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Note: Just getting back into writing erotica and first time going this dark. My style is short and to the point when it comes to erotic writing. I hope you can still enjoy this dungeons and dragons themed series

Heading into a cold autumn wind, the posse known as "Hells Rebuke" rode hard for the keep of Lord Brideguard.

Only the burlap sacks hanging from their horses bled more than their still healing wounds as they approached the gates of the keep. In spite of their pain the feeling of triumph so saturated the party that one could almost feel it wafting from them as they rode by.

At the head of the pack was a human named Amon. An assassin by trade, he found his calling at the ripe age of 15. After repeatedly raping the butcher’s daughter, he realized she would not be silent about what he had done. So, he choked her to death, while giving her one last hump, and found that killing got him even harder than fucking. When her body was discovered he delivered his condolences to her father while wearing the beauty’s head like a cod piece in his pants. He soon relived himself of his parents and went into business as a murderer for hire.

Next in line was the Dragonborn Sorcerer, Kilrash. Kicked out of Draufsorth academy after it was discovered that he had created a secret chamber in the school and filled it with families, which he charmed into massive familial orgies. He had a special fetish for fucking human girls, removing their charm, and then watching their father and brothers rape her until she was bred and swollen.

Lastly was Aego, the Elven Ranger. He had lived all 100 years of his life before joining Rebuke wandering the wilds. There wasn’t a wilderness, couldn’t navigate at and survive in. Unfortunately for those that did get lost in his domain, if they were an attractive woman of any race, they wouldn’t make it home undefiled.

They slowed as they entered the open gate and dismounted in the courtyard. A line of peasants went from just inside the structure that held the Lord’s great hall, well down the road leading to the gate. They pulled the bloody sacks from their saddles and proceeded past the line to more than a few swears and jeers.

The guards moved to stop them until they recognized the motely crew, and surmised their purpose from the trail of blood dripping through the burlap, as well as their injuries.

Hells Rebuke was at a sweet spot in their career. They had earned just enough of a name that the wealthy and desperate knew that for enough coin, they could have all their problems solved by this band of mercenaries. Most had not yet heard of the brutal side effects of hiring them, much less of ripping them off.

They stormed through the large double doors in the great hall. In an elegant throne at the had of the hall sat Lord Brideguard. To his left, His lovely daughter. 16 years of age, with a head of curly light blonde hair, lips as moist as the sea, and a tight firm body that had just entered womanhood. The party had discussed after first meeting her that they should just skip the job and ram their cocks down the bitch’s throat immediately, but they needed the coin.

The Lord looked up at them with mild interest. “The job is done then,” He asked with a tone that made Amon suspicious. The party emptied their sacks on the clean marble floor, and over half a dozen Hydra heads rolled towards the throne.

“I would say so,” Kilrash said.
The Lord snapped his fingers and two court servants carried in a large wooden chest. “there is your payment. Now be gone.”

Amon, being too experienced to be duped, walked forward and opened the chest. It was filled to the brim with copper pieces. But he estimated that in this metal it was less than half of their promised reward. Amon sighed. “This is not the amount we discussed.”

Brideguard sneered. “Yes. You eliminated the Hydra. But I’ve already heard of the destruction the town suffered in your efforts. I am grateful, but the difference in price is necessary to rebuild.

Amon was unimpressed. “Aego.”
With no further words needed, the Elf turned and fired two quick shots into the throats of the guards by the door. Amon let two daggers fly at the guards on either side of the throne, piercing their hearts. A group of four more charged at the party, but were reduced to ash by Kilrash's fire breath. Aego barred the door as Lorde Brideguard lept from his seat.
“what is the meaning of this? I’ll have you executed,” The Lord said.
Kilrash waved a hand and arcane power restrained the noble to his seat.

“You know what I hate about the ruling class” Kilrash said.

“what’s that,” Amon replied.

“Even when circumstances have changed so that even a deaf blind and dumb peasant could see it, they cannot escape the delusion that they are still in charge.”

Amon laughed. The Lord was red in the face with anger. “If you intend to rob my vaults, you’ll find there are more guards than you can handle.”

“No. Not at all. If we stole your wealth, it is your people who would suffer, and they would chase us to the ends of the realm. We already prepared for this contingency and had something else in mind to supplement our payment,” Kilrash explained. “Should we kill him now?”

“For that outburst I say he watches,” Amon said as he stepped towards the throne. He grabbed the daughter by the front of her dress and expertly sliced it open with a dagger.

He wrapped an arm around her neck and caressed her budding breasts. She was so terrified she trembled like a pine tree ready to burst in the cold reaches of the North. Tears poured down her face. “Don’t worry darling. Your father would have eventually whored you out to some rich cunt anyway. Your suffering will be much shorter here.”

He dragged her to the chest and bent her backwards over it before releasing his cock. He slid the tip over her soft unnaturally glossy lips, and rammed it deep into her throat. Aego kneeled between her legs and wrapped his lips around her untouched pussy. Licking her deeply.

He put her legs over his shoulders and slid his bare elven cock into her. He moaned.

“Virgin,” Amon asked.

“Not anymore.”
The girl's body was bounced back and forth on the chest with her mouth and pussy being fucked so hard even a veteran brothel girl would find it rough.

Her tight stomach convulsed and her face turned blue. Amon was thrusting so deep in her throat that she hadn’t been able to breath for nearly a minute. He continued until he came so deep in her throat that swallowing was irrelevant. And Aego unloaded his seed deep within her freshly deflowered pussy.

When Amon was finished, the girl was unconscious. “Kilrash, you’re up.”

The dragonborn grinned and walked towards the girl's father, ripping open his pants in one pull. “look at that. He’s enjoying it.” Brideguard's unimpressive shaft was so erect Amon was sure it might burst at the seams. The girl began to wake and Kilrash dragged her towards the throne. He shoved the girls head into her father’s lap. she tried to pull away.

“put it in your mouth or I’ll dig my claws into your chest and rip your ribcage apart.”

His tone frightened the lord even more than the girl, and despite being erect he pissed into her open mouth. She didn’t have to be told to swallow every drop. When his bladder was empty, the inexperienced girl began sucking her father’s cock the best she could.

Kilrash undid his armor, revealing his gigantic scaled cock, and slid it forcefully into her ass, tearing her flesh in the process.

He pounded her ass and slammed her head down onto her father’s cock. The Lord couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Kilrash exploded in her ass with such force and volume that it spurted out when pulled out.

Her father tightened up as his seed was ready to explode into her mouth. Amon grabbed a sword from one of the dead guards and swung it at the girl.

The lord looked on in horror has his cum spurttef out of her now open neck. “you can keep that,” Amon said with a grin.

Amon stepped behind her and plunged his cock into her pussy, as Aego started fucking her open neck. Her limp body swung suspended between them.

After several minutes they came simultaneously in her neck and pussy, and let her body crumple to the floor.

Kilrash picked her up and tied ropes around her shoulders before teleporting to the roof of the keep, hanging her headless corpse over the wall like the new family banner.

He returned to the hall and helped Aego pick up the chest. Amon burst out of the double doors and expertly stabbed the adjacent guards in the throat. “If anyone has any grievances with the lord, he will be unable to leave his seat for the next 30 minutes.”

A crowd of peasants rushed into the room and Brideguard's screams were heard shortly after. By the time the party reached their horses, peasants had already pulled down the girls body and were fighting over turns to use what was left of the pretty noble cunt.

The Hellish Rebuke packed their reward in saddle bags and mounted their horses as the remaining guards rushed to rescue the corpse. They rode off unnoticed towards their next adventure.

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