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I feel like I’ve been spamming a bit, but I kinda just got a flood of inspiration and I’m trying some things out with my writing. If there’s any suggestions you have or concepts you are interested in let me know. I only really write stuff that turns me on so I hope you understand. Anyway, hope you enjoy this one:

Mrs. McGuire opened convocation with a prayer and then moved on to discussing the issues with the fights in the lunchroom.

West Brownsville Girl’s School was basically a prison for girls who had issues at their past school. My issue had been with Mr. Jenkins who had sexually harassed me. I was 15 at the time and he called me sugartits. When I reported it to the principal, I found out he had already reported me for trying to suck him off in the teacher lounge. Of course neither of us had witnesses and his being a teacher meant he was taken at his word.

I was not expelled per se. They called it being relocated. Either way Mr. Jenkins won that round.

Now at 16 I found myself at an all girls school that was vaguely religious as required us to wear uniforms that made us all look like English school girls.

I was currently sitting next to Meg Miles who, over the past week, had been obsessed with running her hand discreetly along my leg and up under my skirt. We all wore white leggings, so I do not know what she was hoping to find, but I had to keep firmly pushing her hand away from my crotch. She said she was just teasing me, but I think she was hoping I would reciprocate.

Back at my last school, I was seen as the easy girl. Not because I had ever even done anything sexual—the most I had done was let myself be felt up by Ryan Gandy as we made out—but because, as Ms. Heideker the school counselor put it, I dressed “like a slut.”

Somehow, even here my reputation seemed to have carried over.

Just as Mrs. McGuire was moving onto discussing the permission slips required for the planned schoolwide field trip to the local city park, something insane happened.

A loud boom rocked the whole auditorium. The doors the the back blew open and the entire room creaked and cracked.

Screamed erupted. Then, I looked up to see the ceiling coming down. “Shit” was all I had time to think.


My next thought was how heavy my head felt. The throbbing headache behind my eyes made me feel nauseated. I felt around myself. Opening my eyes a crack, I se a large steel beam positioned just over me. I instinctively tried to crawl back, but I moved nowhere. I felt down my body to where it disappeared underneath the beam. A bit of panic crossed over me. I could not feel pain, but tell this was bad.

A thick layer of dust had settled over everything. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out.

I looked around. I could see Meg just a couple feet away. She was splayed out, legs akimbo. A large chunk of concrete had crushed her head. Piss had drenched her leggings. A pink glob of what I assumed were her brains sat on the ground next to where her head had been.

To my left, a girl whose name I could not remember had been bisected by another steel beam. I noticed that I myself had narrowly missed being impaled by a piece of rusty rebar that poked out of a piece of rubble only a few inches from my head.

Unlucky, I thought, considering I was just going to die slowly now. I suddenly became aware of how alone I was.

I knew I was in shock and not thinking clearly. I felt really numb, but I also felt the need for human connection. Meg’s outstretched hand—the was one she liked slipping under my skirt—was only a short ways away but just out of reach. As I tried to pull myself over to reach it, I saw what at first I thought must be an angel. Then I realized it was just a man in a first responder uniform.

Our eyes met and I realized he was kinda cute—for a guy probably in his 30s. I managed a little smile. To my surprise he smiled back. He took a couple steps toward me then stopped dead in his tracks. By the look on his face I knew I was going to die and did not have much time left.

“It’s pretty bad, right?” I asked, already knowing the answer. I felt a rattle in my chest.

“You’ll be fine.” He said, clearly lying.

I motioned him to come closer. I knew I was dying and suddenly I knew there was something I needed to do first.

I was able to prop myself up on my elbow as he crouched next to me. He pulled out a bottle of water, which I pushed aside. I grabbed at his belt to pull him closer.

“Before I die I want to—“ I was cut short by a cough. I could feel fluid building in my lungs.

He got on his knees, cradling my head in his lap now.

“I want to—“ I got ahold of the zipper of his pants and pulled it open. I shoved my hand inside. “—suck a man’s dick.”

For some reason, I felt like I should live up to my reputation before I died. I was here because I supposedly tried to suck dick. I figured I might as well actually try it.

I looked up at the man’s face. I could tell he was surprised, but he did not pull away as I tugged on his dick. It was actually quickly getting hard.

I pulled it out of his pants. I was shocked at just long it was, but I closed my eyes and let it slide into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged.

I pulled it back. I could feel a creeping cold coming from where my legs used to be. I was feeling week and I knew I needed his help do do it. I took a raggedy breath. “Please help me. I don’t know how.”

He looked around a little nervously. He looked over at Meg and the other girl then down at me. We were alone for now.

“Ok.” He said. He slid his hand behind my head and pushed his dick between my lips. I let me jaw go slack as he took control. He kept a steady rhythm going deep into my throat. The sensation was instinctually pleasurable. I grabbed at my breast through my shirt, wishing my pussy was not crushed beneath a ton of steel. I knew it would be soaking wet right now.

He gently pulled away my hand and I felt him open up my shirt. He pushed away my bra and he grabbed my breast with his large hand. He stimulates my tit with his fingertips. The pleasure was overwhelming all my other senses. My heavy eyelids dropped. My arm fell limply by my side. I still felt his dick in my mouth. I could taste it on my tongue.

The cold and numb was creeping ever closer. My mind was going blank. My eyelids fluttered open as I looked up at him. He looked down at me and then suddenly he pressed his dick hard against the back of my throat. He came in my mouth. I felt it running down my throat and instinctively swallowed. He pulled his dick out, still coming and I felt it filling my mouth and dripping out down my chin.

My head slid back as he laid me back on the ground. I felt a tremble run through my body as my vision faded and I felt my heart give it’s final beat. I could still taste the warm sticky saltiness on my tongue as everything faded to black.


Don't worry about spamming one second, the more stories there are on here the better.

Your story is very original, and surprised me a lot. I thought it was going to be some sort of school drama, only for the roof to just suddenly crush everyone - brilliant! The plot with Meg is a very well executed detail, as is the twist with the main character sucking off the rescue worker.

The story is well written, though there are some typos scattered throughout. Proofreading is boring I know, but worth it. There are no huge mistakes here but typos and spelling errors can be distracting, so an easy way to improve your writing instantly is to proofread more thoroughly.

I enjoyed the story very much, and I hope there's more to come!


Not exactly a very erotic story for my tastes, but a pretty interesting unusual idea.
It is pretty good just as a plain story not only as porn.


Wow, I probably don't even need to tell you that I loved that. Are you trying to move in on my territory or just flirting with me? ;)

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