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OK, first story on here, wish me luck.

Lilly and Billy were twin sisters. All of their lives they had done everything together.

They were born together.

They went to the same classes together.

they even double dated and fucked their boyfriends with each other in the room at the same time.

They even went to the same college.

Oh, they did everything together, but one thing they knew would happen, is that they would die together.

So, when Lilly got into snuff play, Billy was willing to do one last thing together with her sister. They wanted to die together.

It wasn't that hard to set up. Billy found these gags that would go over one's nose and mouth, leaving an opening for someone's dick or a tube. She bought two, and bought a tube that could slip into the mouthpiece easily. It was a foot and a half long, and easy to glue to the mouthpieces. She had to test it a few times to make sure that the mask was good and tight, and no air could escape the tubes.

Lilly wanted to die cumming, so she bought them matching, bright purple vibrators and butt plugs. They were long, and thicker than either of them were used to, but if they wanted to go out with a bang, this was it.

They got heating lube, meant to make them nice and hot down there. It was powerful enough to make them cum without the vibrations, so with them it should be amazing.

They even got vibrating bullets to tape onto their breasts and clits, giving them even more of a kick. it was probably too much, but they probably wouldn't live long enough for it to hurt.

They got a hotel room, and got themselves ready. They lubed up the toys, and shoved them painfully into each other. Now, they had panties that could keep the plugs in place, but the bullets were another problem. Well, they got super glue, and glued the bullets onto their clits, so they wouldn't slip away. They ended up doing the same for the bullets on their nipples, instead of tape like they wanted to at first.

They then duct taped themselves together, pressing against one another as they wrapped themselves up. it was difficult to pass the tape along the torso, and neck, but once they were comfortable on the bed, they were able to do it.

The sisters turned on the vibrators, the bullets, and rubbed against each other. They kissed each other soundly, before they slipped the masks over their mouths and noses. They wrapped their arms around each other, and cuffed themselves behind each other's backs.

This was it. No turning back. The sisters squirmed against each other on the bed, rubbing up against each other as they were helplessly assaulted by the vibrations.

As they breathed, they breathed each other's air, unable to get any fresh breath in.

Their first orgasm was together, nearly making them black out at how intense it felt. Their loins and breasts were on fire, and they rubbed against each other more.

They came together, again, and again and again, as they started to sufficate.

While Lilly was blissful and high, Billy, on the other hand, started to panic from the lack of air. She started to struggle, trying to pull back, trying to get the tube out, or pull the mask enough to get an opening so she could get air in. but her masks worked too well, and she couldn't get any air. She pulled on the cuffs, nearly cutting her wrists as she helplessly struggled.

Lilly came out of it enough to see how Billy was scared. She pulled her sister close, held her tightly, pressing her forehead against hers. It…calmed Billy a bit.

They rode the orgasms together, trying to hold onto each other tightly. Soon, they ran out of air, and both of them slowly started to black out.

One last orgasm, and they were able to die together.


I like your story.

Only your choice of the name looks very strange because Billy is not a girl's name.


That was cute!

And for a girl it USUALLY spelled 'Billie' but it's absolutely a valid girl name Onix


Very cute! And yeah I've met a few girls called Billy :)

I could see this becoming a bit of a series with them dying together lots of different ways :)

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