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(Hello there! This is an experimental story with a interactive element. I tried to do this as an rp but no one tried so instead I'm going to do it as a story! With multiple choice elements!

Here's the plan, after ever tidbit of the story I will give four options for readers to vote on, with a fifth optional choice being written in by the FIRST person to respond after one of my posts. Whichever choice has the most votes when I come around to write will be what I go with!)

Joeslist, a popular dark web version of Craigslist just posted a unique listing in their "prostitution" tab. A rather rare find amongst the many whores of different varieties and ages

'7yo boy, kidnapped, Virgin. NEVER USED'

The ad includes pictures of a rather terrified looking boy with brown hair and stunning blue eyes tied to a chair. Wearing a green t shirt with a dinosaur print on it and pair of jeans an black and white converse sneakers that seemed rather beaten up.

The ad mentioned that the kid is freshly bathed but only has the one outfit, which he pissed in when he was being kidnapped. Somewhere after his kidnappers grabbed him a discussion was had about washing the clothes…but they decided not to… assuming someone may like the smell of little boy piss. As well as he's been fed and hydrated and checked to make sure of his virgin status…though there is no mention of how he was checked.

The ad links to a bidding site, with the starting bid already inordinately high, at least three times higher that some of the most premium whores. The boy clearly could only be afforded to the wealthy, someone willing to give up all their savings…or perhaps a few perverts willing to split the costs.

The ad also mentions that the boy must remain alive and unharmed, as they intend to continue selling him (albeit at a lower cost) once his virginity is spent. This also means no forcing him to eat shit…though pissing is fine as long as the boy doesn't drown. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

Who's going to have the winning bet on this cute little guy?

A) A wealthy man, eager to use and abuse the boy…once he gets him cleaned, groomed and properly dressed

B) A group of perverts that have pooled their money so they could all have their way with the boy

C) A wealthy teen rocker, tired of all the men that throw themselves at her, eager to get something she can't have

D) A guardian angel! Some unknown figure who is willing to hand over the money to spare the boy from the lust fueled perverts who wish to buy him!


B definitely B


I was thinking about suggesting my own version but looks like

C is already what I was going to suggest anyway. except that it is quite young teenager girl too.


I was thinking D.


Haha this is getting interesting! Definitely didn't expect anyone to pick D!

It occurs to me that there are things that need to be figured out before I continue. I think, should there be a tie I could use a random number generator to pick the from the tied options, and I would post picture evidence of the choice along with it.

But I have to ask. Do I get a vote? Or is it not fair for me to tip the scales?


I think this can be solved, satisfying everyone:

First D
the guardian angel pays the ransom and brings the boy back home everyone is happy the boy stays virgin until the age of 30
good end

B and C option can be combined LOL
We make a group of teenage perverts who buy the boy and have fun.

Or it looks like you did not vote yourself yet so why not?


Option D!


You gives are already making this interesting. Who would have guessed a bunch of violence loving perverts would opt to save an imaginary child from being raped!

Anyway there's still time to vote before I write, and I've decided that its not fair for me to vote. I shouldn't play favorites XD


B please


D - maybe an older sibling or more mature girl from the neighborhood rescues them, but perhaps with the caveat that they expect them to cooperate with whatever lewd ideas they have in mind as recompense.


B… would you kindly


B pwese


Unfortunately I just realized I have no way of telling if people vote twice. Except of course when they obviously vote one after another for the same option. Please, I'm holding you guys to an honor code. Don't be dicks unless you want me to abandon this alltogether.


Why don't you just set up a strawpoll for each part of the story?


Would that prevent people voting multiple times? If so then it seems like that's how I should move forward.


Yes it will prevent duplicate voting


Okay! I have the poll for the first part! Make sure you vote quickly i will be writing the next part soon!

I don't know how posting links works here so I put 'xx' in place of 'tt' in the link as I have seen elsewhere



You only needed to do that 'hxxp' thing on the old gurochan, and it would automatically convert it into 'http' in the post. Now you can just post http URLs as normal.


Good to know! Thank you! For the sake of ease!


(What an interesting set of votes, but thats it for the last round! I'm going to drop the idea of write in options, too difficult to manage and takes control of the narrative away from me)

The bid krept up little by little, one person outbidding the next in small increments right up until the last hour, where the amount of money being bid exploded massively. It jumped into the hundreds, than into the thousands, until it was down to the last minute. A two anonymous bidders were neck and neck until one put in their final bid a split second before the other.

Somewhere a kind woman, bidding to save the boys life, lamented her loss as the wealthy teen rockstar, Cindy Savage jumped up to celebrate her win. The funds were transfered immediately and the people at Joeslist quickly began to pack their things and drop the kid off at the predetermined meeting spot.

It would be another day before the kid was led, blindfolded to the front door of a large estate. He was brought into the house and after a short discussed between Cindy and the man that brought the boy he left leaving the two alone. Cindy looked the small kid over with a smile before pulling off his blindfold.

The bot would find himself in a large living room in front of a massive black leather couch, a finely made coffee table between him and the girl. To the left was a fully stocked bar and behind him a massive flat screen tv. The boy blinked a few times as his eyes came into focus.

As they did his stunning blue eyes went wide as he recognized the girl sitting in front of him. The world famous rocker gal, Cindy Savage. Famous for her intense vocals and brutal riffs, there was hardly a person in the world that didn't know the 16 year olds name for some reason or another.

She was dressed casually, a black t shirt and jeans with a pair of old white socks on her feet, the soles well worn and greyed. She had them on from her last show, and they certainly smelled of it. Her hair was bubblegum pink the left side shaved and the rest cut into a pixie cut.

"You recognize me don't ya?" She asked as she leaned forward towards the boy, her voice giving a faint hint of a British accent.

The boy gulped nervously, confused and frightened. He had been away from his parents for days and the last person he ever expected to see was Cindy Savage. After a moment he nodded slowly.

"Good then, now…why don't we get aquatinted?" She said with a devious smile.

How should the two get to know each other?

A) The boy politely tells her his name, and how much of a fan he is!

B) Cindy offers the boy a drink to help him loosen up before they get to know eachother

C) The boy demands the be brought home and tells her her music stinks!

D) The boy makes a run for it!

(Now that we have a system for this. i plan on picking up the pace a little more and will try to add a segment around the time the poll hits ten votes. Lets see how that goes and I'll make adjustments as we keep going. By the time we finish this story I should have a good idea on how to do this in the future!)



I want this to be Violent


you think you'll ever get back to writing loli scat and farts


D/C sound like goos options, i want it to get fucked~

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