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Hello fellow fans of dark twists in their erotica. I’m a writer, been a writer for a long time, and occasionally I like to write some dark sci-fi and fantasy for personal, private fun. Lately I’ve been doing it more often, so I thought, I should start sharing my works.
I’ve seen some writers (and more commonly, 2D artists and 3D animators) develop quite the fan following, and they opened up crowd funding and donation services to their fans. I’m going to take a stab at it too. Everything I write will become available for free, but if you want to support what I do, please do! I love money. :3 And, if the crowd funding takes off, I’ll write this sort of content more often.


This story will continue for many chapters, and will focus on a demon and the companions he makes. The story will start in a classic medieval setting, but much of the story will actually take place in Hell as it evolves into a larger, more grandiose plot.
You might find this brand of guro erotica a bit peculiar compared to most, because I like to indulge a bunch of extreme kinks, with a romance plot that drives them. If you like the list of attributes you see below, you might just like my writing.
- romance
- descriptive guro sex scenes where a victim is killed is almost always going to be someone who deserves to die. IE: I write about very bad people getting literally fucked to death.
- monsters/demons fucking each other, and humans (sometimes victim, sometimes romance partner)
- consensual sex (between romantic partners)
- non-consensual sex (on victim)
- forced orgasms (on victim)
- large penetration sex (on both romantic partner, and victim)
- all-the-way-through and cum-through scenes (on both romantic partner, and victim)
- eventual body destruction, gore, and/or death by size of penetration (on victim)
- vore (on victim)
- lots of blood and cum


A Demon’s Rise

The demon looked down upon the sacrifice the villagers had brought him. A delicious sacrifice, and one he would enjoy.

The human was laid out upon the altar, its stone surface covered in many furs. Shivering, trembling, barely aware of her surroundings. That was how the villagers prepared his meals, and it was why he protected their village from raiders; they needed his protection, and he desired certain favors only their small hands and crafty minds could provide.

“Are you… g-going to eat this one too?” the spectator said. A human woman from the village had come to watch, a mature woman, perhaps thirty-five years of age. She was short, with lightly tanned skin and long black hair that reached past her wide hips. She wore the typical rags of the poor villagers, but that did not detract from her beauty, or hide the rather busty, curvy figure of her short frame.

The way she opened her eyes, wide, innocent, filled with curiosity, intrigued him. Perhaps she was a mother, the sweet sort, the ones who never quite grasped the grimness of reality, their heads forever filled with fantasy and their hearts forever filled with love. He could admire that, in a way.

Compared to the human, he was a giant, over fifteen feet tall. Some called him a minotaur upon first sighting, but he had far more horns than any minotaur, many sharp teeth, fangs, and tusks, and a long tail that ended with similar spikes. His fur was short, dark brown, and did little to hide the colossal amount of muscle and mass he carried. A demon, and one more than strong enough, and smart enough, to lay in ambush and slaughter any raiders that attempted to harm or rob the villagers and their quaint little town.

It was a delightful partnership that had taken years to foster, and one he had maintained for ten years now.

He nodded with her question, and stepped in closer to the human on the altar, his meal. Unlike the human who had come to watch, the sacrifice was tall, lean and strong, with feminine curves accented with abs, toned legs, and a large ass of muscle. Her breasts were small, a shade lighter in color than the rest of her very tanned skin, nipples a reddish brown to match her lips.

“We, we um… we prepared her for you, like the others. Her… her insides are all cleaned up, she’s eaten and drunken nothing but the potion and water for two days. All her skin below the neck has been shaved smooth, and… and we’ve dosed her with the drug.” The gentle woman stood beside him at the alter. Not afraid, of him at least, but perhaps a touch afraid of what he was going to do to the unconscious sacrifice. The tender creature was trembling. “She should wake up any second, and… she’ll… respond, to whatever you do to her.”

Delightful. Unlike many of his kind, he had developed a rather unique — he considered it developed — sexual taste in his prey. The villagers were more than willing to accommodate it in exchange for his protection, and they asked no questions. Or rather, they hadn’t before. This tiny woman joining him was the first of the villagers to ever ask him what he would do to his prey. He did not mind answering.

He reached down for the sacrifice, and turned her over onto her back, earning a groan of exhaustion from her thin, ever-frowning lips. A six-foot tall, gorgeous creature, one he was excited to soon have on his cock. The thought alone filled him with need, and he rumbled deep in his chest as his long tongue made a low slick of his chops. His shaft began to emerge from the sheath it normally hid within, blood pouring into it, filling it, causing it to both fall free from his body as his testicles descended, but also to thicken and grow dark with color.

The human beside him gasped, and stared, hand covering her lips as her wide, amber gaze could not look away. His cock grew longer, and longer, and longer still, the bumps, grooves, and ridges of its shape becoming defined and rigid, as its girth began to reach its limit. As it swelled, he squatted down by the edge of the altar, and with his titanic hands, pulled the dark woman closer so her legs dangled off its edge, and set his cock upon her body. Once he set his massive testicles between the doomed woman’s thighs, he compared the lengths, and rumbled with increasing desire as he saw that, once the base of his shaft was aligned with the dark woman’s slit, his cock’s length stopped an inch shy of her collar bone. Perhaps this one wouldn’t die so quickly.

“You can… fit that… inside her?” the human said.

He nodded. His cock was four inches thick, and two feet in length. A human torso, such as this bandit’s, could fit him plenty, if he used enough force.

“W… what’s…” The dark woman stirred, eyes opening, mouth tasting the air and body starting to twist. Once she realized her hands were tied behind her back, she tried to sit up, but stopped as she looked down across her body, and at the massive cock laid across her chest and stomach. “F… fuck… n-no.”

The demon glanced down at the gentler human, to see how she’d react to this raider’s awakening. The human’s eyes sparkled with what he could only imagine to be anticipation. How strange, and welcome. He had never had a spectator.

“Let me go! You can’t… you fucking… what fucking kind of village makes a pact with a demon!?” Ah, fury and fire rose up from the awakening bandit, and she started to twist and turn to attempt escape. But with her hands tied behind her, and one of her legs in the demon’s grip, she was going nowhere. The drugs in her system would keep her weak and helpless for hours to come as well.

“Mongar’loth is our friend,” the villager said. She got in closer still, until she was almost touching one of his enormous legs. Her head did not reach his hip. “He protects us, and we help him, give him a safe place to sleep. And… we give him food, when the situation allows.”

“You fucking sacrifice your own people?”

“We would never, and Mongar’loth would never expect that!” The tiny, curvy creature beside him was quickly becoming his ambassador. That was fine, perhaps even wanted, as normally his inability to speak English meant his meal had little clue as to the nature of their sacrifice. “The only people we sacrifice are people like you, raiders and bandits, murderers and rapists.”

It was true, of course. Mongar had little interest in killing the innocent or undeserving; there were already enough demons out there in the world doing that, causing mayhem for Fiends of all kinds and ensuring they were hated everywhere. Mongar kept his kills and meals to those the woman described, those deserving. It just so happened that, when the meal was also attractive, he was given an opportunity to let loose some of his more base demon desires. Nothing wrong with that.

Mongar rumbled, earning a surprised gasp from the bandit, as he began to gently nudge his hips back and forth. His cock was wet, self-coating in lubricant, and he rumbled again, purring deep in his chest, as the smell of it, of sex, started to fill the air of the forest.

“You… you can’t do this to me!”

The villager stomped a foot, and blew up her cheeks. “You deserve it!” She may have been in her mid thirties, but she behaved like a child.

“I deserve to die in battle! Not as some… demon’s… meal.”

“You deserve nothing! You… hurt someone in the village. She’ll never be able to walk on that leg again, thanks to your raid. And you would have killed some of us if Mongar hadn’t been there! You deserve nothing!”

Mongar tilted his head to the side as he looked down at the smaller human. There was hate there, in the little bundle of silly joy. That intrigued him. And, it gave him an idea.

Mongar picked the bandit up by the leg so that she dangled upside down, cursing and screaming, and he walked toward a nearby patch of soft grass. A large tree stood by it, and he sat down on his butt, legs spread, before setting the bandit between his thighs onto the grass. He motioned with his hand to the smaller human, and then to his leg.

She stared at him, blinking, before realization and understanding dawned on her. Nervous and trembling, the small human came up to him, and crawled onto his leg, sitting on it above the knee, her legs along his inner thigh and her feet reaching the grass.

“Your… fur is… very warm,” she said, smiling up at him. Still nervous, shaking like a leaf, but at the same time, he found more of that anticipation in her eyes, and that intrigued him all the more. “I’m Tilly, by the way.”

He nodded.

“Fuck you. Fuck you, let me go!” The warrior squirmed, but while she could still curse and scream, her muscles were weak with the drug. And, better yet, the drug awakened the sexual need in humans; a delicious spice for his meal, first introduced to him by a succubus friend long ago.

He picked up the bandit by the torso, facing him, so that her legs dangled, feet dragging along the grass since he was sitting. Close, and closer, he brought her in toward him until her feet were touching his testicles, the two massive orbs resting on the grass between his thighs.

His other hand slipped up and around Tilly, and with a delicate claw, he gently hooked it underneath the woman’s wrist, and guided her hand toward his crotch. As much as it was a hard phallus, his cock was gargantuan, and a touch pliable, so that gravity made it curve downward with its weight.

“I… oh… you uh… want my help… getting things into… into her?” she said, and he nodded, rumbling his contentment so that she understood. Rumbling made her shiver, and for her lips to curl into more strange, nervous, intrigued smiles. “… ok.” Quivering like a nervous girl on her first night with a man, Tilly reached around and over the bandit’s leg to find his cock, and started to lift. “It’s… heavy, and wet, and… and hot.” She leaned in closer, close to the limp warrior, closer to him, and used both hands to hold the phallus steady.

Mongar helped, one massive hand holding his cock at the base, while Tilly held it closer to the tip. His other hand held the exhausted, trembling sacrifice like a toy, around the torso, and brought her smooth, rich sepia cunt’s lips to the head of his cock. Her legs dangled, limp from the drug, and her sex smelled of arousal, touches of wetness on her slit.

“Fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you, let me go! I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll—nng!” The bandit threw her head back, and grit her teeth, as Mongar pressed her tiny slit against the head of his cock.

It felt wonderful, to feel fresh meat, hot and squirming, rub against the head of his shaft. His penis was shaped similar to a horse’s, though the tip was not flared; instead, it was bulbous, like a human’s, if perhaps a little more pointed. The slightly sharper tip allowed him to work into a smaller hole, such as that belonging to prey in desperate need of rape and death. So, he rumbled bliss as the wet, tight little pussy of the warrior started to stretch around the glans of his cock, sending little sparks of bliss through his enormous shaft.

“Oh… gods,” Tilly said. Her breathing quickened, her grip tightened, and her hands, only inches from where his massive cock was slowly opening the small hole of the sacrifice, started to gently caress his cock. Small movements, movements he doubted the smaller human noticed she was doing, but her thumbs gently shifted up and down along his wet girth, and combined with her tightened grip, earned a rumble of delight from the demon.

He could smell arousal coming from the human on his leg.

“I’m going to tear! Fucking stop!” The raider managed to raise her head and look down the valley of her body, her abs and delicious skin, down to where his fat glans was slowly spreading her further and further apart. He could feel her clenches now, feel her squeezing and gripping, trying to stop his penetration. All she managed was to make the journey more pleasurable, as her soaked muscles milked at his glans.

Mongar was aroused, very aroused. More aroused than usual, he realized. The only thing stopping him from slamming the warrior down onto his cock hard enough to kill her then and there, was the human woman sitting on his leg, growing more and more aroused by the moment right along with him. She was the reason he found himself unusually stirred. What sort of human was aroused by these acts?

As much as his girth was thick and hard, it wasn’t steel. The sacrifice’s clenching muscles were enough to cause it to compress where she squeezed on it, slightly; if not for that, her tiny slit would have started to tear. But the combination of his cock’s fleshy malleability, and how it naturally lubricated — a requirement for demons, of course, for raping their prey — was enough to keep the girl from tearing. And with time, he eventually sank the entirety of the bulbous tip of his massive cock, past the wriggling woman’s smooth lips, and into her hot, trembling, clenching insides.

Once her hole, stretched taut and quivering, managed to slip past the base edge of the glans of his shaft, Mongar rumbled yet again. Delightful, to feel her trembling flesh work past the thickest part of his glans, and wrap tight around his cock where Tilly had her fingers. Having her muscles grip the slightly thinner part of his cock, holding the thicker part inside her, meant he no longer had to hold his shaft; Tilly’s hands were enough. And once he let go of his cock, he set the free hand behind Tilly, and gently nudged her back and ass with it.

She shivered in his palm, and looked up at him with big doe eyes. “You’re… very… warm.”

“He’s going to fucking kill me, you stupid woman! Do something!”

Tilly frowned at the bandit. Her arms, partially covered in the short sleeves of her rags, showed that she didn’t have much for muscle mass. A soft, tender creature. If she’d had more strength, Mongar was sure she’d hit the sacrifice with a fist.

Instead, Tilly, still holding the underside of this middle of his cock with one hand, raised her other hand higher, until it found the swollen clitoris of the sacrifice.

“The fuck are you doing?”

“You’re just a b-bandit! And… and you’ll die… cumming like a whore.” Licking her thick lips, Tilly began to caress the warrior’s clit, two fingers upon it, massaging it in a gentle, circular motion.

The effect was instantaneous. The raider grit her teeth, spit more and more curses at the two of them, and glared pure hatred at Tilly, all while her breath started to come in pants. A woman’s touch was a knowledgeable touch, after all, and Tilly knew what to do to make the forcibly aroused sacrifice enjoy it, whether she wanted to or not. All too obvious that the tanned creature was enjoying it as well, as her juices started to trickle down Mongar’s cock, and her muscles squeezed in new rhythms, fucking rhythms.

The head of his cock was five inches in length; there was no room left inside the warrior’s quivering snatch. So, he’d make room. He pulled her to him, and rumbled his pleasure as his fat girth began to stretch the girl’s pussy deeper into her body, the soft texture of his glans pressing to her cervix.

“Fuck! Stop! You’re… it’s too deep! Fuck… you!” The sacrifice glared at Tilly again, perhaps finding more fury for the person able to communicate with her. “Stop! Stop it! Stop you fucking bitch!”

Tilly didn’t stop. If anything, her hand under his cock squeezed harder, to help keep it straight as it started to bend under the pressure of Mongar pulling the warrior closer. And, Tilly started moaning, the very quiet moans humans made when they were unable to contain their arousal and excitement. She continued to massage the bandit’s clitoris, and her hand on his cock began to stroke him as well, sliding a few inches with her wet, squeezing grip. And through this all, Mongar continued to push down on the sacrifice’s body, a fuck toy in his hand, her legs limp and dangling, her stomach pointed up so Mongar and his new friend could watch the distension along her abdomen move, showing where his cock was inside her.

He was getting deeper, stretching the warrior further in, elongating her cunt a couple inches, and then another, until her could feel the muscles growing too taut to stretch further inward. The sacrifice groaned as he did, as he filled her, and eventually, she moaned. Moaned, and came.

“St… stop… stop it…”

Tilly gasped, and stopped touching the sacrifice’s clitoris, but Mongar was content to continue probing at her insides. As the raider began to writhe, trembling, legs quivering as they dangled, her juices began to leak out of her in copious amounts, trickling little streams of it working down his length. He pushed harder, forced the bulge along her stomach to reach past her navel, and earn another loud groan out of the warrior, a moan of pain and pleasure.

Mongar rumbled again, a little louder, thicker, a purr hard enough to make Tilly squeak and look up at him. The flowing pleasure of heat, of pouring cum rising up from between his legs and into his shaft, filled his giant body with animal bliss, and he rumbled deeper, enough to make Tilly lightly vibrate on his leg, as he started to cum into his sacrifice.

“What… n-no…” The bandit glared up at him, tears of rage in her eyes, even as she continued to quiver with orgasm aftershocks, aftershocks he could feel clench on the head of his cock. His cum flowed out him like a crashing river, and with how tight the seal of her muscles was, squeezing taut around his cock, some of his cum managed to force its way into her womb. Most still managed to escape her, and flow back out of her, onto his cock, onto its veins, bumps, and ridges, and onto Tilly’s hands.

“Oh gods, Mongar…” Tilly set both her hands on his cock, and milked him. She was lost to her arousal, panting, hyperventilating, large breasts showing the points of her hard nipples against her white, dirty rags. She did not know that he intended to cum many times in his sacrifice tonight, that he always came many times, and that the river of cum she saw before her was only a drop of what he would pour into this sacrifice before eating her.

Her amber eyes stared at his shaft, and how it was half covered in streams of white, and at how it refused to soften. Perhaps she was starting to realize how large his sex drive was.

“Fuck… you… fucking monster,” the warrior said, teeth grit. Enough cum had forced its way into her womb to make her look somewhat pregnant, enough to have Tilly awestruck.

He snorted at the sacrifice, and forced her down upon his cock, harder. And as the massive, swollen glans of his shaft ground against her cervix, he felt the small hole, the walls around it already stretched to their limit, begin to open.

“Fuck! No, stop it! Fuck… f… fuck!” The sacrifice cried out, a scream that echoed off the trees, as her cervix gave way, and he forced his glans into the soft bed of her womb. The angle caused the glans to angle upward, pointing toward her belly; such was the nature of a human’s anatomy. He rumbled his satisfaction as he watched the bulge on her abdomen reach up to her sternum, poking up and outward from her with the angle of her womb, filled by his cum and his cock.

The bandit glared at him with something new in her eyes, something he craved, something he was waiting for. Fear. Mixed in with the pain and the unwanted pleasure forced upon her, humiliating her and dominating her, was fear, only now dawning on her as he skewered her with a foot of his length. She was going to die, impaled on a demon’s cock.

Tilly was no longer holding his shaft, as half of it was buried in the sacrifice. Instead, she had her hands in her lap, her cum-coated hands fidgeting, and she was staring at her digits, and how the thickness of his cum stuck to her fingers. She also looked at the warrior, at the large bulge along her belly, and shivered all the more.

“You’re… in her… womb…”

Time to test and see how far this wonderful human was willing to go. His hand upon Tilly’s back slipped around, and he nudged the titanic claw against the chest of her clothes.

“W-What?” she said.

Again, he nudged at the clothes, and plucked at her neckline with one of his massive claws. Her doe eyes widened all the more as she realized what he was asking; such beautiful eyes. He started to masturbate with the warrior’s body, nice and slow, ignoring her cries of agony as he slipped his glans out of her womb, only to again force it past her beaten and battered cervix, far easier the second time, and third, and tenth. And as he masturbated with the wriggling body of his sacrifice, he watched the human on his leg, gazing into her eyes with the black gaze of a demon.

“You… w-want me to… get naked?”

He nodded.

“You’re… you um… you… you’re attracted… to me?”

This woman was too precious. He nodded again.

As if the universe itself exploded into a star shower in her eyes, they widened as they stared up at him. He met her gaze with his, knowing full well his eyes were an endless abyss of black, and for some reason, this innocent, curvy little woman, was getting lost in them. And he hers. He continued to masturbate with the groaning sacrifice, working more of his cum out of her, and letting her whimpers of pain and forced pleasure fill the background as the demon and the little human looked at each other.

Tilly, trembling like a leaf before a stampede, set her cum-soaked fingers onto the bottom of her rags, and began to lift them up from her legs. Slowly, with glances drifting between him and the sacrifice, she raised the skirt higher, and higher, exposing her lightly tanned, curvy legs. They were smooth. She got the rags up to her ass, and, squirming left and right, she worked it up and over, and then up to her head before slipping it past her hair. Mongar rumbled, quieter, purring at the sight of her massive, heavy, teardrop breasts weighing against her chest, and the dark pink of her nipples against the lightly tanned skin.

She giggled, covered her breasts with her arms, but with a few moments of his staring, she eventually lowered them, and started to slide off her waist wrap, a simple sash of white that covered her ass and sex. Once it too was on the grass, the little human hugged herself, kept her arms underneath her breasts as she slowly, very slowly, spread her legs a few inches. It was enough for him to see that, like the sacrifice, Tilly has shaved her legs, her privates, everything to smooth.

“I… I um… I always liked… the look of the sacrifices, you know? The female ones. I remember, years ago, seeing one once she was ready for you, and I thought… gods, she looks so beautiful. And… and she’d look… so beautiful… skewered to death… on your cock.” Helpless to her overflowing arousal, Tilly inched one hand down her wide hips, flat stomach, and curvy thighs, to set her fingers onto her pink, soaked folds. Mongar could tell she was horribly embarrassed, whole body blushing red, but she was a slave to her lust, and she began to lightly probe at her insides as she watched the sacrifice struggle. “I wanted… to look… like that.”

Mongar tilted his head to the side, and made a quick grunting sound.

“N-No, I… I don’t mean I want to die. I don’t. Just… just that… it’s… strangely beautiful.”

“Fuck you! He’s going to kill me! He—nnng!” The bandit’s complaints came to a quick stop, as Mongar started to masturbate with her body at a more normal pace, working his glans in and out of her womb with each stroke. He made sure to stretch it inward as deep as it could go, forcing her cunt and womb taut so the distension along her abs pushed up to her sternum.

Tilly reached out, and again, set her fingers onto the warrior’s clitoris, working to keep her hand in sync with Mongar’s stroking.

“Stop! Stop it! This… f-fuck… fuck you… fuck… fuck you!” For all her cries of pain, and growing tears, the sacrifice began to tremble, and writhe, and cum. The drug coursing through her veins did wonders, bringing her body to a great sexual need for many hours to come, so even with his enormous cock stretching her to near tearing, and penetrating into her womb, she came. Each few inches he worked her body was a few inches of the grooves and bumps of his shaft rubbing and pressing against both her g-spot, and her deep spot, undoubtedly mixing great bliss in with her pain.

And Tilly’s expert fingers upon the sacrifice’s clit was too much for her. The warrior’s legs continued to dangle, helpless, but her torso had enough control to bend and writhe as her orgasm worked through her, and her clenching cunt forced her juices to flow down his length.

And soon, so were Mongar’s. His cum poured into her womb, trying to stretch it further still, but the delicious confines were already stretched to their limit. Instead, his cum, fighting for room inside her, gushed out of her taut opening, and down onto the remaining foot of his length. Waves of it, copious amounts, literal gallons, as he kept his cock as deep as it could go into the bandit’s destroyed cunt. He was a demon, and his seed was unending, fueled by his sexual need, not by physical limitations. And with this human on his leg, masturbating with one hand, and now stroking his cum-coated length with her other, his need was massive.

As the larger human started to go limp, perhaps defeated, or simply exhausted, he lifted her up, and up, until his fat cock slipped free of her trembling insides. His cum gushed out of her, splashing along the grass, and Mongar rumbled his satisfaction as he watched both his cum, and the sacrifice’s, flow down her long, tanned legs.

“Are… are you going to eat her now?” Tilly said.

He shook his head. He would have far more fun with the sacrifice before then.

One of his claws found Tilly’s hand, and guided it to the underside of his cock again. So did the other, slipping her hand out from between the blushing woman’s thighs, and setting it onto his cock as well, its underside. She was almost about to ask something, probably what he was going to do next, but she made an aww sound of understanding, as his free hand took his cock’s bottom half into his palm, and he aimed the warrior’s pelvis at it once again. This time, he set her asshole against the soaked, dripping glans of his length.

“P… please… don’t…”

“Shush you! I lost family to bandits! My husband! Years ago… You, your kind, you don’t deserve pity!” Tilly tightened her grip on his cock, and kept it solid, as he began to lower the sacrifice further down, so he felt the subtle point of his cock’s head begin to work against her tiny rose entrance.

“Let… let me go…” Truly defeated then, to be begging now, when they had yet to even begin to main course. Pitiful.

The bandit cried out as her anus began to spread open, lubricated by his cum-soaked cock, and her insides already prepared by the villagers. Mongar did not enjoy fecal matter on his shaft, no. The prey’s intestines were both cleaned and prepared, and he took full advantage. He groaned, rumbled his pleasure as Tilly squeezed near the base of his glans, and forced in another inch into the warrior’s rectum, passed her clenching sphincter.

“N… no, please… not… not there…,” the doomed woman said, voice meek, weak, and mixed with whimpering sobs.

She was, perhaps, a little squeamish about anal sex then. Good. He would have much fun forcing the sacrifice to cum, and cum, and cum, as he worked his way up to killing her.

Once six inches of his cock forced its way into the squeezing flesh of the warrior’s colon, he let go, and nudged Tilly’s hands off of his shaft as well. She raised an eyebrow in confusion, but all became clear once she let go of him. The bandit’s sphincter had slipped past the bulbous head of his shaft, and was squeezing around the thinner part of his cock just past it. His cock wouldn’t fall out of her unless he wanted it to.

He picked Tilly up with his free hand, and she gasped, clutching onto his fingers with panic. But, as he purred, rumbling sound smooth and consistent, she settled down, only to gasp yet again as he lowered her down onto his cock, facing the sacrifice. He was sitting in the grass on his ass after all, leaning back against a tree, legs spread, and despite his great size, the position allowed for Tilly to stand on the grass as well, his cock between her legs. She was not tall enough to keep her weight off of him though, even as her toes reached the grass, and her smooth, soaking wet slit spread open on the thickness of his cock near the base.

“It’s… hot, and it’s… gods… it’s…” The little human, apparently fascinated by the enormous phallus sticking out from between her legs, set both hands on it again, and gently squeezed and massaged its white-coated length, fingers caressing the bumps and ridges.

The most delightful aspect of the change in position though, was the warrior skewered on the end of the cock Tilly had between her thighs. Now, the little woman got to see with visceral clarity, just what he was going to do to his sacrifice.

He began to pull the tanned woman closer to him. Her groans of discomfort were blatant, but hidden within them were the moans of someone enjoying themselves, someone unable to ignore the bliss of a titanic shaft filling her, pressing against the various spots in a human’s snatch through the wall of flesh of her rectum. With her torso held horizontal in his hand, and her two legs dangling underneath her, her cunt was on full display for both he, and his new companion, to gaze upon as he brought the doomed woman in an inch closer, and an inch closer. His fat shaft was pliable, but not as pliable as the sacrifice’s colon, and he rumbled bliss as the curvature of her large intestine began to adjust around his cock, straightening out to accommodate him. The bulge showed upon her abs, not as defined as when he was skewering her cunt, but still apparent, and Tilly shivered as she reached out, and touched it.

“Oh gods, she… you’re going to…” As if helping guide him, Tilly reached out with both hands, and set them onto the approaching warrior’s hips. She pulled, which only shifted herself forward along his cock, and earned a loud, squeaky moan from the little human, as her dripping folds and swollen clit rubbed along the bumps and ridges of his shaft.

“Mercy, please. I… I’m going… to break.”

Sweet, delicious fear. Mongar rumbled again, deep and louder, making Tilly squeak in surprise at both the sound, and him sinking yet a few more inches of his cum-dripping length into his sacrifice. With a foot of himself in her intestines, the distension along the sacrifice’s abs reached her sternum once again, and created a beautiful sight as Mongar began to masturbate with her. A few inches, nothing more, easing in a couple more into the whimpering creature, and then easing back out. To feel her colon stretch and grip around his fat, swollen glans was divine, and he could feel the sacrifice clench her sphincter on him as the bumps and thickness of his shaft pressed and rubbed against her cunt and womb through her ass. He kept the pace gentle, but fast enough to earn some moans from his sacrifice, moans of pleasure.

“No… n-no… stop, please… no… no no no… you can’t! You—” Her mouth shut tight, teeth clenching, and head falling back to dangle between her shoulders, as she came. Orgasm tore through the sacrifice, causing her to wriggle upon his cock, squeeze it, each twist of her torso bathing his length in the motions of her futile attempts to escape. And she squirted, empty cunt squeezing down and forcing a tiny gush of her girl cum onto the foot of his cock still waiting to enter her. And onto Tilly.

“Oh! She’s… oh my.” Tilly looked down at herself, at the white cum on Mongar’s cock washing away under the rain of the warrior’s fluids, at the warrior’s cum splashing against Tilly’s stomach and breasts, and she moaned as well. “Cumming from anal sex… with a demon… that deep?”

“You—nnnn!” Again the sacrifice came, the drugs, combined with Mongar’s consistent and almost gentle masturbating rhythm, ensuring the girl had no choice but to enjoy it, enjoy feeling her colon penetrated, enjoy anal sex with the demon about to kill her. She squirted harder, and Tilly squeaked as another gush of girl cum splashed along her belly, her heavy, hanging breasts, and where her smooth slit was spread open on the base of his cock.

He went deeper, forcing the wriggling worm to groan in pain between her moans of pleasure. More and more of her large intestine fit around his cock, until it was pushing up into her torso, underneath her ribs, and nudging aside her organs to make room for him.

“Wait! I can’t… f… fuck…. Please! Mercy! Stop! I… can’t… breathe!”

Slowly but surely, Mongar eased in another inch, and another, each met with a gentle stroke of the warrior back and forth along him, masturbating with her while slowly getting deeper. The panic in her eyes as she forced her head up to stare at him, was exquisite. She could feel him now, starting to penetrate her torso, pressing against her diaphragm and lungs, her large intestine wrapping eighteen inches of his length and keeping it from killing her. So far. He still had six inches to go.

But he stopped. Better to enjoy the beautiful, sexual, writhing sacrifice’s unwanted orgasms, to feel her squirming, feel every muscle of her torso squeeze and massage his cock, before the end. For now she would live, with eighteen inches of his titanic girth filling her. And with her insides squeezing on him, it was not long before he felt his own orgasm rise once more.

“I… going… p-please… mercy…” The bandit kept her head up so she could stare him, stare at Tilly, with begging eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks. She groaned as Mongar tilted her body more upright, so she was almost eye to eye with Tilly, both of their legs dangling around his cock, and their knees touching.

Mongar rumbled more bliss as his cum flooded the sacrifice’s guts. He continued to masturbate with her, but only a single inch, enough to gently nudge his glans against her depths, her organs, and send waves of pleasure, tingling sparks of bliss down his length and into his core, as his flexing muscles within his pelvis forced waves of his cum to pour into the sacrifice. Tilly moaned openly at the sight of the warrior’s belly beginning to swell, and she, perhaps unaware of her own actions, rubbed her cunt back and forth an inch along his shaft, as she watched the warrior take his seed. The bandit tried to collapse backward, but Mongar kept her upright as gallons upon gallons of his thick, white cum poured through her. The poor creature, eyes wide, tears dripping off of her chin, mouthed silent words of begging as she stared at the woman only six inches from her, before the inevitable happened.

A wave of cum flowed out of the sacrifice’s mouth, down over her breasts, her hard nipples, her swollen belly, down her thighs, and down along the last six inches of his cock where Tilly sat.

“Oh gods! That’s… that’s why you have us… prepare them like you do. That’s…” The smaller human reached out, caught some of the waterfall of cum flowing down the sacrifice’s chest, and spread it to the sides so she could massage it into the warrior’s smaller breasts and nipples.

“M… mercy,” the warrior managed to say through waves of cum. Poor creature was unaware of how long this orgasm would last, and how close to asphyxiation she might become, if she did not try to breathe between waves of his seed.

“You don’t deserve mercy!” Tilly reached out with one hand, and covered the bandit’s mouth, fingers gripping her jaw tight. The two women were only six inches apart, and Tilly had all the leverage to do with the doomed woman’s body as she saw fit. “You deserve to die like a whore, cumming until you’re dead on a cock.” With one hand clutching the girl’s face and covering her mouth tight, her other reached down, scooped three fingers into the warrior’s wet cunt, and began to finger the her pussy, digits curling up toward the warrior’s abdomen.

The warrior, again forced to orgasm against her will and gushing girl cum onto the smaller human, trembled with new waves of horror, as his cum squirted from her nostrils. Tilly’s hand was not capable of stopping his cum from gushing out of the sacrifice’s mouth, but it stopped some, and the waves of fluid filled the larger woman’s sinuses before squirting from the twin holes above her mouth, soaking Tilly’s wrist.

“… that’s right, just die, filled with demon cum. Every hole… everywhere…” There was malice to this lovely little creature’s heart. She had said her husband had died years ago to bandits. Perhaps she was redirecting her rage at this woman before her? Understandable, and enjoyable. Mongar was happy to indulge her her revenge fantasy, especially as her spread, boiling slit continued to massage the base of his cock.

The tanned-skinned beauty stared on, eyes locked with Tilly as she slowly ran out of air, as white fluid filled her head, flowed out of her mouth down her body, and flowed out of her nostrils onto Tilly’s wrist. And, with time, the sacrifice’s tears poured anew, until finally, they too changed. Tilly’s whole body began to vibrate with excitement, and shock, as she watched her victim’s tears change to white.

It was enough for the small human to enjoy her first orgasm. She lowered both her hands to the warrior’s hips, and pulled herself forward the single inch she had to, to rub their cunts together. And as she did, the stared on at the sacrifice, and whimpered like a cat in heat as she watched tears of thick cum force their way out of the sacrifice’s eyes and down her cheeks. The bandit’s head began to fall back, no longer held by Tilly, but Mongar adjusted his grip slightly to prop the doomed girl’s head up with a finger, so Tilly could enjoy the results of her actions, could continue to gaze upon the beautiful girl as cum flowed from her mouth, and now both her nostrils, and her tear ducts. It was enough to have the tiny human’s cunt leaking copious juices onto Mongar as she came.

Through all of this, the warrior woman was shaking, quivering, and her insides were massaging and gripping Mongar’s cock. A powerful orgasm, one he enjoyed immensely, each breath, each heart beat of the sacrifice, all felt upon where his cock filled her insides, wearing her guts and skewering her torso. But soon it started to pass, orgasm fading away, as well as the tides of cum. Eventually the sacrifice managed to get in a breath, and another, as she vomited more cum, and more, and it no longer replenished.

She was conscious, and trying to blink away the cum that now lined her eyelashes.

Tilly, recovering from her own orgasm, peeked up at Mongar, heavy breasts rising and falling with her panting, each breast dripping with the bandit’s cum, and the demon’s. She wanted to know where this would go next.

Mongar offered her a smile — hard to do with a giant minotaur-like snout, filled with sharp demon teeth, fangs, and with a couple tusks besides — and turned his body on the grass. He set one hand on Tilly, her hips and waist, and held her where she was as he turned enough so he could fall back, and set his back to the grass, his head and shoulders now propped up by a large boulder, tail to the side.

Once he was sure Tilly was comfortable on his pelvis, still only inches away from the bandit with the two of them sitting up right, he let go of Tilly, and brought the bandit’s legs up onto his pelvis. The human caught on quickly, and grabbed the warrior’s legs to pull them over her hips.


Mongar rumbled, a darker, quieter sound, and shoved the sacrifice balls deep onto his cock.

The warrior tried to scream out, he could feel it with his cock inside her torso, but she could not. His cock tore through her taut large intestine, forced its way into her chest, and skewered her flesh nearly up to her collar bone. All room was lost inside her, and her diaphragm couldn’t stretch to fit him; it tore as well. A wave of cum squirted out from her mouth and nostrils, landing on Tilly’s breasts with the force of it, as his cock squashed against her guts and forced out more of the fluid.

His cock was its thickest at the base, and the shaft’s malleable nature was not enough to stop the sacrifice’s rectum from tearing. Her colon had been taut for each inch of his length, and now ripped open for each inch he was inside her, until his cock fell free of its squeezing confines, and was now simply inside her, free to rub and squash against her organs.

As the wave of cum passed, the sacrifice managed to find her breath. And she began to scream, little screams ultimately, as her attempts to breathe mostly failed. But he could feel it, feel her attempts to breathe with her ripped open diaphragm caress his shaft, feel her heart beat frantically and massage his length, and feel her lungs act as a soft, hot bed for his cock’s head.

“Oh… gods,” Tilly said. “He’s… just… tearing you up inside isn’t he?”

Mongar stared at the small woman sitting on his pelvis, and rumbled his pleasure as Tilly lay back upon his titanic body and abs. She hooked one of her legs over the warrior’s, and slipped her other underneath, and scooted herself in closer. Still lying upon him on her back, she brought herself in close enough for her cunt to rub against the dying warrior’s cunt. Tilly squeezed her leg around the victim hard, hard enough for their clits to squish together, and force the bandit to convulse on Mongar’s cock.

She wanted to feel the beautiful, tanned warrior die as she rubbed their pussies together.

He began to lift the sacrifice again, up and down two inches, so that the dying woman and her death spasms bathed his cock in blood and bliss. But he also kept the pace somewhat slow, and only those two inches, so Tilly could remain where she was, occasionally rubbing her cunt against the warrior’s cunt, and then taking moments to finger herself, hard and fast, until she was trembling in orgasm on Mongar’s abdomen.

“St… op…” The warrior managed words, but soon they too were a lost cause, as small globs of cum were joined by lines of red blood, leaking from her mouth and nostrils. Her blood leaked out of her asshole as well, soon coating Mongar’s pelvis, his testicles, and Tilly’s ass.

Mongar let go of the sacrifice’s body. She fell forward onto the smaller human, limp, trembling and alive, but limp. Tilly squeaked again — such a delightful sound — and looked at the cum-filled, dying woman now lying upon her. Mongar set both his hands onto the warrior’s legs, her thick and powerful thighs, and used those to shift her quivering frame back and forth on his cock instead. It allowed for Tilly to experience the woman’s delicious body, feel her, hold onto her, as her cum-soaked life began to fade away.

Lost to her arousal, her blood-lust, and her new discovery of murder, Tilly wrapped her arms and legs around the sacrifice like a lover, and pressed their wet and sticky bodies together. The bandit was still alive, still squirming, but she no longer had energy to make a sound. Even as Tilly began to kiss the dying woman, locking their lips together, tongue licking at the cum and blood that leaked out of the warrior’s mouth and down her nostrils, still the sacrifice could do nothing but quiver as her life drained away.

It was too much for Mongar, to see a beautiful human kiss his sacrifice as she died on his cock. Any demon would be seduced by this human. Unable to resist any longer, the quivering death-squeezes of his meal sent him over the edge, and again his cum poured into her. No longer guided by her intestines, his cum flowed over her organs, sending the dying woman into a trembling mess as the liquid fought for places to escape. Her lungs, her heart, all were drowned in his seed, and he rumbled his pleasure as he felt her heart panic and flutter against his cock.

Much of it started to gush out of her mouth and nostrils again, onto Tilly’s mouth and jaw. The little woman squeaked, pulled her head back and used her hands to lift the warrior’s face. Still alive, but barely, and she managed a few shivers and a few blinks, as more cum leaked from her tear ducts and down her cheeks, nose, and down onto Tilly’s lips. The human mewled, moaned, and began to kiss the sacrifice as demon cum and blood flooded into her mouth.

Mongar let go of the sacrifice’s leg with one hand, brought his massive palm to her head, and with a hard twist and squeeze, ripped her head free of her body. The last few spasms of her muscles, and the last few frantic beats of her heart against his cock, were divine.

Tilly screamed, but not in terror, simply in shock. She was now holding a headless corpse, no longer a dying woman. And with no head, there was nothing to stop the demon’s cum and the sacrifice’s blood from gushing from the new hole, all over Tilly’s neck.

Panting, trembling, she crawled out from underneath the corpse, cum and blood still gushing up onto her belly and between her thighs, and she turned her head to look at Mongar. He dropped the head of the sacrifice into his mouth, and crunched down on it. Bone, brains, blood, all nourishment for a demon. He did not care that his cum came with it; he was a demon after all.

“Oh… gods…” Tilly looked back down at the headless thing still on his cock, and then back to him. “I… I need… gods, I need something inside me. Please, anything. I… can… can you, I don’t, I—ah!” She squeaked yet again as he reached out for her with one hand, and brought her to his mouth. “Are… are you… what’re you… going to do?”

If he’d wanted to, he could have eaten this human woman right there, and so engrossed in the morbidity and sexuality of it all, she’d probably have enjoyed it. But he would do no such thing. He had a pact with the humans of the nearby village, and more than that, he found himself terribly intrigued, and aroused by this small woman.

He brought her up to his mouth, and holding her so her stomach was fading toward his stomach, he brought her between his teeth and tusks, and into his mouth. They were pointed, but not sharp enough to cut by simply touching; he’d have to chomp down to do that. It was easy for her to find the rock behind his head, set her feet against it, while her dripping wet body, the whole of her torso, pelvis, and abdomen, were between his teeth. If he had decided to bite down, she’d have lost her limbs and head with how much of her was in her mouth. But instead, he pushed his long, thick tongue against her pussy, and began to open her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Perfect. He was mostly lying down, but his head and shoulders were propped up at an angle by the boulder behind him. The angle made it easy for the woman to find places to rest her knees upon the base of his mouth, shins sticking out at the corners so her feet could find the boulder, and her hands gripped his fangs as he let go of her. No longer held by him, there was nothing to stop her from running away. Of course, she did not, and instead pushed her pussy down further toward him, toward his tongue, her large breasts rubbing against the bottom of his mouth near his teeth. His tongue was as thick as his cock, but a far more malleable, soft appendage, and the human cried out in bliss as it began to force its way into her boiling insides.

He brought both hands back to the headless sacrifice, the corpse still skewered on his cock, and again began to masturbate. While he was free to be more ruthless with the warrior’s body, now that Tilly was no longer pressed against her, having the human in his mouth meant he could not be too forceful, for fear of hurting the woman between his teeth. Still, he managed to create a pleasant rhythm, lifting the corpse a foot off of his cock, before driving the twenty-four inches of his length back into her destroyed insides. Blood and cum poured out of her ass and down his testicles, and the same for the neck of the corpse as well, squirting forcefully up onto his abs and goliath chest.

Tilly stared at the corpse, at the sacrifice, and came. Her pussy clenched down on him, his tongue, and her juices gushed. Mongar used drugs to bring women to such sexual arousal that they could squirt like this, but Tilly was just as aroused without any drugs, her body almost scalding hot within his mouth, and her juices delicious and copious as they leaked down his tongue. He pushed the appendage in deeper, reaching her cervix, stretching the width of her pussy taut, and as he continued to push in his tongue, eventually the length of her snatch grew taut as well. Through it all, Tilly only moaned, panting and squeaking and whimpering as she came again, and again, and again. Even as he licked and probed the flesh around her cervix, she only clenched harder, and when he pressed the tip of his tongue toward her stomach hard, her body erupted, gushing ejaculate into his awaiting maw.

Mongar squeezed on the bandit’s body harder, crushing it, tightening it on him, causing organs to burst and bones to break. He rumbled bliss — Tilly squealed with the sound so close to her — and he milked his orgasm, causing yet more gallons of thick, white cum to pour into the meal, the ever shrinking confines of her crushed body causing the cum to squirt of her neck and onto him. Every so often, a flex of his cock caused the corpse to sit upright, and his cum became a geyser, mixed with blood and squirting upright a foot or two, before raining back down onto the corpse.

But eventually, he let go, and let the waves of his cum slow. Instead, he focused on Tilly, and reached up with a hand to turn her around.

“Mongar, you… I…” She now literally sat in his mouth, her ass against the bottom of it, while his tongue worked within her, wriggling and rolling inside her stretched pussy; no doubt she’d be able to see such movement along her stomach, as they did the bandit earlier. “I had no idea you could be this… nice, and brutal… at the same time.”

Rumbling agreement, his forced his tongue against her depths once more. She squealed all the louder, hands reaching up to hold onto his fangs, thighs between his deeper teeth and feet against the boulder behind him, as she squirted into his mouth. He licked and teased her insides, malleable muscle pressing up against her g-spot and depths both, and causing the quivering little woman to squirt for what must have been the tenth time onto his tongue.

Soon, he stopped that as well, and as Tilly succumbed to exhaustion, going limp in his mouth, he took her in his palm again and eased her out before she hurt herself on her teeth.

He set her down on the grass beside him, reached down for his sacrifice, slipped it off his cock, gave the corpse a few moments to leak out the majority of his cum, and threw it into his mouth. Despite her exhaustion, Tilly forced herself to sit up on her knees on the grass, hands against his leg, and watched him devour his meal. He was a huge creature, but not so huge he could eat a human in one gulp; not comfortably, at least. The first bite took the legs, the next took the torso below the arms, teeth tearing apart skin, muscle, and sinew. The final bite took the rest, the arms and what remained of her torso, all delicious meat spiced with fear and sex, into his belly.

“Mongar, I… I um… oh gods, I’m so embarrassed!” Tilly stood up, and looked down at herself. “More than embarrassed! I… this is so wrong! Humans aren’t demons, we… don’t…” She brought her hands up to her breasts, the large, heavy teardrops filling and overflowing her palms. Almost every inch of her below the nose was covered in some degree of demon cum, the bandit’s girl cum, or the bandit’s blood. And now her thighs too, were coated in demon saliva, and her own cum.

Humans, indeed, did not crave murder like this, sexuality mixed with blood and death like this. This was a demon trait. Even a succubus did not butcher their prey, preferring to kill with a simple draining of energy until the prey simply no longer lived. Demons were the ones that mixed sex with butchery, or at least, so he thought. But Tilly was quickly proving otherwise.

He rumbled, quiet, soothing, and reached out to set a hand on Tilly’s shoulders, before pointing toward the nearby river.


He sat in the cool water, and watched Tilly bathe herself. Her long black hair, her slender waist, her wide hips, her enormous breasts, her lightly tanned skin, it was all terribly beautiful. He found a deeper part of the gentle river to bathe himself, but once he was done, Tilly had found a shallower patch only several feet away, and washed herself in front of him, slowly. She wanted him to watch. He wanted to watch.

“I… I know you heard, what I said about my husband.” She sighed, and shivered as the cool water fought against her body heat. Her large, red nipples were hard, though now with cold.

He nodded. He could not speak the human language, his mouth could not articulate the sounds. But he understood it, and all Tilly needed was an ear, for someone to listen.

“We’d had many children, but they all died not longer after childbirth. Life is… rough.” She waddled toward him, and sat down upon the smooth pebbles of the river bed, water reaching halfway up her torso. “And then he died to bandits, and… and it was horrible. I spied on you, when you were killing some of the more attractive women, from that raid. Of course, I don’t blame you that you couldn’t save everyone. This village would have been wiped out if it wasn’t for you.

“But, I… when I saw you… force yourself onto these women, until they… literally died… on your… penis. I… I was… hypnotized.” She leaned against him, and put her back against the side of his leg. “My husband and I had often engaged in rape fantasies, you know? I liked it when he’d tie me up, pin me down, force himself on me. It… we were good together.” Her hand found the short fur of his leg, and she stroked it, like a human might pet a dog. He didn’t mind. “But when I saw you… kill… with your cock, kill some of the people responsible, it… did something to me. Awoke something in me, I guess.”

He tilted his grand head of horns to the side, and watched the short human confess her deepest secrets to him. Such memories would be painful, but for her to admit they had led to new sexual fantasies? Those were the sorts of secrets people usually took to their grave.

“I’m all alone now. Nothing left for me in this village. Over the years, my friends grew distant. I guess they noticed I was different. And now I… I don’t know, I thought, maybe, before I leave, I wanted to… to indulge this part of me. Or at least, see it up close for once, this thing I… that I’d been thinking about for a long time now. But now, I… I’m going to leave the village. I hear maybe the capital has some decent brothels I could work at? I know people like my body… I can get by that way.”

Perhaps she could, but, it was not a way he would recommend. And considering Tilly’s unusual tastes, he doubted she’d ever be happy working at a brothel.

Then, perhaps, she’d be happy doing something different. He held out his wrist, and with his other hand, cut through the thick skin enough for his blood to begin dripping into the water. It was black.

“I… I don’t understand.”

With the claw that cut himself, he caught a drop of the thick blood, and brought it up to his lips where he licked it off.

“… you want me to drink… your blood?”

He nodded.

“… it’ll change me, won’t it? I’ll… I won’t be human, anymore, will I?”

He nodded.

“Will… will it make me a demon, like you?”

He used his other hand to pinch thumb and index finger together. Not full demon, just a little bit demon. Of course, he had no way to explain the details of that, he could only gesture that it was half true. But, with that hand, he set it on her back, and held her close to his leg.

“… wait, are you… you want me to stay? With you?”

He nodded again. Of course he wanted her to stay. A human, with the sick, wild urges of a demon? And yet, a woman with a strangely kind, soft heart? She was like him, in a way. He was a demon who helped humans, and by all accounts, that made him a strangely kind, soft hearted demon. He wasn’t so grand a fool as to ignore this symmetry.

“… ok.” Gulping loud enough for him to hear it over the gentle river, she got up, walked over to his wrist, and caught one of the thick, black drops that fell. And offering him a smile, a motherly, tender smile, she swallowed the blood down.


Simply beautiful. Did you say companions? There'll be more joining the party? Fuck yes! Thank you so much for posting here



Yeap! Mongar will be acquiring various female companions throughout the story, many providing their own strange kinks, many with unique tastes for murder.


Tilly stood up, stared at him, and started to quiver.

“I… it’s… I can feel it inside me. Is this going to hurt?” Such big doe eyes, begging him for something so simple as avoidance of pain. Such a strange, beautiful woman.

He shook his head.

“Ok, um… I… oh…” Her standing was put to a quick end as she fell back down, and sat on the river shore, the water up to her waist. Demon blood was coursing through her, tainting her, mutating her, changing her in ways she would not be able to predict. But she could feel them no doubt, and she looked up to him with fearful eyes as the changes fell upon her.

First were the horns. White, curling, thick horns slowly grew from her forehead, and curled back over her hair before curling down to stop by her neck, like ram horns. Her skin changed as well, and the gentle tan of her body began to turn into a mix of white and red. Her limbs were the darkest shade, hands and feet becoming the color of blood, while the color grew lighter, and lighter, until it was soft white around her stomach and breasts. Her nipples tinted blood red as well, darker even, almost maroon, beautiful against the white of the skin around them. Her lips also changed to the same shade of dark red as her nipples, and eventually, so did her hair.

She stared down at the water, and gasped over, and over, and over, as more changes came upon her. Her eyes became like Mongar’s, solid black, and her fingernails grew a couple inches, turning white like her horns as they became claws; the same befell her toes, white talons, larger, stronger.

“I’m… a redhead now?” She ran her crimson fingers through her long, dark red hair, where it ran down her white shoulders and reached her ass. “Black eyes… I… it… feels… odd, and yet… it feels… good.” A delight, this Tilly, as she seemed incapable of internalizing her thoughts, always narrating them. He enjoyed it. She touched her forehead, traced the white horns with her red fingertips, and then, squealed as something splashed behind her.

A demon tail. While Mongar’s tail as a massive thing, heavy, bulky, hers was slick, lean, four feet long, and prehensile. It was colored the same as her limbs, blood red, smooth, with a shape similar to a snake’s tail. She took it into her clawed hand, and brought much of it in front of her to stare at it.

“I look like a succubus! … wait, I’ve never seen a succubus. Is this what they look like?” she said. But he brought up a hand from the water, and brought finger and thumb together, meaning that, she did a little. “Not a succubus then. I… I’m… I’m human then? But… part demon now?”

He nodded, and waited. There would be more changes in the next few moments, and he wanted to see how she would handle them. He also wanted to see if she would be ok, if this human would take well to changes demons normally forced on others as punishment. To feed forever on human flesh and human fear, was for many humans, a curse. But for Tilly, it almost seemed proper.

She gasped again, and looked down at her stomach. Her stomach pulled in a little, and a little more, as did her waist, skin tightening up, giving her now very flat stomach some subtle abs. She no longer had the stomach of a soft woman, but now of a lean, strong creature, with a tiny waist, very tiny, highlighting her wide hips and her breasts all the more. Her claws found her bosom, and another final squeak came out of her as she found her breasts growing as well, from large, to very large, until they spilled over her hands, until each was as big as her head. Bigger.

“Oh gods I… I feel different… inside… where’d my insides go!” She posed for her reflection, and put her hands on her waist. “So… so sexy! And, I… it feels different, Mongar! Like my insides are all changed, not just the stuff on the outside.”

He rumbled a quiet chuckle. She would learn.

“Beautiful,” he said.

She spun around to face him fast enough to send herself twirling, and falling into the water. Getting back up to her feet with plenty of coughing and squeaking, she stared at him, and jaw dropped. Only once she realized she’d been complimented, did she start blushing.

“I understood that! And, um, thank you. But, it wasn’t English?”

“Demon.” He nodded again as he reached out for her, set one hand behind her, and gently pulled her toward him until she was leaning against the outside of one of his legs, hands to his short fur. “You. Demon corrupted.” Even when speaking the language of his race, his mouth did not articulate well. Curse of his particular breed.

“Demon corrupted… I’d heard stories… I guess that means I need to eat people, and eat their fear too?” She stared down at his enormous leg, and traced lines in the fur with one of her claws. “I figured it’d be something like this. I knew what I was getting into by tasting your blood.” Forcing herself to stand tall, she nodded and put her hands on her hips, forcing a determined gaze. It looked more like a six-year-old girl trying to be determined and imposing, far too adorable to be taken seriously.

“No regret?”

“No regrets! My old life was… empty, and now, I feel like… this is a new… a new life!” She pushed off his leg a little ways, and turned around, looking at herself in the water again as she did. “I got a teeny tiny waist! My breasts are huge! And I have a tail! … probably to compensate for the weight of these.” Her claws found her breasts again, and she cupped them as she stared down at them. For a human, and now demon corrupted, they were massive, and the milky white skin with blood red nipples was quite the sight. If Mongar had not cum many times only thirty minutes ago, he would be aroused at the sight of her.

“You. Demon now. What do?”

“I um, thought I was… going to stay with you? At least, I mean, until you don’t want me anymore. I don’t know what I’m doing, and… I like you, you’re nice. You helped us, the village, so many times.” She climbed up onto his leg, stood upon it, and pressed one hand to his chest. He was fifteen feet tall after all, and she was only five. “And you should teach me! You changed me, you should teach me to be a demon! Like you though, a nice demon. I don’t want to… be like those demon corrupted in the stories, who get crazy with hunger and kill their family and friends and stuff.” The words sent her eyes down, and she sighed as she let her mind wander.

She had no family, and no friends. That was why she came to him, he could see.

Her dismay washed away in moments, caught by the gentle current in the water beneath them, as her reflection caught her eye again. She giggled, hopped back down into the water, and hooked a claw into her mouth, pulling one cheek aside so she could see her teeth.

“Ooh, I’ve got fangs now.” To prove it, she raised her eyes to him, opened her mouth wide, and exposed the fangs where her canines used to be. She grinned as she did it.

Such a peculiar woman. Having her near was a joy.


The next victim the villagers brought was a man. Mongar’loth had no interest in men, and under normal circumstances, he would have prepared the man like a snack, broken his bones while he was still alive, and then devoured him while, again, still alive. The process normally took a mere five minutes.

But perhaps Tilly would want to do more? She was attracted to male humans, and if she requested it, surely the villagers would give the same potion to the man as they did the women, to keep their bodies in a perpetual state of arousal. Then again, they might not. They didn’t even know Tilly had decided to join him, to abandon her old life, and instead indulge her dark, twisted fantasies and desires.

Perhaps he should ask a succubus or incubus to come visit, and lend their aid? Their magics would cause the same effect of the potion.

As the villagers approached the altar with the naked sacrifice, the four men and two women in leather armor, all gasped as they found Tilly standing beside the titanic demon. She had re-clothed herself with her white rags from before, but the flimsy clothes did little to hide her new features.

“Tilly?” one of the men said, an older man, white hair and a matching beard. Despite the leather armor, he leaned on a staff to walk. A battle-hardened priest of some sort, perhaps.

“Y-Yes Thomas, it’s me.”

“You have horns.” The old man came closer, each step labored and slow. His companions kept the sacrifice standing, hands tied behind his back, and a bag over his head. Mongar did love to surprise his male sacrifices, after all.

“I… Mongar’loth offered me… He offered me a new life, and I decided to take it.”

Thomas frowned up at the titan before coming closer to Tilly, until only five feet separated them. “You have been corrupted by demon blood then.”

“… I have.”

“You… you understand that means you cannot stay with the villagers.”

“I do.”

“… then why have you done this?”

“I was miserable there Thomas, surely you must have seen that?”


“N-No, don’t. It’s not your fault. The children, Graham, all dead… it changed me. And… and Mongar understands that part of me, better than I do.”

“… if this is truly your wish,” the old man said, “then I must accept it. If you are staying with Mongar, perhaps we will see you more often?”

“M-Maybe, yeah… yeah I could visit sometime. If you think people wouldn’t mind a demon walking around the town?”

“Ha, they might, but they understand Mongar has done right by us. If they don’t, I’ll hit them until they do.”

Tilly laughed. Thomas laughed. Mongar stayed silent, listening, picking up on the words and forming an image in his mind of Tilly’s previous life, what her relationship was like with this man and the others. As the conversation continued, the two laughed twice more, and after a couple of minutes, Thomas turned and left, offering them a wave. The other humans left with him, but not before pushing the sacrifice forward so Tilly had to catch him by the shoulders.

Parting with your old life on good terms, after a demon corrupted you, turned you into a twisted half-demon abomination, was unheard of. Mongar was blessed to have found these people, as much they he.

Tilly took the bag off the man’s head.

“Fucking finally! You… oh… fucking… gods.” The man backed away, and stared up at Mongar’loth, eyes wide, pupils shrinking as delicious fear sent his heart rate soaring.

“I recognize this one,” Tilly said. “I saw him try and cut down one of the children.”

Mongar rumbled, loud. Only the most heinous of demons killed children, and to see such villainous actions from a human, was a great spice for his meal.

The human began to slowly step away, but Mongar snapped out his arm to catch the man in his palm.

“No! No don’t! Stop! Mercy!” the bandit said. Begging for mercy from the very start, delightful.

Mongar gave none. He set the sacrifice upon the altar on his back, hand more than large enough to hold the whole of the bandit’s torso, so the man’s legs were free, and kicking out at Mongar’s arm. Useless. With his other hand, he reached out for one leg, and twisted. Crack.


Cracking the femur in half, the largest bone in a human’s body, was a sweet treat, the mix of agony and pain filling him with its nectar. And Tilly’s as well.

“I… felt that,” she said, bringing her hands to her stomach.

He smiled, and reached out for the screaming man’s other leg. Crack, like a twig.

“Stop! Stop! Oh god, fuck, no please!” The man was almost foaming at the mouth, filling his body with the various chemicals humans did when they were panicking, trying to flee, desperate to save their lives. Hyperventilating, heart rate soaring, delicious fear permeated the sacrifice’s every bone and organ until it was flowing out of his pours as sweat.

Tilly frowned at the man, and walked around to the other side of the large stone table. Too big, she had to climb up onto it to get a good look at the man’s face from above.

“You don’t deserve mercy!”

“P-Please! Stop him! I’ll do anything! I’ll—”

She kicked him. The man’s head jerked to the side, and blood splattered over his mouth and Tilly’s talons as the sacrifice’s lip split. His jaw broke too, and his head jerked hard enough to the shoulder to tear parts of his neck’s insides. Not a broken neck, but close, and the man’s jaw slacked to one side with its broken bone and dislocation.

His screams returned, once the shock and confusion wore off. But at least he could no longer formulate words.

Tilly looked shocked as well, and Mongar offered her a small smile and chuckle. Strong, the woman was strong, now that she was part demon. It was perhaps a first for the woman, and she hopped down off the altar onto the grass in front of Mongar, as if testing it. Her smile beamed, like a kid with a new toy, as she realized she just jumped six feet into the air, and landed easily.

“Oh wow.”

He nodded, gestured to the naked, now bleeding man on the altar, and then back to her. “Fear, for soul. Meat, for body.” The driving hungers of demons, fear and flesh. Other fiends had similar hungers, one of the body and one of the soul, and each manifested in different ways. For demons, and half-demons, fear and flesh were their foods.

Simply by being the source of fear, both he and his new corrupted friend got to indulge in the flow of nourishment, each scream the man made pulsing the very area around them in delicious, sweet terror. Tilly drifted closer to the sacrifice as well, and stood beside his broken legs, her hands on her stomach pressing against the rags. No doubt, she felt it in her belly, the strange sense of fulfillment from causing fear in another.

She reached out, and sank her fingers, her claws, into the man’s broken leg, above the knee. White claws pierced flesh, and blood gushed over her hand as the man’s screams raised an octave. Predictably, it sent the fool into new heights of fear, and Tilly smiled, no doubt tasting the sweet, invisible nectar.

She looked at her hand. “Blood… a lot of blood.”

Yes, this would be a messy affair. He reached down, and slipped one of his own dark claws down to poke at her dress, at the collar.

“You. Disrobe. Blood messy.”

She blinked her big, beautiful, black eyes at him, and then down at herself, as if wearing clothes again had regressed her to the shy human she was yesterday. If she wanted to wear the clothes again, she should take them off to keep them from getting soaked in blood.

Gulping, she did. She slipped them off again, set them aside in a neat pile by a tree, and once more stood before Mongar, nude. He rumbled his approval, and earned a smile and squeak from the small woman.

“W-What do I do now?”

“Whatever… you want,” he said, in Fiendish. While she spoke in English, Fiendish was filled with rumbling growls and overlapping sounds. It was also horrible at nuance, meant for barking orders or death threats, not conversation. “Eat. Meat. Whatever you want.”

“So… so I could… bite his leg?” She stood by the screaming man’s leg, and watched how his squirming caused trickles of the blood to come out onto the altar. The sacrifice’s voice had gone hoarse, but still his screams came out, burying the two demons in nourishment. Energizing, revitalizing, and perhaps a touch arousing.

“Yes. Organs taste best.”

“Organs… I’ll definitely have to… try that after.”

His new friend was adopting her new life so quickly, he was in shock. She was still part human, and cannibalism did not come easily to most; except her. She frowned at the bandit, leaned in, and like she was taking a bite out of a leg of beef, sank her fangs into his leg. His screams shifted into a hollering, panicked yelp, and then back to screaming as his struggling caused his broken leg to grind the cracked bone. His voice began to shred itself with its manic volume, as Tilly ripped off a large chunk of his leg muscle using her newfound demon strength, and fangs.

She stood there, with a solid, fat chunk of human leg meat in her mouth, six inches across. Her eyes widened as blood filled her mouth, and she raised her hands to hold onto the hunk of flesh as she tore into it. Bite, bite, hands and teeth working it apart and into chewable strands.

“Oh gods, this is so good!” Like a human with cake, she took a bite, and another, and another, until it was all gone. “No… no wonder the demon corrupted have been known to attack other humans, when they try and live with them. This is… oh, it’s so good, it’s so good.”

Mongar stared at the woman before him, and made a deep, rumbling purr, as every part of him lit on fire with need. Tilly’s transformation had emphasized the feminine aspects of her body, to give her the tools she needed to seduce unwitting humans should the need arise. But, it was also seducing him. His eyes found themselves locked to the sight of her massive breasts, and how they were now coated in the blood dripping from her chin. Lines of crimson ran down the pale skin, some curving around and onto her red nipples, and others sliding down the inner and outer curves of the large teardrops, until the blood dripped from their undersides. Some ran down her sternum, down her tiny waist, and down to her legs to slip between her thighs and along her smooth mons.

Tilly’s eyes found his, and with tilted head, her gaze slid down his body. He was a fifteen-foot titan of muscle, capable of killing almost anything he desired; but, he was a slave to the sight of a beautiful creature such as this creation of his before him. He rumbled again, more deep purrs flowing through his body into the ground, as his cock began to harden. His testicles, normally ascended into his pelvis, descended, becoming heavy orbs. His penis’s sheath, much like a horse’s, normally held his member in safety as well, but his cock spilled from its confines as it swelled, and swelled, until the two-foot length was dangling between his legs. Its skin, covered in bumps and grooves, began to lubricate itself, skin slicking with sexual juices, as his body began to boil.

“Mongar!” She squeaked, and stepped back once as her eyes locked onto his shaft. “I… you… I thought you… saved that for your sacrifices? Are you attracted to men?”

Ha. As much as he was delighted with Tilly, and constantly finding himself pleased with her attitude, she was not the most intelligent creature. But then perhaps that was for the best; he was intelligent, but not the most skilled at expressing himself. Maybe she would offset that.

“Like women. Like… you.”

“You’re attracted to me? A half-demon?”


“Is… it because I’m part demon now?”

“Was attracted before. Would have loved… to have sex with human Tilly.” But at the time, he was busy murdering a sacrifice on his cock, and licking Tilly’s insides. “Now, even more.”

The demon woman blushed so bright, it started to match the red color of her arms and legs. “… that makes glad. Cause… we should, we um… we definitely… should, um… have sex.” As she stared at him, he could see her nipples begin to swell and harden, and her tail start to slither from side to side behind her.

He didn’t realize before that that was a concern. Only now did he consider that maybe, the very human-sized demon would not be interested in actually having sex with him, a fifteen-foot minotaur-like demon. And now that he thought about that, he realized how morose that would have made him. All the better, now that he realized she did indeed want to have sex with him.

He rumbled, smiled a demon smile, and gestured to the sacrifice. “But, eat more first.”

“First? Oh… ok!” She giggled and squealed a couple of times as she realized what he was implying. Food now, fucking later. “So, um, what part should I try next?”

Mongar reached out, set a claw on the screaming, crying man’s sternum, and pressed down. His claws weren’t razor sharp like Tilly’s, but a solid point and a strong hand was enough to force the claw to crack through the sacrifice’s sternum.

“Nnn! Aararrg! Sstooooop!” Still screaming, despite his blood loss and despite his broken jaw and damaged neck. And, despite the shattering of his sternum. Impressive he managed to form a word at all.

Mongar was careful to not kill the sacrifice; better to draw this out so Tilly could become more familiar with feasting. Instead, he carefully slid his claw down the man’s chest and stomach, claw tearing and cutting open skin, but only the skin. The heart and lungs were a little tougher to truly expose, and Mongar had to pry the man’s ribcage apart to bring them to the surface. Careful as the giant demon was, the sacrifice was squirming, shrieking, and causing his abdomen muscles to rip instead of cut. But he was still alive, and gargling, foaming at the mouth, eyes bloodshot and tears flowing down his cheeks. Succulent, overwhelming fear, mixed with agonizing pain. Perfect.

“Tear out heart. Devour.” He gestured with open palm to the cut open sacrifice. “Quickly, before death.”

“I… I…” She shivered as she looked at the man, at his exposed organs, at the blood that was flowing out of him. Lungs, liver, kidneys, all were great choices, but the heart was truly special.

“Hurry.” Only Mongar’s knowledge of anatomy had kept the wounds from being fatal, but exsanguination would end him soon.

With a squeak, spurred by his words, the little demon crawled up onto the altar, got on her knees beside the fading man, and stared down into his eyes. Tears, terror, misery. Food. Hissing at him, she reached down into the man’s split open ribcage, and clutched his heart. The man twitched, screamed the dying rasps of destroyed vocal cords, and started to convulse. But, the convulsions came to a quick end, as Tilly ripped out his heart.

She brought the pulsing organ to her mouth, and sank her teeth into it, as she gazed down at the man. He died seconds later, but not before he managed to get a glimpse of the demon woman with the black eyes and white horns eating his heart, tearing a bit out of it, and causing his blood to gush down her beautiful, curvaceous.

Tilly groaned, pleasure and delight on her face as she closed her eyes, and devoured the heart with fervor, biting and biting and biting, chewing as fast as she could to fit it into her mouth. Once she had the whole of it jammed between her cheeks like a chipmunk, she looked back to Mongar, and beamed up at him. Her attempts to smile were only half successful with her cheeks stuffed, and more blood dripped down her lips as she chewed.

“So… good,” she said, mouth full, and letting her legs dangle off the altar at the knee. Mongar rumbled a chuckle, and waited for his new companion to finish. How quickly she took to eating the flesh of man surprised him, but the simple little creature was full of delightful surprises.

Once she swallowed it down, she looked down at her body, coated in a new layer of blood. One hand drifted down from her collar down to her breast, and her fingers began to trace through the blood, onto her nipple, and then down onto the undersides. This woman was acutely aware of what pleased her body, and seemed a slave to her sensitivity and sex drive. A feeling he knew all too well. And, when the beautiful woman let out a long moan, a new flood of blood poured into Mongar’s shaft until he could feel his pulse in its length.

Tilly looked beside herself, at the corpse of the naked man, and then back to him as she licked her lips. Despite what was proving to be a large sex drive from a very sexual woman, she still had a childish look in her eyes, a look of wonder, and surprise. And, as she slowly spread her legs, shins dangling from the altar, her mouth parted to release another moan, as one of her fingers found the swollen clitoris of her smooth slit.

“Can… can you um… come over here and let me… let me touch you? I didn’t get to much, when you were inside that bandit woman, and… I um… really want to.”

He rumbled deep, loud, and stepped over to stand before the small creature on the altar. Tall as he was, he pelvis was eight feet high, and he had to squat down a couple feet, so that his long cock dangled at chest level of the beautiful demon woman sitting on the altar. It took willpower, much of it, to not give into his baser desires, to not pin this curvy female down, and fuck her into oblivion until she was a blood smear in the dirt. No, he would not harm her, and as his body grew warmer, he found himself excited to see where her mind would lead them, instead of his own.

She stopped touching herself, reached out with both of her hands, and lifted up on the underside of cock. Too heavy, and slightly too malleable, to poke outright from him his pelvis, so it came out of him at a downward curve, until Tilly lifted it up in her palms to hold it before her.

“It’s… thicker… than my arm. And hot! And… and I can feel… your… heart beat.” Her breathing inched closer to quiet pants, and small trembles worked through her arms, into his shaft. “And it’s wet… just… like… me.”

More rumbles escaped him, and he breathed in deep the smell of blood, of death, and of Tilly’s arousal, her cunt wet and smooth lips glistening.

“Wet. For raping.”

“… you won’t be raping me.” She leaned in closer, and closer to the fat head of his cock she held in front of her, until it was directly in front of her lips. And, trembling, she set her lips onto the tip of its bulbous shape.

His rumbles were consistent now, soft, like a bass-filled purr, and he leaned forward to rest his hands upon the huge stone altar as he looked down at the tiny thing before him. Both of her hands began to slide up and down his length, still holding it from its underside and letting its weight fill her palms. Its wetness, meant for skewering the dry holes of victims and corpses, let her grip and fingers work his cock with ease, but its size prevented her from getting much into her mouth. His cock was indeed thicker than her arm, even at the bicep, and could not fit between her teeth and lips, despite her attempts.

But it felt intensely pleasurable none the less, having someone else squeeze, massage, and kiss his girth of their own free will, rather than him forcing it upon them.

“Can… can I… um… do some kinky stuff?” she said, and nodded toward the corpse.

He nodded, grin on his lips and in his eyes. What journey would she take him on?

Her claws found the corpse beside them, and ripped out some of the man’s flesh, indiscriminate parts of his insides close to his lungs. Shivering, smiling, she held his shaft up with one hand, while the other brought the blood-dripping flesh over it. Warm crimson flowed onto his cock, and up and down its length as Tilly made sure to coat every inch of it in the sacrifice’s life.

Once the length of it was red, she began to suckle upon it once more, tongue running around and around the swollen, bulbous glans of the tip, while her hands worked together to caress all of his length, massaging the blood into his skin. He could feel the pleasure building, the small tingles of bliss started to grow, despite the ultimately tiny amount of surface area she could cover with only her tiny hands and kissing lips.

Eventually, she let him go, and lay back upon the altar. She reached up with both hands, and made grabbing motions with them, like a child that wanted to be picked up. Except, in this case, he could tell she was asking for him to come to her.

He took his cock in his hand, lifted it, came a foot closer to the stone table, and got down on his knees. The soft grass greeted him, and lowered his pelvis height enough for his heavy slab of blood-coated demon cock to lay upon the girl’s body. As he inched in closer, Tilly inched closer to him as well, and raised her legs to set them upon his hips; he was far too thick for them to wrap around him, but she managed to get halfway.

Like this, his testicles rested between her thighs, the huge orbs nuzzling into the groove and basking in the soaked heat of her slit. As he adjusted himself, he set the base of his length above her snatch, so he could see how far twenty-four inches of demon cock would reach upon her. The tip of his cock reached her collar bone, an inch shy of her neck.

“Gods… I…” Still lying down, she pushed herself up onto her elbows, while his cock lay in the valley between her breasts, so that it rested up on an angle. The position let her use her hands, and push her breasts together, trapping much of his thickness in the softness of her bloodied bosom. She craned her head down as well, and began to lick and suckle at where his glans sat above her sternum.

Far, far more stimulus along his shaft, and he rumbled his pleasure at both the rising sparks of bliss running down his length, and at the glorious sight of Tilly managing to wrap much of his cock in her breasts. Her nipples stood out from the blood that dripped along her pale breasts, and the heat of her cunt grew, until Mongar could feel the hot juices of her slit dripping down his testicles.

There was only one way to make this more delightful. He reached out to the corpse beside them, ripped off the bandit’s nearest arm, and held it over where Tilly kept his cock captured between her breasts and along her belly. She squealed as another wave of blood fell upon his hardened cock, red flowing down into the valley of her body where she held him close. And as a new coating of blood soaked him, he tossed the arm into his mouth, and crunched down on it, devouring it in a loud display of his teeth.

He smiled down at his companion, and began to lightly fuck the surface of her body, her tiny waist, her soft skin, and the bed of softness created by her two breasts pushing against his length. Pleasure built far more quickly, and he offered small, quiet rumbles with each gentle thrust of his shaft along her blood-coated skin.

“You… you cum a lot, don’t you? I mean, I saw… what you did with that woman yesterday. Each time you came, it just… you came more… is that… normal? Do you always cum a bunch of times too?”

He nodded.

“Good! Good, please… cum… cum on me.” She leaned her head down to again kiss his glans, before tightening her grip on her breasts to try and squash his girth between them.

He began to thrust, gentle, but fast enough to build toward orgasm, boiling heat building up between his legs underneath his testicles. Each thrust was only a few inches in length, but enough to bathe his length in the caressing embrace of Tilly’s body. Enough to, within moments, have the heat of his cum flowing up through his cock.

He grew slower, and let another rumble free from his chest, as his cum began to flow out onto Tilly’s collar. It took two seconds before the volume was too much for the woman’s bosom to contain, and waves of white flowed out and over her body, down the inside and outside of her breasts, down her sides, up over her shoulders and down her arms, and down her belly to her legs. As more flowed out of him, thick and copious, it started to flow off of the altar between her legs, down her thighs and knees, until heavy drops of it fell off both the altar edge, and her toes.

Through it all, Tilly tried her best to stimulate him, continue to caress and massage him. As his thrusting slowed down, she leaned her head down again to plant more kisses upon his cock, catching a wave of it into her mouth. Blinking several times, she looked up at him, lines of white running down her lips and chin.

“You… taste… good. Not like a man’s, a human’s. You… you taste…” Again she craned her head down, set her lips onto the tip of the pointed, bulbous tip of his cock, and let the flowing liquid flow into her mouth. And she swallowed it, gulping down a wave, and then another, and another, like a human drinks water. He could feel her tongue sliding around and around the hole of his cock, caressing him, filling him with more heat and bliss, as his cum filled her belly. Eventually she stopped, perhaps full or overwhelmed, and his cum again flowed freely onto her neck, until the waves of it overflowed her breasts entirely, coating them and his cock in white.

When the waves stopped, he was left holding still, hands holding the altar, and body rumbling little purrs like a satisfied cat.

“Amazing,” he said, in Fiendish. “Beautiful…” One of his titanic hands let go of the altar, and reached down to run the smooth side of a claw along her side, her cheek, her arms, and along the sides of her heavy, soaked breasts. Such a delightful shape, and with how large they were, gravity forced them to squish and conform to her chest once she let them go; the fact their mountainous size caused them to flatten and pull to the side of her ribs only increased the sexual allure of their softness.

Tilly beamed up at him, happy, proud, and panting all the more, chest rising and falling with her breathing. And with how her body was covered in both his cum, and the sacrifice’s blood, covering her from neck to toe, it was more than enough to keep his cock hard as it sat along her stomach and chest.

“Please, I… I’ve been… I can’t get that bandit girl out of my mind. The things you did to her, I… please, fuck me like that?”

“… but, you—”

“I don’t mean kill me, but… if it hurts a little… that’s ok. I want… I want… this inside me, as much of it as you can fit.”

He rumbled louder, almost a roar, and leaned down to offer his new companion a lick along her cheek. Difficult, considering his head was as large as her whole torso, but he managed, and Tilly giggled. Giggled, and kissed him back, offering his long tongue a little suckle on its side, before her lips found the tip of his demon snout, and kissed him above a fang.

Truly, a wondrous woman, this new companion.

Still on his knees, he pulled his hips back, and wrapped his dripping cock in one hand. As he did, Tilly, mewling and trembling with excitement, let herself fall back so she lay flat upon the altar. Her curvy ass still remained on the table, legs falling off his hips since he backed up, and she reached down between her thighs to spread them. Not only them, her fingers pulled apart her dripping, hairless folds, until Mongar could see her clenching and unclenching insides, trickles of her juices joining the blood and cum running down her skin.

He set the tip of his cock against the tiny hole, while the other hand set itself behind Tilly’s head against the altar. She lifted it, and let her head and neck press against it, both so she could see what he was about to do, but also to prevent her from sliding, as he had done to sacrifices in the past. And with his friend no longer at risk of sliding away, he began to press his demon cock against her small, squeezing entrance.

“Oh… gods… I… nnnn.” Her mewls turned into loud, blatant moans, no thought given to whether her nearby village could hear her. Her fingers kept her spread as wide as she could manage, but it was hardly enough to fit a four-inch thick slab of meat, and thicker at certain places. But she was determined, and nudged her hips toward him as her soaked, boiling insides began to spread further, and further. Squeezing muscles caused his cock to mold to fit her, but only a little, as while his cock was a malleable thing, it was still a cock, mostly hard, pulsing with blood and need, and desperate to penetrate the begging woman before him.

The most difficult part was spreading her tight snatch to fit the base edge of the glans, where its bulbous shape was at its most thick, and sensitive. He could feel the tiny woman begin to tremble all the more, and her soaked cunt grow taut as he managed to sink in an inch, and then another inch of his cock’s head. But, she did not say stop, and he wasn’t sure he would have been able to if she had. He pushed in a little further, and a little further, each sliver of depth forcing Tilly to shiver and moan, until at last, the lips of her entrance slipped past the edge of his glans. With one of the thicker parts of his cock past her opening, he rumbled his bliss at the tightness of her pussy squeezing along the whole of his cock’s head.

No longer needing to spread herself, Tilly’s hands rose from her hips, and came to rest on her lower abdomen. Her new body’s waist was a tiny thing, and it hid nothing as it bulged around the thickness of his girth. One of her hands pressed down on the distension, her eyes wide as she tested how it felt to press against his cock through the wall of her abs. Her other hand, perhaps with a mind of its own, reached lower, and began to gently caress her clitoris, forcing her cunt to clamp down and squeeze on Mongar’s cock all the tighter.

“… deeper,” she said, voice fluttering, wavering, her breath quickening so her breasts rose and fell like a heart beat. “Feels… so good.”

If he wanted to, the angle would have allowed him to thrust his hips forward and bury every last inch of his cock into her. But that would not do, not for his new companion. He took his time, careful to not injure her, and yet, wholly compelled to bury as much of his cock into her pussy as possible. Another inch in and his fat glans pressed to her cervix, sparking a wince from Tilly. And a moan. He pressed on, stretching her hot, convulsing insides deeper, another inch, and then another. Each forced her flat stomach and tiny waist to distend blatantly, showing both the depth of his penetration, and the groove of where his glans met the rest of his length. Another inch, forcing nine inches of his length into the trembling insides of Tilly, all while she caressed herself. And while she came.

He stopped, and stared on, drinking in the sight of the beautiful half-demon beginning to quiver all the more. Her juices soaked over him, trickling down the length of him and down her legs as well, as her insides squeezed like a vise, random spasms each causing more of her juices to trickle.

She let go of her clitoris, and brought both her hands up to her neck, fingers in dainty fists as she pressed her elbows to her breasts, forearms to her chest. A fragile flower on her wedding night.

“D… deeper,” she said.

He rumbled yet again, enough so she could feel it through him and into her, enough so she whimpered, and offered him begging eyes. She did want deeper. He wanted to go deeper.

He continued to inch forward, and Tilly immediately began to tremble as his glans fought against her cervix. The subtle point of the tip of the pliable cock was a demon’s tool, to allow him to penetrate and rape small holes to delightful, gore-filled conclusions. But with Tilly, it was different. She wanted that extreme penetration, and to both survive it, but also, be pleasured by it.

The bulge along her abs began to slide higher, pushing past her navel as her cervix began to open. Tilly groaned, no doubt in pain, but her insides continued to squeeze on him, milk him, and soak him in juices as her fading orgasm renewed itself. His relentless cock put a constant pressure against her g-spot, but also the various, sensitive places around the cervix. Mongar often enjoyed forcing women to cum this way, pressing against those places near the womb, and to see Tilly begin to tremble, and hear her mewl, as bliss tore through her yet again, all while he slowly opened her cervix, was intoxicating. He pushed on, through her orgasm, through her cervix, and into her awaiting womb.

The upward curvature of the cervix and womb caused his cock to raise at a more upward angle, so the tip of it pointed more toward her upper abdomen. And as he continued to sink inch after inch into her, the bulge continued up, and up, reaching her sternum even as it stuck out more and more from her. Tilly managed to open her eyes to stare at the large distension, and moan all the more as he managed another inch, and then another, until the fat bulge managed to press up over the bones of her ribcage, and slightly onto her sternum.

Only then did he feel her womb grow taut enough that he feared she might tear. But it was plenty, and he let go of his cock to place the palm against the altar beside her, the other as well, no longer needing to hold her in place.

“Deeper than bandit woman,” he said. And it was true, as where the bandit woman from yesterday had managed only half of his length, Tilly had managed a couple inches more, despite her shorter stature.

“I’m glad! And… fucking… oh gods, I… it hurts, b-but… nng. I don’t know if it’s cause I’m different now, but… oh gods.” She propped herself up on one elbow, while her other arm reached down along her stomach. She felt him, pressed down on him, squeezed on parts of him through the walls of her abdomen and where he stretched her, and higher up her body. To feel someone touch his cock through the muscle and skin, was a first for him, and it was pleasant to say the least. But most of all, it was how the bulge nudged aside her heavy breasts, that set his body boiling.

He reached over for the corpse, and picked it up. His new companion had, of her own volition, added blood to their sexual encounter, and he was excited to add more. How would she react? How would this new person in his life respond if he devoured his meal over her? He rumbled his bliss, and sank his teeth into the corpse, hand clutching it by the legs, so he could tear it off into his mouth at the waist, its torso, head, and remaining arm now in his enormous mouth.

The corpse had leaked blood onto Tilly before he bit into it, but only a little. Tearing it in half unleashed a flood upon her, and the squealed as it rained onto her body, coating and splashing her breasts, her distended stomach, and soaking the furs of the altar. White and red poured off of her body together, onto the ten inches of his cock he could not fit into her, and off of his heavy testicles.

As he crunched down, teeth shattering the body, bones and all, some of the bits of organ and muscle leaked from between his chops, and onto Tilly’s awaiting body.

“Messy eater!” She said, gazing up at him, smile on her lips and eyes wide, fascinated by the scene. “You’re… oh… gods.” Blood ran down his body, the fur along his chest and abs extremely short, almost non-existent, so the blood ran freely into the grooves of his muscles, pectorals and abs, a painting of crimson and strength.

When some intestines splashed onto her body, she froze, stared, and eventually, broke into a giggle. Nowhere in her mind did she consider that a human male’s insides had fallen onto her. No, his new companion set them aside — no doubt she could smell that they were probably not tasty — and lay flat upon the altar.

“Please, fuck me… just a few inches, k? Try and… stay… inside my womb. It hurt opening it up, but… now it’s…” She closed her eyes, and let her hands drift over her. One found her breast, and began to massage her nipple, pinching it softly between finger and thumb before cupping the whole of her breast so blood and cum pooled and overflowed her claws. The other reached for her clitoris, buried in the two fluids, and she caressed it with slow, tender strokes.

As her muscles began to squeeze on him once more, he pulled his hips back enough to drag his girth several inches out of her. Her insides almost turned inside out, to the point he could see her pink flesh within struggling to let him leave her body those scant few inches, slivers of her pussy visible through the mess. But he did as she said, and with only four or five inches slid from her taut flesh, he eased himself back into her, still within her filled womb, and every bump and ridge on his demon cock rubbing against every bit of flesh within her skewered cunt.

She winced, made a few pained groans, and then, a few pleasured moans. Despite her pain, she was enjoying herself, and she continued touch herself, earning more mewls while he began to fuck her.

He had never fucked a half-demon before. He knew it had changed her insides, but he did not think it would have altered her to be more receptive of him, and his size. He stared at the glorious sight of his cock forcing her abdomen to bulge, all the way from her pubic bone up to her sternum, where the bulge went over it, and pushed up between her breasts. The girth of his phallus was more than enough to cause her already spreading breasts, pulled aside by gravity, to spread further, making room for him. And, as he found a gentle rhythm that allowed him to consistently ease in and out of her those four inches, her breasts began to lightly jiggle and bounce upon her.

She started to cum once more. Her breath pulled in with a gasp, before turning into long, drawn out moans as her legs squeezed on his giant waist. She let go of her breasts and clitoris, and instead, pressed down on him, on the bulge of her distended belly. Fingers pressed into him, causing her squeezing, gripping insides to squeeze tighter again, helped by the pressure she was applying. It caused the ridges and bumps of his length to rub against her insides all the more, hitting the places he knew humans loved, some only a couple inches within, others a few more. With her hands pressing down on herself, on his cock, she gushed her clear juices over the ten inches he could not fit into her.

And she came again. He could not stop fucking her, buried in bliss as her convulsing insides and her muscles’ random spasms bathed his length milking clenches. Once she managed to control herself again, the apex of her bliss passing between her waves of pleasure, she ran her hands up and down her body, up and down the distension along it caused by his shaft, and again sent herself into a fit of tremors as she came. Each wave through caused her to clench, to whimper, and to gush hot, flowing liquids onto him until it trickled off his testicles.

He picked her up.

“Ah! Mongar, what’re you… oh… gods.”

Just like with the warrior bandit, he wrapped his massive grip around her torso, and lifted her. His hand and palm were more than big enough for her to lay comfortably within it, her legs dangling off, and her arms now hugging around the fingers and thumb clutching her sides. And just like with yesterday’s sacrifice, he began to masturbate with her body, working her up and down his cock, each stroke pressing into her womb until it grew firm with how taut his depth forced it to become. And just like with yesterday’s sacrifice, Tilly’s legs slid off his hips, and dangled freely in the air beneath her, swaying with his gentle rhythm.

“Mongar, you… you can… I think you can pull out further. Just, b-be slow at first, ok? But… I think I can… handle it.”

He rumbled deep, long, fighting his desire to skewer this woman balls deep. And he could taste the fear in her too, that he just might lose control, and fuck her to death. It only encouraged the demon woman, and she mewled openly, invitingly, as she trembled upon him.

He eased her off of more of his length, swollen glans eventually slipping from her womb, and her cervix pushing it further away, until only seven or eight inches of his length remained within her. She groaned the entire time. The tip of his cock still pressed to her cervix, and he could still feel it partially opened, tiny hole spread upon the subtle tip of his cock’s head. And it opened again as he gently eased his fat girth into her womb. Just like with the yesterday’s sacrifice.

Tilly let herself go limp, head falling back over his palm to dangle, and her arms as well. With her torso held horizontal in his grip, her head, arms, tail, and legs all hung underneath her, swaying with the masturbation rhythm he was using. Perhaps she was pretending to be a drugged and exhausted victim, or perhaps she was pretending to be a corpse. But whatever was going through the adorable woman’s mind, it was forcing her insides to quiver as they squeezed with all their might, and another flowing wave of her clear juices poured onto his cock.

His own rising orgasm filled him with heat, an almost boiling heat as the pressure of his cum built between his legs, underneath his testicles. It gushed through his length, earning more deep rumbles of pleasure as he felt its thick, viscous warmth flood through his cock, and into the womb of the half-demon.

She continued to hang there, like a lifeless corpse, but her moans and tremors did not lie. As her massive breasts bounced up and down along her ribs, sending splashes of the earlier bouts of cum and blood about, her insides clamped down yet again. Spasms, small shivers that followed with a vise-like squeeze, her cunt gripped onto him as she squirted, while his own cum gushed into the awaiting, stretched bed of her womb. But he did not stop masturbating with her, and when he forced every inch he could back into her stretched cunt, his cum was forced to pour out of her and back onto him with almost projectile force. It splashed against his legs and abdomen, coating them in white as he filled the tiny woman with his seed, before the next yank of her body onto his length caused it to squirt out of her.

“… you are my sacrifice,” he said, voice deep, rumbling, filled with bass and vibrating the earth around them.

Her body clenched as she gasped, a wave of fear filling her as he leaned over her, buried her in his shadow, and rumbled his hunger. But still she did not move, still dangling, still limp, and once her gasp was over, her clenches renewed all the more as she came upon him yet again. His strokes grew rougher as well, no longer gently masturbating with her, but fucking her properly, each stroke working his glans in and out of her womb with no mercy. Her breasts and limbs all jiggled and swayed with the increased pace, and bits of cum and blood rained down on the grass beneath them. With each stroke, her breasts nudged inward as well, pressing against the distension along her body, and making Mongar let out a couple drops of drool at the sight and feel of them gently hitting against the sides of his cock through the bulge.

More of his fluid began to pour into her, orgasm renewed and gushing the hot liquid up through his length. A flex of his cock caused it to stir within her, pull up on her slightly, and make her body tremble and limbs sway. The copious amount of thick, heavy cum managed to stretch her womb for a split moment before the pressure of it forced it out, sending it back down his length to squirt out of her with force.

And as his orgasm continued, he walked over to a nearby tree, and sat down against it, legs spread so Tilly’s legs dangled between his thighs. He held her more upright, and used the index finger of the hand holding her to nudge her head back upright. The poor woman was drooling too, and several drops of it fell onto the bulge of his cock between her breasts. He stopped masturbating, content to enjoy his final orgasm of the night with a far more gentle pace, gently easing her up and down a single inch while her tremors and juices served as plenty to milk him. His cum fell from her like a waterfall, running down her thighs until it was flowing off of her toes in solid streams.

“… t-tender,” she said as she raised her arms, and set them onto his finger and thumb wrapped around her torso. “I’m… I’m going to be… so sore.”

“Are you injured?”

“I’m fine! R-Really, I… this new body is… oh gods.” She stared down at the bulge of his cock, and how it had managed to sink another inch deeper into her during his fun. “It hurts, but… but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought. This new body, it… it feels so… so good, having you this deep. Having so much cum… filling me.”

He smiled. Were all demon corrupted capable of such depth of penetration without injury? And would they all orgasm as easily as this little vixen? He had no idea. Rumbling sweet bliss, he gently lifted the beautiful creature, cock first sliding out of her womb and pushed out by her squeezing cervix, before her trembling muscles continued pushing it out and along her depths. The two of them watched the bulge move along her belly, the tightness of her muscles clearly showing the ridge of his cock’s tip. And once it fell from her, growing softer and shrinking with satisfaction, more cum poured out of her, including a few little squirts of her own.

He set the blood and cum covered woman on his leg, close enough so she could lean against his waist, her legs dangling between his thighs. She almost fell, but he kept his hand behind her, and she snuggled into it as she panted with exhaustion.

“I… I’ve been your friend for… two nights now, and I’ve… cum so much, so hard… soaked you so many times.”

“And more soon.”

She giggled, and drew invisible designs into his abs with a claw. “One more sacrifice left, a woman. Can… can we try some things with her tomorrow night? I want to… to um… try kinky things with her… as you kill her.”

What sort of beat had he awoken in this woman? He rumbled with anticipation.


lul that typo right at the end.

Should be: What sort of BEAST had he awoken in this woman?




Not sure if you're complimenting the story or asking about me teasing new companions.

But new companions, and an evolution of the plot into its more intended route, will start in Chapter 4.


The last sentence of the paragraph where Tilly bit into the heart seems to be missing a word.

but still, oh my god I love you so much. That image of Tilly massaging Mongar through herself, fuuuuck mee! I can't wait to see what other monsters will appear. Maybe add some magic and spells into play? Have you planned far ahead? I'd really like an atwt with a slime ;)

Also looking forward for when you post your sci-fi stories!


forgot to say, Tilly's transformation is also hot and delightful. New experiences are so fun to read it's cute aaaa




I haven't planned core story beats, only the general 'end goal' and the sorts of companions I want to add to the sexuality of the story.

Normally I plan out key store points, but I want to take this series a little more loosely, since I'm writing it in my free time and free writing is a more enjoyable, relaxed process.

There won't be 'magic' per say, more like 'Hellish energies' and 'Divine retributions' and such. If you've played or seen the game Agony, you might have an idea of where I'm heading.


That was amazingly hot and sexy. Thank you!


There was only one sacrifice left. Bandits and raiders were usually mostly men, with one or two women. The last raid was no exception, and Mongar’loth had enjoyed devouring them, one man a night. He liked to save the women for last, and maybe a man to separate them as a palate cleanser. Tilly had first spoken to him when he was about to enjoy the first of the two females. The second night, she had joined him to deal with the last male, her first night as demon corrupted. One bandit left, a woman, and Tilly and Mongar were both quite excited to feast.

They’d both seen her, during the raid. She was what the villagers called ‘young and stupid’, a new adult who was quick to throw their life away the moment someone convinced them of an easy way to earn money. So tonight their victim was young, eighteen years of age, and the two demons could taste the fear coming from her before she even came into view.

Delectable. Presented naked and prepared, as his female sacrifices always were, the doomed woman stumbled forward as the villagers shoved her. No words for the victim, no insults or offers of mercy beyond the veil. She was a bandit, someone who had attempted to kill them — with bow and arrow no less — and now, she was simply food for their protector. The idiot girl fell to her knees, and with her hands tied behind her, she landed onto her shoulder, and cursed between whimpers into the grass.

“Come here girl, let’s get a look at you.” Tilly, naked as Mongar, walked over to the sacrifice, large hips and ass swaying with her movements, more than usual. She scooped the girl up by the shoulders like a feather, and set her standing.

This sacrifice was short, unlike the last female. Her height matched Tilly’s, and her skin was pale, many freckles on her face and arms, shoulders, wherever the sun shined, while other places were paler yet, with far less freckles. She was fairly lean, with a bit of muscle to her, small breasts, and her pink nipples stood from her pale skin as the drug coursed through her veins. Her hair reached the shoulder, red and wavy, and her blue eyes were already wet with tears.

“I… I don’t want to die…”

“Well then you should have thought about that before you tried to kill other people.”

“I didn’t try—”

“No lies. I saw you, and so did Mongar’loth. Lie again, and we’ll break your limbs before we move onto the main event.”

The sacrifice sobbed. Mongar raised a brow as he looked down at his little companion. Such ruthlessness from so normally a tender creature. Delightful. Perhaps she was going to act like a succubus would, tonight?

“Now, how shall we fuck you to death?”

“… f-fuck me?”

“Oh yes. You’ll die with Mongar’s cock skewering your insides, fucking you, and filling you with his cum. You’ll die cumming too. You’ll die a whore, young lady, as you deserve.”

Sobs turned into outright crying, and the tiny woman fell to her knees as the tears started to drip from her cheeks.

The fear was real, even if her innocence was an act. The girl truly did not want to die, was terrified of the concept, and yet had been more than willing to fire arrows at innocent villagers in hopes of killing them and taking their possessions. Young and stupid.

“… I tell you what,” Tilly said. “Play a game with me. If you win, we won’t kill you.”

The girl raised her head, and peeked up at the two demons with her soaking wet eyes from between strands of red hair. “… you will?”

“Mmhmm. Mongar will fuck each of us. Whoever can take him deeper, wins. I’ll even go first, and I’ll make sure he’s gentler with you than me.”

The girl’s jaw dropped. “I… I… I’m a virgin! You… p-please, anything but that?”

“Take it or leave it.” Tilly’s tail began to swish from side to side at the mention of virgin. The demon had become quite excited at the sound of the word, and Mongar could smell her body begin to heat.

Between her sobs, the redheaded little bandit looked down, and nodded.

“That ok with you Mongar?” Tilly said, grinning up at him. It was a rigged game, she knew it, he knew it, and the results were bound to be pleasant and blood-ridden.

He nodded.

The half-demon giggled, and put the sacrifice back onto the grass, before she climbed on top of her, and knelt over and around her. Her tail slithered about, like a flowing snake, raised higher so Mongar could see her butt and drooling cunt. With her knees out to the side, the smooth flesh was fully visible, and he licked his fangs as he got down onto his knees, and then let his weight fall forward over the two of them. The sacrifice squealed as his hand crashed into the grass a few feet over her head, and stared up at him, his colossal mass and size. He covered the two of them in shadow, kneeling over them, and he rumbled his pleasure at the sight of the two of them beneath his belly.

With one hand putting his weight into his palm against the grass, the rest of his weight on his knees, his other hand was free to reach down for his cock, and set the wet, fat, hot girth against his friend’s dripping slit.

“N-No… Mongar… other hole.”

“What!?” The sacrifice squirmed, whimpers mixed with panting efforts as she tried to wriggle free. No luck, she wasn’t going anywhere with Tilly pinning her down.

“I feel like… trying something new today. It’ll be a unique experience for the both of us.” Tilly lowered herself down further until her heavy, swollen breasts grazed back and forth along the sacrifice’s smaller breasts with her nervous trembling. Better still, she wagged her tail like an excited dog.

If Tilly wanted anal sex, he was more than happy to give it. It was preferred, even. And he rumbled bliss as he set the fat, dripping glans of his cock against his new friend’s tiny asshole, and begin to push it into her.

Immediately, Tilly began to shiver, and little whimpers came out of her, as her small hole began to stretch. She had such a lovely body, the wide hips and tiny waist accenting the size of her large, round buttocks. Even more delightful, was how he could smell her arousal grow by leaps and bounds, as he managed another inch, and another, into the clenching, tight ring of muscle.

His friend began to pant, moaning openly, and looked up at him over her shoulder as she braced her weight against the grass around the sacrifice. Her long, snake-like tail slithered around his cock, wrapping around it several times, and tugged on it, trying to make it penetrate her deeper. Mongar refused. It was far too much fun, slowly penetrating her while the sacrifice stared on, tears running down her cheeks, and now her temples as she was lying down. Much of the little redhead’s time was spent staring up at the valley of muscle burying her in shadow, but soon, her eyes drifted down to the demon woman over her.

Tilly gently rocked herself back and forth, and at the same time, lowered her weight onto her elbows. Her ass now pointed up into the air, and her breasts pressed to the sacrifice’s chest, sliding up and down the doomed girl’s own breasts as Tilly rocked her body. His new friend was no stranger to anal sex, he could tell, and she both relaxed her sphincter to let him in deeper, and then squeezed on it as she moved backward to slip a few inches of his girth out of her.

“He’s… he’s got all these big bumps and ridges on his cock,” Tilly said, eyes lowering to the dumbstruck redhead. “And it’s warm, almost hot to the touch. Wet. Slides right in, and… and I can feel it… filling me. All those spots, deep inside, hard to hit sometimes. You need… to find the right angles to hit them. Or… use a really, really big cock.” As his cock sank in deeper, and deeper, a foot of his girth stretching her guts taut and distending her stomach, Tilly shivered, and nudged her nose with the sacrifice’s. “You’re going to cum so much when he’s in you. I’ll make sure of it.”

“But… but I’ve… I never—

“Virgin, I know. But you have that look.” The curvy demoness chuckled, and again moaned as he slipped in a couple more inches. “I know that look. I had that look when I was your age. Never had a man touch me, but I touched myself every chance I could get. Horny all the time but too shy to ask someone.”

“… p-please, you—” The redhead gasped, and went silent, eyes wide and staring up at Mongar, as Tilly started to kiss her neck.

Fear was a potent drug. It heightened sensitivity, forced the body to be acutely aware of everything happening to it. Combined with the potion he’d instructed the villagers to give her — such a delightful recipe from his old succubus friend — Tilly’s kiss upon her neck, and her heavy, enormous breasts rubbing against her, were more than enough to overwhelm the young woman. The redhead began to blush, to the point her face looked ready to explode, all as she stared past the side of Tilly’s head, and up at Mongar.

The sacrifice was growing more aroused by the second. He could smell it, and Tilly’s arousal as well. Whatever gods he had earned the favor of to receive such gifts, he would be sure to do so again.

His cock went deeper, and deeper, into Tilly’s clenching and squeezing ass. Her depths greeted him in delicious, tight softness, her insides hot and her trembling filling every inch of his length with pleasure sparks. Soon, he was entering her torso, and her ribcage greeted him with increased tightness as his fat, swollen glans started to enter its compact embrace. The half-demon diaphragm pressed on his cock, giving him resistance through the wall of her intestine encasing his length. And yet, the resistance was angled, allowing his cock to slip in a little deeper, and a little deeper, his length riding along the inside of her torso toward her sternum, but still within her ribcage.

Her insides were different than a human’s now. That made sense, now that he considered it. Demons did not defaecate, they absorbed their meals fully and quickly, and that apparently applied to Tilly. But he’d never had sex with a demon corrupted anymore, and had not anticipated that, as he got deeper, and deeper into her small, curvy body, it would accommodate him.

And accommodate him it did. Deeper, and deeper, his cock continued to inch its way into the increasingly tight confines of her guts, of her torso, of the sacred space inside her ribcage. He was past the point where his last sacrifice had torn, and still he found he could inch his way deeper into her, her diaphragm both stretching and angled to allow his girth to reach within. He could feel her heart beat through the walls of flesh. He could feel her lungs, panting faster and faster as she ran out of space to breathe. He could feel her cunt’s juices, boiling and dripping, as his testicles started to press against her inner thighs. Closer, and closer.

Her ass, large, soft, with firm muscle underneath, molded to his pelvis as he forced in the last inch of his cock into her tight, trembling insides. Never in his life had he managed to fuck a woman with every inch of his cock, and not tear her insides. Never in his life had he felt a woman moan and shiver in pure bliss, with his cock fighting for room next to her heart. She pushed herself toward him as well, arching her back and making his cock bend lightly to march the curve of her spine, as she trembled on his length.

He rumbled, deep, powerful, long, purrs that filled him and vibrated through his length. Tilly tried to match his noises, but hers were meek, quiet, subdued as her attempts to breathe were limited. Something about her insides allowed for her intestines to fit the shape of his length better, to fit his cock better, so he could reach into her torso and let it caress against her organs through the sleeve of her guts and the wall of her diaphragm. He expected at least a shudder or groan of pain, but all he found were shudders and groans of pleasure, as Tilly started to gently fuck him in return, inching back and forth a few inches on his cock as he rumbled.

“I… got… every… bit of him,” she said to the victim beneath her.

“No… I-I won’t be able to do that!”

“Sure you will,” she lied, “if you… relax, and… enjoy… yourself.” The half-demon lowered her chest onto the sacrifice’s body, and began to kiss her.

The redhead stared up at her, and Mongar, in total shock, beautiful eyes wide, as Tilly nibbled and played with her lips. More than that, she adjusted their legs, putting one of the redhead’s between her own, one of hers between the redhead’s, so that they could nudge against each other’s clitoris’s with their thighs. The redhead made some more panicked groans, but could do little to stop the half-demon from kissing her, or rubbing their bodies together so Mongar could feel the sacrifice’s body press against the bulge along Tilly’s belly. With them this close together, Tilly’s soaking thighs coated the redhead’s in her juices, and Mongar felt it all, his testicles rubbing against their smooth, silky, dripping hot skin.

Tilly’s squeaky little voice started to come out, unable to take a deep breath, and turning into a mess of gentle pants, as she came. So soon, so quickly, his companion gushed over his testicles, coating her thighs and the sacrifice’s thighs in her clear juices. He gave her a moment to enjoy her bliss, before he slowly eased out a foot of his cock, and gently eased it back into her, the bumps and grooves of it rubbing against her depths. His girth was five inches thick at the base, and her spread, lightly jiggling buttocks managed to take it all. The bumps and ridges were the largest at the base as well, six inches of the base covered in them, so that each gently stroke he made of Tilly to ease her balls deep caused his cock’s thickest girth to rub its most defined bumps against the walls of her rectum, against her pussy, and against her womb.

She erupted again, gushing fluid onto him, onto the sacrifice, and earning mewls of bliss from her as she forced her lips onto the paralyzed sacrifice. As she trembled in orgasm, Tilly mounted the redhead, putting her knees underneath the sacrifice’s as well. She spread her knees as she leaned forward and over the sacrifice, keeping their bodies together so each motion caused the redhead’s body to rub against the cock bulging along her belly. And once Tilly managed to get her pelvis aligned over top the redheads, so she could rub her clitoris into the victim’s mons, Mongar’s testicles were free to bury both of their cunts in their size. He could feel Tilly’s slit, almost scalding hot, and squirting little streams of her cum as her orgasm overwhelmed her. And better yet, he could feel the teeny, tiny little slit of the sacrifice, and how hot it was as well.

The heat of Tilly’s divine insides was too much. Gushing warmth flooded upward from between his legs, pouring up through the softer underside of his cock. He kept the consistency steady, a delightful fucking rhythm with his friend, sliding her back and forth along those bottom six inches of his length, and rubbing his glans against her stretched guts inside her torso. How she was enjoying it so much, he did not know, and he wasn’t about to open her up to find out. No, it was far too amazing to feel her fuck him back, to feel her writhe and squirm on his cock, and to feel her clench her sphincters around the base of his shaft.

His seed poured into her, rushing fast, and bathing his cock in the heat of it. But, her gripping sphincter around the wet length was too tight for much of the cum to escape, trapping it, causing it to flow through her. With a human, it would have had many many feet of intestine to work through, causing the belly to swell. With Tilly, and her new, tiny waist, it felt different. And instead of fighting to work through her guts, it flowed around his cock before immediately flowing out of her mouth.

The redhead started to panic once again. “W-What!? Oh my god, what… you… he’s—” Her voice ceased to be, as Tilly began to kiss her, lips locking with hers, as Mongar’s cum flowed through and out of her.

There was something strange about Tilly’s new body, or perhaps all half-demons were like that. But, he could not care less at the moment, mind locked onto the sight of the sacrifice’s wide, terrified, crying eyes, as her mouth overflowed with his cum. Tilly was rubbing against her, shifting herself back and forth a few inches while Mongar met her rhythm with his own, insuring six inches of his cock eased out of her, before skewering her guts balls deep. His seed squirted from her nostrils, gushing down over the sacrifice’s cheeks as Tilly continued to kiss her, joining the redhead’s tears. His friend slipped in some groans of bliss between her shaking trembles, and again coated his heaving, hanging testicles where they lightly nudged against both women’s smooth slits. The redhead tried to turn her head and get way, but Tilly’s easily forced the girl’s chin into place with her grip, and bathed her mouth with his cum as it flowed out from between her lips. Bodies rubbing, squashing his cock inside his friend’s insides, the two women squirmed and wriggled as Tilly came again, and again, each orgasm causing her beautiful little cunt to squirt onto his testicles, all while the cum he filled her with flowed out of her mouth, her nostrils, until it was flowing down the sacrifice’s body, down her stomach, and down between her thighs. Warm, thick, it joined the mess of Tilly’s juices, soaking Mongar’s testicles, a river of sex.

But eventually he stopped cumming, and stopped moving his body as well. As Tilly began to slow her own thrusting, he gently eased himself out of her. Unlike with humans, only little of his cum leaked from her ass, only tiny rivers of it; most of his cum had moved straight through her, and onto the sacrifice beneath them. Once he was free of her, he set his dripping cock along her body, and admired how Tilly’s curvy little form provided a bed for his cock, its tip nearly reaching her neck.

She turned her head to look up at him, and beamed a smile, with lines of cum still leaking down her lip from her nose, and heavy drops of the white fluid still trickling out from between her lips.

“We… need to do that… all the time!” she said. “L-Later though. Now, for her.”

“Wait, please… you don’t have to—” The redhead squeaked as Tilly rolled them both over. Once the half-demon was on her back, she turned the sacrifice over again, so that the redhead lay upon her back on Tilly’s cum-soaked belly, her head between Tilly’s breasts, and Tilly sitting on her butt. The sacrifice tried to squirm free, but with her arms tied behind her, she was helpless to do anything. Attempts to close her legs also proved fruitless, as Tilly got her foot hook in between hers, and kept them spread.

And as the beautiful demon beneath the sacrifice chuckle, she slithered her tail up onto the redhead’s hip, and then her budding clitoris. Mongar could smell the sacrifice was already approaching orgasm, Tilly’s rubbing of their bodies, of her thigh between her legs earlier, all of it forcing the doomed woman toward unwanted pleasure. Delicious.

He took his cum-soaked cock into one hand, and once he adjusted his knees to realign it with the sacrifice, he placed it upon her, along the valley of her thin body, from her collar bone, down her sternum, her flat belly, and over her smooth moons so his testicles nestled against her hot slit. There was no chance the sacrifice would survive, and he rumbled a long, happy purr, as he admired the sight of his cock resting on her shivering, wet, dripping body.

“No! I… I can’t! This is… you…” She stared down at the four-inch thickness that lay upon her, five inches in various places, and her jaw dropped as a thick glob of his cum leaked out of him onto her collar bone.

He slid the cock down her, enjoying each tremble she gave, and how he could feel Tilly’s tail nudge the girl’s swollen clit as he ran his length along it. And with a hungry rumble, he set the head of his massive cock against her spread buttocks, and nudged it in to press against her asshole.

“P-Please… don’t! I won’t be… won’t be able to… to do what you did.” She tried to twist away, but Tilly was much stronger than the small bandit, and kept her trapped, legs spread, head between Tilly’s breasts and back to her stomach.

“Probably not, but you can try.”

“I’ll die!”

“Hold very still, relax, rest against me, and you might just survive.” Tilly’s hands slid down onto the bandit’s breasts, and her claws teased around them in circles. The terrified little girl reeked of arousal, and Tilly’s tail teasing her clitoris kept her on the precipice of orgasm. Perfect for Mongar to enjoy.

He eased his hips forward a couple inches, and the sacrifice squealed panic as his glans started to spread her ass. Her hairless, tight little slit looked delectable, but after feeling Tilly’s guts around his cock, he was anxious to feel this girl’s as well. He pressed in further, rumbling deep and loud, more than enough for the redhead to feel the vibrations through his cock into her body. Her sobs returned, growing into full on weeping once again, as he continued to gently spread her ass apart. Her clenching muscles massaged and bathed his cum-soaked glans in bliss, and despite the extreme tightness, he continued to sink into her.

“No no no no,” she said between waves of tears. “No no-nnng!”

At last, the head of his cock fit into her rectum. Her sphincter clamped around the thinner part of his shaft, past the edge of his glans; still thick at four inches thick, but thinner than the glans’s base edge, so it would not fall out of her or be pushed out of her. A butt plug. He rumbled bliss as he looked down, and admired the sight of the small bandit’s belly swelling, showing where his cock skewered her through her small waist.

Tilly moaned at the sight as well, and spread her hands over the girl’s breasts to begin massaging them more earnestly. Her tail continued to play with the girl’s clitoris, gently caressing the swollen nub, but not providing the stimulus needed for orgasm. Close, but not quite.

It was when Mongar started to gently fuck the girl’s ass a few inches, easing his glans back and forth inside her rectum, that the redhead started to panic for a different reason.

“Going to cum, aren’t you?” Tilly said, grinning down at the girl between her breasts. “Virginity gone, your first time is anal sex with a demon. And that demon is going to make you cum, with a cock in your ass.”

“N-No! It’s… you’re… you’re touching my…”

Tilly smirked, lifted her hands, and removed her tail from the redhead’s body. “I’ll watch then, and won’t touch. But if you cum without me touching you, I’m going to make you cum a dozen times more.”

The poor, idiot little sacrifice. She continued to weep, tears flowing down her cheeks, and moans slipping through her sobs as Mongar gently eased his shaft back and forth. The distension moved up and down, like a gentle tide, and each wave earned a little mewl, or whimper, or squeak from the doomed girl. Her nipples looked as hard as glass, poking up through the mess of white, and her clitoris stood upright with need. He slipped in a little deeper, enough for the bulge to nearly touch her navel. And there he stayed, sliding back and forth only a single inch, and insuring the thickness of his fat, heavy cock’s head massaged her womb and g-spot through the walls of her insides. He had made many sacrifices cum this way, and he knew the rhythm to force them to slowly but surely succumb to the rising pleasure of gentle, tender anal sex with a thick, hot cock.

She turned her head, and began to quiver, as the orgasm tore through her. Mongar rumbled deep his pleasure, and continued to gently fuck the trembling leaf as she came on him, squeezed and gripped him with her sphincter, and soon, squirted. She was no Tilly, and instead of a copious gush of girl cum, it was a tiny splash of her clear juices that managed only a single inch of distance from her snatch before landing on his cock. But they were consistent, again and again squirting from her quivering, clenching slit, as he continued to tenderly fuck the depths of her ass.

“Quite the little whore, aren’t you?” Tilly set her hands onto the sacrifice’s chest again, claws roaming around and caressing various parts of her, the nipples, the neck, the underside of her small breasts, all of it, as she grinned with joy. “Squirting on his cock too. Must feel good.”

“St… st… op…” she said. Mongar did no such thing. He pushed his hips in further, slowly but without break, and gently eased in an inch, and then another, and then another. “Please! Too deep! It’s… p-please, it’s… inside… my…” Everyone looked down to watch how her belly distended to show his cock pushing past her navel, and deeper, and deeper. Her colon fought against him, but was helpless to stop his penetration, and it began to wrap his length as he pushed deeper into her, becoming a sleeve of delightful, massaging flesh.

Tilly slid her tail back toward the redhead’s slit, and slipped it into the soaked, drooling, tiny hole of the sacrifice.

“Ah! W-Wait! Don’t!”

“But I need practice,” Tilly said, giggling. “I’ve never done this with my tail before, and I know I’m definitely going to try on myself later. So you’ll make a good first try.”

“N… no… n-no… nng!” The sacrifice squirmed, both as Mongar slipped in a little deeper, and as Tilly began to force in many more inches of her tail into the bandit’s cunt. Hot juices flowed down onto Mongar’s cock, and he looked down at the sacrifice to admire how Tilly’s tail was causing its own distension along the girl’s lower abdomen. She’d filled the redhead to capacity in only seconds, and started to wriggle her tail around randomly.

The poor fool came in moments. Little trickles of her cum flowed out of her, catching onto Tilly’s tail before dripping down onto his length. And as he slipped in another inch of his shaft, his soaked cocked eased in more of the mess of hot fluids into the girl’s ass, soaking her sphincter and ass both. It only got worse as Mongar began to gently fuck the sacrifice again, easing in and out a few inches, the bumps and ridges of his cock massaging the girl’s pussy and womb through the wall of her ass, as much as Tilly was massaging it more directly.

The idiot girl came again. And again. And again. Between the sobs and tears, her voice broke out into moans, and she eventually raised her head to look up at Mongar as she soaked his cock in her juices. Her mind, clouded with arousal, with bliss, nudged her hips forward to greet him and the tail skewering her cunt. Her arms still bound behind her, her legs trembled and fought against Tilly’s, but were unable to escape, helplessly spread as she gushed a little harder onto the tail filling her.

Orgasm sent hot bliss through Mongar’s body, spreading out from underneath his cock and testicles, until it reached his legs, his core, and most pleasurably, the length of his cock. A flex of his inner muscles caused a wave of cum to flow into the girl’s intestines, and then another, each thick, each gushing, each pouring buckets of fluid into her, and each causing Mongar to rumble.

“Stop! Oh no… please, stop! I… nnng!” Her belly swelled more, and more, but despite the obviousness of her situation, neither Mongar or Tilly stopped fucking her. Mongar inched himself back and forth a few inches, slipping a bit deeper into her, sixteen inches of his two-foot length fighting for room against her guts, and nudging up against her diaphragm. “C-Can’t breathe! Nnng!” She turned her head from side to side, as if she could will her reality away. She couldn’t. Cum poured into her until she looked ready to give birth, and through it all, Tilly continued to fuck her dripping wet slit with her tail, until Mongar felt the panicking girl clamp down as she came yet again.

And then his cum started to escape. The redhead’s beautiful eyes opened wide as the heavy waves of white started to flow out of her mouth. The first gush came up slow, thick, oozing down her chin and neck. The second, and third, and eighth came far faster, splashing over her body, her breasts and inflated belly, as he slipped another inch of his cock into her intestines. Soon, her nostrils erupted with the liquid, squirting it forward as two streams of white that splashed against her belly, and Tilly’s hands. She was still cumming, and as his cum flowed down and around her swollen stomach, he could feel her boiling juices drip down between her thighs to soak his cock where it skewered her ass.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Tilly said, her own voice wavering, mewling. “But… you deserve something more.” Grinning an evil grin, Tilly covered the girl’s mouth with one of her hands.

The force of his cum pouring out of the girl’s nose doubled, as his demon companion managed to slow what escaped the sacrifice’s mouth. The redhead tried to scream, staring up at Tilly with massive, begging, horrified eyes, but the unending waves of cum stopped any such nonsense.

Her attempts to scream continued, as his cum began to flow out of her eyes.

The idiot girl was going to asphyxiate if she didn’t stop trying to scream; perhaps she could fit in a breath between waves of his cum. But no, she continued to wriggle, squirm, and writhe, as the host of deplorable and salacious acts overwhelmed her. The moment her body began to relax, to not squeeze and clench with orgasmic bliss, Tilly renewed her squirming tail, and sent the girl into convulsing fits again. His cum was a river, and it poured through her and out of her orifices, with little managing to escape the tight clamp of her ass. And even though Tilly lowered her hand from the girl’s mouth, to again stroke the girl’s nipples underneath the sea of white, Mongar’s white cum continued to pour out of the girl’s tear ducts. The girl tried to blink it away, but each time his cum continued to ooze from her eyes, coating her eyelashes in white before trickling down her cheeks onto her neck.

She went limp, energy gone. Still alive, and still awake, but beginning to suffocate. Tilly eased up on her tail, and Mongar ceased forcing his cock into her guts anymore than it already was, as his orgasm began to fade. But for the moment, more cum flowed into the twitching sacrifice, and the fluid trickled out of her nostrils and mouth, no longer shooting from her, but oozing out of her nonetheless. With her head rolled to the side, eyes staring blankly and only half open, his cum trickled down her nose bridge and the side of her cheek, leaking from her eyes unendingly.

But, soon it stopped, and the girl managed to sneak in a tiny breath.

Mongar looked down at his cock. He’d managed seventeen inches of his length into the girl. An inch less than the bandit woman two from two nights ago. If he went any deeper, the girl was going to start tearing, and once he nodded to Tilly, he could tell she knew as well.

“… I’ll make you a deal,” Tilly said to redhead resting between her breasts. “Don’t cum for thirty seconds, and Mongar won’t go any deeper. But if you cum, he goes all the way. Is that ok with you, Mongar?”

The titan nodded. Tilly was behaving differently than the two nights before. Instead of a shy woman, she was acting more like a mother scolding and punishing a child. Maybe she had many personality traits that would come out with different sacrifices. Interesting, intriguing, and exciting.

The redhead managed to look back up at Tilly, her tears washing away some of the white that coated her eyes. “B… but…” she said between globs of cum falling from her mouth. “If… if he goes deeper…”

“You’ll die.” Tilly smirked at the girl, and began wiggling her tail. “One.”

“N-No! Wait! Stop!”

“Two.” More wiggles. Mongar could feel them all, feel the tail coil and turn around inside the sacrifice’s little snatch, probing and pressing against every inch of it.

And as she did, Mongar began to fuck the sacrifice. Gently for now, enjoying this game, enjoying the build up, enjoying the juxtaposition of pleasure and terror.

“Stop! I can’t! … please, please stop! No… no no no.” The redhead did her best, body clamping down and doing all it could to hold back the pleasure. Mongar and Tilly, adults, experienced with sex, knew all too well that only encouraged the pleasure to build to a more powerful climax. And the redhead was learning that too, all too late.

“Nine. Ten.” Tilly’s tail reached deep, pressing against the girl’s deep spots, while also forcing in much of its length, bending and coiling on itself to force in two feet into at most a six-inch depth.

“Stop! Don’t!”

“Fourteen. Getting close, you might live. We’ll let you walk away, no questions.”

“Please stop!” The girl’s panic raised higher, her shifting and struggling body causing her bloated belly to jiggle. But she was trapped, and all her fighting did was cause her muscles to clamp down all the harder on the two demons raping her.

Tilly had a talent for this Mongar did not expect. Never once had Mongar tried this approach; he couldn’t speak English, so that had prevented the option in either case. Still, the waves of fear pouring out of the girl on his cock were unparalleled. If she orgasmed, climaxed, experienced great bliss, it would be the death of her. And as she came closer to thirty seconds, the closer she came to bliss, to the point she started wriggling her hips in the direction of the two phalluses penetrating her.

“Twenty. If you cum though, Mongar is going to shove you so deep on his cock, he’ll skewer you. You’ll die, and then we’re going to fuck your beautiful little corpse.”

“No… no…” Harder, faster Tilly went. Mongar kept his pace slow and gentle, though certainly pleasant, for both he and the hopelessly skewered, cum-filled sacrifice. Tilly, on the other hand, fucked the redhead with a good, hard, proper fucking rhythm, the sort a man and woman in the throws of passion might enjoy.

“Twenty-five… twenty-six… oh!”

And just like that, the redhead clamped down with all her might, and started to writhe. She couldn’t writhe much, not trapped as she was, exhausted and filled as she was, but she managed to quiver and shake, and force out a strong gush of juices against Tilly’s tail. The half-demon removed her tail, and again the redhead squirted, hard, enough for her juices to reach the end of Mongar’s cock. And as the titanic demon over her gently fucked almost one and a half feet of her depths, she squirted again, a smaller gush that landed halfway down his dripping cock. He didn’t stop, earning more squirts from her quivering flesh, and more, and more, as each thick ridge and groove to his cock rubbed against her cunt and womb through her rectum. Squirting all the more, the sacrifice moaned openly, and gushed hard, a powerful blast of her clear cum hitting his abdomen before slowing and trickling down her engorged vulva.

Her most powerful orgasm would be her last.

“… p-please… wait… wa-aaaargh!” Her screams echoed off the trees, and faded into the night, as Mongar gently eased in more of his cock into her depths.

There was no more stretching her intestines, her diaphragm, or her sphincter. All of it was brought to the edge of tautness, and forced to tear, as he softly, almost tenderly, sank an inch, and then another inch, and another, into her body. Her large intestine split around his cock, letting his shaft enter her body freely, and where his cock’s head was already pressing against her diaphragm tore as well. He pushed through the muscle, the girl’s panic and pain causing it to caress and massage his swollen, sensitive cock head as it inched its way between her organs. The sweet, delicious bed of hot flesh, moving and thumping and beating, was utter heaven on his glans, and he rumbled pleasure loud and hard enough to cause both women beneath him to vibrate with his voice.

His glans forced itself between the girl’s lungs, and her heart. It had already begun to move them apart, and another two inches created a resting bed for his cock, a sweet, tight groove between the two organs, where they could caress and massage his long, thick glans where it sat, almost reaching her collar bone.

The thickest part of his cock, the base, the rim of its sheath, was too much for her sphincter, and that muscle tore as well, its inner wall rupturing, and flooding blood over Mongar’s testicles.

“H… how does that feel… Mongar?” Tilly said. As she held the convulsing sacrifice in her arms and legs, she looked up at Mongar with wide eyes, wonder and excitement written into them like stars in the black sky.

“Perfect. Can feel… lungs… and heart… on member.”

“… you can actual feel her… insides like that… as she breathes? And… as her heart… beats? On your cock? That… is…” Tilly looked back down at the redhead, and as her body began to shiver, her hands drifted up and down the girl’s naked, cum-covered body.

“St… p… p… lease… st….”

Tilly opened her mouth, ready to say something, perhaps taunt or insult the bandit. The redhead sacrifice was a bandit after all, a raider, someone who murdered others to steal, and had probably done so in the past. It only seemed natural for Tilly to scold her. But the half-demon stared down at the redhead’s body instead, and her fingers drifted through the mess of cum on her skin with a caressing grace. The sacrifice’s stomach was still swollen, inflated, and despite the tearing of her ass, the flesh was still too tight for his cum to leave her very quickly.

With the stronger bandit from two days ago, killing her had been a rather short affair, once Mongar had skewered her balls deep. With this little creature though, keeping it slow was drawing wide eyes from Tilly, as if a new world had been opened to her. Perhaps it had.

“… I wonder…” Tilly slipped her tail back down toward the woman’s cunt, and forced it into the squashed hole.

“N… no… d-don’t… please… stop…”

One of Tilly’s hands reached down as well, past the woman’s inflated belly, and set two of her fingers around the dying woman’s clitoris. The sacrifice twitched as Tilly started to massage it, while at the same time, fucking her cunt with the tail in the way she had before, the way that had sent the cute little woman into a full body orgasm.

The dying girl’s heart started to beat faster, a new level of panic hitting her in ways Mongar had never considered. It felt glorious, waves of pleasure flowing down his length and pulsing into his body as the sacrifice’s heart and lungs pressed on his glans. Soon a thick droplet of cum was coaxed out of him, as the girl’s heart continued to rub against the sensitive, swollen head of his cock, coating the organ in his liquids. Faster, and faster. As tears of cum oozed from the girl’s eyes, she managed to look up at him again; she was in extreme pain. But for all her pain, her body was responding to Tilly’s wriggling, squirming tail in her pussy, while her fingers bathed the doomed girl’s clit with the practiced fingers of an experienced woman.

With a demon cock skewered two feet into her body, tearing open her ass, intestines, puncturing her diaphragm, nestling between her heart and lungs, and nudging against the bottom of her throat, the sacrifice came again. He was wrong then, about the previous orgasm being her last; the succubus’s potion was powerful indeed. Her muscles clamped down, and her heart went berserk, beating with all its might to keep the girl alive, while fueling her pleasure at the same time. Each squirm, each wriggle, each failed attempt to breathe, was a tight massage in blood and flesh along his length. But it was her heart, rubbing his glans along its base rim, that started to send the warmth up through his cock.

His hot cum gushed into the girl’s insides, into her chest cavity, and bathed her organs in his seed. The onset of a new source of pain again forced the girl into wriggling, muted screams, a worm on a hook. But they were weak movements, the exhausted sacrifice no longer able to breathe, and no longer able to make a sound, as more waves of cum started to pour out of her. Fighting for space inside her, new cum forced out the old, and with it, streaks of blood, splashing over Tilly’s hands and down onto the redhead’s breasts and belly as it squirted out of the small woman’s mouth and nose. It washed over his testicles, the tear of her sphincter finally large enough to let more of it flow out of her. Red lines decorated the squirting white as it gushed from her nostrils, some mixing into the new tears that forced their way from her cum-soaked eyes.

And through it all, not only did Tilly continue to rape her, force her dying moments to be filled with constant, unending, unwanted stimulus upon her abused clitoris and filled cunt, but Mongar did not move. He stayed still, moving maybe a single inch at most, as he let the girl’s dying moments milk him of his cum, her fluttering heart massaging the head of his cock, where it sat just beneath her collar. The depth of his penetration kept the heart beneath the glans, but high enough that its constant rhythm rubbed the base edge of its bulbous shape, and filled him with more pleasure.

“How does… she feel? Inside? Now that… that… she’s full of cum.”

“Her heart beats faster. It… milks me.”

Tilly shivered, and whimpered with the description. “Hear that, little girl? Your insides are milking my man of his cum.” The sacrifice did not respond, still quivering and shivering, but her twitches were sporadic and subtle. Tilly frowned at her, raised a hand up from her breasts, and guided the girl to look up. “Your last moments are nothing but a tool to make Mongar cum.”

My man? He raised a brow, but after a few seconds, smiled. He liked the sound of that.

Tilly was determined to make this last. She grinned down at the girl on her belly, head between her bosom, her huge breasts resting on the sacrifice’s shoulders, and she shook the girl’s head a little. Still pointed up to look at them, the redhead’s eyes flickered with the remains of life as unending streams of white and red oozed from her eyes. With her head pointed upward, the tears of cum overflowed the beautiful blue gaze, coating the whole of the orbs in the mix of fluids, before oozing down the corners of the eyes and down her temples. Through it all, the sacrifice tried to mouth something, to get some words out, but all that came was more of the demon’s cum, and her own blood, gushing onto her belly, and joined by twin streams of squirting white that shot from her nostrils onto her own, small breasts. Trembling insides clenched, fighting off death, fighting for air, fighting to force blood to flow in a vain attempt to keep the body alive. All it did was send her heart into random spasms, and milk more of the titan demon’s thick cum onto it, and her lungs. A long, painful, slow death, that wrung gallons of Mongar’s fluids onto her inviting innards.

But, as the sacrifice’s head fell forward, drooping, her heart, at last, stopped.

“Oh, oh, please… tear her head off, like… like last time?”

He did not hesitate. He leaned back a bit to get his weight onto a knee, and with one hand on the sacrifice to anchor her down, he used the other to casually tear her head free from her neck. Ripping skin, tearing muscle, the pop of bones twisting away from each other, music to his ears. He chomped down on the head, licking his chops as the delightful texture of eyeballs and brains mixed in with the crunch of bone. He looked down, and smiled down at the quivering Tilly, as the half-demon looked down at the corpse lying between her legs.

The sacrifice’s belly began to shrink, no longer able to contain his fluids so easily, as the removed head meant there were multiple paths for the blood and cum to flow. It flowed out of the corpse’s neck, and onto Tilly’s sternum, quickly overflowing and burying her breasts in waves of white and red. It slowly quickly though, as Mongar’s orgasm began to fade, and he started to pull his hips back.

“W-Wait… don’t… stop,” she said, eyes locked on his body, and where the corpse’s legs were spread by her own. “Can… can you go again? In… in… this.” She nudged the corpse between her heavy breasts.

His new half demon companion and sexual friend, was asking him to fuck the corpse between her legs?

His cock grew hard, harder than normal. He lowered himself a bit lower as well, until his abs were only a foot above Tilly. And, with a deep, rumbling groan, he began to fuck the body of their victim. A sack of flesh now, warm, inviting, and as Tilly pressed her hands down on the corpse’s belly, euphoric. Cum and blood gushed upward from the corpse’s neck hole onto his companion’s chest, spilling up over her sternum as it flooded her again. Soon the dead girl’s stomach was back to its original size, a flat belly distended around the girth of his penetration, and Tilly massaged the bulge with both her hands. She pressed down on the corpse, hard, beneath her ribs where Mongar’s cock was stretching the body with his girth.

His cock slammed into the corpse, harder, and harder, enough to make Tilly squeal as a geyser of blood gushed out of the corpse and up against the underside of her chin. She dug her talons into the ground, and stared up at him, at the weight of him, at his gargantuan size, as he fucked the corpse’s organs into paste. He got deeper, causing the little sacrifice to crumble, for bones to break and bend, and for his cock to grow longer. And longer.

He rarely let himself go like this, to unleash his hunger, to let his demon desires overwhelm his intellect and reasoning. Demons who succumbed to total animal need did not get to enjoy the long bouts of torturous sex he preferred. But seeing Tilly beneath, looking up at him with awestruck eyes, was too much, and he roared. A true, demon, guttural roar, rumbling through his body before it crashed against the nearby trees, drowning any and all sounds as the bass-filled explosion of his voice silenced the forest.

He stood up, and grabbed the corpse in one hand, the other pressing to a tree so he could balance his ferocious movements. He slammed the corpse against him, balls deep, its legs twisting around in broken hips, and small breasts jiggling with each thrust. A new wave of cum squirted from the neck hole, splashing around Tilly’s body and on her, as she stared up at him from her seat in the grass. Harder, his cock again grew harder, and longer, until his glans started to push itself out from the ruined neck, between the muscle and esophagus of the hole. Harder, longer, his cock forced more of itself through the whole length of the sacrifice’s body, until the entirety of his cock’s head was through her neck.

As his phallus eventually stopped lengthening, swollen till it was a good deal firmer, almost rock hard, and it stood out an extra foot in length. Three feet long and an inch thinner, his cock skewered up through the corpse’s ass like a pole, through the length of her guts and chest, until his glans and a couple inches more were sticking through her neck and into the open. He masturbated with her corpse through this, forcing her off of his length enough inches to pull his cock’s head back into her chest, before slamming her down again, balls deep, ass jiggling with impact and dangling legs swaying between his thighs, as his cock thrust out of her neck hole. And with each thrust, a gush of cum squirted into the air and onto the grass.

Finally, he sat down, back to the tree, and looked down. The corpse still dangled on his length, but now his length was hard enough to stay rigid, to keep the corpse almost upright as his cock pointed up at forty-five degrees. He looked to Tilly, and winced. He must have scared her. The roaring, the surrender to mindless carnage, she—

She crawled over him, on her hands and knee, ass high in the air, tail swaying, and her heavy breasts hanging like enormous teardrops of blood and cum. Closer, closer, she got between his knees, his thighs, and soon, climbed up onto her feet. With him on his ass, and his cock still rigid hard, the corpse’s pelvis was a few feet above the ground, her legs dangling and toes grazing the grass against his testicles, and his cock’s head poking out through the corpse, at the height of the now standing Tilly’s lips.

She hugged the corpse from behind once more, and as she ran her hands up and down its breasts and belly, she set her lips onto his glans, to swallow down the slowing but unending waves of his cum. A blowjob, on the portion of his cock sticking out through the corpse. He rumbled bliss, and trembled as she suckled and swallowed another glob of his cum.

“T-That was… so brutal,” she said. “T… terri… scary.”

He sighed, but nodded, and shivered as the touch of her suckling lips earned a gush of his cum onto her neck and shoulder.

“Gave… into… demon.”

“Well! I never though that… I mean… wow.” Using her strength, she gently pulled the corpse up a few inches, and let gravity cause it to slide back down balls deep onto him. Another gush of his cum splashed into her lips and onto her chin in reward. “You’re so long now! And hard! It’s a bit thinner, but… so… damn long.”

“… too much… for sex…” His breathing was hard, almost panting, heart rate fast and body pumped with blood, muscles swollen. The old need for violence and mayhem was a part of him, no matter how much he tried to bury it.

“Y-Yeah. I mean… I wouldn’t mind… trying… this longer cock too. B-But… have you been… hiding this part of you?”

“… I have.”

“Oh you big dope!” The silly woman, not so silly anymore, set more kisses on his cock, long ones, passionate ones, suckling on him as she moved the corpse dangling on his cock a little more. “Trying to protect me? You’re so strange for a demon! S-So nice…”

And you’re quite strange for a human, accepting cannibalism, necrophilia, and a host of other kinks in so short a time. He didn’t say it though, no need. He simply watched the beautiful woman try and calm him down, lapping up more of his cum, while shifting the corpse along his shaft a few inches.

“Gods, you went right through her. N-Next time… maybe, you could do that… when they’re still alive, and in one piece? I’d like to see… a beautiful woman, some horrible, evil witch of a woman maybe, get this through her… Would it… go out the mouth?”

Ha, this woman. Should never have doubted her.

“Sometimes. Sometimes comes out through neck.” It had been a long time since he’d gone full aggressive on a rape victim of his, but he remembered in vivid detail what it was like, jamming his full, harder, three-foot length up into their necks. Depending on which hole he entered, and depending on the angle, he got different results. The front of a human’s neck was fragile, tore easily, and since his cock was skewering up through the flesh without the guidance of the esophagus, different places would tear open.

Eventually his cum stopped, and Tilly nodded at him, his cock, the mess, all like she’d done a good job, a satisfying job. With a big smile, she started to drag the corpse away, until his cock was forced to aim more horizontal until the mess of flesh fell off. When it did, his cock bounced upward, and stood up almost perfectly straight, pointed slightly away from him. Still three inches thick compared to the original four, but much harder and a foot longer; meant for killing, with no option for the victim to enjoy it.

Tilly was enjoying it though. She stepped over the corpse, walked up between his thighs, got in as close as she could, and pressed her body against his cock. It fit snug between her huge breasts, and reached over her head with its head, drops of cum and blood flowing down its length and onto her body as she pressed herself against it.

“Please… use your other size, your softer size, when we have sex. But I wouldn’t mind… trying on this cock too though. And… and I definitely want to see… some poor, helpless, evil bitch, die on this. Maybe… maybe we catch a raider, or maybe some super rich woman who’s taxing poor people into the grave? Maybe we let her go, let her run away, and we chase her down. And while we chase her, you have this… the bigger version, hard and upright, aimed at her as we run at her. She’s screaming for her life, screaming for someone nearby to help, but no one’s around. We run her down, grab her, and you slip this thing into her teeny tiny pussy, and… and you shove her down as hard as you can, make her ass jiggle and her breasts bounce as you drive through her cunt, her womb, and right up into her neck.”

“… she would die quickly.” Wow, this woman. Be still thy demon heart, this woman was tapping into carnal urges even he had tried to suppress.

“Die instantly?”

“No. Sometimes quickly, and sometimes they survive few minutes.”


He laughed. Laughter sucked away the urge to roar, to rampage, to unleash carnage and mayhem, made it all slip away. His cock softened, shrank, and soon disappeared back into his sheath as his testicles ascended. This silly little woman had calmed him. Not only that, the violence he offered only enticed her, no matter how grotesque or extreme it became.

He set a hand behind her, and picked her up. She squealed, giggling, and hugged him when he brought her closer so she could sit on his shoulder. An arm hooked one of his horns, and she set a foot on one of his tusks, as he scooped up the corpse, and began to munch on it. He offered her a few pieces, and she took them, smiling at him as she ate her meal upon his shoulder while they walked to the river. Definitely, most definitely, needed a bath.


Oh, I love this one. Thank you!

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