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Part One

The five girls sat on the couch in the waiting room, waiting to die. Five futa girls, to be exact, all of them taken that morning without warning from an illicit brothel called "The Pink Pecker", which specialized in selling services from chicks with dicks.

Anne was the eldest at 23, and thus the leader of the group. Raven haired, tall, curvacious, busty and pale skinned, she was the picture of a cool beauty. Her cock was an impressive 10" long at rest, which had made her the envy of the girls and had also made her a star amongst the clientele. On the opposite side of the age scale was young Tina, who had just turned 16 a month ago. Blonde haired, blue eyed, a light scattering of freckles, flat chested slender, and with a cute little cock that barely reached 4" during an erection, she was in every way the polar opposite of Anne. Despite that, the two had a very close sisterly relationship.

Sitting beside them was Sara (age 17), who was the tomboy of the group. Her Hispanic heritage showed in her short stature and chocolatey brown skin, along with her fiery temperament. She was toned, her arms and legs thick and muscular, and she packed a chiseled 6 pack abdomen that had some of the girls wonder if she didn't slip a few 'roids into her protein shakes. Sara's piece was a respectable 5".

Marybelle (age 20) was Sara's best friend, despite being a tad bit overweight. Not that it mattered, since most of Marybelle's fat went into all the right places, which resulted in a body that most agreed had a satisfying plumpness to it, along with a soft stomach and milky white tits that the men who frequented the "Pink Pecker" were especially fond of snuggling into. She also had by far the largest cock, both in length (17") and girth (3" at the thickest). Her motherly tendencies had made her extremely popular among the more lonely clients.

The final girl sitting at the couch was a new hire. Quiet, bookish Samantha (age 18) had been living on the streets for a few months before being picked up by the owners of the Pink Pecker. Her skinny limbs, slender waist, flat chest and short, curly brunette hair, along with her large, thick glasses had often meant she was mistaken as a boy. The penis (3.5" long) probably didn't help matters much. However, what she lacked in physical traits, she more than made up for in a complete willingness to do whatever a John required of her. This meant she was the designated "ryona" girl, sent to please the customers with a penchant for hurting the girls.

They had been stripped naked, their hands tied behind their backs, their hair cut short, before being shoved into the room exactly one hour ago with another group of 5 futa girls. The two groups didn't say much to each other before the other girls were taken away by a pair of guards. That had been 20 minutes ago.

The room was silent, save for the whirr of the ceiling fan, and the quiet sobbing of Tina. Anne had placed her arms around the young teenager's shoulders, drawing the terrified girl into her breast comfortingly. Anne herself felt no small amount of fear, but for the sake of her friends, she had suppressed it for the time being. Sara just glared at the security camera, her mouth drawn back in a scowl.
Marybelle fidgeted with her freshly cut hair, missing the feel of the carefully curated braid she had just done up in the morning before. Samantha stared at her lap, scared, but also slightly relieved. She knew the sentence for prostitution was death by a long drop from the gallows, which was relatively painless in comparison to many of the other execution methods the Imperial Court loved to trot out. A memory flashed through her mind, seven years old but still as sharp as ever. Her mother had taken 11 year old Samantha down to the town square for some shopping, and they had passed an execution in progress. It was a girl her age, naked, tied down in a spread eagle position to a square frame, and slowly being flayed alive. The anguished howls of the young girl had drilled into Samantha's mind, along with the visual memory of how wet muscle and subcutaneous fat looked under the noon sun.

The door opened, and all five girls looked up from their musings as the two guards came in. "Alright, all of you get up and walk this way", one of the two men said in an authoritative voice. The girls slowly got up to their feet and shuffled forward towards the door. Each one tried not to think of what lay outside the door, even as they walked through it.


Part Two

There were five bodies slowly swaying from the gallows when the girls got there. Tina whimpered and squeezed herself against Anne's side, shaking in fear. Anne only stared up at the corpses and grimaced. Soon, they would be the ones swinging from a noose. The guards nonchalantly walked up the steps of the platform and cut down each body. They grabbed each one by the shoulders and feet, and simply threw them off the platform to the ground below, a drop of about 20 meters. The girls squealed as the corpses fell, the snap of bones cracking interspersed with solid, meaty thuds. None of them could bear to look at the bodies as they walked past the pile of limp limbs and torsos.

Once all five of the previous group had been unceremoniously dropped to the cold concrete below, the current group was forced up the steps to find five fresh nooses prepared specifically for them. Each girl had their weight and height measured, then calculated for the optimal length of rope to ensure a quick, clean break of the cervical vertebrae. There were five large X marks on the long, rectangular trapdoor. As each girl stood over an X, a guard would throw the designated noose over their head, sliding the knot underneath their jaw. Sara looked over and barked out a harsh laugh. "Sam, of all the times to pop a fucking stiffy!" Samantha blushed, despite her terror. Her penis pulsed with blood, in the throes of a raging erection. The guards noticed, and gathered round to take photos, much to Samantha's further humiliation. Then, one of the guards came to each noosed futanari and slipped a black cloth hood over their heads.

The girls tensed up. It was almost time. Anne cleared her suddenly dry throat. "Girls, it was great knowing you all", she spoke clearly and with noticeable pride. "We may not have lived long, but we lived the best lives we could, given the circumstances. I hope to meet you all up in the next world". She tripped over those last words, all the pent up fear suddenly spilling over. "Ooh god", she exhaled. At that moment, the trapdoor opened up. Suddenly, all five girls felt the platform below their feet slip away. Gravity took hold and dragged them down to earth. There was a loud crack as five nooses closed tight, shattering five spinal cords. Their bodies, now without a functional CNS shivered and twitched, bladders relaxing and unleashing streams of piss down long, slender legs. Samantha's rock hard cock erupted with jizz as the shock of her neck breaking caused her to have one last unconcious orgasm.

Then, all was silent, save for the creaking of the ropes and the pitter-patter of urine dripping off the floor.

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