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“Are you sure you can handle all the arrangements?” Melody’s mum asked her for what felt like the hundredth time. “There’s a lot of people coming and its quite a lot to organise!”

“Yes, of course, Mum!” The teenager rolled her eyes. “I’m nearly fifteen, not a baby! Plus its not just me, Megan’s helping too!”

“Okay, okay!” Mrs Oliver spoke in a placatory tone, backing out of her daughter’s bedroom. “Just wanted to check!”

“Don’t worry, Mummy!” Her younger daughter, eleven year old Megan grinned at her from the bed where she was sat, “We’re going to organise the best family party you’ve ever been too and people are going to remember it for years!”

Once their mother was safely out of the room and the door closed, Megan hopped off the bed and went to lean on her sister’s shoulder, looking over at the computer monitor. Melody had hurriedly minimised the page when she heard the door opening but now she opened it up again and the girls looked with awe at the products advertised for hire.

“Crap…” Melody muttered, reading the ordering instructions down the side of the page. “It has to be hired by someone over eighteen and a deposit on a credit card.”

“We could always do it in mum or dad’s name?” Megan suggested.

“No, they’d see the charge on the statement and work out what we were doing.” Melody sighed.

“Oh yeah…” Megan frowned, “Don’t want to spoil the surprise!” Both girls were quiet for a few moments, pondering the situation, before Megan had an idea. “What about Uncle Frank? I bet he’d help us out and he’s really good at keeping secrets!”

“Oh yeah!” Melody grinned. “I didn’t really want anyone to know but one adult has to be in on it then Uncle Frank is the best bet! I bet he’ll love the idea and be happy to help!” She opened Skype and saw that, luckily, Uncle Frank was online.

Frank was their mother’s brother, unmarried and fairly well-off. The girls weren’t quite sure what he did for a living but it was his own business and he worked from home a lot and was always fairly lavish with presents, often slipping the girls some cash too and telling them not to tell their parents. He was far and away their favourite relative.

“Hey! My two favourite nieces!” Frank grinned, answering the call and seeing their excited faces fill the screen. Both had long, dirty-blonde hair but while Melody straightened hers and wore it loose, Megan kept hers in a pony-tail from which messy wisps were constantly escaping. Neither of the girls were what anyone (with the possible exception of their parents or grandparents) would describe as stunners but they had a natural prettiness as most young girls do.

“We’re you’re only nieces!” Megan reminded him, teasingly.

“Yup! And you’re also my favourites! What can I do for you, girls?”

“We need to hire some stuff for Mum and Dad’s big party,” Melody explained, “but it has to be an adult that does it and they need a big deposit too. We don’t want Mum and Dad to know what we’ve got planned so we were wondering if you could help us out? But please don’t tell them!”

“No worries, honey.” Frank smiled, “I’m no tattle-tale. What is it you need?” Melody copied the link and sent it to him then both girls watched in anticipation as he read, almost holding their breaths. At first Frank looked a little puzzled then his eyes went wide as he realised what he was looking at. “You girls sure about this?” He asked.

“Of course!” Megan grinned, “We had the idea ages ago but we weren’t sure Mum and Dad would ever go for it so we persuaded them to let us organise this party. By the time they find out, it will all be arranged and I bet they’ll enjoy themselves!”

“Oh I bet they will!” Frank exclaimed, “Everyone else too. Sure I’ll help you out. I’ll help you on the day too as I reckon you’re going to need a bit of support. This isn’t the sort of thing you can do entirely on your own. I do have a suggestion, ‘though, if I may?”

“Sure!” Melody agreed, happy that their Uncle was being so understanding and willing to help out.

“Have the party at my beach house.” He suggested, “It’s not too far a drive and, at this time of year, the beach is a great place for a party like this. Plus, that way, you can get all the stuff delivered there and come down the day before and get it all set up. If you do it in your garden, your parents are going to guess and spoil the surprise.

“Great idea!” Megan agreed excitedly. The plan had sounded like fun in their back garden but would be even better on the glistening, golden sand near Uncle Frank’s beach house with the sound of waves crashing in the background. Maybe in the evening, once it got dark, there could be torches like in beach resorts and people could enjoy a swim in the sea, after their dinner had gone down, of course.

“That’s settled then!” Frank smiled warmly. “You’ve not sent the invitations out yet, have you? Make sure you change the address before you print them out or email them or whatever you’re going to do. I’m sure your Mum and Dad wouldn’t mind you staying with me the night before, it wouldn’t be the first time after all, then we can get everything ready and they can turn up just before all the other guests. Sound good?” Both girls nodded eagerly. “If you don’t mind, ‘though,” Frank sat back in his chair and rested his arms on the desk, “I’d love to hear how you came up with the idea!”

It had been Megan’s idea at first, after seeing a fun movie where a family had gone camping and their middle daughter had agreed to be barbecued for their dinner one of the evenings. She had found the scene very exciting and had wasted no time in searching the internet to find out if that sort of thing was really allowed – she had been delighted to discover that not only was it perfectly legal but there were restaurants and butchers that specialised in the meat of young girls as well as companies which hired out equipment for girls to be cooked at home!

At first she had wondered if she could persuade her parents to hire a spit and cook her as a Birthday present or even take her along to one of the restaurants and have her cooked there but, before she had got around to asking, they began discussing how it was high time for a big family reunion party. Realising that, despite being ever so slightly on the chubby side, she would not be enough alone to feed the entire extended family, Megan had told her sister Melody about her secret desire and asked if she would consider being cooked alongside her. By way of an answer, Melody had simply giggled and opened a folder on her computer filled with pictures of girls getting butchered and cooked, both real and simulated. There were even some stories she had written herself. It turned out that Melody had wanted to be cooked and eaten since around the age of four having watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon where “savages” stuck him in a big stew pot. Megan asked if the stew pot was still the way she would want to go but Melody had explained how her fantasies had become a little more sophisticated and, in a word, brutal, over time.

How come, Megan had asked, she had never sought to make her fantasies reality? Melody had explained that she had felt shy and nervous about admitting how badly she wanted to be eaten and had been holding out hope that one day her parents would just decide to have her cooked without her having to ask. She had even sent for brochures and publicity material from both restaurants and holiday resorts where girls were on the menu in her parents’ names but they always seemed to assume they were junk mail and threw them out more or less unread. Many of them, Melody had been able to fish out of the recycling bin later when nobody was looking and there was a large shoebox under her bed filled with the glossy flyers and promos.

The girls who, as is the way with sisters, so rarely agreed on anything, very quickly agreed that they wanted to be cooked and eaten at the big family party but then there was the hurdle of getting their parents to agree. There was always the risk that they would not trust the girls’ choices or may feel unsure about eating their own daughters, even if they may have been willing to eat other girls. Both were sure, however, that as soon as they got a whiff of the delicious cooked meat they would not be able to resist and would happily tuck in. The workaround they had come up with was to beg their parents for permission to organise the party. While they had been reluctant at first to leave such a big and important event in the inexperienced hands of an eleven year old and a fourteen year old but eventually they had conceded, giving them a list of names and addresses for people to invite, setting them a budget and, very reluctantly indeed, leaving them to it!

“Well, that’s quite a story!” Frank chuckled once the girls had finished bringing him up to date. “You know me, always happy to make a girl’s dream come true, especially if I get a good meal out of it too!” The girls giggled. Both were very happy to hear that Uncle Frank was looking forward to eating them and liked the idea of him enjoying their meat. “Can I take a look at that guest list?” Melody sent it over and waited while Frank ran his eyes over it.

“That’s a heck of a lot of people.” He said after pondering for a few moments. “I think you might need at least a couple more girls to make sure everybody’s well-fed.”

“Oh.” Megan sighed and both girls looked disappointed. “I don’t know who else we could ask?”

“Don’t worry,” Frank reassured them, “there’s a couple of local families who owe me a favour or two. I’m sure I can arrange something.”

“Great!” Melody exclaimed, grinning.

“So what exactly do you need me to hire?” Frank asked, studying the web page again.

“A spit for me!” Megan piped up happily.

“A grill and the frame… item 23A I think? For me!” Melody informed him. “Oh, and the set of knives they recommend to go with it.”

“Wow, that’s pretty hard-core!” Frank exclaimed in genuine surprise.

“Hey, I only get to go once, huh?” Melody grinned, “Might as well make it memorable!”

“I guess so!” Frank chuckled again. This was certainly not a conversation he has expected when he saw that his young nieces were calling him. Usually it was just for advice about homework or to persuade him to take them to a movie or buy something their parents had written off as too expensive, now here he was helping them plan to not only have themselves cooked and eaten but the kids of some of his friends and neighbours too! “I’m gonna go ahead and put another spit and a traditional pot on the list.” he informed them, planning who he was going to try to add to the menu. “But before I pay for this, you’d better just go check with your parents that they’re okay having the party at my place. I don’t see it being a problem but… you know. Best to check!”

Melody ran out of the room to talk to her parents while Megan took the opportunity to steal the chair and chat to her uncle.

“Have you ever eaten a girl before?” she asked, curious.

“A couple of times.” he admitted, “I’ve been to a few business dinners at that place… what do they call it? Cindy’s?”

“Sidney’s!” Megan corrected excitedly, “I’ve been reading all about it!”

“That’s the place!” Frank chuckled, “And last Summer one of my neighbours had a back yard barbecue and cooked their daughter and, if I remember correctly, her best friend from school. Never thought I’d be eating you two, ‘though!” he added truthfully.

“We’re hoping everyone will like the surprise!” Megan grinned. “Who are the other girls you’re thinking of?”

“Let me talk to them and their parents first,” Frank replied cautiously, “I don’t want any awkwardness if they’re not up for it, although somehow I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“Hey! You’re in my chair!” Melody burst back into the room.

“My chair now!” Megan giggled, spinning it around to assert her dominion over it.

“Fine! I’ll just sit on you!” The older girl declared, sitting down hard and leaning back, deliberately squashing the breath out of her giggling little sister.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll get up!” Megan squealed. Melody raised herself just enough to let the smaller girl squeeze out from beneath her.

“So?” Frank asked once the giggling has subsided. “What do they say?”

“They’re jealous that we’re letting you in on the plans but won’t tell them,” Melody admitted, “but they love the idea of having the party at your beach house! They say it’s a lovely setting and, in their words, they won’t get stuck with the clean-up afterwards!”

“A very good point!” Frank chuckled, “It’s not like you two will be much help by then! So,” he grinned, “I guess it’s a deal! I’ll get this stuff ordered now and have a chat with the rest of the potential meat over the next day or two. I’ll let you know how I get on! Right,” He smiled, “I have to get on with some work and you two have invitations to make and send out! Good luck!”


This is good, an interesting scenario and two lovely girls. I bet the name Frank was chosen entirely by chance ;)

It's good to have you here writing stories again though! Looking forward to more.


Honestly a coincidence! Just a cliche "uncle" name lol. Glad you're enjoying it so far!


Please just do not quit again before finishing this one ;)
I really want to see how it ends.


Don't worry - I will see this one through to the end :D


A short installment to keep you hungry ;-)


The invitations were sent out and the next weeks passed painfully slowly. Every day, Frank would find himself bombarded by texts, IMs and calls from the girls checking on progress as well as the occasional message from his sister or her husband trying to get some clue as to what was going on but he kept his promise to the girls, telling their parents nothing other than that everything was in hand and that the party was sure to be a success.

Eventually, the day before the party arrived. Uncle Frank had promised to pick the girls up and take them to the beach house to start preparations so both girls were up, showered and dressed before 7am, despite not expecting him until around 10.

The sisters spent the morning going over their plans in Melody’s bedroom, looking at the pictures of the cooking equipment online and speculating about the other girls that Uncle Frank promised he had found to join them on the menu. A text from Uncle Frank let them know that he was on his way so they found their shoes and gathered what little they would need for the rest of the day and that night.

“Are you sure you’ve got everything you need?” Their mum asked, looking at the very small over-night bags they had with them, waiting by the front door. “What about outfits and shoes for the party?”

“We’ve got everything we need!” Melody insisted. “Don’t worry!”

“Well, okay.” Their mum had said a little uncertainly. “You can always let us know if we need to bring anything else for you tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Megan chuckled, “If we think of anything else we need we’ll let you know. Looking forward to the party?”

“Yes,” Mrs Oliver conceded, “but I’m sure I’d be looking forward to it a lot more if I knew what you two had planned!”

“Aah you’ll just have to wait and see!” Melody teased. “What’s is it they say? Anticipation heightens the pleasure?”

“Uncle Frank’s here!” Megan squealed, waving frantically out the window. “Bye Mummy!” Both girls gave her a very hurried hug, “See you at the party tomorrow!”

“Shotgun!” Melody called, practically throwing herself through the passenger door of the car. Grumbling a little but not too upset as it would mean she had room to spread out, Megan got in the back, narrowly avoiding being hit by Melody’s overnight bag as she threw it carelessly over her shoulder onto the back seat.

“Excited?” Frank asked with a slight smirk as he pulled out of the driveway and waved to his sister through the window. Both girls looked almost ready to explode and were practically vibrating in their hyperactive excitedness. He honestly began to wonder if he was going to be able to handle them for the next 24 hours without becoming utterly exhausted or whether he should have asked a few friends over for backup.

“Has all the stuff come?” Megan asked from the back seat.

“Yup! First thing this morning. I’ve not unpacked any of it yet,” Uncle Frank explained, “I thought we could do that together?” The girls thought this was a great idea.

“What about other girls?” Melody asked, “Did you find some?”

“Oh yes!” Frank grinned. “We’ve got Anna and Helen from next door for the pot and Charlotte, the daughter of a guy who works for me, for the spit. She’s your age, Megan, I think. Does gym and dancing and is going to look so good on the spit!” Frank couldn’t help licking his lips at the thought and Megan felt a little sad. She was pretty enough, she knew, but bordering on chubby and was worried she wouldn’t be able to measure up to an athletic girl if cooked the same way. Frank noticed her face fall and realised her concern. “Hey don’t you be worrying, sweetheart.” He assured her, “Your type of meat and hers taste totally different anyway, plus you’re going to be cooked with my special barbecue sauce I only make for special occasions. She’s just an appetizer and a bit of eye-candy. You’re gonna be our special Hawaiian-style luau piggy!” Melody brightened a little and, rather than worrying whether or not she would be as tasty, began to look forward to helping prepare Charlotte.

“What about the neighbour girls?” Melody pushed. “What are they like?”

“Well you’ve got Helen who’s twelve and Anna who’s seven.” He explained, “Cute enough girls but not as cute as you two. I only asked for Helen but little Anna insisted it had to be both of them or neither so how could I turn that down? Nothing special about them really but they’ll make good stew meat! Don’t worry,” he grinned, “you two are definitely going to be the stars!”


>>17571 To be honest, Frank is indeed a very good name for an uncle. Or just a generic, masculine character.

>>17604 Nice! I hope Frank has some "fun" with the girls before he cooks them. Melody is after all practically a grown-up, so naturally she should partake in the activities that grown-ups do. Megan might become jealous of her, though I expect Frank wouldn't mind her joining in as well… He sounds like a kind of sketchy guy, so he might have some ulterior motives for always being so nice to the girls.


I have the ending worked out but there's a variety of ways the middle could go! And yes, you may have noticed I hinted about Uncle Frank being good at keeping secrets ;-)


This story looks extremely familiar, as if I wrote it myself :)

Does it mean you actually used my scenario here?

It looks like it is going to be the best of your stories If those girls are going to do more or less everything themselves and not just ask Frank to do everything for them ;)
But it is not going to be easy to organize the party and at the same time get cooked :)


Hmmm I have not conciously borrowed anyone's scenario and hope I have not done so accidentally - the inspiration came from a photo of sisters on the beach and I worked back from there! it is their party and they will do as much as they can but, like you say, there is a limit to the extent to which you can cook yourself! I hope you do enjoy it 'though :-)


How many coincidences :)
My current 3D work is also about sisters on the beach LOL

My "meatgirls adventure" which I posted here recently also had a short version of something that resembles this story.


Hmm well like I said there was no concious "borrowing" and it may well not play out how you're picturing as I never quite know what is in your head lol. I will probably write some more of this one tomorrow as I will have a lot more time :)



Soon enough, they arrived at Uncle Frank’s house and the girls tumbled out of the car, eager to go look at the equipment that their favourite uncle promised them had been delivered.

“It’s all on the back porch.” Frank assured them, opening the front door to let them into the nicely air-conditioned beach house. Behind the property, hidden from the road, was a stretch of private beach where the girls had skinny-dipped several times in the past. It gave them a special thrill to know that it was also where they would be cooked!

The girls ran past Frank to the French windows which opened out onto the porch. They were locked from the inside but it was the work of seconds to unlatch and slide them open. Stacked on the decking, some leaning against the wooden fence, were a number of bubble-wrapped packages, some large and heavy-looking and others much smaller. Megan was especially excited to see two long pieces that she was fairly sure must be the spits, one of which she would very soon be riding!

“It’s looks heavy.” Melody frowned, “Are we going to be able to get it all down to the beach?”

“Don’t worry.” Frank reassured her, appearing in the doorway and smiling, “They left a trolley so it should be easy enough to move if we all work together. Plus we can always call on Jack from next door if we need extra help. It’s his girls who are going in the pot, after all, and that’s one of the heaviest pieces!”

“Can we get started?” Megan asked eagerly, “Will it be okay to set everything up today then leave it out? Nobody walks along here other than the neighbours, do they? And I don’t think it’s going to rain!”

“I think that’s a fairly safe bet!” Uncle Frank chuckled, looking out over the sea at the clear blue sky which extended as far as the eye could see in all directions. “And sure. I kinda figured we’d get everything set up today. If the guests are arriving at lunch time you’re going to want to start your appetisers cooking pretty soon after breakfast to make sure they’re ready in time.”

“When are they coming?” Melody asked, trying to think practically.

“Charlotte’s being dropped off first thing tomorrow, about 7,” explained Frank, “and the girls from next door can come over any time we’re ready for them.” As if on cue, there was a call from down on the beach. The girls leaned over the rails to see a man about Uncle Frank’s age accompanied by two girls who seemed to be wearing bath robes.

“Special delivery!” the man called out. “We saw your car pull up and the girls wanted to come help with setting up. Hope that’s okay?”

“Sure thing!” Frank smiled and gave an acknowledging wave. “Girls, why don’t you run down and say hi to your appetisers?” Excited by the sudden reality of the situation and the knowledge that, not only were they going to be cooked but that they would get to help cook some other girls first, Megan and Melody enthusiastically ran down the slope that led from the porch onto the white sand of the beach.

“Hi!” Melody greeted the two girls while Megan stood grinning warmly just behind her. “I’m Melody, this is Megan.” Her younger sister waved.

“I’m Helen.” The older of the two girls introduced herself.

“And I’m Anna!” the little one grinned. With no further ceremony, both girls removed their robes and handed them to their dad then stood there stark naked in front of the clothed sisters.

“We thought you might want to inspect our meat!” Helen explained. “And anyway, we thought it would be sensible to dress like this to get set up in case we need to test any of the equipment?”

“Good idea!” Melody agreed before turning to her sister. “What do you think? Should we inspect the piggies? We’re going to be serving them to our family after all. We’d better make sure they’re good quality!” All four girls giggled.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave you to it!” Jack, Helen and Anna’s father, smiled and waved up at Frank who was still on the balcony. “Just send them back over when you’re done for the day and I’ll make sure they’re here bright and early in the morning! Bye for now!”

“Will do!” Frank waved. “See you later!”

“So.” Megan put on a mock-serious voice and clasped her hands behind her back. “Let’s take a look at you.” Melody copied her sister’s mannerism and they began to circle the naked girls, looking appraisingly at their bodies. The meat stood obediently with their arms by their sides, enjoying being looked at just as much as the sisters were enjoying looking at them.

Both girls were brunette with long, wavy hair. Helen was just on the right side of chubby and, while little Anna was much slimmer, she carried enough meat in the right places. Helen had the beginnings of breast, bigger than Megan’s but smaller than Melody’s, possibly as much puppy-fat as actual breast tissue. Her belly was round and her pussy lips plump and juicy-looking. Anna’s chest was completely flat but she had a nice round belly. The blonde sisters stopped behind the meat to inspect their rumps, both of which were full and round.

“I think these will do very nicely, don’t you?” Melody asked.

“Indeed I do!” Megan replied formally. “I think we’ll take them! Girls?” She circled back in front of them. “You’re hired!” The keen meat-girls looked happy and relieved. “There’s lots of setting up to do. Shall we get started?”



“You know,” Frank observed as the four girls ran up the ramp to the porch to start unpacking the equipment, “I think these two might have the right idea! There might be bits you need to test while you’re setting up and I don’t know if there’s oil or anything on the metal pieces.”

“What do you mean?” Megan asked.

“Well,” grinned Frank, “it would be a shame if those nice clothes got spoiled! I know you’re not going to need them much longer but I’m sure someone would be happy to have them!”

“Oh!” Melody caught on first, “I get it!” She giggled and pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing her bright blue bra. Megan, following her sister’s lead, began to undress too. Melody wore a pair of pink knickers under her shorts, not caring that they didn’t match her bra. Megan did not yet need a bra so was naked a few moments before her sister and stood with her arms folded, tapping her foot impatiently as Melody wriggled out of her underwear.

“Don’t throw these out or give them away yet.” Melody warned, handing her bundled-up clothes to her uncle. “Once we’ve got everything set up to cook the meat, we need you to take us to the supermarket to get the rest of the stuff that we need. Don’t worry,” she assured him, “Mum and Dad gave us money, a lot more than we’re going to need in fact since we don’t need to buy meat!”

“Don’t worry,” he chuckled, “I wasn’t going to get rid of anything of yours anyway, that’s something for your parents to decide. So do you need any help moving any of this stuff?”

“We’ll unwrap it first and see what’s here,” Megan replied, looking thoughtfully at the selection of bubble-wrapped equipment, “don’t want to risk the plastic getting blown out into the sea or polluting the beach.” Frank couldn’t help but smile at his niece’s thoughtfulness and environmental conscience.

“There’s four of us so it shouldn’t be too difficult!” Melody mused. “But if we get stuck, we’ll give you a shout. Is that okay?”

“Sure!” Frank chuckled, “I have to go sort out some boring work stuff but I’ll be around if you need me. Have fun, girls!” Leaving the four naked girls to their exploring, Frank went inside and sat down at his desk, flicking on his computer. From where he sat, he could still keep half an eye on the youngsters. It was a very strange feeling, he pondered, feeling responsible for kids you were going to help kill the next day! Chuckling at the absurdities of modern life, he logged into his email and started the tedious process of sending invoices and replying to requests for information about his services that could have easily been found on his website if the potential client had bothered taking thirty seconds to look.

Outside, the four girls set to unwrapping the packages. Megan was, of course, most excited to see the spits. Tearing the bubble-wrap off the first one she gasped, seeing how sharp the end was, not to mention the thickness of the pole that would pass through her relatively small body.

“Wow that looks pretty awesome!” Helen grinned, looking over her shoulder. “Do you think we’ll still be alive when you get skewered? I’d love to watch it happen!”

“I don’t know,” Megan admitted. “But you’ll definitely get to watch us spit Charlotte, maybe even help if you want to?”

“Ooh could I?” Helen enthused, “That would be so cool!”

Anna was clambering around the larger packages looking for one that looked like a stew pot while Melody was reading the instructions that had been packed with the assortment of hollow metal poles propped up on the fence around her.

“What’s that?” Helen asked, helping Megan unwrap what seemed to be half the mount for the spit.

“I think it’s the frame for me.” Melody frowned a little at the instructions, “But I can’t really work out how it goes together.”

“My dad’s good at the sort of thing,” Helen offered, “I can ask him to come over and help if you’re stuck?”

“Thanks,” Melody smiled, “I really wanted to do it myself but it’s good to know there’s help out there if I need it.”

“So what exactly is it?” Helen was curious and so was Anna who, having located the pot had come to ask for the older girls’ assistance in moving it. “How are you going to be cooked?” Melody’s eyes twinkled with excitement as she explained.

“It’s pretty straight-forward but so cool!” she grinned. “I am chained inside this frame and there’s a grill, kinda like a normal barbecue, next to me with a couple of knives. People can just cut off whatever bit of me they want to eat and pop it on the grill to cook! That way, not only do I get to smell how delicious my meat is while it’s cooking but I get to watch people enjoying it too!”

“That sounds kinda painful!” Anna made a concerned face.

“Whatever way we go is going to hurt a bit.” Melody reminded her. “And I don’t mind pain. I was a bit worried that I’d bleed out too quickly and die after the first couple of steaks were cut off but Uncle Frank found this chemical he can inject me with that makes your blood go thick so wounds wouldn’t bleed very much. Of course I’d die from it in about two hours normally but I’m not expecting there to be much left of me by then!”

“That does sound pretty cool!” Helen agreed.

“Hey girls, I had an idea if you’re interested?” Uncle Frank appeared in the doorway again. “Kind of a question for Helen and Anna really.” The four girls paused what they were doing and looked at him with expectant curiosity. “I was thinking,” Frank continued, “would you two mind if you didn’t get cooked at exactly the same time, as long as you both end up in the pot in the end?”

“I guess not?” Anna glanced at her sister. They had assumed they would be taking their final bath together but if Frank had an idea that might make the party more fun then they were certainly prepared to hear him out.

“I was thinking, what if Anna gets in the pot around the same time you put Charlotte on to cook then you’ll be done by the time guests start arriving. Then Melody and Helen, we can get you kinda Hawaiian costumes, grass-skirts, flower garlands, that sort of thing, and you can carry Megan to the roasting pit on her spit, all basted and ready for the coals. Once she’s on, Melody can chain herself to the frame and let the guests have at it and Helen can get in the pot with the Anna stew and serve it to people from inside the pot while she cooks. I bet the guests would get a kick out of that!”

“That does sound like fun!” Helen agreed, pleased that she would be able to assist with not just one but both spittings. “Are you okay with that?” she asked her sister. Anna nodded.

“Sounds great to me!” Megan agreed while Melody nodded enthusiastically.

“Great! Then it’s a deal!” Frank grinned, pleased that the girls liked his idea. “I’ll leave you to it for a bit. There’s a costume store near the supermarket so we can get what we need there when we do the grocery shopping. Have fun, and remember to call if you need me.”

“We will.” Melody assured him with a smile before going back to studying the instructions, even more excited for the next day than she had been minutes before. Uncle Frank really did have a flair for showmanship!


Oh yes, this story is getting even better.
I also really like that new method for Melody ;)


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :-D


Excited to see what you'll be doing with Melody! I was surprised when I read it, cause I have something very similar planned for Emily in my story. You even thought of the medicine to make the blood thicker so she won't bleed as much, which I was certain I was the only one to think about! I'll still finish my story the way I planned, but it's a bit annoying that you beat me to it :P


I think there is some quantum entanglement between gurochan users, because we all think same way :)

But if you finish your story first, you can later sue Hyde for plagiarism ;)

Although I don't think that blood thickening medicine is a very good idea, that's a bit too sci-fi because it does not exist. I think the more reasonable way is just to use rubber bands on all limbs.


They actually do have blood thickeners to slow bleeding, they force clotting. not quite to this extreme, but they do exist, I bet an ambulance would have some


Haha the slicing up of a live girl or woman is not as common as the spit but I've come across it in plenty of stories over the years, including the mainstream novel "Dexter is Delicious" (seriously, if you've not read it, find a copy and do so - it features a very willing teenage meatgirl and her detailed explanation of why she wants it so badly!) - after all, there's only so many different ways to cook someone! Hehe.

I got the idea for the eventually-fatal blood-thickener from a story I read years ago where a man gives it to his wife before she goes on the spit to minimise internal bleeding and help her last longer but (mild spoiler) I'm using it in this story to help overcome any reluctance Melody's family might have to starting to cut her up. I needed to make it that she was going to die either way so they'd accept they might as well! :-)



“How’s it coming along?” Frank wandered down onto the beach to check on progress. It was already mid-afternoon and if there was shopping to be done then they needed not to leave it too much later. Thanks to the trolley supplied with the equipment, the four girls has managed remarkably well on their own.

Two roasting pits, complete with spit and mount, were set up side by side with a space dug out in the sand for the charcoal. The frame and grill were ready. The frame looked a little like a typical garden swing but inside of a plank on ropes, a pair of handcuffs hung from the top. There were also similar chains at the bottom to hold the girl’s feet.

The pot was the only piece of equipment that required gas to heat it rather than charcoal but the girls had come up with a quite ingenious solution of burying the gas canister in the sand, leaving only to hose and nozzle exposed, then piling stones up around the edge of the pot so it would look more natural. Inside the pot they had found more pieces of metal rod that slotted together and curved over at the top like a shepherd’s crook. They were not sure what it was for but had set it up next to the pot.

“Ah!” Frank explained when they pointed it out to him and asked if he had any clues, “I read about that on the website. Apparently it’s to help you cut the body up to stew better.”

“What do you mean?” Helen asked. She had been looking forward to being cooked alive and didn’t want to be cut up first.

“Well, the girl goes in the pot alive of course,” Frank assured her, “but sooner or later the heat gets too much and you die. Now, if you left the pot on a slow simmer for a day or two eventually your body would just fall apart in there anyway but most people want to eat a little quicker than that so they recommend, once the meat girl dies, take her out and hang her on that pole, cut up her meat and drop it back in, bones too. Cooks quicker that way!”

“Ah right!” Anna bounced over, grinning, “So I will go in first and once I die you’ll cut me up and put me back in with Helen?”

“That’s right!” Frank smiled, “Or Helen can do the chopping herself before she gets in. Maybe you and Melody can do that together once you’ve mounted the piggy?” He turned and smiled at Helen who seemed reassured by his explanation.

“Sounds like fun!” Melody joined them. Megan was still making some adjustments to the mounts of the spit that she would be roasting on very soon. “I think we’re as ready as we can be here for now. Shall we go do the shopping?”

“I was thinking that might be smart.” Frank glanced at his watch. There was still plenty of time to get everything ready for the next day but he didn’t like feeling rushed and wanted the girls to be able to take their time picking out what they needed.

“Great! Let’s go then! Are you coming too?” Melody asked the neighbour girls. “You might as well. We’re picking what we’re going to be served with and that includes you!”

“Sure!” Helen agreed as Megan finally joined them. “Sounds fun!” The four girls started walking up the slope towards the house.

“Umm, girls?” Frank called after them. “Don’t you think you’re forgetting something?” They all turned and looked at him, puzzled. “As nice as the view is out here, most shops in town tend to be a little picky about their dress-code!”

Suddenly, all four girls realised what he meant and began to giggle. They had go so absorbed in the work of setting up the cooking equipment and so used to thinking of themselves as meat that they had forgotten how relatively unusual it was to go about your day stark naked as they were!

“My two, your clothes are on the sofa.” Frank called up to them, “But you other two had better pop home and find something to put on. I’m sorry,” he chuckled, “I know you all like being little hippy naturists but it’s just for a couple of hours. See you back here in, say, twenty minutes?” The two sets of sisters exchanged hugs then the neighbours ran back down the ramp to head back along the beach to their house while Megan and Melody went inside to find their clothes. Frank followed them in and slid the French window shut, locking it from the inside. There was very little crime in the area but it seemed silly to invite trouble.

“So,” he asked as he watched the young sisters getting dressed, “do you have a shopping list?”



It was not long before the neighbours were back and all four girls piled into Uncle Frank’s car for the trip to the shops. It was a rather tighter squeeze than before, with three girls in the back instead of just one, but it was only a short journey so none of them complained too much. Once they reached the supermarket, Anna ran to fetch a trolley. The others were about to follow when Frank got a phone call.

“Hello?” He sounded a little worried as he answered. “Uh-huh…. Okay that shouldn’t be a problem! Sure… uh-huh… Yeah we’ll be back in an hour, maybe hour and a half… Yeah that should be fine. I’m pretty sure Jack’s home, he can let her down onto the beach if we’re not back by the time you get there… Uh-huh… Great! Well you have a great weekend! And thanks again.” He hung up and slipped the phone back into his shirt pocket.

“What’s up?” Megan asked, worried that there might be a hitch in their plans.

“Oh nothing too major.” He explained. “Remember Charlotte I told you about? My friend’s daughter who’s going on the spit?” The girls all nodded. “Well her dad was going to drop her over in the morning in time to get her on to cook but he and her mum just got offered tickets for a weekend spa break. Some friend had a last-minute emergency and couldn’t go or something like that. But they have to leave tonight so he was asking if he can drop her off this afternoon.”

“Oh great!” Melody beamed. “The more the merrier!” Megan was a little quieter – she was still feeling a little insecure about her fellow roaster, having seen how excited Uncle Frank had been at the prospect of eating her, and she wasn’t sure she wanted her around for longer than absolutely necessary. But, she reflected, on the other hand, getting to know her could be a good way to cure the jealously and she might actually come to see her as a friend rather than a rival by the time she spitted her. Even if not, she could not help smirking a little to herself, she was going to get to kill her in the morning and watch her cook for quite some time before she needed to go over the coals herself!

Just then, Anna returned with the trolley, proudly pushing it in a relatively straight line despite struggling to see over the handle. Her sister helped her out subtly but steering it with a hand on the front and the happy group made their way inside.

At Frank’s suggestion, Melody had made a shopping list and led the way down the aisles, picking things off the shelves and loading them into the trolley, being sure to ask for the other girls’ input when there was more than one option. They bought plenty of bread rolls, salad, various salad dressings, crisps, ketchup and BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, paper plates, plastic cups, disposable cutlery (she explained that, since they weren’t going to be around to help with the clean-up afterwards she wanted to make it as easy as possible for Frank and the others) and six large bags of charcoal. She had calculated that they would need four but Frank suggested taking the extra just in case. After all, he explained, it wasn’t something that went bad as long as it wasn’t left open and he could always keep any that was left over for another time. When he said this, Melody felt strange for a moment, realising that life would go on without her and her sister and that there would be future family parties that they wouldn’t be attending. But, she assured herself, the memory of the feast they were going to provide would linger in the memory of those who partook far longer than any regular beach barbecue! Finally, they selected several multi-packs of soft drinks and three large crates of beer along with several boxes of white wine and perry.

“Great!” Frank grinned once the groceries were all loaded into the boot of his car. “That’s the practical stuff out the way. Let’s go to the costume shop and get you girls kitted out!”



Back at the beach house, the girls carried the bags of food inside and started putting the perishables away in the fridge while Frank lugged the sacks of charcoal. It took three trips but eventually the car was unpacked. Frank checked his phone again and found a message he had missed from while he had been driving back to the house.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, “Looks like Charlotte’s here, waiting down on the beach. Why don’t you girls go introduce yourselves while I sort stuff out in here?” Curious and enthusiastic to meet the final ingredient of their banquet, the girls ran through the house and out onto the patio.

“Oh, hey!” A small figure was waving to them from the sea. The four girls quickly made their way down the ramp onto the sand. The figure came out of the water to greet them. Watching the girl walking up the beach was like watching some mythical sea-goddess emerging from the waves. All four girls understood instantly why Frank was so keen on the idea of eating this girl.

Charlotte’s naked body was a work of art – toned, sleek and elegant without being skinny the way some dancers and gymnasts are. It was almost as if she had deliberately cultivated her prepubescent body to be the finest possible meat. Her long blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and the sun glittered off her dripping form, making it appear like she glowed with a golden radiance. She paused and pushed her hands over her head, squeezing the sea-water out of her hair.

“Hi!” The newcomer grinned. “I’m Charlotte. I hear we’re going to be cooked together tomorrow!”

“Yup!” Melody grinned, stepping forward and holding out her hand. Even as she did so, it felt like an oddly formal gesture under the circumstances but, after all, this was the first time they had met and manners cost nothing. The other girls introduced themselves and Uncle Frank came down the ramp with a sack of charcoal over each shoulder.

“Hey Charlotte!” He smiled happily. “I see you’ve met the rest of the meat!” All five girls giggled. “Did you check out the equipment?”

“Yes, sir!” Charlotte grinned enthusiastically. “It all looks really cool!”

“Oh please,” he smiled, “called me Frank! Okay girls,” he turned to his nieces and neighbours. “Once we get the charcoal in the pits there’s not a lot else we can do until the morning. Charlotte’s going to stay over with us tonight, of course, and Helen and Anna can either stay or go home for their last night, it’s entirely up to them. But for now, why don’t you all go for a swim and get to know each other a little better?”


A MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR: Okay lovely people – this is where you get involved! I’m often criticised that my stories don’t have enough sex but I’m pretty bad at “reading the room” when it comes to knowing what kind of sex people want to read about. Now, I have my limitations as a writer so I can’t make this a free-for-all suggestion box but there’s three options I feel like I could write so I will put it to the vote! Whichever option gets the most votes is what I will write!

How should the girls spend their last night on Earth?

A: The neighbours stay over and the five girls have a typical sleep-over, trying to ignore what will happen the next day. Talking about boys, watching horror movies, maybe “sneak” some alcohol and generally have a good, but fairly innocent time.

B: The neighbours stay over and the five girls basically have an orgy, figuring as it is their last night alive they might as well experiment with sensations they will never get another chance to experience.

C: Only Charlotte stays over and the others go back to their own house until the morning. While Charlotte sleeps, Megan and Melody sneak off for some naughty fun with Uncle Frank.

The choice is yours!


I pick B


Very exciting story !
I would prefer C


I did not notice that you are criticized for anything like that

In my opinion B is the most appropriate.
mostly because I want to see how you will manage to write that kind of stuff ;)
and I give extra praises if you make it really perverted ;)

But on the other hand, the separate sex scene is not really necessary if is it not meaningfully integrated into the main story plot.

also presenting it as some last opportunity to do something makes it a bit sad. I would rather present it not as the last opportunity but more like a benefit of being cooked so that there is no need to care about consequences like getting pregnant or even about the shame.


Thanks Onix :-) Whichever version wins will integrate organically - you know me, the build-up in my stories is more important than the ending (although I do want a good finale!) so seeing how they spend their last night feels important to me :-)

I didn't mean it in a sad way - more the, I dunno, recklessness maybe? that comes from knowing you're gonna die tomorrow so might as well try things you might normally have been more nervous or reserved about!

So, so far that's two votes for B and one for C. Polls will remain open for the next 20 hours! Happy voting!


Yes, I know that whichever version will be chosen it will be good ;)
Being reckless before death is a good idea. I hope girls will end being cooked with sore butts from all that sex LOL

But do not relax too soon. now one anonymous guy will come and spam everything with A votes LOL


I like C, but I'd like for all four of the older girls to sneak off and fuck frank while little Anne sleeps.


Haha honestly A would get my vote too but I shall go with the majority!

Cuntbasher, that's what may happen if C and B tie!


My vote would go to B. Let the girls have their fun. Let them explore and enjoy their last night together.


if it's a lesbian orgy…definitely B


B sounds fun, but I'd like Frank to get involved too. So C if I have to choose


Looks like we're headed for a tie in which case I will blend both ideas :-)


I vote B if you are thinking like gentle explorations and such, not 'orgy' the way Dolcett adults do it, lol. otherwise no preference


10 hours to get your votes in!


Anonymous - yes, thinking of curious youngsters exploring interesting new (to most of them) sensations :-)



Haha no sorry, I don't think Uncle Frank hired one of those along with the cooking pot and spits :-P


I will go with B



Okay! The votes are in and the results are as follows!

A: 0
B: 5.5
C: 2.5

So the clear winner is B! But due to popular demand, Frank may make a small cameo…

Now I just have to write the thing! Wish me luck! x


Sorry it's short and doesn't move the story forward that much - I've been struggling with both time and inclination for writing. When I have one I don't seem to have the other! But it's something rather than nothing so here you go :-) The episode I invited you to vote on will be the next installment - this is the necessary set-up :-)


As the sky began to turn first red then a dark blue, the girls emerged from the sea to find Uncle Frank waiting for them on the beach with fresh towels. He had built a small camp fire a little way down the beach, away from the cooking area for tomorrow’s party and he and the girls settled around it, the girls all wrapped in their beach towels and enjoying the still-warm evening air.

“I know meat girls aren’t supposed to eat the day before they get cooked,” Frank observed, “but I figured there was no harm in a few marshmallows?” He produced a packet and handed them round along with bamboo skewers to toast them on. He also handed out chilled cans of strawberry and lime cider from an ice-packed cooler. The girls were mostly much too young to be drinking under normal circumstances but the alcohol content was fairly mild anyway and he wanted them all to be relaxed and get a decent night’s sleep.

“Hey, look!” Melody held a Marshmallow up in front of her sister and pushed the skewer through it. “It’s you!” All the girls giggled.

“Where does the spit actually go?” Charlotte asked, a litter nervously. While she had no objection to being cooked and indeed was proud that her athletic body had got her invited to this very exclusive party, she had taken no part in the planning and, other than checking out the equipment when she’d arrived, before the others were back from the shops, had no real idea what to expect.

“It can go in the pussy or the ass.” Megan, who was very well-read on the subject, informed her. “Then there’s a little stabiliser thingy that goes in the other hole.” She found that she had really warmed to Charlotte since they had actually met – it was true that the younger girl’s body was a work of art, as if carved out of marble by a sculptor, but she did not seem in any way “full of herself”. In fact, she seemed pleased to be asked to help out by joining the menu at the party. Although she had not said anything about it herself, the fact that her parents seemed very willing to sell her to Uncle Frank and were not even bothered about attending the party to taste her meat suggested to Megan that her home-life was not especially happy. Perhaps, Megan wondered, her fellow roaster had put so much effort into her dance and gymnastics as a way of distracting herself from her unhappy life. Perhaps she was really happy to be cooked not as a treat for her loved-ones as she and Melody were planning, but as a means of escape. She made up her mind to be as kind to her as she could over the next few hours and make sure her last day was a relatively happy one even if the days leading up to it had not been.

“Which are you gonna do?” Charlotte asked, trying to imagine how it would feel having the sharp metal rod forced into either of her delicate openings.

“I want the pole through my ass,” Megan explained, “as I want to be sure someone can enjoy my pussy and I don’t want it to get torn or burned on the metal. Plus I think that hole might be a little bigger. Which way do you want us to do you?”

“Hmm, can I think about it?” Charlotte asked.

“Sure!” Megan grinned.

“What time are you going to start cooking us in the morning?” asked little Anna. Melody took this question.

“The guests are arriving around twelve,” she informed her, “and they’ll be wanting to eat fairly soon after they arrive so I was thinking you appetisers should be starting to cook by ten. Then when they guests arrive, Helen and I will spit Megan and put her on to roast next to Charlotte, who should be close to being done by then and, if you’re ready, get you cut up so Helen can get in the pot and start serving your meat while she cooks.

“Sounds good!” Anna grinned. In truth, she was a little sad about not getting to meet the people who would be eating her but she satisfied herself by imagining how delicious she would be and how much they would enjoy her sweet and tender young meat.

The conversation continued with talk of cooking methods, how they all felt it would feel being cooked and which parts of their bodies were going to taste the best. Everyone, Uncle Frank included, was so absorbed in the conversation that they did not notice the time passing but eventually, seeing that the bag of marshmallows was empty and there were no ciders left in the cooler, Frank glanced at his watch and noticed that it was already a little past 11pm.

“Woah, it got later!” he exclaimed. “You girls have a big day tomorrow, it’s probably time to be getting up to bed!” He pondered for a few moments. “Your parents have probably already turned in for the night.” he reminded Helen and Anna, “Since you’re here this late they’re probably expecting you to spend the night, are you okay with that?”

“Sure!” Helen grinned and Anna nodded.

“Great! Well, as you know girls,” he turned to his nieces, “the bed in the guest-room is a king-size. Think you can all manage sharing it if you top-and-tail? I’ve got plenty of spare pillows!” The towel-clad meat-girls all agreed that they wouldn’t mind sharing the large bed. It was only for one night after all. “Great!” Frank grinned, “You girls head inside, take showers if you want to. There’s the en suite in the guest room, the main bathroom and I don’t mind if someone uses my en suite, just try not to leave the floor too wet, huh? Would be pretty inconvenient for tomorrow’s party if I slip and break my neck on the way to the toilet tonight!” The girls giggled. “I’ll get this fire safely covered over then bring you the extra pillows, okay?” Ever so slightly wobbly on their feet thanks to the fruit ciders, the girls made their way up the ramp to the house. Melody draped her beach-towel over the balcony and the others copied her, following her into the house stark naked.

“We probably should do as Frank says.” Melody remarked to the other girls, taking charge as she was the eldest and it felt appropriate. “Salt water can really dry your skin out and we don’t want to be all flaky and crackly tomorrow, do we?” The other girls conceded. “So there’s three showers and five of us. Should we take it in turns?”

“Why don’t we just buddy up?” Megan suggested, grabbing Charlotte’s hand. “It will speed things up a bit and, well,” she giggled, blushing a little, “make things a bit more fun!”

“Can I go with you?” Anna looked up at Melody excitedly, somewhat in awe of the older girl.

“Sure, if your sister doesn’t mind showering alone?” she looked questioningly at Helen.

“Are you kidding?” The chubby 12yo laughed. “I don’t think I’ve had a bath or shower on my own since she could walk! A bathroom all to myself will be total luxury!”

“That’s settled, then!” Melody grinned, taking Anna’s offered hand. “You can use the en-suite in the guest-room, we’ll use Uncle Frank’s and you two,” she indicated Megan and Charlotte, “can have the main bathroom.”

“Actually,” Megan grinned sheepishly, “do you mind if we use the one in Uncle Frank’s room?” Melody knew her sister well enough to know that she was up to something but knew better than to question her. Plus she was more than happy to be getting the main bathroom rather than a little en suite and had only offered it to the other pair out of politeness.

“Sure!” She grinned, then realised that the neighbours were probably not as familiar with the layout of the house as she and her sister were. “Can you show Megan to the guest room on the way?” Megan agreed happily. “Great!” Melody grinned at the others, “Go have fun, get all the salt off your skin and out of your hair and we’ll meet in the guest room in about half an hour?”


last chapter reminds me a little of this manga


Hehe, worrying about alcohol effects on the young body before they are getting cooked :)
In this situation, I would do opposite make girls drunk and crazy ;)

Otherwise, everything is good as usual.


And have them spend the night throwing up then cook them hungover? That's gonna be erotic… :-/ Tipsy can be written quite cutely and will just relax them but full-on bladdered wouldn't make for a great story lol


Ah yes, if they have a hangover it may ruin the party :)
But making them slightly drunk also gives an opportunity for a very crazy night with BDSM elements ;)
(but this is whats I would do. I do not even expect you to do it because your stories are way too cute ;)

What I found funny, is not that they do not get drunk but that you say "Girls are too young for drinking" as if you care for the effects on their health LOL what sounds like some parody. In fact, it is even funny idea, which can be developed later where girls say something about safety or health issues while working with those cooking utensils or other tools.
You don't want to accidentally splash hot water on yourself and get burnt before getting boiled in that water LOL
Or you can mention something in your other story about healthy food as another version of this joke.


Ah right - it wasn't a health concern, more an observation that it wouldn't normally be okay to give them alchahol and it's not something he'd have done on one of their normal sleepovers but, given the circumstances, he figured there'd be no harm in it :)


nice can't wait till next part


Thanks :-D Sorry I've been kinda busy and not in the right head-space to write this week but I hope to continue over the weekend!



“I’m glad we got this one!” Anna grinned, walking just ahead of Melody into the main bathroom of Uncle Frank’s beach house.

“Not bad, is it?” the teenager smiled, checking that there were some clean-looking towels on the rack and bottles of shower gel in the shower cubical. “Bigger than the one we have at home anyway, but you should really see the one in Uncle Frank’s house in town. It’s massive and the bath is more like a proper hot-tub! Maybe you can… oh.” She caught herself. Neither she nor Anna nor any of the other girls had any future beyond the next day, apart from possibly as left-overs and possibly a keepsake or two. “Sorry.”

“No worries!” Anna said, brightly. “It’s easy to forget sometimes, huh? You know,” she clasped her hands behind her back, looked down and shuffled her feet a little awkwardly, “your uncle only wanted to buy my sister but I said if he wanted her he had to take me too!”

“Yeah, he mentioned that.” Melody smiled, “He seemed to think you were pretty keen to get cooked and eaten? How come you’d never asked your parents to cook you instead?”

“Honestly, I’d never thought about it until…” Anna exclaimed. “Oh, wait!” she put her hand on Melody’s arm as the older girl went to switch on the shower. “Do you think we can have a bath instead? I’d really like that!”

“Sure!” Melody smiled. “You’re doing me and my sister a big favour after all and we’ve got no other plans for this evening!” She turned on the taps, checked the temperature of the running water with her hand and poured in some bubble-bath which advertised itself as ‘stress relieving and muscle easing’. “So,” she sat on the edge of the bath, “you were telling me what made you want to volunteer?”

“Oh yeah!” Anna grinned, recalling her train of thought and sitting down next to the older girl while they waited for the tub to fill. “Well your uncle came over and was talking to my dad about what you had planned. I wasn’t in the room but I started to come downstairs to get a drink and could hear the voices so I decided to sit on the stairs and listen in and, as I listened I got really excited! I don’t really know how to describe it but it made me feel weird in my tummy and kinda tingly…” she blushed, “…down there, you know?” Melody smiled reassuringly. “Well as I listed I started wishing that I could be cooked for dinner too and started to plan a party like you’re throwing, wondering who I could invited. Anyway, your uncle started moving the conversation towards needing more meat because of all the guests that were coming. I found myself really hoping that he was going to ask for me. When I heard him ask for Helen it was like someone had just given me a massive icecream then knocked it out of my hand!”

“Oh, wow…” Melody put her hand on the little girl’s knee, wondering how she would feel herself if the party tomorrow was suddenly cancelled, if the law got changed over night or something like that and she would have to give up on her dream of being eaten.

“So anyway my dad came out into the hallway to shout for Helen and I pretended I was just now on my way down the stairs and, when she came down, followed her into the living room. The men looked a little nervous or awkward about me being there but pitched the idea to Helen anyway. When she said she was up for it I begged them to take me too. I guess your uncle decided there was no such thing as too much meat and Daddy was pretty pleased with the money he offered him so they both agreed!”

“Well I’m very glad!” Melody grinned, “I’m sure you will be a delicious addition to our menu tomorrow!” She was also intrigued that her uncle had offered generous amounts of money for the extra meat-girls. She had told him that she had a modest budget given by her parents to buy drinks and extras but never once had he asked to be reimbursed for the three girls he had bought to join them on the menu. She felt a warm glow inside at the idea that her beloved uncle was being so supportive of her dream.

“Looks like the bath is ready.” Anna remarked. “You get in first!” Melody stepped over the side of the tub and stretched her shapely legs out, enjoying the caress of the hot water. Anna climbed in after her but instead of sitting on her lap facing the same direction like Melody had expected, the way she had bathed with Megan when they were smaller. Anna straddled the older girl’s thighs and sat facing her.

“These are so nice!” The little girl looked admiringly at Melody’s small but nicely-shaped breasts, cupping them then giving a little squeeze. “Kinda jealous that I’m not going to ever have any. How do you think they’ll taste?”

“Pretty good, I hope, as long as they don’t get over-cooked.” Melody looked down appraisingly at her own chest, “I’ve read that they’re best cooked fairly lightly, like just seared on the outside and fairly raw inside.”

“At least you can warn whoever’s cooking them.” Anna fondled the breasts with a childlike curiosity. “Sorry!” She looked up, blushing a little, “Hope you don’t mind me touching them?”

“No, no, it’s fine!” smiled Melody, “Play with them all you like!”

“What part of you do you think is going to be the tastiest?” Anna asked, still running her little hands all over Melody’s shapely little tits as if committing them to memory, possibly by way of compensation for the fact that she would never have any of her own to play with.

“I don’t know,” Melody replied honestly, enjoying the sensation of the hands on her delicate breasts, especially when Anna’s fingers rubbed across her perky pink nipples. “Maybe my butt? I’ve heard that girl belly is really good too!”

“What about me?” the small girl asked, finally moving her hands away from Melody’s chest and running them down her belly before clasping her own chest where he breasts would be if she had any.

“Which part of you is going to be the tastiest?” Anna nodded. “Well,” Melody grinned, deciding that she was going to give the little girl a special treat for being so willing to volunteer her meat and help out with her party, “you belly looks tasty,” she ran her soapy hands upwards. Anna dropped her hands down to her sides and Melody caressed her chest, being sure to gently rub the little girl’s nipples, “and I’m sure your nipples will be delicious!” She ran her hands down over Anna’s ribs, down behind her back and grabbed her buttocks. “These are nice and firm! I bet they’ll be great!” she then slipped her hands around the front and slipped a finger teasingly between Anna’s smooth, soft lips. “I’d say this is going to be the absolutely best bit of you! In fact,” she bit her lower lip, “I’d like to get a little taste of it myself before we both cook!”


Your productivity is astounding! I really like where this story is going, and I think it's turning into my favorite one so far.


Finally my favorite story got some attention too ;)

But you gotten really soft :) with that kind of romantic mood I am already expecting that girls will confess their love to each other and run away LOL

Lest hope it will grow into something more perverted ;)


It was more that I was having a hard time focussing on any one project so did a little bit of all of them! lol.

I took a break from this one before because that was dangerously close to happening!

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