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A story about a world in which women are the hunters, and men are the hunted.

Ff/m, non-con, shooting(archery), gore, butchering, orgasm denial, cannibalism, penectomy, castration

Seresa slowly drew the arrow nocked to her bowstring back, sighting down the shaft at the group of frolicking and playing wildboys before her. It was moments like this, at the culmination of hours worth of tracking and stalking and creeping, her prey only a scant few yards away and blissfully unaware of the danger it was in, that she really loved being a hunter.

The group of wildboys was an older one, on average, which was no surprise to Saresa. Wildboys generally formed themselves into small groups typically five to ten boys strong and of a roughly equal age. Younger groups of wildboys were usually fairly wary and harder to track and catch, but older wildboys, especially when in large enough numbers, often grew overconfident in themselves. They left large, easily followed spoor and tracks, made far more noise, and swaggered around as if they had nothing to fear from their forest home. All of which made it much, much easier for hunters like herself to find them and then show them just how wrong they were.

The wildboys she'd found today were an excellent example of this fact. They were bathing in a pool in a medium sized creek, shrieking and shouting as they cavorted around and played and wrestled in the water. They were making so much noise that they'd never had a chance of noticing Saresa as she'd slowly crept closer and closer toward them though the underbrush.

She watched with her bow drawn as the largest boy, who was no doubt the leader of the little pack, climbed a large rock and then threw himself off it into the water below. Saresa released her arrow just as he hit the surface of the pool, the noise of his large splash nicely drowning out the twang of her bow.

The arrow flew across the short distance between her and the largest clump of boys. It buried itself deep into the breastbone of the only boy who was facing in her direction. It was a perfect shot, dead center of his chest, directly into his heart. He dropped without a sound, flopping onto his back, twitching only slightly.

Saresa reached back to her quiver for another arrow. She nocked it, drew, then loosed, all in one smooth, well practiced motion. Her second arrow took the next boy, the only one to have noticed what she'd done to the first boy, from the side. It sank into his rib cage just below his armpit. A little too low to hit his heart, it was still a nice lung shot, though not necessarily an immediately fatal one. He too flopped to the ground, face first across the legs of the first boy, writhing in silent agony.

She managed to get off three more shots, drawing, aiming, then loosing, working her way from the back of the little group forward, before any more of the boys noticed what was going on. Her form was good, each motion quick but not hurried, and so was her aim. Three more shots, three more boys down, each with an arrow sprouting from somewhere out of their chest.

The last wildboy managed to stumble a few steps forward before collapsing right in front of several other boys, who looked down at him in shock for only a moment. Then they hooted in alarm, alerting the rest of the group, and took off. Saresa managed to pick off one more boy as they ran away shrieking and jabbering, sinking an arrow into his gut and dropping him mid stride, before they all disappeared from view into the trees and shrubs.

All the boys, save for one. The big one, the leader, had been underwater when the alarm first went up, and so had missed the initial warning. Belatedly, he had realized what was happening and floundered to shore, before finally trying to flee. Saresa loosed an arrow at him as he climbed out of the water, but a stray branch knocked her shot off course just enough to merely graze the skin over his ribs, rather than pierce his heart.

He was quick, fleet of foot once out of the water, and nearly got away. Saresa managed to hit him on the run with her last arrow, just before he could make good his escape. The shot was hurried and almost missed completely, though. Rather than hit him in the torso, she took him in the calf, causing him to stumble and cry out in pain. Pure luck.

Saresa sprang up from her crouch, dropping her bow even as she snatched up her spear, and sprinted forward. The wildboy, injured and hampered as he was by the the arrow sticking out of his leg, still attempted to hobble away and flee. She caught up to him easily, and used the blunt end of her long weapon to swat at his feet, tangling them up and causing him to stumble yet again. Another swipe at his legs while he was off balance and he fell to the ground completely, flopping onto his stomach with a grunt of pain.

Saresa was on him in an instant, wrestling his arms behind his back so that she could secure him. It wasn't an easy task, given that he was very nearly as big as she was, but she managed after rapping him on the back of the head sharply to stun him temporarily. His ankles were next, and were even more of a chore, given how strong his legs were. In the end, she had to grab hold of the arrow sticking through his calf and twist it around some, causing him to seize up in pain, before she was able to loop leather straps around his lower legs as she sat atop his thighs.

Her quarry captured, Saresa stood up and then blew out a breath, grinning widely at her accomplishment. Six.. no seven boys, solo! Her personal best. And even better yet, one was a live capture to boot! She danced in place for a moment, savoring her triumph even as her lithe, muscular body shook and swayed fetchingly, before dragging her captive over to the rest of her fallen prey. She took note of them each, as she tied her live and relatively unharmed wildboy securely to the base of a tree, examining her catch closely.

Three of the downed boys were stone dead, her arrows having pierced their hearts directly. Two more were unconscious or nearly so, bleeding out and suffocating from lung wounds. Those she ended with quick swipes across their throats with her hunting knife. The last boy, the one she'd gut shot, was rolling around on the ground groaning and crying, obviously in agony. He was also quite aware of his surroundings despite his pain, and tried to scrabble away from her as she approached him, her bloody knife in hand.

He wrestled with her weakly, futilely trying to delay the inevitable. The wound in his stomach sapped the strength from this arms and hands as he fought to keep her knife away though, so she managed to overcome him easily enough. She sat on his heaving chest, her knees pinning his arms down, and drew her sharp knife across his neck, opening it down to the bone and cutting off his sobbing and incoherent pleading. His eyes, wild, begging, and desperate, stayed locked on her own as she knelt over him and watched him gurgle and choke. His life's blood flowed out of his slashed throat freely, lightly splashing the insides of her bare thighs with crimson droplets.

Sighing happily after the light in the boy's eyes had finally faded, Saresa stood smoothly, then turned and strode, hips swaying dangerously, back over to her live captive. The bound wildboy was looking at her with wide, terrified eyes. He clearly expected her to do to him what she had done to all the rest of his friends, and he was trembling in fear.

"Mmm.." Saresa murmured, as she inspected him, lightly trailing the tip of her still bloody knife across his cheek, down along his chest and belly, and then around the base of his manhood. "Mmm hmm hmmm.."

"You don't have anything to fear from me, boy.." she told him, despite knowing that he probably couldn't understand a word she said. "Not yet, anyway.. I've got to see to your little friends, first, before we can play."

His eyes, already wide, goggled when she tugged on the ties to her rather brief hunting leathers, letting the top and bottoms first loosen and then fall away, as she pulled the skimpy garments off her lean, toned, muscular body. She ran her hands over herself, reveling in the feeling of strength and power that a successful hunt gave her, her motions drawing her captive's astonished gaze across all of her lovely, smooth, tanned skin.

Then she turned away, after giving him a little wink, and strode over to the carcasses of the other boys. Her bottom flexed enticingly as she walked, and even more so when she bent down and heaved the nearest dead boy over. She then proceeded to use her knife to skillfully and quickly field dress him. A large, flat rock served as a makeshift butchering table. She first opened up his stomach and emptied out his viscera, trimming everything off neatly and dumping the mess of organs out carelessly onto the ground beside her. Then she took off the wildboy's feet, hands, and head, adding them to the bloody pile. The still whole and intact arrow she extracted was laid out carefully on a nearby rock. Next, she dragged the now much lighter carcass down to the water to rinse out the body cavity and scrub the dirt and debris off the outside. Finally, she laid the now cleaned and dressed body of the wildboy out on some rocks along the creek bank to drain.

Then, she began on the next one. She occasionally glanced over at her captive wildboy as she worked, smirking a little at the shocked look on his face as she reduced his former friends, one by one, to mere slabs of meat. His terror and trembling only grew as each dead boy was butchered by her in turn.

It took almost two hours to see to all six dead wildboys, and when she was done their carcasses made a nice, neat row along the bank. Saresa was, by this point, covered in blood and gore. It had splattered all over her nude body, coating her stomach, chest, and face. Blood had even run down the curves of her breasts, then dripped off their tips, as she'd bent over the dead wildboys while digging inside of them with her hands and knife.

The captive wildboy moaned in fear when she finally finished her gory task and then turned and stalked back toward him. She ignored his frantic squirming as she bent low to release the cords holding him sitting against his tree. She grabbed him by the leather strips binding his legs together, then dragged him roughly down to the creek.

"Alright, boy.." she stated, as she dropped him along the bank. "Time to see to your little wound."

"And then.." she continued, licking her lips as she eyed his trembling form. "..maybe it'll be time to have some fun."

The arrow in the wildboy's leg had gone almost exactly halfway through. Frowning, Saresa used her knife to slice through the sinew string binding the sharp, leaf-shaped iron arrowhead to the tip of the arrow shaft, then wiggled it carefully free. The arrow, now without its head, was then much easier to draw back out of the hole it had made through the wildboy's calf.

The wildboy squeaked and cried as Saresa did this, though he also groaned in evident relief once she'd finally removed the arrow from his flesh. Both arrowhead and shaft joined the little stack of arrows that she had already recovered from her other catches.

"Poor little wildboy.." Saresa said, patting his calf as she peered closely at the hole. "It probably hurts, but the arrow seems to have missed anything important. You're not going to bleed to death. Probably. You should even be able to walk.. hopefully, anyway."

"Now, with that taken care of.." she said, a wicked grin stretching its way across her cute features. "I think that it's fun time!"

She grabbed him and drug him into the pool with her. She spent several minutes scrubbing both of their bodies down. Hers to get off all the blood and gore, his to try and remove as much natural wildboy grime and aroma as possible. He squirmed and coughed as she dunked him repeatedly beneath the water, but couldn't resist much, considering that he still had his hands tied behind his back and his ankles securely knotted together.

Finally, Saresa seemed satisfied, and she pulled him back into the shallows. She pushed him onto his back in the coarse black sand along the shore, then straddled his thighs and gazed lustfully down at him.

"Mine.." she breathed, licking her lips once again and tracing his chest with her fingertips, as the wildboy just looked fearfully back up at her. "..all mine!"

She kissed him forcefully, pushing her lips hard against his, growling her arousal into his mouth. She ignored his surprised squeaks, and held her kiss until his squirming struggles finally relaxed.

"That's right." she whispered, withdrawing and relishing the look of shocked vulnerability on his face. "It's better to just relax and try to enjoy it, boy!"

She let out a low, throaty chuckle as he bit his lower lip when she began to slowly rock back and forth along his thighs. Then she kissed him again, briefly, searingly, before beginning to lick and nibble her way down his neck and chest. She paused at his chest for a moment, to nip playfully at his nipples, causing him to yelp and squirm again, before brushing her lips down his stomach. He gasped and arched against her when she slid her body down his legs and her mouth down to his quickly engorging cock.

"Hmm.. mm.. mmm.." she hummed, as she gently enveloped the tip of his member, bathing the soft skin of his cock head in the warmth of her eager mouth.

"Ahh..!" he groaned, unable to help himself from writhing beneath her as she suckled and licked his flesh.

"That's good.." Saresa murmured around his member, her lips pressed against him. "..I want you nice and hard, boy!"

"There we go.." she breathed, when she leaned back a few moments later to take in the sight of his now completely and thoroughly tumescent cock. "Perfect!"

Then, as he breathed heavily and shivered in anticipation and arousal, she revealed her true intentions. Taking a thin strip of leather from around her wrist, Saresa wrapped it several times around the base of his cock. He looked on, confused, as she did this, then yelped in pain when she took hold of both ends and pulled viciously, tightening the cord down ruthlessly on his flesh.

She ignored his cries and his attempts to wriggle out from under her as she tied off his cock, which was now bulging and already rapidly starting to turn purple. Finishing with her task, she pushed him back down into the sand, straddling his thighs once again.

Saresa grinned, her expression predatory and her own breath coming quicker as she rocked in place, rubbing herself against the skin of his thigh. She didn't often get to do this. Unfortunately, she was a good enough shot that most of the boys she managed to track down and hunt weren't in any sort of condition for a bit of fun afterward. So this was going to be a bit of a treat.. though it was intended for her pleasure, not his. Thus, why she had tied him off. It simply wouldn't do for her fun to end prematurely on his account. He might lack the necessary stamina, like wildboys so often did.

She slid onto him with a breathy sigh, filling herself with his bound and trapped flesh, grinning happily. She grasped his shoulders tightly, arched her back, and rode him. She took her pleasure from him slowly, at her own pace, heedless of the way his strangled cock was throbbing with pain, even as her actions also wracked him with pleasure.

Finally, with a gasp and a cry, she came. Her womanhood clenched and squeezed tightly around his member, even as her wrapped legs clenched and squeezed around his hips. Uttering a satisfied sigh, she fell back off him into the shallow water, floating there in bliss, letting it cool the warm flush suffusing her body and rinse away the sweat beading her skin.

"Oh, goddesses.." she moaned, stretching languidly in the water. "That was amazing.."

"Let's do it again!" she suggested, only a few moments later.

She took her pleasure from him again, despite the deepening shade of purple his tied off penis was turning, before finally collapsing next to him. Her lower body buoyed by the water, she drifted off into a nap, the events and efforts of the day finally catching up to her. Her hand remained curled possessively around the still bound cock of her captive.

Saresa awoke only a short time later, feeling much refreshed. She cut the cords binding the wildboy's cock with a flick of her knife, only nicking him lightly in the process, then dragged him back into the water for another quick rinse. She eyed to dark color of his male flesh, wondering briefly if she'd left it tied too long. Then she shrugged indifferently. The flesh of his penis would either survive, or it wouldn't. It wasn't like it mattered all that much.

She glanced at the row of butchered boy carcasses along the bank. She'd had her fun, now it was time to get back to work. She needed to get her catch home.

She pulled her captive out of the water and stood him up, then loosened the bindings on his ankles a little. Just enough so that he could shuffle and walk slowly along behind her, though he limped more than a bit, due to the wound on his leg. She also fitted him with a leash, using the last bit of her cord, before pulling her clothes back on over her damp skin.

One dressed wildboy carcass she could get home by herself, carrying it across her shoulders. She'd be tired afterward, but she could and had done it before. Two or three though, meant that she would need a litter, which would exhaust her even more as she drug it across miles of forest. Seven carcasses, on the other hand.. Well, there was no way that she could get seven wildboys home on her own. Even if one of them could still walk under his own power.

Fortunately, she'd brought a cart. A pony drawn cart, which she'd left some distance back from the pond where her hunt had come to a most satisfying conclusion. Tugging her captive along to follow, she set out to retrieve it. She was certainly going to need it.

It was right where she left it, still hitched up to her ponies, who were in turn tied off to a tree. The ponies, a pair of trained, domesticated (and gelded) former wildboys, had waited placidly for her return. It wasn't like they had much choice in the matter, either, due to the fact that their arms had been removed at the shoulders.

Saresa tied off her captive's lead to the back of her cart, then untied her ponies and clicked at them with her tongue. They fell in easily behind her, the training they had received after they'd been captured and broken to cart pulling ingrained deeply enough that she needed give them no other commands.

Fortunately the part of the forest Saresa had hunted was relatively old, and therefore fairly open beneath the high canopy of tall trees, which meant that it was easy to retrace her steps back to the pond with the pony drawn cart in tow. Loading up her catch took but a few minutes, each wildboy carcass thumping into the small cart satisfyingly, filling it up quite nicely with hundreds of pounds of fresh boy meat.

She eyed the pile of heads, hands, feet, and viscera for a moment thoughtfully. Such things were not without value. Organs like the heart and liver were delicious if prepared right, and intestines could be cleaned out and turned into sausage casing. Hands and feet, though very bony and rather chewy, could be grilled or baked for a light snack. Even heads had their uses; tongues, lips, and cheeks being tasty little meat treats.

Unfortunately, her cart was already quite weighted down. The pile of discarded boy parts would have to stay where it was. Scavengers would be after it soon enough, anyway, so it wasn't really going to waste. Idly she wondered if the little group of boys, those that were managed to flee at least, would come back. It was a little amusing to think of them stumbling across the heads and guts of their friends.

The trip home wasn't quick, due to the heavy load the ponies had to pull. Saresa only rode some of the way, opting to get off and lead through the rougher portions of the trek. She was able to breath a sigh of relief once she and her burden managed to find a more heavily used, and therefor better maintained, trail. Several times she passed by other travelers. Most of the girls were familiar to her, and all were very impressed and complimentary of her sizable catch, 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing appreciatively at the display of fine wild meat. Most especially her live captive.

She finally rolled into town in the late afternoon. Her first stop was the hunter's guild, where she dropped off the six dressed wildboy carcasses. She made a pretty penny off of them, especially since they were all fresh caught just that morning, and her purse bulged heavily and happily with new copper and silver coin.

"Selling your live capture, too?" asked the guild master, as she directed several apprentices in unloading Saresa's cart. "He looks like he's in pretty good shape. I'll give you a good price for him. I've got a contract for a half dozen live ones that I need to fill."

"Nope, sorry." Saresa replied, tugging on her leashed wildboy's collar possessively. "I've got plans for this one, ha ha!"

Plans that consisted of him keeping her bed, not to mention her body, warm that night. And every night after.. until she tired of him, at least. And then, after that? She gave her captured wildboy a pinch on his bottom, making him start and squeak, then licked her lips. After that.. maybe a bar-be-Que. Her birthday was coming up, why not treat herself to a nice party? Live roasts were ever so much fun to watch.

Grinning cheerfully, with a full, jingling purse and a cute wildboy collared and at her mercy, Saresa reflected happily on just how much she enjoyed her work. She loved being a hunter.

"I haven't seen you around before.." Saresa commented, noticing the rather pretty girl watch as the spit slid deeper and deeper into the squealing, immobilized wildboy.

She was young. Younger than Saresa herself by several years, and probably only barely of age. If even that. Her large eyes were wide as her attention was captivated by the sight of the pointed end of the spit emerging from between the wildboy's lips.

"Hi!" the girl replied brightly, and a little breathily, once the spit was all the way through. "No, I'm not part of the guild. Yet."

"Yet?" Saresa prompted, shifting a little closer to the girl and offering her a drink.

"I wanna be an apprentice, but mother says I can't join until after my birthday." the girl said, with a little (adorable!) pout, as she took the drink and sipped it. "Wow, that's strong!"

It was watered down berry wine. Literally the weakest alcoholic beverage she had at her party. Saresa adjusted the girl's estimated age down another year or two. Maybe she should have specified a minimum age for her open invite poolside birthday bar-be-Que party. Then again, she thought, as she regarded the rather generous way the girl filled out her damp swimwear.. perhaps it was better that she hadn't. She had figured that it would be mostly just her fellow guild members who would show up, but apparently the rumors of a live roast had drawn in a wider range of guests than she'd expected.

"You want to be a hunter someday?" Saresa asked, gesturing toward the squirming form of the impaled boy who was to be the centerpiece of her birthday party. "Go out and capture wildboys like that one?"

"Ooh, yes!" the girl said, nodding eagerly, and taking another sip of her drink. "I've always wanted to be a hunter! Can you imagine how challenging and fun it must be? To hunt down wildboys like that one?"

"I don't have to imagine." Saresa replied, chuckling. "I'm the one who caught him."

"Wow, really? That's amazing!" the girl bubbled eagerly, her attention shifting onto Saresa completely. "How'd you do it? Catching wildboys alive is supposed to be hard! Was he the only one you caught?"

"Well.." Saresa began, grinning in the face of the girl's wide eyed enthusiasm, before launching into the story of how she'd managed to hunt down seven boys solo.

"Whoa.. you're incredible!" the girl stated, quite earnestly, once Saresa's story had finished. "Seven, all at once! Can you teach me how to hunt like that?"

"You want to be my apprentice?" Saresa asked, surprised.

"Of course!" the girl said, nodding vigorously. "You're the best, so of course I'd want to learn under you!"

The girl's phrasing made Saresa give her another glance up and down, before blushing slightly. Thankfully, the girl had looked back to the spitted wildboy, who was now starting to be slathered in sauce by the cooks, so hadn't noticed Saresa's blatant appraisal of her full, youthful body.

"Well, I never thought about having an apprentice before.." Saresa mused. "..but I'm not opposed to the idea." Especially if her potential apprentice was so easy on the eyes. "Why don't you come see me after your birthday?"

"Really? Awesome!" the girl exclaimed, before throwing her arms around Saresa and giving her an enthusiastic (and not to mention rather enjoyably squishy) hug. "Thank you so much! I can hardly wait!"

"My pleasure." Saresa replied, completely truthfully. "When's your birthday?"

"Not for another couple of weeks." the girl pouted. "Which sucks. I want to be a hunter now, darn it! I don't see why mom wants me to be nineteen before she'll let me."

"Wait.." Saresa asked, blinking in surprise. "'re already eighteen?"

"Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"Oh.. no reason." Saresa replied, a grin stealing across her lips as she slipped her arm around the other girl's waist and gave her a squeeze. "Say, how'd you like to sit with me when I carve up our spit roast?"

Said roast was still squirming on his spit, as the bar-be-Que sauce laden brushes wielded by the cooks coated his erect cock and balls very, very thoroughly.

"Ooh, can I?" the girl asked, eagerly. "I've never seen a live roast before, you know! I wonder how he'll taste? Are you going to have his bits? I'm totally jealous, if so. I heard they taste really good."

"Yes, that's the traditional meal for the birthday girl.." Saresa replied, nodding. "..but I don't mind sharing with you, if you're willing to give me something in exchange..?"


"A kiss?" Saresa suggested, a little hesitantly. "I can't think of a better birthday present than a kiss from a girl a pretty as you."

"A kiss..?" that girl repeated, looking up at Saresa's face uncomprehendingly for a moment, before a blush crept up her features. "Oh.. I.."

"O-okay.." she finally replied, before biting her lower lip and gazing up at Saresa with wide, guileless eyes.

Saresa licked her lips, then turned and leaned in close to the girl. The girl sucked in a little gasp just before their lips touched, then pressed up against Saresa and kissed her.

Saresa heard a couple of wolf whistles in the background from some of her guests (other hunters, no doubt), but ignored them in favor of wrapping her arms around the girl, pulling her closer (while getting a nice double handful of a very well padded bottom), and deepening the kiss.

"Wow.." that girl breathed shakily, as a little shiver seemed to run through her after they finally parted. "..I think I'm going to like being your apprentice."

Saresa just chuckled, then stole another quick taste of the girl's lips.

"It will be my pleasure.." she said, a lascivious smile turning up the corners of her mouth. " teach you everything, my little apprentice."

The two girls, master and apprentice, broke slightly apart to get more drinks. Then, they sat down to watch the show as the cooks picked up the spit and began to carry it over to the fire pit. The sauce covered boy on it wriggled frantically as he was set over the coals, but there was no escape from the heat for him.

"How long will he last?" the girl snuggled up against Saresa's side asked, as she laid her head fondly on Saresa's shoulder to watch the boy's futile struggles.

"If the cooks do it right? An hour, easily. Maybe more." Saresa replied, sipping a cool wine as she watched the boy begin to rotate. "Long enough that we'll probably be able to eat his prime bits off him while he's still alive."

"Awesome." the girl replied, squirming a little in her chair at the thought.

Yes, Saresa reflected, as she snaked an arm over her new friend (and blatantly fondled one of the girl's ample breasts), she may have lost her wildboy bed warmer to the spit today, but she had potentially gained something (and someone) much, much better.

"Oh my goodness.." the girl murmured (Ambrea, apparently. Saresa had finally remembered to ask for her name), as the cooks set the sizzling form of the half cooked wildboy down on a portable rack, right before the both of them.

"That does smell rather good, doesn't it." Saresa commented, as she took up a long tined meat fork and carving knife. "It'll be another few hours before he's done completely. Fortunately, you and I don't have to wait that long to get a little taste of him."

The boy, who still occasionally twitched, looked a treat hanging there on his spit. The bar-be-Que sauce that had been applied to him regularly was bubbling and sizzling on his browning skin, slow drips of it sliding off onto the serving dish several inches below him.

"Let's start with the head.." Saresa said, lifting her meatfork and skewering the tip of the wildboy's cock.

"Sounds good.." Ambrea breathed as she watched, her attention rapt completely on the movements of the knife and fork, as Saresa began to slowly slice the mostly cooked cock head off.

The boy, who had been almost completely still for the last ten or fifteen minutes, came alive at this. He groaned and whimpered around the spit, and writhed on the pole impaling the length of his body, but his efforts were for naught. With a little puff of aromatic steam, his cock head was cut free and lifted carefully by Saresa onto the warm plate between them.

"Just a moment.." Saresa said, as she turned the bit of meat around on the plate. "..I'll cut it in half, so we can each have a bite. I want you to try it. The heads are very tender and sweet."

"Mmmmoh, goddess.." Ambrea moaned, after Saresa fed the girl her half of the meat. " can this be so good?"

Saresa only giggled, remembering her own first taste of a live roasted boy's prime cut. Then, she popped her half into her own mouth and sighed in blissful gourmet satisfaction.

"Can.. can I have more?" Ambrea asked after she'd finished chewing and finally swallowed, hope tinging her voice.

"I'm afraid that you're going to have to bribe me for more." Saresa said, grinning wickedly and licking her lips.

"All I have to offer are kisses." Ambrea pouted, trying (and succeeding) to look as mournfully cute at possible.

"And kisses are all I want." Saresa replied, before leaning over and claiming her payment.

The heady, lingering aftertaste of perfectly cooked, rare boymeat was the perfect thing to accompany their long, slow kiss.

The shaft was good, they both agreed as the erotic meal continued, though not as good at the meaty little head had been. Also, it was much chewier. They ate it all, slice by slice, and kiss by kiss, until it was gone. The boy squirmed and cried out as each new bit of his flesh was cut off and devoured.

Finally, all that was left was his balls. Skewering them brought about the most agonized groaning and writhing from their meal yet, much to their amusement. And when they were cut free and eaten? Utter bliss. Saresa suspected that her new apprentice actually orgasmed a little, right there in her seat, as she chewed up her share of the boy's masculinity. Not that Saresa could blame her for it, as a fire was burning in her chest and between her own hips afterward too. Boy balls were just that good, the perfect aphrodisiac.

They shared another searing kiss as the now cock-less and ball-less boy was retrieved by the cooks and put back over the coals, his body wracked with shudders as the stump of his freshly removed manhood was exposed to the heat billowing up around him. He wouldn't be coming back down until he was done completely.

Saresa cuddled fondly with Ambrea, looking forward to eating the rest of the wildboy she'd captured with the girl beside her and the rest of the girls at her party. Looking forward to later that evening, when she would take Ambrea to her bed, and claim the eager girl as her own. And looking forward to teaching her new apprentice absolutely everything she knew, both in the bedroom and out in the field. She could hardly wait.

Goddesses.. she absolutely LOVED being a hunter.

END Huntress

Author's Note:

This idea came to me recently, and I just had to write it out. I'm usually more into just (ordinary? me? ha ha, yeah right) castration and penectomy, but felt like branching out a bit into some boy hunting. I've always liked the idea of scantily clad girls with bows. Better run and hide, boys! The final scenes with Saresa and Ambrea came to my mind first (I love lesbian/bi girls bonding over boy meat), then the rest as a way to build up to it.

The world the girls live in is a bit of a mix of a bog standard bronze/iron age fantasy world along with something like the background concept for the original Planet of the Apes movie. Instead of damn dirty ape overlords, though, there is a society of cute girls in charge, with bands of wild boys running around like illiterate, dumb/mute animals, being harnessed as beasts of burden or hunted down as beasts of prey by the dominant females. I imagine Saresa and her little village/town as normal humans, but I also imagine other races (orcs, elves, fairies, etc.) also exist in the world, each with their own types of boy to hunt. Pixie sticks, with real pixie boys skewered on, dipped in syrup glaze and then baked, could be considered a sweet dessert treat by many. Just for an example.

Hope you enjoyed it!


This is why boys exist. To be slowly castrated and butchered


I love this story, thank you so much for writing it!


I'm happy that you both liked it so much. Thanks for the comments and support.


Man I keep checking here just to see if you've made any new stories

Keep it going you're the best


What they said, Htal writes the best penectony, no one even compares.




I also post my stories at Eka's portal, Dolcettgirls, HentaiFoundry, and The Eunuch Archive, if you didn't know. They have nice lists of my stuff to look through, in case you missed anything I've previously posted.

My Gallery at Eka's:

My index of stories at Dolcettgirls:

My HentaiFoundry page:


Thank you! I try to put quite a bit of effort into my fantasies and writing. I'm glad that it shows.


I only visit this place for your stories. I love that she has her way with him first and takes what she wants before eventually eating him. Would love to see more sex before devouring the male


These are some great stories! But none of the premises seem to match the ones you mentioned were nearing completion in Zoo Keepers 2? I'm still really looking forward to eventually reading "Hot Snack for a Hot Day!"



I know, sorry. Unfortunately, I don't have a writing muse so much as a writing whimsy, which makes it hard to complete stories sometimes. No matter how much I intend to, ha ha. I've got half a dozen sitting in my writing folder in various stages of completion.

Hopefully I'll get them finished up and posted here soon. Hopefully. I hope, ha.

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