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This is my Secret Desire serie, that follows a family with special fetchies, they like bondage and some more extreme plays.
Focus on the females in the story.

You can find the pdf versions for free on my blog, with the including 3d images. Also of course my other work (3D videos and 3D Images)

Tags are only for the first two episodes that I will post now.
Tag: Lesbian, Bondage, Cannibalism, Snuff, Asphyxiation, Incest


"Shut the door," Cleo whispered to her one year younger sister as they sneaked into their mother's bedroom. They had both learned that it's better to take than to ask when it comes to borrowing party money.

Alexia bent over to reach the lower drawer where their mother Veronica usually hides her purse. "Find anything?" Cleo asked while parking her round apple ass on the bed.

"Jackpot!” Said Alexia and waved four, fifty-dollar bills in the air. Her long and brown honey-colored hair swung by the breeze.

“Found anything interesting yourself?” Alexia asked Cleo who had opened up her mother's laptop.

“OMG. What the fuck is this!?” Cleo burst out.

“Not so loud! What is it?” Alexia asked and went over to her sister curiously.

"Just look," Cleo said and turned the laptop towards Alexia.

On the screen, she saw a naked woman held up over a raging fire who had been spitted like a pig.

"Wait, what is this?" Alexia asked trying to wrap her head around what she saw.

"This laptop is full of strange snuff comics and stories," Cleo told her sister.

"What, why would mom be reading this?" Alexia was as confused as her sister.

"I don't know. Does she want to do this? Or have this done to her?" Cleo rambled.

"Oh, sick!… What if she wants to do it to us?" Alexia exclaimed. "No, she wouldn't, right?“ She continued.

“I didn't think she was into this either, so clearly I don't know her very well," Cleo told and slapped the laptop shut.

The sisters put everything back in order and hurried out of the room. They swiftly made their way into Cleo’s room and dropped down on her bed.

With their eyes towards the ceiling, they pondered over what they had witnessed. After a while, Alexia turned over. "I wonder whom she would choose if she got to pick between one of us."

"Really? Me of course, I mostly think about the taste, I wonder what a human would taste like?" Cleo responded.

"What do you mean by of course? What makes you the better choice?" Alexia said feeling a little upset.

"That was not even… A never mind. I am clearly the first choice. Just look at my firm rump or my big juicy tits." Cleo made her points with some sexy poses. Alexia had always been jealous of her twenty-year-old sister's well-developed body. However, they had both been blessed with their mother's good looks.

"Oh yeah! Not everyone goes for the girl with the biggest breasts." Alexia argued.

"Maybe, but your boyfriend Daren sure enjoyed an upgrade," Cleo taunted with a snarky tone and from there the argument rage on, until it finally landed on this. "Okay then, fine, let's ask mom!"

Outside on the sunny deck, their well-shaped mother was basting in the blazing sun and enjoying her secret desire.

"Mm yes. Heat me, scourge me with your flames. Burn me!" She cried out in her head while enjoying the smell from the olive oil that she had smeared all over her skin. To switch it out with her sun lotion was one of many things that helped her to come closer to her impossible fantasy. Every day her desire grew stronger and she had tried making her husband satisfy her lust, but she hadn't gotten her needs met for months. With his long work hours, he always kept them in high fortune, however, she felt neglected.

"Mom!" Well, at least she wasn’t forgotten by everyone she thought and got up from her sunbed and entered the kitchen. Inside where her two daughters and they were giving each other the evil eye.

"What now?" She asked. It was always something with these two. Except for robbing her of money, they hardly ever got along in the house.

“Mom Alexia has something she wants to ask you.” Said Cleo and pushed her sister forward. Realizing this may have been a bad idea Alexia begun backing down.

“No, I don’t. You say it, Cleo!”

“Not so chatty anymore, are we?” Cleo responded teasingly.

With that Veronica’s patience was over.
“For fuck sake girls, what! What is the problem?” Suddenly they began looking shy. This was an appearance they had never shown Veronica before, and it made her worry about what had happened?

“Yeah, well. Mom, we were you know. Just looking through your clothes in your room for some style opinions.” Cleo said gently.

“Oh yeah, sure. You always come to your mother for fashion advice.” Veronica said sarcastically back, and Cleo responded to that with a grin.

“Anyhow. We accidentally saw your laptop on your bed, and I thought I might do a fast web search aaand.”

“Shit, oh shit,” Veronica screamed out in her head. “Did I close the folder? Did they see it? What are they thinking? Crap, crap.”

“This is rather silly, buuut.” Then Cleo was cut off by Alexia who was tired of waiting.

“Who of us, do you think, would be the best turkey, pig or whatever you call it?”

Veronica needed to double check in her mind of what she just heard and when that didn’t help she asked. “Wait, what?”

“Told you it was silly.” Cleo snarkily said.

“I know, but one thing led to another and we got into an argument about who would be the best meat.” Said Alexia who quickly had taken a liking to calling herself meat. She had begun to understand why her mother found the comics so interesting.

“I think the bigger question is why you are even looking at those things in the first place. Should we call a psychologist?” Cleo then spoke out.

“Oh girls, girls firstly I would never even dream of putting you in harm's way,” Veronica said, but if she were to fantasize it would be Cleo, she was the meatiest and snarkiest. So she would get a great meal and some silence around the house, it was a win-win situation, but she would never say that.

“If anyone here is to be put on the grocery list, it should be me. I mean come on, why do you think I read those comics?" Both girls gave each other a look. “Of course I would never act on any of it. It’s just those stories can be very captivating. To be all tied up in the mercy of a dangerous predator ready to use you for his wildest desires. Having your life in the hand of this menace, not knowing if he will keep you for endless pleasure or use you for his next meal."

“Whoa, mom,” Cleo called out.

"I mean come on girls. Why do you think I bought this oversized oven or the giant spit we roasted that tasty pig with last summer?" The girls looked around the kitchen and saw it in a brand-new way.

"I couldn't help but imagine it to be me as your father impaled the helpless little animal." Veronica continued. “However I would never act on it. As I said.”

All stood silent for a minute until Alexia opened her mouth. "Maybe you should. No, I don't mean really doing it. Just this seems to be eating you up from the inside. Why not ask dad for some role-playing?"

Veronica smiled. "Oh sweety, actually I tried, but he didn't quite seem to understand what I was going for and there's never really any time when he isn't tired from work or at work." When she then saw her daughters' sympathizing eyes she added. "Don't worry about me, girls, I am fine. I know how to take care of myself… And I promise I will try and talk with your dad some more when he gets home tonight. Besides I can entertain myself. There is a reason I like bathing in the sun." She said and glanced at the olive oil bottle on the counter.

"So that's why I always feel hungry when I am around you sunbathing," Cleo realized.

"You do?" Veronica gulped as she felt hit with arousal.

"Oh, mom did you just get excited by that?" Alexia asked.

"What, no!" Veronica protested.

Alexia took her sister to the side for some private talk. "Sis we really need to help mom."

"Yeah she needs help, but what can we do about it?" Cleo said in agreement.

Alexia got that sneaky expression and said. "I was thinking we could do a little role-playing with her."

"No way. That's so weird." Cleo objected.

"Come on! She needs this, or she might do something stupid. I mean she is already trying to fry herself in the sun." Before Cleo was able to protest more Alexia added. "Besides you owe me!"

"Ah fine!“ Cleo exclaimed. "You are getting off on this too aren't you?" She muttered as they walked up to their mother, who was wondering what her daughters were whispering about while taking another sip from her wine glass.

"So mom, Cleo and I were thinking. Dad won't be home for a while…" Alexia said before Veronica interrupts.

"No, girls it's nice that you care, but we can't do this."

Then Cleo, who was surprisingly strong, took a hard grip around Veronica's arms and bent her over the counter. "I think you know that the cow has no saying in her fate."

Then she looked at her sister. "If we are going to do this, we might as well do it right. Now try and find some ropes." Before Alexia left the room her mother called out."There is an unopened box under my bed."

Soon Alexia returned with four long black ropes and instructions on how to use them. Cleo took a rope and wrapped it tightly around Veronica’s wrist who felt the rope sinking into her skin.

"There we go. Nice and tight. Don't struggle too much now, or they might leave a mark." Cleo said and gave Veronica a hard, searing slap to her ass.

Alexia finished up tying Veronica's ankles and then they both helped to lift her up on the counter. There she was with her ass in the air and most of her weight balanced on her jiggly tits.

"What now?" Alexia asked Cleo.

"I don't know it was your idea. Try and find something in the fridge to stuff our turkey with."

With some ravaging, Alexia found an obscenely large carrot. "I can guess what you wanted this for," Alexia said and put the carrot in her mouth to moisten it up. She rubbed it gently against her tongue until she pushed it all down her throat, all ten inches of it.

"Holy shit. That's actually impressive. Don't drop it, or you will never breathe again." Cleo said.

Alexia gently pulled the carrot out from her mouth with a little string of saliva stuck to it. “So what hole do you want this in?” Alexia said as Cleo helped to raise Veronica's hip even further.

She was all shaved down there and looked gorgeous and Alexia was feeling strangely aroused by Veronica’s dripping pussy.

“You are soaked. Guess that settles it. Prepare to be stuffed.” A squishy sound was heard as Alexia showed in the tip of the carrot into Veronica's pussy.

"Oh yes! Use me, cook me and carve me like the turkey I am." This time the shout was not in Veronica's head, instead, she had shouted it out loud. Alexia understood what she needed and started thrusting the giant carrot back and forth. "Yes, Yes, Yes! Deeper."

With one last hard thrust, Alexia pushed the carrot in with all that she had. So much that Veronica's belly bulged up and she shouted out with joy.

"Whew, that one got far in there," Alexia said and got back up. "Should we start to wrap things up?"

"No, not yet, just a little more." Veronica pleaded.

Cleo who had long dreamed of hearing her nagging mother cry out in pain, found this all rather fulfilling.
"Wait not yet. Still, one hole was left to fill." She said and gave Veronica’s anus a glance and then the bowl filled with six large apples.

Cleo took up the biggest apple she could find and drenched it in oil. "No way that will fit, it's bigger than a fist," Alexia said.

"Have a little faith in her," Cleo said and made an evil grin.

"Oh, I don't know." Was all Veronica managed to say before her anus spread wide open, and Cleo pushed the apple up against her rear with full force.

"Easy, you are going to tear me apart," Veronica shouted. With her rectum at its breaking point, but it only needed a little more and it would slide in.

"Aaaah." She screamed as the apple sank into her ass with a plop.

"Oh that was intense." Veronica moaned.

"And only five more to go." Cleo happily informed while grabbing a long piece of cloth and wiped off the little bloodstain. "That's sweet, but your dad will be home soon so I think."

Cleo put her finger on her mouth and interrupted her "I think it's time to put you in mute." She said and took Veronica's underwear and jammed them in her mouth. Before tying a cloth hard around her head. Being able to shut her up was so satisfying Cleo thought. She could get used to having a submissive mother.

"There some peace and quiet," Cleo said and then grabbed another apple.

"You think I can fit them all?" She asked Alexia who replied, "Only one way to find out."

With that, she pushed in one after another and it made Veronica's rear stretch out far beyond its normal limit. Her muffled screams were soothing to Cleo and even made her pussy twitch from time to time.

Veronica was really at the mercy of another human, and even if it wasn't as she imagined, she enjoyed every second of it. The girls ignoring her screams of protest only made it hotter.

She was used to taking it in the rear, but this was extreme. Her anus was aching, burning and pulsing. She was going to be sore for weeks she thought, and the last one was pretty rough, but Cleo managed to squeeze it in with only a glimpse of it peeking out from Veronica's anus.

"Well-done mommy. All stuffed and ready for the oven." Cleo said.

"Shouldn't we untie her, before dad comes home?" Alexia asked

"Actually I have an idea on how to help her discuss her desires with dad," Cleo told and Alexia showed interest.

"How about we place her in the oven for dad to find. Then she will have no other choice than to tell him what's going on."

Alexia shined up. "I love it! We better hurry." She grabbed a note and wrote
- A Special Surprise is waiting in the oven. Then she stapled it up on their bedroom door.

Back in the kitchen Cleo had opened up the oven and found a large oven plate. With one girl on each side, they picked up Veronica and placed her on the plate, on the open oven hatch, it was strong and barely moved.

"Careful don't struggle so much. You are very slippery, I almost dropped you." Alexia said.

Veronica was not listening. She couldn't let this go on. What would Tom say about everything? He was going to think she was crazy, and how would she explain how she ended up here? There was no way that he would be okay with her daughters doing this. With a jerk and tumble, she tried to break free. In spite of that, the ropes were tightening and she felt them scraping against her skin. Maybe I can roll out on the floor at least she thought.

Then she stopped as a cold sharp blade was pressing up against her tummy. "Settle down. You don't want me to slip." Cleo said while holding a large kitchen knife.

"What are you doing?" Alexia asked worryingly.

"We need her to cool off before dad comes home, besides what was it she screamed before, carve me like a turkey? Doesn't that seem like an invitation to knife play?"

The sharp metal blade stroke across Veronicas now bulging stomach. One nudge and it would slip right through her skin and make her inside spill out. To be gutted alive in her own kitchen before being put in the oven as the meat she is, this was her destiny she thought, and a tiny squirt was blown out from her pussy.

"Are you getting off on this too?" Cleo said to Veronica who had become much more peaceful with her predicament.

"Can't let you get away from this without a scratch at least," Cleo told her and kept dragging the knife over her body. "Where would a possible scar suit you?" She asked and lifted Veronica's right breast with the blade.

No, anyplace, but there Veronica thought and shook her head in protest.

"Don’t want to damage your perfections eyh, fine" Cleo laughed and moved the knife to Veronica's upper thigh. She wanted to make a mark that would stay. So the next time she would complain about Cleo getting a tattoo, Cleo could always point to that.

Cleo slowly stroked the blade across the side of Veronica's thigh and then added pressure. The knife sank into her skin with hardly any resistance and she didn't know if Veronica screamed out of pain or pleasure. Veronica had never felt so out of control of her life.

"Nice cut, it should not bleed too badly if you lay still." Cleo slid the knife out and washed it in the kitchen sink.

Then they heard an engine roar. "It's dad, he is coming up the driveway," Alexia called to her sister.

"Okay let's get the roast into the oven then," Cleo said and gave her mom a smile. "Have fun with dad, and thanks for the money."

Both sisters said while pushing her in and closing the hatch behind her. Now her mumbling was completely silenced.

"How about ending it with a bang. Let's turn the oven on and let her squirm inside until dad finds her." Alexia said, and Cleo started up the oven. Outside they heard a car door slam shut.

"Let roll. I know this great bar ten minutes away." Cleo said and snuck out the back door with her sister. They felt great about fulfilling all of Veronica's desires.

Once Veronica saw the oven light go on, her heart skipped a beat. She tried to signal that it was enough, but her daughters left her. This was so scary and exciting at the same time. She was trapped with no escape, like a piece of meat in the making. She began to feel the oven heating up.

What if they don't come back? Is this my end? Trapped to roast in my own oven. No, they must come back right. Yeow, it's getting hot fast. This is better than a sauna. Wonder how long I would, or will last. She thought to herself.

She heard the front door open up, it must be Tom. What should I say? Maybe it would be better to just be roasted. No, she thought and muffled out another scream.

Outside the sun went down over the horizon and soon enough, two tipsy sisters made their way home. Cleo stumbled in and tipped over her dad's shoes and Alexia tossed her heels off in the corner.
"Can I touch your boob? I mean come on can you believe that guy." Cleo blabbed on.

"Well didn't you let him?" Alexia said. "Not until later… He was charming. Shut up." Cleo muttered.

"Wonder how it went for mom and dad," Alexia said.

"Mmm do you smell that?" Cleo uttered. The aroma of newly roasted meat filled the room.

"Mm, what is that chicken?" Alexia asked.

"Don't know, it seems like it must have gone well. Mommy is making a celebratory dinner." Cleo suggested.

"Maybe mom is the dinner." Alexia said and giggled.

"Yeah, dad just left her in there…" A concern crawled up on the sister's faces.

"You check the bedroom. I check the kitchen." Cleo commanded.

Alexia hurried over to the closed bedroom door and the note was still on. She pushed open the door and found that the room was empty.

"Shit." On her way to the kitchen, she saw that the entertainment room was open. Inside crashed out on the couch was her dad. Beside him were an open bottle of sleeping pills and an empty glass of water. "No, no what are you doing here."

"Alexia! “ Cleo shouted from the kitchen. Alexia ran over and found Cleo kneeling down in front of the oven.

"What have we done?" She spoke out. Inside was a dark golden brown Veronica with steam rising from her body.

"Well open it! “ Alexia spoke out. They turned off the oven and dragged her out.

"Does she have a pulse?" Cleo asked and Alexia put two fingers to her warm neck and heard it squeak. It was so tight, that when she pushed a little harder she felt the skin break open, revealing the white and steamy flesh on the inside.

“Oh, shit this really went too far. How could dad have missed her?”
“How could we leave her!? Shit, we are going to end up in prison. Our lives are over, just like hers.” Cleo began rambling to herself.
“No way that I am going in for this,” Alexia said.

Then Cleo got a grim expression. “Wait the only two who know is us. If we just could get rid of her body. We would be in the clear.” She said.

“Really, she just died, and you talk about hiding her body,” Alexia cried out.

“You can grieve later!” She looked over to the sink and saw the garbage disposal. "We could use that."

"Even if it would manage to grind her bones, she won't fit," Alexia said.

"Well, I was actually having another plan. I mean she is still warm and since this happened anyway we may at least try her." Cleo told.

"You are unbelievable! I mean I know you get a serious case of the munchies when you drink, but come on." Alexia yelled at her sister. However, she was actually really interested in trying herself, now that the opportunity had shown itself. She just didn't want to say it.

"You know she would have liked the idea," Cleo said and Alexia finally agreed. "Okay fine just a taste."

Cleo took a hard grip of her Veronica's leg and pulled. The flesh was dragged off the bone like a well-grilled chicken. She gently placed the piece in her mouth and let it roll on her tongue. The meat was juicy and fell apart with ease.

"Oh, she is delicious." Said Alexia after swallowing a part of her arm.

"Yeah much better than expected. She would have been so proud." Cleo said enjoying the flavor.

The following hour the sister gobbled up their mother while reminiscing about the past. They tasted her firm tummy, her fleshy butt, and her juicy tits. The tits were a bit fat, but the leftover milk gave the meat a distinct taste.

"Huh, I am full. Sorry, mom." Alexia said and wiped her mouth. They cleaned up the rest of their mother and saved some of the meat in the fridge with a note that said leftover.

The next day Alexia was doing her morning routine when her father knocked. "Hi sweety, have you seen your mother? I slept on the couch last night since she seemed to have gone to sleep and I didn't want to wake her."

Alexia shook her head. "No, maybe she went out for a grocery run?"

"Okay if you see her tell her I will be home by eight." Her father walked out in the hallway. "Bye darlings I am off to work. Hope to see you all tonight." Was heard through the house before the door closed. Alexia walked over to the toilet and looked down. Before flushing, she said, "Goodbye mom."


One early noon, the sun was shining down on a colorful countryside, and along a gravel road that was separating two blossomy fields, a taxi was driving. It pulled up at a large white two-story house that was surrounded by nature.

From the backseat of the taxi, a truly gorgeous woman stepped out with her high heels to the block paving. She pulled up the very short and tight blue jeans that were squeezing into her apple shaped ass. The taxi driver assisted her with her bags and couldn't help but to get his eyes locked on her wide cleavage. It was easy to picture her giant breasts tearing out and breaking free from the red tight top she wore. The top that was barely covering her full grown bust and let her fit belly out for all to see.

When she noticed how the driver ogled at her, she couldn't help herself and began to giggle. The driver quickly regained his composure and seemed rather embarrassed.

"I am sorry, you just looked like you were hypnotized under a deep spell." She stated while still giggling a little.

"Well, I must admit, I was taken by your blossoming beauty!" He then declared.

This time she laughed and brushed some of her pink colored hair to the side of her face.

"Really? You don't just mean Blossoming Tits?" She asked and held up her breasts and jiggled them in front of him. He was at a loss for words.

"You know what, you seem sweet, here take a twenty dollar tip and my number, maybe we can stay in touch, but now I have family waiting." She told him and gave him his payment, and he hurried back to the taxi with many grateful praises.

It had been more than a year since she last saw her sister and she was a bit nervous. Ever since the incident twenty years ago, where their mother Veronica had gone missing for six months, before being declared dead. She and her sister had been left with a wealthy inheritance. Cleo who now stood outside her sister's house had decided to use the money to travel the world and staying in all kinds of places and trying all kinds of jobs. While her sister Alexia did quite the opposite and started a family. She gave birth to a pair of twins, but even though the dad left her to raise them by herself, she had managed to raise up a pair of fine individuals. Today was also the twins eighteenth birthday and Alexia was going to hold a great feast in their honor.

Cleo pushed the doorbell and in a moment her younger sister opened up her door, and precisely like Cleo, Alexia still looked jaw-dropping.

"Cleo! Hi, how has it been." She enthusiastically embraced her sister and gave her a firm hug that pressed their breasts together so that they jiggled around from the lack of space.

"Here come in. Let me show you around." Cleo followed Alexia inside and threw off her heels to give her feet some rest. "I had almost forgotten how lovely and deserted this place is."

"Yeah, It's nice to get away from everything for a while, though it can get rather dull."

"Are you considering moving again?" Cleo questioned.

"No, we like it here and there is some great communication in the area. By car, the local town is only a half hour away. Besides, I would never have afforded a house like this in town." She said while walking through the house and showing off the decoration in all kinds of rooms.

"As you see, we have gotten things rather settled in since you helped us move her, and then ran off to Italy," Alexia said to her sister as they entered the kitchen.

"Waow this kitchen was bigger than I remembered." Cleo declared as she observed it.

"Yes, I know, but it came with the house… Oh, don't look at me like that. It's not the reason." Alexia said in her defense as her sister gave her that look.

"Yeah, a big oven, a house in a deserted location and sending out a flyer for a spooky dinner party… Doesn't sounds like something mom would have liked to be a part of at all." Cleo said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh shut up. Not my fault they are born on Halloween and not so loud, what if the kids hear." Alexia said with a hush.

"That reminds me where are the twins?" Cleo asked.

"Have a wild guess. In their rooms upstairs."

"Well, then I should go and say hello. And give them their gifts." Cleo said as she took out two, one-hundred dollar bills and then headed up the stairs. There she was faced with two closed doors and without any specific reason, she decided to first enter the door to the right. She gave it a knock, but no one responded, and after a trying the handle she concluded that it was locked. Though, that did not stop her.

"Trying to hide from your aunt, are you?" Cleo said and took out a bobby pin from her little purse and used it to pick the lock in no time at all.

Inside the room was Lanius sitting with his headphones on and his eyes glued to the computer screen. He still didn't notice Cleo walking into his room. She discreetly closed the door behind her and moved closer in an attempt to sneak up on him. Once she came closer she noticed that he had grown a lot since the last time she saw him. He had become a real man.

Cleo was just about to jump at him from behind when he began moving his right arm.

Oh shit. Great timing Cleo. She thought to herself and moved back. Well, at least he's having a good time. I wonder what he is looking at?

Cleo made her way closer and looked at his screen. Isn't that. Yes, it is. It's one of Alexia's erotic snuff novels. Cleo noticed. Alexia had released several novels over the years. All erotic and many on the extreme level. They were not very well know but sold alright for the genre.

Suddenly Lanius spun around. "Waa! What, when did. Why didn't you knock?" He said in a swaying tone of voice.

"Okay calm down it's fine. Everybody's doing it. I won't say anything if you won't. Also, you really shouldn't wear headphones when playing with that." Cleo said pointing at his erected penis with a giggle.

"Ah, crap." He took a pillow and covered himself up.

"Hehe a little late now. Kid." She then turned to the computer. "Enjoying your mother's book are you?"

"Shh, no I just…" He begun, but then understood he couldn't talk himself out of it, so instead, he tried to explain it. "Okay fine yeah they are exciting. I mean it's not so weird if you think about it. It's the same reason you want action and craziness in movies. It is interesting to see what the character will do in the situation and how they can enjoy such a scary moment and who will survive. " Lanius rambled on until Cleo interrupted.

"Hehe relax. I understand. And I don't think your mom would have a hard time to get it either. To cut it shorts. Let's just say one of her books is based on a real story."

"They are what?… Were you involved too, Really? Which one? Come on. Now you have to tell me!"

"Sorry, no can do. I should really let you get dressed. Here take this and come downstairs when you are done." Cleo said and tossed a one-hundred dollar bill on his bed. Then she turned around and on her way out she noticed a few ropes placed on the shelf.

"By the way, you should remove those too before more guests arrive," Cleo said and pointed at them, Lanius nodded and was now to embraced to answer.

"Bondage huh. You really have grown up since I last saw you. So how many women have you tied up in here?" Cleo continued with a smile she thought it was fun teasing him.

He didn't reply? "Oh, are you still a?"

"Yes, I only have them for practice." Lanius interrupted.

"Really a good looking guy like you? Well, you do live a bit deserted. But hey let your aunt give you some advice." Lanius didn't protest.

"Be confident and don't be afraid to take control. Especially if you are into things like this. You need to show the girl that you are dominant, but also that they can trust you." Cleo told him and then stopped herself again before things got even weirder. She had probably seen more of her nephew's embarrassing things than an aunt should in a lifetime.
"Well as I said, I should go see your sister and let you get dressed." She said and turned her back to Lanius, who suddenly jumped up from the bed "Wait which one of the stories are real? I really want to know."

"Hehe, sorry kid, Won’t tell, no matter what. Your mother would kill me if I did… Just kidding, but she wouldn't be happy." She answered and was about to grab the door handle when she noticed a steady grip around her wrists. It was Lanius who had taken her hands up behind her back and pushed her up against the wall.

"No, no what are you doing?" She asked and felt her breasts being squeezed between her and the hard surface, while he tied her arms together.

"This was not what I meant." She continued to protest and was feeling stupid that she hadn't left at once.

"Shut it. You are mine now." He told Cleo before he lifted her and tossed her on to his bed.

Woah this kid is strong. Wait, no I shouldn't get impressed. I should stop it. Cleo thought to herself. Yet, she couldn't help it. She had always been aroused by dominant men.

She tried to regain focus and pleaded "Lanius… Just untie me and we can forget all about this."

He laughed a little. "Hmm maybe… if you tell me."

Cleo wondered if she should tell him? He would probably just be aroused and nothing more. She then shook her head. No, it’s not my place to tell and besides whatever happens now is not my fault. I have no control over the situation, I am just a week girl in the hands of a strong man. So let's see what he can do, she thought and got rather excited.

"Well then, you need to be punished!" He told and flipped her over on the bed.

“Oh please master, excuse your naughty pet.” She said teasingly.

He seemed to like that and dragged her up to her knees with her head bent forward to the bed. A firm stinging smack was delivered to her rear, followed by her undies and shorts being dragged off from her legs in one go. Next, he delicately stroke his fingers between her dripping pussy lips and in response, her body pulsated for more.

"You protest. Yet you are as flowing like a river." He took out another rope and tied a circle at the end of it. What is he planning now? Cleo wondered.

He placed it around her neck and then proceeded to rub his dick against her pussy, to cover it in her juice.

"This is a good leash for you. My little pet." He said and placed the tip of his dick at her rear.

"Let's see how you like this." With a hard trust, her asshole spread open and Lanius's cock drove inside her. He pulled on the rope that tightened the noose around her neck and forced her head up as he rode her hard.

She was sent back and forth, and back and forth as he kept slamming himself into her rear. Her booty bounced with every hit and her breasts wiggled uncontrollably as if they were possessed on her torso.

The rope only got tighter with every thrust and now she couldn't even breath if she wanted too. In return, her ass was as tight as it had ever been and it had become soaked from the drilling of her anus. Still, it was nothing compared to her pussy that was gushing out fluid like a drinking fountain down between her legs.

With one final unyielding slam, he let go off the rope and sent her flying face down on the bed. Cleo started to cough as oxygen returned to her brain and she remained still for a moment to take in what just had happened. Then she sat herself up on the bed

"I need to admit. You aren't bad for a newbie." She said.

"Thanks, now show me your skills and clean it." He pointed at his erect dick that stared her right in the face. She could feel the smell of her own anus on it, but he wasn’t about to let her hesitate and placed his hand on the back of her head.

Deep and deeper it was pushed into her mouth as he began moving his hips. She rolled her tongue on the shaft while it moved around in her mouth and it made him groan for more. It wasn’t long before she felt a hint of salt on her tongue and she knew he was about to pop.

With one heavy grunt, he pulled his dick out from her mouth and took aim at her right eye. She got to watch the load fill her vision, while she licked up the spillage that landed on her lips. She blinked a few times to clear her eyes, before telling him. "Okay you had your fun, now let me go."

Lanius smiled "Ready to tell me the truth then?“ He watched her while she gave no response. "Didn't think so." So he forced her to her feet again and took out another rope that he looped two laps around each of her unsuspecting melons.

He then dragged the rope up to the ceiling where a metal hook was placed. It was originally made to hold a boxing bag, but this would do. With a mighty pull, he got the rope through and Cleo could sense an unwavering pressure building in her breasts, as she was hanged kicking in the air by her now swollen jugs.

Lanius smiled. He never thought his birthday would be this fun and he would be lying if he said he never had any interest in his aunt. Ever since he saw her in that BDSM porn movie he found online, he had always had an unusual arousal when thinking about her. So he could hardly believe that she now was here, at his mercy. She was his own private little sex toy and he just couldn't pass up this opportunity.

His dick rose once more to the challenge and he picked up both her legs and rammed his dick into her drenched pussy. Her breasts felt one pull after another as he kept thrusting himself in and out of her. First Cleo feared that her breasts would explode from the pressure, however, after a while she was almost hoping for it, to relieve her of all the built-up tension.

The last pull was so hard that she thought she could see the roof bolting, while he sprayed out his load in her cunt and then let her swing. She saw that her breasts had obtained a dark purple color, while Lanius placed a chair beside her and put one of her nipples in his mouth.

"Just tell me what I want and I let you down." He said before he started to pinch and twist her other nipple. He sucked ferociously on the one in his mouth, so much that she imagined it would come loose. Then when she felt his teeth rubbing against it she knew she had to stop this.

"Okay fine! It was the book with the most sales. A family dinner for two." She wailed.

Her stiff nipple plopped out of his mouth. "Holy shit, that means. You and mom. Woah. That's sick… And so hot. How did you get away with it?" He spoke and walked around the room.

"You promised." She squealed.

"Yes, yes of course, but first a little gift." Lanius pulled out a box from under his bed. From it, he took out two toys. One was round and egg-shaped, and the other was formed as a plug, a butt plug to be exact.

Cleo didn't have the energy to protest as the egg slipped in between her thighs and she let out another moan. He took some of her pussy juice and smeared it over the plug. It was not all too big, just yet. He placed it against her rear and pushed it in.

"There now I can let you down." He said and cut the rope so she could fall down on the chair. She took her purple breasts in her hand and observed them.

"Can definitely say that I never stress-tested them like that before. Almost thought they would come loose from the roots of the breasts. Hope this goes away quickly, or I am going to have some explaining to do at the party."

She then looked at Lanius. "And how long do you expect me to have these toys in me?"

Lanius smiled. "As long as I say so, and if you take them out you can expect some severe punishment."

"Oh scary," Cleo said and giggled over how secure he had gotten. She got herself dressed once more after wiping herself clean with the sheets.

"Do me a favor and get dressed and join us downstairs will you?" She said and then headed out. Cleo glanced downstairs and saw that Alexia was on the phone.

Thank Satan that she hadn’t heard them. She thought to herself and then observed her own cleavage, it had faded to a more red and pink color. I should probably stall a bit more, before showing myself again. Then she saw the bathroom, maybe a shower will do the trick.

She locked the bathroom door and got undressed. She took her finger into her cunt and felt the egg-shaped toy. but decided to leave it in, for now. She didn't want to find out what kind of punishment he had prepared for her, at least not at the moment.

"Ah shit, I can't believe what just happened. What have I done, what have I let be done… Ouch! My breasts are still so sore. Haven't felt this confused since what we did to mom." She spoke silently to herself and opened a bottle of body wash that she smeared all over her body.

"Must say Lanius took it really well. Didn't even seem to cross his mind that I'm his aunt. Should I be worried?" After she was done she studied her breasts again, they were still rather red and she could see a few veins showing up on her skin. Most noticeable however where the rope marks around the base of her breasts. She decided that she should wear a towel around her neck for a while and down over her cleavage to cover it. She could blame that on not wanting her wet hair to drip down on her top.

Once she was finished she took a glimpse into the other room upstairs, were Lanius's five minutes older sister Nova was relaxing on her bed and tapping away on her phone.

"Aunt Cleo!" She burst out when she noticed her and flew up and gave her a hug. She was not the tallest girl, so when she pressed Cleo against her, Nova’s head landed right between her breasts. Cleo felt a small sting of pain but it was already better than before.

"Oops sorry," Nova said and let her go. "Don't worry about it. It happens. I just came to say hi and give you this." Cleo said and gave her the cash and after some chit-chat, Cleo told her that they should go downstairs, and went ahead there herself.

"Useless fucking dickless hoes!" Alexia shouted and slammed her mobile to the table as Cleo went up to her aggravated sister. "Eh, what's going on?“

"Remember that caterer I told you about. Yeah well, they should already have been here before you. I have tried calling them on all their different numbers, but I only get an answering machine." Alexia rambled.

"I am sure they will show up. Otherwise can't you drive to town and get something from there?" Cleo suggested.

"No, this is a small town. Everything is closed today. I can't believe this is happening. They seemed so good and passionate when I spoke to them. Guess you just can't trust small businesses." Alexia kept complaining.

"Okay, but don't you have anything at home? You know I worked as a chef for a few years. I could probably fix something up." Cleo said and looked around the kitchen.

"No, I hardly have anything at home except for some vegetables in the garden and the drinks for the party," Alexia told and Cleo giggled.

Alexia gave her a sour look. "What's so funny."

"Oh nothing, this just sounds like it could be the beginning of one of your novel's," Cleo said still smiling.

"Really? That's what you focus on?" Alexia got even sourer.

"No, you are right I am sorry. Perhaps I can create some vegetable soup or something." Cleo suggested.

"No, the kids will hate that. Besides, it says spooky bbq on the fliers I sent out. Everyone will be so disappointed and the twins have all their friends coming today."

“Yeah that sucks, but come on they are teens, I am sure they can find something else to do and you can postpone the party.”

“But I really wanted to make them satisfied with this party. Especially Lanius who has been so helpful in his father's absence. No, we need to figure something out.” Alexia said desperately.

“Hehe, you shouldn’t worry about Lanius I don’t think anything can top my gift,” Cleo whispered to herself.

Cleo thought maybe the neighbors have something she could borrow. Then she felt a strong vibration in her pussy. She had to hold her own mouth not to shout. Damn it kid, not now. Cleo thought and Alexia looked at her strangely. “What’s going on? Are you feeling sick?”

Cleo had to think fast. “No, I just had a really stupid suggestion, but I stopped myself.” She said to hopefully get away. “Don’t hold back now I am desperate. No suggestions are too dumb.” Alexia said hopefully.

“Weeell…” Cleo thought about what to say. “We were around their age when we…”

“Again, what is up with you today? You want to snuff me out that bad?” Alexia snarled at her, but then went silent “You really think they would enjoy it?”

“Alexia I wasn’t serious. I said it was a bad idea. Yet, when you say it, I think Lanius would enjoy it.” Cleo said.

“How do you know?” Alexia asked curiously.

“Let’s just say your boy has become a real man.” Cleo's cheeks blushed slightly and she removed the towel.

“What? Have you done? Have you no self-control? He's your nephew.” Alexia did her best to hold back from screaming.

“I didn’t mean it. I accidentally walked into his room when he began to. Fap Fap. and things moved on from there… Must say though his real good.”

“Eww don’t say that he is my son.” Alexia closed her eyes and turned away for a second.

“I know, but hey he was reading one of your books. So better me that you right?” Cleo said in her defense and realizing how stupid it sounded immediately after.

“Ah damn it. Let's drop it. You don’t really think he would? No drop it.” Alexia walked back and forth again.

“Yes let’s do that. Back to the dinner. You are not really considering?” Cleo asked when her sister looked at the oven.

“I don’t know. I mean. I still remember that day so clearly. It was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. Also, I still can’t believe how much mom smiled after we found her.” Alexia told and this time she blushed too.

“Yes I know what you mean, I traveled the world trying to find a similar feeling, but no matter where I went or did nothing was even close. I have tried stripper, modeling, adult movies and even been to a few BDSM clubs. It was fun, but nothing like that. However, that does not mean you should just do it. It’s really no coming back or second try.” Cleo tried talking her out of it.

“I know, yet I also think I know why Veronica found it so enjoyable. Remember your first love and how good it felt to be needed by someone, Then when that passes, you get your kids and suddenly you are needed more than ever. Your only purpose is to take care of them and to feed them, but now I have nothing again. The kids don’t need me anymore and I have already tried out all the interesting men in this town. It feels like there is nothing left for me here. So maybe that final gift isn’t so bad. To be used, needed and to nourish those dear to you one last time.” Alexia said not knowing if she was trying to talk Cleo or herself into it more.

“Really Sis? You sure you aren’t just super horny? However, it’s your decision. If you really are going to do it, I won’t stop you.” Cleo eventually gave in.

Then Alexia took her hand and asked. “Can you do me a favor then?”

“Sure what?” Cleo replied in surprise.

“Take care of the twins when I am gone. Until they are ready to live by themselves. I have a huge life insurance. So they should be all set, and in the meantime, you can use my savings.” Alexia explained.

“You really have been planning this have you not?” Cleo asked with a questioning look.

“No, but can’t say the thought never crossed my mind… It’s good to be prepared.” Alexia said and tried to get out of the conversation.

“Haha, you are just as crazy as mom. Sure I can look after them.” Cleo agreed.

“Also don’t report me right away. You can say I left on a vacation and asked you to take care of the twins before you report me missing. I mean it’s the twins' party. So nobody should be too surprised that I won’t join in on the festivities, in person at least. Nobody wants their mother there cramping their style, right?” She said and felt her heart battering her insides from the imaginations that flourished in her mind.

“Okay. If you are sure about this…. then”

“Yes, let’s get going before I change my mind. We only have around two hours or so, before the guests arrive. We need to get going. How shall we tell the kids?” Alexia asked and stopped for a moment.

In the meantime, the twins had left their rooms and bumped into each other in the corridor.

On their way down Lanius suddenly asked. “Did you know?” Nova looked at her brother who seemed to be acting a little stranger than usual. “What?”

“Nevermind?” Lanius said and looked away. “Then why speak if you don’t want to tell me?”

Lanius then turned back. “About the book?”

“What do you mean? Moms books? Yes, I have looked at some. They are odd, but hey they sell.” She said and actually, she was kinda into one of them.

“No, I mean,” Lanius said and took a deep breath. “Mom and au.. Cleo. One book is based on what they did for real!” Nova looked at her brother. “Say what?”

“Which one?” She asked with a little thrill in her voice.

“A family dinner for two.” He said and Nova got a little disappointed at first. “So they really? Shit. Wait how do you know?”

Now Nova knew something was strange as her brother blushed. “Cleo told me.”

“Why would she do that all of a sudden?”

He considered if he should tell her or not. He took up his mobile and glimpsed downstair where Cleo and Alexia were speaking. “Look,” He said and pointed to Cleo before he pushed a button. This resulted in Cleo shaking as if she had been the center of an earthquake and she promptly covered her mouth and pussy.

“I guess you can say I fucked it out of her.” He said and was beside himself with delight.

“You what? So you and Cleo? For how long?” Nova asked, who to Lanius’s surprise had taken the news well.

"Since less than an hour ago."

"Shit. This family is more fucked up than I ever thought. I, no we didn’t stand a chance to be normal. Was she your first?" Lanius nodded.

"Congrats bro. I didn’t think she would be into that. Good to hear I am not the only one in this family doing strange things.”

She could see that Lanius got curious by that statement and since he told a secret why not return the favor.

“I have been into asphyxiation for a while. First I started to do it shortly just for fun. Then I started to do it longer and longer. The longest I have managed is fourteen minutes before I lost control and fainted. Luckily mom unexpectedly walked in and got me down.”

Lanius was not as ready for such news, “You don’t really want to hang permanently? And mom knows? Has she not stopped you?”

“Of course not, but I must say it gives me such a rush. That's why lately I have begun to be even less careful about being able to return. Also yeah, naturally mom wanted me to stop, but then agreed to make me promise that I would be more careful. And to tell her before I do it, so she could keep an eye on me, but that kinda ruins the whole thing. I do however actually think she wrote Breathless Orgasm for me.” She said.

“Damn, well guess we have similar tastes in porn than at least.”

“What you like strangulation too?” Nova questioned curiously.

“No, more into Torture, Horror, Gore, theme.”

His sister gave him an odd look. “Hmm, so snuff huh, makes sense in this family.”

“Yeah, but I would never do it for real.” Lanius insisted.

“You sure about that? Your face really lights up when you talk about it.”

“What like you do when you talk about choking yourself and when I mentioned Cleo and mom?”

“Fine, you caught me. They look good and there are not many lesbian girls out here. Really, I still don’t understand why we moved here.” Nova said and
Lanius gave an agreeing look before peeking downstair. “Wonder what they are talking about.” Both twins wondered and listened in on the conversation for a while.

“Wait what are they serious?” Nova said as they heard their plans.

“Holy shit, I think so,” Lanius said while speculating if this all was just some strange dream.

“What should we do. We can’t let her do this. Right?”

“I know, but you heard she really seem to be into it. And we would get Cleo.”

“Of course that is what you focus on. You horny punk.” Nova was about to go downstairs when Lanius stopped her.

“Maybe we can hang her first? Then you could get to see someone hang for real.” He said and caught Nova’s attention. “If we make sure she survives it, then maybe that will have been enough to calm her down? Just look at her, this is more for her than us. She must be uber horny. I mean we haven’t had many visits in weeks, now have we?”

Nova looked at her mother and back at Lanius. “So it’s for her. To help her?”

Lanius nodded. “Yes sure, and you could get to see someone hang.”

Nova considered it for a moment. “Ah okay, I am game.” she declared before the twins went downstairs to join the adults.

Alexia seemed a bit indecisive and said. “Hi kids… I have something to tell you.”

Lanius interrupted her. “We know mom, we heard.”

“You did…” She asked nervously and held her hand over her hearth to stop it from jumping out her chest.

“Yes and we think it sounds amazing!” Lanius said cheerfully. Nova pushed him. Weren’t we supposed to try and talk her out of it? Nova though.

Cleo watched with surprise. He had no hesitation, have I helped to produce a monster? Lanius then walked up to Cleo. “I am just going to tie up my pet and then we can get started.”

He said and clutched his hand forcibly around Cleo’s neck and dragged her up onto the counter, where a sturdy metal railing for dishes could be found above.

“Oy you seem psyched kid!” She managed to say as he placed her on her knees and bent her towards the counter. He took out a rope out from his pocket and tied her wrist to the metal railing.

“Now here you go,” He said and tapped away on his mobile until her entire body shook. Her pussy trembled frantically from the vibrations and no matter what she attempted there was no way to prevent it. It didn't help her either that inside her rear there was this swelling sensation of something growing within her guts.

So it’s an inflatable butt plug. Cleo thought while trying to keep some of her sanity and wondered what more would be done to her. What followed where ten rigid slaps to her playful and fluctuating ass, that turned it more crimson for every blow.

“Nova, want to play? She is all yours.” Lanius said and gave her the mobile and walked over to Alexia.

"You sure, you are ready for this?" Lanius asked Alexia. She looked at her son that was so in charge. Would he treat her the same way he treated Cleo, even though she was his mother? Then again they were not family anymore. She was only a piece of meat and he was a butcher.

"Yes, but first let me help you with that," Alexia said and grabbed hold of Lanius's thick bolting dick.

Lanius dropped his pants and put his erected rod against her lips. She proceeded to lick it from the tip to root and to suck on the balls beneath. She was astonished and rather proud to see how well endowed he was.

"Woa, ah, A." Was all Lanius managed to say at the moment as she put it between her wet lips and rolled her tongue around on the tip before she pushed it in deeper.

Alexia felt his hand grabbing a hold of the hair at the back of her head and then he pushed her even closer towards him. The thick cock was entirely rammed down her throat and she felt how her eyes started to roll upwards, as she choked on it. However Lanius didn't keep it in long, instead, he kept shoving her head back and forth. She was nothing more than a tool for pleasure at this moment and she loved every moment.

"You better watch out Alexia. This one likes to put his load in your eye." Cleo said jokingly while bending her head up to get a glimpse of the action. She then felt a finger sliding across her dripping pussy and all the way up to her ass, it was Nova who also wanted to play.

Nova proceeded to Cleo’s front and climbed up on the counter so she could put her soaking pussy in front of Cleo's mouth. “Since you helped Lanius so much, you can do me too.” She stated and Cleo wasn’t about to protest and dragged her tongue trough Nova’s lower lips.

Nova felt Cleo's tongue moving across her loins and then drilling deeper inside her pussy. There really was nothing better than a woman's touch she thought and put her hands on the counter, where she spotted Lanius’s mobile. Time to return the favor she thought.

"Hmm so according to this you have a vibrator and an inflation toy in you. Wanna see how far it can go?“ Cleo began to feel Nova's juice covering her face as she burrowed in deeper. Nova started tapping the buttons wildly as Cleo twisted her tongue in her hole. Cleo’s entire body was soon shaking once more from the buzzing vibrator in her pussy and both girls let out a loud scream of joy as they squirted all over the counter and Cleo’s face.

"You are amazing. I can see why Lanius likes you." Nova said and stepped down from the counter and looked over Cleo who was drenched in her fluid. Cleo who still was tied up did her best to licked her soaked lips clean.

"Not bad girl, now can you do me a favor a get those things out of me?" Cleo asked and swung her ass.

Nova glanced at the vibrator that was sticking out of Cleo's pussy, it was almost slipping out by itself. The inflatable plug in her ass, however, would probably be harder to get out, she could already see it bulging out on Cleo’s stomach.

Shortly after Lanius pulled his dick out. "No, please do it inside me," Alexia pleaded.

"If you insist," Lanius told with a grin and took an even harder grip of the back of her head and placed his erect dick in front of her right eye.

"What are you?" Alexia said before he ordered her to look at his dick. It got closer and soon it was rubbing against her cornea.

"You ready to lose your eyeginity?" Lanius asked teasingly. Alexia first felt frightened at the idea of what was about to happen. Then realized she really had no more saying in what happened to her. "Whatever you think is best, dear."

She tried the best she could to stay as still as possible while the pressure built up in her eye. Suddenly it happened, her glimmering ocean colored eye popped like a grape.

Lanius saw pieces of it sliding out on his dick with a flood of blood. Yet it didn’t stop him and he plunged his dick into her head. The eye socket was very soggy and gooey, but Lanius thought it felt fantastic as it rubbed against his dick. Also when thrusting his dick in deep enough, he was sure he could feel the tip bumping into her brain.

Alexia, on the other hand, was first struck with a sudden shock of pain. She wanted to blink, but the cock wouldn't let her. Though she quickly learned to loosen herself and be part of the motion. Once in a while though she felt as if she was struck to the head with a tingling sensation and it made her very dizzy. It was all so strange, but still, this helpless sensation of knowing your life was completely in the hands of someone else, was very exhilarating for her. The only sign of life from the outside was her drooling mouth that let out a few muzzy moans once in a while.

Cleo watched her sister be treated like a worthless cumbucket and she couldn’t help her, the only thing she did do was feel her own pussy twitching. The kid is a real monster she thought before Nova pushed her entire hand into her pussy and Cleo let out another moan.

"The next one might sting a bit," Nova said as she dropped the vibrator on the floor. Nova examined the black handle thingy that was sticking out from Cleo's ass.

It was not very big, but inside was a black gummy ball with an 8 inches diameter. Nova wasn’t about to stop though, and grabbed a hold of the handle and tugged away at it. Cleo's anal ring stretched out and became wider with ever pull. Then it suddenly stopped, Nova tried dragging it further, but Cleo’s ass was just too strong and tight. She let it sink back in a small amount again, so she could get a running leap.

"Maybe you can deflate it in some way." Cleo tried to suggest, right before Nova yanked at it with all she had. Cleo's ass was torn up even wider, and a tiny stream of red fluids flushed down over the plug as Cleo made a painful screech. Nova then took both her hands on the handle and made another yank. So finally it broke past Cleo's anal ring and plopped out into Nova’s hands. Cleo made another loud scream and fell forward which resulted in her torso swinging in the air.

Meanwhile, Lanius released a big load of his own, into Alexia's eye socket before pulling his dick out. Once he let her go she realized how dizzy she was and dropped down to the floor. She could feel her entire head bolting and how her aching eye was leaking seamen out on the floor.

"Are you still there?" Lanius asked and pushed his finger on her cheek.

"What have you done!" Nova yelled at him.

"She will be fine." He said confidently but didn't quite believe it himself.

"No she won't, you fucking skull fucked her." Nova looked at her mother, was she really gone? Then her left eye opened.

"I, I am okay," Alexia said and stumbled up. She still appeared to be dizzy, but she was alive.

Nova gave her a hug. "Maybe that was enough excitement for today? You want to quit all this?"

"No, dear I am fine. I would never be able to explain this anyway." She said and managed to open her right eye that now was filled by nothing, but a gooey mess.

"You really sure? How about we have a hang off, if I win we can call it a day, but if you do it, we do whatever you want?” Nova asked her with a pleading gaze.

"I am sorry dear. I think it would be best if we just moved on to my preparation. Hanging is not really my thing and I want to be awake as long as I can for what comes next." Alexia said and could see the disappointment in Nova’s eyes.

"Why don't you ask Cleo. You two seemed to get along well." Alexia then suggested.

"Yes! That sounds great, let me help you two." Lanius quickly replied who thought the idea sounded fun. He took out two more ropes and made a hang noose on each of them. He tossed one to his sister and took the other one around Cleo's neck.

"You have been a good pet, time for a reward." He said and untied her from the kitchen counter, Cleo was then dragged in the leach across the floor, and she followed by crawling on all fours.

Nova had taken out one chair each underneath two sturdy hooks in the ceiling, where two heavy lamps had hanged before. The girls took one chair each and Lanius put the ropes in place.

“Maybe we should wait with this. Haven't I hanged enough already?" She said and looked down on her breasts, the rope marks had however started to faint away. It wasn’t that she was all too scared of hanging, but as things where now she wasn’t sure if this would be her final call or not, and this wasn’t really how she wanted to go.

"Wouldn’t you miss me if I disappeared already?” Cleo pleaded to Lanius who instead tightened the rope even further and nearly caused her to hang on the chair.

“Don’t worry pet. If it’s up to me I won’t let you hang to the end.” He told her and tapped her on the ass before he placed himself between the two girls.

“Ready?” He asked and before they managed to answer, he kicked down both chairs. Cleo and Nova were now dangling helplessly in the air and hoping that they could last for as long as it would be needed.

“Ready to prepare the dinner. My big bad butcher.” Alexia then said as she watched Lanius.

“Yes, sow I am read. Get up on the counter and I will fix you up.” Alexia did as she was told and went to the counter where Lanius helped her up. She decided to not let all the female ooze that covered it bother her.

“Was this why you were so tenacious with me taking that part-time butcher job?” Alexia smiled as she heard that question. “Maaybe.”

“So you have been thinking about this for long have you? You dirty little cow” He said and took out a long sharp knife.

“I have been thinking about this longer than you may think. For example, have you ever tried running your’s and your sister's main and middle name through google translate? Oh and remember that your middle name officially is documented before your main name." Lanius took up his mobile from the counter and typed in Matres Lanius and Nova Cibo. "Really mom. We are named Mothers Butcher and Fresh Meat in Latin."

She giggled. "One of them will at least soon be true." Lanius got another grin on his face. "Yes, any request on how the meal should be prepared."

Alexia glanced outside. "The weather seems to be good. Remember that long spit we roasted that large pig with last year?" She asked with an excited tone.

"Yes, I think we have it in the storage," Lanius said and understood where this was headed.

"You think you would be able to get me on that alive?" Alexia asked hopefully.

"You want to be impaled alive? I guess, can't promise anything. Never tried that with an animal, but if I would gut you first and leave only the things you really need. I think we can manage to keep you alive to feel the heat on the spit."

Cleo and Nova tried to listen in on the conversation. Mostly to have something to focus on so they wouldn’t pass out. Cleo tried to take a breath, to no use, her air pipe was closed shut. She spun around to see Nova kicking and twirling and playing with herself. That girl would die happy if things ended here and now, wouldn't she? Cleo though.

Lanius took out a long sharp blade and placed it under one of Alexia's large and milk filled tities. "Though, wouldn't it be easier to just carve you up in parts, and place on the grill?"

She felt the cold blade touching her skin. "No, please. I want to feel the spit inside me as I roast over an open fire."

Lanius removed the knife and laughed. "Don't worry I was only joking. I am nice to my meals."

Lanius let the knife slide down past her ribs, where he placed the tip pointing at the top of her belly. "This however piggy may sting a little."

Before she could utter a reply the knife sank into her soft tender skin like it was butter. The blade hardly got any resistance from her skin and soon she experienced an unfamiliar relief as her stomach opened up. She was more exposed and naked then she had ever been, and never had she sensed air in the places she did now. Then came the stinging pain, yet the blade was so sharp that it made such a clean cut, that the pain was bearable for Alexia.

The cut was long and deep and went all the way down to her pelvis. When Lanius stuck his hand inside her, it was such a sensation. Alexia had never been touched in there before and it was noticeable, as her insides were so sensitive and ticklish. Lanius proceded to drag out her viscera while she giggled and moaned.

"They are so tingly," Alexia said as most of her inside was dragged out. This had been the right decision, she could feel it in her guts, or well she felt something on her guts as Lanius went from stroking them to rubbing them. Alexia went from giggling, to moaning and then to a loud screeching as her guts were dragged out from her body.

She herself sprayed her pussy juice all over the counter as Lanius finished up. "That was amazing!" She said after a few deep breaths.

"I have never seen anything I butchered do that before. You really were made for this weren't you." Lanius said and laughed. Inside she had been all emptied out, with only the really important parts, such as heart and lungs and what not, remained within.

She felt so hollow and light and at last, there were no turning back anymore. She was now truly nothing more than walking and talking meat.

Lanius stitched her up with a thread and a needle. "There, good as new, or at least good enough to eat." He said while she stroked her finger over the stitches.

"Don't die now, while I get the spit," Lanius said then grabbed the knife again and went up to Nova. Her legs were drenched, not from urine, but pleasure. Cleos legs were wet too, but her fluid may have been a mixture of both. The girls had become much more static as they swayed gently in the air and there faces had gotten a healthy purple color.

Lanius sliced off one of the ropes and Nova dropped to the floor, where her breathing rapidly returned. That was so close, I could see so many lights flashing in front of me. Nova though as she regained herself and the color of her face.

Before she began complaining about not trying to talk Alexia out of it. Lanius gave her the knife. "Now it's up to you what happens to Cleo." He said and gave Cleo another hard slap on her booty, that sent her swinging once more before he went to the storage.

Nova observed her and wondered if she even was still alive? She wasn’t moving much, but there were still meager signs of life.

"Maybe I should just slice your belly open too and let you hang with everything out in the open. See how Lanius would like that." She discussed with herself and then showed Cleo what she had planned by placing the knife against her belly. Then life returned as she kicked and wiggled around on the noose, but It didn't last for long.

“Cleo sure looks peaceful hanging like this doesn't she?” Alexia said from over the counter.

“Mom! How are you, I can't believe what he did to you.” Nova said and turned to Alexia, who still was stroking her fingers over the stitches on her belly.

“Dear, he only did what I wanted, just like with you and Cleo. Yet don’t you think it’s time to cut her down?”

"Yeah, you are probably right, one loss is enough for today, I think, and she was really fun to play with earlier. How about this, if she lasts until Lanius is back I will cut her down?" Nova said and Alexia nodded at her with a smile. “Sounds fair.”

They waited and second felt like minutes for Cleo who did her best to stay awake. Lights were flashing all over her field of vision, it was like her own private fireworks show.

Nova soon heard a noise and spotted something dripping between Cleo’s legs. The dripping became a gushing stream, as her urine started to pour out from her, sprinkling all over her legs and down on to the floor.

Alexia could hardly believe it, here she had gone through all this trouble and her sister was beating her to it. Had she known this she might have just used her for the cooking prep today, to get another feel for it before jumping in herself. Nevertheless, that idea was all too late now, guess there had to be two meals today.

This is it, her last moments in life Nova though, maybe I should cut her loose. Then Lanius came wandering in with a long spit in his hand and Nova jumped up on the chair and sliced the rope in two pieces. Cleo fell to the floor with a bang and remained still.

"Woo, you are cruel sis. Letting her lie face down in her own piss." Nova observed Cleo who was below her drenched in her own pee, she hurried down and rolled her over and performed CPR. It might not be too late she hoped and could feel the taste of Cleo’s urine as she performed mouth to mouth on her. Truthfully though It actually didn't taste all too bad she thought.

"You are as indecisive as ever sis," Lanius said and walked up to Alexia. "You might not be the only one who kicks the bucket today."

Nova pushed her weight rapidly down in the middle of Cleo's chest and then gave her mouth to mouth. This was repeated over and over again, but when she touched her lips for one more push of air she felt a tongue entering her mouth. Cleo placed her hand on Nova’s head and gave her a deep kiss.

"I think I was gone there for a moment. I am having many new first’s today. Thanks for bringing me back sweetheart." Cleo said and managed to stand.

“Glad to see you made it, sis. I wouldn’t want you to miss what comes next.” Alexia said as Cleo got back to her feet while wondering how many brain cells she had burned during this sinister game.

“Of course I wouldn’t miss it. Now, kids, I think it’s time we got this little pig up on the grill.” Cleo said.

They gathered around Alexia who spread out on the counter.

“That’s a fine scar you have received. How does it feel sis?” Cleo asked and ogled over her sister.

“I am feeling a little weak, but also excited, so I am doing my best not to pass out. And if you like my scar, maybe you should get one too in the future.”

She truly did look less and less like a person in their minds and more like a tasty meal, and in agreement to this Cleo’s belly rumbled loudly as she inspected Alexia.

“Was that for me? Tell me what part of me do you want to try first?” Alexia said humorously and wiggled her ass temptingly in the air.

“Actually I think I am going to start off with a slice of your tender belly,” Cleo said and licked her lips.

“Sounds good. I have tried keeping it in good shape.” Alexia told while Lanius leaned up the spit in position. “Pussy or Ass?”

Alexia thought that the inside of her ass was mostly gone and also her pussy hadn’t gotten that much action today. “Shove it into my pussy,” Alexia said and tried to prepare herself.

Lanius aligned the pointy tip of the spit and gently pushed it in. She felt the cold steel slid deeper into her body. Her wet pussy provided all the necessary lubricant to keep the cold metal dildo going and for Alexia, it felt terrific. Possibly because this was her final penetration and she knew it. She kept on moaning and groaning as Lanius pushed it further in and Alexia could soon feel that it had reached her ribs. This was her last chance to speak, but she had nothing to say, other than a loud final moan as it entered her throat. Soon she could roll her tongue on the spit and thought, so that’s how my insides taste.

Nova had already gone outside to light up the quick-start fire pit they had out in the yard. Lanius tied Alexia’s legs together and her hands too with a fire resistant rope that they had in the kitchen. Lanius lifted up the front of the spit, Cleo took the back end, and Alexia was now dangling helplessly in the air with only the large metal pole holding her up.

When they walked Cleo could see Alexia sliding up and down on the spit as they moved, she could only imagine how it would feel being fucked by a penetration that went all the way through her body. She soon got an answer of how it felt as Alexia squirted out her pussy fluid all over the back of the pole.

Outside they placed the spit between two high handles and Alexia was now soaring over the bright fire that was blazing out from the pit.

“Oops I think I forgot the stabilizer pole inside,” Lanius said as he saw how Alexia was sliding around.

“Don’t worry I grabbed it,” Cleo said and placed her hand behind her back and pulled out a smaller lite pole that had been sticking out from her ass.

“Sorry just had to try.” She said and then carefully placed it against Alexias anticipating ass hole and pushed it in, before attaching it to the large spit pole. Now they could spin her around without any problems.

Alexia could sense how the heated flames licked her white milky skin and
caused it to become really hot, really fast. Shortly everything was spinning and she noticed how her sweat was pouring out from all over her body. It was so much more intense than a sauna or a tanning bed set to max, which she had tried out before. For a normal person, this would probably have been excruciating, but to Alexia, it felt like heaven. It was as if the fire was caressing, and licking her at the same time, while she got the most intense fuck of her life in this cleansing heat. All her muscles loosened up more and more and she stopped feeling tension in places she never really knew she could have tension in.

Her head was the only part that wasn’t fully inside the pit since they placed it as far out from the flames as they could, hoping she could last for as long as possible. Also even though she was pierced with a spit, she still managed to let out some small breath-full moans and could appreciate scents. Which meant it was not long until she relished the tasty mouth-watering aroma of roasted meat and she knew just what was cooking. She couldn’t see it herself, but her white skin had shifted into a reddish and brown color. First, her skin smarted as if she had a sunburn, but it wasn’t long until it faded and her skin became as numb as the rest of her body. It was an exhausting experience and the longer it went on the more difficult it became to stay conscious.

“Alright, Cleo it’s your turn to get dressed.” She heard Lanius say. Cleo had been outside watching her while the twins had changed into their costumes.

“Right, on it master! You know there really is something peaceful with watching someone roasting. You should however probably prepare the final touch-ups, the guests could be here soon.”

Had it really been so long already, Alexia thought. Sure, her body wasn't responding anymore or she was merely not aware of if it did, after all, she couldn't even be entirely confident that it was still there and in one piece. In the beginning, she had felt her inner fats bubbling from the heat. The most intense of it all had been her breast fat which she had sensed moving and popping inside her chests, but it had also ceased out. Guess time flies when you are enjoying yourself she thought and wondered what the final prep would be. Then she heard Lanius picking up a knife and how he walked up to her. What could he be doing, she really wanted to know. Then he appeared in front of her, or at least she heard him stand in front of her.

“Are you still in there?” Lanius asked and Alexia tried to open her eyelids, but they had been roasted in place, and again she tried to move her body to send a sign of her existence to him but she was very doubtful if he would see it.

“Hmm well, even if you are within this roasted meat, there is sadly no more time to wait for your passing,” Lanius told her and she wondered what he was going to do to her.

“You should know that you look and smell amazing, I think people will gobble up your meat in seconds,” Lanius said and then she could hear the knife touching down on her skin, it was close.

“Now I am going to remove your head from your body, so people won’t get any thoughts of it being you,” Lanius explained and she could hear the knife slicing into her neck, but she couldn’t feel a thing.

“Amazing your meat is all white you seem to be completely cooked through.” Then the knife reached her spine and suddenly a jolt of pain flew up into her head. See cherished it, since this would be the last time she got to feel any pain.

When he dragged the head away from the body Lanius was sure he heard the fire sizzle underneath her pussy.

“Did you had one more squirt in you?” He said and pulled her head off from the spit.

“If you can hear this, know that I am thankful and I will miss you, but this is the best thing that has ever happened, and I would do it all again if I could,” Lanius said and looked out over Alexia's golden brown body that had smoke rising from it.

With that Alexia lost consciousness with only one regret and it was that she never had the chance to taste herself. Lanius, on the other hand, took her head and tossed it out with her guts and other useless parts, into their neighbors' trash can, since they were on vacation and wouldn't notice it. The garbage truck should be there to pick it up tomorrow, and even if she was found, he could always frame Cleo he thought with a smile.

They left Alexia’s headless body on low heat over the embers of the coals, and Cleo had managed to throw a few vegetable dishes together to go with her sisters' meat.

Once the sun had fallen down over the horizon, the guests arrived. They were welcomed into the spooky dark garden that was covered with Halloween decoration and tempered lighting. Through the shadow garden was a pathway lit up by candles all the way up to the grill and that's where the three family members jumped out to great them.

Nova had dressed up as a hanged victim with purple makeup on her face and a cut off noose around her neck.

Lanius had a bloody fake knife and an apron to match, where he had written, - I am cooking for you tonight. Only that he had made a cross over the word for.

Cleo instead had dressed up as a native cannibal and only wore a bra and panties made from leaves that she had found in the garden, and on her stomach, she had written - Dessert?

They all got many compliments during the party for their costumes. However, the one who got the most attention was of course Cleo. Not only where people constantly ogling her from one direction or another, everyone tried to hit on her.

During the party, she had heard a collection of the following.
"I wouldn't mind seeing you twirl on a pole." A young man said as he carved off a piece of Alexis roasted ass.
Then when someone tossed his plastic plate in the trash he had walked up and whispered in her ear “I am all filled up on dinner, but now I want to taste the desert."
There was also the man who grabbed her ass and stated that she was the real piece of meat here. While another had said that he didn't know who he found most appetizing her or the meat. Unquestionably, she had heard many compare her to meat before, but not this many in such a short time.

However, it seemed to have done the trick, as she did vanish out of sight at the same time as a group of males. They soon returned though and appeared to be very pleased, while Cleo’s hair was all ruffled up and suddenly her lips, ass, belly, and breasts were glittering in the lights.

The main dish was also wildly popular and the first parts to be cleaned out were the breasts and the ass. Proving that humans pick their food, the same way they pick their sexual partners. Yet everyone did not forget to have a taste on Alexia's thick meaty legs and belly. Cleo even managed to snatch her pussy and proceeded to licked it in front of everyone. It was the first time Cleo had tasted her sisters pussy and it was truly delicious. After some licking she let her teeth sink into it, and she chewed it all up in her mouth, as the crowd applauded.

The party became a huge success and their social network accounts were filled with photos and videos the day after.
- You have to give me the number off your caterer. The food was fantastic.
- That body looked so real. Kinda reminded me of your mom, was she the model for it?
Was seen among many other compliments. They had responded that the body was made out of pig flesh that had been shaped to look like a human, and that their mother had been the model for it, right before she left on her trip.

Then a month after the party when things had calmed down they reported Alexia missing and many months later it had all gone away. The twins had received a prosperous insurance claim and so had Cleo.

Today they were all in the hallway watching Lanius and Nova gathering their bags at the door for the delivery company to pick up and take to their colleges.

“I can’t believe that time goes by so fast. I hope you both will have fun in the city and that you don’t forget about me when you are there.” Cleo said to them.

“We won’t.” They responded simultaneously and laughed.

“Actually we have a gift for you before we leave.” The twins said and led her out into the garden.

“This is not another bondage session right? I think my body needs to rest. My breasts have just recovered from all the needles you two stuck into me last week and my ass is finally free from the whip marks you gave me the day before yesterday when I hanged from that tree.” Cleo said and pointed to the big tree in the middle of the garden.

The twin looked at each other and smiled and then they took out a rope. “Of course it is. How thoughtful.” Cleo said with a smirk.

“Well, you said you were going to miss us. So we decided to give you something more permanent to remember us by" Nova told her while Lanius tied her wrists together.

“Oh, what devious thing have you two planned for me now?” Cleo asked before she could spot sparks ascending from a small grill. They told Cleo to undress and she dropped her tube top morning robe over the grass so she could be displayed properly in the nude.

Lanius went on to get Cleo seated down on her knees in front of the grill, and she could already feel the heat fondling her bare skin.

“You are making me slightly nervous?” Cleo stated worryingly, however she was just as excited as ever, just like every time the twins played with her. Because they always found new and interesting ways to make her squirm out some pleasure.

Lanius grabbed hold of an iron pole that was sticking out from the grill that had no grid on and turned the tip against Cleo, so she could see what it stood on the soaring metal marker.
- Flesh to the Bone
She gasped as she saw it and then noticed the slightly smaller sentence beneath it.
-Prop of L & N

"We had to shorten the last part so it wouldn't be all too much, but we decided that it would be a nice mark for you to remember us by.“ Nova said and Lanius nodded in agreement.

"You guys I know you love to watch me squirm, but that is so sweet," Cleo said joyfully.

They all smiled at each other and then Lanius said. “Up with your rump cattle, it’s time to permanently mark you as our property.”

"Gladly." Cleo was not in any position to refuse, but honestly, she was rather touched that they had thought of her before leaving and made her a gift in their own way. Behind her, the red hot steel closed in on her left ass cheek. She tried to raise her ass as much as she could and resisted the urge to pull away from the heat. A high sizzle was then heard, as it came in contact with her pure skin. Smoke was flowing out from between the iron and her ass. Lanius let it be there for almost a minute so he could hear Cleo squirms and screams. Once he tried to pull it away it had burned itself to her skin, but with a good tug, it was torn loose.

“Aooh that smarted like hell, I wonder if I will be able to sit down again this year?” Cleo moaned heavily and stared at her ass that radiated around her new marking and she managed to get a whiff of burnt meat.

Lanius and Nova saw the smoke in the air and took a deep breath to enjoy t


Lanius and Nova saw the smoke in the air and took a deep breath to enjoy the scent. “Mmm, that smell. It reminds me of…”

Cleo wiggled to try and get loose, she started to suspect that this would not end favorably for her. Both the twins turned to her as Lanius asked. “How about a fast snack before we go?” With their typical mischievous smirks, they get when they have something extra painful planned for her.

“No, I don’t think there is time,” Cleo said but she was swiftly interrupted.

“Don’t worry sow, we are only talking about a light appetizer. Nothing you can’t stand to lose.” Nova told her and put the grid over the grill and Lanius placed his hands on Cleo’s back and gently leaned her towards the flaming barbecue. At first, she attempted to squirm her way backward to resist them. Nevertheless, she hastily chose to yield when Lanius gave her that stare that reminded her that she would be punished if she didn’t stop, and she knew he could make her do worse things than this. Therefore instead, she followed his forcefull lead and soon found herself swaying her magnificent tits less than an inch from the heated grid.

“You look so cute when you find yourself in peril,” Nova told her and ogled at her from the front. "It's one of the reasons we just can't stop torturing you." Nova continued and laughed as she then observed Cleo's tits that were reflecting the red light from the fire beneath them.

Cleo responded by quoting from one of Alexia's books. "Well, you know what they say. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust into them. The rest of us are only there to provide pleasure and nourishment for the great, and it seems like I am the later one.” Then she winked at Nova and gave her a blow kiss.

"And you all know I wouldn't have it any other way," Cleo said and took a deep breath and lowered her tits even closer to the heated iron grid. She could already feel her big tits being seared from the heat and with only one more dip she would be there. Her skin would probably sizzle and be burned in place, and by doing so sealing her to this new fate with no return. She would become meat exactly the same as her mother and sister, and it actually felt rather fulfilling. Cleo took one last deep breath and then did it, she tossed herself forward to slam her massive breasts on to the grill, when Lanius abruptly yanked her back to stopped her. She wondered what had happened before she heard it, it was the doorbell that rang.

“What are they early?” Lanius said and was rather peeved. Nova looked out the window and saw that it was the delivery company.

“Shit, guess we need to cancel this meal,” Lanius said and helped Cleo to her feet and untied her. She put her hands under her red and not far from toasty breasts. They were warm and hot, but also sensitive and tender, so she was certain that they would recover.

“Seems like we need to say goodbye a bit earlier than expected,” Nova said and stood in front of Cleo with Lanius.

Cleo who couldn’t decide if she was relieved or disappointed with this outcome managed to shake it off and say. “I am really going to miss having you two around, to mistreat me.” then she gave the twins a big hug each and a kiss on the cheek.

“Going to miss you too.” Said Nova.

“Your breasts really got hot and steamy in such a short while,” Lanius observed and sniffed in the air once more. “Shame we didn’t get to taste them!”

“Well maybe better this way, it will give you a reason to come and visit me,” Cleo said and winked at them.

“You can bet your ass, and tits too, that it will,” Nova said gleefully and everyone laughed. Cleo waved goodbye as the twins walked out the door with their belongings, and she was convinced that the next time they all came together she would be lead to her demise.


Those are the first two, and I have two more planned in this series and a few completely different.
Hope you like it.


Awesome story, hope we get to see what happens to cleo :D


Wow these are great! :-D


Damn how did I miss this, hope you are working on a sequal. :3


Great Storry so far. i really liked it and hoping for more. Maybe add some submassive fem guys? i think its to mutch to aks for its just my kink atm^^


Ah thanks for all the positive comments

>>17887 Ah yeah sorry, I am not really into men. But if you want you can always add a line that says that one of the girls used to be a man before the operation, or you know change all she into he. Or you know say that one of the girls had a magic mind switch when they were young with a boy… Or something like that might work for you.

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