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An Incredible Lesson
written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

The room was silent, every student watching on with a sort of fascinated morbid curiosity at the unique sight they were being treated to. Even the teacher found herself staring. How could she not? Even if she had been the one to arrange this, to actually see it…

Suddenly, she realized that she had been asked a question.

“Yes, Jane?”

“Why’s Mrs. Parr turning red?”

Helen Parr was indeed turning a bright red – more a very strong pink, really – as she seemingly floated in mid-air. She was only really identifiable as Helen, or as a human at all, because the class had seen her walk in to help demonstrate some basic anatomy in a very special way. What that turned out to be was Helen letting her daughter Violet swallow her hole, which really meant Helen squeezing herself down that throat like toothpaste. Subsequently she had continued to fill out all of Violet’s insides, snaking from the mouth and going nearly all the way through her intestines. Helen was nude, her non-descript street clothes lying folded up on the floor, but all that meant was that the tube was pink rather than beige and blue.

“Ah, that would be the digestive juices working her skin…”

A muffled voice could be heard: “Miss Green, have you finished your explanation yet? This is starting to get a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh dear, I’m afraid I’ve barely started.”

“Oh. Well, if you could maybe hurry it up a little?”

“Right, no problem. Now class, as you can see, this really squiggly bit is the intestines…”

Helen thought it would be Violet’s anatomy they were studying, not hers. At this point, her skin was really starting to sting.

“Oh well, I was going to do sex ed at a later date, but… could you possibly spread your legs?”

Helen grumbled as she tried her best. It was cramped in there.

“Mom, what are you doing?” asked a disembodied voice

“Violet, you can spread yourself but… well, you’re invisible. We can’t see what you’re doing,” said the teacher. Violet thought about this, smiled, and started thumbing her clit.

Some of the more perceptive students noticed small droplets of whitish liquid starting to pop into existence a little below the now completely naked squished-up woman and falling to the floor.

“Miss Green…”

“Almost done, just another minute or two,” the teacher said in reply to Helen’s increasingly annoyed voice. “Here on the top, where Mrs. Parr’s arm is, you can see the esophagus…”

“…and that’s what I wanted to show you today, class,” she finished about two and a half minutes later. “You can come out now, Mrs. Parr.”


The pink mass of Helen’s body snaked its way out of Violet’s digestive system until she was standing on her own two feet again, her skin a very angry red that was sizzling all over. Barely a few seconds after she had exited, holes started appearing all across her torso, growing in size until they combined to make even bigger ones. The skin rapidly gave way and, as a surprised class of students looked on, she was soon turned into an anatomical model herself as all of her internal organs were revealed.

There was a moan, followed by a squirt of mysteriously appearing liquid spraying the floor and Helen’s bony, red feet. Violet reappeared, hands between her legs, doubled over, and looking mortified as the class laughed at her.

“Er, sorry mom…”

Helen rolled her eyes.

“Oh please, it’s not as if anybody doesn’t know you’re a slut already. What I’m angry about, aside from this, obviously,” she said, gesturing at her pulsing insides, “is that now I can’t do whatever it was that you were doing anymore. Just look at this!”

She spread her legs a little, showing off the fact that her labia and clit had been completely eaten away, leaving only a fairly featureless slit in the surrounding red meat.

The teacher took the opportunity to clear her throat.

“Well, Mrs. Parr, we’re always looking for a subject for more in-depth anatomy lessons if you’d like to volunteer…”

The skinless super thought about it.

“Well… only if this one joins me,” she says, poking Violet. The teen turned invisible, but Helen quickly grabbed her.

“Nope, no walking out of this one, young lady.”

“Aww, mom…”

While Violet herself couldn’t be seen, Helen’s arms twisting and deforming showed that Violet was struggling to get free.

“Violet Heather Parr, if you don’t turn visible and behave this instant, getting grounded for the next month will be the least of your worries.”

The black-haired girl immediately popped back into view and froze.

“That’s what I thought.”


The teacher cleared her throat in an attempt to defuse to tension.

“Since you’re already mostly… prepared, shall we say, would you mind lying down on my desk, Mrs. Parr? And class, if everybody could come up to the front and form a circle so you can all see? Now, since all of the skin covering Mrs. Parr’s insides is already gone, all that’s needed now is to get rid of the rib cage. Normally that would require a saw or something similar since bone is quite strong but, judging by all the pock marks, the acid has done most of the work already, so I should be able…”

The teacher bent her arm and slammed her elbow down on the white arches of Helen’s ribs, shattering them in several pieces. She picked them up one by one, making a pile by Helen’s side.

“Violet, could you show off your mothers organs for the class?”

Nervously, the naked teen reached into the now fully exposed ribcage and went for the most obvious target. She pulled the two lungs out, stretching them so that they were both lying over her mother’s yellow, fatty breasts. Then she pulled up the beating heart, stretching it out still attached to the rest of her, to let all the other students see it working.

“Good, good,” said Miss Green. “Now pass it around. Looks like we can all have a feel safely…”

The students wasted no time, and about two dozen hands all reached in, grabbing whatever they found.

“Careful now,” the teacher said, but her warning fell on deaf ears. The children took full advantage of Helen’s elasticity, and yanked her organs out of her torso with the same eagerness as a crowd of shoppers on Black Friday. The two students closest to her head each grabbed a lung, stretching her bronchi taut. Others grabbed her liver, her stomach and her pancreas. Four boys started a sort of tug of war with her intestines. She could see her ovaries being pulled over two feet apart by some girls trying to get a closer look. Within seconds, her entire torso had been emptied out, save for a few tubes that still connected it to its previous contents.

The teacher tried to regain control of the lecture.

“Ah, yes, everyone take a good look at what an empty human torso looks like…” she said, as everyone played around with all the still-attached organs. Helens face – well, the red mask that she had for a face – was going through various levels of annoyance. Her eyes kept bulging as curious students squeezed her lungs, her mouth opening to let gusts of air out before she quickly drew precious oxygen back in, inflating the organs back up to size.

“Grr…” growled the suburban superheroine, who then gasped as she felt her most feminine organ being squeezed. Violet stood by her legs, squeezing the womb that still had it’s two ovaries stretched apart.

“Just… getting to know this better,” explained the teenager, before pushing against the soft, rubbery roof, pushing it down into Helens’s vaginal passage and down further still.

When a mass of pink flesh started emerging from Helen’s flayed slit, her fallopian tubes reached the limit of their stretchiness and, to the protest of the girls examining them, her ovaries shot back to her womb like a rubber band, producing an audible grunt from the manhandled woman. With the resistance now gone, Violet pushed the uterus the rest of the way outside, completing her reverse fisting.

“Well, um, that’s something you don’t see every day,” Miss Green said hesitantly. “I wasn’t planning on covering this, but this is called a ‘prolapse’, and it sometimes happens during childbirth. Though, um, not usually to this extent.”

“Eeewww!” said one of the girl students. I am never having children!”

“Now girls, don’t worry, I assure you it’s very rare. There’s less than a– oh, my. Violet, what are you doing?”

The raven-haired girl had forced her hands into the two small holes at the sides of Helen’s womb, pulling the twin egg sacs out into the open once more, and had started vigorously sucking on them.

“Oh, just getting rid of some eggs,” she said casually, licking her lips. “I think having two siblings is quite enough.”

“Er, I mean, there’s a good chance that won’t be a problem anyway–” spluttered the teacher, only to be interrupted by an audible pop as Violet bit the entire ovary in her mouth clean off. Helen convulsed on the table, her tongue lolling out; then she screamed sharply as the other met the same fate.

“Young lady!” she said, in between heavy breaths. It was a good thing she couldn’t sweat anymore, or she would be covered in the stuff. “Just remember, you’re scheduled for the vivisection table as well.”

“All the more reason not to hold back then, and get all the ‘edutainment’ I can get,” Violet replied coolly. She looked her teacher dead in the eye as she trailed her tongue all the way down the pink sock in her grip.

“So, teacher, anything else you want to teach us all?”

The teacher suddenly seemed to regain her composure at this challenge to her authority.

“Yes, there is, actually:” she said coldly, “some respect. For me, but, more importantly, for your mother. Mrs. Parr, would you be okay if we got back to you in a bit and dealt with your daughter first?”

“Oh, absolutely. Do you need any help with anything?”

“Well, now that you mention it… children, please let go of Mrs. Parrs insides.”

Helen grunted again as all of her organs snapped back into place.

“If you would be so kind as to prepare your daughter?”

Violet, sensing what was about to happen, tried to run, but she was lifted off the ground by four flexible limbs, which proceeded to pull and tear off all of her clothes. When she was completely naked, her mother lay down on the ground, keeping Violet suspended in the air in a spread-eagled position.

“Now,” said Miss Green, rummaging around in one of her desk drawers, “we’ve seen what the inside of the human body looks like from the front, but it’s also instructive to look at a cross-section. Now where is that… ah, here we go.”

She pulled out a hand saw, and walked over to a spot between Violet’s spread legs.

“Fortunately, we have a volunteer today to help us with that.”

“Volunteer, my ass,” scoffed Violet.

“Glad you agree,” said the teacher, choosing to ignore the sarcasm. “Then I guess we’ll start there.”

She held the saw vertically, placing the sharp teeth against Violet’s perineum.

“Now remember, class, this is what happens when you don’t respect your teachers,” she said as she pushed down on the handle, making the first shallow cut.

Helen made sure to press down hard so that her daughter didn’t move around too much. After all, the cut needed to be straight. “Now, now, be a big girl. And don’t bother turning invisible either; this is happening, so you might as well let everyone see.”

“Like I could concentrate enough for that while there’s a saw destroying my pussy!”

“Ah, yes, I suppose that’s true.”

The other students gathered around, eager to see more of Violet than they had ever seen before – and not just because she was naked. The saw blade worked slowly but surely up through the belly button, occasional loops of intestines yanking up before being cut through. Miss Green made sure to keep her mostly together for now, pausing to press the split part of the girl together every now and then.

When she got to the ribs, she stopped sawing, instead pushing a hand into the cut and rooting around for a moment. Violet gasped, causing Helen to giggle.

“Oh, hand around your heart, dear? Feels strange, doesn’t it?” she said, her skinless elastic limbs coiling around Violet’s own to keep her in place.

“Yes, just pushing that out of the way of the cut,” said the teacher. “ A lot of people assume the heart is on the left, but really it’s dead center.” Satisfied with her work, she continued on. The blade slowed down as it worked through the tough sternum, and a few student gritted their teeth at the sound. After about half a minute, the grinding stopped as the final connection between the two halves of Violet’s breastbone was severed. The teacher stopped and pulled out the saw.

“There we go, that’s far enough for now. After all, this will be more instructive if our subject is still alive. Now, in order to prevent everything from spilling out: Mrs. Parr, could you please turn your daughter upside down so that she’s hanging from her feet?

Helen extended her legs, until Violet was hanging with her head down.

“Wonderful. And now could you slowly start spreading her legs?”

Violet’s mother obliged, but soon it wasn’t just her daughter’s legs being spread; her entire body was coming apart like a banana peel. She was doing a split that even the best ballerina in the world wouldn’t dream of. And on both sides of her gaping body, the students could see her organs merrily pulsing away. Here and there, a bit of fluid leaked out where the intestines or some other organs had been cut in two.

“Marvelous,” said the teacher. “Excellent work, Mrs. Parr. Okay, Violet, could you breathe in, please, so we can see your lungs expand?”

She did as instructed, after a moment’s hesitation, still slightly resentful at having being forced into this ultimate invasion of privacy. But as her mother had said, this was happening, so she just got on with it. The students got a good look at her lungs fill all the way up with air, and then emptying.

“Take a good look at the anatomy of her spine and ribcage as well,” said Miss Green, poking at a sawn rib, and then tracing her finger up the spine. All the vertebrae and nerves were on display, and she helpfully twisted Violet about so that the students could see clearly, leaning in close.

When they were done, the teacher nodded at Helen, who unwound and laid her daughter out so that she looked like a proper banana peel – her two split body halves cut-side down on the table, with her grumpy head looking on in the middle. Helen patted the head.

“See? That wasn’t so hard, sweetie.”

Just then, the school bell rang, and the students rushed to their desks, grabbed their books and bags, and started storming out.

“Remember to read chapters 7 and 8 for next time, kids!” the teacher yelled after them.

As the door slammed shut behind the last student, she sighed.

“If only one or two of them were even half as excited about my lessons as they are about getting out of them… I thought for sure this demonstration might help, but from what I could see all the girls were just as disinterested as usual, and all the boys were just watching your pussy and boobs, Violet.”

“Yeah, thanks for that, by the way. Now everybody knows I’m flat as a board.”

“Um, honey?” said Helen, “that wasn’t exactly a secret.”

“Bite me.”

“Oh, I might. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that little stunt you pulled earlier.”

The teacher cleared her throat.

“If I might interrupt for a moment? Do you want me to call you a cab or something? I hadn’t really counted on you two, you know, surviving.”

“Oh yeah, we’ll just go right back to our normal lives,” said Violet, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, I don’t want to even think what Jak-Jak would do to my organs if I held him like this,” agreed Helen.

“Alright, so what do we do then?” asked the teacher.

“Well, since your students don’t seem to care, you might as well satisfy your own curiosity, right?” said Helen. “What’s the wildest biological experiment you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the girls to perform them on? And don’t worry about keeping us alive.”

Miss Green stroked her chin, nervously. They seemed pretty certain about their fates, but to actually ask it of them… it seemed awfully selfish. But she might never have this chance again.

“Well… if you really don’t mind…”

The teacher paused and looked at them again, and they nodded before she continued.

“I think it would really help the class out if we had some more permanent anatomy models. The damn board won’t give me the budget for a full-sized skeleton, and–”

“Hah, yeah, I see where you’re going with this,” interrupted Helen. “You’ve already taken my skin, so now you can take the rest of my soft parts, and leave a nice clean skeleton hanging by a hook for your students to mess with.”

“Technically, Violet took your skin–” Miss Green argued hesitantly.

“You were at least complicit.”


The teacher didn’t argue the point, given that Helen had already done her more than a few favors today, and was now offering one final gift: her own bones.

“Are you still going to be stretchy as a skeleton?”

“No idea. Please try to ask your students not to stretch my spine around like elastic after I’m gone… oh hell, what will I care, let them have fun.”

The skinless super shrugged, and actually giggled at the morbid image.

“What about me, teach?” asked Violet, still lying on the table like a human banana peel.

“Go on, be creative.”

The teacher looked the teenager up and down – or, rather, side to side. She briefly considered stuffing and mounting the girl, but since she didn’t have any taxidermy supplies the skin would probably start to rot in a matter of days. Then her eyes fell on Violet’s beating heart and her lungs. Perhaps she could get another model for her class…

“Hold on, let me go check something,” Miss Green said. She rushed over to the storage room connected to the biology lab, stopping briefly to lock the door to the hallway. The two Parr women heard her rummaging around for a while before she re-emerged carrying a large empty water cooler jug.

“What’s that for?” asked Violet, looking at the blue-tinted transparent plastic bottle.

“You. I thought of a way to use you as a display model too. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Um, I know I’m not exactly the most curvy girl out there - seriously, mom, what is up with that? You’re all boobs and hips and dad’s just… gigantic, while I can fat-shame a pencil; was I adopted or something? Eh, not like it matters anymore I suppose… aaaanyway–”

Violet’s sidetrack had left her out of breath, so she briefly paused to inhale, causing her lungs to puff up noticeably.

“–even with my complete and utter lack of T&A, I don’t think I’m going to fit in there. Unless you plan on pureeing me and pouring me inside.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not.”

The teacher grabbed the saw again, and started sawing off the top of the bottle, leaving a round jar as the top fell to the ground, bouncing a few times before coming to a halt.

“Okay, I guess that solves one problem, but that thing’s still too small for me.”

The teacher turned around, still holding the saw.

“You’re quite right. Let’s fix that, shall we?”

The teacher approached Violet, circling her. She really wanted to keep her alive for as long as possible, so that meant she had to think about how to do this. She decided to do the obvious thing first, and started to saw open Violet’s skull. She didn’t bother to scalp her first- a few stray bits of hair weren’t going to kill Violet after all of today’s events. Once the skullcap was off she neatly popped it off and set it down on her desk.

“Oh, jarring my brain, huh?” asked Violet, trying to look up at her own mind.

“Not the part of her I would have thought work keeping…” her mother joked.

“Well she’s not keeping your tits and ass, and that’s the only parts of you worth keeping,” the daughter shot back. Miss Green poked her in the brain, which shut her up for a few seconds.

“Not just your brain; there’s a few other parts that will keep you alive at least for a little while if I can pull this off, so shush…”

Part two involved slowly, painstakingly taking apart the teenager’s skull, sawing off the back, and then the front halves. Violet’s face had time for one last bratty eye-roll before it fell forwards, the eyeballs threaded through the sockets to keep them attached. Her tongue lolled and tried to speak before it was neatly cut off, along with the rest of her jaw, and soon Violet’s head was in pieces, leaving a brain over an empty stump.

The teacher then cut through the last few inches of skin on the front and back of her torso holding the two halves of Violet’s body together. When only a small scrap remained, she tore them apart, leaving only Violet’s organs in the middle. She nudged her intestines aside as well; in their current state they were completely useless.

Violet had to focus to make sense of what she was seeing. Normally her eyes were both looking in the same direction, but now one was pointing at the wall with the blackboard on it, while the other one was looking down her… what, for lack of a better term, should probably be called ‘body’. Though ‘heart and lungs’ would be equally accurate, as that was all that was left of her aside from the contents of her head. She might have made a sarcastic comment about how she really hadn’t needed to lose any more weight, but that would have required having a mouth.

The teacher put the jug in the sink in her desk and turned on the tap. When it had filled most of the way to the top, she turned off the water, gently picked up Violet’s innards and lowered them into the water. When the water level neared the top of Violet’s lungs, she noticed the hole at the top of the girl’s windpipe.

“Whoops, wouldn’t want to drown you, now would we?”

“Yeah, because that would be so much worse than what you just did to her,” laughed Helen.

“Hey, I’m just doing this for science,” huffed Miss Green.

“Riiiight. You’re not getting any personal enjoyment from this. So I assume the massive wet spot in your pants is just coincidence?”

“What the…? Ah, damn it, I only bought these last week!”

The teacher kicked off her shoes and yanked her pants to her ankles. Whereas her pants were merely wet, her panties were absolutely soaked.

“Ugh. Let’s hope these dry.”

She stepped out of her pants and hanged them over one of the student’s chairs. She pulled down her underwear as well and tossed it on the matching desk, where it landed with a wet slap. She was about to resume her work when Helen called out:

“Hey, don’t stop on my account. You were overdressed anyway.”

“Well, if you insist…” the teacher smiled before pulling her shirt over her head and unclipping her bra, leaving her buck naked.

“Now, what was I doing? Oh, right.”

She disappeared into the storage room again before re-emerging with a plastic tub and a roll of tape. She fed the tube several inches into Violet’s trachea and taped the end shut, making sure to keep the other end out of the water as she lowered the girl into the jar.

“There we go,” she said. “Nice and comfy?”

There was no reaction.

“Ah. Right. Well, no news is good news, right?”

“She looks pretty peaceful to me,” said Helen as she looked at the floating organs in the plastic jug, like a sort of macabre fish bowl. “So, now that you’ve finally shut up my daughter, I guess I’m next?”

Helen went to sit down on the desk in between the two halves of Violet, and the teacher slid her across so that her legs were dangling off the side. Her womb, still prolapsed and missing her ovaries, sat looking a little squashed on the edge. Then the teacher took her scalpel and began slowly cutting all of the woman’s meat away, starting at the bottom and working her way up. She scrapped it off the feet, cut the tendons around her ankles and her knees, and so on. Red muscle started to pile up on the floor.

“This is going to be a bitch to clean…” muttered Miss Green.

“Oh, I sympathize. I’d love to help after you’re done, but I won’t be much help, I’m afraid,” quipped Helen. She tried to kick her feet, or flex her toes, but her body had no response to her commands. “Weird. I’m not really used to not being able to move around well.”

“I can imagine you got around a lot, yes.”

“Well yes, I– hey, was that a sneaky way of calling me a slut?”

The teacher just giggled as she stared to slice off the quad muscles. Once Helen’s legs were bare bone, she started on the arms. Helen watched – and felt, or rather, did not feel – as her limbs were slowly skeletonized. While she could, she used her free arm to stroke the pure bone of her legs, her skinless finger slipping around the exposed femurs and gripping them. She decided against trying to stretch in case her skeleton flew apart – that would defeat the whole point of this, after all.

Then, all of a sudden, Helen was lying spread eagled on her back, arms and legs nothing but bone. Only her head and torso had any muscle left.

The teacher stood with the scalpel poised over Helen’s lower body, but she paused.

“Say… just how stretchy are you, really?”

Helen followed the woman’s eyes to her prolapsed uterus. She laughed.

“They don’t call me Elastigirl because I collect rubber bands. Go on, get in there.”

“Wait, what?”

“You. Crawl inside. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“I, err… I mean… could I?”

Helen rolled her eyes.

“Yes. Don’t worry, I’ve had bigger things than you in there.”

“Holy shit. What kind of things?”

“Well, one summer when the kids were in summer camp and Bob was away for the weekend on some work thing I got so horny that I fucked the car.”

“Oh my god!”

“Hey, it saves money on the car wash.”

“Okay, so how do I do this?”

“Same way you put on your pants: one leg at a time.”

Still a little nervous, Miss Green lifted Mrs. Parr’s torso off the table and held her upside-down, one foot positioned near Helen’s crotch as if she was putting on a stocking. With her toes, she pushed the womb back inside before slipping her whole foot inside. To her surprise, there was barely any resistance. Helen encouraged her to continue, and soon the teacher’s entire lower leg was engulfed by the other woman’s cunt. It poked out of the front of her torso, surrounded by the pink flesh stretched around it. Since she didn’t want to step on her soon-to-be skeleton, she sat down on the floor before guiding her other foot to the entrance. She felt her ass get wet as a puddle of liquid slowly spread beneath her.

Ignoring the feeling of the juices leaking out of her pussy, she slid in her other foot as well, going deeper and deeper until both of her knees were at the entrance of Helen’s hole. She looked at Mrs. Parr, who gave her an encouraging nod.

“Go on, you’re doing fine.”

The teacher laid back, lifted her legs into the air and firmly but gently grabbed the limbless woman’s hips. She started pulling her down, changing the angle a little every now and then as she gradually shimmied the torso down her long legs. Soon Helen’s face was obscured behind the ever-growing, obscenely stretched uterus poking out of her. Though the feeling was dampened by the flesh surrounding them, she was pretty sure she felt Helen press a kiss to one of her calves.

Taking this as a sign to continue, she placed her elbows on the ground and pushed, lifting up her ass along with her legs as she quickly braced herself with her hands. While yoga had never really been her thing, those lessons she took a year or two ago were paying off now. She started wiggling her ass, waiting for gravity to help now that her hands were occupied. It was slow going, but it did work, and the teacher marveled at the elasticity of Helen’s pussy as it slowly expanded to engulf her hips. The amputee woman came to rest somewhere around her waist, where her curved back was blocking the progress. If she could do a full handstand she could’ve kept going, but she’d quit yoga long before reaching that point. Spreading her legs to avoid crushing Mrs. Parr’s head beneath her feet, she lowered herself back down to the ground, and quickly rolled over to avoid smothering the woman beneath her own womb, which now covered almost her entire body like a blanket.

“Still okay, Mrs. Parr?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Like I said, don’t worry, you’re not going to break me. In fact, it feels rather nice. You’re a lot softer than the car was.”

“I’m not sure how I would have handled it if you had said I was tougher than the car.”

Miss Green, now lying flat on her stomach, started to inch herself backwards further inside. She wanted to ask Helen to hold herself in place a she lay on top, but given that her arms were now useless and skeletal, that option was now gone. So she just had to be patient, and not complain too much as her tits rubbed on the ground.

She could feel her feet pushing against the back of Helen’s womb, forcing her to bend her knees and really start pushing with the elbows. This meant that, when she was eventually neck-deep in super pussy, the teacher had to leave her arms out as her head went inside.

“Oh, are you bringing that with you?” asked Helen, looking at the sharp gleaming object in the teacher’s hand.

“Well, I am meant to be stripping you clean after all, and this seems like a fun way of getting out.”

“Hey, your call. See you when you’re ready to come out.”

Then Miss Green’s head was fully encompassed by the wet canal as she pushed herself backwards with her arms, back into the depths of the ridiculously large womb. Now this was a sex ed class her students could only dream of…

It was almost pitch-black now, with only a glimmer of light coming from the entrance. She curled herself into a fetal position and pinched the walls of Helen’s birth canal with her fingers, pushing them together in an effort to close up the hole. Her grip slipped, and the knife slide out of her hand, but the entrance closed, leaving her in total darkness. It was warm and wet in here, but strangely comfortable. She allowed herself to relax, and after half a minute or so she became aware that she could hear the pumping of Mrs. Parr’s heart. She focused on the sound. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. It was quite soothing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay like this forever. She estimated she had about half an hour left before the next period, and she couldn’t exactly let the students find her like this unless she wanted to get fired. Probably by an actual firing squad. She started looking for the knife by rubbing her hands along the floor of Helen’s uterus. Where had that thing gotten off to? Logically it should be pretty close to the cervix, but when she didn’t feel anything she started exploring further, sliding her hands in bigger and bigger arcs until a few of her fingers poked into a hole. Taking a quick mental inventory of her surroundings, she concluded it had to be one of Mrs. Parr’s fallopian tubes.

“Everything okay in there?” came Helen’s voice, just about audible over the beating of her lovely heart.

“Uh, yup! Just, uh–”

“Did you drop the scalpel inside my womb?”

“No! Only, well, yes,” admitted the teacher. She shoved more of her hand into the hole, frantically feeling around. “Just a quick check of your fallopian tubes and we should be good to go.”

“It’s not like I’ll be able to complain if you scratch anything…”

The teacher managed to fit most of her forearm into that small tube but found nothing. She felt around for the other hole with her right arm still stuck inside, then plunged her left hand in when she did. After just a little search, she damn near cut herself on the thing, but was able to withdrew her arm with her prize.

“Got it!” she said, before turning to her other hand. She could just take it out… but hey, this was a good place to start cutting. So she pierced just above the fallopian tube and started cutting around it in a circle. It was a little awkward, but she managed it.

“Feel that?”

“Okay, that was a little tougher than the car was.”

Then Miss Green pinched the fingers of her right hand, and pulled, hoping to take the tube with her as she did so.

The fallopian tube came loose from the surrounding flesh, leaving a hole about two inches across in the lining of Helen’s womb. The teacher, whose eyes had adjusted to the darkness, had to blink against the bright light pouring in through the opening. Given how stretchable Mrs. Parr was, she could probably squeeze herself out through the small hole. But why bother? It wasn’t like she had to keep the woman in once piece, after all. So instead, she tossed the disconnected piece of flesh out through the hole and, now that she could somewhat see what she was doing again, sunk the tip of the scalpel into the side of the womb a few inches above the cervix and started cutting along the side, almost as if she was unzipping a sleeping bag. She curved around the fallopian hole and continued to the back of the womb, then back down the other side. When she had made almost a full loop, she rolled so that Mrs. Parr was now beside her instead of on top of her, and she extended her limbs, pushing the two uterus flaps apart and emerging back into the classroom like a baby being delivered in an overzealous Caesarean birth.

“I bet that was a lot easier than your other kids,” grinned the teacher, before pausing and remembering who she was talking to. “Or maybe not.”

“I had to fake a lot of discomfort for the wet-nurses, yeah,” admitted Helen, getting a good look at her bisected womb. “Guess there won’t be a fourth kid now.” Miss Green got to her feet, dripping with juices, and wiping her face with what turned out to be Violet’s discarded scalp. She checked on Helen’s jar, and found the heart still beating for now. Then she took a deep breath.

“Well… time for the rest of you. I’ll try to keep you alive for as long as I can.”

“Don’t stress about it. I know you’re on a schedule. I want to be stripped clean and ready to be shown off for your next class.” Helen’s skinless face smiled up serenely. Despite all that had happened, she had never lost her cool. As could be expected of a world-class heroine. The teacher checked the clock. Twenty five minutes. She knelt down and got to work, starting with the pelvis.

It had been a while since she’d dissected anything herself. These days she only put out the trays of frogs for students to cut open. But handling a scalpel was a bit like riding a bike, and she soon got back into the swing of things. Due to the small size of the blade she couldn’t really carve off any big chunks, so she settled for a sort of ‘shaving’ technique, cutting off wedges a few inches long and maybe an inch or so deep. This worked pretty well, and after maybe a minute or two she had exposed the entire pelvis. Small bits and flecks of meat still remained in all of the corners and crevices, but it would do for now. She’d give the skeleton a thorough cleaning once she had the whole thing mounted. This reminded her that she needed to buy wire to connect all the bones together. The students would have to settle for a lying down skeleton for the time being, but Mrs. Parr being splayed out on her desk had seemed to work well enough last period.

Now that the last of the meat below Helen’s waist had been removed, the teacher shifted her attention to the woman’s abdomen. This should go a little quicker, as getting rid of the organs was a simple matter of severing the connections and pulling them out.

Out came the intestines, the kidneys, the liver, spleen, and of course the stomach. It was while the teacher was holding that last one in her hands that Helen gave a short laugh.

“Was always worried I’d gain weight after retirement,” she said. “Joke’s on me; I am going to leave one thin-ass body.”

“What’s a size below size zero?”


It made it easier, the almost playful way Helen had talked to her though this. Helen laughed again, then stopped as she felt a tug at her throat. The teacher cut the stomach free – she would deal with all the flesh part of the neck when she got to that. For now she dumped the organs and removed the rest of the abs and other muscles, using the same technique as before. She looked at the clock over her desk.

“Fifteen minutes till class starts. We’re close, though.”

“I’m going to feel at least partially responsible if you get caught. As much as I’ll be able to feel anything at all,” deadpanned Helen. Her spine was now exposed, connecting her lower half to her ribcage.

“Don’t distract me!” said Miss Green, as she approached her new target: Helen’s chest. She grabbed Helen’s esophagus, and, reaching up into her neck a bit, sliced it off just below the pharynx. Since she’d promised to keep Helen alive as long as possible, she didn’t touch the lungs or the heart yet. Instead, she turned Mrs. Parr over onto her – for lack of a better word given its absence – stomach, and started stripping off the muscles and flesh of her back. When she cleared the rib cage and shoulder bones of everything surrounding it, she moved on to the neck, carefully carving away while avoiding Helen’s windpipe. The head was next; she first sliced off the ears and nose, after which exposing the skull was kind of like peeling a particularly big potato. She glanced up the clock. Seven minutes remaining. Mrs. Parr, at this point, was looking a lot more skeletal already. The only things left that didn’t belong were her eyes, her tongue, her heart and her lungs. And her brain, technically, though that wasn’t as easily visible. And speaking of visible… she had the feeling something was missing. She just couldn’t put her finger on– she slapped her forehead. Right. The ribs. Couldn’t leave those out, could she?

She got up, rushed into the storage room, grabbed a tube of superglue and ran back to her desk. She scooped the shattered pieces of bone into her arms and sat back down next to Helen, trying to match the fragments to their proper positions. Fortunately there weren’t too many of them, and after a minute or two of craftwork she’d restored the vaulted ceiling of Helen’s chest cavity.

“Well, Mrs. Parr, I think it’s time for us to say goodbye. Sadly I don’t have the time to give you as big of a sendoff as you deserve, but is there a specific way in which you want to go out? I owe you at least that much.”

Helen was effectively immobilized at this point, unable to even move her head – or rather, her skull – as she answered.

“Can’t even cum anymore. Don’t even feel horny. No pussy will do that to you.”

“Uh, noted.”

“Just slice my ticker out, nice and quick. Are you going to get my brain out as well? You could shove a hook up my nose and mince it up to make it easy. The ancient Egyptians did that. I read it in a book.” Helen was smiling but now it was more of a default look, with her permanent skeletal grin.

“I’m ready. Take care of Violet. Unless she turns invisible in her jar, then just flush her down the toilet or something.”

“These are your last words, you know…”

“Okay, okay, I’m really ready now. Do it.”

In the end it was very straightforward. The teacher severed the arteries holding her heart in place. There were a few spurts, a few more beats, and then that was it. The lungs went still, and were swiftly removed. It wasn’t until she was scooping the eyes out that it occured to the teacher that she had just killed one of the world’s most beloved former superheroes. She looked down a the skull, where the tongue still remained. Then she leaned down and shared a final kiss with the still-warm tongue, before slicing it off.

With barely any time left for cleanup, she got a broom and swept all the chunks of Mrs. Parr into the storage room. As long as nobody went in there everything should be fine. She remembered to unlock the classroom door and moved the bones of Helen’s torso back into place between her limbs. The school bell rang, which meant that very soon the first students should be arriving. She cast one final glance around the room to see of she had missed any body parts.

“Ah, crap!” she said as her eyes fell on her clothes. She knew she’d forgotten something. She roughly pulled on her shirt and buttoned it. One of the buttons popped off, bouncing away across the floor. She rolled her eyes when she noticed she’d forgotten her bra. She grabbed it, along with her panties, which were still absolutely sodden. She opened the storage room, tossed them inside and slammed the door shut once more. She stepped into her pants and started pulling them up, trying to shove her feet into her shoes in the meantime. Barely two seconds passed between her pulling her zipper closed and the door opening, admitting the first set of students. Miss Green tried to mask her heavy breathing, and conjured as many non-sexual images in her mind as she could in the hopes that her nipples would stop poking through the fabric of her shirt as much as they were. She wasn’t having much luck though; with her panties gone, the rougher material of her pants rubbing against her labia was doing absolutely nothing to reduce her state of arousal, and she could already feel the crotch of her pants getting slightly damp. She walked behind her desk before the students could notice and resolved not to do any walking around this period.

When the last of the students filed in and took their places, so took a steadying breath.

“Hello class, today I’ve got a surprise for you…”


Can't believe it took over a day for me to find this little piece. I'm ashamed; I assure you. Honestly, you two and your stories are the only reason I still visit this site considering everything else is just not to my taste.

With that said, this was a fun read, a bit different than your usual work, but similar enough where it counts. The only downside in this story that I can think of is that it went by too quickly. Unlike The Interview, Stretch Goals, ZomBFFs, etc, where time is taken to go in depth with what's happening and things are taken gradually, everything was just kind of thrown into one chapter for this chapter. Nothing really wrong with any of that, per say, as I already said this one-shot story was a fun read, but it inherently ranks lower than the previously mentioned stories and those similar to them.

Do you two have any future stories planned, or are you just taking it bit-by-bit and writing whenever you feel like it?


I'm usually not a fan of superheroes, but this was pretty creative alright. I hope Violet doesn't die any time soon and gets to enjoy her utterly helpless state.
Any chance to see the Stretch Goals continued though?


I was about a fifth in before I realized that this is a fanfic of the incredibles… I agree with Astro, it's too quick, too soon, but it's a one shot anyway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ still enjoy it though, love you two


Thanks for the comments, glad people liked this well enough.

As I'm sure you've all noticed, JIP and I have taken a break from the multi-chapter stories we've done in the past, in favour of shorter bits we can have fun with and not have to worry about massive amounts of planning, continuity, ect. Means we don't get bored of ideas either. They're fun to write, often spontaneous, and done in a few days.

We do plan on getting back to the other stories in time, so please be patient. Especially Stretch Goals.

Special shout out to Aoi, I love your style of extremely casual snuff and so on.


I like your stories but this one was a bit too much :) With all those superheroes I have no clue what is going on without pictures. especially in places that do not follow normal human anatomy :)
only after reading quite a lot I finally understood that it is about "the incredible's" but even if I watched that movie I already forgot character names. So i need to google all them.

It woud be good idea if you added some picture to your story to show what it is all about.

Maybe I will read it again some time later.


huh. Fun story. Never actually seen your work before. Not how I would have written it (Would have put skinless helen in the jar sealed in a quick drying resin, and finished sawing violet in half for a complete cross section to preserve in resin too) but that's the fun of reading another author, isn't it?



Thank you! Your brand of willing guro, both lethal and not, has been very enjoyable to read for years. I'd love if you found the time to read my other stuff under Melatonin on HF, or JIP's stuff on the same sight. And hah, those are both pretty good ideas.

>>17509 Well, I'm glad you've still enjoyed previous entries, haha. Maybe you'll like our next story more. Hopefully it's out soon. Another short, then we'll see about those older stories like Stretch Goals.

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