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The clicks and clacks of her heels echoed throughout the parking structure as Petra walked towards the exit. The blue-eyed brunette beauty with an Eastern European heritage was going out shopping in her very sexy outfit, which included a stylish blue plaid jacket with frayed edges, a sleeveless black top, and very tight black shorts ending right below her crotch that left ``very`` little to the imagination as to the shape of her tight ass. And below her shorts were her very long, limber, and quite perfect legs clad in black pantyhose, with her feet donning two shiny black heels with distinctive red soles. She also wore a stylish gold watch and pearl earrings.

She exited the garage and walked down an alley towards the shops. The alley was mostly empty at the moment except for a pair of well-dressed gentlemen standing outside a stage door with a sign reading "For Talent and Crew Only". As she approached, she could hear they were in a civil yet passionate argument.

"That's impossible! There's no way that would work!" said one magician.

"Oh yeah? Well maybe this young lady could help settle this," said the other, motioning towards Petra as she walked by. "Excuse me, miss?" he spoke up to her.

Petra stopped in place right as she was about to pass, "Yes?" she asked with a smile.

"Would you mind helping me with a magic trick?"

Petra's eyes lit up. She loved magic! She even had a ticket for a show in a few weeks.

"Sure!" she answered excitedly. "What is the trick? Do you need me to pick a card or something?"

"No, not quite…" answered the magician.

And then, after a quick motion of his hands around her body (which Petra watched with amusement), he then snapped his fingers in front of her face.

And suddenly, Petra started being replaced. With pixie dust.

The transformation began at her fingertips on both hands, quickly consuming all her fingers, which then, without any cohesion to hold together, they fell to the ground almost like a fine, shiny sand.

Petra raised a disintegrating hand to her face and stared at it in shocked disbelief. She watched as her hand and forearm all turned to the dust and fell, watch now clattering to the brick ground below, the effect now traveling past her elbow and under her plaid jacket. Her breathing increased rapidly as the powder poured out of her sleeves. Her cute small handbag fell to the ground as the shoulder that supported it fell apart.

She was on the verge of screaming but was cut off before she could do so as the top of her head started to turn to the dust, including her dark brown hair in a ponytail. The rest of her head quickly followed suit - pretty, terrified face being erased along with her blue eyes and cute little snub nose. Pearl earrings fell, bouncing on the dusty brick before settling.

The effect quickly accelerated down the rest of her body with her breasts and torso quickly collapsing to dust under her jacket and black top, which also collapsed in on themselves. Her body twitched and shivered throughout the process - accelerating the destruction as big chunks of her torso broke apart in the light dusty spray.

While her torso disintegrated, her knees buckled and her nylon-clad thighs smacked together as her heel-clad feet spread apart at awkward angles. Her knees then fell forward and hit the ground hard, just as the transformation reached her tight ass and her supple thighs, kicking up a large cloud of the shiny dust in a puff out of the top of her black mini-shorts. The effect quickly continued through the rest of her long, sexy legs, and her shorts and pantyhose fell to the ground, full with the dust that now occupied the space that her body once did.

After another moment, all was still, and all that remained of Petra was a pile of the shiny fine powder, partially contained inside and escaped outside of the pile of her collapsed outfit - pantyhose still containing the most dust - her shiny heels (fitting that they matched the shiny dust she now was), watch, earrings and handbag.

"Okay, I believe you owe me five bucks!" said the magician who just turned the lovely Petra into Patented Petra Pixie Dust.

"Double or nothing you can't bring her back!" said the other with the same amount of skepticism as earlier.

"No way! Like I'm gonna risk 10 dollars over attempting that!" he replied. Then with a quick flick of his finger at the remains of Petra, her dust, outfit and all magically moved along the ground towards a nearby storm drain. The dust started raining down into the flowing water below, accompanied by her handbag, her jacket and top, her black short shorts, her heels, and then finally her dust-filled pantyhose which dragged across the rough brick surface fully stretched out from top bottom, then slipping over the edge of the drain top first, the rest quickly being pulled down by gravity until the toes her pantyhose slipped out of sight.

No trace of Petra remained in the alley. The magicians continued their casual argument as they walked back inside the stage door, exchanging the promised bet.

Over the next few weeks, Petra's car received several tickets before finally being towed to an impound lot.

And at a show the magicians put on around the same time as her car being towed, a seat in the otherwise-full venue remained mysteriously empty. But at least it was already paid for.


That magic woud be pretty useful
but I would call it magical murder not transformation LOL
More like a variant of "Avada kedavra".



Hah fair enough. I figured the transformation itself wasn't fatal and had the chance of restoration… until she landed in the sewer.

I suppose I should've added a Snuff tag but that also kind of spoils it.


A magic tag would be enough ;)
That was a pretty interesting story twist.

Although she could have transformed into something more erotic than dust ;)



Glad you enjoyed!

Got some more stories along these lines I'm planning on sharing - including some more "erotic" transformations ;)

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