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She vanished into another room. Dave felt suddenly alone and vulnerable. He noticed while Nancy had been forcing him to cum with the ejaculator Rebecca had snuck in and taken his clothes. He considered bolting, but before he could think about it, Nancy and Rebecca were standing in the doorway, blocking his exit. Rebecca spoke first, smiling. "Well, well. It seems we are neutering you after all! Nancy just told me she's really going through with it. I'm really excited about this, it's not every veterinary nurse that gets to help the vet neuter her boyfriend. Now, come on, hop up on the table."

Dave was shaking now. Would she still go through with it? Nancy and Rebecca pulled on plastic aprons, then snapped on latex gloves, while he stood trembling by the operating table. Nancy pulled on a surgical mask and patted the table. "Come on. Hop up. Let's whip those balls off."

He climbed up gingerly, deciding he could afford to play along for now. Surely she'd back out? He turned to Nancy. "How do you want me?"

"Lie on your left side, pull your right knee up high. Good."

As she'd spoken, Nancy and Rebecca's soft, latex-gloved hands had gently guided him into place. Rebecca spoke next. "I'll start sterilizing."

A moment later he felt cold fluid being gently wiped over his scrotum, crotch and inner thighs. Nancy leaned down to him, peeping at him over her mask. "Now David, this is your last chance to back out. Once I've neutered you, there's no going back. Do you understand what this means and what we're going to do to you?"
He nodded.

"Then I want you to beg me to neuter you. I want to hear it from you. I'm really glad you want me to neuter you, but it has to be your choice."

Dave shuddered and felt a shiver run up his spine as Rebecca stretched his scrotum down and wiped even more cold iodine liberally over the area. "Please… please neuter me. I don't want my balls controlling me, I want to be calmer, more obedient. I want you to neuter me, I want you to remove my testicles."

Nancy stroked his hair gently and smiled. "There, well done. Good boy. Now just lie still and relax and we'll get those balls off in no time."

Lying on the table, his buttocks and genitals soaked in iodine, he watched Rebecca and Nancy prepare to perform surgery. Eventually everything was in place and Rebecca was placing the mask over her nose and mouth, while Nancy explained. "I'm going to sedate you for the procedure. It'll be more comfortable if you're nice and calm. Just lie back and relax. We'll have those balls off in now time."

His vision filled with Rebecca's white-gloved hand holding the mask. Then he felt Nancy injecting him in the arm. Gradually his wooziness increased. A sense of placid calm overtook him. He was aware, but felt almost like he was in a dream. Nancy leaned down to him holding a syringe. "I'm going to give you a local anesthetic now. I want your neutering to be as comfortable as possible."

She vanished from sight and he felt her injecting his groin, buttocks and inner thighs, numbing the area fully. Then Rebecca handed a little tray of instruments to Nancy. "Ready to neuter?"

Nancy took a scalpel from the tray. "Nicking the scrotum."

Dave felt the tiny, short, sharp slashes on his sac, making him squirm and wriggle. They weren't painful, but he winced and squirmed on the table, prompting Rebecca to press down on him, holding him still and whisper in his ear. "Shhh, just relax. Keep still. Good boy."

He groaned softly as he felt Nancy working the testicles out of the hole she'd made one by one. "Squeezing the testis out of the scrotum."

His balls suddenly felt very cool and vulnerable. Rebecca patted him on the shoulder and smiled at him. "You're doing great."

Nancy's voiced echoed from behind. "Clamping."

He heard a jangle of steel and a click as she clamped the testicles off. This was it – she was going to neuter him! She was calling his bluff, she was genuinely going to castrate him. He panicked, squirming and trying to get up, whimpering. "Stop! Stop! I've changed my mind!"

Rebecca held him down firmly on the table, the drugs had made him as weak as a kitten. She leaned down to him, holding the mask on firmly. "Shhh, relax. Keep calm. We've already got your testicles clamped off. We're nearly there. Be brave."

Nancy clicked her tools down and joined Rebecca leaning down to him. "I really think this is the right decision for you, David. I've always preferred neutered males and I think that will be true of boyfriends too. You'll be calmer, more docile, more passive. I honestly think you'll be happier. I know I'll like you better, once I've neutered you. We're nearly there. Just a couple sutures and a couple snips, then I can sew your sac back up. Now, if you really want, I'll remove the clamps, push them back in and sew you back up, but we're finished. I really think we can make this work, I need your balls off. Now what do you want me to do?"

Dave lay still, breathing slowly, desperately trying to think. His life was shit. Without Nancy and the blessed life she was offering, was it even worth living? He doubted it. Patrick seemed happy. The numerous horses, dogs and cats she's neutered presumably were happy. He was scared. He was terrified. But he loved her and he couldn't bear living without her. As he pondered, Rebecca leaned in. "Not to pressure you, but while your testicles are clamped they're slowly dying from having the blood supply cut off. If you wait too long the decision will be made for you."

"Can I have more time?" Dave whimpered, imagining his vulnerable freed testicles clamped and dying.

Nancy shook her head. "If I remove the clamps, then I'll have to take it you're not sure. I can't neuter you unless I'm happy you're sure. If I remove the clamps, then I'll pop them back in, sew you up and send you on your way."

Dave trembled, then screwed his eyes up. "Do it! Neuter me! Cut my balls off!"

Nancy patted him on the shoulder while Rebecca gently stroked his head. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it? Good boy. Be brave for me. We're nearly there."

While Rebecca stayed, gently stroking his head and whispering, "Shhh, good boy, nearly there", over and over to him, Nancy returned to the other side of the table. He couldn't feel it, but he could tell she was busy suturing one testicle after another. Eventually he heard her again. "The cords are sutured. We're ready to neuter now. Scissors, nurse?"

Rebecca paused, handing Nancy a shiny pair of stainless-steel scissors. Then he heard Nancy again. "Snipping the testicles. One. Two. All done. Suturing the sac back up."

He could feel her soft, delicate, latex-gloved hands manipulating his now empty sac as she sewed it shut. Once his empty sac was sewn, she applied a dressing. The wooziness was getting greater and greater now. Before he blacked out he heard Nancy say to Rebecca. "It'll take a few days for his hormone levels to drop. Can you take him through to recovery and look after him?"


Dave eventually awoke in a cage, lying naked in a bundle of pet blankets. His groin was sore and when he recalled what had happened he began weeping, sobbing noisily. Rebecca appeared, standing over him, looking down in her dark green veterinary nurse dress. She leaned down and spoke to him through the grill of the cage. "Are you alright? How are you feeling?"

Dave fought his words out between sobs. "She did it. She neutered me!"

Rebecca smiled. "I know. It'll take some getting used to. There'll be some big changes, but they won't happen immediately. It'll take a few days for your hormone levels to drop. Once they have you'll feel much calmer. If you're really struggling to come to terms with it, I'm sure we can arrange some counselling for you. You're still a bit dopey from the sedation. Nancy's gone now, she left me to look after you, but she'll be back soon. Why don't you try and sleep it off."

Dave pushed on the grill of the cage, only to find it locked. "Let me out!"

Rebecca shook her head. "Sorry, the vet said to keep you in your cage until she gets back. I really think it's best if you try to sleep."

Still feeling the effects of the drugs and helpless, Dave lay back down and nodded off into a drugged-up, hazy slumber."

When he awoke again Nancy was sitting outside the case, beaming at him. "Are you alright, David? How are you feeling?"

He groaned and pulled himself out of the blankets, then rattled the cage door. "Let me out!"

"You're not mad at me?" Nancy asked.

"No. I asked you to neuter me. I begged you. I just need to come to terms with it."

She smiled broader and leaned forwards to open the cage. "Good. I'm glad you've accepted it. You'll feel funny at first, but I'm sure once you're used to being a gelding you'll be so much happier. Come out, I've brought you some clothes."

He dressed quickly. She spared no expense again in the outfits. As she walked him to the car park, she linked arms with him. "I normally throw the testicles away or destroy them. I crushed Townsend's under my shoe and fed Skinner's to a Gypsy mutt. Yours are special though. You gave up yours for me. I'll never forget that. Look what I've had done while you were out."

She held up a clear plastic, acrylic block. Inside it were two cleaned and preserved human testicles. On the front was a tiny brass plate with the legend, 'Property of Nancy O'Connor', engraved on it. He winced. "What are you going to –"

"Oh, it'll make a nice paperweight I think. It'll always be on my desk, reminding me of what you did for me. Well, or allowed me to do for you. I can't wait to see how your behavior improves. Maybe one day this will be a thing. Once a girl has chosen her boy, she'll bring him to me to have a sperm sample taken and preserved, and to have him neutered. Rebecca is VERY keen on the idea. Imagine that, little Perspex blocks around the country on girl's desks, weighing down their papers."

As they waited for the taxi, Dave admired her beautiful face. He loved her so much, and he did feel calmer. Was it the early signs of the fall in hormones? Or was it simply acceptance, that this beautiful girl who'd given him so much, had claimed him fully. He had a chip under his skin identifying him as her property, and his severed testicles were now hers, preserved in Perspex for eternity. It was a surreal feeling, but he couldn't be happier.

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