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Hey folks - I know you're supposed to finish one project before starting another but I tried continuing the Beach Banquet story this morning and just couldn't get into it so this is a little something I've been working on today. More to follow later in the week :-)


“Oh, hi Sam!” The young man behind the concession counter waved to the tall, handsome, suited customer who had just walked in. The newcomer took off his dark glasses and walked over to great his friend. The lobby of the cinema was quiet as most of the movies had just started and there were none scheduled to begin for at least an hour yet. A mother with one small child in a pushchair and another toddling by her side was looking at the posters for the upcoming movies and an older couple were stood at the ticket claim machine trying to work out how to collect the tickets their grandson had helped them to book online but otherwise they were alone.

“Hey Greg!” The suited man shook the younger man’s hand, flashing his perfect American teeth. “Any likely candidates today?”

“Sent on a shopping trip again, huh?” Greg chuckled. “You know, I’ll never understand why he doesn’t just get his meat from a butcher or through a catering company or something. It’s not like girls who have already volunteered are hard to find!”

“I know, I know!” Sam agreed, shaking his head and laughing, “But you know how stars can be, huh? He insists I try to pick up fans for him. Figures it will make them taste better if they’re super-excited about who’s gonna be eating them!” He sighed a little wistfully. “I remember the old days when all I had to do was pick up groupies who wanted to have sex with my clients. That wasn’t exactly a challenge!”

“Well I’ve never seen you strike out with meat either.” Greg pointed out. “They always seem pretty happy to go with you once they hear who you’re working for!”

“True!” Sam took off his dark glasses and slipped them into the inside pocket of his suit. “So what have you got for me today? His new movie proving popular?”

“Well it just so happens a couple of girls went into the showing that started about half an hour ago.” Greg supplied helpfully, “From the way they were posing with the standee over there,” he pointed to the life-size cut-out of Sam’s client in his latest role as a vigilante zombie-slayer who was half vampire and half werewolf, “I’d say they’re pretty big fans! Pretty girls. One tall brunette and a slightly shorter blonde. Nice figures but plenty of meat where it counts, y’know?” Sam nodded.

“How old?”

“Hard to say exactly. Somewhere between fourteen and seventeen. The age he likes anyway!”

“Sounds good!” Sam checked his watch. “So they’ll be out in about an hour and a half?” He muttered to himself, making some mental calculations. “Should be plenty of time. Might as well let them enjoy the movie. Mind if I wait out here?”

“Sure!” Greg smiled, happy to be helping out the dapper American. It made him feel as if he were connected to the star Sam worked for in some way. Perhaps one day he’d even get invited to one of his parties? He felt like he’d helped cater the last five at least so it was only a matter of time.

“Great!” Sam flashed his white teeth again. “I’ll be over there, out of your hair, but be sure to give me a nod when they’re about to come out.” He thought for a moment. “Oh and I’ll take a coke and some of those nachos while I wait. I skipped breakfast and it’s gonna be a while until dinner!”

The time passed quickly enough, with Sam reading news articles on his tablet and making a few discrete phone calls while patrons began to filter in for the next showing of the various movies. Eventually, Greg gave him the signal that his client’s movie had just finished and the audience would be coming out soon.

“Was it full?” Sam asked, leaning on the counter and talking quietly to the younger man.

“No, just twenty or so.” Greg explained. “Not many people come to the early showing.”

“So I shouldn’t have much trouble picking them out, then?”

“Here they come now!” Greg inclined his head and Sam followed his gaze to see two teenage girls emerging into the lobby. They were giggling and chatting happily. The blonde was still finishing her popcorn while the brunette had the remains of a slushie in its tall cup in her hand. They certainly looked like the kind of girls he was after.

“Excuse me, ladies!” He approached them with his palms open in front of him and flashing his winning American smile. “I wonder if I might have a quiet word with you.”

“What’s the matter?” The blonde asked, looking worried, “Are we in trouble?”

“Oh no,” he assured them warmly, “Nothing like that at all. I represent Cam Coleman.” Both girls gasped and became wide-eyed at the mention of the mega-star’s name. Suddenly they were a lot more interested in what this mysterious man had to say. “Perhaps we could go talk over there?” He indicated the faux-leather sofa where he had been waiting. “Are you parents waiting for you?”

“No,” the brunette replied. “We came by bus.”

“Good.” The American nodded. “This needn’t take long. Once you’ve heard what I have to say, I’m hoping you’ll want to give them a call. Please,” he waved a hand at the sofa which their small party had now reached, “take a seat.” The girls sat and looked up at him expectantly, nervous excitement on their faces as they finished up their cinema snacks, waiting to hear what he has to say.

“First things first,” Sam smiled again, “my name is Sam. How about you?”

“I’m Maisie.” The blonde replied nervously.

“Kelly.” Smiled the brunette.

“Great!” Sam flashed his pearly-whites at the girls. “Well, as I told you, I represent Cam Coleman. I assume you two are fans?” They nodded eagerly. “Cam is in the UK at the moment promoting his new movie, which I believe you two have just been to see?” The girls nodded again. “He’s holding a party tonight and I’ve been asked to find some very special guests.”

“What kind of party?” Kelly asked. The though of meeting her hero was very exciting but she wanted to know more before agreeing to be a “special guest”. Neither of the girls were exactly innocent, having given their fair share of hand and blow jobs in the past as well as experimenting with various batter-powered toys but neither had gone all the way with a guy yet. It sounded suspiciously as if they were being asked to go to a Hollywood party as sex-toys and she was very unsure about this. She suspected her friend would be too.

“Well here’s the thing.” Sam pulled a plastic chair away from one of the little tables and sat facing them. “Cam likes to feed his friends well when they come to his parties and he likes a very special kind of meat. Have you ever been to a party or restaurant where they serve girls before?”

“Umm… yeah?” Maisie replied a little nervously. “A couple of times.”

“Some of the girls from my gym class got cooked last year at some fundraising thing.” Kelly volunteered, a little more enthusiastically. “And we went to a girl-meat restaurant for my Mum’s birthday last year.”

“Great!” Same flashed his teeth again, “So you know how delicious girls can be?” The teens nodded. “Well Cam doesn’t like to just serve any girls at his parties. He likes me to find big fans of his to be on his menu. So,” He say back in his chair and spread his hands in a friendly gesture, “what do you say?”

“You want to eat us?” Maisie asked, a little incredulous. Kelly said nothing.

“Well, Cam does!” Sam grinned, “Although I’m sure I’ll get a slice or two at the party!”

“Can we have a few minutes to talk about this?” Kelly asked, noticing how uncertain Maisie seemed and feeling that they definitely needed to talk it through before any decisions were made.

“Sure!” Sam smiled, standing up. “But don’t take too long. The party’s tonight so if you two aren’t up for it I’ll need to find someone else. I’ll be over there.” He pointed at the counter where Greg was currently selling popcorn to a dad with two excited little boys. “Give me a wave when you’ve decided?” He smiled again and left the girls to their discussion.

“Isn’t this cool?” Kelly asked, leaning forward excitedly and hoping that her friend’s reticence was simply due to surprise and not quite being able to take in the situation. “We get to go to Cam Coleman’s party!”

“Yeah, as the food!” Maisie pulled a slightly confused face at her friend.

“So?” Kelly laughed. “You told me your dad keeps looking at you funny every time your mum talks about planning a party. How long do you think you’re gonna make it without getting eaten anyway? Wouldn’t it be better to get eaten by your favourite actor than your dad’s work friends?”

“True!” Maisie smiled. “And every girl I’ve ever seen cooked looked really happy and tasted delicious!”

“Exactly!” grinned Kelly. “I’m not saying eating us is going to change his life or anything or promise that we’re going to be remembered forever by him and the others at the party but while they’re eating us they’re going to be having a great time and are going to comment to each other how delicious we are! Plus everyone there is either going to be famous or important in Hollywood. Isn’t that going to be better than some back-yard barbecue?”

“You’re right!” Maisie chuckled, trying to picture her body cooked on some grill in a celebrity’s kitchen and wondering how she would taste. “My juicy ass is too good for some boring neighbours and businessmen!”

“So you’ll do it?” beamed Kelly, incredibly excited.

“Yup!” she grinned. “Why not, eh?”

“Awesome! Thank you!” Kelly turned and waved to Sam at the counter who acknowledged her wave and, after some comment to Greg that they couldn’t hear, made his way back over. The look on their faces told him their decision before they spoke.

“So?” He asked, a hint of playful teasing in his voice, “Do I call Cam and tell him I have two delicious young dishes for his party or do I need to be stopping by the grocery store on my way home for some burgers?”

“You got yourself some piggies!” Kelly grinned. Maisie nodded, finally looking excited.

“Awesome!” Sam clapped his hands together. “So before I call Cam, I need to take some photos of you to send him.” The girls both put on their best being-photographed smiles and leant close to each other, waiting for Sam to take out his phone. “Oh no, sorry girls,” he chuckled. “The photos I need are a little more, umm, detailed? He needs to approve the ingredients, so to speak!”

“Ooh!” Maisie caught on just a second before Kelly. “You want us to strip off here? It’s kinda public?”

“Oh no, don’t worry.” Sam reassured them. “This is not the first time I’ve found girls for one of Cam’s parties here. Greg there lets us use the store room. Makes things a little more private for you and stops anyone out here getting too distracted. After all, there’s always one busy-body who thinks any kind of nudity is shocking and upsetting!” The girls giggled. “So,” He waved his arms, inviting them to stand, “Shall we?”

“Are we sure he’s legit?” Maisie whispered as they followed Sam and Greg behind the counter to the store room, “What if he’s just a creep who likes to take naked photos of girls?”

“We’ve just agreed to be cooked and eaten,” Kelly replied softly, trying not to giggle, “I’m struggling to see a worst-case-scenario here!”

“True!” Maisie conceded.

“Here we are, girls!” Sam ushered them into the store room as Greg opened the door. “Thanks, Greg!” The young worker shut the door behind them and the girls looked around the room. It was fairly small, little more than a large cupboard really, but big enough for what they needed. The walls were painted white. What little stock there was, just a couple of boxes of cola syrup and a sack of uncooked popcorn, was stacked in a corner by the door. The only other thing in the room was a small black table against the back wall.

“So, girls,” Sam instructed, taking out his phone and opening the camera, “if you could stand against the back wall and take your clothes off, I’ll get some photos for Cam.”

“Just take our clothes off?” Maisie asked, still trying to keep up with the developments of the day.

“Well, if you can do it kinda cheekily, might make for some good photos? What do you think, huh? Really help Cam work up an appetite?”

“Come on!” Kelly urged, “It will be fun!” Looking at the camera, she slowly eased her way out of her jeans. Realising that she might as well join in, Maisie pulled off her t-shirt revealing her silky pink bra. She pulled off her black leggings then hesitated, looking over at Kelly. With a seductive smile, Kelly turned away and pulled her vest top over her head, pulling her white bra with it. She then turned with her hands covering her perky young breasts. Following her cue, Maisie unhooked her bra and dropped it onto the table before striking the same pose as her friend.

“Good! That’s awesome!” Sam encouraged. He could now see enough of their bodies to be sure that he had made a good choice. Kelly was trim without being skinny with a nice round ass while Maisie was a little rounder all over. Both would cook up very nicely indeed. “How about showing off those dumplings, huh?” He suggested. “Show him what’s on the menu?” Both girls giggled and cupped their breasts. Maisie’s were a little bigger than Kelly’s but both were perky with a nice shape, crowned with round, pink nipples which gave away how excited the girls were about what was happening.

“Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!” Sam urged as the girls stood back to back, first squeezing their breasts then standing with their arms by their sides with their chests thrust out proudly. “Now how about we show him the best bits huh?” The girls turned their backs to the camera and, wiggling their butts, eased their panties down revealing their delicious, shapely asses. “Oh yeah!” Sam exclaimed, “My mouth’s watering already!” The girls turned around to face him, covering themselves coyly at first then striking a pose with their hands on their hips, making sure that there was no part of themselves not available to the camera.

“Okay!” Sam exclaimed delightedly, “We got some great shots. I’m gonna send these off to Cam and check he’s happy, which I’m more than certain he will be, then we can get you two signed up and hit the road! The limo’s outside waiting!” He pressed his phone screen a few times to send the fifteen or so best photos to his employer. “Hey, that’s a point…” He remembered an important technicality. “How old are you two?”

“Fifteen.” Maisie replied, “Sixteen in a couple of months.”

“I’m sixteen.” Kelly supplied, wondering whether they were supposed to remain naked or start getting dressed again.

“Hmm, since you’re both under eighteen we’re gonna need your parents’ permission. Think that’s gonna be an issue?”

“Do we have to get their signature or something?” Kelly asked, a little worried. “I don’t think either of them are going to be home until later this evening. I guess we could call in at my Dad’s office but…”

“Oh no, don’t worry.” Sam smiled, “Verbal consent is fine. We just need to give them a call and record their agreement. Well hey!” He grinned as his phone beeped, “Cam says you two look damn tasty and he can’t wait to get his teeth into those asses! Looks like we’re on for dinner, girls!”


Damn nice! Can't wait for what happens next!


A short installment :)


Quickly, the girls put their clothes back on and followed Sam out through the lobby.

“Great seeing you again!” Greg called after the American as they passed, “Hope the party goes well!”

“Thanks!” Sam waved and grinned charmingly, “See you next time!”

Outside the cinema, the girls saw a large black limousine. Seeing them emerge, the uniformed driver got out and opened the back door for them. Families turning up for the 3pm movie stopped and watched them get in, some taking photographs assuming they must be famous. The girls truly felt like stars as they waved to the onlookers then settled themselves into the back of the limo on what seemed more like a luxury sofa than a car seat. They saw that there was an ice bucket fixed to the floor in front of them with various alcopops and soft drinks. Sam got in the front next to the driver.

“Help yourselves to drinks, girls.” He addressed them over his shoulder. “There’s a phone between the seats there,” The girls looked and noticed an old-fashioned car phone mounted on the back of the genuine leather seat. “Calls are automatically recorded. If you wouldn’t mind giving your parents a call and checking they’re okay with this?” The car pulled away. Through the tinted windows, the girls could hear the applause of those who had stopped to watch and wondered how many of them would work out that they’d actually been photographing “nobodies”!

“So, you gonna call your dad?” Maisie asked, reaching forward and taking a Smirnoff Ice out of the ice bucket. “You think he’s going to agree?”

“I guess,” Kelly shrugged, selecting a WKD Blue. “I don’t see why he wouldn’t after all. He and Mum are always going on about how expensive teenage daughters are and how they’d be much better off if they sold me to some restaurant!”

“Don’t forget,” Sam interjected, “Cam’s gonna pay premium rate for your meat! Two and a half times what a typical restaurant or butcher would pay!” This seemed to make up Kelly’s mind. She took the phone from its received, amused to see a chord attaching it to the seat. Looking at the numbered buttons she frowned and realised that she didn’t actually know her dad’s work number, or mobile number for that matter. She could only barely remember her own home number – memorising numbers just wasn’t necessary these days. She took out her mobile, looked up the number of her dad’s office and dialled.

“Hello, Grant Monroe?” A gruff voice answered.

“Hey Daddy, it’s me.” Kelly spoke a little tentatively.

“Oh hi pumpkin.” Her dad’s voice noticeably relaxed. “What can I do for you? You okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Kelly explained, “but I need to ask you a favour.”

“Sure thing, honey.” The man replied, “What do you need?”

“Well, I’m with a man now and he works for Cam Coleman, the movie star?”


“Cam wants to buy me and cook me for his party. Are you okay with that?” The line went quiet for a few moments. “Daddy?”

“Is that what you want?” Kelly’s dad asked eventually. “You okay with it?”

“Yeah, it sounds like fun!” Kelly told him, “But because I’m only sixteen, you need to give permission. He’s paying more than double what you’d get if you sold me to a butcher! So,” she bit her lip nervously, “what do you say? Are you okay with it?”

“If it’s what you want, pumpkin, then it’s fine by me!” The man on the phone replied eventually. “Have fun!”

“I will, Daddy!” Kelly beamed. “Thank you! I love you!”

“I love you too, honey.” Her dad replied before hanging up.

“Did you get that?” Kelly called to Sam in the front seat. “My dad says it’s okay! Here.” She handed the phone to Maisie. “Your turn!”



Thank you! I'm rather enjoying this one! I expected it to be a short one but I seem incapable of writing anything short! lol


Epic content^^


Well, you wrote huge text already and story barely stared yet LOL
At that rate you will never finish anything ;)
But you seem to type pretty quick so maybe you will manage to finish both of the stories somehow.

For some reason you also provide quite a significant inspiration for me to do something as well. So maybe I will also post something ;)


I have to be in the right mood :-)



By the time they arrived at the actors’ home, both girls’ parents had granted permission for them to become dinner. Hearing that her daughter would be eaten by celebrities was almost enough on its own to convince Maisie’s mum but hearing that premium rate was being paid for her meat sealed the deal.

“Here we are, girls!” Sam grinned as the car pulled into the driveway of the large, Victorian mansion that Cam Coleman had owned for the past five years and stayed in when he was in England. It looked to the girls like the kind of place middle-aged people went to visit on Sunday afternoons – not a house where somebody actually lived! They were totally in awe as the car crunched to a halt on the gravel in front of the main entrance.

“Ladies?” Sam opened the back door of the limo himself and invited the girls to step out with a wave of his hand. Even though they would end up as nothing more than food on a plate, it was always Cam’s policy to treat his meat-girls like honoured guests. He found it helped to created a convivial party atmosphere and was of the opinion that girls always tasted better when they were happy.

“Is Cam home?” Kelly asked excitedly as they approached the large front door.

“I’m not sure, honestly.” Sam admitted. “But as far as I know he has nothing else planned for today. He has a studio set up on the top floor so he’s likely up there.” There was no lock on the front door, instead there was an electronic keypad into which Sam started to type a combination. He made no attempt to hide it from the girls – they were hardly a security risk as neither would be leaving the house alive. Before he could finish keying in the code, however, Kelly’s question was answered as the door was opened by none other than Cam Coleman himself!

“Well hello, girls!” The handsome British actor smiled warmly as he welcomed them. “Welcome to my humble abode. Won’t you come inside?” For a few moments, the girls were too starstruck to move. “I suppose we could cook you out here on the front step,” Cam chuckled, “but it seems a shame to waste the fine kitchen we have back here!” The joke snapped that girls out of their stupor and, giggling and blushing, they followed him inside. “I saw the car pull up on the CCTV,” he explained, “so I thought I’d come down to meet you personally.”

“This is so awesome!” Maisie whispered to Kelly as they followed their hero through the vast entrance lobby, thought a corridor and eventually emerging into a large conservatory, at one end of which seemed to be a kind of open-plan kitchen. Sam followed close behind.

“Well, this is it!” Cam grinned giving an expansive gesture. “You’ll be cooked at the end there.”

“Ooh they’ve arrived?” The girls heard another American voice from the far end of the room and turned to see Cam’s wife coming in from another room. While not as famous as her husband, Jeannie Coleman had been a pop singer in the 90s and enjoyed a fair amount of success. “Well hey girls!” She purred, walking over and slipping an arm around her husband’s waist. “Don’t you took look tasty!” The girls blushed again and smiled happily. “Why don’t you pop your clothes off so we can get a proper look at the meat, huh?”

“Straight down to business!” Cam laughed and kissed his wife on the forehead. “That’s my girl!”

“Well?” Sam prompted as the celebrity couple looked at the girls expectantly. “What are you waiting for? Let’s lose the food wrapping eh?” Giggling and blushing furiously, the girls undressed once more. It had been one thing taking their clothes off in front of Sam for the photos but stripping in front of their hero and his wife felt more significant and embarrassing somehow. Soon enough, however, the two excited teens were naked and stood naked with their arms by their sides ready to be inspected. Sam discretely gathered up their clothes – they weren’t going to be needing them any more.

“What a pair of cuties!” Jeannie gushed. “These are gonna roast up so nicely!” She grabbed Maisie’s round breasts and gave them a squeeze before releasing her and walking around the girls to inspect them from every angle. It made them feel more like meat than they had at any point so far that day.

“What the FUCK, Daddy!” An angry yell came from the doorway where Jeannie had emerged a few minutes earlier. Everyone turned to look and saw Trixie Coleman, the couple’s oldest daughter, storming towards them. The teenage girl had dyed and straightened black hair, wore black eyeliner and lipstick and was dressed in a tight black crop-top with a silver skull across her ample chest, a red and black plaid skirt and high, chunky black boots along with a variety of pewter and leather jewellery. Kelly and Maisie shot each other worried looks – was the girl against the eating of girl-meat? Was she going to try and wreck the party and their chance of being eaten by their hero?

“What’s wrong, honey?” Cam asked, looking concerned. “Aren’t you looking forward to the party?”

“Why did you get two meat girls?” the girl asked angrily, standing very close in front of her father and stretching herself as tall as possible to try to look him in the face.

“What do you…?” her father started to ask but she cut him off.

“I’ve been telling you for MONTHS I wanna get eaten!” She snapped angrily, “And you keep telling me it’s not time for a party yet then finally you decide to have a party and you get these random chicks to cook??” Her voice was higher than her mothers but she shared her American accent, having spent most of her live in LA.

“Sweetie, I know you want to be cooked but…”

“But WHAT?” Trixie cut in again. “I’m too young? You don’t think I’m ready?” Without warning, she lifted up her top revealing her impressively large breasts which bounced as they were released from the tight fabric which housed them. “Don’t these look ready to you? Fuck sake, Daddy, I’m fifteen, not five!” She glared at the two naked girls who felt awkward and embarrassed to be intruding on a private family argument.

“Honey?” Jeannie stepped forward and spoke soothingly to her furious daughter, “Daddy and I have talked about it and we think it would be a waste to cook you for just any old party.” She glanced over at Kelly and Maisie, “No offence, girls!” She flashed them an apologetic smile. Both girls smiled and shrugged to show that none was taken. “We were actually thinking about talking to you about this this evening,” she looked up at her husband and he nodded to show that he was okay with this conversation being brought forward, “but the Golden Globes are coming up next month and it’s likely that Daddy’s gonna win at least two.”

The former pop singer reached forward as if she was going to pull her daughter’s top back down but instead she took her large, bare breasts in her hands and held them as if assessing their weight. “We thought it might be fun to have these globes cooked golden-brown and served at our party to celebrate? What do you think? Golden globes for the Golden Globes?” Trixie’s breathing calmed right down and she even smiled.

“Really?” She gasped, now excited rather than angry, “You’re going to cook me next month? Promise?”

“We promise!” Her dad put his hand on her shoulder. “An extra-special piece of meat like you deserves to get cooked at an extra-special party, wouldn’t you agree?” She nodded and smiled gratefully. “We’re having our guests here cooked two different ways.” He gestured towards Kelly and Maisie. “Once they’re cooked you can see which one you prefer the taste of and decide how you want to be cooked next month? How does that sound?”

“Sorry, Daddy.” The teenage goth smiled and pulled down her top, containing next month’s party food once more. Cam stroked her hair and chuckled affectionately. “Where’s your sister?” He asked.

“Playing in her room. Do you want me to go get her?”

“Just tell her our special guests are here.” He smiled. “You know how she likes to help out.”


Hmm, I woud like to say something, but not much is really happening in this story to comment about.

I actually like Trixie. and her attitude ;)
The only problem is that it does not seem like it is going to progress anywhere more than talking. But a story about a girl who forces her parents to cook her would be prety interesting.


Well, now you have no choice but to write a sequel! I like the story so far, and I'm looking forward to eventually getting to the "real" action, or rather the "meat" of the matter!


Thanks :-) I'm hoping the next chapter will include the party where Kelly and Maisie are cooked. This was never meant to be an epic saga lol



Agreed - just needed to get the girls to the house and introduce the other characters :-) I had limited time for writing today but hopefully more tomorrow, assuming I have the inclination.

I like Trixie too :-) Probably won't try to write her story but you know me - I love my digressions and sub-plots along the way! lol


I'm new here, having spent years mostly on the Dolcett Girls Forum. I think I've binge read most of your work, Edward and what can I say? Wow! Truly amazing work. You've built an intricate universe universe of young girls becoming meat and I definitely wish I could dine there. Really looking forward to all your future stories.


Thank you! Always nice to hear someone has an "appetite" for my work ;-) Do you have a favourite so far?


If I had to choose a favourite it would be Sidney's. It seems like that wonderful restaurant is driving the development of the universe you've created. I really can imagine an endless amount of stories taking place at or beyond Sidney's.

Of course, this story and Beach Banquet are part of that universe and have both started very promising, so I eagerly await more.

In this particular story I'm curious to see what methods will be used to cook our two main characters and I'm also looking forward to the introduction of Trixie's little sister.


Thanks :-D I like the Sidney's setting as it gives lots of potential but also keeps things a little contained - I sometimes think reading Dolcett-esque stories that if society really acted the way it's portrayed in the stories then entire cities would be de-populated within six months! I know I risk heading in that direction a little but I try to keep it "within reason" lol


Do you do any writing yourself? :-)


Yes. I've written quite a bit. You can find everything I've written over at the Dolcett Girls Forum. I'm SadisticPleasure there as well.

I think you should join. You can't publish your stories over there due to age restrictions, but you can create a story index and have links to your stories here. That way you can reach more readers and you and I could have a way to direct message each other. I have a ton of ideas for the Sidneyverse if you ever need inspiration.



Sounds good - a few people have suggested it for me actually! I may have to wander over and take a look at some point ;-)

Looks like I'm not going to have as much free time today as anticipated - I had hoped to finish this story today but since when did life ever cooperate with hopes and plans, huh?

I've got a little over 1000 words written 'though - I'll post it when it comes to a natural break and maybe try to do another installment later :-)



“Daddy?” A girl of about 11 or 12 walked into the room, closely followed by Trixie. She had a far more natural look than her sister with light brown hair similar to her father’s which she wore long with a natural wave. In contrast to her sister’s rock-chick attire she was wearing a simple yellow tunic-top over plain white leggings. This was Rainbow Coleman, middle-child of the celebrity couple and their youngest daughter. The youngest Coleman child was Merlin but he was only five years old and would not be attending the party. “Trixie said you wanted me?”

“Yes, honey.” Her dad met her and gave her a warm hug. “We’ve got two special guests for dinner,” he indicated the naked teens who waved happily at the youngster, “and I know how you like to help out so I thought you might like to start things off before the caterers get here?”

“Thank you, Daddy!” Rainbow beamed, “I’ll do a good job, I promise!”

“I know you will.” He chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Girls?” He turned to Kelly and Maisie. “This is my daughter Rainbow. She’s going to show you the bathroom and help you prepare yourselves ready for the caterers. We’ll see you later!”

“Come with me!” Rainbow instructed in a slightly bossy but not unfriendly tone. A little nervous about what might be expected of them, the two teens followed the younger girl through the door and down another corridor. “Here we are!” Rainbow stopped outside a fairly nondescript door painted a metallic dark grey and pushed it open. The girls couldn’t help but gasp. The room was a bathroom but one the size of a modest flat! Maisie was fairly sure it was bigger than her parents’ living room.

“Wow!” Kelly gasped, walking in and looking around, trying to take in the grandeur of it. “This has to be the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen!” There was a corner bath with spa jets which looked more like a small swimming pool, a throne-like toilet in the corner, heated rails with multiply fluffy towels and, instead of a simple shower, a tiled area in the corner with jets positioned to shoot from all angles. One whole wall was made of mirrored tiles and, instead of a typical medicine-cabinet there was something more akin to a walk-in wardrobe with saloon-style doors. Beside it was a marble-topped counter with three illuminated mirrors mounted above it and faux-leather stools in front. Against the mirrored wall was a faux-leather sofa.

“This is the guest bathroom.” Rainbow explained with a smile. Having been born into wealth and luxury she had no real conception of how incredibly large her house was compared to most. Nearly all her friends were from similar backgrounds. “All the bedrooms have en-suites and Mum and Dad have a bigger one upstairs. The one Trixie and I share is about the same size as this I guess?”

“So what do we need to do?” Maisie asked. “Take a shower?”

“Yes, but first we have to make sure all your body hair is gone.” The young girl explained, pushing open the swing-doors of the cupboard and, with the help of the motion-activated light which came on automatically as she walked in, searched the shelves for a particular pot of cream.

“We’re shaved already?” Kelly pointed out, almost subconsciously running her fingers over her smooth vulva.

“You have a lot more hair on you than just that!” Rainbow pointed out. “We all do! If you’re going to be meat you have to make sure any hair on your arms is gone and, most people don’t realise this or think about it but you have very fine, pale hairs over most of your skin. Pretty much everywhere but the chest and anywhere you shave honestly.”

“Oh, right!” Kelly acknowledged, feeling a little foolish to have not thought about this aspect of being cooked.

“Some people just let it burn off while you’re cooking,” continued Rainbow, “but that can leave a kinda bitter taste on the skin and have you ever smelled burned hair?” Both teens nodded and screwed up their faces at the memory. Clearly it was better to make their skin as smooth and hairless as possible before cooking. They just hoped they would not be expected to remove their hair on their heads too – they were both perfectly happy to die to provide a great meal for their hero and his friends and family but they wanted to die looking pretty!

“You seem to know a lot about this?” Maisie asked, conversationally. “Do you often help out the girls who come for the parties?”

“I want to be a girlmeat chef!” Rainbow explained excitedly. “I can’t start properly until I’m sixteen but I want to get as much experience as I can before then. Sidney’s does a great internship programme where you get on-the-job training as well as two days a week in college to get the professional qualification but there’s a lot of demand for it and they only have a few places every year so I thought if I can show I’ve got experience it will improve my chances!”

“Can’t your dad get you in?” Kelly asked. “Make some big investment in their company or something?”

“He probably could,” Rainbow shrugged, “and I know I only get to practice with girls like you because of why my parents are but I want them to take me because they think I’ll be good, not because Daddy paid them, you know?”

“That’s a good way of thinking!” Maisie genuinely meant the compliment. Neither girl had made any plans beyond school – an event they had been a good four or five years closer to than this very practically-minded little girl. At least that was something they no longer had to worry about. There would be no more exams in their future, unless you counted the test to see how delicious they were!

“You’re quite different from your sister!” Kelly ventured while Rainbow struggled to open the lid of the tub of cream. It did not look as if she would welcome an offer of assistance.

“Yeah!” Rainbow exclaimed as the lid came away with a satisfying pop. “She can’t wait to be eaten. She’s been talking about it for as long as I can remember and getting pretty desperate since her tits started growing! It’s like she’s worried that if she doesn’t get eaten soon they’ll just keep growing and explode!”

“From what we saw I can see why she was worried!” Maisie giggled. Although out of her and Kelly, her breasts were the bigger, Trixie’s had made her feel quite inadequate by comparison!

“I hope I get to help cook her when it finally happens!” Rainbow exclaimed, sniffing the cream a little suspiciously to check it was the right thing since it had been a different brand from the one she was expecting. The girls exchanged glances – they knew from what they had overheard before that Trixie would very soon be getting her wish and therefore Rainbow would most likely also but there was an unspoken agreement that it was not for them to spoil the surprise.

“Right! This is the stuff!” Rainbow held out the tub of cream, apparently satisfied that it was what she had been looking for. “You need to rub it all over your bodies, up to your chins.” She explained. “Just remember not to scratch your eyebrows or run your fingers through your hair before its washed off else bits of that will fall out too!”

“Have you ever tried it?” Kelly asked, curiously, “Just to see what it was like?”

“Yeah, last year, after one of Daddy’s parties.” The young girl admitted. “It stings a bit and feels really hot but it doesn’t hurt. Itched like hell when the hair was growing back but you two won’t need to worry about that!” She giggled. “I’m glad I tried it but it’s something I really only want to try once!”


I've signed up but apparently have to wait for it to be approved :-)


Rainbow is definitely an interesting character and a fun addition to the story.

If you do join the dgf, send me a message or introduce yourself in a thread so I can find you. I'm sure you'll find much to enjoy there, even if the girls roasted are older than you prefer.



“So what do we do?” Kelly asked, taking the pot of cream from Rainbow. “Just rub it on like sun cream?”

“That’s basically it.” The preteen replied. “Rub it all over then you just have to wait five minutes or so for it to work. After that, you can shower off.”

“How did it feel afterwards?” Maisie asked curiously, “When you tried it? Right after, I mean,” she clarified, “not when everything started growing back and got itchy.”

“Kinda weird!” Rainbow admitted with a giggle. “My skin just felt so soft and smooth all over, I couldn’t stop stroking it!” She blushed a little. “Couldn’t keep my hands off myself for two of three days afterwards.”

“Ooh sounds good!” Maisie grinned, “Too bad we only get to enjoy it for an hour or so. Do you know if the cooks are going to use any kind of rub or marinade on our bodies before they cook us?”

“They usually do!” Rainbow grinned. “Sometimes they let me help.”

“That’s going to feel so awesome!” Kelly stared dreamily at nothing in particular, imagining the feeling of her soft, smooth body being massaged all over with some oil or sauce to make her meat taste even more delicious. She was actually starting to feel hungry thinking about her own meat and was a little sad that she wasn’t going to get to try any.

“I guess we should get started!” Kelly looked at her friend excitedly and scooped out a handful of the cream. Despite being cold, it gave the palm of her hand a strangely warm, tingly feeling. “Where first?”

“Boobs!” Maisie grinned, thrusting her chest forward.

“Boobs it is, then!” Kelly set down the tub and rubbed her hands together before smearing the thick white goop onto Maisie’s chest. The excited blonde bit her lip as the cream touched her sensitive nipples and Kelly began to massage, a breast in each hand. She ran her hands down and rubbed the remaining cream into her friend’s soft, round belly. “My turn!” She picked up the pot and handed it to Maisie.

Watching as the two older rubbed the hair-removal cream all over each other’s lucious young bodies, Rainbow sat on the side of the bath and, maybe not as discretely as she had intended, slipped her fingers down the front of her leggings.

“It’s okay!” Maisie turned to the younger girl. “You can come help if you like? I’m sure it will be okay if you wash the cream off your hands quickly afterwards?”

The teens paused, Kelly in the middle of rubbing the cream into Maisie’s leg and her eyes level with her deliciously meaty-looking pussy which had yet to receive its coating. Both girls were in fact a little nervous about applying the cream, which was already starting to produce an uncomfortable, burning sensation, to such a sensitive area. She smiled encouragingly at Rainbow who stood and licked her fingers to remove her own juices. After hesitating for just a moment, the young girl pulled her top over her head then quickly slipped off her training bra before kicking off her sandels removing her leggings and underwear in one motion.

“Just a second!” the naked youngster grinned at the older girls. “Like I said, I’ve tried this once and I’m not too keen to again!” She returned to the cupboard and peered inside, on the other side from where she had found the cream. “Here we are!” She pulled out what the girls first took to be a clear plastic rubbish bag but, when she unrolled it, they saw that it was an apron. Quickly, she tied it on over her otherwise-naked body, protecting her delicate skin from the cream, and joined the others.

Scooping a handful from the jar, Rainbow turned her attention to Maisie’s shapely rump while Kelly continued to coat her friend’s legs. Despite being younger and significantly less developed than the teenager, Rainbow was actually not that much shorter than Maisie and easily coated her back and shoulders. Kelly had, by now, finished her friends legs and stood up.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Rainbow looked pointedly at Maisie’s as yet uncovered pussy. “The cream needs to go everywhere you know!”

“I’m kinda nervous about it.” Maisie admitted. “I feel like it’s going to hurt quite a lot?”

“Here’s an idea!” Kelly got a naughty twinkle in her eye. “You’re the expert, Rainbow! Why don’t you do it?” She stepped back to let the smaller girl stand in front of her friend then quickly went over to one of the sinks.

“What are you doing?” Rainbow asked sharply. “You need to keep the cream on your hands too. There’s more hair on the backs of them than you realise.”

“Don’t worry,” Kelly reassured her, “I’ll put some more on in a minute. Trust me, it’s for the best that I wash it off my hands just now.” confused but more interested in the task at hand than what the other girl was doing, Rainbow shrugged. She dipped two fingers into the cream and began to rub it on Maisie’s vulva, even slipping her fingers inside a little causing the teen to moan softly with pleasure. The burning sting covered almost her entire body now but felt especially intense on her hard, pink nipples – so intense was the feeling that she could not even tell if it was pain or pleasure any more. Kelly was experiencing the same.

Having washed her hands, the brunette knelt down behind Rainbow and tentatively reached between the young girl’s legs. Although she said nothing in response, she subtly moved her feet further apart to give the teen easier access. Kelly slipped her fingers inside, finding Rainbow moist and welcoming. As she gently eased her fingers back and forth, she reached down with her other hand and became to stimulate herself too. Maisie became even more aroused watching her friend pleasuring herself and the youngster who was, in turn, subjecting her to such exquisite torture. With cries that could no doubt be heard down the corridor, all three girls climaxed almost simultaneously.

“Wow!” Rainbow gasped, grabbing Maisie’s arm to steady herself. “Thank you!”

“Hey, us girls have to help each other out sometimes, eh?” Kelly winked as Rainbow turned to look at her. “Don’t forget there’s another prime fillet over here needs creaming up too!” She pointed down at her own deliciously puffy vulva. “But how about Maisie goes and washes her hands first?”

Less than ten minutes and at least two more orgasms a piece later, both meat-girls were covered head to toe in the hair-removal cream. Neither was sure whether the pain and discomfort actually subsided after the first couple of minutes or whether they were simply getting used to it and not noticing it so much.

“How long do we have to stay like this?” Maisie asked, trying to remember not to touch her face or hair with her cream-covered fingers.

“Just a few more minutes.” Rainbow promised. “Best not to sit on the couch. It’s wipe-clean but I don’t know what that cream would do to it! You can sit on the edge of the bath ‘though.”

“How often does your dad have these parties?” Kelly asked conversationally as she and Maisie settled themselves on the wide ceramic shelf which framed the massive bath tub. Although she was not in too much discomfort any more, she was very keen to get the sticky cream washed off and feel how smooth and appetising her skin would be. From the moment she had removed her clothes in front of the hosts she had really seen herself as nothing more than food and was really looking forward to being eaten. Conversation with their new young friend would provide a welcome distraction while the cream did its work.

“Three or four times a year, I think.” Rainbow explained, flopping onto the couch opposite once she was sure that her hands were clean. “He didn’t let me come to them until I was ten. I think he and Mum were worried that I might get scared or something, or that I wouldn’t understand what was happening.”

“Have you ever wondered how weird it must have been for people our grandparents’ age when they were kids?” Maisie pondered to the others. “I mean, you must have seen some of those old story books and cartoons where children have to escape from monsters and witches who want to eat them. Not to mention all those old horror movies about cannibals where they’re usually some kind of mutant monster thing or at least complete phychos. Then some rich American guy comes along,” she thought back to her history lessons in school – something else she realised she would no longer have to worry about, “and opens a restaurant where regular people can go to eat little girls and they get told it’s a good thing and they should volunteer.”

“My Grandma told me that was kinda what made it exciting at first.” Kelly explained. “It was weird and scary and exciting. She said she actually wanted to sign up at the time but her parents wouldn’t let her. Which is probably a good thing for me!” She laughed.

“Couldn’t she just have signed up when she was older and didn’t need her parents permission?” Rainbow asked. She knew a lot about the practical side of cooking girls – recipes, preparation methods etc. but had never really given the history of the practice much thought. After all, it had been legal for over fifty years before she was even born and common practice her whole life. Eating girls was just one of those normal things it had never occurred to her to question.

“Apparently the law was pretty strict at the time.” Maisie rejoined with more information from history class. “You had to be under a certain age to be cooked in those day… fourteen I think it was?”

“So you two would be too old back then?”

“Yup! Kelly laughed, “Well past our sell-by! And your sister would have missed her opportunity!”

“Wow, she’d be pretty pissed!” Rainbow laughed, knowing how desperate her big sister Trixie was to find her way onto the menu at one of her parents’ parties. “That seems kinda crazy…” The young girl pondered for a moment. “Glad they changed their minds about that. Girls my age taste good,” she glanced down at her own body, naked apart from the transparent plastic apron, “but you get way more meat on older girls. No offence!” she added hurriedly, worried that her new friends might think she was calling them fat. The both laughed and assured her it was fine. “And tits just taste so good!” Rainbow added, eyeing the two perky pairs before her hungrily. “Cooking a girl without any seems like a bit of a waste somehow.”

“Little girls are handier for regular families ‘though,” Maisie pointed out. “Like for Christmas Dinner or something where there’s just like eight or ten people eating.” She thought back to last Christmas at her aunt’s house where she had very much enjoyed tucking into her seven year old cousin who had been deliciously stuffed and oven-roasted like a turkey. “But yeah, for a party like tonight you’d need five or six little girls to get the same amount of meat as us and, like you say, no tits!” She looked down and gave her own a thoughtful squeeze. The cream on the palms of her hands stuck to the cream on her breasts and felt kinda icky.

“You should be ready to rinse off now!” Rainbow stood up, as if reading the teen’s mind. “Shall we?” She pointed towards the multi-jetted shower area.

“What’s the oldest girl you’ve ever seen cooked?” Kelly asked curiously as the trio made their way across the room. Although she was the only one wearing any kind of clothing, the covering of opaque white cream over the meat-girls’ bodies made Rainbow seem the most naked of the three. Technically, the law set an upper limit of twenty for meat but Kelly was aware that this was only really enforced in commercial settings and slightly older women were often cooked in private. She was fairly certain, however, that there must be an age after which a woman’s meat was just not that good any more – she was certain she wouldn’t enjoy eating either of her grandmothers or even her mum, although one or two of the younger teachers at her school had always struck her as looking quite tasty.

“About twenty-three or twenty-four I think,” Rainbow furrowed her brow as she thought. “Wasn’t at one of Dad’s parties ‘though. It was the wrap party of one of his movies a couple of years ago that he took us along to. She’d been his co-star in the movie and the whole cast and crew got to eat her afterwards.” This story sounded familiar to the girls – they were pretty sure they had read about it or heard it mentioned in an interview. The actress had been Rebecca DuPree and she’d been so turned on by the scene at the end of the movie where her character was cooked and served to her boyfriend, played by Cam Coleman, that she had volunteered to go over the coals for real. Of course anyone who spoke to the media about having eaten her claimed she was utterly delicious – it was understood that it would simply be rude to say anything else, not the “done thing” at all. But Kelly especially was curious to find the truth.

“Oh yeah!” She nodded as they reached the shower. “I heard about that. So, level with me!” She winked at Rainbow, “How was she?”

“Decent taste,” Rainbow thought back, “but kinda tough. I guess the official age limit is twenty for a reason!”

“Well we’re older than you,” Maisie chuckled, “but we’re still a fair few years off that yet so hopefully we’re in our prime, meat-wise!” All three laughed good-naturedly.

“I’d say so!” Rainbow grinned, “Can’t wait to get my teeth into your asses!” She giggled. “Come on, let’s get you rinse off so I can get a proper good look at your meat and do some grading before the caterers come collect you.” This sounded like fun!

“You joining us?” Maisie invited as Rainbow fiddled with levers and taps to get the water spraying out at just the right temperature and pressure.

“Once you’ve rinsed off a bit, yeah!” Rainbow grinned. “Get the cream off then I’ll help you with the soap! Don’t worry!” She picked up the bottle of peppermint-scented shower gel. “It’s a special kind that doesn’t interfere with the flavour of your meat in any way!”

“Hey! Sounds like you girls are having fun in here!” All three looked over to the doorway where Trixie was stood wearing a thick black, soft-looking towelling bath robe. “Ooh goodie!” She grinned, stepping inside and untying the belt of her robe. “I’m just in time for your shower! Room for one more?”


Some might call this slow progress, a scene where all that happens is that the girls lose their body hair. I love it though. Three young girls having some naked fun and talking about cannibalism, that's hot! It also builds the anticipation for what's to come.


Haha thanks :-D


You know, I am starting to think that you are trying to get into Guinness record book as the slowest progressing story ever. :)

It seems that rubbing girls skin with various stuff is your main fetish ;)
But I wonder why you do not do any more perverted things and keep everything so extremely innocent?


Maybe I'm just not that big a pervert XD


Also I guess it comes from being a novelist! :-P



Edward is far from the record. I've got a cannibal story over on the DGF that I started in 2014 and that's not the oldest ongoing story on that forum.


It is not about being low in terms of posting, Edward is exceptionally fast in that aspect as he is pumping out content like crazy.

But this story is very slowly progressing as nothing much is happening regardless of how many chapters are posted already. Although he will probably finish it sooner than anyone else will write one chapter like that.


It's called character development, it's SUPPOSED to take time. and yeah, he writes about 50 times faster than i do for sure. of course, I'm lazy ;)


Decided to do at least a short update on everything unfinished :-)


Trixie dropped the bath robe and stood naked next to her sister while the sisters began to rinse each other off revealing the beautiful, silky-smooth skin beneath. Seeing Trixie come in, they waved happily at her.

“What are you doing here?” Rainbow asked her, a little irritated.

“They didn’t tell you the good news?” Trixie grabbed her little sister’s hands and bounced excitedly on the spot, causing her large breasts to jiggle up and down. “Mummy and Daddy are gonna cook me next month for their Golden Globes party!”

“Wow!” Rainbow was surprised but not exactly shocked. She knew how keen her sister was on the idea of being cooked and eaten and was very familiar with the tantrums she would throw every time her dad’s aid brought home more girls for cooking. She supposed it was only ever going to be a matter of time before they conceded and put her on the menu. “But that’s more than a month away. Still doesn’t tell me why you’re here now?”

“Well you and the girls weren’t exactly being quiet!” the black-haired girl teased. “Why should I miss out on the fun? Anyway,” she grinned, “if I’m going to be cooked in a matter of weeks then I should get in the habit of keeping my body properly hairless, that way I can have flavouring oils rubbed in every night so by the time I finally get to the table I’m going to be extra delicious!”

“You want to get creamed?” Rainbow asked, folding her arms across her chest and making the plastic of her apron crinkle like a cheap shopping bag.

“Yup!” Trixie looked pointedly down at her crotch where she sported a neat landing strip. “Think your cream can handle this?”

“We can try!” Rainbow laughed, shaking her head in disbelief at her sister.


The more the merrier. I'm sure the four young girls can have some fun before the cooking starts!


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