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Arriving home from school, Adam walked into the front door of his house, dropping his backpack off by the living room couch before going to the kitchen in search of an afternoon snack.

He was alone in the house, both his parents worked and his two younger siblings still attended junior high and wouldn’t be home for at least another forty-five minutes.

After staring into the open refrigerator for several seconds the sixteen year-old suddenly realized exactly what he wanted. Getting one could be hard though, it wasn’t the kind of thing that just got left in the back of the fridge.

Adam was just about to settle for a bologna and cheese sandwich instead when a second realization hit him. He knew exactly where he got get one.

Shaking his head at his own slowness Adam went around the kitchen retrieving a cutting board and a knife.

Placing them on the small table in the corner of the kitchen Adam kicked of his shoes, then striped off his jeans and boxers as well. Ignoring his socks Adam leaned on the table with his left hand while reaching down with his right to… prepare his meal.

Adam let out a satisfied sigh as he stroked his cock, enjoying the pleasure of his manhood for the last time. His penis soon responded to his ministrations, stiffening and lengthening in his grasp.

After masturbating for a minute or two Adam straightened up and looked down at his erection cradled in his palm. Measuring just over six inches from base to circumcised tip, Adam had always been proud of his dick. He’d certainly never gotten complaints from anyone else either, his tool had plundered many a girl’s pussy or dude’s ass, some female ass too, and always to the satisfaction of both parties involved.

As he stared down at his cock Adam felt a brief moment of indecision at the thought of never fucking again, or getting a Saturday afternoon blowjob from his mom. On the other hand as he gazed at his erection he also felt his mouth water.

A while ago he and a friend had had a bet going, and when he won it Adam got to eat the other guy’s cock raw right off him. He’d eaten cooked penis a few times before mostly on special occasions and it had always been really good, but getting to devour a raw, living cock had been one of the best things he’d ever tasted.

Though a close second had been on his last birthday when he’d gotten a roasted cock-stuffed cunt fillet from the restaurant they went to, with the severed penis inserted into the vagina backwards so that the glans peaked out between the labia.

But he didn’t exactly have access to a pussy at that moment, and while he could wait for his sister to get home from school he probably wouldn’t be able to convince her to let him carve hers out, besides which we wasn’t that great of a cook so he probably couldn’t do the dish justice on his own anyway.

Focusing back on the task at hand Adam arranged the cutting board on the edge of the table and then picked up the knife, pausing for a moment as he considered how best to proceed. The simplest answer would be to get his dick down on the board and try and lop it off as close to the base as he could. It had been a bit of work when he’d eaten Ben’s to bite off each and every chunk of his cock as he went, so Adam decided that since he had the knife anyway it would make more sense to cut his penis up into more bit-sized slices first.

Shifting forward he found that he could lay his manhood on the cutting board without having to crouch too much. And then another idea hit him. While Ben had lamented the loss of his dick afterward he claimed that the repeated agony of feeling Adam chew off each and every bite of his cock while it was still attached had been the hottest thing he’d every experienced.

Since he could only do this once and should really get as much out of it as he could maybe it would be more fun to slice up his penis while it was still attached instead of cutting the whole thing off first.

Pressing the shaft down firmly against the cutting board with his left thumb Adam carefully brought the blade of the knife to his dickhead with the other, delicately placing it right behind the ridge of his glans. Adam felt a thrill run through him at the feel of the sharp pressure of the knife against his most prized flesh.

A moment before he made the first cut yet another idea occurred to him. Adam shook his head with an amused huff as he wondered if he was ever going to actually get around to doing this, but still he put the knife down and went over to his pants, bending down to pull is cellphone out of the front pocket.

Going back to the table and the cutting board Adam put his phone down for a moment and took his shirt off too just in case it might get in his way, then placed his penis back on the board and arranged the knife so that it was lying next to his shaft parallel to it with the tip of the blade pointing the same way. From the end of the blade to the base of the handle the knife was actually about the same length as his erection. It was lying with the sharp edge of the blade facing away from his cock and for a moment Adam considered if it would look better flipped the other way but decided it was fine the way it was.

Picking up his phone again Adam pulled up the photo app and trained the camera down at his cock and the knife lying on the cutting board and took a picture. Adding the caption “about to make an after school snack” he posted it to Facebook and then put his phone aside. He was generally rather unimpressed with people who thought everyone else would be interested in and should be informed about their every meal before they ate it, but felt this was a special enough occasion to warrant an excepting.

Adam took up the knife again, carefully placed it back right behind his dickhead, shifting it for a moment as he considered the best angle to cut.

Then he let out a deep breath and sliced off his glans.

Adam gasped as exquisite agony consumed him, pain shooting up through his mutilated cock to burn through every nerve in his body.

Take a few deep breaths Adam used the flat of the knife blade to nudged his severed dickhead an inch or two away from the lightly bleeding stump that was the sudden new, if temporary, end of his penis. Putting the knife down Adam picked up his phone again and took another picture, posting it without commentary feeling that the image was fairly self-explanatory.

Reaching down to lightly hold his dickhead between his thumb and forefinger Adam picked up the knife again and neatly slicked his severed glans into two equal halves. He took and posted another picture, and okay maybe he was getting a little carried away documenting this but whatever. Adam picked up one of the pieces of his cock head and popped it onto his tongue. Mouth wide open he took a selfie, then posted it as he closed his mouth, lightly sucking on the bit of his flesh before chomping down.

He chewed slowly, savoring the taste of his dickhead as he reached down with one hand to masturbate some more, pain mixing with pleasure as he stroked and squeezed his dick while rubbing his thumb over the newly created stump.

Swallowing Adam ate the other half of his glans, then picked up his phone again. Taking a picture of his hand wrapped around his somewhat shortened penis he added the caption “playing with my food” and posted it.

After giving himself an extra-firm squeeze Adam placed his manhood back onto the cutting board and picking the knife again took a thin slice off the end. After savoring the new burst of agony he brought the cut of his penis up to his mouth on the blade and licked it off, chewing as he masturbated some more.

For the next few minutes Adam slowly consumed his manhood in roughly quarter-inch slices, playing with his steadily shortening erection as he chewed each piece.

When he had eaten about half of his penis his phone buzzed with a massage, and Adam picked it up to find a reply to his last picture from Ben of all people.

“how big a snack is this, you just eating your tip?”

Adam grinned and took a picture of what was left of his cock cradled in his palm and posted it.

He was still chewing the next slice when he got another reply.

“Damn, and I was totally hoping to get you back some day.”

Grinning ear to ear Adam replied “guess not” and put his phone down, planted his cock back on the cutting board and took off the next wonderfully excruciating slice.

Finally there was only about an inch left of his penis, not really enough to properly jerk off so he was kind of cupping his balls in his hand while rubbing the stub of his manhood with his thumb.

After a moment he realized that he’d swallowed the last slice of his penis but didn’t immediately reach for the knife to cut off the next. All the rubbing was starting to feel good. Really good.

Realizing where this was going, and mildly pleased that he’d get one last cum, Adam staggered away from the table while still rubbing what was left of his dick and quickly shuffled across the kitchen to grab a cup from the cupboard. Holding it to his groin with one hand he looked down he rubbed and swirled his fingers and thumb around and over the stump of his penis, soon feeling the telltale tingling and pressure building in his nuts.

Adam groaned as he climaxed, blood and cum spilling over his fingers into the cup.

Adam let out a low breath as what might well be his last orgasm ran its course. Though actually he’d heard that some guys who lost their dicks but came out of it alive were still able to get off, it just took a lot more work. The two or three times he’d ass-fucked Ben since their bet he didn’t think the other guy had gotten off, but Adam had never asked him how his sex-life was going overall since ‘losing’ his cock. He made a mental note to do that now that he was also going to be dickless.

Adam brought up the hand he’d been masturbating with and licked off the bodily fluids from his fingers. It was actually pretty good, whenever he was on the giving end of a blowjob he usually swallowed the other guy’s cum cuz what else where you going to do with all that jizz, but usually he didn’t particularly crave the taste of semen. Maybe the blood in it helped.

After drinking the rest of his load from the cup Adam put it in the sink and returned to the table to finish his snack.

He finished off his penis in three slices, there was still a little bit of a nub left, but not really worth bothering with, and Adam didn’t want mess around trying to figure out exactly were his shaft ended and his pubic mound began.

Reaching down he cupped his blood-covered balls thoughtfully.

Ben still had his nuts. Adam had wanted to eat them too, but his friend had been adamant that the bet only entitled the winner to eat the other guy’s cock, and their onlooking friends took his side, even if one of the girls mused that what good were balls without a dick.

Adam wasn’t sure if you still needed testicles to get off at all. Obviously he wouldn’t be able to jizz without them producing sperm. Though he thought that some of whatever was in semen was actually made in the prostate or something, and he’d still have one of those. Thought without testosterone would his body still know to make it…

Adam shook his head. Whatever, he was still a little hunger, and balls tasted good. And whoever it had been, Kathy probably, was right. What good were they really without his penis.

Moving the cutting board aside Adam turned around and sat back on the table, scooting back so his calves where right against the rim of the table.

Spreading his legs as much as he could Adam moved the cutting board back between them, pulling his balls as far forward as he could to lay on it.

Taking the knife again he bright the tip to just below the raw stub of his cock, and pulling the skin of his scrotum taunt with his other hand slid about half an inch of the blade into his sac.

It hurt, though not as much as chopping up his penis had. Though at the same time he was just getting started.

Slowly, carefully, Adam began cutting open a line more or less down the middle of his scrotum. Careful not to cut one of his fingers, because he wouldn’t want to go damaging something important after all, Adam finished his incision and put the knife aside. Cradling his left nut with the fingers of one hand he probed the cut in his sac with the other. Allowing himself a few moments just to enjoy the pain, he then started to see if he could press the two sides of the incision open, then began slowly teasing his testicle around in his scrotum, guiding it towards the new opening.

His first ball slipped out into the open. It was a pale whitish color and fairly smooth.

Adam gently gripped it and with his other hand brought the knife down to separated it from the connecting tissue, whatever they were called, the tube things that carried his sperm out to his now nonexistent manhood.

Cutting his ball off hurt more than just about anything else had, and as immensely enjoyable as it felt the intensity was such that Adam had to take a few moments.

Finally letting out a shuttering breath, he tightened his grip on the knife and skewered his severed testicle.

Adam popped it in his mouth whole and swept it into a cheek with his tongue before biting down. As he slowly chewed and savored his ball he put the knife down and guided the second one out of his sac as well. Given how intense the pain had been the first time Adam figured it would be better not to cut it off while he was eating and simple sat there for a little while while he finished chewing up the first one.

Severing the second testicle hurt just as much as the first. Adam further cut this one in half, briefly lamenting that it didn’t occur to him to draw this out by doing that before cutting the whole thing off, and picked it up and put it in his mouth.

Half a testicle took less than half the time to chew as a whole one, and finally swallowing Adam stared down at the last morsel of his snack.

Sighing as he decided that there was no good way to draw this out more Adam ate the last of his genitals, chewing extra slowly before finally swallowing.

He was a little unsteady as he got back on his feet. After taking a moment to gather himself Adam looked around at the clock on the microwave, he still had at least fifteen minutes before his brother and sister got home.

Taking the cutting board and knife to the sink Adam returned to the table with a sponge to wipe off the blood from where he’d sat down.

Then he went to the bathroom and peed, which without a penis was a bit messier that usually. The things you took for granted until they were gone. His parents would have to take him to the doctor in a day or two to make sure the stub healed over in a way the would still let him piss.

Adam delicately dabbed away the urine from his dickstump with a square of toilet paper, carefully not because he wanted to avoid more pain, but he wound had mostly clotted and he didn’t want to open it back up.

Flushing the toilet Adam went over top the sink and washed his hands, then wetted a wash cloth and mopped up as much as of the drying blood from his groin and inner thighs as he could.

Adam briefly examined his empty scrotum. He amused himself for a moment with the idea of getting a zipper installed and using it as a coin purse or something, but figured that was probably pretty unrealistic.

He’d still make a joke about it later.

He got a large bandage from the medicine cabinet and careful applied it over his mutilated groin.

Filling a bit exhausted Adam decided to go take a nap. He had just stepped into his bedroom when he remembered that his cellphone was still on the kitchen table, to say nothing of all his clothes on the floor.

Fuck it.

Adam collapsed face down on his bed, new waves of pain washing over him as his abused groin hit the mattress, and a few minutes later he was asleep.


… eh, so that moment when you post something and then find a mistake. I don't suppose there's an edit post button hiding somewhere.


Well, nobody could accuse him of not being resourceful!


And yeah I've had that issue more than once :-/


I love this story :)

In the end I sort of wanted him to keep his balls for the next time , the dickless look really suits Adam :)


Holy shit this is a wonderful story. Wish he'd thought to draw the second testicle out indeed~


Glad you all liked it.

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