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Last family cookout.

Jennifer was born premature. On the upside, this made the Puerto Rican beauty tight, short, and a little younger looking than she was. She had a petite frame with c cup tits and slender hands.

The downside was that it made her nearly blind, and at age 19 she still had never held a single job, which made her a bit of a burden on her large poor family.

Growing up in America with a Puerto Rican family, even she found some of her family customs odd. None more than the large expensive barbeque her family threw every year with whole pigs on a giant barbeque grill. But this year she thought they had come to their senses because her father kept asking if she was excited for her last family barbeque.

The day came and she was the last to join the family in the back yard. When she came out she noticed that the barbeque was open but unlit, when food should already be being made. Her family fell silent.

Her father aproached and spoke gently. "Jennifer, I love you, but you are 19 now and unable to help the family financially. I talked with your boyfriend and he can't afford to move you out soon enough. So we're going to have to bring back a family tradition we haven't done since my sister long before you were born."

Jennifer was confused. First to see her boyfriend David there. Then at the mention of an aunt she didn't know about.

Her boyfriend stepped forward, visibly erect. He kissed her passionately. "I'm sorry I wasn't ready to move you out. Your dad explained the tradition, and I'm just glad I was invited to see you one more time. The men of your family will all get a turn with you. Then you'll feed the family. It saves money on the barbeque and you'll be one less mouth to feed."

It took a moment for her to process what was being said. When she worked it out she began screaming and trying to run away. David grabbed her and held her still while her father cut off her clothes. "There's no point in screaming. The neighbors know and will be joining us once you're cooked.

When she was standing naked infront of her family, her father ran his hands over her body, caressing her tits, toying with her nipples and rubbing her surprisingly wet pussy. In spite of her terror, it felt good to be touched by him.

She heard her uncle call out, "hey! My turn first remember?" David tied her arms behind her back and brought her over to her uncle.

He was a fat man and not particularly attractive. As he drank his beer he pulled down his shorts revealing a cock as long and thick as her own fore arm. She was put on her knees and he grabbed her by her hair demanding she open her mouth.

He put the tip on her lips and begaan to piss. She tried not to swallow but he slapped her face ubtil she complied. She could swear that he had been drinking so much that his piss would intoxicate her as she swallowed.

Then he pulled her head down onto his cock and felt it grow in her her mouth. It was lodged in her airway and there was still more that couldn't get past her lips.

She saw her uncle's wife wrap her hand aroubd the excess and stroke him as he repratedly hit the back of her throat and she rubbed herself. The last time she was let up for air she saw david being sucked by her younger female cousin. She couldn't tell if he was enjoying it more or watching her get violated by her uncle. The last few moments her uncle lodged his cock in the back of her throat as his wife furiously stroked.

Her vision started going dark just as his balls tightened and he came directly into her esophagus, letting her go.

She was next laid in the grass where three of her younger cousins took turns fucking her mouth and pussy. They were rough and inexperienced but done with her quickly.

Next she saw her boyfriend kneel between her legs. His cock still wet with her cousins spit. She was angry and scared but somehow felt better as his cock slid past the lips of her pussy.

Then her younger brother was kneeling over head. He pulled out his cock wich was nearly as long as her uncle's but not as thick.

He shoved his cock deep in Her throat without warning, thrusting so hard it was as if he was trying to hurt her. "You know, me and my friends were planning on gangraping you anyway. It's funny how things work out," he said.

Her boyfriend pulled out and over her head while her brother put her legs over his shoulders and slid into her pussy. David watched intently as Louanna was penetrated by her own brother.

When he grunted and unloaded his seed inside her, her boyfriend was overcome with pleasure and blasted inyo her mouth. She swallowed and relished what would be her last taste of his cum. Reminiscing about the firdt time she gave him head in his car and she tasted cum for the first time.

The barbeque was warming up as she was washed with the garden hose and at last she was brought to her father. He was sitting naked in a chair by the barbeque, his cock the perfect mixture of length and girth. In spite of herself she was excited.

She knelt down willinly and asked for her arms to be untied so she could do it properly. She grabbed his cock and felt it grow in her hands. She kissed the tip and began sucking and stroking slowly. Trying to forget what was going to happen and just enjoy it.

"Are you sure I have to be cooked," she asked.

"It's the tradition. A great honor. Your aunt was happy to do it."

"I understand. At least we got to do this." She continued sucking him as deep as she could. As she felt his balls tighten she eagerly waited for his cum to fill her mouth and swallowed every drop.

When the flow stopped she climbed into his lap and kissed him. His hands moved to her pussy and entered her. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers penetrated her.

"I want to feel your cock inside me before I go," she said.

His erection returned and she climbed ontop of hit. Her body shook as her father's cock filled every inch of her. He sucked on her tits as she excitedly bounced on his cock.

"I wish I could have your baby," she said.

"So do I. But it's too late. At least you'll always be with me."

Those words sent her over the edge and her pussy clamped around his cock. "Cum inside me daddy."

She felt his warm cum fill her and was lost in ecstasy. He carried her over to a game stand where she was hung by her ankles. Her father kissed her pussy one more time before he stuck a knife into her gut and sliced it open.

Her guts spilled out and were pulled away. And she couldn't believe she was still conscious. They tied her arms and legs together and her father kissed her lips before she felt the share pain of the cooking spit slide through her and out of her mouth.

Shestill had feeling as she was placed over the heat of the barbeque and spun. The last thing she felt as she blinked out of existance was the men of her family glazing her in cum.

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