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Another day in the kitchen of horrors for a certain eldritch monster, but today was special in that she had been summoned, through a ritual not the standard method of mail, call, or reference, to prepare a special dish for a select group of the higher class. Also known as the rich, renowned, well-known, and wealthy in monetary values.

In other words, Ebony had been asked to prepare a banquet for the 1% of high class billionaires… or something like that. She hadn’t been paying attention.

Odd that they knew how to summon her, but she shrugged it off and guessed it was another follower of the Hungerer that knew about her and had told them. Otherwise, she would have never agreed to this reservation. A full-course banquet for six to eight people using her own ingredients was a waste of her time, resources, and the diners’ times, but she was contracted to obey by the eldritch ritual and summoning.

Just more items in the pantry for the next feast in a few days. As these diners would become her patrons, she would know where to find them when the time came.

The special dish, however, was both strange and familiar to her.

“Prepare the provided model in a similar manner to this video reference, except for the middle and ending sections. We do not wish to become a meal ourselves.” This was what her instructions, read from a note, had said. She looked over at the bound woman she had been provided with, delivered from within a body bag by a pair of hired muscles, she suspected, and frowned. “You won’t be filling at all for these people; maybe a few of the homeless. There isn’t enough time to fattened you up before the deadline, I don’t have time to properly stuff you, and you’re not willing at all…” Ebony said with a smile that only made the woman more afraid of her situation.

The chef leaned forward, hands on her knees, and looked at the woman with her black and yellow eyes. “I won’t hurt you, but you will need to help me with this request. Understand?” She asked.

There was a moment of whimpering, and then the woman nodded her head.

“Good. Now, I am going to untie you, show you to the bath, and get you something to wear while I find a change of clothes for you and make a call. If you try to run, and my employers catch you, they’ll kill you so I can cook you. To avoid that, do as I stay, remain calm, and everything will be alright, okay?” She informed.

The woman nodded her understanding.

“My name is Ebony, Miss Kari Patty. I hope we can be friends.” She added before producing one of her knives from behind her apron and cutting the ropes around the woman’s wrists and legs.

As Kari was in the bath, Ebony made a call on her phone. Technology was not something she usually used, other than cooking appliances, but it was handy in times like this.

“Hello? This is Ebony. Am I speaking with Emiko?”

“I was given an order for a fancy dish, but could you come help me with it?”

“They want me to prepare a different woman, but the deadline is too soon to get her ready. Will you fill in for her?”

“Great! I will also need your help looking up this… video? I believe. It’s called Bon Appetit, by Kari Patty.”

“Oh, you’ve seen it? Good. Show it to me when you get here so I have a reference for the preparation stages my employers want. It’s a live cooking and serving order, but use of videos and recording are still out of my field.”

“My usual kitchen. The one I impaled you on with the table and live-served you at a few months ago.”

“I’ll see you then. Bye.”

Half an hour past as Kari finished her bath and changed into a new set of clothes that resembled those of a chef, apron and hairnet with the hat included, while Ebony was busy in the kitchen, setting aside ingredients, oils, seasonings, and making dough when Emiko arrived.

The ebony girl knocked on the door before turning the knob and entering. “Hello! It’s Emiko!” She called out. This was not the first time she had been here, and she knew there was little chance a thief could steal anything from the owner.

It took a moment before Ebony replied. “I’m in the kitchen! Grab the laptop in the living room and meet me here, please!” She called.

As she did, Kari came out of the dining room to greet Emiko, who put two and two together and had a good idea of what was going on. She kept her excitement about meeting an actresses inside for now.

The two shared a short conversation on the way to the kitchen, and then helped Ebony finish up part of her preparations before settling down at the butcher table, using stools as chairs, and watched the requested reference video.

They had to stop the video, rewatch some parts, and discuss what to do for certain parts.
While Ebony and Emiko were fine with the activity of cannibalism, Kari was obviously nervous and horrified by the ordeal, but Ebony’s reminder about her fleeing kept the model from doing just that. Running away was more dangerous than staying.

The knowledge that Emiko had access to a cloning system did not comfort her as much as the two hoped, but at least it did calm her down to talk with them.

When they finally came to a conclusion as to what they would do, it was decided that Kari would chop the vegetables and fill the cauldron before retiring to one of the guest rooms while Ebony prepared Emiko for the banquet.

It would take some time, but Ebony knew of a few ways to cut corners to meet the deadline before the diners began showing up.

And it all started before she even knew about the order. It paid to never tire or require sleep, and her constant work at preparing ingredients ahead of time helped.

“I think I have the general idea in mind, so we can start whenever you two are ready.” Ebony said with a smile. “You two go shower and wash up though. We’ll be handling food, so clean up.”

“What about you?” Kari asked.

Ebony held up her hands to show the two humans. “I’m a mouth for my master. Germs, bacteria, and other organisms or materials are absorbed into my skin and consumed, unless I don’t want them to be. I can feed an apple to my master, peel it, or clean it by touch alone. I’ve tried cleaning meat of blood and bacteria in the same way, but the method is too precise for me.” She explained.

Kari and Emiko looked at the cook with a strange expression on their faces, like they did not understand or believe her.

She decided to prove it, so she went toward the refrigerator she was using to chill the ingredients, took a few minutes looking for something she did not need to use for any upcoming recipes, and finally returned to them with a glass bottle of ketchup.

Ebony held it in front of the two humans, the bottle’s bottom in her left hand and her right hand over the top of it, making sure they were watching her, and the two watched as the bottle began to disappear and her hands get closer and closer together.
Over the span of a minute, the eight-inch tall glass of tomato paste was eaten from the top and bottom simply by being in contact with Ebony’s skin until it was all gone, leaving only a quickly vanishing collection of red on her ivory skin when she turned her palms toward them.

“I’m self-cleaning, and a walking scrap disposal.” Ebony said with a smile, and then made a shooing motion toward the two of them. “Go. Get clean! My patrons asked for a cooked meal, not a raw one.” She added with a joking tone. “The raw one is next month, and sushi based. Something about a sea monkey, but that’s not tonight.”


Time went by and they were ready to begin… at least Ebony and Emiko were. Once Kari had finished her task of chopping vegetables and fruits and putting them into the refrigerator so they would stay fresh, she retired to the upstairs bedrooms to sleep and await the morning when she could leave.

After exchanging a few words, the cook and willing meatgirl were the only ones left in the kitchen, and it was time to begin the cooking.

First was the flouring, something they had agreed was more for show rather than preparation, but Ebony and Emiko had agreed to add a little bit extra to it.

To start with, Emiko laid down on a large mound of dough and flour, applying a light layer to herself, as Ebony carried over a set of jars containing pie filling, her favorite three knives sheathed on the outside of a think animal skin apron.
Since the reference called for a solitary meat dish, Ebony planned to make small cuts into Emiko’s body, providing openings for her to fill her with a cranberry filling she had mixed up.

The flour was to staunch the bleeding while the dough would seal the wound.

“Okay, let’s get started. A couple cuts in the lower chest, and then we’ll get you filled up.” Ebony said with a smile as she sat the jars down and brandished one of her knives. “Should I knock you out first?” She asked.

Emiko shook her head. “You’re always gentle, so awake or sleeping makes little difference. I’d rather be awake and helping you.” She informed.

Ebony jumped her and gave the human a hug around her neck, her knife falling from her hand and into her left foot as her leg bent in an unnatural way. “This is why you’re one of my favorite ingredients!” She said, and then crawled around so she was on Emiko’s back; still holding her neck but her legs and feet were now over the human’s belly. “Slow breathes now. Try to keep your heartbeat regular.” She whispered, one hand on Emiko’s neck and arm adjusting her position, the other arm holding her breasts up, and one leg stretching to grab a handful of flour-covered dough and the other leg, knife in foot, hovering over the first point she’d cut.

Feeling her pulse through her throat, Ebony waited for Emiko to get her breathing and heartbeat under control, and then began to stick her knife into the woman’s skin and muscles, under her breasts and above her belly, missing the vital organs as she drew blood. The crimson sauce dribbled down her belly where it was caught and stopped by the awaiting hand (or rather foot) full of dough, dying it a dark red as it traveled up her belly like a cleaning sponge. When it reached the wound, Ebony began to coat the cut with dough and flour, holding the wound open and wider with a toe of her foot, the other two holding the knife, and acting as a bandage.

Carefully, sealing the wound as she did, Ebony made the wound longer and larger, from under one breast to the other, until Emiko had an opening just below her torso with visibility into her guts.

“That’s the lower cut. Let’s add the first filling. Can you hold the wound open?” She asked as she moved her dough foot below the wound to hold it from the top and bottom.

Emiko, who had been breathing slowly and steadily with her eyes closed, nodded slowly and opened her eyes as she moved her hands to the wound and gently held the wound open. It was not as painful as one might think, Ebony having missed the vitals and been careful with the cut, and the dough had done a good job staunching most of the blood.

With Emiko holding the wound open, intestines and guts not completely visible but easily accessible, Ebony opened the first jar and began carefully pouring the substance into Emiko’s body, using the lid to block and capture the excess before it could be added.

The stuffing was lukewarm, a little surprising to the woman as she had expected it to be cold, and it gave off a lovely scent. Ebony must have treated it with something else as it did not cause her any discomfort, only an odd compressing feeling as though she had a belt on too tightly.

“Done with this jar.” Ebony said all too quickly. “Now to seal this opening and do the same thing above your chest; a long cut, staunching, stuffing, and lastly sealing again.” She added as she moved to get another handful of dough.

The upper chest would be tricky, given that the stuffing had to go over and around Emiko’s heart and lungs in a way that would still allow her to breath. Ebony had considered making a ‘T’ cut to give her more room to work with, but she decided against it to keep the shape of Emiko’s chest intact.

It took the two of them a few minutes before Emiko was properly stuffed and Ebony had massaged the stuffing around inside her body to even it out, leaving the human feeling and looking more of the chubby side and with a little difficulty breathing.

For Emiko’s part, she only had to lay on a large tray now as Ebony finished the rest of the preparation of her body. There were a few reasons for this: to keep the stuffing evenly distributed inside her body, to allow Ebony to turn her over as she needed, and to give her the most amount of ease throughout the rest of the journey through the kitchen and toward the dining table.

The tray was large enough for Emiko to rest her head on the side, a pillow behind her head and neck for comfort, and groves to leave her hands and feet outside of it as Ebony wheeled a large cauldron filled with water and Canola oil, along with the vegetables Kari had chopped up before. The tray was then allowed to heat over a number of burners underneath it on a low setting while Ebony painted Emiko’s nails and prepared the piercings.

The video reference had given the cook the idea of this kind of garnishing, using a form of manicuring and pedicuring. The main idea was treating the hands and feet in a different manner to the rest of the body to make the taste unique without changing the appearance of them. An acid base would soften the nails and skin while also flavoring it, and the piercings gave her inspiration for ‘edible jewelry’, something she had not considered to be different from garnishings.

By the time Emiko’s vegan bath was finished, her skin warm to the touch, still alive, and the dough used to seal her torso cuts a lovely brown color, the woman’s nails were a dark red, her hands and wrists and feet and ankles a polished and shiny with oil, and she was sporting a pair of grape earrings supported by string for easy access. Finally, within Emiko’s mouth was a fully cooked, forked tongue, made so with a heated knife and two thin needles; intent to be pulled from her mouth for each half.

“Emiko? Are you alright?” Ebony asked. “It’s time for the oven now. Open your mouth, please.” She added and waited for the woman to comply. When Emiko did, stirring as though being woken from a nap, Ebony put a cool bottle to her lips and let the red wine flow into her mouth and down her throat.

To Emiko, it was a nice relief from the heat, even if she could tell it was watered down a little, and she guessed this was due to the two of them moving from the burners to the oven.
To Ebony, this was to flavor the woman’s insides. A second bottle was added, followed by a lump of dough she had to force Emiko to swallow through pushing and massage.
The wine would bubble and expand inside Emiko’s stomach while the dough would prevent it from leaving the way it came out while inside the oven.

A favorite thing for Ebony to do was to use a large oven and let the meat cook inside it… with her inside too. It took a great deal of heat to affect Ebony, so she often basted meat she was cooking inside the oven. She did not have to worry about burning anything in this way, and, if something went wrong, like a burst, she was there to remove it from the oven, fix the problem, and then move back into the oven immediately.

When Emiko finished the bottle, Ebony took it from her lips and placed it to the side. “Twenty minutes in the oven, and then we’ll be ready for the party.” She informed, and then Emiko felt the tray moving, slowly before stopping in front of the large oven, and finally being wheeled in.

The oven was large, yes, but it was not as tall as a normal person and only a little taller than Ebony, but this would serve for the purpose of ‘dressing’ Emiko for the party. Normally, there would be multiple trays and racks inside the oven, not many but enough to prepare several small to medium sized pastries or meats as needed, but tonight, they were removed in favor of maneuverability.

Inside the oven, it was warmer than the burner, that much the human could tell, and she noticed the vents were open, meaning that Ebony intended for the water in the tray to evaporate out as a mist.

While inside the oven, Emiko noticed Ebony moving in and out of it often for the first minute or two, bringing in other ingredients and replacing the pillow with a mass of bread dough.

As Emiko cooked, Ebony was busy wrapping the woman in cabbage to lock in flavor, keep the dough in her body from exploding outwards by shaving off pieces, and making sure her head was not sealed inside the bread as it rose. During some points, Ebony even had to engulf Emiko’s face in her mouth (the one on her head, not the body mouth) to provide her with fresh oxygen to prolong her life.
All and all, the woman was not in much pain as she slowly cooked, at least as long as she stayed still.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the two exited the oven, Ebony turned it off, and Emiko was moved to a platter on a long, wheeled cart. She was still alive, more than one would call barely alive, but she was more along the lines of medium rare.

A lid was placed over the platter, no sense being left to cool she figured, and she felt the cart being moved for a time before stopping, being transported onto another surface, and then voices from outside.

Emiko took several labored breathes from within, the air hot and difficult to breathe in, before she had to tap the lid, painfully mind you, and waited several seconds for the lid to be raised, the rush of cool, fresh air causing her to inhale and arch her back, and, slowly, move her arms and legs as she let out a heated breath.

She tried to focus her eyes to see what was around her, but found it too difficult and had to close them as she listened.

“Who is that?”

“That’s a clone of my friend, Emiko.”

“Where’s our entree?”

“Miss Patty was not meatgirl material, so I called Emiko and asked if she could send over a clone for me.”

“That wasn’t part of our pact!”

“The pact called for a human female as a meal for six without specifying which one, and I do not prepare unwilling, sentient creatures.”

“This is an outrage! You broke your end of the deal!”

“You may think that, but I still prepared the meal, as the pact commanded I do, and now you and your fellows will do your part-”

“That is not the one-”

The words were cut off suddenly, then a round of gasps, a short scream, and something falling over.

Emiko opened her eyes again, blinking as she did, and saw Ebony on the table, clutching an older man in a suit with her hand over his mouth and standing on one foot, pointed two of her three knives at the different people around the table. All present, with the exception of Emiko and Ebony, were wearing high class suits that told of their rank in society.

Turning her head to the sound of a cry of pain, followed by her struggling to raise her head up to see over the heads of the chairs, one of the diners seemed to have tried to run away, but was stopped by a knife to the back of the knee.

Ebony, smiling and looking eager, looked around the table, her neck twisting and doing a full 360 degree turn before stopping on the fellow she was holding. “Our pact says I must feed you and your fellows one human female while she is still alive. Our pact does not say you and your fellows have to keep your arms and legs before, during, and after the meal.” She said casually, but the malicious and seriousness of her words was there for all of them.

“I do not cook unwilling, sentient creatures, but I will feed unwilling, sentient creatures meals I have prepared one way or another.”

Making pacts with eldritch creatures is a dangerous business. At least Ebony had done a 7-star job on Emiko to the point that none of them could complain about the meal they were prepared… or at least not as long as the pact was in effect in her eyes.

There were no compliments, no words, and only the sounds of dining in the tension-filled room as the diners ate their living meal, said their goodbyes, and left.

The next day, after cleaning up, Miss Kari Patty would be escorted home by Ebony, prepared a lunch, and then the two parted ways before the chef would meet up with Emiko again to ask how she enjoyed the evening, and to receive several apologizes about the conduct of Ebony’s patrons.

Good ingredients were easy to find, decent patrons were another world on their own…


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Very enjoyable. Well done.

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