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Vacation in hell (FMg/F+, rape, torture, snuff, nc, feet, zoo, scat, pee, extreme, cannibalism, gore, vomit)

Do not expect too much from this story, only some simple extremities about the torture and murder of sexy ladies.

This story involves quite a lot of horrible activities. In most case they are done in a non-consensual, unhealthy, insane, destructing, disrespectful, politically- and socially incorrect ways. If you do not like to read such things, I strongly advise you to stop here and now.

This is a work of fiction. The characters and actions depicted in this story live only in the twisted mind of their author. Hopefully they will grow in the mind of my readers as well. However, I do not condone, approve or recommend the acts I describe. This is fiction and should remain as such. Do not do this at home!

No animal got harmed during the writing of this story.


OK, if you want I can tell you what was happened in that castle. But you must promised that after my tale you take me to hospital. I'm in so much pain, you can't imagine. Why dont you take me there now? Please! OK, just dont hurt me! I tell you everything. What kind of cop are you? Find a nude, seriously wounded woman on the road 20 miles away from every villages, and don't help her but ask such questions. No! Ok, no need that pistol, I speak!

What? Yes, I'm not American, I came from Europe, I spend my holiday here, that's why my english is so poor.
OK OK, I start, just take back that fucking gun!

As I said I'm on holiday now, I'm working as secretary in a small country in Europe. My name is Gina. This trip was organized by a tourist agency, I thought it is to be safe and refreshing. But I was kidnapped from the front of the hotel on the second day. Three men grabbed me in the parking lot and carried me to their car. They throwed me in the back seat, blindfolded me and took me there, in that castle behind this forest.

DAY 1.

They tore off my clothes, I was totally nude, my hands were tied behind my back. I heard noises, a door opened and we stepped through it then they finally removed my blindfold. We arrived to a great room, a really great, old style castle room. Big windows, very high ceiling, large paintings. What was strange that long chains were hanging from the ceiling. In the other end of the hall was an huge armchair, almost like a throne. A tall, muscular man was sitting on it, he wore dark suit, he was very handsome but smiled very cruelly. There were lots of people in the room, tall men in black leather clothes, as I recognized they were the guards of the castle. I saw other 4 men and 5 women in different kind of very smart clothes, all of them wore lots of jewelries.

In front of the throne 4 nude women were laying on the floor with collars around their neck and chains attached to their collar led to the King's hands. Two of the women was actually licking the shoes of the guests, the other two were rather heatedly sucked on two guests' cock. In the middle of the room a nude girl hung by her wrists from the ceiling, her feet were around 1 metre above the floor. 2 guards were standing on her two sides and with leather whips they beated the poor girl's ass and legs. She was screaming and kicking, angry red welts covered her white soft skin. The guests and the King watched her smiling, the girl's eyes were covered with tears. I was totally scared, the room was a little bit cold but I shaked from fear not from cold. I was led to the throne, my legs were trembling.

"What a pretty piece of meat!" said the King. He asked for my name and I had to answer without hesitation, I was so scared. During this the guards stopped beating the girl, everybody paid attention to me.

"Well, Gina, I explain you what's going on here. You are my slave now, just as these cunts around us." he pointed the four girls.

"You will do everything we order you, or you will get punishment. Look there!" he wavws towards the hanging girl.

"She is Jane, and she didn't obeyed me. Understood? These nice people here are my guests, you are here to satisfy them. The guys in black clothes - as I'm sure you already guess - are the guards. Ah, and let me introduce you Victoria, she is the slave trainer."

A tall woman stood before me, she had long, black hair, dark eyes. She was slender with the body of a supermodel, her face was very pretty too, only that evil smile on her face was very frightening. She wore black leather clothes, leather boots, she had a black bag in her hand.

"Come here, slave!" she said.

"On your knees!" I did what she ordered, I was far too scared to disobey. She took a metal collar from the bag and fastened it around my neck. A chain was attached to my collar and I became the King's sixth slave.

"Let's see how can we train this brand new cunt!" laughed the King.

"Victoria, please show us something, I'm sure you can convince this slut to obey."

The beautiful woman smiled on me, the cruel expression on her face made me to start crying. Victoria began to laugh loudly, the guests and King cheered. She grabbed my hair and slapped my face.

"Silence, slut! Save your tears for tomorrow! You will need them!"

At the meantime one of the male guest started to cum, his face showed incredible joy as one of the suckers, a young asian girl made him explode. The slim beauty didn't let any of the sperm wasted, she drank every drops of it.

"We were very unpolite, Honey, I'm sure you are thirsty, I want you to feel good. So open your mouth and drink what I give you! If you miss any drop you will change place with Jane. She didn't want to swallow all the sperm was given to her. Got it?" asked Victoria. I nodded, I was so scared that I wouldn't dare to disobey.

Victoria stood above my face, with her fingers opened her pussy lips and let her hot, yellow urine flow into my mouth. It was bitter like hell but I managed to drink the rest of it. Unfortunately she peed too fast and I couldn't drink that quantity at once. The piss spilled out of my mouth and flow along my breasts. She became very angry, the guests were smiling widely, they knew what was going to happen.

"You worthless, fucking piece of shit!" she shouted.

"I said drink it all! You will get your punishment! Guards, prepare her for a… hmmm, sole tickling!"

Two men grabbed me, others brought a small device. It has a horizontal wooden plank which stood on four half metre high metal legs. Two holes were on the surface, which were openable. They inserted my legs into the holes then closed it around my ankles. I was laying on the floor belly down, knees bent, my soles pointed the ceiling.

"No… please no…" I started to beg but Victoria kick me on my ribs.

"Shut up, bitch! You will get what you deserve! If you are going to beg again, you will suffer much harder!"

She stepped to my bare soles and ran her fingers along my skin. She had extremely long, deep blue painted nails, she started to tickle me with them. I'm very ticklish, but I was so terrified I didn't even laugh.

"Oh, you don't like what I'm doing with your pretty sole? Then we are going to do something more motivating thing to make you react!" she laughed, one of the female guest laughed together with her loudly. The other four girls changed their places, they kneeled before the women then and they were to licki their shoes. Suddenly sharp pain ran through my left sole, Victoria had beaten my foot with a vicious tool. It was a long metal chain with lots of small, metal spikes, every strike bit into my skin and flesh. She was beating me for long minutes, striking both soles. I was shrieking and trashing so hard that two more guards had to come to hold me down. It hurt so much! When she finished beating me I was totally under her controll! I can't bear pain! I would had done anything just avoid further torture.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" said the King.

"It's late, your rooms are prepared for the night! Sleep well, tomorrow we will have long day! Good night!"

Guards grabbed me, released me from the stocks and pulled me onto my feet. It was horrible feeling, but somehow I managed to stand and walk although every step caused me sharp pain.

"Take her to Miss Angel's room with Geraldine! I want to know this cunt better." Victorie ordered, and they led me along cold corridors into the uncertain future.


Angel's room was huge and full of luxury. It was actually a bedroom furnitured in a XVIII. century style. Angel was a luxury herself too. I have had never seen such a beautifull woman before, long blonde hair, incredibly pretty face, she was like a real Angel. I had to soon realize, she was actually the cruelest demon from the pits of hell. Geraldine was one of the six (including me) slaves of the castle. She was a German beauty, an European tourist just like me. She was about 30, tall, had long brown hair, slender body, long feminine legs, small but very firm tits. And she was the loser of that night. Angel wanted to play, and Victoria assisted her.

The guards lead me and Geraldine into the room, chained my hands and ankles together as they did with Geraldine's, then left the room when the two bitches, Angel and Victoria arrived. They walked in kissing, laughing and were very happy, poor Geraldine didn't even think what was to happen to her. First we were ordered to lick our torturers' pussies, and we did it without hesitation. I licked Victoria. Our two tormentors were just laughing, talking, moaning during this, we licked them kneeling in front of them for 20 minutes, using our fingers too and made them cum for the first time. The sexual pleasure brought out Angel's sadistic lust.

I was ordered to clean Victoria's leather boots with my tongue - I did it well although my mouth dried out after 5 minutes of licking. I was tasting awful dirt, while Angel was fisting herself, using one hand, pushing the other deep into Geraldine's vagina. Later they changed position, Geraldine was forced into an ass up position. Her legs were bent such a way, that her knees were tied to her shoulders, she was half way on her back, her pussy was half way hidden between her thighs, but her anus was totally exposed. I had to lick Angel's barefeet and toes, had to clean them and covere them with my saliva while Victoria fistfucked the German girl's asshole.

The sight of the cruel assfisting and my footworship turned on Angel, I could see as the cruel lust appeared in her eyes. She ordered Victoria to change her fist with a baseball bat, with the wider end of the bat, as I was ordered to play with her pussy. I couldn't believe how was is possible to force that baseball bat into a woman's anus, but Victoria somehow managed to do that. Geraldine was screaming and screaming in such an earpiercing voice, that I had to close my ears with my hand. Victoria muscles tightened as she pushed the baseball bat deeper and deeper into poor Geraldine's stretched shithole.

"Yes! Push, push it deeper, Victoria! More! Scream, scream you tight ass German bitch!" laughed Angel as she grabbed my hair and pushed my head to her cunt harder.

"Yeah, lick bitch, lick!" she giggled, her sharp nails cut into my nape. I didn't see more but I heard the poor girl's pitifull screams as Victoria played with the bat in her ass further. I licked Angel hard, I wanted to pleasure her in order to save my life, so she reached the top soon. She started to cum, screamed out loud, I felt as her nails dig deep into my neck. Angel and Geraldine's scream filled the room.

Only 5 minutes later Geraldine was on her fours, they kept the bat in her asshole, it was pointing to the ceiling. Blood and shit covered around her stretched anus, her pretty face contorted in pain, her eyes were full of tears. Angel was sitting on her back, a rope was inserted into her mouth like a bridle.

"I hope you enjoy riding, Angel. Your horse has a beautifull tail!"said Victoria. Angel smiled on her and started hit Geraldine's ass with her lap.

"Go, go! Run little German girl! Run!"

Geraldine tried to crawl, only could go 2-3 metres then collapsed under Angel's weight.

"What a week horse, Victoria! I thought your King gives only first class objects to his guests."

"Sorry, Angel!" Victoria smiled.

"Let's see what can we do with her to wake up."

She stepped to Geraldine, grabbed the bat and pulled it out. Geraldine screamed out as the baseball bat wide end left her tortured ass, it was covered with blood and shit, small amount of light brown liquid started to leak out from her still wide open shithole.

"It will never close perfectly again!" laughed Victoria. Angel stepped to the fire-place and took a red hot glowing pincer.

"Please… please… no!" moaned Geraldine in hoarse voice.

"Sorry, honey, but I must do this." said the blonde bitch and pushed the glowing iron into her open asshole. The girl's shriek was so horrible that I lost controll and pissed under myself, fortunately the two sadistic bitches didn't recognized it. Steam raised from the tortured hole, Geraldine managed to stand onto her four again. Angel was smiling.

"Oh, i knew its possible to wake you up, but I'm afraid it's not enough!" she said cruelly and started to touch the red-hot pincer to the German's girl different bodyparts. Her wrists still bound together she tried to crawl away in order to avoid Angel's hot toy, but the Blonde followed her, playfully dancing around her. Geraldine screamed out after every touch, the glowing iron burnt her back several times, the semi-spheres of her pretty ass, her thighs, her hands, her small breasts. Victoria took another hot iron and the two cruel bitches played with poor girl for another quarter hour.
After about 20 minutes hot poker torture Geraldine fall onto the floor, she was unable to move more. The sadist women burnt her body, forced her onto her back and burnt her nipples off, pierced her tits with the pincers, inserted them into her pussy, burnt and burnt and burnt her until she lost consciousness.

"What a pity!" said Victoria.

"Well, I think I'm getting bored of her. It's late and I think we must go bed soon."

"As you want, Angel." Victoria replied. "Do you want me to wake up and kill her?"

"Yes, do that please."

Victoria forced a glass of water like fluid into Geraldine's mouth and she woke up suddenly emitting a loud scream.

"Please, no, please! Don't do that more! I…" Victoria kicked her in the ribs and she curled on the floor gasping for air. Victoria and Angel tied Geraldine again into the butt up position and Victoria inserted a metal funnel into her still wide open, roasted asshole. She pushed it deep into her, it ran easy deeper and deeper, the funnel's tube was much thinner than the baseball bat.

"Geraldine! You've found guilty of being tight ass bitch, and sentenced to death by fill your ass and guts with acid!"said Victoria, and from a glass bottle started to pour water like liguid into Gerladine's ass through the funnel. Geraldine started to scream again, smoke rised from her ass as Victoria poured the whole bottle into her intestines. It was the most horrible sound I have ever heard in my life. Her screams were full of pain and suffering, it was inhuman and pitiful like nothing else. Angel sat before Geraldine's face and started to kiss her, bit her on her mouth as the poor girl was screamed with wide open lips. Geraldine's eyes was bulging and she suddenly stopped screaming. Angel spat into her face and smiled
"Good night, German cunt!" she whispered. Geraldine collapsed with open eyes, she was dead. I was trembling in the corner of the room as the two sadistic bitches kissed each other and stepped to me.

"Look at this worthless, little slut! Did she pleasure you well?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, she did, and I'm sure she will serve us well the following days too." Angel smiled.

"Its time to rest."

Guards carried out the corpse, Angel and Victoria were sleeping together on the bed, and I was sleeping on the floor. I was hungry, my soles hurt, my mouth was full of the taste of piss, dirt and Angel's cunt, but I was alive!

DAY 2.

I was unable sleep, Geraldine's pitifull screams filled my mind. Victoria woke up first, I curled into fetal position at the end of the bed and cried softly, but she didn't hurt me, just made me lick her cunt a bit and I had to awake Angel by licking her feet again. Both of them were very happy, kissed each other like lovers then called a guard who lead me out. The guard took me into a small wooden cottage outside the castle, in the yard. I was chained to the wall by my hands tied behind my back and left alone for about 2 hours. Later I've heard noises, and a small group arrived into my small, stinky and straw covered room. Victoria, 2 male guests and a guard stepped in, Victoria was leading two huge dogs on leash. Both of them were black, as tall as a German sheppard although their shape was wolf like.

"Ah, Gina! My darling! I'm soo happy to meet you again!" Victoria said.

"These two gentlemen would like to see a really dirty fucking scene, and occasionally take part in it, so they need a really filthy whore. Like you. I'm sure you will give them what they want!"

The men started to laugh. The guard released my chains and pushed me to the floor. I fall onto my knees just before the two dogs. They had large and scary teeth, more like fangs, but I soon realized they didn't want to attack me. What they wanted was clearly visible between their back legs. Both of them were males, and had extremely large red, wet, shiny cocks with hundreds of red veins under the skin.

"Ok, Gina, my little pet, it's time to give us a presentation how can our pets satisfy each other!" whispered that cunt Victoria.

"They know their job, Darling, just give them the sign and they will do what they have to do!"

With tears in my eyes I stay in all fours and took a step towards them. One of them turned onto his back without hesitation, his large cock was standing upwards, it was at least 20 centimetres long and was thicker than the thickest dick in my life. The other jumped behind me, and just as I just reached the laying dog the other was in me. I could fell as his legs closed around my chest, and that long and hot rod tried to enter into my pussy. He couldn't find the right hole, but Victoria stepped to him to help, I could feel as her fingers opened my pussy lips, and suddenly an enormus object entered into my most private part. My mouth opened and I couldn't give any sound, everything happened so sudden and fast. The dog started to pump, he started to fuck me hard and fast, it was difficult to take breath because his huge member stretched me to the limit. It was painfull (though was bearable at least), I didn't feel any pleasure but I was ashamed beyond any anything. The dog was moving faster in and out, I started to cry, I could never imagined once I was to be raped by a dog.

"Give him a head, you fucking, worthless cunt!" shouted suddenly Victoria. The other dog's cock was standing before my face, I didn't even glance at it since I felt the other tore into me.

"Suck it or I will order them to fuck your guts after ripped them free!" she said, and I knew she didn't lie. With one hand I grabbed that blue veins covered hot dick at the base, closed my eyes, and - as I tried to imagine that I was fucking with humans -, slowly took that cock into my mouth. Ohhhhh… I fucking felt it was an animal's dick! It's shape, it's taste, even the surface was different. I started to suck it, giving him the best blowjob he would had ever got, but I felt so sick and disgusted that sometimes I have to stop with the sucking and focus on not to vomit. When I opened my eyes I could see as the two male guests were stroking their cock, both of them were hard as they were looking at me. Victoria helped them, she gave them short handjobs for some seconds and was smiling at me with that cruel expression on her face.

"Very goooood, Ginaaaaa!" she purred and I felt sick. Suddenly the dog behind me started to cum, he shot some liquid into me earlier too, but it was a much greater amount of hot dog cum, I could feel as his legs were wrapped even tighter around me, and he shoved his cock deeper into me while he was filling me. After cumming he didn't left me, I could feel that he slided off my back but was still standing behind me, and his cock was still inside. The one was enjoying my blowjob also let some small drops of salty liquid into my mouth, but I managed to smear it along his cock and didn't swallow it. Suddenly I could feel his cock was convulsing in my mouth, and without warning an extremely big load of cum was shooted into my mouth. The salty and stinky, sticky sperm filled my mouth.

"Don't spit or swallow it, Cunt!" screamed Victoria, she could see clearly what happened. I did as I was ordered, I didn't let any drop spill out my mouth. After half a minute the dog finished with me, and without any warning shaked his cock out from my mouth then walked away. I was standing on my all four, with a dog cock in my pussy, with a full load of dog cum in my mouth, and two men was playing with their cock before me, their huge dick was red and ready to cum.

"Two more loads, darling!" laughed Victoria and one of the guest stepped to me, his cock was directly above my face as I turned my head upwards.

"You must hold their cum in your mouth too without losing any drop, understand?"

I nodded. She kneeled before me, grabbed one of the cocks and started to stroke it fast, the end was pointed onto my lips.

"Open your filthy fucking mouth, you Cunt!"

I did as she said.

"Wow, you can't imagine how sexy you are! That sticky white dog cum fills your mouth and covers your tongue, Darling! It's even between your teeth!" she laughed. The man whose cock was in Victoria's hand began to cum, new wave of sperm begin to poured into my mouth, it was a huge load too but nothing compared with the dog's shot. Victoria was tugging it longand hard until every drop fell into my mouth, then with her long tongue licked the cockhead around sometimes before took it back into the pants. The other man took his place and in 2 minutes his sperm was in my mouth too. I felt that the 3 loads was very much, mixed with my saliva it filled my mouth almost completely, I couldn't move my head without riskingto spill out the cum between my lips.

"Gooooood. No, close your lips, Darling, and start to chew! If you do it well you will get a sperm chewing-gum after some minutes! I want to see it!"

Having the dog cock still embedded in my pussy I started to chew on the cum, its salty and strange taste filled my mind, I could smell its strange smell from inside me, it was disgusting but somehow I managed to hold it and chew it without vomiting. I knew, if I would had vomited that had been my last mistake. While I was chewing the two men was smoking, talking about their last night and telling jokes to Victoria who was laughing and smiling like we were in a ball. What I've heard proved me, that not only Angel and Victoria played cruel games last night.

The two men were bisexual and they raped and tortured one slave last night, the Asian one called Kyoko. They fucked her in every hole, fisted her, then forced her to fist the two men simultanously in the ass, while she was giving them head. Unfortunately the girl had long fingernails and she hurt one of the man's rectum, so they removed her fingernails one by one. The poor girl suffered unimaginable pain. For Kyoko's luck they didn't have the opportunity to torture her to death, they were told Kyoko was to survive that night and only minor injuries were allowed.

I felt the sperm was forming into a huge cumball in my mouth after 10 minutes of chewing, and after 15 minutes I was ready with the chewing gum. Victoria ordered me to spit it into her palm, and I did so. It was an unshaped sticky, wet, whitish jelly, and was very disgusting.

"Good work, Gina! This is the most beautifull cum-gum I have ever seen! We dont need this one now, but later you will have the possibility to make more!" smiled my cruel tormentor.

"Now, swallow it!" she said and forced it back into my mouth. It was very difficult to swallow the cumball, it was impossible to chew it into smaller pieces or bit it into two half. I had to try swallow it in one piece. It was sliding slowly down my throat, it felt like I would had to try swallow my own tongue. I felt my throat bulging and for some seconds I felt panic, but finally managed to force the cum-gum into my stomach.

"Very well!" she said. I was chained again, the dog finally removed his cock from my pussy at least. The men and guard left for having lunch (it was around lunch time) with the dogs together, but Victoria didn't join with them. She led me out from the wooden bulding and we went to the other end of the castle yard. There was a large wooden stable, some beautiful horses were standing inside. We entered just to meet the King who was standing in the middle with a female lady. Ooh noo, it was Angel again. They were chitchatting lovely as we entered.

"She was doing very well! The guys were satisfied!" Victoria told.

"Hmmm… ok, my Dear, let us see it as well!" replied the King, and I was led before the King and his guest. They were standing before a brown, tall, really beautiful horse. A stallion of course.

"OK, Gina! Just some nice blowjob, no more, understood?" Victoria asked.

The horse had an enormous cock. It was as long and thick as my arm, it was black and had an unpleasant stink. I knew they didn't want me to stroke it but to lick and suck it, so while I was moving my hands up and down along it I took the cockhead into my mouth. It was impossible to took the whole cockhead into my oral cavity, I couldnt open my jaws wide enough but I took in as much as I could and licked hard. It's surface was rough, not soft like human cocks, after short time my tongue started to hurt but I licked it further, I knew I must had made that animal cum into my mouth.

And it happened. It was an awfull experience. I knew it must had had much more cum than a man or the dog I sucked earlier, but the amount of that yellowish gluey fluid that filled my mouth was so extreme, that it went wrong way and I started to choke. I had fallen to the ground and tried to breath, the horse cum still fall onto me from the huge cock as I coughed and coughed. I felt like liters of cum was coughed out from my windpipe and gullet, it was flowing not only from my mouth but from my nose too. Angel, Victoria and the King burst into loud laugher, I wished they would hade died of laughing. I tried to catch some air, I spat out another globe of cum and grabbed the cock again, I had to play with it more if I wanted to pleasure my tormentors. I stroked it and kissed it for another 5 minutes when they got bored of my suffering.

"That was nice, Gina! You did well, we loved it!" said the King and ordered Victoria to take me in. The woman led me into a small and stinky room near the stables. The room didn't have door or windows just the empty frames of them. She chained me to the wall by my ankle and left me alone with another girl called Maria who was in the room too. Maria was a short and slender girl of age 20, she had long, straight brown hair and very deep brown eyes, pretty face. She was like a sweet, short, brown barbie. She was sitting on a metal chair, the seat was full of long and pointed metal spikes. Only her ankles were chained to the chair, but she couldn't stand because under her soles were spikes too. Her full weight was resting on her ass, on her bleeding ass as the spikes punctured her skin. Her face was a mask of pain as she tried not to move, but the increasing pain in her ass made her trembling. Victoria smiled on her and with her boot she stepped onto her left foot, pushing Maria's sole into the spikes. Maria shrieked out, the cruel bitch laughed.

"Rest, Girls, a little bit, the evening and the night will be really hard for you!" she said and left.

They left me there for half an hour, Maria begged to me in trembling voice for speak to her. I started to speak but I realized that it didn't really help her to endure the suffering, so finally I was just sitting on the cold floor and tried to relax and listened to Maria's pitifull moans. 30 minutes later guards came in and released us, than led us to the main building, where we went into the shower room. We were cleaned and Maria's wounds were carefully treated. Then we went into another room, it was like a beauty saloon, where young girls (they weren't older than 16) made our make-ups and painted our nails. I felt much better, but didn't know why they did that, what was coming next.


I was waiting in a small room alone during the whole afternoon, was just laying on the hard stone floor, but nobody tortured me, so it was a really resting period. I managed to sleep one hour or so, but the rest of the time I was sitting in the corner and was trembling in fear about what was to happen to me. I knew only one thing, I wanted to survive!

After long hours spent in my cold room guards came in and led me along long corridors into the castle. Finally we entered a large room, into a beautifull and old dining room. A long wooden table was standing in the middle of the room, chairs were around (about a dozen), the table was set in XVIII. century style. On the main place the King was sitting, and his guests were sitting around. Fantastic foods, roasted meats, cakes, juicy fruits were all over the table, as I didn't eat for days only some cum and piss, so I felt really hungry.

Other 3 slave girls were in the room with me. Maria, a very attractive model blondie called Syl, and the very slender but extremly sexy girl called Jane. She was the girl suffering the horrible whipping yesterday, when I have arrived in the castle. Maria was kneeling before a man - one of them who cum into my mouth in the morning - and gave him a head. Syl, who has so beautiful that despite the fact of being straight I almost fell in love with her at first sight, was dancing on the top of the table totally naked. Her long and shapely legs were perfect, her body was the body of a goddess, her shaved pussy was so sweet that all men and women around the table couldn't get their look away from it. She had medium sized perfect shaped tits, and pretty face with big blue eyes. Soft music filled the air during her sexy dance, the candlelight was dancing on her oil covered skin.

Jane was massaging the milk white neck of my favourite Angel, while that cunt was fingering herself staring at Syl. When Victoria, who was sitting at the table wearing her usual mistress outfit recognized we stepped in, she took my leash from the guard and made me kneeling before her under the table.

"Hmmm… you are really sexy now, dear Gina! I love your make-up! Now come to your queen and pleasure me!" she whispered and force my head to her cunt, which was uncovered and wet of course. Without hesitation I started to lick her, somehow I felt that she like me and if I was to serve them well they wouldn't had killed me just like thy did with poor Geraldine. When the music finished Syl was ordered off the table just like the other slaves and the dinner started, these rich and cruel people started to eat just like in the Dark Ages, without knife or fork just using their hands.

And of course our new torment began too. We had no free time. I was under Angel's chair, her naked feet were on my face. She had very lovely, small feet with long toes and light pink painted sexy nails, but licking her sole for about 10 minutes wasn't too joyfull activity. I've heard noises, the guests were talking and laughing loud, symphonic music filled the room as the slaves satisfied their masters and mistresses. Cock sucking and pussy licking were our main job during the savoury dish, but I saw much more heavier things too.

I had to feed Angel with a cluster of grape, giving her the grapes one by one from between my lips when a very tall, muscular black man ordered one of the guards to hold Maria in place before him. He touched Maria's left tit with his burning cigar, smoke rised from the burning flesh and the poor girl's screams filled the room. This cruel play went on for about 5 minutes, he touched on different places, so the poor maiden's breasts soon possessed angry red marks everywhere on them. Maria's eyes were full of tears but the people around the table enjoyed the show, cheered and laughed. Suddenly Angel screamed out.

"Oh, my God! We forgot to feed our pets!" she said and everybody laughed happily.

"Victoria, my love, I think that as you are the trainer of them it is your duty to feed them! But if you dont mind I would love to help you!" she giggled. I was kneeled before a male guest and gave him a blowjob while Victoria climbed onto the top of the table.

"Karl, darling, please come here!" Angel asked the black man who had just burnt Maria's breasts. The big man stepped to Angel. The angelic blonde removed his cock from the trousers and started to play with it, stroking it with her soft hands. After some hardon she kissed it and licked along it. No more than half minute later Karl's 25 centimetres long inhuman monster was in full erection. The rather average dick in my mouth started to convulse as my guest reached the top. Victoria placed a plate under her ass as she squated on the table, and from the expression on her face I recognized that she wanted to shit. And she managed. A very long and thick turd appeared in her opening shithole in the very same moment when the man started to cum in my mouth.

I could clearly see as Victoria's ass gave birth to a very long and stinky brown piece shit. I swallow every drop of the cum and staired at the shit on the top of a fancy plate. 'Who will going to eat that?' I was wondering. The turd was smelling, the air was filled with the stink of it. Angel took a fork and with slow movements she bent it to a circle.

-Karl, please!-smiled the girl on the black man. Karl stood before the plate and started to stroke his large dick, soon started to cum, shot the sperm onto the top of the shit. He was a real Robin Hood, dont waste any drops, all of them landed on the shit or in the middle of the circle. The circle-shit with the incredible amount of white cum look like some bizarre chocolate, even its disgusting stink was far away from sweets.

-OK, slut, com here, I want you to feel good! Its dinner time for you too!-she said and smiled on me. I kissed once more the man's tiny cock headed towards Angel. She inserted a finger into my pussy, it was tight and dry from fear, but she just move it in and out a bit than let me sit besides her. She took a spoon and carved into the soft turd.

-Open your, mouth, darling!-she giggled like we were mother and baby daughter. She placed the shit into my mouth, I closed my mouth and eyes shut.

-Chew it, OK? Chew it, baby!-she whispered into my ear, as her other stand played with my pussy again. It took at least 10 minutes for me to eat those stinky, messy Victoria-shit. Angel was really nice, she told me not to vomit unless I want to eat my own guts. The taste was awfuly bad, I can still smell it although that dinner was days ago. Was extremely bitter and sick thing, but I managed to swallow it all. Angel called it Mummy's Cake, and was very happy that I could eat all of it. Meanwhile Maria was licking Victoria's ass, that cunt didn't use toilet paper.

"My dear friends! This is time to serve the main dish!" said the King, the door opened and something was rolled in. I felt terrified what was that meaning, but the people just cheered. It was an X shaped metal cross rolling on small gears, also possessing a metal tray at its sdie.The tray was equipped with some smaller and larger knives and with a gas-torch, it had long, flexible tube. A girl was fastened onto the cross with crossing metal chains around her ankles, wrists, waist, kneed and elbows. She was the same Asian girl I had seen the day before in the throne room. Her name was Kyoko. She was very nice girl, her face was very pretty, she wasn't more then 18. Her long black hair was shoulder length, and she had very large tits compared to her body. Her face was covered with tears and showed rather painfull expression. I recognized that her body was whipped, red marks covered her abdomen, and she lost all her fingernails. Her fingers were swollen and bloody, nobody cleaned them after ripping her nails out.

"Oh my god! Chinese food, I love it!" screamed Angel.

"Japenese." corrected Victoria and kissed that dumb blonde.

"Victoria, please, let's start with the preparations!" the King ordered, and Kyoko's terrorfilled screams filled the room as Victoria stepped to the tray and took a knife.

"Before eating I think we must cook this raw meat!" she smiled and kissed softly Kyoko's left nipple.

"But there is risk, maybe this meat is poisoned! I think we should have ask a pet to try it first!" she said, and pointed with her long finger to Jane. Two guards grabbed Jane and dragged her in front of Kyoko and Victoria. Jane was a really lovely woman, about 25 years old. She wasn't as tall as Syl and her body was too slender, but she was fairly attractive. She had long, dark blonde hair, grey eyes, and her face was very pretty. Again, not so perfect than Syl's but somehow much more charming. Despite her thin figure she had very large and very shapely tits with small, pink, pointed nipples. She was screaming and struggling but the men were much more stronger.

"Calm down, darling! Or would you like to take her place?" Jane started to cry but finished fighting.

"Gooooood!" the demongirl smiled.

"Well, which part will be the first? Would you like to taste a small piece of titflesh, or better a juicy one from this asian ass?" Victoria asked. Actually, she asked more and more questions during the upcoming 10 minutes. Kyoko became a screaming, shaking, mad piece of flesh. Victoria's cruel questions brought so much terror that she became hysterical, although she wasn't hurt actually.

"I hope you like it a little bit raw, Jane, you know its impossible to cook the flesh well while connected to the living body!" Victoria smiled and switched on the gas torch. Short and thin, light blue coloured flame appeared. Victoria held it before Kyoko's eyes from some seconds, the poor girl couldn't scream just staring into the flame with wide open eyes. When Victoria let the flame to touch her left armpit Kyoko let out an ear piercing shriek, but that was only some warm up.

In the next two minutes Victoria systematically burnt the poor girl's left inner thigh, during this time nothing could had been heard only Kyoko's inhuman screams. When that cunt finally remove the flame from Kyoko's body her skin was charred black on that place, smoke was rising from it, Kyoko was gasping for air with open mouth. When Victoria cut a small piece of burnt flesh from the roasted thigh, Kyoko didn't even screame out. Only some drops of deep red blood leaked from the wound. Victoria held the still smoking, little bit bloody, halfway cooked girlflesh to Jane's face.

"Take it and eat it, but be careful, honey! Its hot!"

Jane took the knife with trembling arm, shut her beautiful eyes and start to blow the flesh for half a minute. She bit into the flesh with still closed eyes, ripped a small piece off and without chewing she swallowed it. Her face contorted in disgust, but somehow managed to swallow it all.

"No no no, little Jane girl! We dont want you to upset your stomach, darling! Chew it!"

And Jane did as she was told. She took another piece between her sexy lips, chewed it and swallowed it. I could see that the cruel game nauseated her, her face turned to white. She just finished with the piece of flesh when Victoria switched on the torch again.

"Please… please… please…" moaned Kyoko and began to scream again when the flame touched her right foot. Victoria burnt her petite foot in kneeling position, played with the silver painted toes first, she burnt the toes one by one until the nails darkened and fell from the heat. After the toes she continued with the sole of Kyoko's foot, burnt her heel and finally the top of her foot. After 10 minutes of burning Kyoko's right foot turned into a charred, blackened, partially reddened piece of smoking flesh, small pool of fat formed under the sole. Her toes were just like five small pieces of charcoal. Kyoko's voice went totally harsh, in the last 5 minutes she couldnt even scream just groaned, but somehow she didn't lost consciousness.

It took 20 minutes for Jane to eat Kyoko's foot, Victoria sliced small pieces off and after some blowing and chewing Jane swallowed them. No blood, only more and more fat flow from the wounds, yellowish-whitish disgusting liquid. Jane just finished swallowing the ruins of Kyoko's big toe when the japanese girl suddenly started to vomit. I was massaging Karl's naked foot when this happened, I felt only the smell of burnt human flesh not the smell of the vomit, but almost started to vomit myself too. From Kyoko's stomach half-chewed, half-digested earth worms poured out! Poor girl was forced to eat living worms before that cruel torment! Jane eyes went wide with shock when she look at the worms and she started to vomit too, directly into Kyoko's vomit, the girl's burnt flesh mixed with the earth worms within moments.

"Ohhh… girls! What a mess you made! Bad girls! Somebody has to clean it up… well… I'm afraid Kyoko cant do that… so Jane, its your duty! Dont use your hand! If you clean up everything I wont be angry and wont punish you, ok?" Victoria asked and winked at Angel. It was horrible to see as poor Jane pushed her pretty face into the disgusting vomit and started to suck it from the floor just to swallow it afterwards. She vomited it back two more times, but without stopping she started to slurp it again and again, and after 15 minutes she managed to clean all up.

"Wow, very good, Jane! You are the best cleaner I've ever seen! Maybe we will keep you!" Victoria giggled.

"It's time for the main dish, our guests are very hungry!" said the King, and the horror went on. In the next hour poor Kyoko's whole body was burnt, Victoria cooked her different bodyparts only deep red. Kyoko screamed, groaned, then just moaned, she finally died when both of her tits were removed. Her roasted bodyparts were eaten by the guests of course, fortunately I wasn't forced to taste it. I was fingering then fisting Angel's cunt and asshole while she was chewing Kyoko's left tit, she ate it all alone, as she did with Kyoko's 3 toes and 2 fingers too. The pussy flesh was the King's meal.

When they all had enough Kyoko's mutilated corpse was rolled out. The guests drank red wine, and as a closing part of the dinner they all, women and men, pissed into a glass dish, then the men with our help cum into the piss-pool. Victoria mixed the disgusting liquid, and all the slaves got a full glass of it, except Maria. It was very bad, but I could see in Jane's face that she found it tasty compared with her former meal.


After the dinner me, Jane and Maria were led into the basement by that fucking slut Victoria and 2 guards. They attached chains to our collar and we were led like cows.

"Its time for some rest, my dear slaves." Victoria said when we entered a small, stinky, dark room. No windows, only the heavy wooden door, only one dim light. It was cold, the walls, the floor and the ceiling was made of stone. The room was almost empty. Jane was forced to sit on a heavy wooden chair what was fixed to the floor. In the middle of the chair's seat there was a big hole, when Jane sat on it her ass was actually totally in the hole. Victoria chained her ankles to the chair's legs, and she secured Jane by her waist too.

Maria was forced to lie under the chair face up, her head was under Jane's ass. Her collar was attached to an iron ring on the floor, her arms were tied to the chair's front legs in such a way she could grab Jane's ankle. Victoria drove a thick, flexible plastic tube into Jane's asshole, she forced it deep into the girl's rectum, than secured it with adhesive tape. The other end of the tube of course went into Maria's mouth and was secured with the tape too. Victoria took a small red pill and made Jane swallow it.

"Its laxative, slaves. Unfortunately Maria ate very few during the dinner but in the night we'll make her bowels full!" the bitch laughed. They secured me to the ground by my ankles behind the chair, I could sit down or even lie, Maria's beautifull feet were directly in front of my feet. Victoria stepped to me and handed me iron pliers.

"You have only one job tonight, my little dog. For the morning I want you to have that slut's all toenails!" she pointed to Maria's feet.

"Rip them off for me or morning I will do that to yours! Understood?" I nodded, Victoria and the guards left.

"Do you really want to do that?" Jane asked. We couldn't see each other, I was facing her back so saw her long hair only. Maria couldn't speak just moaned something. She might had been uncomfortable with the thought of having her toenails extracted.

"If you don't shit into her mouth I won't pull out her nails!" I answered angrily. What a stupid bitch! Of course I was to do it, one of us had to lose her nails, and I didn't want to be that poor. We all knew Victoria didn't lie. Maria moaned something and opened her legs so her pretty feet were moved as far from me as far it was possible in our positions.

Uhhh… it was a horrible night, but I'm sure Maria hated it most. After 1 hour Jane started to shit, she apologized but the watery shit flowed freely into Maria's open mouth. She didn't want to swallow it, but I had chosen that time to lie ony my belly and grab her left ankle. She tried to kick but some shit went wrong way and she started to cough, some yellowish shit leaked out from her nose. While she coughed I managed to grab her feet but didn't manage to rip out nail. She swallowed it all the shit at least.

Jane shitted five or six times during the night and Maria drank all of it. I fighted with Maria the whole night, it was very difficult to grab her foot, secure it then rip off a nail, fortunately she had whorishly long toenails so it was easier to secure the pliers on them. I pulled out her nails one by one, needed 15-20 minutes fights before every nail-removing action. She was moaning, I screamed when she kicked me, Jane remained silent, she screamed out only when Maria's sharp fingernails cut into her ankle as the poor woman suffered the losing of a toenail.

Of course the extracted toenails broke during all this, my hands and her feet were everywhere bloody at morning time, but I managed to rip off all red-painted nails. When Victoria came back she was satisfied, despite the fact that the toenails were in really bad condition.

"I hope you slept well! Oh, I see you pull out all of them. Good girl!" she caressed my hair. All of us were released, Maria couldn't walk, she just stared at me with hatred in her eyes. Me and Jane were led back to the house, we left Maria behind with two guards.

DAY 3.

I was extremely tired, felt sick but I knew I must had been as good as I could if I wanted to survive. It wasn't easy at all. I was forced to participate in horrible acts, witnessed the horrible torture death of other women, was forced to perform lesbian sex, was forced to fuck with a dog and to drink litres of animal cum, I was forced to swallow shit and drink pee, was forced to torture other innocent human beings in order to save myself. I hated myself, the world, the castle's people. Still, I wanted to survive.

I was separated from Jane and played with Victoria for an hour, I had to play I was her little pussycat who love to lick pussy and drink piss directly from pissholes. I played the role of the cat very well, and she loved it. I was so fucking tired that I've almost felt asleep while playing with Victoria's private parts, but fortunately managed to fulfil her desires, I don't want to know what would had happened with me if I had started to snore.

"Well, its almost 10! Come on my little Kitty, Angel and a very nice young guest are waiting for us!" Victoria said and led me by my collar through the castle. I had to walk before her on all my fours, sometimes, just for fun, she kicked my sole with her pointed leatherboot hard enough that I fell onto the floor.

"Ohhh, Kitty, you should care much more about yourself!" she said and smiled. We entered a huge room. It was very strange, the walls and every furniture was covered with bright red velvet, big and strong lamps gave extremely strong light. The rear wall of the room was prepared well, iron rings and chains were hanging from it, and already two bodies were chained to it. Syl and Jane, two of my poor mates. Victoria led me to that wall, and chained me by my collar to the wall but so close to the floor, that I had only one option to get a comfortable position, I had to place my head onto Syl's perfect legs. Syl was in sitting position just like Jane, their collar was chained on much higher rings on the wall.

Victoria walked to the left side of the room, where a big crimson curtain separated something from the other parts of the room. I heard something, some kind of muffled, strange moaning. She smiled on us, and with fast motion she pulled away the curtain. Jane screamed out, I felt that my heart was pounding as my blood froze, it was such a sight that even Kyoko's death seemed to be a mercifull fate compared with this. It was a horror!

Maria was sitting in a metal chair, just like an electric chair I've seen in movies. She was secured to the chair with leather straps by her ankles, wrists, waist, neck and forehad. She was well prepared. Her eyelids were sewed to her eyebrows and to the skin under her eyes, so her big brown eyes were staring at us grotesquely. A metal spider was inserted into her mouth so her lips were stretched extremely, I've never seen such a wide open mouth, I saw that the spider's thin metal legs were driven through Maria's white teeth and through her facial flesh too. A horrible sight. Her tongue was sticked from her mouth by a metal skewer driven through the top of her tongue what was attached with thin, tight chains to the top of the backrest of the chair. Her tongue was extremely stretched too, it was hard to understand how could be a human tongue so long. The base of her breasts were forced into two holes of a metal plate, that held her tits high, the holes were so small that her tits were extremely bulging and were bright red, her nipples almost exploded. Her hands were secured well, each finger was secured with leather straps, only her fingertips and her long unpainted nails were over the end of the chair's arm. The seat of the chair possessed two holes under her pussy and ass, and I could see two pointed rod under these holes. They were made of metal, were as thick as a beer bottle. Her nailless feet were rested in a closed, small glass tank, the two holes on the top were closing around her ankle.

I was wondered what will happened to Maria, but I was sure that the only preparations were a living hell for poor girl. Suddenly a door opened on the right wall, a second entrance to the room, and two females entered the room. Firstly a very small, and very young girl stepped in, she wore only a long t-shirt with a nice, winged, smiling angel on it. I could see that she was totally naked under the t-shirt. After her Angel came, she was almost totally naked except some red velvet band she wore on her waist, they covered her tits but her cunt was exposed totally, I saw she was wet and was smiling with a wild, childish smile. The little girl was no more than 10 years old, she had lovely, long, blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, her skin was extremely pale, her pretty face was covered with nice flecks. She was smiling just like a really, innocent angel.

"Wow, Auntie! These bitches are beautiful!" chattered the girl as she checked us, but soon lost interest on us as Maria catched her eyes. Angel stepped to the little girl, her long fingers reached under the t-shirt, I saw as she started to massage slowly the girl's hairless, pink pussy lips.

"Slaves! This is Kim, Angel's niece, and this is a great day for her!" Victoria said as stepped to the the others, then kissed Kim, gave her a long, passionate french kiss. The little girl's hand touched Victoria's shapely breasts, I didn't believe my eyes! It couldn't be that a young girl like Kim could be so perverse as the adult women! Angel pointed at Maria as she kissed Kim too.

"She is yours, Honey! Happy birthday!" she said to the little girl, whoes eyes stared at Maria like any normal child would had staring at her christmas present. Her pretty, innocent face looked so happy as she smiled back at Angel.

"Thank you, Auntie! She is beautiful!"

I've just sitting chained to the wall with Syl and Jane and in the next 2 hours watched a horror show of human merciless and cruelty performed by a 10 years old child! Angel and Victoria sitting the two sides of the torture chair, fingering themselves, talking with the girl, giving her instructions sometimes how to do some torture methods. The whole scene was like a sick mother-daughter play, but there were two mothers and the toy was not a doll but a living female human. Kim took a scalpel first, and started to "shave" Maria's tongue. I couldn't see it well but I think she made small cuts around the base of the girl's tongue, then hinted salt there. I could see only some drop of blood flow from the corner of Maria's mouth. It was so extremely stretched that Kim could easily insert her small hand into her throat. Maria couldn't scream just moaned and trembled in her bonds, her big, wide open eyes showed so much pain that I couldn't look into them.

The next step was the insertation of that extremely wide metal rods under the chair into Maria's most private parts. I wouldn't call them dildos, as their width was far over everything a human orifice ever supposed to receive in. Victoria helped the girl to raise the first rod, the rod's were mobile vertically. Victoria inserted her fingers into Maria's cunt and forced it open wide, Kim raised the rod until it reached the pink flesh and slided some centimetres into it. With that she pushed a button at the base of the rods and with a strange noise the rod started to move upwards with extreme slowliness. Inhuman gurgling sounds could be heard from Maria's wide open throat, as the beer bottle thick rod was driven deep into her body. I'm not sure but as I saw Kim let it at least 20 centimetres deep into her body. She was filled to the maximum, but when the two bitch started to drive the other rod into her anus I knew she was not to survive that. To my surprise she did.

The angle of the second rod was very bad for poor Maria, it was vertical just like the other one in her cunt, so after Victoria's help Kim pushed the button and the inhuman dildo started its way into Maria her whole lower body raised a bit, but as her bonds didn't let it further the rod stretched her ass. The pain and horror in Maria's open eyes were the most horrible sight I've seen in my life. The screams of Maria's filled the air, but I thought I could hear the sound as the two metal rods sliding on each other, there were actually about one centimetre away from each other. The second rod was driven as deep as the other. I don't know human anatomy too well, but I was sure that her vagina and rectum were opened into one during this. Small pool of blood started to emerge under her slowly, as thin blood rivulets ran along the rods. Then Kim pushed another button and smiled on Angel.

"I don't want her to bleed out, maybe hot metal cocks would cauterize those wounds, unlike cold!" she giggled. It took about 10 minutes for the metal rods to become hot. The perverted females was playing, kissing, both adult women gave as much pleasure for the child as they could, licked her pussy and the small, not even developing tits. They licked Maria's bloody tongue, sucked the blood from it. Smoke started to rise under the chair, Maria's body began to convulse as the heat in her holes reached a certain level. I couldn't imagine how Maria suffered, but her muffled screams were blood-curdling. Kim switched off the button, then Maria's torment continued. It must had taken some time to cool for the dildos, but she soon forgot about the pain of the hot iron.

Kim's next target were her hands, and it was obvious that the child was very talented and experienced torturer of fingers and nails. She was giving attention to Maria's hand for about one hour, but that time included lots of pins under the strong, long nails, the extraction of every nails from her left hand, and five broken fingers on her right hand. Every piece of bones in her right hand were broken into small pieces with the aid of a hammer and a strong, flat iron. Kim's imagination, her cruel creativitness and her merciless child mind frightened the shit out of me.

When she with the aid of Victoria and Angel skinned Maria's both tits letting only the nipples untouched, Syl shitted herself. The only problem was that she shitted actually under my face and nose, but I couldn"t do anything, I tried to hold my head on her thigh and not to touch the shit. Of course the smell of burnt human flesh was strong in the room, but Syl's turd didn't help me. After Maria's titskin was removed, and her bloody, once beautifull fatglobes quivered in pain Kim bit off her nipples, than gave them to Angel and Victoria through a deep fench kiss. They chewed and swallowed the raw, bloody nipples.

With Victoria's help Kim rolled a bigger plastic like water tank to the water tank of Maria's feet. They placed the tap of the standing tank above a small hole on the top of the other one, and opened it. Of course it was not made of plastic but glass, and the liquid in it was not water, but extreme strong acid. As the water like, a little bit yellowish liquid started to fill the tank, and some drops reached Maria's feet smoke started to rise inside the tank, and her tortured body began to convulse again. I didn't understand how she could keep her consciousness through these torments, but she didn't faint, I think she was given some amphetamines before the "birthday party". The acid started to eat her feet-flesh. In the first minute I could see her feet were moving up and down, her mutilated toes - oh, how sorry I was about them - wriggled, but after smoke rised and the escaping blood hide her feet. The liquid cleared out after some minutes, when the acid almost filled the tank, and the red blood was discoloured.

Maria was still alive, I could see that in her eyes, she was still breathing and suffering, but her feet were gone. I saw no flesh, blood or muscles only white pieces of bone swimming in the liquid and slowly dissolving. Kim closed the tap, and pushed the button at the metal rods, the torture instruments started to move downwards, both of them left the girl at the same time, and were followed by lots of blood, and by lots of disgusting, snake like guts. Maria's guts actually gushed to the floor under her through the holes used to be her shit- and loveholes. Right that time Syl's piss hit my face, but I didn't even recognize what was happened. As a final act Kim cut off Maria's left tit, and pushed it into the still breathing woman's throat, she forced her hand deep into the poor girl's gullet with the bloody tit, her hand could had been seen through Maria's esophagus as the child forced her slim arm deeper and deeper into the woman. Maria's eyes bulged out even more from their sockets and she started to tremble, after 2 minutes a strong convulsion ran through her body, then she collapsed in her bonds. Kim removed her arm from the corpse without the tit, disgusting strings of saliva and other liquids were attached to her pale skin. She was smiling like and angel and licked her arm along with great pleasure.

"That was fantastic, Auntie and dear Victoria! I love you both!" she giggled.

"What's coming next?"

"Oh, my dear! We have three more toys for your birtday! We've got the whole afternoon. The only rule is, that it's forbidden to hurt them seriously!" Angel replied. So we stayed in the room, Maria's corpse were sitting in the background all the day.

Syl and Jane had to play poker. A really cruel type of it. I was licking Kim's little, hairless cunt while she shouted her sick instructions to the girls, and I gave thanks to God that not I was the one who suffered the perverse child's ideas. Angel was the dealer. Syl and Jane was sitting in a strange position face to face around a table, both of them were fastened to their chair. Their feet were fastened with leather straps onto the table, so only their ass was touching the chairs' seat. Their soles were face to face about 0.5 metre distance. The rules were simple. Both girls had to smoke cigars with one hand, with the other they held their cards. The winner had the right to snuff her cigar on her opponent sole - Angel lit it again. After 5 burnings one toenail was won, so Angel took pliers and riped off one toenail of the loser. The winner of the game was the girl who managed to collect the set of 10 toenails. Jane had orange while Syl had black toenails, the extracted pieces of horns were collected in the middle of the table.

It was a long, and for me a very boring game. Of course I was the happiest woman on Earth that it was boring from my point of view. I licked the sick child's pussy all the time, while the two beauties played that cruel game for the great pleasure of Angel, Victoria and Kim. Only after 5 minutes they hated each other! They not hated our tormentors as much as the other poor victim of the torments. None of them could play poker in the right way, but in that type of game of course the luck was the most important factor. They screamed a lot, tried to play as good as it was possible, but somehow on every four soles more and more blisters and charred spots appeared, and when Angel removed with extreme slowliness Syl's first black painted toenail every human sense were gone from the two girls.

They started to curse their opponents, played and burnt their cigars deep into each others' sole. Our tormentors enjoyed the game very much. It took 2 hours for Jane to win the game, poor Syl fainted two times during the removal of her toenails, but Jane lost 6 toenails too. Kim collected the nails as she did with Maria's extracted fingernails too and took them into a small leather pocket. For her new necklace, she said.

Kim's next game was another cruel competition. With Angel's help they pierced the tongue, the inner labias, the nipples and the big toes - at the place of the removed toenails - of Syl and Jane, than inserted metal rings into them. Syl's toe-rings were attached with thin chains to Jane's nipple-rings, Syl's tongue-ring to Jane's cunt-rings, and via versa. Finally both girls were in standing position face to face. The game was simple, Angel and Kim took a whip and started to whip the girls, while they had to touch me. I was sitting in the other side of the room shackled, I had to deep fisting my pussy during this. Who could touched me first was the winner.

This game was more faster like the first, but took about 10 minutes for the girls the crawl to me. They didn't know what will be the punishment of the loser, but they were fighting so hard that I was taken aback totally how can such beautiful women degraded into such wild beasts. It must had been very painfull for them to make any move, they fell onto the floor soon a


nd were fighting there. The whips beat them without break as they were kicking, biting the other. When finally Jane managed to touch me there were no more connection between the girls. Jane bit the tip her own tongue off during the race, the mutilated bloody flesh was still attached to Syl's halfway teared pussy lips. Both of Syl's big toes were broken and one of the ring was teared from one of them. She was laying about 2 metres away, unconscious with bleeding tongue and lips, bruised swollen tits, bleeding pussy and feet. One of her nipples was gone, it was chained still to Janes toe, the other Syl-nipple was just teared open. Jane wasn't in better shape, but she was the winner. For Victoria's call guards came in, they grabbed Syl's still beautifull body and pulled her out from the room.

Jane was led out by Victoria from the room too, I stayed there with Angel and Kim. I took part in the next hour in the most wild sex act I could had imagined. I was tied on my back onto a big bed, of course I had strong death fear but for my luck they didn't want to torture me this time, only wanted me to help them. If I didn't look at Maria's corpse or didn't think about that Kim was only 10 that was the most enjoyable part of my visit in the castle. I was licking pussies almost all the time and had mine licked or fisted, no extremely brutal act happened, only passionate sex. I didn't cum or even enjoyed it although I was wet, but for my luck they didn't recognized it and they loved each other on the top my body.

After the sex I was degraded into a horse, I had to walk on my fours with Kim on my back while Angel led me. It was a very long walk, at the end I was so tired that almost fall under Kim, but as we left the building and I saw the crowd on the castle yard I understood that something important was to happen. We went to the stables.

Syl's eyes were full of tears and fear when we arrived to back of the stables. I could understand her. She was sitting on the ground with stretched legs, one ankle was chained to a tree in one metre high, the other was chained to the harness of tha stallion I sucked the day before. The chains were very loose of course, but I was sure they were to stretched soon. All of the guests were all around, I was forced to kneel before Angel and Kim. Jane was with Victoria and the King, after the torments she suffered earlier that day she was in bad condition, but still alive. I could see that she lost all of her teeth, her lips were swollen as she sucked the King's extremely long cock. For the King's sign a guard beat the horse with his riding cord, and the animal jumped forward.

Syl let out a thrilling scream as the chains tightened, her body was lifted in the air. The chains between Syl, the tree and the horse were stretched totally, as stretched Syl's long, shapely legs too. I've never seen such slender legs before, especially when the horse strengths made them stretched to their maximum. Syl made a perfect string, she grabbed her thighs with her hands and tried to pull them back, as her upper body was hanging upside-down. Her long blonde hair fell into the dirt under her. Her screams were so high-pitched that the horse went even wilder, tried to run, but the girls body didn't let him. The guard beat the stallion more and more, and the pressure increased in Syl's joints. I've never seen such a cruelness. She tried to pull back her legs, but I heared cracks as her joints were slowly disconnected. I could see as her tendons stretched extremely in her ankles first, then in her knees and at least in her thighs. Her screams went even wilder when the tendons ripped, small bloodmarks appeared under her skin.

For some seconds only her skin held the girl's legs together, but suddenly blood started to pour, and with a loud crack her leg which was chained to the horse ripped from her body, and the horse started to gallopp pulling the bloody leg behind him. Syl fell onto the ground, blood ran from her mutilated body. Her beautifull face was a mask of pain as she stopped screaming and lied there in shock. Kim ran to her bleeding body, push her pretty face into the stub of Syl's leg and started to drink with big gulps. I've almost fainted to see all this. Syl died within 5 minutes, her beautifull eyes were staring lifelessly after the stallion.

"That was really fine!" the King smiled.

"My dear friends, i'ts time to prepare the ball!" he said, and I was led into the house by a guard.


I was very lucky. The guard was unaware, and after he handcuffed me he left the room, but the keys, the keys of my shackles and my cell fell out from his pocket! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was free in 2 minutes, I sneaked along the castle searching for the exit. I've heard noises from behind a door, they were Jane's painfull screams but I didn't stop, just ran. And I escaped! Somehow I managed to avoid the guards outside, climbed the fence and ran into the forest. I don't know what has happened to Jane, but I'm sure she is already dead. I don't know what would have happened in the ball, but I'm sure I would have been the main attraction there! I am the only slave, who wasn't hurt seriously in the last few days, actually the last who is still alive! I don't want to die!

I was wandering in the forest the whole night, when I saw this road. I was very afraid, scared to death, was waiting for a car but I couldn't know which passing cars could belong to the castle. But you are a policeman, you must help me! I told you everything… now, please take me to a hospital!

Hey, where are we? Oh my God! Noooo… That's the castle…


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