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Hanging / F/F


When I stood at the door to Emily’s workshop, my heart threatened to jump out of my chest. I couldn’t think of a person that would enter such a place willingly, and yet… here I was. About to enter a world people don’t tend to walk out of.

I straightened out my skirt, adjusted my hair for the second time. I knew I was delaying, but the thought of things that might await me there was enough to freeze me on the spot.

Finally, I knocked on the door, and after a couple moments, the bolt slid to the side, and the door parted. A short girl in jeans greeted me, in her hand an iron bucket.

“Good morning,” I said, doing my best to stay professional despite the fear. “Miss Emily? I am the help you ordered.”

“Okay, great. Just in time. Come on in,” Emily said, and nudged the door further. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

I scooted inside under her arm. “Lena Utkins. I have to say, I’m a bit new to this, but I will do my best to learn.”

“It’s no trouble. I’ll teach you everything.” Emily shut the door and turned to examine me. “So, you ever killed anyone before?”

That question took a moment to register. “I… no, I can’t say that I have.”

Emily smiled. She looked innocent, a plain brown-haired college girl that wouldn’t look out of place in a library or at a bus stop, just another face. And her tone of voice was sweet. “Mind if I have a look at you, Lena?”

“Not at all.”

Emily touched my cheek. “Okay, open your mouth please.”

I did. She pulled me down gently so I would be on her level, and peeked in my mouth. She touched the tip of my tongue with her finger. I knew what she was doing, checking the value of my body, how well I took care of myself. My value. Precious looking girls were the most valued on the death market. I knew she was doing it out of habit, though. I was just the hired help… there’s no way she’d want to kill me. She needed the help.


“Okay, straighten out your back, please.”

I did, and closed my mouth. She lifted one of my hands, checked the state of my fingernails. I trimmed them short and painted them blue. She turned my hand over and brushed it with the tips of her fingers. My skin looked good even in the yellow indoor lighting, my fingers were pale and slightly red at the tips. I was hoping she’d be impressed.

“Okay. Wonderful. But you seem a bit gloomy, why’s that?” Emily asked.

“Oh? I’m not.” I was a terrible liar.

“It’s natural to be afraid, but I promise you have nothing to worry about. Why don’t I show you what we do here?”

She motioned for me to go with her. I could see she was barefoot except for black stockings under her jeans, so I untied my own shoes and stepped out of them. I wore black thigh-highs, but it made little difference, as the floor was immaculate. Emily must have cared about cleanliness a lot, and it made sense in a dirty business such as this. Her stockings made soft padding sounds as we moved to another room, then downstairs.


“So, there are always executions to be done, and you can work just as much as you like, and ask me about anything. Any time. Okay? You can start slow, maybe do one or two.”

“Thank you,” I said. She was being very patient with me. But my heart wouldn’t stop thumping at twice the pace.

“I keep it all organized. Each dancer—I call them dancers—has a file in front of the cell, that says all you need to know.”

“Okay. For example?”

We descended into a long concrete hallway. Iron doors lined the walls, each with a one-way plexiglass mirror, and a file tucked underneath. Emily pulled a clipboard and showed it to me. “Here, see? We can start with this one.”

I took the clipboard. It was filled in with Emily’s neat handwriting.

Mary Stephens, 21 years old.

Video price: 28 000 $. Buyer asked for a prolonged hanging. Special request notes: Naked but start with both socks on, and slowly remove them as she’s swinging. Tie hands behind back. Legs free. Play with her while she swings.

The file also listed the girl’s likes and dislikes, and went on for another page with details.

Emily touched my arm. “You okay?”

I realized I must have been pale. “Yes. I’m fine. Just nervous a little.”

“It’s natural. Remember, you don’t have to tell them what’s going on. I like to be their friend. If you’re nice enough, they’ll follow you and do ask you ask, and then it’s just a little dancing and it’s done.”

“Okay. But what if they refuse?”

Emily laughed a clear, girly laugh. “Ah, I see, you’re worried someone runs off on you. Just unlock the food chute and ask them to put their hands together, then clip the zipties on. If you’re super worried, you can put zipties over their ankles, too. And if they refuse even that, I can give you some gas that’ll put them to sleep in moments.”

I still wasn’t sure, but Emily seemed quite confident.

“Oh, Lena. It’ll be fine, trust me. Look, I’ll do the first one.”

Emily turned a little knob on the door that sealed off the food chute, probably to make the inside of the cell completely insulated from noise. As the knob turned, the chute made a tsk sound, like opening a can of soda, and the metal was loose enough for Emily to lift.

“Mary? May I see your hands, please, sweetie?” Emily said.

And just like that, two petite hands appeared through the gap in the door. Emily removed a ziptie from her pocket, placed it neatly over the girl’s wrists, looped the end through a plastic gap and pulled it tight. It made the signature zipping sound, then clicked.

“You want it to be quite tight, like this,” Emily told me. “Here, feel it. Not enough to hurt them, of course, unless the file asks for it.”

I touched the wrist with my cold fingers. Mary’s wrist was warm, pulsing with life. I felt the pad of her palm, and the sturdy plastic of the ziptie. The girl curled her fingers over mine. More or less, I understood how tight it should fit.

“Okay,” I said.

“Sweet.” Emily nudged the hands away, and bolted the food chute. “So now you should be fine. Why don’t you talk to her while I get the noose ready? Take your time, make sure she’s just like the file says, and just bring her over to the dancing room. You can’t miss it.”

“By myself? Are you sure…”

“You’ll be fine, I know it. Here, this will calm her down.” Emily handed me a black hood. Where did she get that? “Take your time. I want you both to be comfortable, okay? You’ll be a great helper, Lena, I know it.” She squeezed my hand, and padded off, leaving me standing in front of the door, with a hood in my cold hands.

Well, she was probably right. I had to learn by practice.

I read through the file again, noted down everything. Fairly simple. At the bottom of the page, it even gave me the code to the door. I typed that in on the keypad, and the iron contraption parted.

Inside the cell stood a short-ish round-faced girl, her hands tied in front of her body. She didn’t look scared, just kinda confused. I left the clipboard on the back of the door and entered.

The cell… wasn’t really what I expected. It had a carpet, warm lighting, a bookshelf and a decently sized bed, even an electric kettle. Not to mention a TV and a PS4. Did Emily really care about these people? What a strange line of work to end up in, if that’s the case. But I suppose that made it easier. This girl couldn’t suspect even for a moment that she was on death row.

“Mary?” I asked.

“Yes, miss.” She smiled. “How’s Emily? She promised we’d play video games together.” Then, her eyes set on the hood. I thought she’d freak out, but she smiled even wider. “Oh, I’m going home? So it’s safe now?”

So they’re accustomed to being moved around blindfolded, then. That made it even easier. “Not just yet, but Emily wants to see you.” I wasn’t sure what else to even say. I wasn’t a good liar, I thought this part of the job would be… different.

“Okay.” Mary nodded.

Alright, that was all fine, but the file said she’s supposed to be naked. And she was wearing knee-high socks, not ankle socks. “So, uh, I’m supposed to bring you to the shower first.” That was the first thing that came to mind.

“Oh? I just showered, there’s one right here, in the back. I do every morning.”

And bust. I felt like an idiot. “R-really? But, uh… I have to make sure. You know, Emily’s orders.” I felt a rush of embarrassment. This was going to shit. I couldn’t lie to save my life.

Mary glanced at me, then nodded again, as if she understood something. “Oooh, I get it, you’re a little shy. But I know the procedure already, I’ve been here a couple of weeks, so I don’t mind, I know Emily has to check everyone, just in case.”

Procedure? “If you’re sure, then, mind if I, uh… start?”

“Not at all. Is this your first time?”

“It is,” I admitted, and approached her. “What does Emily… do?”

Mary laughed. “Well, she doesn’t tie my hands usually, and then I just strip down and she checks me.”

This could potentially dig me even further in, but I had to ask. “So what do you think we even do here?”

“Oh, you’re super new.” Mary laughed. “Emily is really honest with us. I know this is a top secret thing, but she told me right from the start, I’d have to be quarantined and checked for any signs of sickness. I mean, I know I’m not sick, so anything you guys have to do, you’re welcome to do, and it just means I’ll be home faster if I help you out.”

“I see. Turn around for me, please,” I said. I had to get this over with, before Emily finds a new helper, and I get quarantined.

Mary turned around. I nudged her to the wall and had her lean on it with her shoulder, then I knelt and touched her ankle. She was wearing Mary Janes with a silver clasp, and I slipped them off her foot, then peeled back the thin sock. She flexed her toes, and I ran my finger over the sole, pretending to check for anything. Her skin felt soft. Lively. She laughed when I touched her.

I got the other shoe and sock off, then stood. She was still leaning on the wall, so I unbuttoned her skirt and it just floated down to her ankles. Then, I just pulled her underwear down, and she stepped out of it, first one foot, then the other. I could see her pussy from behind, clean and trimmed, and I spread her butt open with two fingers, and touched the little puckered hole. I wasn’t really into girls much, well, never really thought about it, but the sight of that made me a little excited. I touched it.

It’s not like anyone could really stop me. It was my new job now, and I’d have to find some way to enjoy it. When I touched her there, she giggled, and the little star-shaped hole twitched. And then, just because I could, I leaned in and touched it with my tongue. It twitched again, I felt it move, clearly, I felt all the little creases with my tongue. She giggled. I quickly pulled back. It tasted a bit salty. She was a very clean girl.

Probably just thought it was my finger.

“Okay, everything in order,” I said, and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “I think you’re healthy.”

Mary was stepping from one foot to the other, visibly happy. “Okay. That’s awesome news. Will you tell Emily?”

“Why don’t I bring you to her? There’s really no point keeping you here any longer.”

“Awesome! Thank you so much.”


Next problem was getting her top off with her hands tied, but honestly, there was no point with the zipties anymore. I grabbed a hair pin from the table and pushed it into the ziptie gap, and they slid loose. I rubbed her wrists. The plastic still left a little mark.

Mary slowly turned around, and took my hand in both hers. “Thank you so much for the great news. What’s your name, miss?”

“Just call me Lena.”

“Okay. Thanks so much, Lena, this means a lot to me.” And she hugged me. I was very aware of the fact that she was completely naked below the waist, but I returned the hug in my own awkward way.

“Sure. Let me just finish up here.” I started unbuttoning her white shirt.

She nodded, looking up at me with the happiest smile.

“So, this may be an unusual question,” I said, “but do you have any ankle socks here?”

“Oh, sure, in the drawer. Second one.”

“Awesome. You finish up.” I let her do the unbuttoning, and pulled open the drawer. Honestly, the amount of different clothes in this room was astounding. I could see another wardrobe with hangers and different outfits. For different requests, probably. I found a nice pair of pink ankle socks, and while Mary was working the back of her bra, I leaned in and slipped the socks on. She spread her toes again. I wondered if she’d do that while she’s hanging. Honestly, just the few moments I spent with her allowed me the insight to make an amazing hanging video, gave me the ideas for all the right angles and shots. The butt, the feet, her smile. I understood why Emily got to know her dancers so well.

She made it an art.

The bra dropped to the floor. I rose, and touched Mary’s belly button, then moved my hand over her stomach muscles. Her nipples looked hard. I touched them, to make sure. She tensed, then raised both arms over her head. I touched her armpits, clear and shaved. Her skin was shining in the light. Her cheeks were a little red. When I touched her lips with my index finger, she opened her mouth. A set of perfect, white teeth. I touched her tongue, just like Emily did. I touched the tip of her tongue, gently moved my finger over its surface. Mary’s mouth smelled of strawberry lipstick.

I wanted to kiss her, but I knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. This whole situation just teased me to no end. I already had ideas of what to do to other patients, maybe make myself look like a real doctor, with gloves and all. This job could be fun. I was already having fun.

“Perfect,” I said. “So, I think we’re all ready. Let’s go see Emily.”

“I can’t wait.” She grinned, stepping from foot to foot. Her ponytail swayed behind her neck. I noticed she wore a thin silver chain on her neck, which wasn’t in the file. “Okay, turn around again for me.”

She did, in a theatrical way. I unlocked the chain and left it on the table, then got the zipties again, and crossed her wrists behind her back. It zipped on, no issue. I made sure it was just as tight as before. Her hands were warm, and so were mine, now. I held her shoulders. “Now the blindfold. You know the drill.”

“You’re great for your first time, Lena. I’ll send you and Emily a gift once I’m back home, I promise.”

“No need to for anything like that, I’m just doing my job.”

I placed the hood over her head. It was made from heavy cloth, and blocked off the light completely. Her ponytail caught on the back of it, so I pulled the hair-tie, and let her hair loose. It went just past her shoulders, ash blond. I could see goosebumps appear on her arms, and let my fingers slide over them, feeling the bumpy skin. She was tied up now, even if it was inappropriate, I could play with her. Standing behind her, I reached over her belly and touched her nipples, two small, hard dimples. She shivered a little. The cloth bag shook on her head.

“Come this way.” I steered her out of the room, one hand on her shoulder. She walked without hesitating, probably used to Emily’s guidance, much more confident than mine, no doubt.

I wondered, once the noose was on and there’s no reason to pretend anymore, I would have to play with Mary’s body. The file asked for it. I knew it’d be embarrassing in front of Emily, but I couldn’t really tune out that fantasy, and remembering Mary’s twitching made my own body feel sensitive. It made me squirm in my uniform. I knew my own nipples were hard.

We kept walking, her cute pink socks shuffling over concrete. I could feel her in my arms, she was excited, she was happy, alive. In my mind, I repeated the instructions. Get her socks off while she’s hanging. I wondered how it felt to suddenly lose ground under your legs. I wondered how long the dance would even last.

Past an unlocked iron door, the room widened, and we entered an echoing hall that stretched beyond immediate sight. This wasn’t just a basement, it was an entire compound. It must have cost a fortune… but when a single video could go for thirty grand, it must have been worth all the hassle.

I saw Emily, and she saw me, then raised index finger to her lips in a gesture of silence. She motioned me to another room, something that looked like a recording booth, except with a wooden chair in the middle.

And a noose, tied and ready.

Emily gave me a thumbs-up and a smile, then waited. I knew what that meant, she wanted to watch me work. I picked up a bit of confidence with Mary, but now the fear started to creep in again—If I was too much of a problem, I might as well end up dancing the night away myself.

I opened the door and marched Mary inside the booth. The air was warmer here, thicker, it tasted of sweat. Reminded me of a gym. I guess dancing is hard work.

There was a metal drain embedded in the concrete, probably for draining off bodily fluids. A rubber hose sat in the corner, and the entire place was wired up with cameras, in each corner of the room, and one behind glass. Even a couple handheld cameras on the table, and a GoPro, I’m guessing for the first-person view of the dancer. Other things, too. I’d have to come here on my own time and learn how everything was done.

But for now, my job was simple. The cameras were all set up, already recording, I could tell by their red blinking lights. Someone would be paid a lot of money to edit together the best angles, best moments.

“Okay, Mary,” I said, rubbing her shoulders. “We’re almost there, just have to set up a few things. Stand up on this chair for me.”

“No problem,” she said. Her voice was a little muffled from the hood. I went to one knee and gently lifted her foot, until her sole rested on the wooden stool. She felt for it with her toes. It was a little slippery in those socks.

“Up you go. I got you.”

That gave her the confidence to step onto the stool. She really trusted me.

“So,” I said, touching her legs. “I’ll run a few more routine tests, and then it’s all done. Just do what I say now, as well as you can, okay?”


“One of the tests will be a little uncomfortable.”

I felt the muscles of her thighs tense a bit. “Oh? Will it hurt?”

“Not at all, but I’ll need to measure your pulse. It’ll be a little hard to breathe, but bear with me, okay?”

“I’ll do my best,” she said.

I brought another stool over and placed it behind her, then stepped up myself, and reached for the noose. It was a sturdy bit of rope, black on the inside. It must have seen a lot of necks. It was bristly to the touch, and had an uneasy sweet smell that made me shiver. I pulled it looser, then gently slipped it over Mary’s neck. “I’ll measure your pulse now with this device. Be sure to be very still, or I’ll have to do the entire test again.”

She stood still. I tucked the noose under her chin. The hood pressed up against her face very tightly, and I could see the outline of her nose and cheekbones even through its heavy fabric. I tightened the loop on the noose until it was snug around her entire neck. I left a bit of slack in the rope beyond, enough to cause a slight drop, just for theatrics. Emily was watching me behind the glass of a viewing booth. She had the proudest smile. That made me feel a little bit better.

“Okay, Mary. You’re doing great.” I stepped down from my stool, and picked out one of the cameras from the table, flipped the screen sideways, and started recording. I knew this room had all the possible angles covered already, but I decided to improvise, and add a bit of my own. I made sure to record Mary’s entire body from a few steps away first.

She looked incredible. Standing completely still, her skin shining in the light. Completely naked, save for two pink ankle socks. Her body had reddish spots on her knees and shoulders and the tips of her breasts. I made a close-up of them, then moved around to the back of her knees and touched that spot. My fingers were a little cold. Mary moved her leg, bent it at the knee. I let my finger slide up and made sure to record the wave of goosebumps that washed over her entire thigh. Then, I spread her butt again, and recorded that, too. I touched it, and it twitched. I held the camera a bit away, and kissed Mary in there. She shook a little. I licked it. My tongue moved over her butthole, taking in the shape of it, the wet bumps. I licked it again, holding one of her legs to make sure she didn’t fall. I placed a gentle kiss on that spot, then lower, at the back of her knee, and moved to the front of her.

I recorded her chest, her nipples. I held the camera still and made sure to capture the way her chest rose with short breaths. The noose was already restricting some air flow, just from its weight. I smoothed her hair, touched the nipple, then kissed it. The muscles of her stomach curled.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I placed kisses over her stomach, until I reached her pussy, and I let my tongue glide over it. Her entire body responded, shook under my touch. I licked her again like this, and her knees touched. She could barely stay standing.

“What are you doing?” She asked. Her voice was thinner, but also more serious.

My saliva dripped on the inside of her thigh. I wiped my mouth on her stomach. “This is your last test, Mary. You have to do exactly as I tell you. It will be uncomfortable, but you have to trust me.”

“What do you mean?” Her voice was so cute and naïve in that moment.

I took a step back, and placed her entire body in the shot of my camera.

“Do what I say now. Jump from the stool.”

“Why? What—what’s the test?”

“Mary, please. You want to go home, don’t you?”

She was silent for a moment. I wondered how it all felt from her point of view, all the questions that would be racing through her mind right about now, but as far as she knew, she was in the hands of doctors.

If she took too long, I’d have to kick the stool from under her. But I decided to wait. “Go on, Mary. Give me a nice jump.”

Her breaths were short. She bent her knees a little, measuring it. The noose was still slack enough that it didn’t pull her, so at best this must have felt like some sort of collar, or device, like the cuff of a blood pressure monitor.

“Is there something in front of me?”

“Nothing,” I said. “I just need you to get your heart rate up. Go on.”

She must have accepted that explanation, because she jumped.

The noose caught tight like the snap of a seat belt, and she swung forward, then immediately back. Her legs hit the stool on the backswing, and it tumbled away. She was suspended in the air, with no way to reach the ground. Her hands were tied behind her back.

“Good girl. Now extend both legs for me.”

She didn’t listen, just squirmed in the rope, legs desperate to find ground.

“The sooner you do it, the sooner we’ll finish,” I said. “Both legs forward, please.”

And she listened. I could hear a stifled cough through her hood, but her stomach muscles tensed, and she raised her knees to her chest, then straightened out her legs.

“Very good, now hold.”

She almost dropped one of the legs, but she kept it straight. There was a silent gargle coming from her throat. I think she was calling for help.

“I know, it’s hard. But we have to do it.”

I touched the heel of her extended foot. She immediately tried to put pressure on my hand, but that just nudged my hand away.

“Keep straight, Mary. I know you can do it. Be brave now.”

She straightened out her legs again. Her thigh muscles pulsed with effort. I recorded her feet from the side and front, the ankle sock just a bit dirty on the sole from all the walking. I pinched the sock at the heel, and slowly lifted it, exposing her red sole, and then her pretty round toes.

“Spread your toes, please.”

Her leg shook from effort, but she did as asked. The toes stretched wide. I kissed her big toe, and proceeded to kiss all of them in sequence. Her foot was shaking, the gargle in her throat louder now. I kissed her heel, and both of her legs dropped, and she swung away from me. Her chest shook, but it wasn’t motion associated with breathing.

She wasn’t getting enough oxygen, and her body went into panic mode.

Her legs started to kick and buck, looking for anything to stand on. They found only air. She curled her toes down, as far as they could reach. The material of her other sock made a straight line from the tip of her toe to the heel. Her cute fingers were spasming, trying to grip at air. The zipties were sturdy. I filmed her stomach tensing and releasing tension in its struggle to pick up any air. The front of the hood was soaking through with spit. She was trying to say something, but only gurgles came out. I could see her mouth opening and closing by the way the material stretched on her face.

She swung her legs, bucked, her body glistened with sweat. During one of the kicks, a droplet of sweat fell on my cheek. Her dance was captivating. The way her body struggled was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She had been young and full of life, and the terror of this situation had her body put every bit of her youth into the struggling her muscles. The kicks stretched, some went wide, the others forward, some made a gripping motion. Sometimes they just shook. She joined her feet for a moment, as if trying to jump through air, reached down with them, toes together. Sweat dripped from her feet.

“I’m here, I’m with you, sweetheart. Don’t stop.”

But the kicks eventually began to slow, and it made me confident enough to approach. I touched her leg. She responded, raised her leg, and I felt her socked foot tug behind my knee, but she had no strength to pull me in.

“You’re doing great, Mary. Just a little longer. Keep fighting.”

With her leg holding onto me, I pulled her other thigh in the opposite direction and filmed her twitching pussy. It was enlarged, and looked insanely sensitive. I placed a gentle kiss on it, and her body twitched, a single shudder that took over every bit of her, from the toes to the ears. I kissed her there again, and slid my tongue up the swollen parts, and she shuddered, and I kept licking until her body lost control and started shaking, muscles tensing and relaxing. She even managed to raise both legs to her chest. I couldn’t imagine the intensity of what she felt. I placed one of her legs over my shoulder, then held her other leg spread open. I knew what was next. With my free hand, I moved the camera down, under her. It had the perfect view of her asshole and twitching pussy.

“It’s okay,” I said. “It’s okay, Mary. Go on.”

I let a drop of spit fall from my tongue onto her clit, then licked it and pulled my head back.

Mary spasmed, and a streak of liquid shot through the air and showered the concrete. I kissed her thigh. She spasmed again, and another streak followed, thin as a wire, and spattered the ground. I could feel her socked toes curl over my ear, and she spasmed for the third time. No liquid came out, so I ducked under her foot, letting it drop, and immediately began licking her asshole, and her body could not stop moving, struggling, twitching, shaking, her legs beating against me. Her asshole on my tongue pulsed like a heartbeat. I left my tongue in there for a moment, feeling her entire body’s movements, the pulses, the scared twitches of pleasure and shock. Then, slowly, I moved away. A trail of saliva stayed connected for a moment, but her twitching broke it off.

Her legs were barely moving now. It’s as if she was trying to walk at normal pace, but I knew it was all her body could give. I licked the muscle of her thigh, felt the taste of sweat. Then, I bent back her leg, touching her socked heel to her buttock, and began to peel off the sock. Her foot slowly unraveled, the movements of its toes gradual, as if gentle. I touched her sole, and she curled her foot in response. I gave it one last kiss, and let go, so she could finish her little kicks.

The door to the booth opened, and Emily shuffled inside, holding a bucket. She motioned for me to come over.

I did.

“Great job,” she whispered, and took the camera from me, then handed me the bucket. “I’ll spread her legs.”

I understood.

I approached Mary’s body, gripped her ankle, and lifted. The leg bent up without an issue, knee touching her breast. Emily did the same.

I held the bucket to Mary’s pussy, and waited. Nothing came yet.

“You did amazing,” Emily said. “I knew you’d settle in, Lena.”

“Thanks.” Still nothing came. “Is she going to pee?”

“Eventually. But we can talk in the meantime.”

“Okay. Are hangings usually this long?”

“I’d say it’s about the average.” Emily rubbed her nose against Mary’s breast. “She was a cutie.”


“So, do you think you can do another one?”

I looked at her. “Another hanging?”

“Anything you want, really. I get tons of requests, it’s why I needed a helper, after all.”

“Well, yeah. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m glad.” Emily lowered the camera.

The body shook again. It was more of a single jerk, as if something startled it. Then, I felt all the strength go out of the muscles, all at once. Her leg bent a little more, as the muscles no longer applied pressure.

And a trickling sound against metal, as Mary finally let go. Emily caressed the girl’s stomach as the girl peed. “She was a great dancer. Many of them are. I can’t wait for you to see all the different ways they can go.”

“Yeah. Me too,” I said. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

When Mary was finished, Emily wiped her pussy with a piece of a paper towel, then gently lowered the girl’s leg. So did I. Then, Emily closed the camera, turned the girl around, and kissed her bound hands. I watched it. Emily saw me watch.

Then, Emily touched my cheek. I tensed.

She laughed. “You can leave the body here for now. Go and have a look at the files, see if you like someone. Even go in and talk to them if you want. All at your pace.”

“Okay. Maybe a boy this time?”

“You can do a bunch of them at once, too, and without the hoods. You’re a creative girl, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

I nodded. This job would be an incredible experience. I wanted to see it all, try out every tool. I could see why Emily was so passionate about it.

I liked it, too.


Thank you for reading. Tell me if you enjoyed, and if I should continue Lena's story. - Still


Great job! I love how they deceive the girls before hanging them, I hope to read more (girls and without hood preferably but I leave the choice to the writer)


This was great! Very well written and a really nice premise.


I loved this story! Keep writing more!


It was lovely. I dislike hanging, but with all the foot fetish element and the graphic descriptions it became a very nice and very strong tale of romantically fatal kinkiness. I wish there were even more hint of details about the look of the characters' feet and toes.

“So, do you think you can do another one?”

I looked at her. “Another hanging?”

“Anything you want, really. I get tons of requests, it’s why I needed a helper, after all.”
Does this section mean there might be more, and not only hangings? I'm really excited :)


Bravo, very nice to see a f/f hanging story. I am very excited to see the potential for continuation, as I am excited to see Lena and Emily's relationship develop, and see wether Lena's fears are unfounded or not. And to see more executions, don't forget that



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My phone buzzed in my pocket when I was bringing another girl to the execution room, my hands on her trembling shoulders, her head covered with a hood that blocked all vision.

It was a text from Emily. She wanted to show me something. I considered letting the girl swing first, but I decided to go right away, and bring the prisoner along.

The trembling girl I was leading was naked from the waist up, hands tied behind her back. I let her keep her jeans on for the time being, as it was getting slightly cold, and it was Emily’s prerogative not to let them suffer too much. Dying was difficult enough; we could at least make their time here slightly more comfortable.

The girl’s skin was dark brown, and her breasts were spotted with goosebumps, which made them firmer, feeling tense to the touch. She was not especially gifted in terms of size, but they fit neatly in my hands as I guided her along. She wore old gym sneakers with tight sports socks. If I remembered her file well, her name was Rita. An immigrant from Ukraine, something like that, the cells were filled with these girls so it became difficult to remember their names. Usually, only the prettiest ones got requested for videos, and the plain looking girls waited for buyers. And often, no one was interested in the plain ones, so I’d have to dispose of them to free up the rooms.

It would be easier if I could just kill them in bulk, herd a bunch of them together and do it fast, but Emily didn’t like that. She wanted everyone’s death to be a special moment to them, no matter who they were or how much money they were worth. To me, it felt like more work, but at least it paid well.

I brought Rita to the bleeding room, where throat cutting was usually done. It had its own gallows as well, but the floor had been carved away and fitted with drains for bodily fluids, and had rows of restraints to fit in a lot of people. I’ve never worked this one before. It was lit by white, industrial lighting, and the floor was made up of slippery tiles, like in a swimming pool. It even smelled like one, too, although the blood added more of a metallic tinge to it. The colorful tiles and walls really made this room feel more cozy than it should.

Emily was standing by a row of tied-up boys, each between twenty to thirty years old, though it was hard to tell exactly because Emily insisted on keeping their body hair shaved, which made them look younger than they were. They stood lined up against the wall, hands tied behind their backs, wrists pressed into the manacle slots sticking from the wall.

One thing I quickly learned about the boys that made it down here was, the stress and excitement of imminent death made them get hard very quickly, with not much stimulus required from me at all. Especially if they were naked. Sure, if they had to wait a long time for the gallows to free up, they’d start to lose their erections, but often all it took was me passing by, and they’d be on their way to fully up again. I always thought that was so cute.

“Morning, Lena,” Emily said. The boys all had their mouths taped up, but most of them were too focused on the fillet knife in her hand to notice me.

“Hello. You wanted to see me?”

“Sure, and who’s that?” Emily poked the girl I was leading on the stomach.

“I was just going to hang her. I think her name is… Rita?”

“Ah, I see. I remember now. It’s sad when no one picks them, but we’ll still make it a nice one for her, won’t we?”

“Sure. Want me to take care of it now?”

“In just a bit. I wanted to show you something first. Chain her up next to Tommy.”

Rita was trembling in my arms so much, I felt like she might collapse, but when I nudged her to the wall, she started moving. I turned her around, back to the wall, and clasped the manacles over her wrists. Seeing her small, scared breasts made me want to play with them, but I had to hold off on account of Emily.

The Asian boy chained next to Rita was already getting excited. It made me smile. I touched him down there with my cold hand, and felt him get bigger in my hand.

Emily laughed. “Isn’t that adorable?”

“Yeah. Even if they know what’s coming… they still can’t stop themselves. Men really are simple.”

“Yup. Check this out. This here is Aaron.” Emily got her fillet knife again, and approached one of the skinnier boys, then pressed the knife up to his throat. He froze, eyes half-closed… and down there, slowly, his penis started to rise. Emily leaned in and kissed him on the stomach, then on the tip of his penis. It kept going, twitched in response to her kiss. She grinned, and pulled the knife away. “When I have time, I like to make them come at least once before the big moment. I’m not saying you have to do that, too, it’s mostly my preference. But if you want to, it’s really easy. They’re so sensitive and twitchy, some of them will even come on their own, just from watching you work.”

I could see what she meant. Aaron was already fully hard, and she barely even touched him. When she saw me looking, she started to gently rub his penis with the back of her hand, as if dusting him off. He started to squirm from her touch. It was hard to believe such a gentle rub was enough to get this kind of reaction from him. His knees bent towards each other, and he grunted, breathing heavily. Emily stored her knife in the pocket of her apron again, and touched the tip of his penis with her other hand, then pointed it away from me, and finally gripped it with her entire hand, and started to move it up and down. She slid her other hand up his flat stomach, and spread her fingers out over his chest.

It took no more than a few seconds, and his penis started to jolt up towards the ceiling, and she backed away a full few steps from him to give me a better view, and she watched with shining eyes, both hands joined at her cheek and her eyes half-closed, she really looked proud to see him go wild. He was standing completely alone now, but his stomach tensed, and his penis kept pulsing up, without her help anymore, and a streak of fluid flew from the tip and splattered the tiles. His body squirmed to the side, and more white liquid poured from his penis, not as far this time, but it dripped on Emily’s apron and black-stockinged feet.

“Oh, geez,” she said, laughing. “You made a bit of a mess, but it’s okay,” she told him, and helped him finish by giving him a few more strokes. “All done? Sweet. I think you’re ready for the big moment. We shouldn’t delay that too much, you know it has to be done.” She unhooked his wrists from the wall, then nodded to me. “Lena?”


“I wanted to teach you how to slit a throat properly. Get someone you like and come with me, okay?”

“Sure.” I was going to get Rita, but I remembered I hadn’t checked if she used the toilet. “Uh, I think she hasn’t peed yet. Does it matter?”

“You can bring Tommy, I made sure he did everything.”

“Right.” I approached the Asian boy. He looked about twenty four or so, but reached only up to my arm. I was 5’7’’ though, so slightly tall for a girl. He started to struggle when I went for the manacles, but I showed him my flip knife, and he stopped. After that, he just let me walk him to Emily, no trouble. He was no longer hard, though. I guess the fear was stronger than excitement this time.

“Sweet,” Emily said, then gently but firmly forced Aaron to kneel by the drain. She wiped her foot on his leg, too, maybe just noticing a bit of his cum got on there. “So, Lena, you want to adjust these restraints and clamp them over their knees, like this, so their legs are spread open. You can lay them on their backs or just keep them kneeling, but I wouldn’t lay boys on their stomachs because it crushes their balls a little when they’re squirming, and blood loss takes a while. Here, I’ll demonstrate.”

He was already kneeling on the tiles, so she pulled his legs apart and tightened the straps that were attached to the execution spot. Then, she gently lowered his upper body onto a smooth block of wood. Each spot had a block like that. It kind of looked like he was ready for a beheading, but there was no guillotine here. She left him to wait there, and approached me. “You can put Tommy on his back.”

“All right. Down you go,” I told the boy, and tapped the back of his knees so that he’d lower them. He did. His hands tied behind his back didn’t look too comfortable, with him laying on the ground, crushing them, but then Emily lifted his ankles and raised his entire lower body, then nudged the wooden block over with her black-stockinged foot, and placed his butt up on the block. His hands weren’t being crushed anymore, and his shoulders and neck were flat on the ground, right by the drain. Quite clever.

I stretched out one of his legs and tightened it to the floor with a strap, so he couldn’t pull it back. Emily did the same.

“Sweet,” she said. “Now, before we cut their throats, I wanted to show you one last thing. Here, sit down.” She pulled the block from under Tommy’s butt, and lowered him to the ground. He twitched when he touched the cold tiles.

I sat on the wooden block as instructed. Tommy’s legs were spread open in front of me, his small penis flat against his stomach. It wasn’t completely flaccid, but definitely not hard. He must have been really scared.

“So,” Emily said. “Like I was telling you, I’d usually make them come once before I cut them, just to give them something to enjoy. It’s a scary experience, so I like to reward them for being brave.”

“Okay. You want me to do it?”

“I don’t want to force you, but if you’re willing, you can honestly even do it while you’re on the phone. Look.” She got down to one knee in front of me, and reached for one of my legs. “May I?”

It’s not like I could really refuse her. “Sure.”

She slipped my shoe off, and then the other, and she reached up my skirt. I gasped. For a moment, I expected her to start touching me, but she just pulled my thigh-high from my leg, and the other, and folded the socks neatly over my shoes.

She ran her hand over my painted toes, and grinned. “Purple? Not a bad choice. Here, play with him a little. If there’s a bunch of boys to be cut, I bring a book or just browse the internet on my phone. It’s relaxing, and it makes their deaths a little more special to them, so it’s really nothing to be ashamed of doing.”

I understood what she meant. My feet were cold, but I placed them over Tommy’s penis. I wasn’t really sure exactly what I was supposed to be doing, though, and I think Emily could see that.

She knelt by him and lifted my foot, then let some spit drip from her mouth over my toes, and she spread it neatly over my foot with her finger. I giggled, feeling embarrassed. She grinned, then kissed my heel, and I laughed again. She spread my toes, then curled them over Tommy’s penis, and placed my other foot over it, sideways. She gathered up more spit and let it fall on the tip of him. His small dick moved when the spit dribbled on it. She curled my feet over it on both sides, and made them move up and down.

“That’s fine,” she said. “Just wiggle your toes a little, it doesn’t really matter, it’s gonna take barely a minute anyway.”

I started to work on it, and indeed, he responded almost immediately, getting larger down there. It tickled me a little, but I bit my lip. His penis was really warm and soft, but as it started to grow to its full puny size, I could feel his body start to shiver a little, like random jolts of muscle. Even his butthole twitched when that happened. My feet were kind of stiff from the cold, but after a bit of a warmup, my toes started to flex more and managed to grip him pretty well.

Emily got out her phone and squatted beside me, then pulled up a website, and scrolled through a bunch of comments.

“What’s that?” I asked, still wiggling my toes.

“People have been talking about your first hanging. I thought you should see what they’re saying!”

“Really?” I glanced at the comments. “That’s so soon. It’s only been a couple of days since I arrived.”

“This entire compound is wired up with cameras, so anything we do here is broadcasted. It seems people liked you, so that makes me really proud.”

Anything was broadcasted? That made me slightly afraid. Would they be seeing me now, making this boy happy with my feet? “Well, I’m glad it’s positive, then. What are they saying?”

“Mostly feedback. They enjoyed the hanging, but might want to see something more. And they seemed to enjoy it when you played with Mary’s feet.”

“Huh.” I scrolled through the comments. Indeed, they seemed to know not only what happened during the hanging, but even before, when I arrived. “I see. I never expected such a positive reception, I guess.”

“I know, right!”

Her enthusiasm was infectious. I was hoping people would like today’s executions, too, even if it was a little embarrassing.

Tommy’s leg muscles started to pulse and kick, his toes curled over the straps, and his body shuddered under my feet. “Oh,” I said. “Here he goes.” His penis started to flutter and tremble between my feet, and I felt it make a slight vibration, and it was as though something thin and wet touched my entire foot from tip to the heel, and seeped between my toes. I raised my foot. A few drops of cum slid to my heel, and dripped on the tiles. Tommy was still coming, even his balls moved a little, and I lifted his dick with the back of my other foot, and saw a white streak pour over my purple-painted toenails from his jolting, twitching dick. For such a small one, he really came just as much as the other boy.

I wasn’t too sold on the idea at first, but it did make me a little proud. I made him come without really even paying attention.

Emily had that dreamy expression again. “Lovely job. Here, I’ll wipe’em for you.” She watched Tommy finish his twitches, then left to grab a paper towel from a nearby table. I kept my wet feet above the floor, trying not to smear it on the ground. When I spread my toes, white lines stayed joined between them. It was a bit yucky, but then I saw the row of boys at the wall, all three of them hard, watching me. It made me smirk. I made eye contact with a boy in the middle of the row, then touched the sole of my foot and pulled back the hand. A white trail stayed connected to my finger. That boy was blushing, but fully hard. He looked like he was about to come himself. It really was so easy, and took no effort at all. I could feel my smirk getting wider, and the boy turned his head away, blushing even more. Maybe he was afraid I’d pick him next.

Honestly, I might.

Emily returned, and wiped my feet with the paper towel. She had that focused expression, like a maid dusting off a cupboard or something, and she got the paper in between my toes and really made sure I was dry.

“Thanks.” I grabbed my foot and smelled it. The smell of cum was still there, but I supposed it’d have to stay that way for a while. “So how do I proceed with them? I’ve never really cut a throat before.”

“First off, remember the gloves! There’s latex and nitrile if you’re allergic. You don’t want any blood to get on you, so keep safe.”

Emily brought a box of disposable gloves, and I grabbed a pair, then slid them on. “Okay.” The rubber felt uncomfortable and cold, but I flexed my fingers a few times. I still wouldn’t trust my grip on the knife like that. “What next?”

Emily slipped on her gloves. “Now we’re ready. I’ll do it first, it can be a little tricky, because they’ll start to squirm a lot when you do it.”

“Huh. How bad?” I put my thigh-highs on, and then the shoes.

“Well, it depends on the position you strap them in, really. When they’re kneeling, you want to grab them by the hair firmly, like that,” Emily approached the kneeling Aaron and sifted her fingers through his hair, then pulled his head back, exposing the neck. “Now, when you cut, you have to hold him like that for a while until he tires out, so he doesn’t make too much of a mess. After a while, you can just leave him to finish up on his own. Blood loss takes a bit longer than you’re used to, but you only need to stay with them for the first minute or so.”

“Okay,” I said, not completely convinced.

“When they’re on their backs, like your Tommy, just put your hand on their forehead, and keep them pinned to the floor like that for the first minute. You can touch them, you know, between their legs, to make them a little more relaxed, and help them feel like the time passes faster. This method is probably more stressful than hanging, but I think these boys are very brave. I’m sure they can handle it.” She kissed Aaron on the cheek, and slipped her fillet knife out of the pocket of her apron. “Will you be brave for me, honey?” She put the knife to his neck. “There, don’t be scared. I’ve done it many times, I know it’s tough, but you’ll get through it in no time.”

He tried to move his head away, but Emily was holding him firm by the hair. She was much stronger than she looked. “Hush, now.” She adjusted her grip on his hair. “It’ll sting a little, but I let you have some fun before, so now you have to be brave for me. You came and made my apron dirty, you know. In return, you have to be polite and try to hold still for a minute, honey. Okay? Here it comes.”

And with a practiced swipe, she drew the fillet knife through the width of his neck, and a splash of blood immediately hit the drain. His nose filled with snot, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, but Emily’s grip kept him from struggling away. She wiped the knife on her apron, pocketed it, then switched hands that were holding his head back over the drain, and with her free hand, she reached under his stomach, and wrapped her latex gloved hand around his penis. “Good boy. The worst is over now. Try to think about something nice, do you feel me touching you?”

His mouth was taped over, but a weak, struggling sound came through his nose, like the gasping of someone tired after running. Blood gushed from his throat in intervals, one intense splash followed by a smaller drip. Veins emerged on his forehead from the struggle, but Emily held his hair in her grasp, allowing no movement. She kissed his cheek again. Her other hand was playing with his penis, giving it quick strokes. His legs were spread to the sides as far as they could go and tied up tightly, and I could see his back start to squirm as he tried to rip at the restraints, his toes splayed in tension.

“Be a good boy,” Emily said. “Try not to move. Focus on my hand, okay? Focus on my touch. Isn’t it nice?”

His entire lower body was shivering. I peeked in behind him, and could see his asshole opening and closing from all the effort his body was going through. Emily’s latex glove was making a scrunching sound, like a plastic wrapper, as she was pleasuring the boy. I felt his hip with both my hands. The muscle was tensed, I couldn’t squeeze the leg. I touched one of his feet, and spread his toes wide. They looked so funny. I then moved my latex fingers over his inner thigh, then cupped his balls in the palm of my hand. I felt their warmth through the glove, felt them moving, shaking from Emily’s determined strokes. It made me laugh. I slid my finger up to his asshole, and spun it around in there. His entire body spasmed.

Emily was smiling. “That just got him over the edge, I think. Pass me that bucket.”

I saw a small plastic bucket on the ground, and brought it to Emily. “This?”

“Yeah. He’s about to come, so let’s not make too much of a mess.”

I understood, and squatted beside him, ready to hold the bucket up. Emily’s hand still clutched his hair, but I could see her getting tired.

“You can come now,” I told the boy, and rubbed his stomach. It was struggling, as if in heavy breaths.

“Hear that, Aaron?” Emily said, and rubbed her nose on his cheek. “Miss Lena wants you to come. You shouldn’t keep her waiting, right? Let’s do it nice and quickly, there are other boys waiting.” She adjusted her grip on his penis, and started to move her hand even faster. His eyes rolled back again, and his mouth started to drip with white foam despite the tape, I could see he was dying, but his body still responded to her touch. She pressed his penis down with her thumb, and aimed it at the ground, and I could see it start to pulse and wriggle in her palm. She laid her palm flat, and let it jump and twitch on her latex fingers. “Oh, my.” She had that proud expression again, eyes half-closed.

I raised the bucket just in time, and a spurt of liquid fired from the tip of him and spattered the plastic. Emily gently guided him not to miss. “Good boy.” Another streak fired, and another, small one. His dick was losing its strength, just as the boy’s body started to slow down.

I wiped him with a piece of the paper towel, and set aside the bucket. “What now?”

“I think he’s tired enough that we can let him finish on his own.” Emily leaned in and kissed the fingers of his tied-up hands, and nudged away the wooden block from under his chest. His head pulled down, Emily’s arm too tired to hold it straight anymore, and she slowly placed him on the tiles, bent his head to direct the dripping of blood into the drain. His eyes were glazed over by now, and his mouth was twitching, but I could see his chest still move up and down. It would take him a while to die, still.

Emily was rubbing her tired arm, and smiled. “Simple, right?” She touched his back along the spine, like petting an animal. “He‘s very brave. This method of execution is a bit more uncomfortable than hanging or beheading, that’s why I like to reward them for it. So, do you think you can finish up for me?”

I glanced at the Asian boy, with his legs spread open, as if inviting me to touch there. “Just him, or the rest at the wall, too?”

“Do him and Rita at the minimum, okay? We need the cells, we have some interesting girls coming in tomorrow.” She kneeled by Aaron, and pointed his penis at the bucket, and he started to pee, just a small trickle of urine. She was a real professional. I would have missed the spasms.

“Interesting girls?” I asked. “Anyone in particular?”

“Yeah! One turned herself in willingly. She said she wanted to convert us. A very delicate, cute religious girl.”

“Convert us?”

“I know, right?” Emily laughed, and set the bucket aside. “We should give her a special dance. But I’m a woman of my word, I promised we’d listen to what she has to say. You should visit her tomorrow, get her ready for the big moment. Okay? I have to run.”

“No problem. See you, Emily.”

She gave me a thumbs up, then got her latex gloves off and cast them in the bin on her way out.

And I was alone… and ordered to give these boys some pleasure before they died.

I approached Tommy and looked down at him. His wide, scared eyes looked back.

“You’re not expecting any more, are you? You already had your fun. This was the most attention a girl has ever given you, I’m pretty sure.”

I put his ass up on the wooden block, his spread legs facing out towards the other boys at the wall. His small dick was flat against his stomach, and I moved around and stepped in between his legs, then peered over his penis. Tommy could see me standing over him. I shook my head. “You’re not giving me a lot to work with here. This isn’t worth looking at, let alone being touched.” I leaned in, and blew some cold air on his dick and balls. His entire stomach moved, and I could see him watching me. “It’s not polite to stare.”

I was so close to his dick, he could feel me breathe air on it from my nose. His legs were spread in front of me, he was like an open flower, completely exposed. I placed a short kiss on his dick, and it started to grow. I lifted it in my fingers and kissed it again, it was like kissing something warm and soft. I lifted it in my fingers and put it in my mouth, and let my tongue glide over its tip, and it immediately began to jolt and flutter in my mouth. I pulled my head back and twisted his dick aside. Cum rained on the tiles, even as far as the other boy’s leg. “Aren’t you impatient? I’m afraid that’s the best you’re gonna get, then. It’s time for your moment.” I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and stepped over to his head.

His shoulders were lying on the tiles, neck right by the drain, face to the ceiling. I placed my palm over his forehead and pressed his head to the tiles, bent it slightly towards the drain. He started breathing really quickly, and his penis got smaller.

“Too scared to stay hard? I thought you wanted me to touch you while you’re bleeding? This will not be a fun time for you, if you’ve got nothing pleasurable to focus on. You should really reconsider.”

I pinched his nipple. His stomach jolted. I gripped his flaccid penis in my gloved hand, and tried to shake it a bit. “Hurry it up. I have better things to do with my time.”

It started to grow, but it wasn’t enough. I pinched his nose shut, and with his mouth taped, he had no way to breathe. He looked at me, tears pooled up in his eyes. I glanced at his dick… and it was rising, just as expected. “Finally.” I got my flip knife out of my pocket, and pressed the cold metal of the blade to his dick. It twitched. I removed the knife, and still holding his nose shut, I pressed the blade to his throat. “Close your eyes.”

He kept looking at me, shaking from fear.

“Close your eyes. If you want to get another orgasm, I can’t have a mutt like you looking at me. You should be glad that I’m willing to strangle you before you bleed out. Now close your eyes.”

And he closed his eyes, as tight as he could. I sighed, then adjusted my grip on his nose, so that my entire palm lay flat over his face, and his nose was pinched between the index and middle finger. Once I felt secure enough, I simply drew the knife over his throat. It dug in easily, and I just dragged it over, and the skin parted and blood started flowing into the drain. I set the knife aside, and glanced at his dick, fully hard, pointing up at the ceiling as if wanting to be touched. I was under no obligation to do it, but it was so small and sad, I just let the tip of my index finger poke it. It moved. I gripped it with the tips of my fingers and lifted it up. I could feel his face muscles starting to spasm from asphyxiation, and at the other end, his small feet spread all of his toes wide, in all directions.

I exhaled, shaking my head. He was dying in such a pathetic way, he really didn’t deserve all that effort, but I did promise Emily to do a good job. “All right, come already. You’re not gonna make me rub it, are you?”

He was so close to dying, I probably had to give him a few strokes before it’s too late. I’m pretty sure this was the hardest he’s ever been, too, his dick almost looked normal sized by now. I gave it a few lazy strokes, and it started to jump and bounce in my hand immediately. It caught me by surprise, and before I could react, a wire of liquid shot from the tip, splattering my face and cheek, the wetness getting in my eye and ear. He spurted again, all over his stomach, chest, his own face, and both my hands. I closed my right eye, shuddering in disgust, and bent his dick away. The rest of the liquid went on the tiles.

“You goddamn animal.” I let go of his nose, and he took a sharp breath, his wet chest rising. “There’s no way I’m letting you die so quickly after this.”

The paper towel was too far for me to get it without letting go of his head. I knew he’d start thrashing about and spilling blood everywhere like the scared animal he was, so I had to wait until he slowed down a bit. I wiped my cheek on my shoulder in the meantime, but I could still feel some wetness on my eyelid. “Die already. You think you’re the only boy in here?”

He started to get that white foam coming from under the tape on his mouth. Maybe I could let go of him soon. I glanced at the other boy, and saw that his legs were still moving. This was really taking a long time. I sighed, then checked my phone for the time, and just as I did that, Tommy’s little dick started pulsing again, and another spurt went all over his stomach and chest. Not strong enough to reach me this time. “Again, huh? You’ve got some nerve.”

I waited a few more moments, then finally let go of him. He had no more muscle strength to move his head and neck, so I left him there to bleed, and moved to the bathroom to wash my face. My hair was long on one side and shaved on the other, and of course, he managed to come on the part that wasn’t shaved. I rinsed it off as best I could in the sink, and the flowing water gave me an idea; I wondered how a drowning would look. It’d have to be quicker than all that bleeding business, right? Just fill a tub, tie someone up, and put them under. Though it could be a mess to mop up later.

I returned to the cutting room. Aaron was looking dead enough to me so far, and Tommy had piss all over his stomach, and another surprise waiting for me underneath his lower body. I would have to clean all of it up, including the wooden block, and he wasn’t even dead yet. Ugh.

The two boys next to Rita were looking at me. When I approached, one of them got hard. “Looks like someone’s eager to be next.”


Thank you for reading. I'd love to read any comments, as interest keeps me motivated to write more.


As usual, the quality of the writing is really good, with sentences that are both descriptive and to the point. I'm not much of a femdom person myself, but I still liked it. Can't wait to read more, especially with the girls.


I must say I like Emily's approach here more then Lena's. I'm a bit worried Rita's death won't be special for her at all! :(


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Anon this story is great. I only just now discovered it. F/F snuff is rare and seeing it done well rarer still keep coming up with scenarios and keep up with the detail. Thanks much



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Please write more! Do you take requests?


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Does anyone know anything about Stillwater, the author of these two stories? Has she (I'm guessing a female) written anything else? Appeared on any other sites?

It's hard to believe that this is all she has written - the writing speaks of both talent and experience. And the story premise and character development both suggest that either more chapters have been written, or at least that more were intended.

I am sure I am not alone in longing to read about Rita dancing her last for Lena, and watching Lena's confidence and skill flourish under Emily's tutelage!

If Stillwater should see this, please publish some sequels/prequels - this is without a doubt some of the best writing on this genre, ever.

In the meantime, what about some of you regulars attempting some tribute stories based on the world of Emily and Lena?


Thank you for the compliment.

I wrote these two stories to see the reception, originally, and planned to add to them as long as interests existed.

After someone kindly voted for me in gurochan's story of the year 2019, more people seemed to find them, so I'm considering continuing the stories. I had an idea for one from the victim POV as well, for example.


Well, I for one would definitely enjoy some more stories from you.
You've got some really nice writing skills.


That was me stillwater, I still mean it. I look forward to your next chapter.


If it's really you (Anonymous is such an anonymous username!), I am excited that you are intending to write more! I think Lena has a lot of experimenting and learning to do. And Emily also showing off her skills.

My own preference is f victims, but I must say you did justice to m victims in the throat-cutting sequel.

A victim POV is an interesting twist, but I always find them less convincing - the story has to maintain detail and coherence as it develops, but the story-teller can't possibly do so. Ignoring the obvious paradox of the narration having to come from the grave, it's also fundamentally incredible that a hanging person could be even vauguely aware of their own dying kicks, for example, or their agonal chest movements. Whereas the third person narrator can observe and describe in great detail, either with clinical detachment, or with intense sexual / emotional involvement, as with Lena and Emily.

Either way, have at it! I sit here with bated breath! :)


Stillwater, your fans breathlessly(!) await the next chapter of Emily/Lena bringing the lives of lovely young women to an untimely end! However, I do appreciate the virtue of patience, and so I thought I'd ask if you have written anything else, and if so, where we might read it while we wait for more chapters of your current work?


I did write a League of Legends hanging short story three years ago. The League general on /tg/ promised me a skin for it, and naturally, I never got anything. I can post it here, although reading myself from the past is a little embarrassing, but maybe someone will enjoy it.


Gallows Play

Hanging / F/F / League of Legends (Riven x Jinx) / Feet / Con


Riven raised an annoyed eyebrow at Jinx, who was measuring herself against the length of rope. It was bad enough that Jinx had decided to delay the scheduled executions by playing around, now she’d come up with some insane idea and wouldn’t stop going on about it. The two of them were given the task of executing the female prisoners as they were being delivered, and they’d get some gold for each one - the problem wasn’t the prisoners, however. Riven had no trouble taking care of each of the girls quickly, and would be decently efficient if not for Jinx and her endless jokes, distractions and moronic ideas. That latest one was especially bad, they had a row of girls lined up for the rope and the Jinx had come up with this item, the Guardian Angel or something…

“So how exactly is this supposed to work?” Riven asked.

Jinx tossed up her hands, making her pigtails bounce off in random directions. “Check it out! See the glow?”

There was a faint shimmer of light around Jinx’s body. It may have just been the sun, but Riven could sense the magical power and denying it would be pointless. A golden glow surrounding Jinx, making her already pale and skimpily clothed belly shine even more. Riven was fond of the sight, she’d stopped caring about gender quite a while ago, and at this point she’d just go with whatever felt like a nice sight. And Jinx was nice for sure. A small-ish girl, with winding tattoos in all the right places. Maybe a little bit crazy, but there’s no denying the appeal, especially when she exposes her belly button, and that small chest, too.

“Y-yeah, I see it. So what?” Riven said, feeling warmth rush to her face, and some more warmth in between her legs.

Jinx climbed up onto the piece of wooden elevation, next to the row of girls waiting to be hanged. “Well, think about it! The item brings you back to life, right? Right? So I’ve been thinking! See, we keep hanging all these prisoners, it’s only fair I check out what they’re going through, show them there’s nothing to be afraid about!” She stood on tiptoes in front of one of the prisoners, a tall redhead with long legs. Jinx tried to reach up and pat her on the belly, but she could only reach the thigh, so she patted that. “Okay? I’ll go first, and then it’s your turn!” she told the girl. “We’ll make it fair today.”

The girl of course couldn’t respond, as all the prisoners are silenced with a spell when they’re captured. That way the whole procedure goes more smoothly. When there’s no Jinx to mess it up, of course. Riven was getting more and more annoyed at the delay. Nearly all the girls were already tied up, hands behind their backs, ropes around their necks, feet on wooden boxes and the like, ready to be hanged. Five of them like that, and two more waiting for the ropes to be freed up. Now Jinx was adjusting the sixth rope - the final one - to her height.

“You know what?” Riven said, and jumped up onto the wooden platform. “You do that crap on your own time. I’m hungry, so I’m finishing these hangings and taking off before it gets cold.”

Before Jinx could react, Riven was already on the other side of the platform, kicking the stump of wood from under the bare feet of a yordle girl. The rope tightened around her neck, along with the piece of lead tied to her naked body. Yordles were hard to hang by themselves due to the proportions, so they needed some extra weight attached, usually a pair of cuffs around the ankles did the job. They always took the most time to die, too, for some reason. This one was rather muscular, large thighs and butt, a clear outline of her bluish belly. She flexed her body back and forth, the hands behind her back tied by another rope, her fingers moving, trying to clutch at something, but nothing was there. She spasmed, her toes brushing against Riven’s bare shoulder, skin touching skin for a brief moment.

Riven took a step backwards. This hanging would already take enough time without her letting the yordle get some relief by standing on her shoulder. It was as if she’d given the girl some false hope, too, as she was stretching out her legs to the side, feet searching for that bit of fake ground they thought they’d found. Riven didn’t care for playing with the prisoners, it was more Jinx’s style, anyway. Jinx would get bored easily with the routine. Sure, sometimes she’d turn it into something productive, like different methods of executions, but mostly it was a lot of delaying, playing around with the bodies, stuff like that. She sure loved giving them false hope, or as she’d call it, “Making them happy before they go!” which usually meant touching or kissing the girls between their legs. And hell, when they got the occasional boy sent to them, Jinx would sure make that one happy. Yeah, whenever Sejuani had assigned them a boy, Riven would be doing the work of other executions while Jinx would just play with the boy endlessly, with her hands, with her mouth, even her feet… Riven’s batch of prisoners would already be finishing their “Dancies!” as Jinx would call the hangings, and Jinx’s boy would still not even be “dancing” yet, she’d keep playing with him, making him hard by touch and then waiting a while, then trying to make him hard just by showing him her butt, or rubbing her legs on his penis. And since Jinx is so short, she’d have to adjust the rope to lower it enough and make the boy kneel down, just so she could reach his penis. It was usually Riven who’d have to put an end to the fun, put him on a box and kick it out from under him. They were captives for a reason, after all, and the way Jinx treated them was more like paradise. Sooner or later, though, they’d all end up choking and kicking. Usually once Riven tightens the rope and sends them on their way, putting an end to Jinx’s playtime.

Just like she did now, with the yordle girl, already “dancing.”

Jinx ran over and grabbed Riven’s wrist. “Hold on! You know I need you to cut me down after the thing revives me! I can’t do this without you, ya know.”

“Look, the sooner we’re done…” Riven moved over to the next box, ready to kick it.

“The Guardian Angel, I’ll give it to you after!”

Riven stopped. “What?”

“Yeah!” Jinx’s grin was wide. “Help me out, and it’s yours. No joke! It’ll recharge, and you can play with it yourself!”

Well, it’d be useful in battle, that’s for sure… Might even be worth all this delay.

Riven’s hand was already on the next girl’s ankle, ready to yank her off the box. She could feel the girl shaking in fear, though of course she couldn’t say anything due to the silence. It was a black girl, fit and muscular. She looked like she was built for combat. Shame this body would go to waste on a rope, she’d make an excellent soldier. Then again, if that’s the way she faces death, all trembling and with tears in her eyes, perhaps it’s not that much of a waste. Riven just knew how much work it took to maintain a strong body, and to have it go out like this… Annoying.

She took her hand off the black girl’s leg, and the muscles visibly relaxed.

“Fine,” Riven said. “But I get the GA after you’re done.”

Jinx cheered like a schoolgirl. “You won’t regret it!”

“Well?” Riven crossed her arms. “If you’re gonna do this, then start undressing.”

“Oooh? You want me to get naked?”

Riven felt her cheeks flushing again. “It’s not that, you moron. GA or not, you’re gonna make a mess. I’m not washing your clothes. If you can even call these clothes.”

“Hey, good point! I’m excited, let’s do it! The full experience, huh? I’ll be just like these other girls!” She turned to address them while taking off her shoes. “I’ll show you girls there’s nothing to worry about! It’s just a bit of dancing around, then you relax and it’s all over! Well, except maybe for yordles, they take a while, but…” She scratched her head, staring at the yordle girl, still swinging her legs as much as the cuffs would allow. “She’s almost halfway there, let’s cheer her on while she’s fighting! I’ll be joining her soon.”

Jinx dropped her belt, and the ammo bandoliers next to it, beside her shoes. Then she slipped off the piece of pink cloth that covered her butt, and bent over to place it down. She was teasing Riven, no doubt about that, and annoying as it was, the butt was nice. Not round and full like the yordle’s, but small and proportional. Jinx sure knew her own appeal, and the way she paraded it around, she made sure everyone else knew it too. Riven didn’t mind, a nice sight is a nice sight.

“Quit messing around,” Riven said, and pulled the cord for Jinx’s bra, then grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back into standing position, just as she would a prisoner who slacks around when undressing. “Put on the rope and let’s go.”

She grabbed Jinx under the armpits and lifted her up, then put her down on a box next to the black girl. There was about a head’s worth of a height difference between Riven and Jinx, and Riven was much stronger too. Not that Jinx was that heavy, either.

“You’re not completely naked,” Riven pointed out. Jinx seemed to have forgotten to take off her pink stocking, the one she wore on just one leg for whatever reason. “Here, I’ll-”

“No, leave it!” Jinx said. “That’s part of the challenge. I wonder if I can pull it off while I’m swinging!”

So there’s a challenge now? Well, Riven was in it now, no backing out at this point. And she wanted that GA.

She took a step back to have look at Jinx.

The girl was cute, there’s no denying that, and even though she had a way of acting like a brat, there was something womanly about her at times, somewhere there beneath all the crazy. Riven guessed it was the sex appeal, the playfulness. Jinx looked somehow exposed, even though her clothes barely counted as clothes anyway, seeing her pink nipples, and the faint outline of her small boobs… the warm feeling between Riven’s legs was back. She’d been working with Jinx for a while, not really friends yet, but potentially, maybe. It’d be a shame to ruin the professional relationship with dirty thoughts, but no shame in looking, either. Jinx had a bit of trimmed blue hair above her pussy. Weird how clean and taken care of she was despite the crazy. Riven felt she’d start blushing again if she were to keep staring, so she went around and pulled free the ties on Jinx’s hair, then ran her fingers through the pigtails to let the hair flow freely.

“You sure about this?” Riven asked quietly, her hand touching Jinx’s leg. Was she concerned for Jinx? No way. She wouldn’t be… Would she? She wasn’t sure.

“Hell yeah! It’ll be fun,” Jinx said, raising both hands, making a peace sign. She grabbed the rope and slipped her head through it, adjusted her long blue hair to fall on her back, then tightened it around her throat. “Oooh, I’m so excited! The aura will bring me back, so there’s nothing to worry about, we can just enjoy it. Here, check this out! My heart is thumping so much!” She reached out and grabbed Riven’s hand, and pulled it up across her body before holding it up to her chest.

As Riven’s hand slid across Jinx’s body, she felt the material of her stocking, then her soft skin, the brush of the bit of hair above her pussy, then the flat of her belly, harder from the muscle tension, and finally a cold and perked up nipple. And then the thump, thump, thump. Jinx was shaky with excitement, so much that she couldn’t hold still, but kept shifting around from leg to leg. It was like her body couldn’t wait to experience dying. Her nipples were hard, and the heartbeat could be felt clearly through the touch.

Riven prepared to kick the box, but Jinx nudged her away with the socked foot. “I’ll jump myself! Can you also hang the girl next to me? I wonder if I can last longer than her!”

“Anything that’ll get you to finish this already,” Riven said, shaking her head, and put her leg on the black girl’s box. She saw the girl’s muscles tense again in anticipation. She wasn’t as excited to die as Jinx was, that’s for sure. Probably for the lack of a revive. “Well, do it already.”

“Here I come!” Jinx put her arms on her hips, moved her ass back, then forward, and kicked the box out from under herself with way more force and excitement than necessary. Riven matched it with a kick of her own, sending the black girl into a swing as well. Both ropes straightened out together, both bodies swung against one another and bounced. The black girl’s face was desperate, mouth gasping for air as her body twisted with her hands bound behind her back, unable to get free. She kept trying anything to get free, moving her shoulder, bending her legs and kicking, reaching out for any semblance of touch, but all she could reach was Jinx’s body.

Jinx was actively trying to get the stocking off her leg with the other leg, but she couldn’t see, as the rope had locked her head looking forward and up at a slanted angle. Her head was already blue from lack of oxygen, but she had a determined expression, one eye closed, as though she was doing something that required great focus, like aiming a rifle. Her slim legs kept moving against one another, trying to pull that stocking off. It was pretty close, but soon she couldn’t control her legs to that degree anymore as the pain set in.

Riven sighed, then called out to the other two girls waiting to be executed, the ones without ropes yet due to lack of places. “Gonna need some help here, so grab the bucket and come.”

The girls were holding the yordle girl by the ankles, waiting for her to finally die - Riven often used the remaining executees to help clean up after the ones currently being hanged. These two were supposed to hold down the yordle girl, open her legs once she begins to relax, and make sure she doesn’t make a mess on the platform, but it seemed like she’d still be dying for a while, so no use disturbing her as she focuses on that.

The two naked girls walked over, both of similar height, brown-haired and brown-eyed, likely sisters. One of them was holding a bucket.

“All right, so here’s the deal,” Riven said. “Because my friend is messing around, there’s not enough space to hang you both at once, so you’ll help me deal with this, and then the ropes should free up so one of you can swing. You make sure this one doesn’t make a mess when she dies, it seems like she’s pretty close to over already,” She pointed at the black girl, whose body was no longer kicking, and instead starting to spasm. Then, Riven addressed the other sister. “You grab another bucket and help out with my friend.”

The yordle girl had finally let go, it seemed, and no one was around with a bucket, which was fine, since she only peed herself. Her fingers and toes were still twitching every so often, but the dance was over, and her mouth hung open with her reddish tongue out, eyes closed. The thing about yordles, you don’t see much difference in their faces when they’re hung, since they’re already purple. Cleaning her up should be fast enough, the worst part was over for that one already. Their fingers and toes looked funny when they twitched, since they were so big, and the twitches were slow, they looked like deliberate movements. Jinx liked to play with the yordle bodies, they always twitched and shook when touched, and could orgasm sometimes even when seemingly dead. They’d just react to touch, and off they’d go, coming, sometimes more than once, limbs shaking, toes moving, their backs arcing.

As for Jinx, the fun and determination were slowly going away. Riven walked up and pulled off the stocking completely, so that it didn’t distract Jinx as she fought. Her eyes were wide open now, and she sounded as though she was trying to say something, but Riven only heard silent choking and short gasps through her mouth, wide open. One of Jinx’s arms was by her side, the other at her neck, delicately touching the rope, but not pulling at it. Her legs were swinging every so often. It seemed as though she was trying to control herself, calm the spasms of her body, but it was getting harder and harder. The other sister showed up with a bucket, looking curious as she observed Jinx. She obviously didn’t know when Jinx was going to pee herself. Jinx was fighting and fighting well, controlling her dying body, trying to calm the spasms and twitching, trying not to grip or look like she’s losing. But she was slowly losing, no one won against the rope.

Jinx’s body started to shake and spasm more and more, and she was no longer just touching the rope, she was pulling it, and her legs started kicking, left and right, bumping against the black girl who was already limp, and Jinx’s toes were spread wide in a grip of muscle tension, her legs already being opened by the other sister, but still struggling a bit against it, as if she didn’t want to be exposed like that, as if she wanted to keep fighting, keep showing signs of life. The sister was expecting Jinx to let go, so she help up the bucket to her pussy, but Riven’s been doing this enough times to know that Jinx wasn’t there yet, and that opening the black girl’s legs wasn’t necessary either, as she wouldn’t pee or do anything else - some of them just died cleanly and quickly.

But even though Jinx was no longer calm, her nipples still looked hard, and her clitoris became larger. Jinx was nearing the breaking point, a few minutes, maybe less, and she’d be dead. She wouldn’t remember the very end, Riven knew how GA worked, the last moments are erased, so…

What’s the harm?

She reached out and touched Jinx’s stomach. It was moving up and down, gasping for air, but the squeezed neck didn’t let much air through, not enough to survive, just enough to dance for a while. Riven ran her hand over Jinx’s nipples, touched them, played with them. Jinx’s chest moved, as if away from the touch…Riven’s hand pursued it, played with each nipple, then moved the hand down and lightly pinched her clit, and the body spasmed again. As she touched it, the body responded. Jinx may as well not have been conscious, but the body’s automated response was that little spasm, the tensing and hardening of her stomach muscles, curling of toes, as if Riven was in control of Jinx’s dying body and the last of its feelings, squeezing out the last twitches.

Riven whistled for the sisters. “You, hold her leg like this,” and she tucked Jinx’s leg under the girl’s shoulder, for her to hold with both hands. “And you,” She pointed to the other sister.

Riven remembered what Jinx had called it - “making them happy before they go.”

“Kiss her between her legs,” Riven said, “Till she stops moving. Try to be gentle, she’s dying.”

The girl hesitated, but leaned in, put her hands softly on Jinx’s belly and did what Riven asked. At the same time, Riven positioned herself behind Jinx and held the other leg opened, holding Jinx’s body down with the other hand, palm over her nipples, squeezing them.

These were the last moments. The Guardian Angel’s aura created a spiral above Jinx, indicating that her life was in danger.

Riven could feel all of Jinx’s body’s reactions, her final moments. Jinx’s reddish hands and feet twitched. Her entire body began to shudder, only reacting to Riven’s pinches, and the licking between Jinx’s legs, as if it couldn’t help but come even though it was dying. Riven was surprised how well she could predict the moment of death, she knew it was coming, so she pulled the girl away from Jinx’s pussy, noticing the little saliva trail coming from the girl’s lips to jinx’s shuddering pussy.

Riven had the girl hold up the bucket at exactly the moment of death, and final orgasm. There was one final shudder, and then Jinx’s entire body tensed, one last time, and began to gradually relax, the muscles soften, the creases of tension on her belly flattening. Riven placed Jinx’s other leg on the shoulder of the other sister, then reached out and opened the flaps of Jinx’s pussy, and a streak of fluid shot out, then stopped, and then another, smaller one, and then the muscles just couldn’t keep up and let go completely, with the last streak being her body’s last effort to stay alive.

“Let’s get her down, she’s about to revive,” Riven said, and let Jinx’s legs hang limp, then stepped back for just a moment to look at her. She was limp, hanging, body in a straight line, her legs together, hands at her sides. She ran her fingers down Jinx’s pink feet, reddish heels. Her feet were soft and warm, but had no reaction to touch. Her mouth was closed, and so were her eyes. Her face was blue as her tattoos.

The GA aura began to seep back into her, just as one of the sisters had let Jinx down from the rope. Riven let the still limp body drop into her arms, and placed it on the wooden floor. And then, before Jinx would wake up, Riven decided to quickly kiss her. She pressed her lips to Jinx’s, and felt her limp tongue against her own, and her saliva, a sweet taste. Then she backed off, blushing, and crossed her arms, waiting for the GA to bring her back.

Meanwhile, the sisters had let down the black girl and the yordle next to the other bodies, and took their places at the rope, waiting to be hung. Not as excited, but one of them looked determined enough.

Riven sighed. Still a lot of work to do, huh… Well, better get to it, then. She began tying the sisters’ hands behind their backs.

Soon, Jinx was sitting up, breathing heavily, the magic of the GA dissipating as it began its long cooldown.

“Was it fun?” Riven asked, still busy with the rope around one of the girls’ wrists. It was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but…

“Hell yeah!” Jinx said, fists raised. “That was great! So did I win? Tell me, did I win?!”

“You didn’t get the sock, but I guess you outlasted the cowardly one,” Riven said. “The item’s mine, though. As we agreed?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever!” Jinx said, stumbling over one of the shoes.

“Maybe you should lay down. I’ll hang them quickly, we’ll clean up later.” She nodded at Jinx. “You’ve had enough fun for one day.”

As Jinx was fumbling with her clothes, Riven managed to finish setting up the ropes. “Well,” she addressed the prisoner, one of the sisters. “Hold tight, honey, here it comes. It’ll be quick. Quicker than the yordle at least.”

And she kicked the box from under her feet. Then proceeded to the next one.

“You’re her sis? Well, at least you’re leaving together. You can see which one of you holds on for longer. Ready? Here it goes.”

And she sent her off.

The next one, the tall redhead. “You’ve had a bit of a delay, but it’s all over now. I hope you’re ready. If you can, try not to piss yourself, there’s only one of me, and so many of you hanging at once already.”

As she was finishing the job for today, Riven kept wondering… If she were ever to be caught, she’d surely be executed for her own crimes. Would it be so bad to try out the GA on the old guillotine Sejuani had? It wouldn’t be a real death, but at least she could disspel any doubts… See if that death is as bad as it sounds. Maybe Jinx could get her head, and let her see her own spasming body after a beheading… See what kind of a show she’d put on for the crowds back home, if she were ever beheaded.

As the hanging girls kicked, Riven kept thinking. Honestly, teaming up with Sej for the time being wasn’t so bad. And Jinx was fun to work with, even if annoying.

Really annoying.

But kind of cute.


I love hanging stories and female female hangings. The conversational interactions between executioner and executed is fun. I liked this story. Thanks.



Wow, interesting progression of your writing style! There nothing to be ashamed about the older work, but yes, the newer stories are just that much more sophisticated - your word-smithing skills have been honed, and your descriptions are much more vivid.

How are the next adventures of Emily and Lena developing? :) I need my fix!


I would give two skins upfront to see that beheading story. Sejuani or not.

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