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After a little discussion about age forwarding, I came up with the idea that it really would be fun to use "unlolifying" in a story as the driving plot. It is a well-known anime cliche that many lolis want bigger breasts and want to look more grown-up. And I like the idea that a girl agrees to become meat, just to look more grown up^^

And after some consideration, I came up with the idea. That the characters of "Lucky Star" are perfect for it. Most of them are almost of age and still look like children. So who would be better suited?

But is there any interest in such a story?


There's 7000 000 000 people on the planet. If the idea appeals to you, it'll appeal to someone else too. So I say go for it.

I thought I was the only one interested in cuties getting run over with steamrollers, but apparently there's some other sick puppies who share my kinks!


If it is just a story without pictures loli or not loli depends on their behavior and emotions not on breast size desire to look more grown up is loli behavior.

But speaking about your story idea, I do not understand how becoming a meat will make someone more grown up or make their breast bigger. Do you suggest some stuffing?
If that's the case, Yes, I woud love to see this story.

But I generally do not like reusing characters from other fiction in "out of character" way. So Lucky Star is not a good choice because none of those characters could even be imagined doing such thing.
Better just create original characters or if you reuse existing ones treat them like they are original.


Onix, if I'm reading it right he means they agree to be meat in exchange for undergoing this procedure so they get to live for a few days or weeks or whatever with the more mature body they've always dreamt of before said body gets chopped up and eaten.


I kinda understand that much, but I wonder what kind of procedure it is going to be.



Like all my stories, it's more light-hearted and a bit ironic. (at least I try to be funny ^^)

the catch is: they are not just transformed into sexy adult women. The full potential of their bodies is awakened… If there is any potential at all.^^

Usually, even adult women still have a lot of unused potentials. But I know at least one character in Lucky Star, who can not have much potential because of her mother


little preview.

Part 1: foreplay.

It is a warm day. Most girls are outside and spend their time on the beach. But Konata’s friends are sitting in her house.
Kagami has managed to persuade the others to study for the next exam. Even Konata had agreed. At first, it looked like it could be a productive afternoon. But now the girls' morality is already broken.
"It is not solvable!" Tsukaza sighs discouraged. She uses a fan to endure the heat. “I never will pass the next math exam!”
“This is boring! Can’t we do something more exciting? It is too hot!” Konata complains. She has already taken off half of her uniform. Since she does not really have anything to hide, it does not look very sexy.
“We just started 10 minutes ago!” Kagami insist. She does not want to admit that the heat annoys her as well. “This exam is important!”
“It’s just math! Tyrant!” Konata complains. “You don’t need to study for it!”
“Stop being this lazy! Flat chest!” Kagame shouts.
Kagami and Konata start a little fight.
"Heat decreases the ability to concentrate by 50%. Maybe we should cool off." Miyuki tries to help. She also opened her uniform slightly. She is the only one who has anything to show. It's a bit embarrassing for the other girls.

A few ineffective learning minutes later…

"How's it going?" Yutaka enters the room. She made iced tea for her cousin and friends.
The girls lie exhausted over the tables. Even Kagami doesn’t study anymore.
“I’m tired.” Tsukasa really tries to understand math. But it is just too difficult.
“And I’m hungry,” Konata complains.
“The human body can’t endure heat like this for long.” Miyuki agrees.
"I'm hungry too. Maybe we should relocate our learning session into a restaurant?” Yutaka offers her help.
“But this would also involve boring study time!” Konata complains loudly.
“Eating would be bad for my weight,” Kagami complains shyly.
“I’m not hungry yet.” Miyuki smiles exhausted.
“I would prefer to sleep for a moment.” Tsukaza closes her eyes.
“I read about a new restaurant on the internet.” Yutaka tries to motivate them. “A girl serving restaurant… I don’t understand what it means. But the food should be very tasty.”
Miyuki looks shocked. She explains: “A girl serving restaurant serves girls as the main course!”
Konata suddenly feels very motivated. “We could avoid boring study and do something more interesting?”
Miyuki continues her explanation: “Only adults are allowed to enter such a restaurant.”
“Luckily this isn’t an option then.” Kagami giggles embarrassed by the thought of eating a girl.
“What a pity. I would like to try it.” Konata is disappointed. She is already 18 years old. But alone it does not make fun.
Miyuki doesn’t can resist to explain it further: “Actual we would be allowed to enter it as main courses…”
Yutaka doesn’t fully understand it: “But didn’t you say it is for adult only… like… porn?”
Miyuki must go through her inner Wikipedia: “I'm not sure. But apparently, there is a way to make girls older and sexier.”
Konata is even more interested now. “It would not be only a more exciting thing to do as studying. I would finally receive bigger boobs?”
Miyuki blushed. “Apparently…”
“Sexier?” Kagami asks interested too. “Could it fix my weight problems?”
“Maybe it's fun.” Tsukasa agrees. She doesn’t really understand the fact, that cooking would most likely end her life.
“Girls die if they are cooked.” Miyuki doesn’t like the idea.
“If it is lewd, then I do not want to participate.” Yutaka agrees.
Kagami isn’t sure either: “I would like to try it… But we would lose precious study time!”
Konata tries to force them: “Don’t be cowards! It will be way more fun as studying!”

After a short discussion, the girls finally decide to ‘Maybe’ (It’s a big Maybe) give it a try…


>"cooking would most likely end her life. "

LOL you are very optimistic using word "most likely" here

>Konata tries to force them: “Don’t be cowards! It will be way more fun as studying!”

I think you should have better said
"You will not need to study anymore" as this is one of the biggest benefits of being cooked but maybe that was your ideas already ;)

Anyway since you started you now have to finish :) I still have no clue how the hell they make girls older.
But that kinda would make sense in the dolcett universe where girls get cooked at the age of 3


I started a own thread for the story:

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