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I like bondage, blood, forced orgasms and milking, regardless of gender. And this story has all of them.

Chuck was walking out into the field behind the barn, enjoying the nice warm summer air. Enjoying the clear, starry sky, and the soft chirping of crickets. His sandy blond hair was dirty from his work for the day, his muscular, tanned body trapped under his red shirt and overalls.

He laid out the blanket he brought out, and pulled out the bottle of hand lotion. Though his family had a large farm, they had a rather small house, and it was difficult for him for him to have a moment to himself. He couldn’t find a closet that the kids wouldn’t get into, he couldn’t stay in the shower because everyone else needed it, and he shared a room with too many people, who were light sleepers. Plus, his bed squeaked.

So here he is, at 2 Am in the morning, needing a bit of time for himself. He slipped out of his overalls, and laid back on the blanket. Getting a generous amount on his hand, he took hold of his 7 inch cock, and started rubbing himself. He moaned as it hardens, getting nice and thick at 9 inches, pumped up with arousal.

He tried to keep himself from moaning, in case someone came out to look for him. However, it had been weeks since he was able to come out and do this, so he couldn’t stop himself. Sweat formed on his body, his toes started to curl as he pumped himself faster. He thought of every woman he fucked hard in the pussy and in their ass. He thought about their warm mouths on his hot cock, sucking him down, and drinking every damn drop.

He felt his balls tighten up as his orgasm started to wash over him. With a happy cry, he shot his seed straight up into the air, like a fountain. Thick spurts shot out of him, after a much needed release. His vision went white, and he started to drool as his orgasm just carried him away.

He felt all the tension leave his body, and just laid there in the afterglow. He gave soft sighs, tempted to fall asleep now that he felt saited. But, he knew he couldn’t. He had to gather the blanket, wipe the cum that fell on his body, and get back into the house before someone realizes that he’s out there. He was just going to throw the blanket in with his laundry for tomorrow anyways.

He closed his eyes, giving a nice, big stretch, feeling good all over.

Then, a bright light hit him. His eyes flew open, and he was nearly blinded by the brightness of a light shining down at him. He tried to cover his eyes with his hands, but found that he couldn’t move. Chuck tried to sit up, tried to wiggle, but it felt like he was frozen in place.

Then, he felt himself being lifted more towards the light. He tried to scream, tried to call for help, but no sound came out. His overalls slipped off his hips, and was left behind along with the blanket. His family would never learn what happened to him.

He found himself on a table, his arms and legs spread out. Straps were tight over his wrists, his ankles, his elbows, his knees, along his waist, chest, and head. He tried to look around, but the light above his head made it difficult to see where he was. From what he could see, it looked like some kind of surgical room.

He heard a strange sound suddenly. A voice that spoke a strange language, that hissed and purred at different points. A cloth suddenly shot out from the table, and around his eyes, holding him down, and blinding him.

“Hey! HEY!” he was shouting, struggling anew. “What’s going on?! What the fuck is going on here? Who are you?!”

He felt something press against the tip of his cock, then it felt like a sharp pinch. He cried out, struggled more, but he then felt that feeling on his two balls. He cried out as the pinch was even sharper.

Chuck started screaming, until something thick was forced into his mouth. It took the shape of the inside of his mouth, filling every nook and cranny of it, shaping over his teeth and holding down his tongue. He felt something being pushed down the back of his throat, a tube he thinks, and it was pushed down into his stomach.

He struggled, but then stopped. Chuck thought he was hearing the sound of a saw?

When it bit into his upper arm, where it connected to the shoulder, he knew it was a saw. He tried to scream and thrash as the saw cut through his arm. Tears stun his eyes, and he whined as he felt the saw at his other arm, and cutting his legs away from his waist. He felt something stabbed him in his chest, and into his belly button. Blood spurted out all around him, and he felt sick and faint.

He passes out, but it wasn’t over yet.

The creatures that had him, smeared a cream over his wounds. They pulled away the arms and legs, and watched as the cream closed the wounds, healing the skin there so Chuck didn’t bleed out. The drug they put into his system, would strengthen his organs, so they wouldn’t wear out so quickly. His life was extended by another 50 years.

As for his cock, it was starting to grow to three times its size, and three times as thick. His balls kept growing until they were the size of watermelons. Each.

His body was now floating, and slowly rotated, as two nozzles came down, and started to spray him from head to toe in a strange black liquid. A pair of tubes were shoved into his nose, down into his lungs so he could breathe as the spray covered his face. As it dried, it sealed him into his new prison, the nanotech in the concoctions would keep his skin and body healthy. The spray went over his face, over his closed eyes, sealing them away forever. The gag in his mouth was sprayed, so he could never speak again. Two smaller nozzles filled his ears with the stuff, so Chuck could never hear again.

He was taken to the lower reaches of the ship, into a room with others like himself. Men who were abducted, amputated, and sitting upright, with a pole in their ass that kept them in place and clean.

Chuck started to come too as the thick pole entered his ass. He moaned in distressed at the pain, and tried to move, but couldn’t. He strained to hear, but couldn’t. He tried to see, but couldn’t.

It went deep inside of him, his butt hitting the platform the pole was on. He felt his balls being wrapped in something, and a tube going over his cock. Chuck barely had time to think about what was coming next, when wrapping around his cock started to vibrate, and the tube started to suck his cock.

His back arched, and a tube connected to the one in the gag. It poured some feeding in it, that would keep him full as well as aroused. He came, hard, into the tube, which sucked every drop of the thick cream. He never got soft, probably never will be again, as he already felt another orgasm start to overtake him.

His seed went to the ships fuel supply, allowing the aliens to travel to another planet. Chuck was just a source of gas for them, and slowly, he forgot that he had ever been anything else.

He soon went into one, continuous orgasm. An orgasm that was never ending, and mind breaking. His limbs became dinner for his new owners, as they went hunting for their next source of food and fuel.

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