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Hey y’all. Just a short story I wrote about an assassin killing women in a Hotel. Enjoy!

“Fucking idiots.” I thought to myself as I paid the driver of my taxi and exited out into the rain slicked sidewalk in front of the hotel.

A few hours ago some amateurs had been paid to rob a scientists hotel room and steal a vaccine formula. The details were unimportant to me. But they revealed on their return that they had neglected to erase the security tapes and now their whole operation was at risk. Now I had to go back to the hotel at 2 in the morning and fix their fuck up.

“Assholes!” I said to myself as I walked into the hotel. The lobby was quite fancy I had to admit. The kind of place I usually stayed at on my ‘business trips.’ And the early morning turned out to be a convenient time because the lobby was empty besides a young blonde desk clerk who had her nose in a book. Christi was the name on her name tag I noticed as I got closer. I also noticed other little details. The freckles dotted along her concentrating face. The eye glasses resting on her nose. She was quite adorable. She also noticed me at the last minute and jumped almost out of her chair.

“I’m sorry to have startled you miss.” I smile charmingly.

The surprised girl looked up at me with wide eyes, momentarily unable to speak. And I’ll be fair to her. My all black attire of a trench coat, jean pants, boots, leather gloves, and the dark tinted sunglasses I was wearing indoors at night, along with my short blonde Mohawk meant I probably wasn’t the type of person she was expecting this time of night. After a few seconds of staring she snapped out of her stupor.

“No No No it’s quite ok,” she replied sheepishly, “I should have been paying attention. Is there anything I can help with?”

I briefly flashed my fake FBI badge before speaking.

“I need to speak to your security. Can you direct me to the security booth?”

Her eyes furrowed adorably in confusion but she answered regardless.

“Umm yeah. It’s back that way down the hall, passed the storage closet. It will say ‘security’ on the door. I can lead you there if you’d like.”

“No, I think I can find my way there.” I smiled again before reaching into my trench coat pocket and producing a suppressed handgun. I pointed it at her quite generous breasts and gave her enough time for her eyes to widen in shock before pulling the trigger five times. Christi grunted and shook with every bullet before slumping back in her seat. Her once spotless uniform now stained with blood and her baby blue eyes now devoid of life.

“Thank you for the offer though.” I offered as parting words before leaning over and planting a kiss on the young clerks lips.

Then I followed her directions down the hall she mentioned. Handgun still at my side. After passing two doors, a third one opened and a black haired Asian girl in a maids uniform came out pushing a trolley full of cleaning supplies. The maid had earphones in her ear and barely acknowledged I was there. I paid her the same courtesy and barely acknowledged her existence as I brought my gun up and but a single bullet between her eyes. Her head was thrown back by the impact and she fell to the ground. The wall behind her was painted in crimson red and I stepped over her body nonchalantly.

I came to the door marked security and put my ear to the wood. Faintly I could hear the sound of sexual moans. Most sounded as though they coming through a phone or tablet speaker. Some however were clearly coming from the occupant. I smiled to myself at this information. Clearly this guard had better things to do then watch the cameras. Otherwise she might’ve noticed the dead body at the front desk. I slipped my weapon back into my pocket and knocked twice on the door.

“Not now Christi. I’m busy!” She huffed, clearly annoyed.

“This is agent Alex Kane FBI.”

Muffled curses could be heard through the door as it sounded like she was trying to tidy up in a hurry. Moments later it was answered by a disheveled brunette security guard who’s ponytailed hair was contained by black cap, no doubt as part of her uniform which was also a matching black. However my eyes were drawn to her blouse, or rather the black lacy bra that peeked from the top two unbuttoned buttons on said blouse. The guard didn’t noticed my looking of course. Another advantage of tinted glasses.

“Sorry about that.” The woman apologized seemingly out of breath. “I’m Julia. How can I assist you.”

I produced a flash drive from my pocket and showed it to her.

“I need to download some security footage from your database for a case. It’s a matter of national security.”

“Ok ma’am, I can help with that.”

She took the drive from my hand and plugged it a nearby computer. The computer screen then flashed and a progress bar appeared reading:

Data wipe 1%.

“Wait… what.” Julia leaned in confused. I didn’t bother giving her time to puzzle it out as I put my on hand on her chin and another at the back of her head and violently twisted. The ditzy guards neck snapped like a twig and she fell limp into my arms.

Data wipe 5%

Looks like I had some time to kill. I moved my hands down her body started groping her breasts through her uniform. Then I lay her back gently to the floor.

“Well Julia, It looks like you won’t be needing this anymore.” I taunted as I ripped apart her blouse, the force sending the buttons flying and her breasts jiggling to the delight of my hungry eyes.

Date wipe 15%

I reached my gloved hand underneath her bra and pinched her hard nipples before reaching behind her back and unclipping the bra.

“If you have any issues with me molesting you like this. Let me know and I’ll stop.” I said down to her lifeless form. Her head staring off the side.

“Mmhmm. Just making sure babe. Wouldn’t want to do something you’re not comfortable with.”

Data wipe 30%

I slid the bra down her arms and tossed it aside. My efforts handsomely rewarded with the sight of her perfect tits. I resumed kneading and pinching them with my gloved hands. I desperately wanted to suckle them like a baby piglet. But I was still a professional and I knew that would leave a trail. No trace of me could exist.

Data wipe 50%

Instead I trailed my hands down her waist and onto the waistband of her uniform pants. My left hand unlatched and unzipped while my right pulled them down her legs slowly. There was no need to rush after all.

“Let’s see what kind of panties you ha- Oh, You little slut.”

Where I expected colored fabric was instead a patch of hair on top of her exposed vagina. The sight brought my mind back to when I first heard her through the door and I briefly looked around until I spotted her phone on a nearby chair.

“That reminds me. Let’s see what you were rubbing it to while I was killing your coworkers.”

Data wipe 75%

I curiously pressed the power button on her phone and unpaused a video to see the sight of two girls laying together side by side and staring into each other’s eyes as two men plowed them with their hard cocks. Not my cup of tea personally. But she clearly enjoyed it as I soon discovered when I placed two fingers in between her pussy lips and felt the moisture on my gloves. Down to the knuckle I pushed my finger in and out of Julia before a flashing screen caught my attention.

Data wipe complete

I smiled to myself. Mission accomplished. I extracted my finger from the dead guard and put a few bullets in the security system for good measure. Then I retrieved the spent shell casings and I disembarked, scrubbing the other crime scenes of casings. I took one last look at Christi’s body and my lips tingled at the memory of the kiss. I smiled and removed the wax film over my lips and crumpled it into my pocket. No trace of me could exist. Finally I stepped back outside into the rain drenched city and peeled off my soaked gloves before pulling my phone from my pocket.

“The jobs done. Security footage is wiped. There were a few witnesses but I took them out. Don’t worry, nothing can be linked back to you.”

“Great work,” A sultry voice purred through the phone. “You’re worth all the money and then some. We’ll be in touch.”


The end


Good story (especially the first murder for my taste). I hope I can read more.


Even though it's not really my sort of thing, I really enjoyed your writing. I'll be looking out for more from you!

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