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I'm not a great writer, so there are no deep characterizations or beautiful descriptions, but the idea turns me on. I've been trying to get back into writing, so for now I'm just keeping things fast and rough to get words on the page. It ended up in 2nd person.


"Oh my goodness, you're so cute!"

The door opened. Hearing her voice, you wriggled your limbless body and managed to flip onto your back. The woman entered wearing a white lab coat over a black turtleneck, goggles pushed up onto her forehead, and her long blonde hair gathered into a big bun on her head. She smiled at you.

"Unfortunately, sweetheart, it is time for your punishment. My client has asked me to give you the worst, in their words. Seems you pissed off someone very important and did some bad things." She turned her back to you and looked through a few drawers. "Let's see, honey…" she muttered more to herself than to you. "What will we use today?"

Your heart began to pound. You'd woken up from an induced coma that morning with freshly healed amputation sites. "Hwwph hwmm huhh" You tried to speak but the ball gag in your mouth prevented it. You blushed, this was… kinky! Your heart began to pound even harder. Was this sexual? Was she getting off on this?

"Sorry honey, you won't be able to talk."

You moaned and began to sweat, breathing hard.

"Hmm. Well, you've been a naughty little girl, there's no getting around that honey. We'll have to go with something truly extreme." With her back to you, the woman placed her hands on the countertop and stood there thinking at the wall. "I have a few ideas. Because you're so cute, I want to display you somehow for visiting clients. That narrows down my options a little."

The fluorescent light above you buzzed.

"It's a tricky thing, sweetheart. You see, the seat of suffering is the brain. I could just fire every pain nerve in your body continuously forever, but eventually you'd be catatonic, your brain would check out. Effective long-term torture is an art, it is a dance with the human brain." She approached you then and held your face softly, stroking your cheeks with her thumbs. "But I think I know what to do with you now."

You quickly lost consciousness again after she attached an IV and began the drip.

When you woke up, your shivering little body was swaddled in a warm towel. The woman held you against her and was stroking your hair, burying your face in the crook of her neck. "Welcome back to your senses, cutie." You squirmed weakly in her grasp. "Hey now, shhh. Shhh. Settle down." She hugged you tighter, and then tighter. You dry-heaved as she crushed your stomach in her inhumanly strong grasp. "Behave yourself, little girl."

She relented and went back to stroking your hair. You wheezed and caught your breath. "W-what did you do to me?"

She pushed your cute ball-gag back between your lips and locked the harness around your head. "Look at those plump, childish lips. What a sweet face!" She bit your ear and tugged. "With those soft features, you look so much younger than your years." She turned you around in her lap so you were facing out into the room. In the corner was a tank of water. "You are going to drown forever in that tank, looking cute for my clients here in the office waiting room."

Your vision began to swim. You were hyperventilating around your gag.

"Not only that," she said. "The real torture is your brain implant. Compared to that, your continuous drowning is only an aesthetic choice." She tweaked your nipples under the towel. "Yes honey, this is sexual. Your body is responding how it should." She kissed your hair. "Now listen carefully, you must understand what I say next."

The woman removed the towel and laid your naked body across her lap. One hand rested on your stomach and then slid lower to cup the soft mound of your vagina, her thumb circling your clit. "It hasn't kicked in yet, but from now on, you need to keep yourself aroused. When you're not aroused, every pain nerve in your body will fire continuously at full blast." You moaned and struggled. She whispered, "Relax, sweetie."

Her other hand kneaded your breasts, sometimes catching a stiff nipple between her fingers. "You also need to keep yourself alert. When you are not asleep, you must be very much awake and mentally active. Process your senses. Think. Feel. Mental dullness will also be punished by your pain nerves firing continuously at full blast. You are to remain mentally present for your torture, otherwise my client doesn't get their money's worth."

She masturbated you more vigorously. You let out a cute noise and she laughed softly. "Mmm, baby. That's it. Focus on the sensations in your body. Let your arousal build. This is the last pleasure you will ever feel, so savor it." You closed your eyes and gave your body to her, riding the waves of pleasure upward, upward, toward a trembling crest. Your engorged clitoris hummed. She was really good at masturbating helpless, frightened girls.

"While in the tank, try to have novel thoughts sometimes, that will help reduce the pain. Fantasize as vividly as you can. Engage your five senses. See the scenes. Hear, smell, touch, taste. Because you need to keep yourself aroused, you might find that sexual fantasies are the most efficient for reducing pain. Maybe learn to find masochistic pleasure in the sensation of drowning. You'll figure things out as you go."

She withdrew as you neared an orgasm. You moaned in frustration. "Oh no!" She laughed. "Were you close?" She carried you over to the tank and you began to cry. "Purge your lungs sweetie," she whispered. "This is it."

You gasped as your pussy entered the water. "It'll warm up to your body temperature after a while." The water rose, over your ribs and breasts, your collarbones, and then she held you almost under, only your nose breaking the surface.

You inhaled. She laughed, "Not yet, not yet."

The woman clicked a collar around your neck, and you felt a prick. Several tubes and wires attached the collar to a port at the side of the tank. "We can't have you actually drown. You'll feel like you're drowning and suffocating, but that'll all be in your nervous system."

She kissed your forehead. "Alright, now inhale."

You drew a breath, expanding your ribs as much as you could, pressing your breasts against the glass.

"Good girl. Ok, now exhale so you won't float."

You whimpered.

"Do it. I won't ask again sweetie."

You breathed out. She submerged you and closed the lid, locking it in place.

Then she bent, cupped her hands to the glass, and said "One more thing. You'll never die." Your lungs began to burn, and then the first stirrings of pain began. The woman left, stood in the doorway for a moment, and then flipped off the lights.


I might try a substantial rewrite later, in first or third person, and with hopefully better characterizations and maybe some more dialog.


Honestly really enjoyed and would love to see more

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