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I’ve been looking for good seppuku stories on here for a while and so far have come up empty handed, does anyone know where I can find some?


Most of my stories end with gutting, and one or two have some seppuku.




The tourists watched, tensely, as the loin-clothed girl knelt, and the man behind her drew his sword. She picked up a dagger, carefully grabbing it with both hands. Some flinched as she quickly pulled it to her stomach's side, stopping short. Closing her eyes, she tried a few more stabbing motions.

Tears streamed down her face, and after taking a breath, she bowed. The sword flashed through with a crack, and her head fell with a thud, rolling while the neck spilled its contents. The relaxed body slowly slumped to the side, prompting the audience to stand and clap.


Also, Hitomi posted some at and


You can search with ctrl+f or find option in the home page of /lit/ then you search "Land of Rising Sun"

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