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A little story idea i wanted to write for long. Not my best work i think but whatever;)

Megumin and Tina: an explosive Allianz.

Megumin and Tiny Tina are friends now. Don’t ask how it happened. Somehow the two crazy girls manage to meet each other. Maybe Megumin has torn a hole in the space-time continuum with one of her explosions. Maybe a fast-travel station on Pandora had a malfunction. The fact is, they met somehow.
They discovered a lot of similarities. They both love explosions. They love the sound and destruction.
It didn’t take long before they started a little contest. Tiny Tina showed her best "ladies". Megumin showed the full power of her explosion spell. They laughed and enjoyed themselves and destroyed a whole abandoned village.
However, Tiny Tina is a bit crazier than Megumin. She had the idea to go a little further. "Which of us would explode better?"
"What do you mean?" Megumin asked.
"Have you never thought about becoming a bomb yourself?" Tiny Tina asked with glowing eyes.
The thought actually excited Megumin. Quickly the girls made a crazy plan. They planed to meet the next morning.

Next Morning…
"I wrote a song:" Tina greets Megumin excited. “The itsy-bitchy spider. Climbed up the water spout. Then she exploded into 1000 little pieces!”
Megumin is a little bit more embarrassed. “I stored my spell into two crystals… Careful They are very unstable.” She hands over two glowing magical crystals.
“Trust me! I am an expert! Tiny Tina doesn’t even know the word accident.” Tina giggles. “It is as unknown to me as decency or order.”
“Are we really doing this?” Megumin asks red like a tomato.
“Of course, we do it girl.” She fills her masterfully created tube bombs with the crystals. “Look at these beautiful ladies. They are already looking forward to it.”
Megumin is fascinated by the bombs. "Will they fit?"
“With a little force, everything fits.” Tina testily throws them into the air. “Miss Schnuggelpuff would agree. Sadly, she had a deforce and can’t join us in this badass event.”
It gets more and more seductive the more Tina jokes about it. “Let's do it!” Megumin can’t wait any longer.
“doesn’t want to eat a cookie first?” Tina asks. “I’m just joking. I have prepared extra-long fuses. We have almost 10 minutes time before it makes boom!”
Megumin takes off her panties. "I would like a cookie with raisins.”
Tiny Tina looks shocked at her. “I am very glad that you explode! How can you like raisins? cookies must be eaten with chocolate!" She drops her pants and panties very pissed.
“Sorry.” Megumin excuses.
“No problem I can’t be angry with you.” Tina pushes Megumins bomb into her hand.
The plan is simple, but the implementation will be harder as expected. Megumin tries to push the bomb into her sex. But it is too thick. She worries because the bomb could explode prematurely. “It doesn’t fit…”
“Just push!” Tina orders. “She will not explode!”
Tina founds a working strategy: She sits down on the bomb. Her whole-body weight is enough to push it in. Her vagina is completely overloaded. But Tina is not irritated. It feels strange. But she likes it.
Megumin does the same. It feels weird to sit down onto a big thing like this. However, she enjoys it. With much force, she also managed to push it in.
Tina does not hesitate and ignites the fuse. “Time to become bombs.”
Megumin giggles aroused. “We actual doing it.” She plays with the pipe. She never had an orgasm like this.
“don’t extinguish the fire.” Tina jokes. She is even more wet as expected.
“This will be the best explosion ever!” Megumin is now really into it.
Tina served some tee. It is not easy to move with such a big bomb in the vagina. Nevertheless, she jumps around as if it were normal.

8 minutes remaining.

“Do you like the Tee, crimson demon?” Tina asks playfully while eating a cookie.
Megumin watches the fuse. "It’s very tasty." She does not fully pay attention. The bomb is just too distracting.
Tina wants to have even more fun. She leans forward and touches Megumin’s cheeks.
Megumin blushes. “What are you doing?”
“Did I already tell you that I'm into girls?” Tina giggles and reaches under her clothes.
Normally Megumin is not interested in girls. But the bomb arouses to an unimaginable level. Especially since Tina is something like a soulmate. Tina is almost as sexy as an explosion. She plays along.
Tina pushes her to the ground. She sits down onto Megumin’s sex. The pressure on the bombs aroused them even more. Tina engages further and pushes her tongue into Megumin mouth. She really likes her taste.
They fuck each other passionately. The hard bombs collide again and again. The deadly fat toys make sex even better. Time flies by…

1-minute remaining

Megumin pushed Tina exhausted away. “This was fun!” She pretty much fulfilled all her fantasies. She does not just become an explosion. She also fucked an explosion.
“Time is running out I guess.” Tina giggles. The fuse is now very short.
The girls start to get nervous. Even Tina is not sure anymore if she really wants to detonate. Still, no one dares to back out now.
The fuse disappears between their legs. “Here we go.” Megumin trembles.
“Do you want to say it?” Tina asks with a lot of fear in her voice now.
Megumin made up one final cool-sounding incantation. She tries to sound all-mighty: “The power given by my great Crimson demon ancestors. I now fulfill the last ultimate task and delete myself. Nobody, not even a crimson demon like me can escape this final Spell! The ultimate power to destroy everything! The most erotic spell;”

3 seconds remaining

The girls scream it together: “EXPLOOOOOOOSSSSIOOOONNNN!”
The magic explosion can still be seen from far away and it destroys the whole environment …

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