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I wanted to write a story that Jimsugomi likes. That's why I tried myself at a not fatal debreasting story.

Kairi, Namine and Xion are cute girls. And at least Kairi has a proper breast size. (I tried to make them a bit bigger)

Did you find all nicknames for breast i tried to use?

Three Kairi’s burger special.

Kairi and Xion look at the special grills in disbelief. Namine actually was seriously planning to do it. Namine placed three of the newest Scrooge McDuck breast roasting prototypes on the table of her kitchen. The grills have been specially adapted for a girl to prepare her breasts without any help.
They had joked around: that they wanted to roast tit burgers for their boyfriends. It was just a joke that they wanted to use their own tits. Namine apparently really wants to roast her own tits for Roxas.
"Scrooge McDuck lets us use it for free as long as we record everything so he can use it as an advertisement.” Explains Namine excited. "Isn’t that exciting?"
"I know we talked about it." Stutters Xion. "But do you really want to roast your own breasts? I mean it most likely will be very delicious and Axel will love it… But Really!?"
Kairi is uncertain: “Allegedly, they regrow after a few weeks if you cure it with Vita. Scrooge McDuck earns double by selling an elixir to his customers when they order their own products in his restaurants. But wouldn’t it hurt a lot?”
Namine prepares the camera: “Yuffie tried it recently. She said that it wasn’t painful and tasted very good. Don’t shy out now! It will be fun!”
“Yuffie also fucks Chocobos. She doesn’t count.” Kairi laughs. “I would like to try it too. But I am sure that it will be very uncomfortable. The grill will be very very hot!”
“Maybe.” Namine giggles. “But the result is worth it!”
“I bet our goodies will be very tasty,” Xion admits her interest. “But do we really need to film it? It is already embarrassing to roast them without recording.”
Namine pulls her white dress over her head. She only wears panties and no bra under it. “I have nothing to hide. We're not the only girls doing it.” Without shame she starts the camera.
Kairi blushes: “Do you really have to show it that freely?”
Kairi still has not gotten used to the fact that Namine and Xion went through an age-spurt after being reborn. They are now as old as Kairi. And of course, Namine as her Nobody, has the same breast size as she does. It is a bit embarrassing when Namine shows her breasts so freely. It feels like she's showing her own goodies. Kairi's breasts are not as big as Tifa's breasts. But she doesn’t have to hide either. Her treasures are still way bigger as the average.
Xion jealously looks at the melons. “Yes don’t show them like this!” Unfortunately, her breasts are a bit smaller. They are still bigger than Yuffie's breasts. But it is only a small consolation.
“Stop complaining and finally undress.” Namine orders playfully.
“Whatever.” Kairi gives up. She opens her dress and pushes her underdress and bra down. “Maybe that distracts Sora from Riku. Sometimes he seems to be more into Riku as me.”
Namine plays with Kairi’s breast. “They actually even feel the same.”
Kairi giggles: “Stop this! Don’t play with the food!” It’s not as embarrassing to show them as expected. But it still feels weird to show them freely like this.
Xion groans. “Okay, I will do it too! I hope it is worth it.” She removes her black dress and then frees her cute tits as well.
“At least they will taste nice.” Kairi smiles confidently. “At least everyone claims that nothing tastes better.”
Namine also cuddles Xions goodies. “They also feel nice.”
“you are as lewd as Yuffie.” Xion backs away.
“We are literally the same girl. If I’m a pervert, then you are a pervert as well.” Namine enjoys the situation way more as she should.
“But our hearts are different,” Kairi speaks like Yen Sid.
Everybody laughs loudly. They play around for a few more minutes…

“Okay girls.” Namine tries to be serious for once. “Which grill do you want to use?”
“I think I'll take the charcoal grill. Meat should be roasted over coals.” Kairi decided first.
The grill she choices is more classic and simpler as the other once. It consists of a normal charcoal grill and two adjustable holes in which you can fixate the breasts. The only special feature is a sharp knife that works like a lever. You just have to pull it down to cut off the finished breasts. Scrooge McDuck not promised to much as he said they are easy to use.
Kairi ignites the coals. "All I have to do is wait for the coal to be ready, then I can start." She is very nervous.
The first of the two remaining grills look a little bit too extreme for Xion. She chooses the breast oven. The oven is a transparent box and works almost completely automatically. Xion just has to put her Mogrys in the respective openings. The Oven has no buttons. It will only open when the meat is fully roasted and ready to eat.
“Here I go…” She stutters nervously. Hesitantly she puts the little treasures inside. The openings adapt and tie the little balls helplessly. It is very tight and squeezes the breasts strongly.
“Apparently, I can’t change my mind,” Xion complains silently. It's cold, tight and annoying. She should not have agreed to it.
“It’s my turn!” Namine still fully looks forward to it.
The last grill looks a bit like a sandwich maker. Also, this device does not require a lot of presets. Put the breasts in the mold and squeeze them between the iron, as with bread. You just have to season the breasts beforehand.
Namine places her breast in the mold. “Cold!”
“It will be hot soon enough.” Kairi nervously giggles. She should have chosen one of the other grills. This waiting time is torture.
“I know.” Namine smiles and covers her hands with oil. She carefully applied it onto her melons. She kneed and cuddles them strongly but also very carefully. She squeezes and kneads her breasts like dough. Again, and again she dips her hands in more oil until her Mamamias shine thanks to the oil.
Xion looks at her breasts. The stove is getting a little bit warmer. The heating elements begin to light up slightly red. “Boring…” She tries to ignore the camera.
Namine takes a huge syringe in the hand. She fills the syringe with cheese sauce.
“You can’t be serious.” Xion looks at her shocked.
“I make cheese-filled breast burgers,” Namine explains carefree. “How else should I fill them?”
“She’s right. If I roast my breasts, then I want to do it right!” Kairi goes to some kitchen cupboards and takes out butter, Onions and a sharp knife. “I will season mine with onions.”
Xion reacts even more shocked: “I did not think about it at all! I can’t season my tits anymore. This is unfair!”
Namine seems to know more, she laughs evilly. “Don’t worry about it. Just relax and let the oven do its job.”
A mechanic voice asks: “How you want to prepare your girl burgers?”
“what?” Xion asks.
“Your selection is confirmed!” The device answers. “fruity stuffed tits.”
“Wait. I don’t make this choice.” The device ignores her complains.
Mechanical hands grab some bananas and apples and start to cut them into little pieces. The oven also throws some old rolls into the water to soften them up. Apparently, it can’t be stopped.
“I don't get your point.” Namine rams the syringe into her left nipple. It doesn’t hurt badly, Namine just feels a short sting. But nipples are very sensitive, and the needle of the syringe is very thick and long. It's not the most enjoyable experience either. It is a very intense pressure concentrated on her nipple.
She slowly injects half of the cheese sauce into her breast. It feels like she's pushing a melon into it. It still doesn’t hurt but her left balloon feels swollen and it isn’t easy to push it in. Namine has to push strongly to force it in. “I bet it will be very tasty.” She moans exhausted.
Even though she is very exhausted, she continues with her right breast. She fills the remaining sauce into it. Her breasts look a little firmer and fuller now and her nipples are slightly bigger.
At the same time, Kairi has cut the onions into small rings. The coal is almost ready now. However, there is still a little bit of cutting work she has to do. She takes a deep breath in and out. She swings the knife like a keyblade. She deliberately makes a few small cuts in the top of her meatballs. “Doesn’t hurt at all.” She moans relieved.
She puts the knife aside and takes a brush in her hand. She uses it to gently butter her breasts. It hurts a little as the butter runs into her fresh little wounds. It does not hurt much more like a cat scratch. However, it tickles very strongly. Kairi giggles silently.
Xion’s Situation is getting a little more unpleasant. The heating elements now turn bright red and it gets really warm. Xion is sweating.
The device mixed the fruits and rolls together and crushes it into a mush. It then fills everything in a container connected to a thin tube. The hands reach for two funnels that are connected with thick needles.
“Wait! Don’t do this!” Xion complains and tries to free herself. But her breasts are fully encased. She can’t escape.
The hands ram the funnels into her breasts without mercy. Xion startled. It hurts! However, the pain subsided quickly. It was just the first stitch that was unbearable. The machine starts to fill her breasts with the stuffing.
It is an indescribable feeling. She can’t really describe it. Although it's an annoying feeling, it's not bad. Her breasts feel more and more heavy and Xion struggles to carry the new weight. If she wouldn’t be tied to the machine, she would surely fall over…
The machine still continues to fill up her apples. They look more like Coconuts now. They look almost twice as big as they were before. The holes of the Oven feel even tighter. Finally the machine finished the filling process. The machine removes the funnels and starts to cover the coconuts with honey.
Xion can barely move. It is really exhausting: “How Tifa manages to run around with her weapons of mass destructions?”
“They would most likely make nice burgers as well.” Kairi jokes nervously. It’s time to start roasting her butter cups as well.
She is a little bit afraid of the blade. With one hand she holds it in place while carefully guiding her breasts through the holes with the other hand. She feels the heat immediately even though her little Kairi’s not even touching the iron yet. It is very hot!
Kairi hesitates for a moment. But then she drops her beef on the iron. It sizzles loudly. It is much hotter than expected! It is much hotter like a sauna. But it is not unbearable. Kairi just needs a moment to get used to it.
Namine had to realign her breasts. But now she can finally start too. She takes the flap of the breasts sandwich maker in hand. With a lot of strength, she pushes it down.
It's not easy. She has to squeeze her breasts strongly. The machine is designed for small breasts. That's why she has to flatten her rolls a bit. But with a lot of strength, she manages to close the flap and turn on the machine. From the camera's point of view, you can see her nipples looking out of the machine. A small amount of cheese drips out of them.
“This was more difficult as I would have thought.” Namine comments about her work. “Maybe we should have cut them off beforehand?”
Kairi denies: “Girl tits taste best if prepared freshly. They are the freshest if they are still connected with our bodies.”
“Well and is more fun like this.” Namine smiles. “Otherwise it would be very boring to prepare them.”
“But also, less exhausting.” Xion giggles exhausted. Her Honey balls are now a bit red. that's why the basting feels very good. In addition, you can even smell the honey already.
Kairi lifts her breast with a spatula. It’s not easy because her flesh sticks to the iron. They already start to roast in honest. you can see the first small roast tracks. She quickly applies more butter.
Namine feels like a sandwich. It seems to her that she herself is trapped between two iron plates. But it is only her cheese balls that are already roasting with loud sizzles. Her grill works very fast. “I think my will finish first.”
“I think so too,” Xion observes every little step her machine does. At the moment the machine seasons her with salt and pepper.
“Yeh, my burgers will need some time to be perfect,” Kairi explains while seasoning her ultimate burgers with onions.

As expected Namine burgers are finished first. Her grill makes a loud clack and opens by itself. Her breasts look a bit like Burger patties. They are very flattened and look beautifully dark brown. In some places, cheese comes out.
“Wow they look very tasty!” Namine drools. She does not feel them anymore. But she smells them.
She puts her cordon bleus on a cutting board. She takes a cleaver in the hand. She does not think long and separates them with one blow. She feels one kilogram lighter. She doesn’t bother cutting them into smaller slices. Instead, she puts the breasts on two baguettes and topped them with salad and tomatoes.
“Roxas will love them!”

Kairi’s globes finished second. They have taken on a gold brown tone and smell delicious. "It's my turn."
Carefully, she grabs the knife, it feels very heavy. It's hard for her. she has to close her eyes. But then she pushes it down and her tits break away from her body.
Kairi cuts her burgers into smaller patties and made some self-made whoppers. She wants to have enough burgers for all her friends and not just Sora.

Last but not least Xion’s breast turn golden brown and look ready to serve. She just waits for the machine to open…
However, the oven does not open itself yet. Because the device also does the cutting work for the girls. With thin lasers, it cuts the breasts into perfect slices. It serves the slices on several plates with fries and salad.
“I hope my tits will also taste good.” Xion looks at the slices with hunger.

Whether the rumor with the Vita magic is correct, should not be revealed at this point. But Scrooge McDuck is an honest businessman. He would never lie to convince girls to serve their precious treasures. Right? 😉

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