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Losing face
written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

It had been a few weeks since the accident, but it felt longer. All the fear and pain and anxiety about the future had passed now, bad memories of what seemed like a bad dream. Now the family had simply accepted things. Or appeared to. Suzanne was the only child of the loving parents, and she hadn’t quite gotten used to it all yet. Even now, as the teenager got a lift from her mother back from her friend’s house, it could be hard to look her mom full in the face. Mainly because she kept thinking it was about to fall off.

It had been a freak accident. One in a million. A billion, maybe. Mom had been getting into an elevator, or maybe out of one – the details had been lost. Something had gone wrong. The doors had shut too soon, caught her right in the middle of the head and then zoomed up. When asked, Mom just said that she had heard a very loud crack, and then blacked out. When she came to someone was holding her face in their hands. The entire front part of her skull had been ripped clean off.

And yet, she had survived. The brain had remained miraculously undamaged, although Suzanne wasn’t sure she could trust any god who was behind that sort of miracle. Reattaching all that bone and muscle was proving… difficult. And expensive. So Mom, ever resourceful, had gotten some tape, and that was that. The new reality. A mother who could peel the tape off and remove her own face like an opera mask if she had to scratch on the inside.

Just like she was doing right now.

“Hold on, I’ve got an itch.”

Suzanne’s mother pulled off her face and scratched her brain for a bit before putting her ‘mask’ back on and fixing the two pieces of tape.

“Aaah, much better. That was driving me crazy.”

Her teenage daughter watched as she sat next to her in the car.

“Mom, let me know before you pull your own face off next time, I’m still not used to that.”

“Oh, don’t be a baby, it’s all perfectly natural. Here, let me show you. Just let me park the car real quick…”

A block or two later she found a free parking spot and reversed into it. After turning the engine off, she shifted in her seat to face her daughter and pulled off the front of her head once more, causing her eyeballs to fall down and dangle about on their optic nerves. While she had gotten pretty used to it, it still made her feel just a little queasy every time, as if she was in some kind of tilt-a-whirl carnival ride.

“Go on, touch it.”

The daughter found her eyes drawn to the detached face that Mom left on the dashboard, the empty mouth and eye sockets open to show the grey of the surface underneath. Gulping, she turned to look at the ‘face’ of her mother. The cut started just a smidge below the hairline, going down just in front of the ears, leaving not a trace of the warm, still attractive features of her late thirties Mom. They were all replaced by grotesqueries – a brain that seemed to be perpetually about to slump outwards, eyeballs dangling from optic nerves, a too-long tongue flapping wordlessly where a jaw should be…

“Y-yeah, you look great, mom! aha…”

Squeezing her eyes half-shut and slightly averting her gaze, fully prepared to turn her head away completely if anything got too gross, she hesitantly reached her hand towards the fleshy hole where her mother’s face had been mere moments ago. She didn’t feel up to touching the brain yet, let alone those two eyeballs. The two elongated holes that were all that was left of her mom’s nose she also wasn’t going to touch for the time being. Which left the cavernous mouth hole as the least weird option. She placed the tip of her index finger on the back of the tongue, slowly drawing it towards the tip. This wasn’t too bad; it felt like licking her own finger, really. She could deal with this. Emboldened by this small success, she curled up her fingers and pushed her hand further inside. To her surprise, she could fit her whole hand inside, and while it wasn’t like there was a ton of room to spare - she could feel the walls of her mother’s mouth against each side of her hand - it wasn’t overly tight either. Kind of snug, really, like a warm, wet glove.

Then she felt – actually felt – her mother trying to speak, the tongue underneath rippling as guttural sounds fell out of her throat. Of course, mom’s face was pretty unreadable about now – she wondered if this would make her a killer poker player. She looked again at the detached face. Somehow she wasn’t as grossed out by that. It looked like a mask basically…

The gurgling intensified, as did the pressure around her hand. Hand and wrist actually – both were now sliding down that open mouth and into the throat.

“Oh, whoops, sorry, got distracted.”

She withdrew her drool-soaked fist, letting the faceless woman breathe. Mom hacked a little, tongue waggling like mad, her brain meat jiggling as her head shook.

Suzanne watched the tongue bounce around and was overcome by a desire to grab it. Her hand shot forward once more and she clutched her fingers around the strong but supple muscle. She pulled it upwards, revealing the underside and the thin pink bit that connected it to the little that was left of her mom’s lower jaw. She remembered that they’d actually covered what it was called in biology a couple of weeks ago. It was the french… no, the pendulum… whatever it was, she was pretty sure is started with ‘fren’ and ended in ‘um’. She’d have to look it up some time.

For now, though, there were more interesting things to do. Grasping the tongue between her thumb and forefinger, she retracted her hand, trying to stretch it out as far as it would go. She couldn’t be sure without a ruler, but she reckoned it was at least seven inches long. She smirked, thinking her mom could probably give an amazing french kiss in her current situation. An unbidden thought came to her mind of trying it out. But frenching her mom would be totally weird… right?

She looked around, and got an idea to make this totally not weird after all. Still holding onto that slippery tongue with one hand, Suzanne grabbed the face off the dashboard – still warm! – and held it to her own. She peered out of the eyeholes, her vision a little limited, but still doable. Then she lowered her face down.

“Hey mom… ever wanted to commit self-cest?” she asked, trying to make eye-contact with those dangling orbs. A grin formed underneath the slack, open mouth of her mother, before she lunged forward to envelop the tip of the tongue with her lips.

Suzanne sucked her mother’s tongue further and further inside, until she felt a little resistance when she tried to push her face further forward. She realized she was probably bumping up against her mom’s eyeballs, so she stopped her advance to avoid crushing them like a pair of grapes. Instead, she opened her own mouth a little and reached out with her own tongue, sliding it along her mother’s.

Her mom was clearly hesitant at first, not moving her tongue much at all, but as Suzanne alternated between rubbing their tongues together and closing her lips around it, almost giving it a blowjob, she got the message that her daughter wasn’t going to give up so easily, so she slowly started responding in kind, which quickly escalated to a full-on tongue wrestling match/make-out session.

By the time they finally relinquished their holds on each other’s tongues, Suzanne wouldn’t have been surprised if the face she was wearing as a mask was also as flushed as her own. She took it off, feeling sweat on her forehead, which she wiped clean with Mom’s cheeks.

“I’m glad you were into that too, Mom,” she said, and the older woman seemed to nod her head, again causing the exposed lobes to jiggle. Still feeling powerfully aroused, and wanting to explore the strange flesh before her, Suzanne leant forward and quickly licked at the brain, causing her mother to jolt and shiver.

“Heh, whoops. Sorry, hope that wasn’t too much…”

To her slight disappointment, it didn’t really taste like much. Though, to be honest, she had no clue what she would have expected it to taste like. Still, now that she been looking at it for a while, the wrinkled pinkish-grey flesh of the brain didn’t seem quite so strange anymore as it had done at first.

Well, in for a penny and all that,’ she thought and lifted her hand, which was still coated in drool, back towards her mother’s face, resting her fingers against the front part of the brain. She couldn’t recall ever having felt anything that had quite the same texture. It was a little slippery, but then again, that might just be because of all the saliva, so she reached out with her other hand as well. Nope, the ridged surface was still slick, though less so this time. She started slowly rubbing her fingers across the folds. When she reached the middle, her fingertips sunk a little deeper into the crevice that separated the left and right halves.

The convulsing from the faceless woman continued as her hemispheres were prised ever so slightly apart, with fingers slipping into the gap. Suzanne went slowly, not wanting to cause too much damage, but wanting to at least see if she could make her mother cum doing this. She looked down – Mom was wearing a skirt, which was swiftly pulled down to reveal cotton panties.

“Let’s see if you make a stain…” she said out loud, before shoving her right hand’s index and middle finger right back into the brain.

When she withdrew her digits, there was a tiny gape right there that took a few seconds to close up. Suzanne licked her fingers clean. This was all fun… but her mother hadn’t come even as she now slumped against her seat, panting and drooling. And, more importantly, Suzanne needed to cum now.

She looked outside through the windscreen. She couldn’t see any pedestrians, or much in the way of other traffic, probably because the block they were on consisted mostly of warehouses or similar old industrial buildings. Looking over her shoulder out the back window didn’t reveal anybody either. Hopefully things would stay that way and, if not, she was honestly too horny to care right now. She quickly pulled her spaghetti-strap top over her head, kicked off her shoes and wrestled her tight jeans down her legs, taking her panties with them. With her toes she managed to push them completely off of her feet, and a quick unsnap of her bra clasp and a tug to toss the garment with the rest of her clothes left her completely naked. She reached across her mom down to the lever below her seat and pulled it, sending it crashing backwards onto the back seat, and her mom along with it. She scrambled across the now horizontal body of her mother, placing her legs on either side of the headrest.

She picked up one of the dangling eyeballs and aimed it at her smoothly shaven crotch, rubbing her folds with her other hand.

“Jesus, I’m soaking wet. Get a good look at your daughter’s dripping cunt, mom, because I’m going to ride you like you were Mr. Fuzzykins.”

Well, that explained the peculiar scent that her daughter’s teddy bear had always had, no matter how many times she washed it, Suzanne’s mother thought. She didn’t have much time to dwell on that, though, before her brain was assaulted by her daughter’s pussy grinding roughly against it.

Suzanne didn’t put too much weight on her mom’s face, or lack thereof, but she still swore that she was grinding some fleck of brain into mush as she soaked it in her juices. The mix of debauchery, danger, exhibitionism… it was driving her wild. She looked behind her and saw her mother ineffectually mashing at her own clit and twat.

“Oh, let me help you with that…”

She repositioned herself, turning around so that she was facing towards the dashboard, and lay down on top of her mother. Suzanne inched herself forward until she was around the flailing hands, and gently eased them out of the way so that she could press her tongue onto the clitoris. She savored the taste as she made sure to keep pushing her own sopping cunt down onto Mom’s brain – she could feel that long tongue on her folds as well now. “Mmmm…”

The two women were already well warmed up, so neither needed much to come. When a loudly slurping Suzanne pulled back her lips to rake her teeth across her mother’s soft labia, a stream of liquid shot right up her nose. She quickly pulled back her head and watched several more shoot out, spraying the steering wheel, the pedals, and most of all the front seat, which now sported a rapidly growing wet spot. She smiled at her handiwork and sat up so that she could focus on her own orgasm. She grabbed her boobs with both hands, squeezing them like a pair of stress balls, moaning loudly, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Hmmmm, that’s right, suck your slutty daughter’s pussy, mom! Lick my fuckhole as I shove it into your brain!”

She opened her eyes for a brief second and saw an older woman across the street giving her the dirtiest look as she walked quickly by. She probably thought she was fucking some guy. If only she knew it was her naked, faceless mother…

It was at that point that everything hit her at once. The fact that she was fucking her mother. Or rather, her mother’s brain. In public. While somebody was watching her do it. The feel of the folds of said brain sliding across her clit. When not a second later her mother’s tongue accidentally slipped, causing the tip to thrust into her virgin asshole, she exploded like she never had before. Not with Mr. Fuzzykins, not with her pillow, not with her oversized novelty pens, and not even with the shampoo bottle. She lost all control of her lower body as cum gushed out of her like a geyser, spraying all across her mother’s brain. She counted ten, twelve spurts before the torrent died off. Her pussy kept spasming, however, and a few seconds later she suddenly felt a rush of more liquid.

This time, though, it came out of a different hole. Suzanne turned crimson as she saw a stream of piss gushing from her hole, filling up the free space in her mother’s skull. She was mortified, but didn’t dare move since she didn’t want to piss all over the car. Soon, the space around the brain was filled up, and it started overflowing into her mouth hole. Her mom sputtered once in surprise but, to her credit, started gulping it down like a champ. You’d almost think it wasn’t her first time. She was starting to see a whole new side of her mother today (aside from the inside).

Soon enough, the torrent slowed to a trickle, and then to an intermittent dripping before ceasing completely. Amazingly, her mother had barely spilled a drop.

“Sooooo…” said the embarrassed teenager after several long seconds of awkward silence. “That happened…”

Her mother moved her hand above her head and pointed at it.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry about that. I just couldn’t control myself.”

Suzanne’s mother pointed at her.

“I know, I know. I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

Her mom pointed down beside her head.

“Aren’t I a little old to be grounded?”

Suzanne was about to complain when her mother repeated the motion more insistently, but then she noticed the paper bag bearing the McDonalds logo.

“Wait, do you mean this?”

She picked up the finished meal.

The faceless woman gave her a thumbs up.

“Look, parking in a quiet street is one thing, but I don’t think going to the drive-through like this is the best idea…”

An audible sigh came from her mom’s gaping throat hole.

“Okay, not that then. Do you want me to use this bag to wipe off your brain?”

Her mother wagged her finger, then pinched the thumb and index fingers of both hands together, slowly moving her hands apart.

“Hmm, long? Thin? Rubber band?” guessed Suzanne. She opened the bag and saw a burger box and a drinking cup.

“Ooh, is it a straw?”

She got two thumbs up this time, and she pulled the straw out of the plastic lid.

“Okay, now what?”

The faceless woman pointed down her throat.

“But you don’t have any lips; what good would a straw do you?”

Her mother was halfway through a facepalm when she realized that in her current position she could liquefy her brain doing that. She wryly thought that that would probably still leave her smarter than her daughter.

Because her eyeballs weren’t pointed in the right direction, she reached out blindly until she found Suzanne’s hand and pointed at the straw, then at her piss-soaked brain. Reaching out further, she found Suzanne’s jaw, which she grabbed with one hand, pointing at her mouth (or at least in that general area) with the other.

“Wait, what? Ewww!”

Finally, the penny dropped.

“Look, I know I said I’d make it up to you, but is this really necessary?”

Another thumbs up.

“Can’t you, like, open the door and tip your head outside?”

Her mom gave a thumbs down this time.

“Ugh, fine, I guess.”

Suzanne stuck the straw between the two halves of her mother’s brain, into the yellow liquid that surrounded them.

“Just think of it as a cocktail,” she said to herself as she put her lips to the straw. “A really gross cocktail…”

That didn’t really help with the taste, which could generously be described as ‘bitter, with a hint of acid’. Suzanne did feel a certain degree of guilt for getting so carried away though. So she sucked it up – quite literally – until her mother’s skull was dry of anything that didn’t belong in there. She threw the straw out of the window and stuck her tongue out when she was done.

“Bleh. Okay, jeez, satisfied?”

Another thumbs up, and then her mom pointed at the dashboard, where her face laid almost forgotten.

The tape was reapplied, and then mom sat back up. She went to talk, then frowned. One of her eyeballs had slipped out of the socket, so that it was now trapped inside her face. She peeled the tape off of one side, creaked her head open as though it had a hinge, and readjusted her eye before closing herself up again.

“Well… ready to go home?” she asked, as though nothing noteworthy had just occurred. Suzanne could see something trickling out of the seam under her chin, the seam that never quite fully went away. She decided not to say anything, as the two women silently got dressed. The silence was too much for Suzanne to bear.

“Uh… you’re not mad at me, are you? I can totally get why you would be.”

“Sweetie, it’s okay.”

“Really? Really. Me just… fucking you in the car and pissing on your brain’s okay?” asked the teenager, incredulous.

“After what happened to me? That’s really not such a big deal,” shrugged the mom. “Call it perspective.”

Suzanne wasn’t sure that was the right word, but she wasn’t going to complain.

“Besides, you got your punishment. Unless you’re saying that wasn’t a punishment…”

“It definitely was, believe me. I need at least two drinks of something when we get back home.”




Very nice. Despite all the one-shots and stories you two have done, they each still, somehow, manage to remain unique from each other.


i liked this story very much!


OMG I loved this story. The casualness, the insanity the disgust, it's perfect. I would so love to see more of these weird crazy hot stories!!! I'm reading this one over and over.

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