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A complete story written in about 15 minutes - just to prove that I can ;-)


“Wow! This is so cool!” Kerry grinned at Jess, peering around the entrance lobby of Sidney’s Family Restaurant. “I can’t believe we’re gonna be meat!”

“Me neither!” Jess enthused. Both girls had signed up after a talk at their school and were very excited about the prospect of being cooked and eaten.

“Hello, girls.” The pretty young woman at the desk smiled. “How can I help you?”

“Kerry Austin and Jess Ashford?” Kerry volunteered their names hopefully. “We’re being cooked tonight?”

“Ah yes!” the woman smiled again, finding their names on the computer and marking them as arrived. “Make your way through that door and remove all clothing and jewellery.” She handed them plastic bags with identification numbers on to put their belongings in. “Somebody will be with you shortly.”

Through the door they found themselves in a changing room. There was another girl in there already, slightly older than them, and already naked. Eager not to waste any time, the two friends stripped and packed away their clothing. Kerry was the taller of the two and athletically built which Jess was shorter and more curvy yet a long way from fat.

They were just about to introduce themselves to the older girl when a harassed-looking young man in a Sidney’s kitchen uniform burst in through the far door.

“Great! You’re all here!” He sighed with relief. “It’s busier than we expected tonight and you’re needed urgently.”

The three girls found themselves practically herded through the kitchen to a row of shower cubicals.

“It’s going to sting a little, sorry!” the man apologised as the girls stepped in and he pressed the button to start the jets. “The water is mildly acidic,” he explained, “strips away any dirt or dead skin without the need for too much scrubbing!” The girls rinsed off in the water which was very hot but burned in more ways than one.

“This way, please!” he hurried them out after blasts of hot air had replaced the water and dried them off. “Quick as you can!” Once again they were herded through the kitchen, past ovens, stew pots and rotisseries where girls of all ages from barely out of pre-school to late teens were cooking.

Pushing their way through a set of swing doors, the girls found themselves in the main dining hall of the restaurant. Several diners looked up to check out the new meat as they emerged. The girls in the kitchen had been specifically ordered by individual parties but these three were destined for the carvery.

“Good luck, girls!” the man from the kitchen called after them as they made their way between the tables to the live cooking area.

Once there, the teen girl was helped to climb immediately into a large vat of strew which was hot but tolerable. Hungry diners queued up as she spooned out chunks of her predecessor even as she began to cook herself.

Jess was rubbed all over with a garlic-scented oil before being told to kneel on a baking tray. Sage and onion stuffing was shoved up her rectum with a piping bag after which she leant back to have her vagina filled the same way. Once fully stuffed, her hands and feet were tied and she was slid into the large, waiting oven.

Kerry received a similar coating except hers had a smokey barbecue aroma. Leaning forward over the provided frame, she felt the steel spit pushed between her pussy lips, up through her vagina and into her body cavity, eventually emerging out her mouth. Once impaled, her hands and feet were fixed to the pole and she was mounted over the gas flames. The pole began to rotate on its mounts ensuring that she would cook evenly.

Within an hour, the previous girls’ meat was all but gone and Kerry, Jess and the girl who’s name they had never managed to catch were ready to serve. There was already quite a queue waiting for the fresh, delicious-looking meat and the diners looked very happy indeed as slices of the two friends were piled onto their plates alongside the potatoes, veggies and yorkshire puddings.

It was still quite early in the evening, several hours before the restaurant was due to close, and already new girls were being put on to cook.


There can never be too many visits to the wonderful establishment that is Sidney's even if it is a very quick visit like this one!


Well, I would not call that nonsense. (for the definition of one read "Alice in the wonderland" )

But doing it in 15 minutes is really outstanding.
Although if you mentioned "nonsense" and "because I can" maybe you will take a challenge and someday write a really surrealistic story. ;)


Essentially I was being sarcastic! lol. I called it "nonsense" because I basically put no effort into it - pretty much wrote it as a joke :-)


Have you ever considered having a story where somebody has a girl tattooed from head to toe just so they can have her turned into a full body taxidermy or have a story about a pregnant girl


I do have a taxidermy story in mind but I think a story with a pregnant girl would make me too sad…


I have used a pregnant girl in stories, but never in the terminal role, there is a lot of room for cuteness without hurting them <3


Cooking pregnant girls makes you sad?
that's really unexpected.
I have rather opposite idea, especially if the girl is "bad mother"

I wonder what do you think about not pregnant girls but just about plain expression of love in the story. When father or mother loves the girl whom the cook very much and she loves them too.


Most of the girls who cook in my stories are loved by their parents :-)


yes, but you do not focus on that love as much as for example Ellen does ;)
But thats ok, I think my next story chapter will not make you sad ;)



Well I generally figure that if their parents loved them THAT much they'd refuse to cook them or at least be really sad about it and that's not my style!

I shall look forward to your next chapter :-D


Perhaps a story about a young lady who's keen on being cooked but ends up getting pregnant then late in the pregnancy it is determined that the infant would not survive outside the woum so she decides to be cooked with her unborn daughter.

It could be a big spectacle and might be written as a major news story.

What do you think?


I know this probably makes me the world's biggest hypocrite and I know that I've written a non-con story too but I think for me the issue would be that the baby could not in any way consent to being cooked. I can see how it could be presented sympathetically as a kind of "mercy killing" for which the mother is sacrificing herself too but again it just feels too sad… Despite the fact my stories are about killing and eating children, they tend to have a fairly cheerful, upbeat tone :-)


You know that even sounds funny.
Very unorthodox way for a mom to kill her baby by getting cooked.
who needs abortion clinic if you an just roast your baby LOL

I even go interested in such story myself LOL

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