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(Am I doing the cannibalism thing right? I read a lot of stories, but i'm not sure if i'm doing it right)

Lilly and Billy were twins, who did everything together. They were born together, had classes together, and even lost their virginity together. It was always their goal to die together.

When Lilly got into snuff, Billy knew that the sure fire way to make her happy was to die together. So, she looked up different ways for them to die, and discovered cannibalism.

Well, it wasn't that surprising that there was a fetish for it. It didn't even surprise her that there was a catering business in each state that did this. So, Billy called them up, and found out that they were looking for a pair of meat girls for a graduation party!

She told Lilly, who dove on her sister and gave her a deep kiss! This was great! they would achieve their dream of dying together!

They met the caterers, and took the young women right away. Both girls were forced to shower in front of them, using soap that removed their hair all over their body. Billy wasn't too happy to lose all of her hair, but Lilly hugged her, and petted her bald head, assuring her that she was still beautiful.

They were both given deep enemas, to clean them out thoroughly. The sisters had to admit, it was a bit uncomfortable, but it did make their pussies a bit wet as they were filled, then emptied, and filled again.

Their arms were tied behind their backs, their legs tied together, and they were blindfolded and gagged. They wanted the girls to act like they had been kidnapped, since the people who were throwing the party actually wanted unwilling girls. It wasn't legal to cook unwilling girls in that state, of course, but if the girls did a good job acting scared, they could probably get away with it.

Lilly was a great actress. She knows how to cry on command, and gave just enough muffled sobs to sound real. Billy, on the other hand, didn't have to pretend as much, she was already nervous about it. She was shaking in fear, and was already shedding tears. While she was willing to die with her sister, she realized now that she isn't sure she could go through with it.

Lilly, sensing her sister's fear, rolled over in the van as they moved and laid on her, rubbing her cheek on her sister's chest to calm her. It worked quite well, and Billy wasn't so afraid anymore. As long as they died together, that's all that matters.

Well, they arrived at the party. The caterers picked them up, and the girls had to struggle and scream behind their gags as they were taken to the back yard.

They heard the host of the party express great joy at the lovely meal before them, and praised the caterers for getting them such unwilling meat.

The girls were forced to stand, and felt hands squeezing their bodies. Checking the meat on their arms, legs, and breasts. They were getting rather aroused by this, as they were no longer treated like humans.

They were told by the caterer to not struggle. he was going to inject them with something to keep them from feeling pain. If they struggle, and make it difficult, they will not give it to them.

Both sisters gave a fake, scared whine, and just stood there, shaking a bit. They both yelped as they felt needs going into the back of their necks. Any discomfort from the ropes and the manhandling quickly faded, and they started to feel really good.

They were forced to bend over a table, the sisters across from each other, and facing one another. Their gags and blindfolds were taken off, and they were forced to look at one another.

Lilly pressed her lips together, like she was trying to hide a sob, but Billy saw that she was fighting not to smile. It almost made Billy smile, and their game was almost relieved.

Then, Lilly gave a startled gasp, as more people held her down. They came up behind her with a long, thick metal pole. Without even letting her know what they were doing, they shoved it right up her ass, tearing her open. Thank whoever made that drug they got injected with, for she felt no pain as it went through her. It cut her insides up, sliced open her stomach, and tore through her throat.

Billy's eyes went wide, and she cried out in horror as the sharp tip came out of Lilly's mouth. She nearly reared back on instinct, but she was held down, as the tip was forced into her mouth. She felt it slide into her, causing fatal wounds that would kill her soon. her body jerked about as shew as impaled, it coming right out of her ass.

Their legs were freed, so they could be tied to the pole. the pole was lifted, and carried over to a fire pit. Before they were set down, though, the caterers moved the bodies, and twisted the sisters a bit, so their mouths could touch one another, like a kiss. Then, they were placed over the hot coals.

As their bodies were being covered in oil and sauce, the party goers took turns painting over their more sensitive parts. over their clits, their nipples, under their arms and along the ribs. They made the two women squirm on the pole, their pussies dripping their juices onto the coals.

They were quite surprised as both women gave a hard shudder as they came together. The helplessness, the heat, their impending deaths had them hornier than they had ever felt before! Their orgasms made their eyes roll backwards into their heads, and they twitched on the poles as they were wracked with them.

They could smell how good they were becoming, and the sisters wondered how they would taste? Their bodies were alive with pleasurable sensations as they were brushed and cook, sending them into oblivion on a wave.

the sisters looked at one another, and there was such love there, everyone could feel it. Their lives slowly faded from their eyes, and they were able to die together.

The party goers had a grand feast after that show. Everyone complemented the sisters as they tore into their meat. their heads were cut off, and mounted, given to the graduate to hang on his wall at his dorm. Though, he had a feeling that the sisters weren't really scared. After all, they had been smiling when they died, and were still smiling on the mount.


So, You decided to follow the current cannibalism trend too LOL

I am not sure what was the purpose of this pretend to be scared as the best thing in your stories is all that willing mood. At least it could be done in some very exaggerated and funny way to show that it is all acting ;)

also thinking a bit more about your other works it would make more sense for those sisters to visit real cannibals not just do some acting ;)

Anyway since it is already written, it is all good.

I am very interested to see what other stories you will come up with


Works for me! I kinda agree with Onix - if you want to cook them another time, try having them shipwrecked on an island or something. I think a slightly goofy/cartoonish setting would suit this series :-)


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