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Well, now that I choose a name(a very creative name^^) and finished one whole chapter… I think it time to start a real thread for it^^

Lucky meals

Intro: foreplay

It is a warm day. Most girls are outside and spend their time on the beach. But Konata’s friends are sitting in her house.
Kagami has managed to persuade the others to study for the next exam. Even Konata had agreed. At first, it looked like it could be a productive afternoon. But now the girls' morality is already broken.
"It is not solvable!" Tsukasa sighs discouraged. She uses a fan to endure the heat. “I never will pass the next math exam!”
“This is boring! Can’t we do something more exciting? It is too hot!” Konata complains. She has already taken off half of her uniform. Since she does not really have anything to hide, it does not look very sexy.
“We just started 10 minutes ago!” Kagami insist. She does not want to admit that the heat annoys her as well. “This exam is important!”
“It’s just math! Tyrant!” Konata complains. “You don’t need to study for it!”
“Stop being this lazy! Flat chest!” Kagami shouts.
Kagami and Konata start a little fight.
"Heat decreases the ability to concentrate by 50%. Maybe we should cool off." Miyuki tries to help. She also opened her uniform slightly. She is the only one who has anything to show. It's a bit embarrassing for the other girls.

A few ineffective learning minutes later…

"How's it going?" Yutaka enters the room. She made iced tea for her cousin and friends.
The girls lie exhausted over the tables. Even Kagami doesn’t study anymore.
“I’m tired.” Tsukasa really tries to understand math. But it is just too difficult.
“And I’m hungry,” Konata complains.
“The human body can’t endure heat like this for long.” Miyuki agrees.
"I'm hungry too. Maybe we should relocate our learning session into a restaurant?” Yutaka offers her help.
“But this would also involve boring study time!” Konata complains loudly.
“Eating would be bad for my weight,” Kagami complains shyly.
“I’m not hungry yet.” Miyuki smiles exhausted.
“I would prefer to sleep for a moment.” Tsukaza closes her eyes.
“I read about a new restaurant on the internet.” Yutaka tries to motivate them. “A girl serving restaurant… I don’t understand what it means. But the food should be very tasty.”
Miyuki looks shocked. She explains: “A girl serving restaurant serves girls as the main course!”
Konata suddenly feels very motivated. “We could avoid boring study and do something more interesting?”
Miyuki continues her explanation: “Only adults are allowed to enter such a restaurant.”
“Luckily this isn’t an option then.” Kagami giggles embarrassed by the thought of eating a girl.
“What a pity. I would like to try it.” Konata is disappointed. She is already 18 years old. But alone it does not make fun.
Miyuki doesn’t can resist to explain it further: “Actual we would be allowed to enter it as main courses…”
Yutaka doesn’t fully understand it: “But didn’t you say it is for adult only… like… porn?”
Miyuki must go through her inner Wikipedia: “I'm not sure. But apparently, there is a way to make girls older and sexier.”
Konata is even more interested now. “It would not be only a more exciting thing to do as studying. I would finally receive bigger boobs?”
Miyuki blushed. “Apparently…”
“Sexier?” Kagami asks interested too. “Could it fix my weight problems?”
“Maybe it's fun.” Tsukasa agrees. She doesn’t really understand the fact, that cooking would most likely end her life.
“Girls die if they are cooked.” Miyuki doesn’t like the idea.
“If it is lewd, then I do not want to participate.” Yutaka agrees.
Kagami isn’t sure either: “I would like to try it… But we would lose precious study time!”
Konata tries to force them: “Don’t be cowards! It will be way more fun as studying!”

After a short discussion, the girls finally decide to ‘Maybe’ (It’s a big Maybe) give it a try…


Part 1: Youngest first!

They reach the restaurant. Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami (very reluctantly) agree that they ‘Maybe’ want to try it. Yutaka and Miyuki were more or less dragged into it. But they had to surrender to the majority.
At the entrance, they are stopped by a woman in black leather clothes. She looks much sexier than all the women they know: “Stop! No entry for minors!”
Konata speaks for everyone. “I’m not a minor! Besides we want to enter as main courses.”
The woman sounds more friendly now. “All of you? That would actually be convenient. We urgently need a few more girls soon.”
“Do we really plan to go through with it?” Yutaka asks silently.
“I hope not,” Miyuki whispers back. “It's just a study trip! Don’t worry about it. Even Konata never would dare to do it.”
“But it sounds kind of interesting,” Yutaka whispers thoughtfully…
The woman opens the door and shouts. “We have some volunteers!”
A cook hurries to the door. He inspects the girls with a keen eye and says. “Okay. Please follow me!”
To the surprise of the girls, he does not lead them into the restaurant. He leads them to a back entrance. The entrance leads into a small chamber with a very small adjoining room not bigger as a shower separated by a large transparent glass wall.
He smiles at them: “I bet it's your first time. Do you need an explanation first?”
“Do we look like we do this every day?” Kagami tries to act cocky. But she is very nervous.
“I’m not even sure why we here,” Yutaka admits. “But it tickles in my chest to learn more about it.”
He takes it as a yes: “We will penetrate you with a spit and transform you into very tasty meals. It is an incredibly erotic experience. Every girl loves it after she dares to try it.”
“Aren’t we a little too young to be penetrated?” Yutaka asks shocked. Even though she is already 15 years old. She still acts like a 10-year-old girl if dealing with erotic. But somehow it also sounds seductive. Her body sends her unknown signals.
He laughs loudly. “No girl is too young for that! But your bodies are still a tiny bit small. Therefore, we will expose you to a special chemical. It will smell a bit severe. But the chemical will solve this little problem.”
“Will it make us age forward?” Miyuki asks curiously. “Is this even possible?”
“Will I lose some weight?” Kagami asks nervously.
“Will I receive bigger boobs?” Konata asks hopefully.
“No! Maybe! Maybe!” He quickly answers. “The chemical awakens the full potential of your body. You will achieve your most ideal form as women. But this form looks different for every girl. I can’t say what you will look like in the end.”
Tsukasa tries to imagine her sister as an adult meal. “This will be weird.” She imagined her on a silver plate-like in a cartoon.
The cook becomes more serious: “Once transformed there is no way back to your previous life. You become officially part of our menu. We do not allow you to back down.”
The girls are only now become aware, how final this decision would be. No one dares to go first. Even Konata not.
"Maybe we should think about it for a few more days,” Miyuki suggest friendly. “Such a decision should be considered carefully.”
“This would be a pity.” The cook tries to convince them. “We really need some girls right now. You would make nice meals and you would have a lot of fun.” Without success.
Konata still shows interest. But she does not dare to lose her life for it. Slightly sad, she decides: “Maybe we should skip this.”
Kagami feels relived and fully shows it. She really thought about doing it. but she cannot overcome her fear. “We should not do it.”
Yutaka suddenly moves forward. “I'll try it first!” Maybe she's too innocent to understand what's happening. Maybe it bothers her that she is always sick. Only she knows the answer.
“Are you sure?” Konata asks obviously looking forward to it. “You know that you become meat? Like in my one erotic game, that made you very nervous?” Konata already starts drooling.
“What kind of games do you play?” Kagami shakes her head. Things like this don’t really surprise her anymore.
“They are called guro-games,” Miyuki explains knowingly. Although she never played a game like this herself.
Yutaka puts her hand on her chest: “I admit that I did not fully understand what it means to become meat. But it sounds like fun! I have never tried anything erotic. Maybe I should just do it!”
“This is a great decision!” The cook claps into his hands. “Are you sure you want to try it?”
Yutaka hesitantly says: “Yes…”
“What's your name?” The cook asks.
“Yutaka Kobayakawa,” Yutaka says with a little bit more confidence.
The cook writes it down onto an iPad. “Please enter the chamber. Don’t worry it will tickle. But nothing we do will be very painful.”
Yutaka obeys and enters the transformation chamber. Inside she can discover a little X on the ground. There is actually a small shower above her.
“I can’t believe Yutaka actually doing it for real,” Tsukasa speaks out what they all think.
The chef presses a button on the iPad. Without warning a stinking gas is pumped into the chamber. It smells like bitter-tasting medicine. Then Yutaka is showered with very cold water to wash off the chemical.
First, nothing chanced… But then she starts to grow up quickly. Her body is growing a full seven inches. (final height: 5 ft, 3 in). Her body tickles as her whole body is transformed. She feels a very strong pressure at her chest, as her breast grow up significantly. Two very attractive breasts emerged out of nothing. From zero to a proud "B" size.
The remaining parts of her body become more feminine too. Even her hair changes. They keep their reddish-pink color, but her pigtails now reach down to her shoulder.
Yutaka is still somewhat skinny and tender. But she now looks like a real adult. However, inside she is still the same girl. That's why she is ashamed of how her body feels. In particular, her boobs feel very foreign and heavy.
"You look sexy! Very brave how you show yourself, little cousin." Konata tries to tease her.
The Tease hits the target. Her clothes did not grow with her. They are still as short as before. Her skirt barely covers her panties and her top is now belly-free. Yutaka tries to hide her panties as she left the chamber.
The cook examines her like an expensive racehorse. He gently and carefully touches her arms and legs: “This looks promising. Very tender skin and delicate meat.”
Yutaka tries to back away as he touches her breast. She has not even gotten used to having big breasts. How should she get used to being touched by a man?
“Solid size and well-shaped.” He continues and then caresses her butt. “A well-shaped Rump roast also.”
"That's embarrassing …" Yutaka stutters.
“I do not need to check your cunt. You are probably all virgins. Therefore, your fillets should be perfect.” He assumes. Lastly, he inspects her face closely. “Still very cute. I was worried because you were a very skinny girl before. But the result is very good.”
“Okay, I don’t want to do it!” Miyuki decides. “This would be way too embarrassing. Although I would like to know how it works.”
Kagami agrees. “I would like to look like this. But this isn’t worth it.”
The cook cannot miss this chance. If they all achieve even half as good results, then they are worth a small fortune. That's why he bends the rules a bit: “You are welcome to watch first as we prepare this little kettle. Maybe it will help you with your decision.”
“Can we taste her meat?” Konata asks looking at her hungry.
“It takes some time to prepare girl meat. We would have to start with your preparation before she finished roasting.” The cook explains. “But you can taste her seasoning and stuffing. You may even help with the preparation.”
“We should at least do that.” Tsukasa looks at her sister hopefully. She loves to cook. If she can learn a new recipe, then she has to seize the opportunity.
“Can you please stop talking about me like meat.” Yutaka blushes.
He smiles evilly. “However, there is a catch! Minors still are not allowed to participate in cannibalism except as meat. That's why you have to promise to me, that you will also become part of our menu later.”
Konata doesn’t think long. “I can’t miss this show. I will help!”
Kagami asks quickly, "Is there no alternative? It was Yutaka’s decision to become meat. Not my…"
Tsukasa nudges her. “We cannot let her enter it alone. We have to do it too for Yutaka!”
“Your right,” Kagami admits sadly. “I will help too!”
Miyuki doesn’t want to do it. But if all her friends do it. She has to do it as well. That's what friends are for.
“Okay, then it is decided.” The cook smiles brightly. “We will prepare 5 tasty girls today.” He leads the girls further in.

“Wow, this is a very big kitchen.” Tsukasa beams. “You could prepare many nice dishes here.”
The kitchen is not only big and luxurious. There are many devices Tsukasa has never seen before. Some cooks are busy preparing a blonde woman. She was impaled on a thick pole. It does not look like she's in pain. she looks surprisingly relaxed.
“You will look like this soon cousin.” Konata teases.
Yutaka stutters. “You will look like this too after me!”
“WOW!” Kagami squeals shocked. “They are huge!” She points to the other side of the room.
Several gigantic poles hang on the wall. They look sharp and threatening. Something similar to a torture table is in front of them.
“They have to be huge and sharp.” Miyuki quotes her knowledge anxiously. “They are made especially for preparing girls. The vagina and mouth of a girl are in a perfect position for a spit."
“Please strip Yutaka.” The cook orders.
“Do I really need to be naked?” Yutaka asks shyly.
Konata uses this chance to attack. She grabs her skirt and pulls it away. “This is fun!” She now looks like the younger girl.
"Konata this is embarrassing don’t do this!" Yutaka complains.
Konata ignores her and pulls the upper part of Yutaka’s Uniform over her head. “They look even better as expected.” She caresses the bells of Yutaka. “I wonder how it will feel when my breast will be this big.”
Yutaka pulls down her panty before Konata can abuse her further. She already regrets that she has agreed to become meat.
“Did we really agree to do this?” Tsukasa asks shyly. Girl roasting seems to be very difficult.
“Yes, we did.” Kagami giggles nervously.
The cook gives Yutaka no time to get used to being naked. He takes some pictures of her head and body. Then he scans her with his iPad. “Okay, in a few moments we should know which recipe we use for you.”
He shows the girls two TV screens. On one screen the current menu of the restaurant is shown. It shows pictures of the heads of three women. Some small details are written next to the pictures. The girls do not understand most of it, except the names.
On the other screen, something is happening right now. First, a picture of Yutaka is shown. Then a simple recipe appears. “Roast over coals, honey basting, potato stuffing. A”
“hmm tasty. Class A I did not expect less.” The cook says.
Yutaka picture is also shown on the menu now.
“How does this work?” Miyuki asks fascinated.
The cook shows it. First, he explains the description. “Yutaka Kobayakawa, Meat quality A, Virgin, and veal. That all affects the price.” He then touches her picture and the screen shows a new menu. It shows pictures of her body this time. “Here you can choose exactly which part of her body you want.”
The cook clicks onto her left breast. The display shows “18 $ 2 hours< till ready” and her breast glows golden. The display reloads and suddenly one part of Yutaka’s butt glows red.
“What happened,” Yutaka asks red like a tomato. Her naked body looks even more grown-up as she would have expected.
“Someone has already pre-order a piece of your rump roast.” The cook explains. “The best pieces of good meat are often sold out quickly. That's why many customers secure the best pieces as soon as possible. "
“They already start to buy me meat. Do I look this tasty?” Yutaka asks a little bit proud.
“Yeh you do!” The cook answers honestly. “That why we should start roasting you soon!”
He shows the girls another weird-looking device. The device looks like a big crushed that is connected with a very big hosepipe. The hosepipe is connected to a strange chair with an extremely thick and high tube fixed on the seat. The cook covers the tube with a protective cover made of latex. It looks like a useless Condom, which is open at the top.
“Sit down!” The cook orders friendly but strictly.
“How?” Yutaka asks.
Konata smiles evilly. “I think you must insert this tube into your sex!” She pushes Yutaka forward.
“But this tube is way too thick,” Yutaka complains cowardly. “This never will fit. How thick is this?”
“It will fit very nicely. The spit is even thicker.” The cook lifts her up.
“A spit has a diameter of 2,1 inches. This tube should have 1,8 inches.” Miyuki explains and tries to look away. “The vagina of a girl is very elastic. she can stretch up more as 12 inches while giving birth.”
“I am too young for that!” Yutaka tries to free herself from the grip.
“You are now old enough!” The cook laughs and puts her on the pipe. He presses her down firmly. It makes “plop” and the tube is in.
“ouch! This looks painfully.” Kagami says. “Not that I would care. She is meat now… Right?”
Yutaka trembles: “It is very uncomfortable… But it did not hurt at all… Just very uncomfortable.” She tries to make herself more comfortable. But nothing she does help.
“I think it will be very enjoyable.” Konata tickles her belly jealously.
“It will be very enjoyable.” The cook promises. He points to some potatoes. "Peel the potatoes and throw them into the crusher. I will add the seasoning while you do it."
The girls start with their tasks. Except for Konata who is busy teasing Yutaka. She plays with her body and tickles her.
“Konata please stop this!” Yutaka cries. She already hates the feeling in her sex. It’s too much for her.
“Stop playing and help us!” Kagami orders.
Tsukasa peeled the potatoes like a master cook. “Don’t worry. I can do her potatoes too.”
“What a lively bunch of meat.” A female Assistant cook laughs loudly and places a bucket filled with chopped vegetables onto the table.
The girls generally attract a lot of attention. The sight of untransformed girls is unusual in the kitchen. Everyone knows that they too will become meat eventually. They are curious about how their adult self will look like. Some of them help with the preparation.
“When I’m allowed to stand up?” Yutaka still tries to make it more comfortable.
“Are the potatoes ready?” The cook asks. He himself has prepared a bowl of spices.
“Everything ready.” Tsukasa shows him a very big bucked filled with peeled potatoes. She nearly peeled them all alone.
“Now we will stuff you.” The cook explains. “You will feel a strong pressure in your sex. But this is totally normal just try to relax.”
Yutaka looks at the Potatoes bucked. It must be about 15 kg of potatoes. She can’t imagine that everything will fit into her. “This never will fit into me!”
Konata receives a new exciting task. She is supposed to throw the potatoes into the crusher while the cook is throwing spices into it at the same time. Tsukasa should add vegetables too.
“Filling time.” Konata jokes around. She starts to throw the first potatoes in.
“Carefully!” The cook orders. “Don’t fill them in too quickly. wait until the first potatoes have been pumped into her!”
The potatoes and vegetables are shredded loudly. It sounds like garbage is being shredded. Then a pump starts to pump the stuffing through the hose.
Yutaka feels cold air first. She doesn’t like it at all. Then the tube in her sex starts to vibrate as the first load of stuffing arrived.
Yutaka moans loudly. “Stop this… it feels weird… Stop…”
She unwillingly feels some orgasm. The girl who not even has used a sex toy once. Feels the pressure of a sex machine, which would break even experienced women. She feels that her belly is filling slowly. It is a very strange tickling pressure in her womb.
Yutaka tries to stand up, but Miyuki holds her down. “Sorry… But you are not fully filled yet…”
Kagami looks away. She doesn’t want to admit it. But this is way too lewd for her. And she also doesn’t want to admit, that she would like to try it too.
Yutaka moans loudly. “How much… is left?” It's not like it's totally bad. It feels very good, of course. But it is just too embarrassing. Yutaka really does not know why she agreed.
“Still half the bucket.” Konata enjoys it way too much.
“No way!” Yutaka can’t believe it. Her belly already feels full…
But Konata, Tsukasa, and the cook continue to fill her without mercy. Her womb gets thicker and thicker. Does it feel like this to be pregnant? Filled would be an understatement and it's still not over…
“I run out of potatoes.” Konata sounds very disappointed.
“Poor Yutaka already looks totally filled and tasty.” Tsukasa giggles.
“We could fill her even more. She is not a small girl anymore.” Miyuki explains timidly. “The body of an adult girl allows even more filling… But we shouldn’t torture her!”
“Please say it's over…” Yutaka moans exhausted. It feels like her belly will burst…
“It’s over…” Konata says very disappointedly.
Yutaka feels one final strong pressure and then it’s over… “finally…” She was a very skinny girl. Now she is fatter than a pregnant woman in her 9 months. She tries to stand up. But her body feels too heavy… She can’t move on her own.
“Help me to lift her up!” The cook orders. “Be careful. We don’t want her to lose any of her load!”
With united strength, they manage to lift her up. She is very heavy. Konata touches her between the legs to hold the filling in place. Together they carry her through the kitchen and lay her down on the "torture table".
“What will happen next?” Yutaka is very afraid. She knows the answer.
“Next the spitting happens.” The cook explains and ties her legs to the table. Konata helps voluntary and ties Yutaka’s hands up.
Even if Yutaka wouldn’t be filled. She is completely fixed. The cook fixes her belly with a leather strap. It hurts a little bit as it pushed against her filled belly. They also push her head down over the edge of the table and fix it in place.
“And this really doesn’t hurt?” Kagami asks shyly.
“Nope! It’s just sexual pleasure. Nothing more!” The cook promises.
Yutaka doesn’t believe him. But she can’t complain anyway. She is just meat now!
“Can I spit her?” Konata asks with bright eyes.
“Sorry. I need someone who is very precise.” The cook disagrees. “You! I think you would manage to penetrate her without problems.”
“Me?” Tsukasa asks surprised.
“Yes, You! You seem like someone who knows how to deal with meat.” The cook explains his choice.
“Are you sure?” Kagami asks. “My sister is very clumsy.”
Tsukasa really wants to do it. Preparing a girl is the most exciting recipe she has ever cooked. “I try it.”
The cook transforms the whole thing into a lesson. “Which spit should we take?”
“They look all the same.” Konata doesn’t see any difference.
“Lazy girl.” Kagami hits her head. “There are some very differences. They even have different colors.” She also doesn’t know the answer.
Miyuki tries to remember the internet site which described Spit forging. “The diameter is the same for all spits. But inside they are different. The right spit improves the final result immensely. A spit choice his meat.” She is absolutely sure she remembers correctly.
Tsukasa looks at the wall full of spits. She feels it., she chooses an orange-colored spit.
“Nice choice.” The cook praises her. “This spit is made of tangerine copper. Tangerine copper is a very innocent metal, perfectly suited for innocent girls. It has a unicorn core, which suited virgin who not even dare to think about sex and is covered with a strawberry extract which enhances the taste of redheads.”
“This sounds like one of Konata games.” Kagami laughs.
“A good game.” Konata is eager to learn it.
“For every girl exist a perfect spit,” Miyuki explains proudly. She is really happy that she remembered correctly.
“Isn’t there really only one spit who suits me,” Yutaka asks unfaithful. “Would it not be a very big coincidence that he happens to be here. You just try to comfort me…”
“Its destiny!” The cook explains. “A spit always founds his way to the girl of his choice.” He nods to Tsukasa.
“I hope this will not hurt you,” Tsukasa says as she forced the tip of the spit into Yutaka’s sex.
“What is happening?” Yutaka moans and feels ecstasy. It feels great really great! It feels like a touch of heaven.
“Wow look how happy she is. She even drools.” Kagami is envious.
“The spit choices his meat.” Tsukasa now fully understands it. She pushes forward very slowly. It’s not easy because she has to penetrate through the stuffing.
“You would be a great girl cook.” The cook praises and only need to help her with pushing.
“This is unfair I want to push too,” Konata complains like a little girl.
“Not everyone has the skill to prepare a girl. It’s a gift.” Miyuki explains blushing strongly.
“How you know this much about it?” Kagami drools too.
“I don’t know either. I just was curious.” Miyuki doesn’t know why she was curious.
“oh…” Yutaka can’t speak it's too much extasy. The spit is already in her womb and it still continues. How could she ever doubt that it will be beautiful?
“Girls are made to become meat.” The cook caresses Yutaka breast. The girl feels even more ecstasy. “A spit fulfills every girl’s true dream.”
Tsukasa feels an obstacle. But she just penetrates deeper.
Yutaka moans loudly. It hurts a bit. But not badly. Just a little sting. She feels as the hard pole travels through her belly. Further and further…
“Nice you miss her heart and lungs. Perfect” The cook praises.
Yutaka does not hear anymore what happens around her. The bound with her spit is too powerful. It was her destiny to be the one who pulled the others in. Thanks to her, they will also feel this joy. She feels it in her neck.
“One final push Yutaka,” Tsukasa warns her and pushed it trough the mouth of the not so small girl.
“Wow!” everyone stares. “She looks beautiful!”
The sexual pleasure stops for a moment. Yutaka sees the end of the spit and can’t believe it really happens. It has felt surreal…
The cook ties Yutaka at the spit. “Now she is ready to roast. Do you want to place her above the fire?”
The girls lift her up. No one says anything. The cook shows them the fireplace. They fix her at the Y shaped holders.
Konata begins to cover her breasts with honey. It would be wrong to tease her now. The Spit automatically starts to turn…

To be continued… Maybe…

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