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I was told that it would be fun to have a series of stories with these two sisters dying in different ways. I'll think I'll try that.

Lilly and Billy were Twin Sisters. They did everything together: They were born together, went to the same classes together, dated at the same time, and they both lost their virginity at the same time. They always knew that they would live together, but their ultimate goal was to die together. because, only good sisters get to die together.

When Lilly was into Snuff, Billy wanted to make it so much fun for her!

Billy looked up many fun ways for them to die, and figured out that Drowning would be a good one! They had a trip coming up that would take them to the Atlantic Coast, and that would be a great place to drown!

When Billy told Lilly her idea, she was almost crushed to death by Lilly's bear hug! Lilly was so happy and so lucky to have such a loving sister like Billy!

So, the two women got ready to go. They rented a boat, and got whatever they needed for their death! They drove into the ocean for miles, and miles, until their engine ran out of gas. they were so far from shore, they couldn't see the land. No help would come to them.

The sisters decided that instead of wearing bathing suits, they might as well go naked. They had a block of cement that was about 100 or so pounds, heavy enough to sink them, hopefully. they had metal cuffs that went around their ankles, and hooked them to the hook that came out of the block.

They pushed their waterproof vibrators deep within their pussies, and used super glue to hold them in place. They waited a bit until it completely dried, before they put the block on the side of the boat, careful not to knock it in before they were done.

They slipped on their goggles, wanting to watch one another. They gave each other a hug, before turning their vibrators on high. Then they put heavy steel cuffs Lilly found to cuff their arms behind their backs.

Billy and Lilly, Looked at one another, smiled, and told each other how they loved each other.

They both took a deep breath, and knocked that block into the water.

Quickly, the girls were pulled off the boat, and started to sink into the water.

The sisters were pulled down quickly, being brought to their first orgasms as they sink further and further down. They watched each other let out a stream of bubbles as they went down, and twisted their hips as they got closer to their orgasms.

Their first orgasms hit them when they were halfway to the ocean floor. They writhed in pleasure as the water rushed around them while the orgasms rushed through them.

After that, there was no stopping it. the sisters orgasm, again and again, writhing around in their bindings, watching each other as ecstasy filled them.

They felt water fill their lungs, every air replaced with liquid. They watched each other slowly drown, and cumming with no thought of escape.

When they hit the ocean floor, both women were almost passed out from lack of air and exaustion. They sisters were swaying in the current, as the block settled.

Billy and Lilly looked at one another, and started to struggle. Not to get freed, but to get close to one another. They kissed one another, their final act, and one last powerful climax slammed into them, as everything faded to black.


Very cute! Can't help picturing a scuba diver happening to pass shortly afterwards and getting a surprise eyefull ;)


Hmm, seeing them die second time actually feels better ;) even if i liked previous death more.

I hope you will come up with more stories :)

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