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Marinette Volunteers
Tags: Miraculous Ladybug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Exhibitionism, Enthusiastic Consent, Cannibalism, Snuff, Food Porn, Complete.
All characters herein are 18 or older.

After learning that this will be Adrien's first birthday without his mother, Marinette decides to do something special to make sure it's a happy one and volunteers to become the refreshments.


“Adrien!” Marinette called out after class to get the boy's attention. She'd always felt so nervous around him, but now that she had a reason to talk to her crush it was just so much easier!

“Marinette!” Adrien greeted her with a smile. “What's up?”

Marinette flushed, it was still wonderful being greeted by him, just talking to the blond always brightened her day! But she had a purpose for this conversation. It was important; so she couldn't devolve into a useless nervous lump the way she always did.

Marinette took a deep breath and firmed herself for what she had to do. “I wanted to ask about your party preparations; how you want the food done…” Marinette blushed.

“As long as you're the main ingredient, I'm sure whatever I get will be delicious,” Adrien replied looking her over.

Now that she was registered as food, Marinette had taken to dressing more daringly; her jeans were practically skin tight, her peony-patterned shirts had become crop-tops showing off her perfectly flat belly. It was all a part of the confidence that becoming food had given her. Adrien wanted her! And with that source of anxiety gone? Marinette felt freer than ever! It showed too, she was much more flirtatious now!

“Mmmm…. Well, my pussy's certainly gotten juicy thinking about you sinking your teeth into it!” Marinette agreed. “But I still want everything to be perfect for your birthday tomorrow, so, can we talk?” she asked, leaning in with wide eager eyes.

“Of course,” Adrien nodded. “I always have time for you Marinette. I know how much you're putting into making this party perfect for me,” the blond smiled.

Marinette nodded. “Well…” She paused. This was Adrien's first birthday without his mother, but saying that wasn't a great idea. Even though finding out was what made her volunteer to become the food for his party? It was kind of sad and Marinette didn't want to remind him about the fact. “I wanted to make sure your birthday was special,” Marinette replied.

“Oh! Right!” She shook her head to clear it as she realized that they were getting off course. “Food!” Marinette steered the conversation back on topic. “Let me get undressed so you can see the menu, okay?”

“Right,” Adrien agreed, his eyes focused intensely on the half-Chinese beauty before him as she shed her jacket, placing it on a desk and pulled her crop-top over her head.

“No bra?” Adrien asked.

“Well, it's not like my breasts are going to sag between now and the party, right?” Marinette replied. “And… It's kind of exciting going without in class.”

Adrien couldn't deny that! Marinette's cute pink nipples were hard enough that he could see them through her shirt the whole day long. His attention was pulled back to the cute girl that was giving him the best present she possibly could as she *wriggled* out of her *tight* jeans, revealing her puffy, wet, cunt as she bent down to roll the fabric off of her body.

“No panties either?” Adrien asked, not having realized just how exposed the pretty girl had been.

“I couldn't fit them under my pants,” Marinette blushed. “They were too tight.”

Adrien's mind raced as he wondered what Marinette had felt, the denim rubbing against her sex all day long. From the wet stain in the crotch of the jeans Adrien could see as she folded them and placed them atop her jacket, she'd certainly seemed to enjoy it!

“So? What do you think?” Marinette asked, her arms gesturing to her naked body. “Do I look good enough to eat?” Being food had changed something inside her. She was more confident now. Her body wasn't something to be embarrassed about, it was a prime ingredient!

Adrien licked his lips unconsciously as he looked at Marinette. “Definitely,” he replied. “You look incredible! Can I take a picture?”

Before volunteering Marinette would have agonized over the question. Should she? Shouldn't she? But now? Adrien wanting a picture made sense. She was his food, and while sexy, Adrien wanting to take a picture was just like when Marinette bought a beautiful parfait and photographed it to brag to Alya.

“Of course!” Marinette agreed. “Do you want me to pose?” she asked.

“Could you?” Adrien agreed.

Marinette walked to the desk and stepped onto it using the stairs on the classroom risers. She lay on the sun-warmed wood and spread her legs, allowing Adrien an unhindered view of her body, including her pussy, practically drooling pussy. Adrien walked between her legs and snapped enough photographs that Marinette was certain some would end up perfect. She reached down to spread her lower lips.

“While most of me is going into the Marinette-meat meatloaf, I made sure that my parents are going to save this cut for the top of the cake. They're going to carve it out so that it looks like a heart for you,” the blue-haired girl explained. “But… they need to know how you want it cooked first.”

“You know, I've never actually seen one before?” Adrien replied, staring at Marinette's bared sex. He reached out, hesitant.

“You can touch it if you want to?” Marinette replied with a small blush. “I won't tell anyone you played with your food,” she finished with a soft smile.

Adrien reached out and felt the softness of Marinette's puffy cameltoe. The girl shivered beneath his fingers. “Soft…” He marveled. “How do you think this should be cooked?” he asked, his fingers lingering on her sex.

“I've never been cooked before?” Marinette admitted, though of course that was the case; it wasn't like a girl could be cooked more than once. They wouldn't survive the first time. “But… My parents suggested, since my… my pussy will be the prize atop your cake? It should be prepared like a dessert.” Marinette suggested, blushing as she held herself back from asking if he'd like to play with her sex even more. It just wouldn't be appropriate. She was meat now. Playing with his food was one thing, but having sex with your food? That was just weird. “My mom wants to have it smoked so that she can candy it.”

“Candy it?” Adrien wondered to himself. That made sense; Marinette's meat might be tastier, but it was still meat. Smoking would make it safe to eat, and candying it would add a sweetness to it that would really make it a dessert. “Candying sounds good,” Adrien decided, pulling his fingers back so that Marinette could sit up on the desk, her legs still spread, but her small soft breasts now at eye level.

“Good too hear!” Marinette smiled. She'd hoped that Adrien would like the idea, but since this was hi birthday he had the final say over how she'd be cooked. “And… for the meatloaf, do you want me marinated?” Marinette asked. “My mom uses a Chinese rice wine in her meatloaf recipe, but… if you'd prefer something French, I can tell her tonight before I'm cooked?” Marinette offered.

“A French wine for a french girl?” Adrien smiled back. “The Rice wine is fine,” Adrien decided after a few moments contemplation. “I think you'll go well with it. But can you have her bring a bottle by so that I can taste it with you when you're served?” he asked.

Marinette nodded. “Of course!” she agreed. “Anything you want, Adrien. And… what about the cake?”

“The cake?” Adrien asked.

“Well, that's the most important part of the birthday party, right?” Marinette replied. It wasn't a strange though for the daughter of bakers to have of course, but the Cake was what really made a party a celebration instead of just a fancy dinner in Marinette's mind, and she wanted to make Adrien's Marinette cake the best she possibly could!

“Right,” Adrien agreed. “But what about it?”

Marinette laughed. “What kind of Cake do you want, silly!”

Adrien's eyes widened in realization. “Oh, right! Well, what are the options?”

“Well, there are two types of cakes? Mom has been milking these every night to get enough milk for either one,” Marinette stated, pushing her chest out to show off her breasts. They weren't the biggest, slightly more than a handful each, but their nipples were perky and though being milked as often as she had been was definitely draining? They'd been up to the task.

Adrien couldn't help but stare at the modest yet impressively shaped mounds as Marinette continued to speak. “We can make a traditional cake or a cheesecake,” Marinette suggested.

Adrien nodded. “I know how each tastes, but how would you be used in them?” he asked, curiously as his eyes drank up Marinette's smooth skin and gorgeous figure.

“Well, in the cheesecake? My parents would use the milk that I've been producing to make the whole cake. There aren't really all that many parts to a cheesecake, but it'll be dense and delicious and my milk should give it a nice flavor!” Marinette started uncertainly, but picked up speed, finishing strongly at the end. “Well, there's the topping?” Marinette added as an afterthought. “But Mom wants to use my… juices for it,” she admitted with a blush.

“Your juices?” Adrien asked. Like meat juice?” It seemed strange to the blond, especially since Marinette's parents had already put such thought into how to make her fillet into a dessert.

“Not like that!” Marinette replied, more than a little horrified at the thought of a meat flavored cake. “My arousal,” she explained, reaching an index finger down and sinking it into her sex. It was pleasant, and a part of her wanted to continue, but she was doing this for a reason.

Marinette's finger squelched on its way out of her sex as she pulled it free, dripping with arousal. She stretched it out, offering it wordlessly to her crush.

Adrien leaned in and took the implied offer, sucking her finger.

“It's sweet!” He shouted, surprised! “And fruity!”

“My parents have me on a diet of nothing but fruit and sweets since I volunteered,” Marinette explained, enjoying the memory of Adrien's lips and tongue sucking her finger clean. Adrien tasting her like that really drove home her new status as food, even if she hadn't finished being prepared yet. “It's not good for long-term health, but it makes my juices a lot sweeter in the short term, and since I'm being snuffed tonight for ingredients, the long term doesn't really matter, right?” Marinette replied perkily, excited by the thought of actually being cooked.

Adrien laughed. “Fair enough! And the traditional cake?” Adrien asked, reaching out to touch Marinette's soft breasts. “How would you be used for that?”

“Ah…” Marinette trembled as she felt her crush's thumb brush over her sensitive nipple. A whole week of milking had left them a bit tender but the feel of another person's finger on them for the first time wasn't at all unpleasant. “For that? My family has a secret recipe.”

“A secret?” Adrien asked, his eyes wide.

“Well, the actual method is secret,” Marinette clarified. “I can tell you the ingredients,” Marinette admitted, laughing.

“So, obviously, in a traditional sponge cake? We'd be using my milk as the base for the buttercream.”

Adrien nodded in agreement.

“But the secret behind a Dupain-Cheng girl-cake is in the flour,” Marinette explained. “My parents will grind my bones up after they finish harvesting the rest of me for the meat loaf and use them to make some bone meal flour. There's some stuff they add to make the flour healthier, and they have to grind it really fine so it has the right consistency, but… Once they're done? The only thing left of me will be my head, some meatloaf, and the cake!” Marinette smiled. “Oh, and the candles! It wouldn't be a girlcake without some tasty candles made of girl-fat. They put some sugar in them so they work like a sort of savory glaze is they melt across the top of the cake!”

“That sounds delicious, Marinette!” Adrien replied, the excitement in his eyes clear for even the densest girl to see. “What flavor would a traditional cake be?”

The naked girl blinked. “Marinette flavor of course!” She replied. “My mom wants to use my juices to flavor the buttercream.”

Adrien smiled. “That sounds wonderful! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night's party!”

Marinette grinned, happy that her crush was enjoying himself. She was looking forward to tomorrow too! She wouldn't be around to enjoy it, but Adrien would, and the goal of food was to be eaten. With her parents doing the cooking, Marinette was certain she'd taste perfect for the birthday boy!

She only had one more thing left to do before she had to get home to be butchered and cooked. “So… which do you want? Traditional? Or Cheesecake?”

Adrien grimaced. “That's a really hard choice though! You're so delicious I don't want to miss either!”

That was a problem. Marinette didn't want to leave the boy she was being snuffed for disappointed after all. “You know, my parents have made hybrid cakes all the time? If you really want, I can ask if they'll make you a cake with two layers? Sponge cake on the bottom and cheesecake on the top?”

“Could you?” Adrien's eyes widened in delight. “Thank you Marinette! You're the best cake I could ever ask for!” He gushed as he hugged her naked body close.

If this had happened before she'd volunteered, Marinette would have been a steaming wreck right now, but now that she was food? Marinette could just enjoy the hug and Adrien's gratitude for what it was. A boy happy with the gift he was getting, thanking the girl who was making it possible. Her life, short as it was about to become, was better now that she was food. She was more confident! She felt sexier; more satisfied with life! And Adrien was happier than she'd ever seen him!

Becoming food was the best thing that had happened to Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and she couldn't wait to complete the journey.


“Alright! I saved the best for last, just one last present and then you can have some of the Marinette cake!” Alya cheered, handing over a small, nicely wrapped square package.

It was just after dinnertime now in the Agreste mansion. His father and Natalie had cleared out for his birthday; Marinette had actually managed to convince his father to let him have the party in the first place, and Adrien still didn't know how the amazing girl had pulled off *that* miracle. But since his father had actually let him have the party for once Adrien's friends had gone all out in planning it, Alya and Nino coordinating everything, from the invites, to the music for dancing.

The party had been perfect! Dancing and singing and just having fun surrounded by all his friends from school? It had been the best birthday he'd ever had!

Of course, that had all happened earlier, and it would start up again later once they finished with the part of the night that Adrien had not-so-secretly looking forward to the most.

Dancing and partying like that had burned up a lot of energy and Adrien was more than happy when Nino turned down the music and announced it was time for dinner.

Alya had directed Adrien to his seat at the top of the table. Marinette's head had been placed as the centerpiece among a bed of flowers in the middle so that it was smiling softly directly at him. The taxidermist his father had paid for was amazing! She looked so soft and lifelike, her smile so kind and generous. If it weren't for the flowers underneath you could easily imagine that Marinette's head was still attached to the rest of her as it watched over him, ready to observe the results of her own hard work becoming food.

Adrien had had meatloaf before of course, how could he not have? But Marinette's was something special. Hearty and filling but not too heavy, eating Marinette was like a dream come true. It was special, almost romantic really, knowing that the cute perky girl in his class cared enough about him to want to give him everything she had; her body, her life, just to make his birthday special. She didn't have to. He didn't even ask her to. She volunteered out of the kindness of her heart, and Adrien would always hold a place in his heart for her for that.

Her meat wasn't like other meat he had tasted. Though it had hints of venison and pork to it, it was better than either one. Tastier and more tender, eating Marinette was incredible. It made him… it made him feel loved again, like Marinette had taken hold of him in a warm hug and was telling him that everything would be all right. Adrien looked up at Marinette's head as he finished his meatloaf and smiled.

“Thank you, Marinette,” he spoke softly.

“So, cake first? Or Presents?” Alya asked as she noticed Adrien's plate cleared of every last crumb of her best friend's delectable meatloaf.

“Presents, I think?” Adrien decided. “I want to save the best part for last.”

Alya nodded, and seconds later Adrien was going through the giant stack of presents that had accumulated behind him. Every one of his friends had got him something; video games, a basketball, a new backpack, Nino had even gotten them a pair of tickets to his favorite band! Each and every present was amazing and thought felt and Adrien was touched by each and every one until he realized that he'd gotten something from every single student in the class.

“I guess that makes it time for cake?” the blond asked eagerly, turning to Alya as he finished thanking the last of his classmates.

“Not quite yet,” Alya grinned. “There's still one present you haven't opened!”

Adrien turned. There was, wasn't there? A small soft neatly wrapped package the size of a book, if a bit thinner.

“Who is that from?” Adrien asked. All his classmates had already given him presents. And his father and Natalie would be giving him theirs in person. So who could this possibly be?

“Read the note!” Alya replied, handing the package to him.

“To Adrien,” the boy read. “I hope you enjoyed eating me, meatloaf and cake can warm you up for a while, but I wanted to give you something that would last a bit longer too. I hope you like it!”

Adrien blinked, tears of happiness in his eyes. “This is from Marinette!” he realized.

“It is!” Alya replied. “She made it herself, before she volunteered. Go on, open it!”

The paper was taped together and Adrien was careful not to tear it as he peeled off the tape, wanting to keep the red and black polka-dotted wrapping. Inside was a soft bright blue scarf. Marinette's scarf. Her final gift to him.

“Thank you!” he cried out, staring at Marinette's sweet smiling face. “You really didn't have to do this, the meatloaf, the cake, it would have been enough.”

“She knew,” Alya replied. “But she wanted to anyway.”

Adrien wrapped the scarf around his neck remembering his hug from yesterday. His chest felt full and his eyes brightened. Marinette really was the best meal a birthday boy could ask for.

“Speaking of cake though!” Nino chimed in, wheeling out the cake.

It was gorgeous, a two layer cake big enough for the entire class to enjoy with some extra left over, and the crowing prize across the top of it? Marinette's smoked and candied cunt, resting atop the cake carved into the shape of a heart.

“She really did it…” Adrien whispered as it drove home how much Marinette had given up for him. It wasn't like he hadn't known what the meatloaf was made of? And with Marinette's head watching he knew in his mind she hadn't survived. But the meatloaf, if it you didn't count the taste and just went by looks? It could have come from anything. And Marinette's head looked so lifelike that it almost tricked him into thinking she wasn't really dead.

The cake was different. Well, not the cake itself so much as the prize on top. He recognized the cut. Even cooked to a reddish brown from smoking and shiny to the point it looked shellacked from the sugar used to candy it? He recognized Marinette's cute, soft pussy as it sat atop the cake. Yesterday's meeting had burned the image into his mind, and if not for that? He also had the pictures on his phone as well. It was hers, and it had been cooked.

And atop the cake were candles! Thick whitish candles that were already lit and were releasing the most *incredible* aroma into the air. It was Marinette! The Smell of Marinette as she cooked, the tallow made from her fat melting across the cake to leave a shining layer of extra Marinette! It was almost a shame to blow them out. Still, Adrien took a deep breath and decided on his wish.

'I hope I find a girlfriend as generous and giving as Marinette was!' Adrien thought to himself as he blew out the candles.

Before he knew it, Alya had removed the candles and was already cutting the first slice! It was a long thick slice that went through both layers, placing it on the plate and scooping up the prize at the top to give to him as well.

“There you go! Enjoy, birthday boy!”

Adrien hardly needed the prompting. He picked up the pussy with his hands, holding it between them. It looked like a heart, with her sex placed right down the middle. A shiny delectable heart made from Marinette's delectables.

Holding it in both hands he raised it to his lips and bit in. It was amazing! Like a soft bacon, preserved in a candy shell Marinette's sex filled him with warmth the second it touched his tongue. It practically melted in his mouth; the smoky meat blending with the sugar and the unforgettable fruity flavor that Marinette had introduced him to the day before to create the single most delicious thing that Adrien had ever enjoyed in his life! Each bite was like a dream as he nibbled on her lips; her meat, her clit… The party faded away and his focus narrowed to that single moment, just him, and Marinette at her most delicious.

Before he knew it, Marinette was gone, a taste he'd never have again, but a memory that he would never forget.

Adrien looked eagerly at the cakes. He reached down, grabbing his fork, unaware of the candy dust left on his hands by his dreamlike snack.

The spongecake was wonderful, light and airy, with a delicious Marinette buttercream to act like glue between the layers. After Marinette's candied cunt Adrien had been worried it might be a disappointment, but it wasn't that at all! The cake was sweet and fluffy, almost like eating a cloud made entirely of Marinette. It was just as good as her cunt had been, and not even half as filling!

The sponge cake soon vanished much like its companion had, leaving Adrien with just the cheesecake left remaining.

He reached down and took a bite.

The cake was *dense*! And rich! So incredibly rich! Marinette's pervasive flavor filled his mouth, covering his tongue as it engraved itself on his mind. He'd never forget her taste after this. There was just no way he'd be able to. The Cheesecake lacked the layers and nuance of the sponge, but in its own way that was enjoyable too! The heavy potent flavor of Marinette mixed with undertones that Adrien realized *had* to be her milk? It was new and wonderful, a treat like nothing he'd ever had before today. The flavor of Marinette's milk hadn't come across in the buttercream, it was too light and fluffy. But here? In this cheesecake? Adrien was in heaven. He wondered if there was any milk leftover? He'd have to swing by her parents bakery tomorrow to find out if he could buy some. If there was they'd have it for sale, there was far too much Marinette to even feed the whole party counting his leftovers, he knew that they would be selling meatloaf and bread made from their special recipe for as long as they lasted. Maybe milk was on the menu too? If there was enough left, maybe he could use the ice cream maker in the kitchen for one last sweet treat from the sweet girl who had made all this possible.

With cake complete, the party started up again and Adrien smiled and laughed and danced and played the night away until everyone had left.

Natalie had promised to clean up the mess, but Adrien made sure to pack the leftovers away in the refrigerator. He picked up Marinette's head and the flowers that went with it and with her soft scarf wrapped around his neck he headed up to his room, placing her by the window so that he could see her from anywhere within, and so that she might be able to look out and enjoy the sight of Paris through the large panes of glass.

Adrien was tired, and he knew of just the thing that would make this night the best night of his life. He picked up a candle and the holder he had brought for it and put it by his bed, lighting it with the lighter from the kitchen.

Immediately the savory smell of Marinette filled the air. Adrien smiled and climbed into bed. The dense cloud around him filling him with joy.

As he settled in to sleep, his dreams were full of Marinette. Her taste, the sight of her… that hug. Adrien smiled. This truly had been his best birthday ever.

The End

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