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"Jenna, can you please come into my office for a moment?" asked the head doctor into his intercom.

"Yes doctor!" came the swift, cheery reply.

The sound of the phone clicking off immediately segued into the sound of high heels clicking outside the doctor's office. The sound grew louder until there was a knock on his door.

The door opened slightly and in stepped one nylon-clad leg, followed by a long, nude arm and hand with manicured fingernails which grabbed the door. The head and face of beautiful young Jenna peeked out from behind the door bearing a smile. "You wanted to see me sir?" she said in a cheery voice as she looked at him with her piercing blue eyes framed by her thin, stylish black-rimmed glasses.

"Yes Jenna, please come in!" replied the doctor.

She opened the door more and entered the rest of her body into his office. As she shut the door behind her with her back turned to him, the doctor took a quick but encompassing glance up and down her perfect body. She wore a light-brown short-sleeve blouse, a black mini-skirt that cut above her knees, and she clad her legs with dark nylon pantyhose ending at the conservative black pumps she wore on her feet. She had shortish, dark brown hair that she currently wore in a ponytail and her figure was that of an hourglass. Her face was radiant and tiny freckles occasionally dotted around her nose and forehead.

She was indeed beautiful and the doctor enjoyed seeing her every other day as part of her internship.

Jenna has been an intern for the doctor at the NanoTek corporation for the past few months. She would be graduating from college the next day, thus today is the final day of her internship.

Being so, the doctor had a "surprise" for Jenna that would be more of a treat for himself.

She turned around and approached his desk, her clicking heels the only sound in the room as she took a seat in front of the desk. As she approached the doctor subtly took notice of the slight bit of cleavage she revealed below the neck of her blouse giving hint to the luscious, supple breasts she was hiding underneath. Her nylons made soft "whish" rubbing against each other as she crossed her legs. The doctor caught whiff of her beautiful odor as she sat near him, she must have been wearing some sort of perfume.

She cutely brushed a lock of hair from her forehead as she asked "What can I do for you sir?"

"Well Jenna, we've recently made a breakthrough in our Nanite Disassembly/Reassembly project, and this being your last day I thought it would be fitting for you to see the progress we made. We couldn't have reached this stage without all the help you've given us this past few months!" The doctor was of course exaggerating about her help as she was simply an office, secretarial intern, but felt Jenna should be just as excited as him.

And she was. "That's great sir!" she exclaimed as her blue eyes opened wide. "What sort of breakthrough?"

"Well Jenna, sit tight and I will show you right now," said the doctor as he pushed a few buttons on his desk.

Unbeknownst to the blissful Jenna, the doctor had just opened a microscopic hatch built into her chair directly right behind the small of her back. Out poured thousands of microscopic nanites that immediately clung onto the back of her blouse. But they didn't stay in one place for long.

The nanobots continued to spread along the back of her blouse, multiplying as they went. As they continued along the blouse, a small but growing hole in the blouse appeared at the small of her back. They also left behind a greenish, almost transparent goo that started drip down her buttocks and onto the chair below her.

Jenna started to feel something going on behind her. She arched her eyebrows in slight confusion.

She felt a liquid-like substance running down her back and running down the crack of her tight ass outside and inside her pantyhose with the growing feeling the blouse no longer covering her lower back. She reached behind her and touched the goo with her petite fingers. She raised her hand to her face and looked at the green goo with a confused, and now fearful look in her eyes. "What's going on doctor?" she innocently asked.

The nanobots continued to consume her blouse, now reaching around to the front of her, beginning to expose the pale skin of her belly.

The doctor answered. "As you can see, the nanites are transforming your blouse into a gooey-like substance that we call 'reversion gel'. As they do so they record information about the individual molecules of your blouse into the gel itself. We can then collect this substance and at any point later have another set of nanites reconstruct the blouse to its exact form."

Jenna accepted the answer and was now slightly less fearful, though now slightly more annoyed. The nanobots have now consumed almost the entire back of her blouse, and her belly button was now visible as they continued to reveal more of her lower chest. "You had to test it on my blouse?" asked Jenna as she shifted uneasily in the chair. The viscous green goo ran down her skin and plopped onto the chair and floor, fortunately not sticking to her soft skin too well.

"Consider it a going-away prank," the doctor answered with a grin. "Relax, you're be totally safe." He assured her.

Jenna looked down some of the nanobots now reached the bottom of her left breast and started the reveal the black bra she wore underneath. Jenna blushed with embarrassment.

However, the nanites that now reached her right breast appeared to have some trouble differentiating between her blouse and her bra, most likely because how much her breast was pushing both fabrics together. A few of the little machines jumped onto the bra and started to consume it as well. Jenna gave a short mortified gasp as her 34C size breast started to be revealed. As her right tit was exposed underneath the transparent slime, she instinctively grabbed her right breast with her right hand to cover it.

Unfortunately for her, this was not a wise move to make…

Due to the sudden contact between her hand and her bra, some of the nanobots became curious of this new organic material and decided to jump on to her fingers.. and start to do their programmed job of transforming them into the same green liquid that her blouse and bra had now completely become. And they weren't stopping there.

Jenna felt a sharp tingling in her right hand as her fingers were quickly consumed. The nanobots, now focused on converting all the organic material currently in their path, continued down her hand.

No longer concerned with covering her breast (now that her left breast was being revealed anyway), she quickly raised her hand to her face again. Her expression turned to pure horror as she watched her hand now completely mutate into the green goo and fall to the floor with a resounding plop while they continued down her wrist. She quickly stood up and at a loss of what to do and shuffled her feet back and forth making soft and now gooey clicks as her heels penetrated the slime beneath her.

"Doctor, what's happening to me?! Please help me!!" she exclaimed in fright.

The doctor was surprised at the turn of events as he hadn't planned on these nanobots attacking organic flesh, but still remained relatively, almost eerily too calm for the situation.

"Jenna I know this seems grim, but you have to trust me that you'll be alright. Unfortunately the process is unstoppable until a subject is completely transformed, but we have already tested the nanites on live animals we able to reconstruct them 100%. While we haven't tested it on a human subject yet, I'm confident we will be able to restore you completely. You will wake up as if from a bad dream. And you will have helped us immensely with our research!"

Her wrist and forearm, now transformed into the goo, dropped off in large chunks onto the floor with large plops. The nanites were quickly traveling up what remained of her right arm and were almost to her collar bone and right upper torso. Trying to take comfort in what the doctor just told her, Jenna was still immensely frightened. "I'm really scared doctor!! Please stop this now!" Her blue eyes bulged with fear as she took frightened heaves of breath. Luckily the transformation was not painful and she only felt an intense tingling in the transforming areas until it completely changed to the green gelatin.

Jenna now was completely topless now, shuffling her feet which caused her breasts to jiggle back and forth (much to the hidden delight of the doctor). "As I said the process cannot be stopped, you will just have to trust me," stated the doctor sternly. This was not completely true as the doctor was capable of remotely logging into the nanobots programming and issuing a self-terminating command, however he felt this would risk the re-assembly procedure later. More-so, he was just curious to see how nanites reacted to a human, and this was the perfect opportunity to see it through.

Her right arm no longer existed except the chunks of protoplasm that now mixed into the rest of the slime on the floor. Not that it mattered now that she was making the same mistake twice, she grabbed at her left breast with her left hand in as what must have been a reflex action.

As for her right breast, the nanites now reach it and her neck and began to quickly travel up to her head. Jenna looked down as her right breast turned to a ball of disgusting slime that started to form into a large drop. She let out quick, frightened moans escalating in pitch as the nanites now reached the right side of her chin.

"Doctor please!!!" she screeched as the round shape of green mass that was once her supple right breast broke off and fell to the floor. It landed with a loud wet splat as it slowly mixed in with the rest.

Now quickly approaching her mouth and nose, Jenna let out one final horrified scream that was abruptly and grossly silenced as they were quickly consumed. Her teeth floated apart in the green waste for a brief moment before the nanobots worked their way through the tougher element. The bottom half of her face was now being gooified and starting to drip on the floor and on her left breast. At the same time, the nanobots now were crossing her chest to begin their attack on her remaining breast, and continued down the right side of her torso toward her hips and belly button.

Still very much aware of what was happening to her, Jenna gave one final look of combined horror, anger, and sadness as the nanobots passed over her eyes and began to make short work of her skull and brain. Curiously to the doctor, her eyeballs remained unconsumed by the nanobots as they still appeared to be staring at him.

Jenna suffered in fright through her final seconds of consciousness, then all was black for her as her once beautiful face and head transformed into a large globe of green slime that was quickly losing its form. Her eyeballs now drifted away from her glasses and each other, turning unnaturally in different directions as the slime around them dripped to the floor and down her dissolving torso. It was clear that the mind of Jenna had now ceased existence. Her soft, pretty dark hair was far beyond caring as the nanobots devoured every strand in an instant.

The bulk of the slime of what was once her head awkwardly leaned over to the right, as the right side of her neck was no longer there to support it, and quickly snapped off and fell to the floor taking her right eyeball with it, making a loud disgusting splash into the ever-increased green pile of slime piling around her pump-covered feet.

Her glasses slid off the gooey remains of neck and fell to the floor, clattering in the pile. The slime around her left eyeball on the other hand dripped directly over her left breast, and it fell directly onto her tit which jiggled as it bounced off and hit a smaller part of the slime pile on the floor right below her left side.

Her body now a lifeless, unsupported and quickly demolishing structure as her brain was literally now just green slush now on the floor, her left arm fell to her side as her knees buckled. The top of her left arm was already being gooified and fell off straight down.

Her lifeless, petite left hand landed directly on the eyeball planted directly below it and crushed it into the slime and the solid floor below. It was flattened in a bloody and gooey mess.

The doctor started to have doubts of the process now..

As her hand impacted the floor and eyeball, her wrist and elbow whip-lashed into the goo, splashing drops of the disgusting material into the air. The nanobots then consumed the rest of her hand and each of her fingers one by one, though her fingernails remained un-devoured for a brief second longer before melting away themselves.

Her knees finally gave way and her soulless yet beautiful yet quickly disintegrating body fell tit-forward onto the floor (it would be face-forward except for the fact she no longer had a face). This was just as the nanobots were passing over her left breast.

Her body fell directly forward onto a yet untouched part of the solid floor and the full force of her falling body was applied to her left tit as it hit the ground first. The nanites passed over the mammillary glands of her disintegrating breast as it flattened on the floor, and milk squirted out directly through the slime several inches across the floor. The doctor squirmed at the young intern's humiliating transformation from gorgeous gal to green goop. Yet worse humiliation for poor Jenna was yet to come…

After her collapsing body became still it had now become apparent to the doctor that Jenna (or what was left of her diminishing body) had relieved herself. A small pool of urine began to mix in with the slime below and her feces spread out underneath her pantyhose. They peeked out the bottom of her miniskirt, smeared out between the nylon and the back of her silky thighs. The doctor speculated the release of her bowels could have been due to lack of control from lack of a brain, or from some reaction to the nanites coming in contact with her digestive tract.

Unconcerned with the embarrassing effects the nanites had on their unwitting female host, they ruthlessly continue down her body, consuming all the sexy flesh in their path. They gave no regard to her cute, slightly freckled belly button as they ravaged through it.

Luckily for her mini-skirt and nylon pantyhose, the nanites passed right below them. Unfortunately the same could not be said for her hips and groin as the nanobots continued their assault directly through them.

When the nanites reached her clitoris and began devouring it, a funny thing happened. Her legs (which were practically now the only part of her left) starting twitching aimlessly, occasionally causing her heel-covered feet to jerk up and down, making small splashes of slime every time they hit the ground. The doctor took note of this interesting, apparently orgasmic effect the nanites had on his unwitting and unforeseen female test subject. "Fascinating…" the doctor said to himself (and to the remains of his former perky intern) as he took note to do future tests on this previously unknown effect.

Jenna had never actually had the pleasure of experiencing an orgasm before, and only her legs were enjoying it now. Unknown to the doctor, Jenna was a virgin who was hoping to pop her cherry to her new boyfriend in celebration of her graduation the next day.

As the nanites finished chomping through her unbroken hymen, they split apart in groups from the gooey remains of her groin and continued down each of her long, slender, nylon covered legs. The pantyhose tried to retain the shape of her legs as the nanites passed through her knees and ankles, but started losing form and flattening out starting at her thighs and continuing downwards toward her feet.

The nanobots gobbled up all of her small, cute toes and began self-terminating procedures. As the remaining nanobots exploded in a small puff of air at the bottom of her nylons and completed the full consumption of Jenna's once-perfect body, leaving her heels also intact though completely ruined covered in the gooey mess, the doctor picked up the phone to call one of his colleagues.

"We had a little situation with the disassembler/reassembler nanobots in my office. We'll need to try a reassembly procedure ASAP," said the doctor.

The voice on the other line responded uneasily, "Uhh, the new nanobots weren't scheduled to be installed until tomorrow. The one's in your office are the prototype, but are not capable of retaining any information about the molecules it transforms."

The doctor let out a breath in surprise to this news and looked over at the gross mess on his floor. A flattening pile of green slime with a little urine mixed in, a ruined mini-skirt, pantyhose laid out filled with ooze, heels, a small amount of drying breast milk, one crushed eyeball and another intact eyeball still floating in the mess. All that permanently remained of the attractive and ambitious intern Jenna..

After a beat, the doctor sternly replied "Well please put in a call to the custodial department to report to my office immediately. There's quite a mess in here they need to wash up."

He hung up. "Good thing we were replacing her tomorrow anyway.." the doctor thought to himself.

The remaining eyeball almost seem to stare back at him as it continued sliding through the goop…

Unable to stand the peering eye as if it mocked him for his failure, the doctor stood up, walked over to the pile.. and crushed the remaining eyeball with his foot with a perverted, disgusting squish…


The janitor for this wing of NanoTek Corp got off the elevator and entered the reception to the head doctor's office. Expecting to be greeted by the doctor's bubbly receptionist Jenna, to his disappointment he is instead greeted by silence. A shame since he knows today is supposedly her last day.

Typically when he started his rounds, the janitor would swing by the head doc's office first as the doc tended to leave early, while Jenna typically stayed a little late to finish up her filing and such.

She's always so upbeat, cheerful and talkative - not to mention extremely cute - it would make the rest of janitor's night seeing her.

She'd often tell him about her busy life - running cross country for her school, studying to get accepted into a graduate school, and spending her weekends volunteering to help kids in need. At one point she mentioned that she grew up an orphan with no close family - and she thought volunteering would help children who had a similar time growing up as she did.

She also mentioned a new boy she had met while volunteering - and was hoping to pursue a deeper relationship with him now that she was graduating. From what she had revealed, this would be her first boyfriend.

She's quite talkative indeed to share all these details of her life to a janitor - but he doesn't mind at all and just thinks she is so full of life and wants to share it with everyone.

Walking past her now empty desk, the janitor assumes she must have left early in anticipation of graduation day. While disappointed he didn't get to say goodbye, he knows she's going to move on to bigger and brighter things and will one day be a much valued member of society.

With a shrug, the janitor knocks on the door to the closed doctor's office. No answer. He reaches for the door knob and twists.

Upon opening the door, the janitor stumbles upon quite a confusing sight.

Aside from the doctor's desk, computer terminal, and a couple of chairs (with one that appears to be kicked back a bit), there lay something much more out-of-place on the floor.

A pile of green slime that spread across much of the floor - with a stream of white mixed in one spot and some yellow in another. But that's not all.

Sitting on top of the pile of slime lay a few articles of clothing, all apparently filled with the green slime.

One piece a short, black mini-skirt. The top end has the green goo pouring out of every edge.

The bottom end is a bit more open to the air at the top as another item of clothing runs out of it - a pair of dark nylon pantyhose. They too apparently filled with the green sludge.

Each leg of the hose run more or less straight down and slightly out - with a slight bend inward where each knee would be.

The ooze is trapped inside the nylon of each leg, and each leg is flattened out width wise as much as the viscosity of the ooze would allow. Each leg's thickness roughly a couple centimeters high.

The bottoms of each of the ooze-filled pantyhose nylon legs end inside a matching pair of black, closed-toe high heel shoes with heels around 3 inches. They are very stylish and end in a sharp triangle point at the toes - each heel laying sideways, pointing away from each other.

The same kind of heels Jenna would normally wear the janitor dreadfully realizes.

The pantyhose appear to pour over some of the inner edges of the heels. The sides of the heels opposite the floor are partially open to the air, as the slime has flattened the nylons fabric downwards and out.

The janitor shudders as he starts putting 2 and 2 together. He leans in for a closer look at some more items in the slime, his nose then greeted by the faint but unmistakable and all-too-familiar smell of urine - and a second later he's hit by the stronger whiff of human feces.

Quickly ignoring the smells due to his experienced nose for such stenches, the janitor spots a pair of chic designer glasses. Also the same kind Jenna would occasionally wear when she didn't wear contacts.

And barely visible in the slime, the janitor could make out two smaller items. They're surrounded by what appears to be some blood mixed in with the green goo. He realizes they are human eyeballs, both crushed and flattened. One almost looks like it is surrounded by a barely visible boot print - and indeed there are a few green foot prints leading away from the slime pile on the mostly clean parts of the floor, eventually fading away by the time they reached the door.

The janitor looks close at the crushed eyes. The color of the each crushed iris, barely discernible, a piercing blue. The same eye color as Jenna's.

He steps back and takes a deep sigh. It's clear that the "mess" he was ordered to come clean is the remains of his former colleague Jenna.

The same outfit that once adorned by the once full-of-life Jenna is now full of disgusting green muck.

"God dammit, not again…" the janitor says to himself.

Knowing that the scientists sometimes like to keep the remains of their "experiments" in their large capacity Lab Storage wing, and with a small hope that maybe they can still restore her, the janitor makes a call using the phone on the desk.

The voice of the head doctor irritatingly answers, "Yes, what is it?" The sound of someone distant yelling "Fore!" in the background follows, cluing the janitor in that the doctor was already at the golf course.

The janitor replies, "Sorry to disturb you sir. I just want to confirm your order to clean up your office. Are you sure you don't want Lab Storage to come collect instead-"

The doctor cuts him of, "There is no need to disturb Lab Storage and divert valuable resources! That mess on the floor is nothing but waste - please dispose of it as such!". Without giving the janitor time to respond, the doctor hangs up.

"Well shit." The janitor for a second considers going over the doctor's head and calling Lab Storage himself - but he quickly disregards that idea knowing the amount of trouble he could get in.

"Sorry Jenna! Time to get to work!"

Though a bit saddened by the loss of his former bubbly colleague, the janitor was not one to let a bit of bad news interrupt his workflow. He put on some of his favorite music on his headphones and got to it.

He put on a pair of rubber gloves while moving back and forth to the Latin beat.

He reaches for her right heel with his left hand, and uses his right to grab her would-be ankle. The nylon squishes to a point in his right hand, the slime instead shooting both up her former shin and down her former foot, ballooning up in the heel. This force is enough to pop the heel off the pantyhose and into his left hand.

He lifts the pump up, only a bit of slime pouring off it from the side touching the floor. He wipes it off with a rag. Upon closer examination, the tip are the toe appears a bit scuffed up, as if it was repeatedly kicking something solid.

"Eh, a bit too scuffed up", he says as he then casually tosses the high heel into his all-purpose waste bin. It hits the bottom of the bin with a thud.

Speeding up a bit, he quickly grabs at her other heel and pulls, but the nylon still remains hooked around the inside of the shoe. This pulls the whole leg several inches, and pulling that side of her slime thigh out of the bottom of the skirt - the slimy sound of hose being dragged covered by the music.

This reveals the bottom of the pantyhose surrounding her pubic regions and ass. And also the source of the smells.

"Oh you poor thing must have been terrified. Hope you at least went quick!"

Using his other hand, he again reaches for her ankle and pops the other heels off, tossing it toward the bin from his current position. He scores a point as it bounces off the rim and lands inside with a thud.

He now reaches at both feet of the pantyhose at their ends and lift straight up and out over the puddle. The sickening sound of the nylon peeling off the slime is again covered by the music.

The rest of her soiled hose come out of the bottom of the skirt. Her feces and a puddle of urine pour onto part of the skirt and onto the slime below.

He lift them up high and shakes - chunks of formerly toned, running legs now smacking to the floor as gross puddles of ooze.

He lets go of her left leg and then uses his free hand to squeeze her right ankle tight. He then runs his hand down the nylon, tightly squeezing out the remaining residue. His hand runs past her former ankle, shin, knee, and thigh. As smaller drops of the slime are squeezed out onto the pile below, the janitor thinks about the times Jenna mentioned her cross country runs. "Damn, and she had some nice gams," he says as he starts squeeze out her left leg in the same fashion, slime drops trickling on the puddle.

"What a waste," he says as he tosses the mostly wrung-out pantyhose into the bin. There is a series of small smacks as the slimy hose land and pour over the heels and the bottom of the bin.

He grabs her skirt from the top edges with both hands, squeezes and lift. A large drop of Jenna-slime that was once her taught waist and hips clings to the top of the skirt for a moment, before snapping off back into the pile with a large splash. A few drops of Jenna-goo sprinkle onto the janitor's overalls. "Ah whoops!"

He continues lifting the skirt and starts shaking it out, then tossing it in the bin with a large, wet smack.

He grabs her former stylish specs out of the slime, peers thru the stained lenses, then tosses them in the bin with a shrug.

Now the only objects remaining in the cute-intern-turned-slime-pile are Jenna's two flattened eyeballs.

Noticing the lack of any shirt or bra or piece of upper body clothing, the janitor realized she must have been topless during her transformation from receptionist to slime puddle.

"Damn that must have been a nice show, she had some nice tits," he states to himself as he seals the top of the bin with a clear plastic cover with a rubber bottom, locking it into place.

He pulls out the vacuum hose attached to the bin and turns it on to a loud hum. He turns up the music to compensate.

He starts sucking up the Jenna-slime with the vacuum, starting near her eyes. The slime is sucked into the high-powered vacuum and thru the attached hose, ending up in spewing into the waste bin thru a nozzle near the top of the now-covered bin. Inside the slime splatters all over her heels, pantyhose and skirt.

"Look out Jenna!" he says as he passes the vacuum over her two crushed eyes. He wondered if Jenna would have appreciated the dark humor if she were conscious - she did used to laugh at his dead baby jokes.

The crushed eyes are torn up a bit more in the force of the vacuum, before plopping thru the nozzle into the bin, plopping atop the slime before again being covered.

The janitor continues sucking up the Jenna-ooze with practiced efficiency, moving to the music while sucking up slime pile line by line.

He sucks up the last of the slime and powers down the vacuum.

The bin is near full of the green slime - and Jenna's former pantyhose float to the top, slowly swirling around.

The janitor gives the floor a quick mop, opens the bin cover and and dumps the dirty water into the waste bin, filling it almost to the brim, and then covers the bin again. Her pantyhose continue to swirl at the top.

Looking at the clean floor, he nods at himself for a job well done, and pushes his cart out of the room, with the bin full of Jenna waste sitting atop.

As he exits the office and enters reception, he sees the door to the elevator lobby open. In steps a gorgeous young girl in professional attire similar to what Jenna would wear.

Upon seeing the empty desk, the cute girl looked over to the janitor and asked, "Do you know if there is a Jenna here? I was supposed to meet her for training - I'm her replacement."

The janitor looks down at the bin of slime with the pantyhose swirling atop. His eye catches the nozzle from the vacuum. Inspiring him to reply, "Sorry, you'll have to ask HR. I believe she was expelled."

He pushes the bin past her and out into the elevator lobby. As he passes, she catches a small glimpse in the bin - were those pantyhose? She shrugs and pulls out her phone to call HR.

The janitor takes an elevator down to the waste disposal floor in one of the many sub-basements.

Needing to ensure total confidentiality in their waste disposal, NanoTek Corp has an extremely efficient system for doing that task.

The janitor places the bin in a slot next to a large tank with a big hopper, and activates the device.

The bin is grabbed by the machine, taken up, and is carefully dumped into the hopper.

The mess that was once Jenna and her clothing pours in, including her skirt, heels, and pantyhose pour thru the hopper and into the tank.

After everything has been dumped, the tank is sealed and the incineration process warms up.

Realizing that this is the last moment before Jenna's remains are totally destroyed beyond repair, he really hopes that her current slimy state is indeed irreversible as the doctor led on.

The contents of the tank begin to reach super-heated temperatures. Her slime, her skirt, her pumps, her hose, her specs and her eyes all start to glow to a blinding white.

The process lasts about a minute. The janitor's thoughts shift from poor Jenna and her cruel fate to the sexy new replacement upstairs.

With a ding like a microwave, the disposal unit announces it's completion. The sensors report that every molecule of the former intern's remains have been completely disintegrated into their absolute base particles.

Those particle are then passed out of the tank, through a set of other water tanks, branched apart and drained off into long-distance sewer pipes running from the complex to remote regions in all directions. Every trace of her being widely dispersed through the sewage system and eventually back into far parts of the earth and its atmosphere.

By the time the janitor got back on the elevator to continue his rounds, he had mostly forgotten about the unfortunate receptionist he once thought had a bright future who would contribute much to society. Now all she is contributing are almost invisible base particles in random spots across the globe.

He wonders how long the new girl will last. He hopes to get to know before she meets a similar fate to the former help and her predecessors.

"Back to work!" he says as he gets off at the next floor on his rounds.


The next morning, the head doctor receives a call in his clean office. The same colleague that delivered the unfortunate news the previous day.

"Sir I was mistaken - the new nanobots were installed before your 'situation' yesterday. We should be able to perform a successful reassembly! Should I contact Lab Storage?"

Realizing that he ordered the janitor to dispose of the mess the previous day, he gruffly replies "Don't bother." He thinks for another moment, then responds, "But prep a re-assaembly room anyway."

Confused, his colleague replies, "Uh, sure thing sir!"

The doctor buzzes his new receptionist and asks her to step in. She obliges. The doctor motions to a chair in front of his desk and asks her, "Would you please have a seat?"


You know in the text form that looks nice, but when I tried to imagine how it would look like in reality… Oh my god!

But I like this idea, and maybe I will use it myself sometime ;)

Let my guess, your all stories involve failed "transformations" LOL



Heh glad you enjoyed. There are a few renditions of this story out there - perhaps I should share on /g/.

And yes you are more or less correct about my stories ;)


If you only have one or two pictures, I think you could add them right here as illustrations. or at least post the link to the appropriate thread.
I woud love to see pictures on how do you imagine it ;)


File: 1569345093546.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1520, 10005-2.jpg)


Here ya go ;)


Nice example that picture is worth 1000 words ;)
It does not look that extreme in 2d as I was imagining it in 3d ;)

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