definitively cannot be restored.
But Actually it could be pretty funny to see them actually turning back in to flesh while shattered into pieces LOL

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