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hello please someone can do a toph's foot eating story? someone can know about avatar the last airbender? someone that know how each character act? ^^ thank you verymuch since now >u< i love a lot foot eating stories, sadly they are so rare ahaha, i did a sketch story and 2 pictures. Sorry my bad english.

the story begin with our adeventures in a place full of rocks, toph training aang how bender the earth, saying

"comon twinkle toe, you need learn today stop being weak hehehe, with katara saying shen need be more gently with aang, and sokka saying goof things hahaa"

other day while they walk in the village, the group see people watching for them weird, and those people hiding in the house, toph suspect…
and say "watch out!!!" toph soles can feel everything in the earth, she feels have many fire soldiers nation around them hiding, and she use her eathbender for throw away many of them, while aang and katara and sokka tried help her with air, water and boomerang hehe,

but the defeat was inevitable, the team avatar was defeated they used a diferent tecnology a gun with sleep effect, look like the general of them is a expert, and he look to sleepy toph licking lips, toph angry watching for him almost sleeping and suddenly fall in ground,

toph awaken with a strong wood cuffs in ankle and arms and body, she cant do earthbender, she cant move, she scream angry "where are you!! where are my friends?! if you hurted them i will kick the butt of each one!!"

the fire general appear for her, and tell how he liked so much her, how his like the powerful way she is, he already saw all her skills, all the time toph defeated his army, and everytime his army lost he become more focused and… HUNGRY! doing toph confuse… he enter in the toph jail doing her angry and nervous, she said many angry things for him and he grab her woof prison that have wheels and being move her for other room…

a KITCHEN! with many imporant old guys from fire nation, full of fork plate, salt, peppers, plate, and pictures of her and her feet >u<,

of course toph is not understand nothing, she is bling, but she hearing have many people around and sounds of fork and knife, and they doing happy sounds, they waited a lot for this day for eat the girl that did many troubles for the fire nation's army.

im so curious how toph will react when the fire general tell for her she is the dinner

so, the oldguys being worship her feet soles, sniffing her feet aroma, doing many toes sucking, and soles lick, and so they become more hungry and suddenly torture her feet soles, doing many hard bite/nibbles/chew, in the toes, big toes, arches, ball of feet, side of soles, meaty heels, almost tearing the skin and doing toph do many pain screams!! was a hell for toph, her soles is senstive, they bited her soles and toes by 1 hour, she almost fainted, her face is full of tears… they cant recognize this is the legendaty earthbender strong toph,

you can use your imagination in the body cooked and death, im more interesting in the foot feet soles heel focus

while she still alive u can do they cut off the ankle,

toph: wh what you doing?! please no!!! my feet is my life!! only with my soles im able to feel the things!! please!!! (suddenly feels the blade in her ankle) AAAAHHHHHHH!!

with feet in the plate, the ancientes will be super happy and being put salt and pepper on the soles,

one foot can be eaten normal with teeth in the meaty heel tearing the earthbender girl skin, muscle, meat tendons >///< ball of foot that she used for walk, endured all her body weight and do many earthbender's movements will be eaten too>//< yumm yummy, other olduy grab the foot and tear off the side of sole, other bite off the big toe, spit the nail, other bite off the arch, all look super happy with the earthbender's feet banquet, chewing by many minutes.

and other foot can have the sole sliced with a sharp big knife, with the blade passing from the heel until the ball of foot and finally the sole is sliced.

and so they prepare for eat the sliced sole with fork knife hehehe

i already can imagine the old fire nation guy watching the sliced sole of toph on plate imaginating if this is a dream and being slice off the heel and separate the meaty heel from the sole and being sniff the heel and suddenly put in the mouth doing many chew apreciating the salt taste of the earthbender toph (omgg i finally eating the toph's heel so hard to chew and have a delicious taste, i can feel her skin being crush her feet will be part of me)



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soles sliced pic

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