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10/10 short stories in one word or less.


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This breathtaking work takes the reader on a mind expanding journey of limitless possibility.

Eschewing the constraints of conventional prose, with it's hidebound adherence to a narrative structure and predictable formulaic tropes, the author sends the reader's mind cartwheeling into a void of possibilities.

Even the title rewards the most casual browser of internet fiction with the 'empty mind', a state long sought by Zen masters for millennia.

The main text of the story is cut to an absolute minimum, every word perfect and vital, planting an acorn of blood-curdling destruction into their mind. A single word from which a forest of horrific images can grow uninhibited, before resolving to an abrupt conclusion; a brutal, premature death echoing the singular theme of this great work.

And yet still, the author takes us onward, with another brilliant literary device. By eliminating the finality of a punctuating full-stop, he leaves room for a similarly spectacular sequel, rather as a musician might end a dark fugue on an unresolved minor seventh.

It is no wonder that the author has decided to remain anonymous. As a true artist he is now free of burdensome, constant offers of movie adaptations and merchandising opportunities, and is hard at work, employing his towering genius to craft us an award-winning sequel.

That inevitable follow-up is certainly one that I, and I'm sure many of you, look forward to with great eagerness.


Please tell me you have more, this is some of the best material I've ever seen. Do you have a patreon?


Of course he doesn't have a Patreon. Stuff like this is totally against their terms of service.


Jesus christ that was dark. I know it's just a story, but should I nuke my hard drive?


Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure


This is the peak of Gurochan literature ladies and gentlemen


I dunno… I found it a bit overly wordy with a lot of unnecessary padding.Hopefully he'll work on that for the sequel!


I think he may have pre-empted you Mr. Hyde.

I'm hanging my head in shame, thinking of all the times I bitched about those "blank posts" scattered across this site. I think we can all now recognise that those works carry the hallmarks of the un-named Master.

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